ROC Social Media Announcement

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ROC Social Media Announcement

Post by Rafik Arfah on Tue May 17, 2016 12:47 pm

I am proud to announce that ROC has joined the social media world of e-feds! Now you must be wondering why the hell would an e-fed make a social media account on twitter.. well, I used to wonder the same thing. Until I found out the entire e-fed world is there. Every fed from big to small is there to promote, recruit or just have fun.

So we at ROC decided it's time for us to join the party and we created a twitter account at @Ring_of_Chaos so check it out.

Also, a part of what e-fed people like ourselves do on social media is they create in-character accounts on twitter to promote their shows and the fed, develop their character or just joke around and have some kayfabe banter. I took the liberty to create an in-character account with the handle @RafikArfahROC and I encourage the roster members to do the same.

Social media and twitter, especially if done right could help put our fed further on the map. Give it a shot. Very Happy

Links of ROC accounts so far:


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