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Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Diarrh10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Little12

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singled match scheduled for One Fall, Introducing first, standing in at 3 feet and 3/4 inches tall and weighing in at 80 pounds, hailing from Fujian Province, China...  LITTLE WANG!"

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor starts playing on the speakers as flashing multicolored lights starts flashing at the top of the entrance ramp as smoke rises from the floor. A small form suddenly bounces out of the entrance tunnel and through the smoke which is slowly clearing. The crowd looks wide-eyed at the small midget standing on top of the entrance ramp wearing stilts with both arms in the air waving a victory sign with his fingers. The midget runs down the ramp and scampers into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing in at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 205 pounds, hailing from Shitterton, Dorset, England... DIARRHEA BOY!!"

Shit Towne" by Live starts playing on the loudspeakers as Diarrhea Boy bursts forth from the entrance tunnel. Suddenly his face contorts as a foul smell emanate from his rear, he clutches the middle of his ass with one hand and rushes down the ramp. He attempts to slide into the ring but slips on the leakage coming from his sphincter and falls head first into the side of the ring. He breaks and his nose and is covered with blood.

Brad Blood:  "The match didn't even start and D-boy is already being attended to by the EMTS. They even have to wear masks just to withstand that horrific odour seeping for his rectum. Even the custodian is cautious around that toxic spill."

Jim Jackson:  "Well appears this match has been called off and Wang wins by default. That was a nasty fall and he maybe have to go get reconstructive surgery."

Brad Blood:  "Maybe they could plug up his ass while they are at it. Or at least teach the man how to wear an adult diaper."

Jim Jackson:  "Anyway he is being taken out as Wang exits the ring and heads to the back."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Chaos_11

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

Jim Jackson: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another great night of wrestling!  What a show we have for you all this evening, we are still reeling from the effects of The Big Fat One and tonight the aftermath of RoC's second pay-per-view shall dawn upon us.  Joining me at the announce table is my partner in crime, Brad Blood."

Brad Blood: "Thanks for the intro Jimbo, you got that right, things are still happening after the end of The Big Fat One and tonight, we'll definitely see the fallout of the said events.  I can't wait for the show to start.  I mean, what else are we waiting for?  Let's get this show rolling."

Jim Jackson: "Well, it seems my partner here is as excited as everyone watching tonight...  So let's kick things off!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

"Make Them Suffer" by Cannibal Corpse starts playing on the speakers as Marcus Troy in his three-piece Armani suit steps out from the back.  Flanked by his stable of goons consisting of Entropy, Grey Wolfe and Whitemane, collectively known as Chaos Order, Troy makes his way down the ramp as the crowd pelt him with loud boos.  Ignoring the hate directed at him and his cohorts, Marcus Troy enters the ring.

Marcus Troy:  "Two weeks ago...  Two weeks ago...  TWO FUCKING WEEKS AGO, ME AND MINE WAS BANNED FROM THE BIG FAT ONE!"

The crowd burst into applause at the statement, irking Marcus Troy more.

Marcus Troy:  "I'm sure you are all amused with all of this but now that I am back, I am back with a vengeance!  First thing first, to my dear protégé Lee...  You may own this little federation, but it was I who taught you everything you need to know.  It was I who found you and took you under my wing, painstakingly training you, molding you into what you are now, yet...  YOU HAD THE GALL TO BAN ME FROM THE BUILDING?!  HOW DARE YOU!!!  HOW DARE YOU!!!"

The anger in Troy made his voice shake.

Marcus Troy:  "Who was it that called me?  Asked for my aide when Alexander Melchiott was running amok with the power you granted him?  Who was it that fixed a problem that you yourself caused?  It was me Lee!  IT WAS ME!!!  HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU CAN DISRESPECT ME LIKE WHAT YOU DID TWO WEEKS AGO?!  HOW DARE YOU!!!"

Marcus Troy takes a moment to recompose himself as the crowd boo loudly at him.

Marcus Troy:  "Speaking of Alexander Melchiott...  The so-called RoC World Champion...  What a sorry excuse for a champion you are...  First you lost to Nicolas Dorn, a fossil that couldn't even fight his way out of a paper bag, then two weeks ago, you were the first one eliminated in the Champions Ball...  Is that a wrestler worthy to be called a world champion?  Is that a champion that RoC can be proud of?  You made the title you hold a joke!  Why?  Because you are nothing but a joke.  Just how many times have you defended that title legitly?  I think it's time for you to drop that title to a worthy champion...  In fact, you'll be defending that RoC World Title tonight against a worthy champion...  ENTROPY!  And this time, it will be a falls count anywhere match.  No count-outs, no disqualifications...  It's about time we rip out that false facade that you are wearing...  Tonight my vengeance shall begin, against everyone who has crossed me here in RoC."

The crowd again boos loudly...

Marcus Troy:  "You think that you've seen the worse from me Lee?  Well prepare to quake in your shoes, because now that I am truly angry, I shall show you the devil that you fear...  And then some..."

With that Marcus Troy drops the mic and exits the ring as  "Make Them Suffer" by Cannibal Corpse plays once again.

Before Marcus Troy can continue on with his exit, his music gets interrupted by "Carnivore" by Starset.  The crowd burst into cheers as Thaddeus Rex steps out from the back with a mic in hand.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Hold it!  Just hold your horses there Marcus..."

Thaddeus Rex grins widely as he sees the fury etched in Marcus Troy's face.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Don't think you are the only one who can book matches, in case you forgot, I now also share the same power as you do...  Albeit mine has a time limit, but three months is more than enough for me to dispatch of you and your little harem over there."

The crowd chuckles at T-Rex's analogy of The Chaos Order.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Now now now, don't be like that Marcus...  We are now colleagues...  Even if it's just for three months...  Think of it as healthy competition.  But seriously though, you bitch and moan too much.  Boohoo!  I got banned from the building, waaaaaaaaah~!  Grow a pair of balls and maybe a penis man, stop hiding behind those reproductive rejects you call The Chaos Order.  You want to know the reason why you were banned?  The reason is actually quite simple...  YOU ARE AN ASS!  An ass that just keeps on breaking wind!  So why don't you clench your cheeks shut for once and do something beneficial to Ring of Chaos than just for yourself?"

The crowd cheers loudly at T-Rex's statements.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Now I have a reason too why I am out here tonight, and that's because I have an announcement of my own to make...  Now I won't rain on your parade, I won't change your booking for tonight because I for one also think Alexander Melchiott is a disgrace to the title he holds, but I still want things to be fair, so if any of your goons show up at ringside tonight, Entropy shall FORFEIT the match.  Now I shall be also adding another title match tonight...  I want to show the rest of the RoC community what happens to people who side with you...  Like say...  Tyler Norton!  That's right the current RoC Chaos Champion shall be defending his title against Boulder tonight!  And the thing is, if he wins tonight, he'll be booked with another wrestler come the next show and the next until he loses that title that YOU helped him gain."

Murmurs emanate from the crowd as Troy looks on angrily with clenched fists.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Of course I would also book matches beneficial to RoC, because this is not only about my grudges but your grudges as well."

T-Rex points at the crowd.

Thaddeus Rex:  "In order to revitalize the tag team division, we shall be having a three-way tag team match tonight, Erika Sonozaki & Lexi Thorne, Beauty & the Geek and 2Kool4Skool shall be battling it out tonight, the winner shall get a title shot at the RoC Tag Titles which I now hold.  Then of course next week, we shall be having a four-way ladder match to decide the number one contender for the RoC Lightweight title.  Then the following show after that, I shall hold a gauntlet match to decide the number one contender for the RoC Women's title!"

Excited murmurs start emanating from the crowd.

Thaddeus Rex:  "It's time to show the world that RoC is a place where the spirit of competition resides!  It's time for change!  It's time for Marcus Troy to stop being whiny bitch.  This is your two weeks notice Troy...  Better shape up or I will ship you out."

With that T-Rex raises his arm as the crowd cheer loudly.  "Carnivore" by Starset starts playing again as new VGM disappears to the back as Troy looks on fuming.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Backst10

Darkness is the only thing visible as two voices are heard setting up a camera shot.

????:  "Okay, we are rolling!"

????:  "Cam, sweetie?"

Camerella Videoh:  "Yes, Mr. Monotomo?  Also can you please not call me that?"

Yuki Monotomo:  "How are we rolling with your lens cap still on?"

Camerella Videoh:  "S-sorry!  I'll edit this out!"

The darkness is revealed to be Yuki Monotomo at the backstage of the Ring of Chaos.  He is leaning against a locker, chuckling to himself.

Camerella Videoh:  "Mr. Monotomo, please stop laughing.  I'm filming now."

Yuki Monotomo:  "Sorry, Cam.  It's just so damn cute when you forget something like that.  Cute is why I hired you in the first place."

Camerella Videoh:  "Please, Mr. Monotomo, we have to shoot this and get it edited.  You don't want to miss your first Ring of Chaos promotion."

Yuki Monotomo:  "Fine, fine.  I should just make you my secretary too at this point."

Camerella Videoh:  "Does that come with a pay raise?"

Yuki Monotomo:  "It does for special secretaries."

Camerella Videoh:  "I'm pretty sure this is sexual harassment."

Yuki Monotomo:  "You love it and you know it.  Alright, so who am I facing?"

Camerella Videoh:  "Somebody named Gus.  It says here that he's kind of crazy."

Yuki Monotomo:  "Crazy like Michael Jackson crazy or crazy like Brittany Spears crazy?"

Camerella Videoh:  "Crazy like Brittany Spears crazy."

Yuki Monotomo:  "Wow they are just letting anyone wrestle these days."

Camerella Videoh:  "Mr. Monotomo, the promotion..."

Yuki Monotomo:  "Right, right.  Count me in when you're ready,  I'll get my serious face on."

Camerella Videoh: "Mr. Monotomo, you wear a mask."

Yuki Monotomo:  "Details, details.  Count me in."

Camerella Videoh:  "5...4...3..."

The woman with the camera counts down with her fingers, staying silent on 2 and 1 before pointing to the wrestler, letting him know that is okay to begin.

Yuki Monotomo:  "Alright, so my first punching bag in the Ring of Chaos is Gus.  Let's ignore the rest of him for a moment.  Gus.  No wonder he's gone crazy.  The guy's parents obviously didn't love him to give him a name like Gus.  Maybe it stands for Gustav or something awesome like that.  But Gus is just too easy.  I'd be a little more frightened if he were named Guts like the Berzerk character.  As we stand, though, Gus is what we've got.

Anyway this guy is nuts.  Like clinically insane.  Who let this guy out?  Actually, who let this guy wrestle?  I can't imagine straight jackets and padded rooms could be good training.  I also don't think they'd let him out to punch things, let alone work with an instructor."

The man flexes his muscles, showing off his biceps.

Yuki Monotomo:  "Look at that.  Results of years of training on Mt. Fuji  with Sensei Funk.  I lived on the mountain, honing my ninja skills any time I visited.  At first he was a bit intimidating, but after I got over that, he was a great teacher.  I still visit when I can, too.  It was a lot easier when I lived in Japan, but it'll still be fine.  What does this guy get?  Locked up.  You know what that does to your muscles?  Atrophy.  I'm not as strong as Sensei Funk, but I'd be able to beat him in arm wrestling.  

Anyway, what else do you say about a crazy lunatic that gets let out to wrestle?  Nothing, because there's nothing to say.  If he were a stronger opponent, maybe I'd have more to go on here.  The voices in his head are probably better opponents than him.  And cut.  Cam, you got that?"

