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Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Boy_ba10  VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Little12

Jim Jackson:  "Two close friends shall face each other tonight in our dark match.  Boy Bakla shall go one on one against Little Wang..."

Brad Blood:  "A tranny and a little wang...  This ought to be good."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds, hailing from Manila, Philippines...  The Transsexual Superstar...  BOY BAKLA!"

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. She casually strolls down the entrance ramp blowing kisses to her fans before it enters the ring with flourish and heads to her corner waiting for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 3 feet and 3/4 inches tall and weighing in at 80 pounds, hailing from Fujian Province, China...  LITTLE WANG!"

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor starts playing on the speakers as flashing multicolored lights starts flashing at the top of the entrance ramp as smoke rises from the floor. A small form suddenly bounces out of the entrance tunnel and through the smoke which is slowly clearing. The crowd looks wide-eyed at the small midget standing on top of the entrance ramp wearing stilts with both arms in the air waving a victory sign with his fingers. The midget runs down the ramp and scampers into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Both wrestlers start circling each other.  They've been training together so they know each other's style so well...  Boy Bakla makes the first move and charges in.  Little Wang rolls out of the way."

Brad Blood:  "You got that right Jim, look at Wang once again leaping out of harm's way as the tranny tries to shoot low.  Wang can read Bakla like an open book."

Jim Jackson:  "This time it's Little Wang who charges forward!  Boy Bakla with a low legsweep but Wang leaps over it and hits the ropes...  Springboard crossbody...  No!  Bakla bends backwards and Wang flies over her!  Wang spins and lands on his feet as Bakla is already attacking with a spinning low kick..."

Brad Blood:  "Wang just backflipped out of harms way as the crowd start cheering loudly."


Jim Jackson:  "These two know each other so well, the only way for someone to land an attack is if the other wrestlers makes a mistake!  Little Wang charges head first towards Boy Bakla...  The Transsexual Superstar leaps over him!  Wang leaps on the ropes...  Springboard clothesline..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  The fruitcake spins and dodges it!  Spinning overhead kick by Bakla...  Wang senses it somewhat and rolls out of the way!  So far no one has been able to land any attack tonight!"

Jim Jackson:  "Little Wang leaps to the ropes and springboards towards his opponent head first...  No!  Boy Bakla sidesteps once more and dodges Wang's Cannonball!  Bakla finally manages to grab Wang and lifts him up over her shoulders...  No!  Wang slips free and lands behind her!"

Brad Blood:  "Wang goes for a leg trip from behind...  But Bakla senses it and raises its leg just in the nick of time and spins with a low kick...  No!  Wang blocks it and suddenly grabs on to Bakla's leg!  Wang pulls on the fairy's leg forcing her into a front split!"

Jim Jackson:  "Little Wang with a dropkick towards the face of The Transsexual Superstar...  No!  Boy Bakla bends over while in the split dodging it...  What a show of flexibility!  Bakla gets back to her feet and both wrestlers look to be grinning at each other..."

Brad Blood:  "Well it looks like these two are really enjoying themselves here..."

Jim Jackson:  "You are correct in that assumption.  This show us that both Boy Bakla and Little Wang see this match as nothing more than a friendly contest."

Brad Blood:  "And Wang sprints towards Bakla!  The tranny once again goes for a low kick but Wang leaps over its leg!  Wang leaps up and lands on the top turnbuckle...  Bakla charges in but Wang backflips and lands behind Bakla!   Bakla turns around quickly but Wang is not there!"

Jim Jackson:  "Little Wang has slipped out through the bottom rope and leaps back up to the turnbuckles...  He leaps and catches Boy Bakla's head with his legs...  He's going for a hurricanrana....  NO!  BAKLA COUNTERS IT INTO A POWERBOMB!"

Brad Blood:  "Damn!  The tranny just drove Wang downwards with such force!  That shook the ring!  No mercy!  Bakla for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "No!  Little Wang gets a shoulder up at two but it's clear that that powerbomb did some damage to the little wrestler.  Boy Bakla mounts on top of her opponent and starts slapping away hard with a series of slaps until her opponent gets knocked out from the force of the slaps executing a devastating Makeover!"

Brad Blood:  "Wang is not moving!  Bakla for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall...  The Transsexual Superstar...  BOY BAKLA!"

Jim Jackson:  "And Boy Bakla takes the win!  She worriedly kneels beside Little Wang who is just regaining consciousness."

Brad Blood:  "If it was that worried, then it shouldn't have slapped Wang so hard!  Look at Wang he's turning purple due to that beating!"

Jim Jackson:  "Boy Bakla helps her friend up and raises Little Wang's arm...  The crowd applaud with appreciation.  Wang shakes Bakla's hand before exiting the ring leaving the Transsexual Superstar inside the ring to celebrate her victory."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Anarch10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "Good evening and welcome to Ring of Chaos' first iPPV for the year Anarchy!  We have a great card for everyone watching tonight."

Brad Blood:  "That's right Jim, tonight will be awesome since ALL the RoC Titles will be on the line!"

Jim Jackson:  "So let's not keep our fans waiting then...  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Beyond10

After coming back from commercial break, the audience sees the scarred man from last week walking out of the subway station on Brighton Beach Ave. He is seen walking towards Beyti Turkish Kebab, located right between Brighton 4th and Brighton 5th street right on Brighton Beach Avenue. He stops in front of the building where he is accosted by two menacing looking men. Menacing looking man number one is a blonde man, he is wearing a tank top with a circled a on his left finger and a star on his right shoulder, pats down our friend. He is a bit heavy from years of drinking but a man who looks like he knows his way around a fight. A man with scars on his face but who relishes them. He slowly starts from the legs on up.

Friend: "Watch where you put your hands. You have to take me out to dinner next time you want to touch those."

Our friend goes to swat menacing man number 1's hands away from his balls. Menacing man number 2, has crosses on his knuckles indicating the amount of time he spent in prison, grabs our friends hand with his left hand. With his right hand he waves one finger at our friend. Menacing man 2 is white, with black hair and a long, ugly nose. Like menacing man 1, menacing man 2 is someone who carries himself as one who is not afraid of violence.

Menacing man number 1: "Bobby, you can go in. Mr. Mikhailov is ready for you."

Mr. Mikhailov is sitting on a chair in the back corner of the restaurant at a booth. He is eating an Adana kebap. Adana kebap is kebab with hand-minced meat mixed with chili on a flat wide metal skewer. Bobby and both menacing men walk towards Mr. Mikahilov.

Mr. Mikhailov: "Bobby, you really should try this some time. The chili is delicious. Mouth watering good. Please sit."

Bobby drops some money onto the table. This angers Mikhailov. He waves to menacing man 1 who elbows Bobby in the stomach. He then forces Bobby to set in the booth.

Mr. Mikhailov:  "God damn it! Why do you have to make things so difficult. Why can't you be like your father?"

Bobby Dollar: "I am in this predicament because of my drunken, loser of a father. I gave you the money I owe you for the month plus interest. Why do I have to talk to you as well?"

Menacing man number 2 smacks Bobby across the face before Mr. Mikhailov has a chance to respond.

Mr. Mikhailov: "Bobby, one of these days you will learn. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow or even next year but you will come to respect me."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Parkin10

Sleepwalker slowly walks in from the street.

Sleepwalker:  "If I ever find the man who stole my motorcycle he's a dead man."

