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Rey Del Jazz Application Empty Rey Del Jazz Application

Post by Rey on Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:45 am

Here is a sample RP i have written before:

The titantron cuts into the scene of a dully lit garage. Standing nearby is Epik United member Chancellor Rey. In the background Bandolero by Don Omar ft. Tego Calderon is playing quietly.

Rey walks along a large object, that has a bed sheet thrown over the top of it. He feels the sheet with the tip of his fingers as he walks along it, with a smile on his face.

Suddenly PM Helm is shown sitting on a table, a few yards away from Rey.

Helm gives a nod to Rey, who goes closer to the sheet. Rey grabs it and pulls the sheet off...

Revealed under the sheet is no doubt Rey's Vintage Lawn Mower, El Grasso Cutto! The camera focuses on the lawn mower.

PM Helm: "It's beautiful!"

Rey stares off into to the distance...he begins to speak as a his eyes start to water.

Chancellor Rey: "You know, the day I got this lawn mower is etched in the back of my head...I can remember it like it was just yesterday..."

PM Helm looks up at Rey, focused on his speech!

Chancellor Rey: "The clouds were becoming heavy...I was waiting for mi amigo Juan to deliver my new i could cut the grass before the rain started! And just as it started to drizzle, the truck finally arrived. Juan got out of it and slid the back door open. I can't remember what but I was pretty mad ese! I had to mow an acre of lawn that day and the homie was late!

Helm chuckles at this.

Chancellor Rey: "However, when that back door of the truck slid open I froze...I forgot about everything. It was almost as if, the lawn mower was smiling at me! It was bright green, shiny, and asking to be driven. And even though it was raining, and I knew I would totally destroy the lawn, I rode it anyways.

Rey wipes a tear off his cheek.

Chancellor Rey: "I felt like an oyster at high tide holmes! It was the best time of my life..."

PM Helm: "Wow...It sounds like you really have a connection to this lawn mower!"

Rey nods, and uses his hand to pat the lawnmower.

Chancellor Rey: "Of course, it was the first lawnmower that I could sit on! And we've been through a lot...And now, its time for us to unite again! To beat those Vendetta V's!"

PM Helm has a serious expression on his face.

PM Helm: "I'm with you mate."

The camera fades away as the two lock eyes and smile at each other. No homo tho.
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Rey Del Jazz Application Empty Re: Rey Del Jazz Application

Post by AK-14 on Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:41 am

That theme song still gives me chills, damn!

Feed this kid to Supernatural, doe. Thx. Smile
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