Camerella Videoh:  "Yes, Mr. Monotomo.  It seemed a little short, though."

Yuki Monotomo:  "The guy's short on wits.  I've got nothing to go on with this guy.  He's just a crazy guy that gets let out to fight people and probably gets a few lucky hits in and maybe win.  I even had to embellish the danger of fighting him a bit.  I can't believe I left Japan for this.  Cam, be sure to get those edits done before you submit it.  I'm going to be in the gym to train a for a couple hours.  Get back to me when it's submitted, sweetie."

Camerella Videoh:  "Yes, Mr. Monotomo.  And please don't call me that as well."

The camera turns off as Yuki walks out of view.

The Scene stays black for a few moments before the camera turned back on. Instead of the Happy Duo of Yuki and his compatriot a black cloaked figure stood in the view. The man pulled back his mask to revealing himself to be The Rayward Son, Ray Kamaura.

Ray Kamaura: "It seems to me that my silence in recent weeks has be interpreted as my unwillingness to participate. But Maybe everyone should have asked WHY? Why was Ray Kamaura silent. I was awaiting my awakening. And know my awakening has come, thanks to The God of Chaos. CHAOS!"

Ray Kamaura Threw his hands in the air and feel to his knees. Bring his hands down into a folded position at his midsection.

Ray Kamaura: "I pray to thee, God of Chaos, Lords of Fortune, Hags of Fate, I beg of you. Please give your acolyte, the young and brash, Johnny Fortune The strength to wither my reckoning. He speaks brazenly about hurting me, crippling me, and putting a stop to my life."    

Ray Kamaura begins laughing with a deep menacing growl. Rising his form back to a standing position.  

Ray Kamaura: "Chaos, Fortune, Fate, Luck, Chance, Good, Evil, Life, and even death mean nothing to me. I am the Storm. I am the Darkness. I am the savior of the Night. I am coming Johnny. I am coming for you."

As If by some for of magic Ray Kamaura lifts his hood back over his head and he slowly starts fading from the scene around. The Picture is still rolling, but he fades into nothing. "I am Coming. I am the Storm. I am Coming." Can still be heard as his form fades. Shaken, the cameraman drops the camera and runs out of the room screaming.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Julia Rodriguez enters the crowded backstage area. In the middle of the room, Gus can be seen talking, but no one is near him. Everyone has gone away and they look scared by Gus talking to himself. When Julia Rodriguez notices him, she approaches him.

Julia Rodriguez: "Hello Gus, do you have a moment to answer some questions or you're busy talking with...?"

Gus turns around out of the sudden and stares at her for a few moments with a blank expression on his face.

Gus: "Of course Julia! We've finished our conversation here with Jimbo. I am all yours!"

Julia is kinda baffled by the answer Gus gave, but she continues.

Julia Rodriguez: "Good job, you got my name right this time."

Gus: "Thanks Betsy!"

Julia facepalms. Gus doesn't seem to really care.

Julia Rodriguez: "Anyway... Gus tonight you are facing Yuki Monotomo, a new guy called Yuki Monotomo? Any thoughts about this?"

Gus: "Yeah, I've seen that his Japanese, which is pretty obvious since his name is Yuki Monotomo, but anyway... He seems to be quite an experienced wrestler, who can be a really worthy opponent. He seems to be a friend of Ray Kamaura ,so he must be a good wrestler. To say the truth, I haven't seen him wrestling before, so I can't say much. All that I know is that I'm hella good. I'm feeling really good about me and I know, that I'm ready to achieve more in RoC, than I already have. I'm in my best shape, so a good match is always appreciated."

Julia Rodriguez: "Have you heard that he learned to wrestle in Mt. Fuji from a silver back gorilla named Walter Tiberius Funk? Any comments about this?"

Gus: "I think I've read it. I mean, a silver back gorilla? Named Walter Tiberius Frank? Really? I mean ok everything, but A FUCKING GORILLA NAMED FRANK? This is unbelievable. And the call me a lunatic, man!!!"

Julia Rodriguez: "The problem is that the gorilla's name is Frank? Really?"

Gus nods positively.

Gus: "I know it's totally unbelievable."

A phone starts ringing loudly. Gus takes his phone out of his pocket and checks the name of the person calling him.

Gus: "Julia do you any other questions? 'Cause I've gotta take this. It's really important."

Julia Rodriguez: "Sure, thank you for your time Gus and good luck tonight."

Gus smiles to Julia and then picks up the phone. As we're seeing Julia walk out, Gus can be heard talking to his phone.

Gus: "Hey man! The plan is perfect. Tonight, things are gonna go crazy..."

Camera fades out and we go to a commercial break.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

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Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

The titan tron fizzles and suddenly comes to life...

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Rockan10

Jim Jackson:  "What the?!"

Brad Blood:  "Rock and Wrestling has hijacked our titan tron!  Quick someone turn the damn tron off!"

After a few minutes the titan tron turns off...

Jim Jackson:  "Looks like someone in marketing screwed up bad...  Someone is definitely getting fired over this."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Gus10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Yuki_m10

Jim Jackson: "I am excited to see this upcoming match, folks. We have Gus in action facing off newcomer Yuki Monotomo. On paper, it sounds like it could be quite the match-up."

Brad Blood: "Let's see if the new kid can hang with the top dogs."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is scheduled for One Fall... standing at 6 feet and 4 inches tall and weighing in at 245 pounds, from Des Moines, Iowa.. The Psychopath, Gus!"

"Eyeless" by Slipknot begins playing as Gus walks down the entrance ramp, wearing a straitjacket. he is accompanied by a nurse. He screams in rage and then he talks gibberish. Before entering the ring, the nurse removes his straitjacket and then she quickly gets away. Gus screams "Die" at the top of his lungs and then he enters the ring.

Alice Aoi: "And his opponent, Yuki Monotomo!"

"Dragons" by Stratovarius sounds on the loudspeakers as fire shoots along the ramp.  Yuki begins his walk down the ramp while Cam follows him behind.  He points at a couple girls in the crowd and blows them kisses before Cam pushes him toward the ring for him to enter.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick...  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "Monotomo looks to get right down to business here as he tries hitting Gus with a lightning fast Kopu Kick which Gus side-steps. Gus sees his opponent getting back up and goes for a running lariat which is ducked under with ease."

Brad Blood: "Yuki now goes behind Gus and hits him with a stiff Rolling Elbow to the back of the head. Gotta love them Japanese offensive maneuvers!"

Jim Jackson: "Yuki looks to bring this one to a fast end as he rolls up Gus as a follow-up!"

Brad Blood: "And look at this! Grabbing the tights!"

Jim Jackson: "Unfortunately for him, our ref noticed the underhanded tactic here and refused to count which gave Gus time to kick out and recover.."

Brad Blood: "Yuki is seen mouthing off at our senior official and claiming that had he counted it would have been a sure three count! He gives Jack B. Quick an angry shove to which Jack retaliates with a shove of his own and a stern warning that if he touches him again his ass is disqualified!"

Jim Jackson: "Jack is having none of this. Good job, Jack."

Brad Blood: "For a Japanese wrestler, he is quite disrespectful. Breaking the mold, I guess?"

Jim Jackson: "Well, while I have nothing positive to mention of his behavior, I can praise his skills which are impressive."

Brad Blood: "After getting shoved, an irate Monotomo turns around into a huge open-handed slap from Gus! We can hear the echo throughout the arena here!"

Jim Jackson: "Gus doesn't appreciate being made a fool of here on the big ROC stage. He looks to be mad considering the beatdown he is giving his opponent here. Cornering him into the turnbuckle with a barrage of kicks and punches."

Brad Blood: "Gus continues to aggressively pummel Yuki in the corner to the point where he is dazed and unable to defend himself."

Jim Jackson: "And now Gus run at Yuki who is upright in the corner and jumps forward so that he splashes his whole body stomach-first into his opponent, crushing him between his body and the turnbuckle! Beautiful execution of the Anesthesia."

Brad Blood: "Gus performs the ever lovable cut-throat taunt, signaling his intent to finish his opponent off."

Jim Jackson: "Gus picks up Monotomo and then lifts him up over his head with arms fully extended.."

Brad Blood: "Luckily for him, Yuki manages to climb down and- OH! A low blow! A vicious swift kick to the groin!"

Jim Jackson: "Jack B. Quick calls for the bell as Gus squirms in pain on the ground!"

Jack B. Quick: "RING THE BELL!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match as a result of DQ... Gus!"

Brad Blood: "Well, looks like our Japanese newcomer chose to chicken out of what could have been a good match and cost himself the match."

Jim Jackson: "He seems proud of himself for this cowardice.. look at him bragging like he won! So shameful."

Brad Blood: "Well, he won't be bragging for long, Jimbo.. look who is getting up.."

Jim Jackson: "Yuki turns around to see a pissed off Gus staring him down.. uh oh."

Brad Blood: "BOOM! Sweet Christmas! Gus just blasted Monotomo with a brutal punch to groin! What goes around, comes around, buddy!"

Jim Jackson: "And now Gus looks to finish what he started, lifting Yuki over his head with his arms fully extended, No!  Yuki slips down and scampers out of the ring and out of danger!"

Brad Blood: "I hoped for an actual match, but this was entertaining as well so I can't complain...  Yuki just escaped from Gus' finisher Out of Control.  Gus ain't happy getting kicked in the jewels.  Yuki taunts Gus some more as he makes his exit all the while walking bow-legged."

Jim Jackson: "Mr. Monotomo should learn from this experience and better himself."

Brad Blood: "He won't Jim, but he's cooler that way."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Locker10

Erika Sonozaki takes a sip of sake as she lounges on the sofa.  Giving a pleasant sigh, she gives Lexi Thorne a sidelong look.

Erika Sonozaki: "Cecilia is busy training right now and Paru is currently in Japan, so tonight it'll just be you and me.  Not like it really matters, since our competition isn't anything special.  Really, this is a bit of a joke... or even an insult depending on how you look at it."

Erika tries to think about which of the options she prefers, but in her inebriated state, she quickly gives up.

Erika Sonozaki: "Well, whatever, we'll win this match and move on to take the Tag Team Championships.  The only thing that is between us and the gold is Thaddeus Rex, and he shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as we work together."

Sitting up, Erika turns to face Lexi Thorne.

Erika Sonozaki: "You know, we've been gelling pretty well as a team.  For two people who have so many differences, we've come together and have already established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with.  I mean really, the only things that we have in common are Cecilia and a bit of a... uhh... interesting background."

Relaxing into the couch, Erika takes another sip of sake.

Erika Sonozaki: "Anyway, let's take care of our opponents in quick fashion so that we can go out to a nice dinner with Cecilia."

Erika takes yet another drink of her sake... she's probably in no condition to drive anywhere tonight.

Though she hated to admit it, Lexi Thorne knew that what Erika Sonozaki said was right, they do make a great team.

Lexi Thorne:  "Well there is no denying our chemistry in the ring.  Still as much as I agree with you that our opponents are nothing but easy pickings yet we musn't let our guards down.  Even weaklings can get lucky and we don't want to be that team that lost to a lucky punch."

That being said, Lexi walks over to her partner and takes her sake away from her.

Lexi Thorne:  "I would also suggest that you take it easy with this.  I know you can hold your liquor but let's just be certain about this.  You can drink all you want after we win the match tonight."

Lexi sets the sake aside as Erika glares at her.

Lexi Thorne:  "Now don't give me that look, Cecilia would probably say the same thing if she is here right now..."