Scene fades.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Bobby_10 VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Sleepw10

Jim Jackson:  "We start today with a really interesting match. The newbie Bobby Dollar faces Sleepwalker, in order to achieve his first win here in RoC."

Brad Blood:  "Sleepwalker might be a weirdo, but he has a decent run here in RoC. He has some really good matches and for sure he is a fierce competitor. If Bobby wants to beat Sleepwalker, he must perform better than against Thaddeus last show."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 225 pounds, hailing from New York, New York...  The Natural...  BOBBY DOLLAR!"

'Watch over you' by Alterbridge. Bobby Dollar rides down on a Harley to the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 1 inch and weighing in at 227 pounds, hailing from the land of Nightmares... SLEEPWALKER!"

Adam Lambert's song "Sleepwalker" starts Sleepwalker slowly comes out. He stops looks slowly to the right then the left then continually slowly makes his way to ring. In the ring he takes off his sunglasses to show his eyes rolled back.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble.  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell! Both competitors are engaged in a stare-down. Sleepwalker is trying to intimidate Bobby Dollar with his fierce looks. Bobby Dollar makes the first move as he arrogantly slaps Sleepwalker's face. Sleepwalker charges furious at Bobby and they both start trading punches. Sleepwalker seems to prevail and he shoves Bobby to the ropes, following by a vicious running clothesline."

Brad Blood:  "Bobby gets down, but he quickly gets up. Sleepwalker throws a couple of punches to Bobby's face, and then throws him to the ropes. Sleepwalker goes for another clothesline, but Bobby ducks... and a dropkick to Sleepwalker's face!"

Jim Jackson:  "Sleepwalker onm the ground! Bobby Dollar stomps angrily Sleepwalker's right foot. He bounces to the ropes and falls down on Sleepwalker driving his knee right into his face. Bobby bounces again to the ropes and another knee drop to Sleepwalker's face...  Bobby is on fire!"

Brad Blood:  "Now, Bobby goes for a crossface lock. Sleepwalker is in a really bad situation. Bobby has him locked in the middle of the ring. Sleepwalker tries to reach the ropes, in order to get free of the crossface. Sleepwalker is slowly reaching the ropes and Bobby tries to prevent him, but... Sleepwalker grabs the bottom rope and the referee makes Bobby dollar release his hold. bOBBY dOLLAR is furious and he is complaining to the referee. At the same time, Sleepwalker gets off the ring."

Jim Jackson:  "Sleepwalker wants to take a breath, so he can get back in the match. As soons as Bobby notices, he gets off the ring too. Bobby Dollar strikes Sleepwalker with a backhand chop and a kick in the mid section. Bobby gets Sleepwalker in a front facelock and goes for the DDT, but Sleepwalkerstands still. Sleepwalker punches a few times Bobby Dollar managing to get out of the front facelock and then, he pushes back Bobby and hits him with an enzuigiri! Both wrestlers to the ground. "

Brad Blood:  "Sleepwalker is the first who gets up. Bobby is staggering to his feet. Sleepwalker grabs Bobby Dollar, turns him upside-down and executes a piledriver. Sleepwalker makes Bobby Dollar stand up and goes for the german suplex... Dollar elbows Sleepwalker, causing him to let him go free. Now, Bobby hooks Sleepwalker's head and executes a Russian Legsweep. Bobby crouches down behind Sleepwalker and locks him with a chinlock."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "Things aren't going well for Sleepwalker. He is trying to get out of Bobby Dollar's chinlock, but he can't. Bobby releases his hold and strikes Sleepwalker with a punt kick."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!"

Brad Blood:  "Bobby Dollar makes Sleepwalker stand up, puts him back to the ring and then, he gets inside  too. Sleepwalker is staggering in the corner. Bobby Dollar goes for a turnbuckle thrust... but Sleepwalker moves out of the way. Sleepwalker performs a snap suplex to Bobby Dollar and he has the upper hand again in this match. Sleepwalker pulls Bobby Dollar on his feet. Sleepwalker puts Bobby in a front facelock and performs a brainbuster. Sleepwalker sends Bobby Dollar with an Irish Whip to the ropes... he bounces and A BIG BOOT FROM SLEEPWALKR RIGHT INTO BOBBY DOLLAR'S FACE! Can he end the match now? Sleepwalker hooks the leg."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Natural gets a shoulder up! Sleepwalker can't believe what just happened. He gets up and starts stomping angrily Bobby Dollar. Sleepwalker bounces to the ropes, jumps and lands the back of his leg across Bobby's chest. Sleepwalker bounces again to the ropes and executes again a leg drop on Bobby's chest. Sleepwalker pulls Bobby back on his feet and sends him with an irish whip to the corner. Sleepwalker holds both Bobby's arms under his own, and delivers a series of headbutts."

Brad Blood:  "Sleepwalker lifts Bobby over his shoulders in a fireman's carry position, he then pushes Bobby forward and off his body slamming him face-down onto the mat. Sleepwalker climbs up the top turnbuckle, as he is looking to put an end to the match... he leaps for a frog splash... BUT BOBBY DOLLAR MANAGES TO GET HIS KNEES UP AT THE LAST MOMENT AND SLEEPWALKER SLAMS ON THEM! Both men are down! They try to get up. Sleepwalker strikes Bobby with a big right and then goes for a DDT. No! Bobby Dollar blocks the attempt for a DDT and transitions into an atomic drop."

Jim Jackson:  "Bobby applies a front face lock to Sleepwalker and draping his near arm over his shoulder, then lifting him up and holding Sleepwalker in the vertical position then slams him down to the mat in front of him onto their back performing a blast from the past. Bobby Dollar puts Sleepwalker back on his feet. He strikes Sleepwalker with a couple of punches, then sends him in the corner with an Irish whip... Bobby charges and drives his shoulder into Sleepwalker's midsection executing a spear. Now, Bobby puts his head under the arm of Sleepwalker, wraps an arm around his waist and flips him backwards performing an End of Days! AMAZING! Bobby Dollar hooks the leg."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall...  The Natural... BOBBY DOLLAR!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Natural manages to get his first win in RoC against Sleepwalker. It was a solid match for both competitors, but Bobby is the one, who did more impact."

Brad Blood:  "It could have gone both ways... weirdo could have won too... but he didn't! Bobby Dollar won and he deserved it!"

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

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Anarchy 01/29/2017 T-rexb10
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Anarchy 01/29/2017 Empty Re: Anarchy 01/29/2017

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Anarchy 01/29/2017 Backst10

It was a maelstrom of chaos backstage as the production crew seem to be running around making sure everything is running smoothly for the iPPV.  Yet standing calmly amidst the chaos is one Thaddeus Rex.  Former convict...  Former RoC Tag Team Champion...  Former RoC World Champion.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Looks like once again I shall be put to the test as I fight against not one but two talented wrestlers...  Rey Del Jazz and Yuki Monotomo...  Both men have made a name for themselves in the wrestling world...  But then again, so have I..."

A small smirk appears on the corner of T-Rex's mouth.

Thaddeus Rex:  "I have been at this game for a long time...  Longer that Rey or Yuki...  I may be slower, I may not be as strong as I was before, but I am wiser and I was a former World Champion, something Rey nor Yuki has never been able to become here in Ring of Chaos..."

T-Rex pauses a bit before continuing...

