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This one was called "First Ever BFW RP! Who is mad?! =)"

The camera fades-in to show the Owner of Brutal Force Wrestling, Zacharias Adler, walking down a street - flanked by several security men. It is late at night with heavy rain pouring down. Adler has his smart phone out in his right hand as his left hand holds up an umbrella. Zach stops outside a grotty building which has rock music blasting out of the speakers.

Adler: "My sources tell me that the man I am after has been spotted inside this bar on a nightly basis. Let's see if he's here tonight."

Zach walks through the doors and collapses his umbrella. His head slowly scans the room, looking for whoever it is that he is trying to track down. The bar is doing good business inside as it is filled with thirsty rockers and bikers.

Adler: "It shouldn't be so hard to find somebody who looks like a...."

Zach pauses his thought as he hears a recognizable voice from the far corner of the room. He slowly follows the sound of the voice.

???: "Yeah man, I had it all! Everything! Fame! Fortune! Curry! You name it, I had it!"

Zach approaches the man, who appears to be sitting alone talking to himself as he swigs from a glass of whiskey.

Adler: "Cartwright?!"

Cartwright looks up at Zach. He doesn't look impressed.

Cartwright: "Who the fuck are you?! What the fuck do you want?! Wait, I change my mind! I don't care! Fuck off! Thanks!"

Zach refuses to "fuck off", instead sitting opposite him.

Adler: "My name is Zacharias Alder. I come to you representing a brand new hardcore promotion called Brutal Force Wrestling. I was hoping to discuss the possibility of a big name such as yourself joining the roster."

Cartwright continues drinking, not even looking Zach in the eyes.

Cartwright: "I said fuck off! Can't you see I'm busy being retired?! Thanks!"

Zach appears to be annoyed by Cartwright's attitude.

Adler: "What is your problem?"

Cartwright scoffs at the question.

Cartwright: "What is my problem?! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!"

Cartwright stands up and grabs hold of Zach by the top of his shirt with both hands, lifting him up to his feet.

Cartwright: "First of all, I don't come here to be hassled by cunts who want to make a quick buck off of my name! I come here to have a drink or twelve and forget about everything!"

Zach looks nervous as Cartwright is right in his face.

Cartwright: "Secondly, how would you like it if some scumbag STOLE your new promotion from you before you even had chance to show the world what you are capable of?!"

Who could Cartwright possibly be referring to? Rob Robson, who captured the ownership of Rock And Wrestling? Gary Guitar, who cost Cartwright his match with Rob Robson? Or maybe Abdel from.....ow that fourth wall!

Cartwright: "Thirdly, how would you feel if everyone you ever trusted betrayed you in a month?!"

Cartwright shakes Zach back and forth, making his head wobble around comically.

Cartwright: "Maybe now you might understand why I am the way I am!"

Cartwright releases Zach from his grasp, who falls down on to his seat.

Cartwright: "Brutal Fuck Wrestling?! You better have some hot chicks with a name like that and you expect me to sign-up! Taylor Swift?! Katy Perry?! I'd love to brutally wrestle my cock into their vagina's!"

Zach looks like he has something to say, but is unsure of how Cartwright will react.

Adler: "What if I told you, that if you signed with me, I can get you a match with the man who caused you the most harm?"

Cartwright puts his right hand on his chin.

Cartwright: "Continue!"

Adler: "Alright. BFW will be holding a tournament to crown the first BFW World Champion very soon. I have a roster gathered but having you on-board would obviously be a huge boost. The fans love you, Cartwright. Imagine the business that I could do, promoting shows with you as my World Champion."

Cartwright hasn't moved a muscle during Zach's speech.

Adler: "OK, here is another thing. I promise that this is not a quick buck. This is not a get-rich-quick-off-Cartwright's-back scheme. BFW are in this for the long haul."

Cartwright remains silent, which is not a good sign.

Adler: "Now as far as the man who has caused you the most harm goes, I can help with that and I WILL help you with getting your revenge. But I think that it's only fair for you to help me first and THEN I will help you."

Zach has no idea what Cartwright is thinking.

Adler: "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. You help me to launch BFW into being the next big thing and I will help you get revenge. Do we have a deal?"

Zack stands up and offers his hand to Cartwright for a handshake. Cartwright looks down at the open hand.

Cartwright: "You have one chance, suit man! But if you screw this up, you're going to feel pain!"

Cartwright grabs a bar stool and smashes it across the back of a random drunk biker, dropping him to the floor.

Cartwright: "THAT kind of pain! Cartwright is back, baby!"

Cartwright plays chair guitar with a broken bar stool leg and then swaggers-off out of the bar.

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