Lexi and Erika continue to argue as the camera pans out and the scene slowly fades.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Parkin10

Voices are heard in the parking area as the camera slowly zooms in.  Joe Jobber is seen dragging The Masked Moron by the scuff of his neck as he runs towards the door leading into the building.  Stopping right before entering Joe took deep breaths as he releases his tag team partner and drops him on the ground.

Joe Jobber:  "Whew!  W-we made it!  Just in the nick of time!  Maaaaaaaan, I can't believe you got lost!  Good thing I planted a bug on you from Spy Guy Electronics.  Seriously dude, how could you wander into a different fed?  What's the name of that place again?  Guerreros of Lucha?  It does seem like a nice place but your match tonight is here not there.  We almost lost our chance to become number one contender for the RoC Tag Team Titles.  What do you have to say for yourself?"

Jobber looks at his partner who seem to not comprehend what he is trying to say.

The Masked Moron adjusts his cape and his mask, slowly stands up and dusts himself.  He then looks at his partner and replies.

The Masked Moron:  "Momma said that mayo is the devil's sauce!  The devil creates it by pullin' down his pants and mastur-"

Joe Jobber:  "OOOOOOOKAY!  Let's go now, it's almost time for our match!"

Joe Jobber quickly interrupts his tag team partner.  With one swift motion, Jobber grabs The Masked Moron once again by the cuffs and drags him into the building as the scene slowly fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Locker10

Bob Bobbie:  "Finally!  Some action!  It has been too long since we've had a real match."

Bob Bobbie paces around in the locker room, clearly anxious about the upcoming match.

Bob Bobbie:  "And to think, our match is for the number one contendership for the RoC Tag Team titles too!  This is surely a chance we should not pass.  I know we are going against two other tough teams tonight but I know we've got what it takes to beat them and get that title shot.  I've heard that The Masked Moron has been fighting in other places, trying to gain some experience, so we definitely have to watch out for him.  Then of course there is Erika Sonozaki and Lexi Thorne...  Those two are definitely bad news."

Bobbie continues pacing around biting his fingernails.

Bob Bobbie:  "Maaaaaaaaan, this upcoming match really has me tied up in knots.  I can't wait to get back in the ring but I am nervous as hell."

Christy Chase: "Calm down Bob."

Christy called out to her partner.

Christy Chase: "You're making me nervous too with all that pacing around.  We'll just face this match like how we face our other matches, head on with on regrets.  Let's crank our gear up and just go for it.  Whether we win or lose, let's give our opponents tonight one helluva fight..."

Christy stands up and puts a reassuring hand on her partner's shoulder as the scene fades.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Bob_bo11 & Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Christ11


Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Erika_10 & Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Lexi_t10


Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Joe_jo10 & Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 The_ma10

Jim Jackson:  "Here we are with the tag team contender match, three teams shall be duking it out for the chance to fight The Immortals for the Tag Team Championship."

Brad Blood:  "That's right Jim, I have to mention too that The Masked Moron has also been spotted fighting in another indie federation called Guerreros of Lucha getting some much needed experience, and from the reports, he actually did quite well.  Whether his experience outside of RoC will translate to a win here tonight, well, we're about to find out."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a triple threat tag team match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, with a combined weight of 310 pounds, the team of Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase...  BEAUTY AND THE GEEK!"

"Two Sides of the Coin" by KISS starts playing on the speakers as Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase burst forth from the back. A flashy light show comes on as both wrestlers hype the fans up from the top of the entrance ramp. Bob Bobbie descends first, soon followed by Christy Chase as both wrestlers enter the ring to the cheers from the fans.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 387 pounds, the team of ERIKA SONOZAKI AND LEXI THORNE!"

"Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" sung by Eiko Shimamiya begins playing throughout the arena as Erika Sonozaki steps out onto the entrance way flanked by Cecilia Christiansen.  In her hand is a sakazuki containing some liquor, which she casually takes a drink of before handing the sakazuki to Cecilia.  After rubbing the back of her neck with a hand and sighing, Erika walks down to the ring.

The lights go dark as "Shattered" by The Rolling Stones starts playing on the speakers as a mist rises from the top of the dimly lit entrance ramp.  Walking through the mist with a steel pipe in hand, Lexi Thorne walks down the entrance ramp cockily as the crowd boo loudly.  She ignores the loud boos and leaps up the apron and spitting the gum in her mouth towards the crowd before entering the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing last, with a combined weight of 420 pounds, the team of Joe Jobber and The Masked Moron...  2KOOL4SKOOL!"

Fountain of Wayne's "Too Cool For School" starts playing on the speakers as Joe Jobber and The Masked Moron springs forth from the back.  With Joe Jobber leading the way, The Masked Moron follows as both wrestlers enter the ring and waits for the match to begin.  

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Bob Bobbie, Erika Sonozaki and Joe Jobber shall be kicking things off for their respective teams...  In a combined effort both Bobbie and Jobber hits a double dropkick sending Erika to the ropes!  Erika bounces back and takes both men down with a double clothesline! "

Brad Blood:  "Bob just got decked with a huge right from Erika!  Jobber shoots for the legs but eats a knee instead!  Body slam on Bobbie!  Joe on the ropes hits a springboard clothesline taking Erika down!  Bobbie from behind rolls Jobber up!  Both shoulders are down...  NO!  Big boot from Erika sends Bobbie down!"

Jim Jackson:  "Joe Jobber staggers up to his feet.  The Demon of Shirakawa from behind...  German suplex!  She goes for the cover...  No!  Bob Bobbie disrupts the three count with a hard stomp.  Irish whip sends Erika Sonozaki to the ropes...  Back body drop sends her flying!  Bobbie for the cover...  No!  Disrupted by Joe Jobber!"

Brad Blood:  "Both Bob and Joe start trading shots...  Here comes Erika for a double clothesline...  No!  Bobbie and Jobber kick with a double spinning side kick doubles Erika over!  Double suplex!  Erika is down!  Dropkick from Bobbie sends Joe reeling!  Bobbie goes for the tag!"

Jim Jackson:  "Christy Chase leaps to the top turnbuckle....  Flying crossbody takes Joe Jobber down!  Chase leaps back up to her feet...  Erika Sonozaki grabs her from behind and lifts her up...  Christy slips down behind...  Backstabber by Christy and Erika goes down!  Christy leaps back up to her feet...  SPEAR FROM JOBBER!"

Brad Blood:  "Oh man that was brutal, he just cut Christy down in half!  Joe hooks the leg, don't tell me 2Kool4Skool will win this one...  No!  Erika breaks the three count with a double axe handle.  Joe kicks Erika in the gut and hits a well-executed snap suplex.  Jobber goes for the tag...  The Masked Moron leaps into the ring."

Jim Jackson:  "Erika Sonozaki rises to her feet...  The Masked Moron whips his arm forward and facepalms the face of his opponent with such force that she is knocked over executing an idiotic Facepalm.  Oh!  That turned Erika inside out!  Christy Chase gets up to her feet...  Springboard bulldog by Moron slams her face first into the canvas!  The Masked Moron hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "Kick out by Chase!  Wait Erika has somehow crawled to their corner, she gets a tag and in comes Lexi Thorne!  The Masked Moron gets taken down by a discus clothesline!  Christy rises to her feet but gets planted by a DDT!  Moron staggers to his feet.  Lexi from behind knocks him down with a brutal elbow strike!  Christy tries to pull herself up..."

Jim Jackson:  "Lexi Thorne slips behind her opponent then locks her arms around her opponent's neck and then brings her opponent down to the canvas before locking both legs in a body scissor from behind and tightening her arms cutting off her opponent's air supply executing an excruciating Be-thorned!  Christy Chase is locked in the submission!  This could be it!"

Brad Blood:  "No!  Wait!  Moron is up and leaps towards the ropes...  Springboard moonsault...  Lexi notices it and lets go of Christy, rolling away at the last moment and it's Chase who gets flattened by Moron.  Lexi connects with a European uppercut sending Moron staggering...  Irish whip!  The Masked Moron hits the ropes and bounces back...  Right into a spinebuster!  Lexi for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "Christy Chase is crawling to their corner, she's reaching out for the tag attempt...  No!  Lexi Thorne rushes in and knocks Bob Bobbie off the corner with a back elbow!  Thorne grabs Chase and body slams her into the canvas!  The Masked Moron is pulling himself up...  Dropkick by Thorne sends him crashing to the corner!"

Brad Blood:  "Lexi Thorne sees her opponent laying in the corner, she charges in and leaps up in the air before landing and stomping away on her opponent's chest multiple times while clinging on to the top rope executing a rib-cracking Rain of Thornes!  Lexi pulls Moron away from the corner and hooks the leg..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Masked Moron manages to kick out!  Lexi Thorne is starting to dominate this match, she's clearing out the competition!  Christy Chase pulls herself up on the corner...  Lexi comes charging in... No!  Christy dodges and Thorne slams into the turnbuckles shoulders first!  "

Brad Blood:  "Christy pulls Lexi from the turnbuckles...  A combination of kicks sends Lexi down to the canvas!  Christy climbs up to the top turnbuckle...  Christy Chase climbs up to the top turnbuckle and leaps off doing a 180° frontal somersault and landing on her opponents neck while doing a frontal split with her legs executing an End of the Line!  END OF THE LINE CONNECTS!  Christy for the cover!  This could be an upset!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "No!  The Masked Moron with a double axe handle saves Lexi Thorne from the three!  Moron pulls Christy Chase up...  Chase dodges an uppercut!  Christy Chase leaps to the second rope and uses it to get get some air time where in she twists her body and hits a spinning side kick on her opponent executing The Twister!  The Masked Moron is down!  Chase for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Moron gets a shoulder up!  Christy has turned things around in her favor in just a blink of the eye but it's still not enough to put away her opponents.  Lexi is pulling herself up on the ropes.  Christy spots her and charges in, Thorne ducks down and sends Christy flying with a back body drop!  Wait!  Chase lands on the apron and counters with an enzuigiri!  Lexi is sent staggering into The Masked Moron who is just getting up..."

Jim Jackson:  "Christy Chase with a springboard crossbody...  The Masked Moron rolls out of the way and Lexi Thorne gets flattened!  Chase quickly gets back up to her feet.  Moron stuns her with a big right hook!  Irish whip sends Christy to the ropes and bounces back...  Right into a lungblower!  Chase is down!"

Brad Blood:  "Wait Lexi has somehow crawled towards her corner...  She reaches out and The Demon of Shirakawa gets tagged in!  The Masked Moron gets taken down with a stiff lariat!  He staggers back up to his feet...  Erika lifts Moron into a fireman's carry before throwing them into the air.  As The Masked Moron lands on his feet, Erika catches him on the jaw with a superkick executing a Demon's Strike!  Moron is down!"

Jim Jackson:  "Christy Chase rises to her feet using the ropes to pull herself up...  Erika Sonozaki charges in with a huge clothesline sending her over the top rope and crashing into the outside!  The Masked Moron gets up...  Erika charges in but Moron sidesteps and counters with a leg trip!"

Brad Blood:  "Moron uses this chance to get a tag!  Joe Jobber rushes in!  Big running knee stuns Erika!  Jobber lifts Erika up and hits a powerslam!  Joe goes high risk...  NO!  Erika gets her knees up countering the frog splash!  Christy has pulled herself up on the apron...  Erika grabs her and throws her back into the ring by the hair!"