Thaddeus Rex:  "And tonight, I shall prove that I am still a force to be reckoned with here in RoC as I defeat both Rey Del Jazz and Yuki Monotomo...  And after I accomplish that feat, I am coming for the RoC title that I still haven't won before...  The RoC Chaos Championship!  So whether it's Gus or Boulder who wins the title tonight...  Prepare yourself for T-Rex has begun hunting and you shall be my prey."

With that Thaddeus Rex walks off as the scene slowly fades.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Locker10

Johnny Fortune walks into the Locker Room filled with the members of his Bloodbound. Having nearly kicked down the door he carries his momentum into completely thrashing the locker room. Throwing towels, gym bags, chairs, and even ripping off various doors from lockers. All the while yelling at his failure of a stable.

Johnny Fortune: "Are you fucking serious?! Not a single one of you picked up a god damned win?! Not even a fight being put from the lot of you!"

The Chaotic God focuses his attention first to Camerella Videoh.

Johnny Fortune: "You had every opportunity to put away your opponents and you end up passing out, to Nao Fook Mi of all people! If you took her out, all it would take would have been a little extra assistance during the championship match and BAM! Another title in the Bloodbound's possession!"

He then turns to Yuki Monotomo.

Johnny Fortune: "And you! You lost to Boulder?! Fucking Boulder?! I've come across actual rocks with more talent than Boulder and you didn't have the wherewithal to figure out that he'd attack you before the match started?! Were you even thinking?! Maybe, if you weren't so focused on Cam and the Women in the audience, you would have figured it out! Next time, save your attempts to draw women to your bedroom until after the show!"

Johnny Fortune throws another chair next to Ray Kamaura as he gets straight into his face.

Johnny Fortune: "Do you understand the implications of what happened two weeks ago? Honestly, do you even comprehend what fucking happened?! Marcus Troy has sent his little shit of a son in an attempt to act as if I'm not the Chaotic God. Now, I wouldn't be concerned about Entropy... If I could rely on my big seven foot tall muscle to do his fucking job! I have a question Ray, what happened to you being back? What happened to you winning every competition you're in?! Do you know how much I have on my plate? I've got Melchiott in the main event, then I have to carry our team two matches before that, all the while making sure you all reach your full potentials! I do not have the time to stomp out Marcus Troy and Entropy!"

The Chaotic God gets out of Ray Kamaura's face and starts heading towards the door.

Johnny Fortune: "Now, I've got to go get ready for my matches tonight. So do me a favor, the lot of you. Get your shit together!"

With the door slamming, Johnny Fortune goes off to prepare for his multiple matches tonight.

Ray Kamaura stands in annoyance as Johnny Fortune leaves the room. Afterwards he turns to his partner Yuki Monotomo.

Ray Kamaura: "Frankly I am tired of that slimy, twat paste walking around here bitching up a storm. So tonight I'm going to go out there and win the championship, like I promised..."

Ray Kamaura pauses before slamming his fist into a locker, caving the metal inward.

Ray Kamaura: "But I'll be dammed if he walks out with both titles."

Ray Kamaura removes his bloody fist from the metal door and exits the room.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Rey_de10 VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Thadde13


Anarchy 01/29/2017 Yuki_m10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next, we have a clash between three very skilled wrestlers, Rey Del Jazz, a darling of the indie world... Thaddeus Rex, the epitome of evolution, dangerous and deadly...  And Yuki Monotomo, a dangerous technician...  Not only is this a clash of styles but a clash between three styles..."

Brad Blood:  "Well it will be interesting to see who will come up on top tonight, all three men have something to prove.  Rey needs to prove that he can handle it inside the RoC ring, T-Rex needs to prove that he still matters while Yuki...  Yuki needs to recover from his loss to Boulder."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing in at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 219 pounds, hailing from Ciudad de Mexico...  The Jazzman...  REY DEL JAZZ!"

Tank by The Seatbelts blasts through the stadium speakers. As the beginning baseline of the song nears it's end, Rey Del Jazz bursts out from the backstage area with his saxophone in his hands, the mouthpiece to his lips. A blue spotlight shines down on him as he plays the beginning saxophone part of the song. Rey sways his body vigorously while walking down the ramp and playing his golden instrument. Rey then slides into the ring and continues to swag around the ring while jazzing out. The lights then dim as the music stops and Rey slides to his knees in the middle of the ring, to perform a sexy sax solo.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds, hailing from Harlem, New York...  T-Rex...  THADDEUS REX!"

"Carnivore" by Starset starts playing on the speakers as Thaddeus Rex wearing a hooded robe steps through the smoke and stops at the top of the entrance ramp.  He shrugs off his hood as a mixed reaction comes from the crowd which is the result of the recent life changes he made.  He makes his way to the ring and leaps to the apron and lets out a loud roar before he enters the ring.  He flexes and stretches to loosen up before heading to his corner to wait for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, 6 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 221 pounds, hailing from Mt. Fuji, Japan...  YUKI MONOTOMO!"

"Dragons" by Stratovarius sounds on the loudspeakers as fire shoots along the ramp.  Yuki begins his walk down the ramp while Cam follows him behind.  He points at a couple girls in the crowd and blows them kisses before Cam pushes him toward the ring for him to enter.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Thaddeus Rex charges at once towards Yuki Monotomo!  The Jazzman realizes that he's not being attacked leans back on his corner relaxing....  Yuki braces himself for T-Rex...  NO WAIT!  T-REX DOES A DOUBLE-TAKE AND COMES CHARGING IN TOWARDS REY DEL JAZZ INSTEAD!  OOH!  STIFF CLOTHESLINE TO THE CORNER ALMOST TAKES REY'S HEAD OFF!"

Brad Blood:  "Rey crumples to the ground with his back leaned to the turnbuckles...  T-Rex begins stomping away brutally Rey is getting pummeled big time!  Here comes Yuki from behind...  T-Rex senses him and quickly turns around.  Yuki stops in his tracks and gestures to T-Rex to continue beating down on Rey."

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex stomps one last time on The Jazzman's chest before turning and walking towards Yuki Monotomo.  Monotomo circles around cautiously before locking arms with T-Rex...  Both wrestlers have begun a test of strength grappling contest...  Yuki got the upper hand and manages to get T-Rex in a headlock!  T-Rex pushes himself free from Monotomo's grasp.  Yuki stumbles into the ropes and bounces back...  Clothesline by T-Rex...  No!  Monotomo manages to dodge and quickly spins and counters with a lariat..."

Brad Blood:  "Whoa!  T-Rex takes the lariat and remains standing!  Rex is pounding on his chest taunting Yuki some more!  Yuki charges in with another lariat...  T-Rex stumbles back a bit after the impact but still remains standing!  Yuki charges for a third lariat attempt...  No!  T-Rex dodges and counters with a uranage!  Yuki goes down!"

Jim Jackson:  "Yuki Monotomo staggers back up to his feet....  Big right hook from Thaddeus Rex catches him off-guard! Yuki staggers to the ropes....  T-Rex begins throwing stiff punches...  Monotomo puts his arms up protecting his head but an uppercut slips through the gap!  Yuki gets stunned!  Thaddeus Rex with a body slam on Monotomo followed by a leg drop!  T-Rex for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  T..."

