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Post by Marc Anthony on Sat May 28, 2016 2:31 am

We are live here for a Ring of Chaos house show when suddenly we hear Flight of Valkyries play loudly over the arena. The crowd on  hand has a mixed reaction when suddenly coming out from the back a man in a grey suit with sunglasses comes walking out to a loud chorus of boos. He is followed up a brown haired lady walking out in a black leather jacket with black fishnets and black boots. The man stands there with a microphone in hand and a grin on his face. He kisses the woman next to him as he adjusts his hair and suit the woman smiles at him standing close by his side. The man looks up at the cameras then takes his sunglasses off and he begins to address everyone

MARC ANTHONY: "For those of you who don’t know who I am then allow me to introduce myself. I am The Blueprint Marc Anthony! When you look at me there’s only one thing you see and that’s a man of success. I am better than each and every single one of you ordinary people out here who struggle in there every day lives to make ends meet. Now as for myself I have natural god given superior wrestling skill and ability. Everything I have ever done in life I have exceled and succeed at and here in Ring of Chaos things will be no different."

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***Anthony looks on with an arrogant smile on his face and he then looks at the lady in black who nods her head with a smile****

MARC ANTHONY: "There might be a few guys who think they have talent in the back but the reality is they are nothing compared to me and what I can do. I am simply put better than everyone here and soon enough inside that ring I’m gonna prove it."

***The crowd on hand boos Anthony who walks from side to side of the entrance ramp with a confident on his face***

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"MARC ANTHONY: I am the man who every one of you little boys wish you could be and the man all of your ladies want to be with. I am the closest damn thing to perfection inside this ring that there is. You can say I’m over confident, cocky and perhaps arrogant but I’m just telling it like it is. When I step into the ring and make my debut every wrestler will fall victim to the Blueprint and the New power here in Ring of Chaos……………….Marc Anthony!"

***Anthony drops the microphone on stage and walks off with a confident expression followed closely by the woman in black.  Our cameras than cut out and fade to black***
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