Jim Jackson:  "Erika Sonozaki lifts Christy Chase into an electric chair before tossing her into the air.  Erika quickly spins around, catches the falling opponent, and drives Christy into the mat while dropping to a sitting position executing a Demon's Fate!  Erika hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  Christy still manages to kick out!  Erika pulls Christy back up to her feet...  She's signalling for her finisher...  No!  Dropkick from behind by Joe Jobber sends Erika sprawling!  Jobber grabs Christy and hits a dragon suplex!  Erika gets up...  Joe charges in!  Erika dodges and leaps towards Lexi's hand.  TAG!"

Jim Jackson:  "Lexi Thorne enters the ring and takes Joe Jobber down with an axe kick!  Christy Chase gets back up to her feet, Thorne grabs her and throws her out of the ring!  Joe staggers to his feet...  Lexi Thorne grabs her opponent's head in a headlock and then leaps up and locks her opponent in a body leg scissor using her weight to make her opponent arch down cutting off her opponent's air supply executing a painful Crown of Thornes!"

Brad Blood:  "The submission is locked in!  JOBBER TAPS!  JOBBER TAPS!  IT'S OVER!  The referee calls for the bell!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by submission, the team of ERIKA SONOZAKI AND LEXI THORNE!"

Jim Jackson:  "An impressive victory by Erika Sonozaki and Lexi Thorne.  It looks like these two are becoming a solid team despite their initial dislike for each other.  Kinda like both Gus and Rafik Arfah when they first started out."

Brad Blood:  "Looks like a little dysfunction is the correct formula to get some function!  We'll see how they'll pit up against The Immortals, going against Thaddeus Rex and Nicola...  Um... Thaddeus Rex is a different story."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Backst10

The camera fades in to see Johnny Fortune pacing backstage with a steel chair in his hand, as he makes a turn around it is revealed Julie Rodriguez is standing behind him with a microphone ready. She goes to ask a question but is quickly cut off by The Fortunate One.

Johnny Fortune: "Julie? Are you serious? Are you seriously going to come back here, before I've ended Ray's career? Before I've smashed his skull? Before I've annihilated his neck? Before I've Severed his spine? At what point in your tiny little skull did you think that this was a good idea?"

Julie Rodriguez raises the microphone to her lips to speak in reply, but the Chaotic God rips the microphone from her hand and continues in his aggravated tirade as he looks at her in disgust.

Johnny Fortune: "The questions were rhetorical, Julie. Now do yourself a favor, before I end you like I'll end Ray tonight: Turn that ass around, walk away, and when Ray is stretchered out of here due to a broken fuckin neck, a smashed fucking skull, or a shattered fucking spine, THEN and only THEN you will come to interview me. So, until then, LEAVE! And I promise I won't hurt Todd the Camera Man."

After a few moments of Johnny Fortune ushering her away with his hands, Julie Rodriguez finally leaves Johnny alone with Todd the Camera Man.

Johnny Fortune: "Raymond, we've had a lot of bouts you and I. And quite frankly, you're lucky that you've survived a single one of them. Because, like most people in this business, I recognize that the less people there are in this business the less money it has. I even understand that now, but like I said two weeks ago: Screwing you over isn't enough, beating you isn't enough, making you suffer isn't enough."

Johnny Fortune approaches the camera as he suddenly snaps, and places his face right up to the lens and starts yelling at the top of his lungs.

Johnny Fortune: "IT WILL ONLY BE ENOUGH WHEN THE ONLY CONTACT THE WORLD HAS FROM YOU, IS FROM POSTCARDS SENT FROM INDIVIDUAL HOSPITALS ALL AROUND THIS EARTH! Ray, it will only be enough when you lie at my feet being hauled out by medics! And as they all try to haul me away from you, I will continue to batter, beat, and bleed you! Until that happens, nothing else matters! Not money, not power, not belts, not fame, not Lee, not Marcus, not Thaddeus, just your career ending!"

The Fortunate One walks back a few feet, and collects himself.

Johnny Fortune: "Carry On, Raymond. As of now, you are only the metaphorical filth that I clean from my boots. But after tonight, I will be scraping what was once the man known as Ray Kamaura into a trash bin."

Johnny Fortune walks off, as the camera fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

The camera fades-in to show the ROC ring, where backstage interviewer Julie Rodriguez (Rey Rodriguez's mum) is standing in the center of it looking all Latin and such.

Julie: "Damas y caballeros , den la bienvenida al hombre que derrotó voraz en The Big Fat Una IPPV con tal dominio y el dominio que se quitó la vida , el hombre esqueleto del botín , CARRETERO !"

The crowd roars as Cigaro by System Of A Down hits the arena. Cartwright is a living and breathing skeleton warrior, unlike Ravenous, who by now might just be a skeleton due to how long his corpse has been rotting from his noose because his Big Boobed Milk Squirting mum Serena is probably doing vile things to whatever is left of her son. Cartwright swaggers his way towards the ring, something Ravenous can't do because he's dead. Cartwright enters the ring and mocks the demise of Ravenous by pretending to hang himself with an imaginary rope, which the crowd loves. What a bunch of CUNTS.


Cartwright rewards the circle of chaos fans for their love by flipping them off in every angle imaginable.

Jim Jackson: "I was about to say that it is nice to see Cartwright again in this surprise appearance, but now I'm not so sure!"

Brad Blood: "You stupid idiot! Of course it is nice to see Cartwright again because Cartwright is The Beeest and the hottest Free Agent in wrestling history! I'd say that it is better than nice to see him again, it's fan-fudging-buggering-sticky-tastic!"

Julie: "Lo que lleva a Ring Of Caos esta semana , Cartwright ?!"

Cartwright: "Hvað færir mig að Ring Of Chaos ?! Óreiðu ! Ég elska glundroða! Ég valda glundroða hvert sem ég fer ! Veistu , mér finnst eins og að búa einhvers glundroða núna!"

Julie is surprised by what she hears from Cartwright.

Julie: "¿Por qué siente como crear el caos en este momento, Cartwright ?!"

Cartwright: "Mér finnst eins og að búa óreiðu af ýmsum ástæðum! Sú fyrsta vera vegna þess að ég Cartwright og það er það sem ég elska að gera! Hin ástæðan er sú að mér finnst disrespected !"

Julie: "Faltado el respeto ?"

Cartwright: "Það er það sem ég sagði, þú ofbeldisfull Latino glæpamaður!"

Jim Jackson: "Perhaps they would like to do the interview in a language that we can all understand...Portuguese?!"

Brad Blood: "Only queers and fags speak in Portuguese, you puff!"

Julie does not look happy as Cartwright laughs at how funny he is.

Cartwright: Mér finnst disrespected vegna þess að það ætti að vera eigandi hring glundroða í þessum hring núna , kyssa jörðina sem ég geng á! Í staðinn ætla ég heilsaði með óhreinum innflytjandi sem getur ekki einu sinni talað orð í ensku !"

Julie: "Si todo lo que vas a hacer es ofender en un idioma extranjero a continuación, esta entrevista ha terminado!"

Cartwright lejon një të qeshur të madhe bark në atë që ky zogth Julie është duke thënë .

Cartwright: "Wondeful ! Ég vissi ekki að þú spyrja mig vitleysa spurninga engu að síður! Ég er nú þegar leiðindi ! Það er kominn tími fyrir mig að gera það sem ég kom hingað til að gera , ríða skít upp!"

Cartwright kicks Julie in the gut, places her head between his legs and piledrives her into the mat, shocking the crowd.

Jim Jackson: "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Brad Blood: "YES! This is what she deserves for thinking she can sneak into this country and earn an honest wage like a good person would! She makes me sick! Cartwright is right!"

Cartwright slides under the bottom rope to exit the ring. He approaches Jim and slaps him so hard across the face that he falls backwards off of his chair.

Brad: "I love this Cartwright guy! He understands what this show is all about!"

Cartwright and Brad high-five each other after Cartwright grabs the steel chair that Jim was sitting in. Cartwright hops over the barricade and begins to swing wildly, striking the fans across their heads as he makes good on his promise to cause chaos. The arena begins to empty as the fans try to avoid Cartwright's rampage.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

"Hood Politics" by Kendrick Lamar plays around the arena and the fans immediately jump to their feet and cheer. Rafik is wearing his usual entrance attire consisting of sunglasses and his signature leather jacket. He is making his entrance extremely slowly, most likely due to all damage he withstood during the recent ROC PPV. Rafik eventually enters the ring and receives a microphone from a staff member at ringside. Rafik takes a look around and examines the arena with an emotionless expression on his face.

Jim Jackson: "Rafik Arfah had one hell of a performance at our recently held tournament which took place at our Big Fat One PPV. He managed to beat Po1ski and Boulder in the same night, but unfortunately couldn't get past ROC's up and coming luchador to get the win. Gotta give credit to Rafik though, he refused to give up to the point the ref had to step in for him and end the match."

Brad Blood: "Who cares how the match ended? Del Jazz managed in one night to do more for his career than Rafik ever did! Dude swoops in and in his debut show beats three ROC veterans! Rafik can't back up his talk and he will never win the big one!"

Rafik silently stands in the middle of the ring for a few minutes that feel like forever. After the long uncharacteristic moment of silence from Rafik, the ROC fans in attendance begin to chant Rafik Arfah's name in order to give him some encouragement him to speak. Rafik removes his sunglasses and gazes into the titantron that is currently displaying his blank face before looking back into the regular camera. Rafik raises his microphone up to his mouth which elicits a positive response from the crowd.

Rafik Arfah: "I'm sorry."

Rafik Arfah drops the microphone into the canvas which creates a loud thud sound. Rafik Arfah sheds his jacket and slams his sunglasses into the floor. Rafik leaves the ring, stomping and walking over his vintage sunglasses and jacket on his way out of the ring. Rafik heads to the backstage area with his head hanging low as the ROC fans react with a shocked silence.

Jim Jackson: "I don't know what happened, but this is not the Rafik Arfah I know..."

Brad Blood: "He finally gave up! Smart thing to do! No shame in failure.. not all men can be great. We need mediocre talent too."

Jim Jackson: "I will just ignore his idiotic remarks and cue us into the next match..."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Johnny10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Ray_ka11

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next we have Johnny Fortune taking on Ray Kamaura.  Both men have tangled in the past and Johnny blames Ray for putting him on the shelf."

Brad Blood:  "Which was proven in Johnny's ambush attack costing Ray his match in the TMOM Memorial Grand Prix Tournament.  Ray will be wanting payback tonight."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from The Tenderloin District of San Francisco, California but currently residing at Chicago, Illinois...  The Fortunate One, The Chaotic God...  JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

The lights go black as the beginnings of Stone Temple Pilots' "Dead and Bloated" is played over the speakers. 17 seconds into the song the lights return to reveal Johnny Fortune dressed in his leather jacket and hoodie with the hulled pulled up at the top of entrance ramp. He sits on a steel chair for a few seconds, before slowly pulling down the hood and standing from his seat. He brings the steel chair with him on his way down the ramp, ignoring any jeering from the patrons in the seats as he tosses the chair into the ring. He picks up the steel chair and places it up in the center of the ring facing the entrance ramp, he tosses his jacket at Alice Aoi and tells her to "Keep it warm." and sits himself in the chair awaiting his opponent.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 7 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 300 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...  The Rayward Son...  RAY KAMAURA!"

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas plays as darkness over takes the arena. A single light shines down on Ray Kamaura, as he stands majestically in the center of the ramp. The lights raises and Then quickly lower again as the song changes to "The Night" by Disturbed The music plays as Ray Kamaura slowly walks down the ramp, cloaked in his black shroud. Approaching the ring Ray leaps onto the apron, dropping his cloak, as the Music hard cuts back to "Carry on My Wayward Son". Ray again Leaps over the ropes, and with a third leap, he stand upon the turnbuckle...