Brad Blood:  "Monotomo gets a shoulder up!  Yuki tries to battle his way back to his feet but T-Rex isn't having any of it!  He continues to pummel Yuki with big punches...  Wait here comes Rey from the side...  Dropkick sends T-Rex reeling.  Yuki not wasting this chance also hits a dropkick of his own sending Rex into the canvas!  Rey leaps to the ropes... Springboard splash..."

Jim Jackson:  "Wait!  Yuki Monotomo suddenly catches Rey Del Jazz in mid-air and hits a neckbreaker from out of nowhere!  T-Rex staggers back to his feet...  Yuki charges in but is sent flying when Thaddeus Rex counters with a back body drop!  Yuki staggers to his feet...  T-Rex comes charging in...  Yuki with a leg trip sends T-Rex to the canvas...  STF!  STF by Monotomo!"

Brad Blood:  "T-Rex reaches out for the ropes...  Will he make it?  He's only a few inches away...  A final lunge by Rex...  He makes it!  Yuki is forced to release the hold!  Rex staggers back to his feet...  Yuki with a good elbow shot!  Wait!  Rey from behind rolls Yuki up!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "Kick out by Yuki Monotomo!  Rey Del Jazz with a spinning wheel kick, Yuki dodges it!  Here comes T-Rex... SPEAR BY THADDEUS REX TAKES DEL JAZZ DOWN!  Monotomo Irish whips T-Rex into the ropes...  Back body drop by Yuki gets countered by a knee to the face!  Yuki Monotomo reels back into the ropes...  Clothesline by T-Rex sends him over the top rope and into the ground outside!"

Brad Blood:  "Rey Del Jazz staggers back to his feet.  Side suplex by T-Rex!  Rey crawls towards the ropes...  T-Rex catches him and pulls him back to his feet...  He hauls Rey up on his shoulders...  Fall-away slam!  Rey is not moving, T-Rex hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Jazzman kicks out!   Thaddeus Rex lifts Rey Del Jazz once again on his shoulders...  Samoan drop!  He hooks the leg...  No!  Yuki Monotomo reaches in from outside and pulls T-Rex out of the ring!  Enzuigiri by Monotomo takes T-Rex down!  Yuki enters the ring just as Del Jazz regains his senses..."

Brad Blood:  "Big kick to the gut by Monotomo sends Rey to all fours!  Yuki gets Rey into a camel clutch!  The submission is locked in!  Will Rey tap?  Wait!  T-Rex enters the ring once more!  Yuki sees him and releases his hold on Rey Del Jazz!  Yuki charges towards T-Rex...  And he eats an elbow!"

Jim Jackson:  "T-Rex grabs Yuki Monotomo from the back of the neck and throws him over the top rope!  Monotomo flies into the steel barricades!  Yuki is down!  T-Rex turns around as Rey Del Jazz staggers back to his feet.  The Jazzman throws a desperate right!  Blocked by Thaddeus Rex!  Big chops sends Rey into the ropes..."

Brad Blood:  "Oh man, T-Rex is lighting Rey up like the fourth of July!  He chopped Rey's chest into a shade of dark red!  Irish whip by T-Rex sends Rey into the ropes..."

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex charges towards his opponent and spears him/her to the ground.  He then mounts his opponent and proceeds to hammer down with both fists until his opponent is beaten to unconsciousness executing an extremely violent Rampage.  Rey Del Jazz is down and out!  T-Rex for the cover!"

Brad Blood:  "Yuki just crawled back into the ring!  He sees T-Rex with the pinfall...  He tries to break it..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall...  T-Rex...  THADDEUS REX!"

Jim Jackson:  "And Yuki Monotomo was too late!  Thaddeus Rex gets the pinfall and the win!"

Brad Blood:  "T-Rex is celebrating in the ring after a dominating match!  What a win for T-Rex."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Gm_s_o10

The camera fades in to show the door of general manager Lee Morrison's office. A familiar figure walks into frame. Po1ski, in his first public appearance since his no-show of a main event, knocks on the door.

Lee Morrison looks up from his desk and puts down what he is doing.  The night was starting to get busy due to the iPPV Anarchy so the general manager's time is a precious commodity tonight.  He looks at his watch and surmises that he still has a few minutes to spare...

Lee Morrison:  "Come in, it's open!"

Morrison shouts out from behind his desk.

Po1ski opens the door and slowly walks in. Without saying a word, he takes a seat opposite the general manager. Po1ski finds a difficult time making eye contact, and looks as if there are a thousand thoughts running through his head.

Po1ski: "Hey...uh...boss man..."

Po1ski stumbles over his words for a few seconds, trying to find the right thing to say.

Po1ski: "I've been racking my brain the last couple days trying to find the right words to say. Trying to find something to say that would show that...that would prove..."

Po1ski pauses for a brief moment.

Po1ski: "The only thing that I can get right in my head are two words."

He looks Lee Morrison right in the eyes.

Po1ski: "I'm sorry."

Morrison sees the sincerity in The Polish Freight Train's apology, he sighs and leans back into his seat...

Lee Morrison:  "I'm sure you are Mr. Po1ski, you have been a hard worker and up until our last show, you have always done good by me.  Still, I'm afraid I must dole out a punishment for my main event no-showing.  And because of that, you shall have to earn back your number one contender spot.  Now some people may think that this is a harsh and unfair decision but I want to be sure that if you do get the opportunity to become RoC World Champion that you will be responsible enough to make the dates."

Morrison goes into a moment of deep thought before continuing...

Lee Morrison:  "As to your opponent this evening...  Well you shall be facing Colton Charles Cai Cobb in an I Quit match.  This will be the first of a series of best 3 out of 5 matches you need to win in order to regain your shot at the RoC World Title.  If you manage to win 3 of these 5 matches against C4, I shall grant you your title shot once more."

Morrison leans forward and waits for Po1ski to reply.

Po1ski slowly nods his head, letting the words sink in.

Po1ski: "I understand. And thank you for giving me another shot. I know that I have a lot to prove now, and I won't let you down."

Po1ski starts to get up from his chair, but he says one more thing before he begins to leave.

Po1ski: "Again, thank you for the opportunity. It won't go to waste."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Backst10

The Charismatic Crippler stands backstage, the expression sported on his face is one of annoyance...  Clearly his mood is dark tonight on the Anarchy iPPV.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Hmph!  It seems that that prick Lee Morrison doesn't see the importance of having a real fighter in his roster.  In an important show like this Anarchy iPPV, not only was I booked in a midcard match against Po1ski and not in the main event which I clearly deserve!  But I was booked in a first in a series of 5 matches against him!  ME!  THE CHARISMATIC CRIPPLER GETS RELEGATED AS A PUNISHMENT FOR AN ERRANT WRESTLER!  But it doesn't matter now...  Why you ask?"

C4 takes a deep breath before continuing...

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "It's because I shall destroy Po1ski tonight!  That's right!  Morrison made a mistake and booked me in a match which was made for me...  An I QUIT MATCH!  And tonight's forecast...  Po1ski shall be screaming I QUIT as I break his bones and tear his muscles for I AM THE CHARISMATIC CRIPPLER!  And after I destroy Po1ski tonight, I shall destroy him AGAIN AND AGAIN!  As I win that best three out of five matches...  And Morrison...  You better have a title shot ready for me when I destroy your golden boy Po1ski because if not...  I'm coming for you!"

With that Colton Charles Cai Cobb walks off as the scene fades to black.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

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Anarchy 01/29/2017 T-rexb10
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Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Colton11 VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Po1ski10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next, The Polish Freight Train Po1ski shall be taking on The Charismatic Crippler Colton Charles Cai Cobb in an I QUIT match."

Brad Blood:  "Po1ski should thank our GM Lee Morrison for his generosity.  If someone no-showed a main event, he would usually be fired, Lee Morrison showed compassion by letting Po1ski redeem himself."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is an I Quit match!  The only way to win is to make your opponent say I Quit!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 235 pounds, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts...  The Charismatic Crippler, C4...  COLTON CHARLES CAI COBB!"

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as smoke starts to rise from the edge of the platform.  A light show flashes as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, Colton Charles Cai Cobb steps through the smoke.  With a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance, he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 225 pounds, hailing from Rzeszow, Poland...  The Polish Freight Train...  PO1SKI!"

"Enemies" by Shinedown hits over the loudspeakers in the arena. The majority of the crowd get on their feet as they await the arrival of the Polish Freight Train. A familiar figure emerges at the top of the ramp, and the cheers from the crowd reach a deafening roar. Po1ski simply nods to the crowd, keeping a calm expression on his face. He casually walks down the entrance ramp and enters the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble.  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Po1ski move towards each other in the middle of the ring...  Both men lock arms and start to battle for superiority...  It looks like both wrestlers are pretty even as they continue in the test of strength...  Wait!  C4 suddenly knees Po1ski in the groin!  Remember there are no DQs in an I Quit match!  Po1ski doubles over and C4 quickly slips behind him...  German suplex!"

Brad Blood:  "Oh man!  That impact probably jarred Po1ski's spine!   C4 quickly goes for a submission!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb lies on his opponent's back at a 90° angle, putting all of his weight on the opponent to prevent him from moving.  He then hooks his opponent's arm and pulls it back into his opponent's body executing a Short Fuse.   Will this be enough to make Po1ski say I Quit?  The referee brings a mic towards Po1ski's lips...  Po1ski screams no...  AND POWERS OUT OF THE SUBMISSION!"

Jim Jackson:  "Po1ski counters C4's Short Fuse with a kimura lock!  Wait C4 spins out of it and tries to lock in a cross armbreaker!  Po1ski ain't having any of it and wrenches his arm free!  Both men return to their feet...  Coltcon Charles Cai Cobb throws a right but Po1ski counters it into an arm drag take down!   C4 rolls back to his feet but eats a big knee from The Polish Freight Train!  C4 gets rocked!  Po1ski slips out of the ring and brings in a steel chair!"


Brad Blood:  "Ooh!  Right into C4's spine!  Po1ski ain't done!  He hits C4 with a couple more shots to the back!"


Brad Blood:  "Po1ski puts C4's leg in between the seat and the back of the steel chair and puts his weight on it!  C4 screams out in pain as the ref brings a mic near...  C4 vehemently shakes his head no!"

Jim Jackson:  "Po1ski stomps heavily on C4's leg causing him to scream out loud! Colton Charles Cai Cobb clutches his leg in pain...  Po1ski grabs the leg and begins to put in into a figure four leg lock!  Wait!  Cobb reverses it by turning over!  Now it's Po1ski who is trapped in a reverse figure four!  Po1ski screams in pain as the ref brings the mic close..."

Brad Blood:  "Instead of answering, Po1ski powers out of the submission!  With C4's leg hurting from the chair attack, Po1ski is able to get out of that submission attempt.  Po1ski gets up to his feet and starts throwing a combination of strikes at Colton!  Colton manages to block the stri...  No!  An open palm strike sneaks through his defenses and connects right on the chin!  C4's legs wobble...  Po1ski with a double-leg take down...  C4 is in trouble!"



Brad Blood:  "Oh god, is Colton still even alive at this point?!  That was brutal!  But it seems that triangle choke also had an effect on Po1ski, that powerbomb into the turnbuckles was an act of desperation..."

Jim Jackson:  "Po1ski gasps for air as he pulls himself up on the ropes...  Close to being choked out, The Polish Freight Train did everything in his power to escape The Charismatic Crippler's grasp.  Po1ski moves towards C4...  He grabs the leg he worked on earlier with the chair...  And locks in a single-leg Boston crab!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb screams in pain as Po1ski applies more pressure!"

Brad Blood:  "Here comes the mic...  Will C4 concede?!   No!  Colton shakes his head no!  By sheer willpower, C4 twists around and uses his free foot to kick Po1ski off!  Oh man, to bear through all that pain...  Colton slowly pulls himself up, clearly favoring his right leg..."

Jim Jackson:  "Po1ski comes in with a series of kicks and punches...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb is barely weathering the storm of Po1ski's punches...   Po1ski sees an opening and goes for an overhand right punch...  No!  C4 counters with an explosive elbow!  Po1ski gets rocked!  Spinning back fist by C4 connects!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb puts his opponent in a front facelock, he then hooks his tights, and lifts him up vertically.  Colton Charles Cai Cobb then jumps up and falls on to his back so that the opponent lands on his head RIGHT ON THE STEEL CHAIR PO1SKI BROUGHT IN EARLIER EXECUTING A DETONATOR ON A STEEL CHAIR!  PO1SKI IS BUSTED OPEN!"


Brad Blood:  "Po1ski is down but that move took a lot out of C4 and Colton cannot capitalize on it yet!"

Jim Jackson:  "Both men are lying on the ground after brutal exchanges, neither men are willing to give up yet...  It all boils down to whoever has the better constitution and willpower..."

Brad Blood:  "Uh-oh...  Looks like Colton is up and he's setting Po1ski up for a RDX!  If he locks in that submission he could get the victory in this match...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb sits on his opponent's back. Grabbing both his opponent's arms, Colton Charles Cai Cobb pulls them across his opponents neck....  WAIT!  Po1ski is fighting back!  He's pulling his arms open as C4 desperately tries to close it..."

Jim Jackson:  "Po1ski with a counter!  Po1ski just countered the RDX into a reverse armbar!  We are looking at two technical masters here!  Wait!  C4 escapes the reverse armbar and grabs on Po1ski's leg!  Ankle lock locked in!  Po1ski screams in pain as Colton Charles Cai Cobb twist his ankle!  The ref brings the mic in but Po1ski shakes his head!  Po1ski flips around and kicks free of the Ankle lock sending C4 into the ropes!  Po1ski rolls back to his feet as C4 comes bouncing back...  He catches C4 and lifts him up on his shoulders...  Samoan drop!  What an exchange!"


Brad Blood:  "Po1ski pulls himself back up to his feet, the blood continues to flow from his head...  It looks like the blood loss is starting to affect The Polish Freight Train...   Po1ski staggers towards C4 who clutches on his leg trying to pull himself up...  Both men start trading punches!"

Jim Jackson:  "Oh man, both C4 and Po1ski are just throwing punches with all their remaining strength trying to put the other man down...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb gets a left hook in stunning Po1ski...  C4 charges in with his right...  Po1ski grabs C4's wrist, puts his arm under his opponent's armpit, and hip throws them, executing a violent Ippon Seoi Nage.  C4 crashes to the canvas!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb tries to pull himself up on the ropes but it is clear he is running on fumes."