Brad Blood:  "Haha!  Classic Johnny, attacking Ray before the match begins!"

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  AND IT LOOKS LIKE CHAOS HAS BEGUN TO REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "The bell has started but Johnny already has a big advantage with that premature attack!  Fortune continues his brutal attack on Ray Kamaura!  It looks like Ray is still out of it as Fortune drops a knee on top of Kamaura's head.  Ray is still trying to get his bearings but Fortune is not giving him any chance to recover."

Brad Blood:  "It's a smart strategy from Johnny over there, he knows that Ray has the size advantage and if Ray recovers he'd be in deep trouble.  Johnny continues to pour it on with big shots on Ray's head.  Now Fortune proceeds to kick on Ray's ribs...  Those are gonna leave a mark..."

Jim Jackson:  "Wait!  Ray Kamaura grabs hold of Johnny Fortune's leg!  Fortune is trying to pull away but Ray clings on!  Fortune tries to stomp with his other leg but Kamaura weathers it and pulls himself up while still grabbing hold of Fortune's leg...  Big lariat turns The Fortunate One inside out!"

Brad Blood:  "But Ray stumbles into the ropes instead, it looks like he still hasn't fully recovered from Fortune's initial attack and couldn't capitalize.  Johnny starts to pull himself up...  Ray comes charging in...  Fortune plays it safe and slips out of the ring!"

Jim Jackson:  "The crowd starts to boo but it's sound strategy, Johnny Fortune knows what Ray Kamaura is capable of and by slipping out of the ring like that, he can slow down the pace back to his control.  The ref signals for Fortune to come back into the ring.  Fortune ignores it..."

Brad Blood:  "RAY KAMAURA JUST DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES AND TOOK FORTUNE OUT!  THE CROWD GOES WILD!  Fortune forgot that though Ray is a big man, he can fly and is not afraid to put his body at risk."


Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura grabs The Fortunate One and throws him back into the ring.  Kamaura leaps up into the apron...  Slingshot legdrop right on top of Johnny Fortune!  Kamaura for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "Johnny gets a shoulder up.  Ray goes once again to the ropes...  Springboard moonsault from the big man!  NO!  Fortune rolls away at the last moment and Ray hits absolutely nothing!  Fortune pulls himself up using the ropes, Ray staggers to all fours...  Running knee from Johnny knocks Ray back down!"

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura is lying on the ground facing the floor Johnny Fortune ties the legs of Kamaura around his left leg and reels their arms back with his boot on the back of Kamaura's head and  brutally forces the head of Kamaura to the ground with his foot. Ray Kamaura Just experienced the Concussive Communion!  Fortune hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Ray kicks out at two!  Johnny starts attacking Ray once again but Ray fights back to his feet.  Fortune with a knee to the gut stops Ray's offense!  Irish whip by Fortune sends Ray...  CRASHING INTO THE REFEREE!  Oh what an unfortunate turn of luck for the referee."

Jim Jackson:  "I-I think Johnny Fortune AIMED for the referee with that Irish whip.  Ray Kamaura staggers to recover, and Fortune slips out of the ring!  He grabs a steel chair!"

Brad Blood:  "Uh-oh, and here it is more classic Johnny goodness!"





Brad Blood:  "Ooh!  Another chair shot by Fortune!  The Chaotic God has just busted Ray Kamaura open with a second chair shot!   He throws the chair away just as the referee begins to stir!"

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune  takes the head  Ray Kamaura under his left arm with Kamaura looking at the ceiling. Fortune just laughing all the way as he drives Kamaura into the mat with a reverse DDT. Fortune wraps his legs around the torso of Kamaura, he just started cranking the neck of Kamaura back in a dragon sleeper! Fortune may just be trying to break the spirit of Ray Kamaura!  This is one case of Ill Fortune for Ray Kamaura!  The referee is finally up, he sees the submission locked in."

Brad Blood:  "He sees that Ray is unconscious thinking the submission finisher did it but truthfully it was Johnny's chair shots earlier!  The ref calls for the bell!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by submission, The Fortunate One, The Chaotic God...  JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

Jim Jackson:  "And Johnny Fortune steals this victory!  Ray Kamaura is laid out on the canvas unmoving...  The crowd begins to chant again..."


Brad Blood:  "Johnny Fortune may be an asshole but he's an asshole who won his match, what does Ray have?  A bloody face and a loss."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

The camera fades in the ring. We see Tyler Norton standing right in the center -- RoC Chaos Championship title belt wrapped around his neck while wearing his usual in-ring gear, microphone in hands. The man is being massively booed by the fans all over the place. Obviously, Tyler does NOT seem happy.

Tyler Norton: "Fuck is wrong with yall, muhfuckas? Y'all finished or y'all done!?"

The boos grow as Tyler walks to one side and another.

Tyler Norton: "Listen... I'ma be real quick up in this bitch 'cause I ain't got no time to waste, ya feel me? I be the CHAMP so I ain't owe y'all shit! I ain't gotta tell y'all how I feel or explain anything at all, bitch-ass-motherfuckas! Tell y'all what -- no matter what y'all or any lil shit in the backstage claims, there's no doubt that I am THE alpha of this RoC pack. It me, homeboy. Y'all ain't got what it takes to take me down... Need a fuckin' army to take me down but y'all ain't got that, do ya?"

More boos. This time, though, they fade quickly.

Tyler Norton: "Hell nah y'all aint got an army... Me? Shiiieeeet, I'm the motherfuckin' army! I be an army put in a single bulletproof body and there's nuthin' y'all can do to change that! I be the MAN here! But lemme change the subject real quick. See, I'm supposed to face Boulder tonight!"

The crowd cheers once Boulder is mentioned. They chant his name.

Tyler Norton: "Yea yeah y'all love that feces-eating-dick-suckin' mofo, don't ya? Man, Boulder ain't even worth my time..."

The crowd boos relentlessly.

Tyler Norton: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

They keep booing.

Tyler Norton: "Oh y'all gon' boo me, huh!?"

Again, more boos.

Tyler Norton: "After everything I been doing for this shitty ass company!? Y'all still hatin' on me!?"

Tyler unzips his pants.

Tyler Norton: "Oh so y'all gon' do me like that... Ight... Lets play some games, fuckers."

Tyler starts touching his own dick. He is beating it. The crowd, obviously, HATE what they are witnessing. The staff members are going nuts.

Tyler Norton: "Ah yeah! Yeah! Go on now... Boo me! BOO ME!"

The crowd is in shock. They cannot believe a man is masturbating live on television. After all, this is wrestling, not porno.

Tyler Norton: "OOOH SHIIEEEEET... I'MA NUT! Wait wait hold up, homeboy. Lemme show y'all what's gon' happen later!"

Tyler pulls a picture of Boulder showing his gigantic ass. He places it on the ring mat and gets back to touching himself -- obviously, NOT staring at the picture. After a minute of insanity, he finally "finishes" all over the picture.

Tyler Norton: "Sup with y'all now!? I ain't hear no booing! See? That's the shit that gon' happen to that ass! I'm going balls deep into that motherfucka, no homo though! I'ma put that ugly-bitch-ass down and defend what's rightfully mine... I'll stand tall as THE Chaos Champion!

And you know what?

Y'all wanna see the future?"

Tyler shows that cheeky smile. The crowd is just silent. He pulls another picture and shows it to the camera. It's a picture of Alexander Melchiott blowing a kiss. Afterwards, he proceeds to place that pic over the "tainted" Boulder's picture -- so essentially, Alexander is kissing Boulder's tainted bare arse.

Tyler Norton: "That's waddup... You gon' kiss some ass like I bet you been doing lately. Anyway, I be out, bitches. Got bitches to fuck, money to collect and a title to defend later.
Fuck y'all and do NOT have a nice day!"

He drops the microphone and finally pulls his pants up. Then, he struts toward the backstage as being showered by boos.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

"I'm too Sexy" by Right Said Fred fills the area as Boulder enters the arena holding a microphone. His attire consists of a pair of tight black wrestling briefs that wrap tightly around his ass showing off his muscular globes & a pair of black boots. Boulder stands at the entrance for a few moments and stares out to the crowd. After a few moments he makes his way to the ring. Boulder slides into the ring, climbs a nearby turnbuckle and flexes his massive arms, showing off to the audience. A mixture of boos and cheering comes from the crowd. Boulder walks to the center of the ring and raises his microphone.

Boulder: "I...its..."

Boulder lowers the microphone, it seems as if Boulder is at a loss for words. He clears his throat before raising it back up.

Boulder: "I'm still at a loss for words after seeing what happened earlier with Tyler. I mean, what kind of fucked of person do you have to be to release yourself in front of fans. That is truly disgusting, can you believe that is on of our champions? Our champion is a moronic pervert."

The crowd begins to boo.

Boulder: "Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with someone relieving themself while thinking of me and my sexy ass. Whether your a man or woman you do what you got to do. But that kind of thing needs to be done privately, not in front of kids. Don't worry though, cause after my match tonight i'll be your new champion."

Crowd: "Boulder! Boulder! Boulder!"

Boulder: "I must say it's a little flattering and depressing though. On one hand my ass helped Tyler finish in only a minute but on the other hand he only lasted a minute. My sincerest apologies to anyone who ever got drunk enough and woke up next to that moron."

Boulder lowers his microphone for a second.

Boulder: "Tonight i'll crush that loser. After all this won't be the first time we step into the ring with one another. Last time I would have won if he wasn't a coward and was truly man enough to take it on. And before the match is over you better believe i'll give him what he wants. My ass! I'll give him an unforgettable mudslide."

Boulder tosses his microphone to the ground and looks over to the crowd. Boulder slaps his massive cheeks a few times before sliding out of the ring and heading backstage.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

"Enveloped Ideas" by The Dawn starts playing on the P.A. system as the RoC Lightweight Champion Mandy Rigma leaps forth from the entrance tunnel.  With the lightweight title belt around his waist and the Philippine flag draped over his shoulders, The Filipino Fighter runs down the ramp while hi-fiving the fans.  In one swift motion Rigma leaps unto the apron and slingshots himself over the top rope doing a somersault before landing perfectly in the middle of the ring.  The crowd cheers loudly as a mic was thrown to him at his request, Mandy waits for the crowd to settle down before he begins to speak.

Mandy Rigma:  "Well...  I lost the Champions Ball in The Big Fat One...  I lost but I have no regrets.  Why?  Because I knew that I gave it my all fighting against fellow champions.  And hey, at least I didn't get eliminated within the first few minutes of the match right?"

A soft chuckle emanate from the crowd as the fans know who he was talking about.

Mandy Rigma:  "Besides, even though I was eliminated second, I still had my moment that night."

Mandy points to the titan tron and a recap from the match begins to play.