Brad Blood:  "Here comes C4 staggering towards Po1ski...  Po1ski waits for C4 to come towards him, and then hits them with a violent front kick...  NO!  C4 somehow dodged the Teep Kick at the last moment!  He slips behind Po1ksi...  He's going for his finisher Ground Zero...."

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb grabs his opponent's waist and hoists his opponent up onto his shoulder in an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack...  NO!  C4's leg gave out and he drops Po1ski!  Po1ski hits C4 with a violent front kick to their jaw, executing a devastating Teep Kick!  C4 goes down!  Po1ski moves closer to C4 who uses the ropes to pull himself up..."

Brad Blood:  "Po1ski avoids a punch thrown by C4, and catches them in a standing arm triangle choke, executing an excruciating T.O.N.  TAP OR NAP!  TAP OR NAP LOCKED IN!  The referee brings the mic closer to C4's lips..."

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "I QUIT!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match...  The Polish Freight Train...  PO1SKI!"

Jim Jackson:  "What a brutal match, despite getting busted open, Po1ski survives and snatches the victory from Colton Charles Cai Cobb."

Brad Blood:  "But this is just the first of a series of matches, you can count on it that C4 shall come back stronger next time."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Backst10

The Embodiment of Chaos Entropy stands backstage, his presence causing more disorder as the production crew tries to avoid him.  Standing in front of Entropy is his father and manager, Marcus Troy.

Marcus Troy:  "Hark!  Do you hear that?"

Entropy shakes his head no...

Marcus Troy:  "Of course you don't hear anything...  And you all shall get used to hearing silence...  Because silence follows suit after one loses consciousness..."

Troy begins to chuckle as Entropy joins him.

Marcus Troy:  "You see, it seems that tonight, my son shall be enlightening another despondent fool tonight on what it means to face the uncontrollable force that is entropy...  Aatrox shall know what it feels to stare into the maw of chaos, helpless to do anything as the teeth clamp down upon his neck, piercing through his veins as his blood slowly flows out and life ebbs from his body...  Entropy shall destroy the man who calls himself The Doomsday Device...  And Aatrox shall learn that there is only room for one monster here in Ring of Chaos..."

With that Troy ends his little speech as the scene slowly fades.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Aatrox10 VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Entrop10

Jim Jackson:  "Monster versus Monster...  A clash between two of the most feared wrestlers here in Ring of Chaos."

Brad Blood:  "Before Aatrox's appearance, I wouldn't have thought that anyone could give Entropy a run for his money...  This match will be epic!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 350 pounds, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri...  The Doomsday Device... AATROX!"

"Cradle of Filth" by Nymphetamine blast through the arena as Aatrox comes out first as Manolo Firman walks from behind as they stop after a few steps and Aatrox does a pose to signified pryo to come out from behind before continuing to walk to the ring. Once Aatrox gets to the ring, Manolo stays outside and to a corner while Aatrox awaits his opponent.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 7 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 390 pounds, hailing from The Amazon Jungle...  The Embodiment of Chaos...  ENTROPY!"

The light goes dark as "The Last Steampunk Waltz" by Ghostfire starts to play on the speakers.  A spotlight shines upon the opening of the entrance tunnel as Marcus Troy steps out from the back.  With a grin on his face and a gesture from his hand, steam begins to rise covering the whole area.  Marcus Troy steps forward and suddenly the hulking form of Entropy comes forth rendering gasps from the crowd.  Leading his client down the ramp Marcus Troy smirks in amusement at the crowd's fear of Entropy who hulks into the ring and prepares for his match.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Both monsters charge towards each other!  They lock arms...  Wait, Entropy sends Aatrox to the ropes with an Irish whip!  Aatrox comes running back towards Entropy...  Entropy catches his opponent and whirls him before slamming him into the canvas executing a upheaving Maelstrom!"

Brad Blood:  "Whoa!  That shook the ring...  But wait!  Aatrox is getting back up!  Big lariat by Entropy sends Aatrox back down!  Aatrox starts to rise once again...  Entropy doesn't wait and punts Aatrox in the side of the head while he is still on all fours!"

Jim Jackson:  "That punt rocked The Doomsday Device!  Wait...  Entropy lifts his opponent up his shoulders and powerbombs his opponent down the mat, not once, not twice, but three times before pinning him down executing a chaotic Chaos Theorem!  Both shoulders are down!  The referee begins to count..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall...  The Embodiment of Chaos...  ENTROPY!"

Jim Jackson:  "Whoa!  Even The Doomsday Device Aatrox couldn't do anything to Entropy!"

Brad Blood:  "Entropy decimated Aatrox...  Marcus Troy has entered the ring to raise his son's arm...  Damn..."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Oriental music played from a guqin starts playing on the speakers as a slow mist rises from the top of the entrance ramp.  Stepping through the mist is none other than Nao Fook Mi, the number one contender for the RoC Women's title.  She makes her way towards the ring amidst the cheering from the fans.  With one fluid motion she leaps into the apron and flips over the top rope into the ring.

Nao Fook Mi:  "Tonight I come one step closer to capturing the RoC Women's Championship..."

The crowd cheer loudly once again.

Nao Fook Mi:  "Yes, tonight I shall be challenging Cecilia Christiansen for the Women's Title, and I know that this is not an easy feat.  Cecilia has proven again and again that she deserves that title but that doesn't mean that I shall just keel over and let her walk all over me.  It just means that I have a tougher challenge tonight, a challenge which I SHALL OVERCOME!"

The crowd erupts in cheers once again.

Nao Fook Mi:  "I shall fight and I shall win my battle tonight not just for me but for each and every one of you, for I wouldn't even be here if not for you all.  So thank you for your support all these years...  And I promise, I shall bring home that title."

With that Nao Fook Mi takes a bow and exits the ring as the crowd begins to cheer once again and her music starts playing.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Locker10

The camera opens to a close up of championship gold.  Slowly panning out, the gold is revealed to be the Women’s Championship.  As the camera continues to pan out, the champion herself is finally seen.  She’s returned.  Cecilia smirks as she brushes a lock of hair out of her face.  Motioning for the camera to follow her, Cecilia begins walking down the hall.  To his credit, the cameraman keeps perfect pace while positioning the camera just off to Cecilia’s left.

Cecilia Christiansen: “The Queen of Ring of Chaos has returned.  After I was cheated out of the World Championship by a crooked official, it became painfully clear that management was playing favorites.  That “champion” never earned any of his opportunities and he certainly didn’t deserve to beat me on that night.  Management made a mistake.  They had a glorified thirteen year-old as champion and they did everything they could to make him happy while they tried to make him believable.  To that end, they cheated me to make him look good.  It was all pointless in the end, however, as he would soon lose the belt and then quit the company just like the other low-end talents that he idolized had done before him.”

Stopping just short of her locker room, Cecilia turns to face the camera.

Cecilia Christiansen: “Management made the decision to hurt my career in favor of someone else’s.  That other person then left, as I said he would, after losing the title.  Management hurt themselves by supporting that little boy… it was only a matter of time before he would throw his tantrum.  I warned them, but they didn’t listen.”

Readjusting the championship on her shoulder, Cecilia breathes out a slight sigh.

Cecilia Christiansen: “Honestly, I was planning on never wrestling here again.  After what management did to me, could I ever really trust them again?  Could I ever trust that they wouldn’t cheat my career for their next flavor of the month?  Ugh!  And what a bad flavor that was!  Simply put, I can’t trust this company… but you can’t trust anyone in this industry.  So, I’m going to look at management's past transgression as a learning experience.  Next time, I’ll see it coming and I’ll be ready for it… but that’s the future.  Let’s talk about right now.”