Jim Jackson: "Tyler Norton is the first to get back to his feet. Cecilia Christiansen with a springboard crossbody... No! AK-14 catches her in mid-air and slams her into the canvas! Thaddeus Rex slowly picks himself up... Clothesline from behind knocks him to the corner! AK-14 starts slamming T-Rex's head into the top turnbuckle! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Nicolas Dorn attacks from behind and rolls Norton up! Both shoulders are down! No! Norton kicks out easily before the ref can begin counting! Stiff lariat takes Dorn down! Wait... Mandy Rigma has entered the ring! AK-14 charges in but The Filipino Fighter dodges the discus clothesline! Mandy Rigma delivers a swift but powerful kick right into his opponent's chin executing an explosive Pinoy Pride! AK-14 goes down! Cecilia Christiansen staggers to her feet... Mandy Rigma delivers a swift but powerful kick right into his opponent's chin executing an explosive Pinoy Pride! Christiansen also goes down! T-Rex charges from the corner... Mandy Rigma delivers a swift but powerful kick right into his opponent's chin executing an explosive Pinoy Pride! Rex is also down! Wait Dorn is also getting up... He's still bent over wheezing... Mandy Rigma leaps unto the ropes using it to launch himself where he spins his body in a corkscrew before bringing his leg down into his opponent's neck executing an exhilarating Katarungan! Dorn just ate canvas! Rigma for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr..."


The clip ends and the titan tron fades to black as the crowd cheers on.

Mandy Rigma:  "Yeah, that was a great, I still get goosebumps every time I see it.  But enough dwelling on the past and congratulations to Mr. Thaddeus Rex for winning the Champions Ball...  Which also brings me to why I am out here tonight.  Earlier this evening, our new vice-general manager T-Rex announced that he will be booking matches to find me a contender for this..."

Rigma taps the RoC Lightweight Title around his waist.

Mandy Rigma:  "Well, I welcome any and all challengers but know this...  I just got this title and it won't be going anywhere.  I'll fight with everything I've got to hold on to it, I shall defend this title like how my ancestors defended our land from the Spaniards...  So to whoever manages to become the number one contender...  I hope you are ready to walk home disappointed."

Mandy Rigma drops the mic to the canvas and rolls out of the ring as the crowd cheer loudly and "Enveloped Ideas" by The Dawn plays once again on the P.A. system.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Chaos_10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Boulde10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Ak-1410

Jim Jackson:  "Our next match in the evening is a title match, that's right, our new VGM Thaddeus Rex has booked this match where Tyler Norton shall be defending his RoC Chaos Title against Boulder!"

Brad Blood:  "And you know what that means Jim, ANYTHING GOES!  No rules, no limits!  Will Boulder be walking away with a shiny new title or shall Tyler Norton retain that title of his?  With weapons littered all over the ring, this match can go either way."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a chaos match for the RoC Chaos Title!  Introducing first the challenger, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 485 pounds, hailing from San Antonio, Texas...  BOULDER!"

"I'm too Sexy" by Right Said Fred fills the area as Boulder enters the arena. His attire consists of a pair of tight black wrestling briefs that wrap tightly around his ass showing off his muscular globes & a pair of black boots. Boulder slides into the ring and begins dry humping the air, sending a quick shoutout to the members of the audience. After a few moments he climbs a nearby turnbuckle and flexes his massive arms, showing off to the audience.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 254 pounds, hailing from Mississippi, U.S.A., he is the current and reigning RoC Chaos Champion...  AK-14... TYLER NORTON!"

Machine gun shots echo all over the arena. The crowd cheers once the big screen displays the following Tyler "AK-14" Norton, which is written above a slow-motion video of a bunch of bikers riding Harley Davidsons and custom Choppers on a dirt road toward a stunning sunset.

Then, the jumbo tron shows a compilation of AK-14's videos, a bunch of flashes displaying his strongest moves, disrespectful in-ring & backstage actions and big accomplishments such as his gauntlet match victory & the RoC Battle Royal one. The video is concluded by the man's logo.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 AK%2014s%20logo_zpspevg4bxp

Tyler "AK-14" Norton pops through the curtains aisle once "Debonaire" by Dope hits the arena's PA. He smacks his chest twice and lifts up both hands displaying the rock sign. Then, he stands at the top of the ramp while his arms are stretched to the sides, the spark pyros surrounding his back make the crowd go nuts as soon as they are activated. Tyler is wearing an all-black outfit which consists of a camouflage bandana, a leather vest that has his logo printed on its back, camouflage cargo shorts, military boots, knee supporters, elbow pads and camouflage combat gloves. He makes his way to the ring trash talking a couple of people as he descends the ramp. He even throws the middle fingers once he gets ringside.

Norton climbs up the ring and then the turnbuckle. He grabs his crotch and shows the middle fingers one more time. Despite the mixed reaction from the crowd, Tyler remains acting as if he does not care whatsoever. Finally, he takes off his vest and stretches his neck and arms preparing for the upcoming match.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Tyler Norton swings his favorite weapon around, a length of chain with a padlock attached on the end.  Boulder has picked up a sledgehammer and begins to slowly move towards Norton...  Norton swings with his chain, Boulder brings his sledgehammer up and blocks it, the chain wraps around the sledgehammer handle and Boulder pulls Tyler towards him.  Tyler quickly lets go of his weapon before Boulder's arms can close around him."

Brad Blood:  "Boulder grins as he throws away Tyler's chain and lock, he swings the sledgehammer but AK-14 dodges and rolls away!  Tyler picks up a bokken and charges towards Boulder!  Boudler swings wide but Tyler leaps out of danger once more!  Tyler goes low..."


Jim Jackson:  "OH!  He smashes the bokken right into Boulder's knee!  Boulder staggers and falls on one knee!  Tyler Norton with an overhead strike!  No!  Boulder raises the sledgehammer up in time blocking the shot!  Boulder shoves AK-14 who is sent flying into the corner!  Boulder tries to get up...  No!  He stumbles and falls back to his knee!  Looks like AK-14 did a number on that knee!"

Brad Blood:  "Damn...  AK-14's attack may have sealed this match in his favor.  Boulder can't even get up and Tyler knows it!  Tyler exits the ring and throws in a couple of steel chairs.  He's mocking Boulder who is clearly in pain!  I think I see his knee swelling up Jim."

Jim Jackson:  "Yeah, that was a nasty shot from the bokken he took.  AK-14 is now mocking Boulder while grabbing a steel chair with each hand...  Boulder continues to swing that sledgehammer trying to keep Tyler Norton at bay.  Norton rolls behind Boulder!  He's gonna bring both chairs onto Boulder's head!"


Brad Blood:  "What the?!  Boulder manages to duck forward and AK-14 slams both chairs on each other missing Boulder's head completely!  The force of the impact forces Tyler to let go of both chairs!  Here comes Boulder's sledgehammer...  OOH!  RIGHT IN THE GUT!  Tyler doubles over!  Boulder grabs him connects with a big uppercut!"

Jim Jackson:  "Tyler Norton just got decked!  He's down on the mat!  Boulder struggles to get back to his feet!  He finally gets up on both feet but we can see him dragging his left leg!  With each step he takes, we can see Boulder wincing in pain.  Tyler staggers to his feet, Boulder slams both fists down on his back sending him into the ropes!  Norton bounces back...  Right into a reverse bear hug!"

Brad Blood:  "Boulder has Tyler in his grasp!  He's trying to crush AK-14!  Norton tries to break free, he manages to pull one arm out...  But before he could do anything Boulder suddenly slams him to the canvas with a German suplex!  He folded Tyler in half!"

Jim Jackson:  "But that attack took a lot out of Boulder's knee.  Boulder staggers to get up...  He uses the ropes to pull himself up, we can see the pain etched on his face with each step he takes.  Ignoring his pain, Boulder leaps up into the air and connects with a leg drop!  Boulder grunts in pain as he hooks Tyler Norton's leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "AK-14 kicks out and manages to roll away!  We can see Boulder clutching his knee.  Clearly it's bothering him big time but the big man sucks it up and tries to get back up.  AK-14 regains enough of his bearings and gets up first...  Low dropkick into Boulder's knee makes the big man scream in pain!"

Jim Jackson:  "Looks like Tyler Norton has found the weakness he can capitalize.  AK-14 grabs his chain and lock and starts to loop the chain around Boulder's neck!  Wait!  Boulder manages to get his arm up in time blocking the attempt to choke him out!  Tyler is on Boulder's back trying to pull the chain tighter but with Boulder's arm in the way, I don't think he'll be able to do it."

Brad Blood:  "Boulder tries to get up but once again falls to his knees.  AK-14 continues to pull on his chain...  Boulder once again tries to rise but once again he falls as his knee buckles.  Looks like its only a matter of time there...  Tyler grunts as he pulls harder on the chain...  Boulder for the third time tries to rise...  This time he makes it!  He backs into the corner crushing Tyler into the turnbuckles!  Tyler's grip on the chain loosens!"

Jim Jackson:  "Boulder rips the chains away from Tyler Norton's grasp and from around his neck as he stumbles forward.  He manages to stop his knee from giving out.  Wait, it looks like Tyler is in a certain position...  The crowd is whooping loudly...  Boulder skips a few steps but he steps closer, pulls his briefs down...."

Brad Blood:  "Tyler manages to shake off his cobwebs at the nick of time and rolls away before his face becomes a rest stop for Boulder's butt!  Boulder manages to pulls himself back up and tucks his hiney back into his pants.  Tyler circles around the ring and grabs what seems to be a 10 pound dumbbell."

Jim Jackson:  "Tyler Norton rolls back into the ring, he circles around Boulder who obviously has his movement limited.  Tyler slowly looks for an opening, he lunges towards Boulder with the dumbbell right as Boulder's injured knee.  Boulder was expecting it!  He swings and his fist connects into the side of AK-14's head!  AK-14 is cut!  Wait!  Boulder has a brass knuckle equipped!  He managed to put on a brass knuckle without anyone noticing!"

Brad Blood:  "Blood is flowing down AK-14's face...  BOULDER SPEARS TYLER!  We know how much strain that took out of his knee but Boulder knows what he must put on the line if he wants that title!  Boulder goes for the cover!  Is this enough to put AK-14 away?"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "No!  The champ gets a shoulder up!  Boulder crawls towards the corner and pulls himself up...  Tyler Norton crawls to the opposite corner...  Both men take their time and tries to recover a bit...  AK-14 charges in first and grabs a steel pipe on the way.  Boulder tries to slip out but his knee buckles!"


Brad Blood:  "Ooh!  Boulder is now also cut!  Tyler Norton swings once more...."


Jim Jackson:  "Right in Boulder's knee!  Boulder screams in pain as he grabs his injured knee!"

Brad Blood:  "The referee goes in to check if Boulder can still continue but Boulder waves the referee off!  The crowd starts to cheer for Boulder."





Jim Jackson:  "With the crowd behind him Boulder somehow gets invigorated and manages to pull himself up to both feet!  We can see the shock in Tyler Norton's eyes.  Boulder slowly takes a step forwards as the crowd cheers on.  Norton swings his steel pipe.  Boulder catches it and rips it out of Norton's hands!  Boulder proceeds to bend the steel pipe like a pretzel!  The crowd screams loudly!"





Brad Blood:  "Oh man, Tyler is actually taking a step back as Boulder throws the steel pretzel that was once his weapon.  Boulder suddenly lunges forward!  Tyler rolls out of the ring as Boulder reaches the ropes!  Wait!  Tyler grabs a pair of bricks from the ground outside..."


Jim Jackson:  "HE JUST SMASHED THE BRICKS ON BOULDER'S HEAD BREAKING THEM TO PIECES!  Boulder stumbles back and falls to the corner!  AK-14 rushes into the ring, wiping the blood from his brows.  Boulder's face and raises up both hands to display the rock sign. Finally, he performs a headlock to Boulder, drapes one of Boulder's arms behind his neck and lifts up Boulder to slam him on the ring mat executing a devastating Game Over!"

Brad Blood:  "BAHGAWD THAT SHOOK THE RING!  Tyler Norton hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall and STILL your RoC Chaos Champion...  AK-14...  TYLER NORTON!"

Jim Jackson:  "Tyler Norton picks up the victory and retains his title!  Boulder put up a great fight but an unfortunate injury to his knee early on in the match spelled his inevitable doom.  Makes you wonder if Boulder could have won if his knee didn't get injured."

Brad Blood:  "Pshaw!  He lost, that it!  You don't need to wonder no more.  AK-14 beat his fat ass and that's all there is to it."

Suddenly "Carnivore" by Starset starts playing on the speakers as Thaddeus Rex steps out from the back.

Thaddeus Rex: "Well done Tyler... Well done! But as I mentioned earlier tonight, you shall be defending that title on the next show! And I've selected the perfect opponent for you... Someone who just rocked the house in The Big Fat One just weeks before in a brutal Last Man Standing Match!"

The crowd starts cheering loudly, quickly figuring out who T-Rex has in mind.

Thaddeus Rex: "That's right Mr. Norton... On the next Chaos Supreme you'll be defending that title of yours against THE LAD CARTWRIGHT!"

The crowd erupts in cheers at the announcement. T-Rex smirks as Tyler Norton looks on angrily.

Jim Jackson: "What an announcement! What a turn of events!"

Brad Blood: "You got that right, T-Rex just booked one helluva match for the next show!"

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

“Ultra Numb” by Blue Stahli plays throughout the arena as the Ring of Chaos World Heavyweight Champion steps out from the backstage area.  Melchiott crouches down at the top of the ramp, running a finger first across his title and then across horizontally across the ramp.  Slowly rising, Melchiott glares at the audience before walking down to the ring.  Melchiott motions for a ring hand to bring him a microphone as he climbs up the steel steps.  Giving the crowd another glare, Melchiott ducks between the ropes before catching a microphone that is thrown to him as he steps into the center of the ring.  Melchiott taps the microphone against his chin before opening his mouth to speak, but instead decides to lower the microphone.  Walking to the ropes, Melchiott leans against them as he brings the microphone back to his lips.

Alexander Melchiott: "You know... I don't pay much attention to what the underlings around here have to say, because well, I'm better than them.  They can open their mouths and say whatever their precious little brains can think of, but it doesn't change the fact that I've either dropped them, or that I've dropped someone better.  While I'm expected to humor every individual in this organization, I regret to say that I simply don't have the time to play in the kiddy pool.  I'm not here to have fun anymore... I'm here to be the best.  I'm here to shut people up and make them look foolish while I make bank.  It's that simple."

Melchiott shrugs at the audience, clearly showing how little he thinks of the rest of the locker room.  Still glaring at the audience, Melchiott continues to speak, although this time in a slightly less patronizing tone!

Alexander Melchiott: "Now onto the more important business; the Main Event.  Entropy gets his rematch against your reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion... me!  What a shocker that Marcus Troy would give his freak of a son another shot at me.  Really, I never saw this one coming... idiot.  Troy wants to get this title off of my shoulder, but it isn't going to be as easy as he thinks.  Entropy failed the first time around, and Entropy will fail this time around as well.  I don't care how big or strong a competitor is, brawn alone is never enough to overcome skill and brain.  Like I've said before, the second verse will be the same as the first."

Still leaning against the ropes, Melchiott turns to look towards the back.

Alexander Melchiott: "Troy, you like to make a lot of excuses for why your little group of morons continuously fails, and I'm sure that you'll think up a good one for tonight.  The facts are that you've abused your power and have nothing to show for it.  You're a joke.  No one on this roster is intimidated by you or your goons.  Tonight will mark another failure on your record and will provide further justification for your descent into obscurity.  And don't worry, your room is just as you left it.  I'll see you soon Troy."

After thumbing his nose at the camera, Melchiott pushes off of the ropes and prepares to exit the ring.

Before Melchiott can exit the ring, Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major begins playing in the arena as Cecilia Christiansen steps out onto the entrance ramp flanked by Erika Sonozaki.  Cecilia twirls the microphone she holds before bringing it to her lips.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Melchiott, while it is true that you have a match against Troy's servant Entropy, I think that you need to consider some facts.  While I may not have won the Champion's Ball, you failed to win as well... and if I recall correctly, you were pinned first in that match.  And who exactly pinned you?"

Cecilia feigns confusion as Erika chuckles before leaning in to whisper something to her.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Oh?  It was me!  I pinned you, The World Heavyweight Champion, in the first 30 seconds of the match.  You say that you don't have the time to play in the kiddy pool, but I believe that you are the only Champion in the history of this organization to provide such a poor performance.  Tell me, how exactly did it feel to be eliminated so quickly?  You are purported to be the "best wrestler in this company", and yet you are outlasted and out-performed by every other Champion in this organization.  You were even outlasted by Nicolas Dorn!"

After covering a giggle with her hand, Cecilia adopts a more serious expression.

Cecilia Christiansen: "With your defeat in mind, I think the title match for tonight needs to be changed.  I believe that I deserve a title match against you.  I did, after all, pin you at our Pay Per View."

Cecilia turns to look towards the backstage area.  With a confident smile, Cecilia speaks.

Cecilia Christiansen: "So Mr. Rex!  Mr. Morrison!  Come on out here and declare the NEW Main Event of the evening; Cecilia Christiansen vs. Alexander Melchiott for the Ring of Chaos World Heavyweight Championship!"

Unfortunately for Cecilia, it is neither Thaddeus Rex or Lee Morrison who answers her request.  Instead, it is the true greatest wrestler the world has ever seen, Nicolas Dorn!  Walking to the opposite side of the ramp as Cecilia, Dorn taps on the microphone in his hand before speaking.

Nicolas Dorn: "Cecilia, I think you are getting a little ahead of yourself.  You weren't the only one to pin Melchiott at the Pay Per View.  I also pinned the World Heavyweight Champion.  Moreover, it was MY move that kept Melchiott down, not yours!  I also hold a victory over Melchiott in a match that took place before an edition of Chaos Supreme could even get started!  So why don't you be a good little girl and wait in line, because if anyone is deserving of a title shot, it's me!"

Turning away from Cecilia, Nicolas Dorn looks down at Alexander Melchiott.

Nicolas Dorn: "I should get the first shot at you.  I've beaten you before, and I can beat you again!  What has Entropy done to deserve a title shot?  Nothing!  I've pinned you twice now, and I think that it's time to pin you for a third time to become the new World Heavyweight Champion!"

As the three are arguing in the ring, the man the world has come to know as Johnny Fortune hops the barricade from the crowd with his spray-painted steel chair and a microphone in hand. Ignoring Alexander Melchiott almost entirely, The Fortunate One sets up his chair in the ring and takes a deep breath before bringing the microphone to his lips to speak.

Johnny Fortune: "Okay, a few things. One-"

Johnny Fortune points to Cecilia.

Johnny Fortune: "Who in the blue shit are you? Two-"

He then proceeds to move his gesture over to Nicolas Dorn.

Johnny Fortune: "You need to retire you old bag of degenerate trash."

Then finally he turns to the man he shares the ring with, the World Champion Alexander Melchiott, and speaks once more.

Johnny Fortune: "And then, there's you. You are the sorriest excuse for a champion I've seen since that pile of utter gutter trash Ray, held that title around his waist. You lost to these two? RECENTLY? What in the blue Hell is wrong with you? You say that you're the best? You say you're not here to have fun anymore? Well, the best has come back to ruin your fun anyway. You see, tonight I'm ending Ray's career. But don't be confused Alexander, when I'm done with him-"

Johnny Fortune rises from his chair and gets in Melchiott's face. His hot breath being sure to hit the Champion directly in the face.

Johnny Fortune: "You. Are. Next."

After staring at the champion for a few short moments he turns back around to face the entrance ramp, and seems to be addressing the back.

Johnny Fortune: "So, I'd like to make a proposal to Lee. Imagine this as your main event in two weeks: 'Three-Way Dance for the number one contender spot for the RoC World Heavyweight Championship. In one corner, One-Half of the Tag Team Champions Nicolas Dorn! In another corner: The Women's Champion Cecilia Christiansen! And Finally, the former Two Time World Champion, One Time Lightweight Champion, The Fortunate One, The Chaotic God, Killer of Careers, The man who's put Ray Kamaura out of commission: Johnny Fortune! Now to me Lee, that sounds like money."

Johnny Fortune soaks in some of the crowd's chanting, cheers, and jeers as he rotates his chair to look at the entrance ramp to await the answer to his question.

Rubbing his temples, Melchiott sighs as the idiots continue to flap their gums.  Opening his eyes, Melchiott brings the microphone to his lips with a frown plastered on his face.

Alexander Melchiott: "Will you all shut the fuck up!?"

Melchiott points towards Cecilia.

Alexander Melchiott: "You are the Women's Champion and nothing more.  Who the hell have you even beat?  You pinned me in the Champions Ball because I LET you pin me.  Do you know how annoying and tedious it was to be a VGM around here?  There's too much paperwork and whining children for me to ever honestly want to endure that again.  When you actually defeat someone important, you can come back and try again, but for now, shut up and go back to the women's division."

Turning slightly, Melchiott now points at Nicolas Dorn.

Alexander Melchiott: "Same thing to you, moron.  You were lucky to defeat me, but do you really think that you'd get lucky enough to fluke me again?  Get real, old man!  You're past your prime!  You are rotting before our eyes!  If we fought again you're bones would snap from the effort!  Stay in the tag team division where you can hide behind Thaddeus Rex."

Melchiott turns towards Johnny Fortune.  Growling, Melchiott continues his verbal campaign.

Alexander Melchiott: "And you... when was the last time you were even here?  You lost to Ray Kamaura, whom I've defeated numerous times, so what makes you think that you can step up to the king?  Have you forgotten you that you lost to me?  That I took your Lightweight title?  You have none claim to this title, and you never will.  Let's face it, you reigned as champion when the division was at its weakest.  You need to stop acting like you're something special, because newsflash, you're nothing.  You never were anything and you will never be anything.  Go back to crying about your loss to frigging Ray Kamaura."

Rolling his eyes, Melchiott grunts before speaking.

Alexander Melchiott: "I've won an Elimination Chamber, defeated Thaddeus Rex, and have fended off Entropy.  You three have done nothing to distinguish yourselves.  So here's a suggestion; fuck off and continue to be irrelevant."

After hearing Melchiott's comments Johnny Fortune shoots up from his chair and get rights back into his face.

Johnny Fortune: "You want to run that by me again? At least I never got pinned until I lost my titles, you sniveling brat. You want to talk about people whining and their irrelevancy? When I walk in this ring I make an impact, what do you do? You walk in here and moan on about getting put into a title match with that human embodiment of uninteresting known as Entropy. You claim to be the best, you claim that you 'Let' that skank out on the ramp pin you. To be honest, that's probably the closest you've come to a woman touching you sexually in years!"

Johnny backs up, smelling Melchiott's shit breath was too much for him. The crowd lets out a small giggle as he tries to wave the smell away.

Johnny Fortune: "Now, you can take the Brothel's favorite whore and the Brothel's longest customer to town for all I care. However, realize one thing Melchiott: You didn't beat me. You beat the man that was here a year ago, you beat the man who wasn't out here to end people, you beat the man who wasted his time with Lee, you beat the man that spent most of his time fucking with people backstage. You know who you didn't beat? The man who stands before you on this day, the man who just looked you right in the eyes and instilled a sense of fear into your heart, the man who at any moment could snap into a world of insanity and end you right were you stand! You seem to forget that while I may be a bit different, I'm still the Chaotic God."