Cecilia runs a fingernail along her title before giving it a few taps.  Looking into the camera with a smile, Cecilia begins to speak.

Cecilia Christiansen: “I’m the Women’s Champion here in Ring of Chaos.  This is a title that I’ve held for quite a while now, and I have a feeling that I’ll be holding on to it for a while longer.  The best wrestlers in this company are all united under one banner -- my banner.  Unfortunately for my opponent tonight, that means she didn’t make the cut.”

Thinking of her opponent, Cecilia looks as though she has some mixed feelings.

Cecilia Christiansen: “Nao Fook Mi, I once wanted you to join my unit.  I offered you a home and friendship to help ease your pain.  I pity you… what a cruel existence you’ve had!   You’re own flesh and blood despises you!  How painful is it?  Everyday you must feel terrible knowing that your suffering is the only thing that will bring your sister joy.  It must feel terrible knowing that you are the reason for your sister’s unhappiness.  I do so hate to see a pretty face clouded in despair… but you aren’t deserving of mercy, are you?”

Cecilia’s lips curve into a smile as her tone shifts from melancholy to a more playful tone.  With a hint of curiosity, Cecilia continues her thought.

Cecilia Christiansen: “You like to put up the show that you are the wronged one in this situation, but are you?  You cry and plead for your sister to stop, but you seem more than able to strike her down each and every time.  Are you trying to teach her a lesson?  Or perhaps you just enjoy putting her in her place?  Is it fun to play with your sister’s life?  Is it fun to hurt her physically and mentally time and time again?  You’ve abused her her whole life, haven’t you?  Whether you admit it or not, you’ve been the one thing that has caused her the most misery.  You are a cruel and piteous little creature, Nao Fook Mi!  To torment one’s own sister… you’re a real piece of work.  You’ve got Nao Fook Yu so wrapped around your little finger that she doesn’t even realize she’s playing right into your fantasy.  You want to have an excuse to hurt her, don’t you?  You want everyone to sympathize with you while loathing your sister.  It’s quite clever… you’ve got crowds of people helping you break your sister down mentally to keep her right where you want her…”

After giving a smirk, Cecilia dismisses the thought with a wave.

Cecilia Christiansen: “But none of that is important, is it?  I’m not doing anything for your sister… because tonight is about me.  This is my return to this organization and, quite frankly, I don’t have the time to play with you.  I’ve beaten you before and I’m going to beat you again.  And then once I’m done with you, I’m going to sort out the rest of this title business and get what I so richly deserve.  Nao Fook Mi… you’re not even a stepping stone.”

Cecilia gives another quick smile to the camera before turning and opening the locker room door.  The camera follows as Cecilia steps into the room.  The usual suspects are all gathered just where you’d expect them to be.  Walking past a sleeping Erika, Cecilia taps her on the shoulder to wake her up before sitting down beside her.

Cecilia Christiansen: “Well, enough about Nao Fook Mi.  Erika, dear, why don’t you share your thoughts on your upcoming title match?”

Drunkenly rubbing her eyes, Erika mutters incoherently for a moment.  Shaking off her confusion, Erika glances around the room, searching for someone.  Not seeing who she’s looking for, Erika jumps to her feet.  Before she can take a step, little Paru pops up from behind the couch in an attempt to surprise Erika.  Unamused, Erika lets out a sigh of relief before flicking the little girl with a finger right between the eyes.  Paru makes a cute grunt as she slowly falls back behind the couch.  Sitting back down, Erika glares into the camera before turning to Cecilia.

Erika Sonozaki: “Do I really have to do this?  What do I have to say?  “We’re going to win… yay”?”

Cecilia glares at Erika’s poor attempt at being a smart-ass.  Realizing that she’s not getting out of this, Erika sighs before facing the camera once more.

Erika Sonozaki: “Whatever.  For some reason, we have to defend our Tag Team Championships against two men who fight under the moniker of the “Bloodbound”.  Odd, considering the original two men who competed under that title aren’t actually together in this match.  Instead, we have some prick who thinks he’s a God or some garbage like that teaming with a guy who flips back and forth more often than a fish out of water.  Speaking of which, that’s the best way of describing his recent performances -- he’s a fish out of the water.  When was the last time Ray Kamaura made a real bid for a championship around here?  He hasn’t found his groove and he won’t be finding it tonight.  That arrogant street urchin we call the World Champion can’t carry Ray… he can’t even carry himself!  Fortune cashed in on a weakling and took the belt, but that doesn’t mean he’s a true champion.  For all his “accolades”, Fortune has never faced me.  I’m going to show him that there’s a zero percent chance that he’d ever have even been a one-time World Champion if I had been here.”

Reaching down to the floor, Erika grabs a bottle of sake.  Giving it a small shake, Erika smiles as she hears the liquid swish back and forth.  Tilting her head back, Erika takes a swig before handing the bottle to Cecilia, who looks unsure as to what she’s supposed to do with said bottle.

Erika Sonozaki: “Fortune is a greedy little man… he won’t be able to work with Ray Kamaura.  There is no way that Fortune will allow Ray to gain any glory from this match, and Ray doesn’t strike me as the type to just sit back and let that happen.  There is no way that these two will actually be able to work together, and that is why they are going to lose.  It’s simple, two mediocre singles wrestlers can’t beat a good team, let alone a great team.  This match was over the moment it was put into writing.”

Noticing that Cecilia has yet to take a drink from the bottle, Erika turns to face her.

Erika Sonozaki: “Not going to drink?  Then I'll take that.”

Erika greedily takes the bottle back from Cecilia before tipping her head back and taking another swig.  She’s drunk, otherwise, she wouldn’t be wasting her sake like this.

Erika Sonozaki: “Delicious!  This is really meant to be sipped, but damn if it isn’t good!  Lexi!  Want a drink?  It’s Junmai Daiginjo-shu~”

Looking over at Lexi, Erika gives her a smile before holding up the bottle.  Erika waves the bottle at Lexi, inviting her to come enjoy a taste.

Lexi walks over and takes the bottle away from Erika.

Lexi Thorne:  "I think you've had enough for now...  You can drink once we're done with the match..."

Lexi ignores the glare Erika gave her.

Lexi Thorne:  "Oh don't give me that...  I just want to be sure...  Just because Fortune and Kamaura don't get along, it doesn't mean we should underestimate them.  Both men are dangerous by their own right and we do not want to give them a chance to turn the tables on us...   I like holding on to this..."

Lexi pats at the tag team title belt around her waist.

Lexi Thorne:  "So wipe that frown off your face, tell you what!  If we win tonight, I'm taking you out to your favorite watering hole and I'll be paying for all the drinks.  So hold off the booze for now...  Let's get ready to show the world why WE ARE THE ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  And Cecilia...  Well I know we did start off in the wrong foot, but I have to say that I am glad you brought me into this group."

Lexi smiles as the scene slowly fades to black.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

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Anarchy 01/29/2017 T-rexb10
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Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Rocwom10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Celici10 VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Nao_fo12

Jim Jackson:  "And here we are with our first title match of the evening.  Nao Fook Mi earned her title shot at the RoC Women's Championship and tonight she's going to see if she can continue on to become the new RoC Women's Champion..."