Johnny Fortune stands up on his steel chair to look down at Melchiott like the sniveling twerp that he really is.

Johnny Fortune: "I'll grant you one thing, you may be the king. But a king is nothing to a God! Now, sit there in your mediocrity and pray that I don't take you out right here and now!"

?:  "This has gone on for long enough."

Everyone's attention shifted towards the source of the voice, the titan tron where they see the visage of Marcus Troy.

Marcus Troy:  "Now let's settle this shall we?  First of all, you Mr. Fortune...  You are just returning from a long hiatus, there are other wrestlers more qualified than you.  You have to start from the bottom again and fight your way back up if you want to see a title shot."

Not done yet Troy then turns his attention to both Cecilia and Nicolas.

Marcus Troy:  "Ms. Christiansen, Mr. Dorn...  Both of you do provide valid points in your arguments, so tell you what, next show, both of you shall be facing each other, the winner can get a shot at the champion, which will be by that time Entropy."

Clearly the current RoC World Champion does not agree with Marcus Troy's statement but the abusive VGM prattles on.

Marcus Troy:  "And Mr. Melchiott...  Yes you...  I won't make excuses for my actions because you are right.  I do abuse my power, power which I have and YOU DON'T!  So why make excuses for it?   Now we all know you'd do anything in your power too if you can to hold on to that title...  Of course the thing is, you lost that power and that privilege.  You claim tonight will be a repeat of last time?"

Troy chuckles as he slowly shakes his head.

Marcus Troy:  "The last time was a fluke Mr. Melchiott, nothing more but a fluke...  And I promise you that tonight, you will find out that your so-called skill and brain that you are so very proud of, the very same skill and brain that got you eliminated within the first five minutes of the Champions Ball, shall fare no better against the chaos that my son will bring."

Marcus Troy begins to laugh maniacally as the screen cuts to black.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:39 am

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Locker10

The camera fades in to show Po1ski entering the RoC locker room. There seems to be a look of concern on his face. He starts walking, and the camera pans to show him heading to his friend, Rafik Arfah. Rafik is sitting on one of the benches next to lockers, with his head hanging in his hands. Po1ski sits next to him.

Po1ski: "Hey man. Are you...doing okay? I saw what you did out in the ring. I just wanted to check on you."

Rafik remains still in his seat with his head hanging low, sporting an expression of grief and despair. Rafik doesn't even react to his good friend's inquires. Po1ski awaits for a response from Rafik who sighs and eventually raises his head and reluctantly looks up at Po1ski.

Rafik Arfah: "No, man. I'm not doing okay. I'm done. I am finished here.. It was an honor fighting alongside you and against you.. thanks for everything, bro. I'm going home."

Rafik gets up from his bench to grab his bags from his personalized locker and then proceeds to rush out of the room before Po1ski even has the chance to respond to Rafik's shocking statement. Rafik slams the door shut on his way out leaving a puzzled and speechless Po1ski alone in the room as the camera fades out.

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Roccha10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Alexan10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Entrop10

Jim Jackson: "And here we are with the main event of the evening. Alexander Melchiott shall be defending his RoC World Title against Entropy! This will be the second time these two meet. Will Alexander manage to hold on to his title once again or shall we be seeing Entropy walk out the new RoC World Champion?"

Brad Blood: "Well, we'll find out soon enough, the odds are stacked against the champ but he managed to pull out of it once and he may do it again. We'll just have to watch to find out."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall and is for the ROC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from The Principality of Monaco... He is your current and reigning RoC World Champion... Hotspur... ALEXANDER MELCHIOTT!"

“Ultra Numb” by Blue Stahli blasts over the arena as Alexander Melchiott steps out from the back. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Alexander slides his thumb across his throat before tossing off his vest and walking down to the ring.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, the challenger, standing at 7 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 350 pounds, hailing from The Amazon Jungle, The Embodiment of Chaos... ENTROPY!"

The light goes dark as "The Last Steampunk Waltz" by Ghostfire starts to play on the speakers. A spotlight shines upon the opening of the entrance tunnel as Marcus Troy steps out from the back. With a grin on his face and a gesture from his hand, steam begins to rise covering the whole area. Marcus Troy steps forward and suddenly the hulking form of Entropy comes forth rendering gasps from the crowd. Leading his client down the ramp Marcus Troy smirks in amusement at the crowd's fear of Entropy who hulks into the ring and prepares for his match.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "And there's the bell! Right off the bat both wrestlers charge towards each other! Alexander Melchiott ducks below Entropy's clothesline! He continues running towards the corner... AND DROPKICKS MARCUS TROY OFF THE APRON! Troy tumbles and hits his head on the steel steps before landing outside unconscious!"

Brad Blood: "Alexander gets back to his feet and turns around... Right into Entropy's arm! The monster is enraged after seeing his father attacked! Choke slam by Entropy... No! Melchiott slips free and lands behind Entropy... Only to be caught by a spinning back fist!"

Jim Jackson: "Alexander Melchiott is knocked to the ropes with the force of Entropy's blow! Melchiott bounces back... Right into a clothesline that almost takes his head off! Melchiott gets turned inside out. Entropy picks the champ up and power slams him into the canvas! Big knee drop by Entropy... No! Melchiott manages to roll away!"

Brad Blood: "Alexander tries to pull himself up... Big double axe handle sends the champ into the corner! Things are not looking good for Melchiott... Entropy comes charging in... Big body avalanche crushes Alexander into the turnbuckles! Entropy drags the champ to the center of the ring and hooks the leg."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Tw..."

Jim Jackson: "Hotspur kicks out! Entropy picks him up and hauls him up to his shoulders... Alexander Melchiott starts throwing wild elbows to Entropy's head! Melchiott manages to slip free! Alexander jumps onto the turnbuckle before springing back, catching Entropy's head... No! Entropy shoves Melchiott off him stopping the Moonlight Cutter! Melchiott hits the ropes and bounces back into Entropy's arms... Entropy hauls him up... Fall-away slam! Entropy for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Shoulder up! Alexander is getting pummeled out there. He better think of a way to turn things around or that belt of his is gonna end up on Entropy's waist. Melchiott tries to crawl away but Entropy grabs him by the legs and pulls him... Melchiott flips and lands on his feet! Entropy tries to grab him but Alexander rolls away... Superkick!"

Jim Jackson: "Entropy is still standing! The superkick may have connected but Entropy soaked the blow like sponge soaking water! Alexander Melchiott charges toward Entropy and drives a shoulder into Entropy's midsection... MOONLIGHT SLICE IS INEFFECTIVE! Melchiott just bounced off Entropy! What a monster! Melchiott quickly distances himself trying to regroup."

Brad Blood: "Looks like it's dawning upon Alexander the real extent of how much a monster Entropy is. He needs to change tactics in order to make a dent on the big man."

Jim Jackson: "Looks like he heard you Brad. Alexander Melchiott goes low he charges in towards the back of Entropy's leg... NO! Entropy was expecting it and manages to lifts his legs high making Melchiott miss! The champ quickly rolls away and gets some distance but Entropy has locked on to him and starts moving closer. Melchiott tries to gamble once again and goes for a low dropkick to Entropy's knees..."

Brad Blood: "Ohhhhhhh! Entropy once again raises his foot up and Melchiott misses! Entropy brings his foot down as Alexander skids under him stomping into the champ! Daaaamn that may have bruised some ribs over there. Entropy hauls Melchiott up for a powerbomb... Alexander desperately rains elbows down on Entropy's head."

Jim Jackson: "Entropy staggers towards the ropes, Alexander Melchiott suddenly flips backwards... HE SENDS ENTROPY FLYING OUTSIDE WITH A FRANKENSTEINER OVER THE TOP ROPE! THE CROWD GOES WILD!"


Brad Blood: "This is the first time in the evening Alexander has been able to pull off an effective attack on Entropy. He needs to capitalize. Melchiott stands on the apron clutching his ribs. That stomp earlier by Entropy clearly hurt him. Entropy is slowly rising up... Alexander leaps... HE OVERSHOOTS!"

Jim Jackson: "NO HE DIDN'T! ALEXANDER MELCHIOTT JUST TOOK OUT MARCUS TROY WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY! He wasn't aiming for Entropy, he was aiming for Marcus Troy! The crowd goes wild!"


Brad Blood: "Entropy goes on a rage seeing Marcus get taken out... AGAIN! He charges blindly towards Alexander... Alexander leaps back into the ring! Entropy tries to follow... As Entropy enters through the ropes... Alexander improvises and leaps up into the air... Double foot stomp right on the back of the monster's head! Entropy falls into the ring!"

Jim Jackson: "Entropy is right where Hotspur wants him... Alexander Melchiott moves to the turnbuckle and climbs onto the first rope before flipping back and onto Entropy with a moonsault. Alexander quickly gets back to his feet before jumping onto the second rope and landing onto Entropy with a second moonsault. Jumping back to his feet, Alexander quickly hops onto the turnbuckle’s third rope before leaping back and onto Entropy with a third and final moonsault executing a devastating Moonlight Special!"


Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Th..."


Jim Jackson: "Alexander Melchiott sits in the corner still in a state of disbelief. Entropy just kicked out of his finisher. Entropy slowly rises to his feet. Melchiott also gets up and leaps to the top turnbuckle just as Entropy lunges in... Melchiott leaps over Entropy and lands behind him! Entropy turns around... Alexander doubles Entropy over with a kick to the gut before hooking both of his arms behind his back..."

Brad Blood: "Entropy powers out of the Moonlight Festival attempt! Big lariat takes Alexander down! Entropy begins pounding down into Melchiott's back! Melchiott tries to crawl away... Entropy grabs him and pulls him up... Irish whip sends Melchiott to the ropes! Entropy catches his opponent and whirls him before slamming him into the canvas executing a upheaving Maelstrom! Entropy for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr..."

Jim Jackson: "Alexander Melchiott gets a shoulder up at the last moment! The crowd breathes a collective sigh of relief!"

Brad Blood: "Well he survived that but the way this is going it's only a matter of time..."

Jim Jackson: "You may be right about that Brad... Alexander Melchiott may be living in borrowed time... Melchiott tries to get up... He is clearly in pain and breathing heavily... Running big boot catches Melchiott at the side of his head! The champ falls on all fours! Entropy lifts his opponent up his shoulders and powerbombs his opponent down the mat, not once, not twice, but three times before pinning him down executing a chaotic Chaos Theorem!"

Brad Blood: "That shook the ring! Both of Melchiott's shoulders are down!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Three!"


Brad Blood: "The ref calls for the bell!"


Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match by pinfall and NEW ROC WORLD CHAMPION... The Embodiment of Chaos... ENTROPY!"

Jim Jackson: "Alexander Melchiott put up a good fight but in the end, the monster Entropy was just too much for him. Marcus Troy enters the ring and raises his son's arm up in the air as the crowd chant their displeasure."





Brad Blood: "Well the crowd may hate Marcus and Entropy but that still doesn't change the fact that with the RoC World Title in Entropy's hands, Marcus' reign of chaos has certainly risen to new heights."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Jim Jackson: "What a night! What a night! Tonight scored a victory for Marcus Troy and his Chaos Order. With Entropy holding the RoC World Title and their ally Tyler Norton holding the RoC Chaos Title, things are looking up for Troy and his group."

Brad Blood: "Well maybe we can still count on T-Rex to throw a wrench into Marcus' plans. Who knows..."

Jim Jackson: "Who knows indeed, but we'll have to wait for the next show to find out since we are out of time... So until next time, good fight and good night."

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/07/2016 T-rexb10
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