Brad Blood:  "Well it won't be an easy feat, Cecilia has been a dominant women's champion...  Fook Mi has a tough battle ahead of her."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall AND IS FOR THE ROC WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP!  Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing in at 130 pounds, hailing from Domrémy-la-Pucelle, France...  The Princess of the Wrestling World, The Queen of RoC...  She is your current and reigning RoC Women's Champion...  CECILIA CHRISTIANSEN!"

Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major" begins playing in the arena as Cecilia steps out from the back with a parasol out. Carrying the parasol, Cecilia leisurely walks down to the ring. Arriving at the ring, Cecilia folds in her parasol and sets it by the steel steps before climbing onto the apron and entering the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, the challenger...  Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 130 pounds, hailing from Shichuan, China...  NAO FOOK MI!"

Oriental music played from a guqin starts playing on the speakers as a slow mist rises from the top of the entrance ramp. A silhouette dancing with 2 large paper fans is seen from behind the mist. As the mist slowly dissipates the crowd bursts into applause as the silhouette is revealed to be the oriental superstar Nao Fook Mi. Closing the fans, Fook Mi makes her way down the ramp waving to the fans, she enters the ring and gives a customary bow to the fans before she heads to her corner and waits for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Right off the bat Nao Fook Mi charges in towards Cecilia Christiansen...  Cecilia ducks beneath the clothesline attempt.  Fook Mi stops on her tracks and whips out a spinning back elbow!  Cecilia dodges it and counters with an enzuigiri...  Fook Mi blocks the kick and Cecilia rolls back to her feet."

Brad Blood:  "Both wrestlers wrestle a similar style so it'd be interesting to see how it goes...  Both girls circle each other cautiously... They lock arms...  Irish whip by Nao Fook Mi sends Cecilia to the ropes!  Cecilia bounces back...  She dodges a clothesline attempt!  Cecilia springboards off the ropes... Fook Mi charges in but Cecilia flips over her and lands on her feet...  Fook Mi turns around...  Cecilia spins before jumping....  No!  Fook Mi dodges the Luminous Strike and counters with a Pele kick from out of nowhere!"

Jim Jackson:  "But the champion ducks low and Nao Fook Mi's kick misses!  Both girls roll back to their feet as the crowd cheers loudly at the exchange."


Brad Blood:  "Both girls begin to circle each other again...  Fook Mi takes the initiative and lunges forward...  Cecilia leaps over her and hits the ropes...  Fook Mi bounces off the ropes on the opposite side...  Both girls and charging towards each other...  Fook Mi ducks down and Cecilia leaps over the back body drop attempt.  Both girls hit the ropes once more gaining momentum...  Cecilia with a running dropkick but Fook Mi leaps over her legs into a handspring before hitting the ropes for a springboard back elbow...  No!  Christiansen ducks down as Fook Mi flies over her...  Fook Mi rolls to her feet as Cecilia bounces back up.  What a show of incredible agility from both girls!"


Jim Jackson:  "The crowd is definitely cheering loudly as they are enjoying the exchange between these two talented wrestlers.  Both wrestlers slowly approach each other...  Nao Fook Mi with a spinning high kick!  Cecilia Christiansen dodges it and goes for a leg sweep!  Fook Mi leaps over it and goes for a spinning side kick but Cecilia leaps out of the way and into the ropes...  Springboard crossbody!  Fook Mi with a dropkick connects countering the crossbody attempt!  The champ goes down!  Fook Mi on the ropes...  Springboard moonsault!  She hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  T..."

Brad Blood:  "Kick out by the champ!  Cecilia quickly rolls away before Fook Mi can grab her...  Fook Mi off the ropes with a springboard corkscrew kick...  No!  Cecilia dodges it!  Fook Mi throws a right...  Cecilia grabs her opponent's arm and wraps it around their neck before using it to pull Fook Mi into a backcracker executing a devastating Mercury Poison!  Cecilia hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  T..."

Jim Jackson:  "Nao Fook Mi kicks out but the champ is already on the move!  Cecilia Christiansen gains some speed bouncing off the ropes...  Fook Mi goes to the floor as Cecilia runs past over her, Cecilia hits the ropes once more...  This time Fook Mi leaps over her as she comes in for a running back body drop attempt...  Dropkick by Fook Mi...  No!  The Princess of the Wrestling World grabs on to the ropes and stops herself!  Fook Mi hits nothing but air and lands on the canvas!   Cecilia with a standing shooting star press..."

Brad Blood:  "Fook Mi rolls away and Cecilia hits the canvas hard!  Fook Mi pulls the champ up and Irish whips her into the corner!  Cecilia hits the turnbuckles hard!  Fook Mi with the running knee connects!  Running bulldog from the corner...  Cecilia eats canvas!  Fook Mi leaps to the top turnbuckle...  She's going for a senton splash..."

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen brings her knees up on the last second!  Nao Fook Mi clutches her back in pain after landing on Cecilia's knees!  Cecilia staggers back to her feet...  Springboard leg drop by Cecilia connects!  She goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "Fook Mi gets a shoulder up!  Cecilia pulls Fook Mi up back to her feet...  Irish whip by Cecilia...  No!  Reversed by Fook Mi!  Cecilia is sent to the ropes...  Spinning scissor kick by Fook Mi connects!  Fook Mi pulls the champ up...  Nao Fook Mi grabs her opponent's head and puts her on a facelock, she then runs on the ropes flipping over slamming her opponent's back unto the mat executing a spine-tingling Special Delivery.  Fook Mi hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen kicks out at two!  Nao Fook Mi lifts Cecilia up for a body slam...  No!  Cecilia slips down behind her!  Cecilia grabs Fook Mi from behind with a waistlock...  No!  Fook Mi counters and slips behind Cecilia with a waistlock of her own!  Cecilia with back elbows catches Fook Mi's face!  Fook Mi staggers towards the ropes...  Cecilia catches her for a neckbreaker...  No!  Fook Mi pushes the champion off of her!  Fook Mi for a superkick..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  Cecilia dodges at the last moment and slips behind Fook Mi...  She hooks both arms...  Backslide pin!  Both shoulders are down."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall...  AND STILL YOUR ROC WOMEN'S CHAMPION...  The Princess of the Wrestling World, The Queen of RoC...  CECILIA CHRISTIANSEN!"

Jim Jackson:  "A backslide pin out of nowhere!  Nao Fook Mi gets surprised and caught, not able to react as Cecilia smoothly gets a pin on her."

Brad Blood:  "It was just a little slip up but that shows you how Cecilia is able to take advantage of any opening you give her.  What a match!  What a win!  The match was pretty even until Cecilia pulled off that beautiful backslide pin...  Fook Mi exits the ring with her head hung low as Cecilia celebrates her well-earned victory."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Roctag10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Erika_10 & Anarchy 01/29/2017 Lexi_t10


Anarchy 01/29/2017 Johnny10 & Anarchy 01/29/2017 Ray_ka11

Jim Jackson:  "And now, on to the next match of the evening, our second of four title matches!  The Bloodbound shall be taking on the RoC Tag Team Champions Erika Sonozaki and Lexi Thorne."

Brad Blood:  "Well rumors are The Bloodbound right now has a bit of a problem under Fortune's command, will that problem be enough for Erika and Lexi to take the victory or will they overcome their problem and win the RoC Tag Team Titles?"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall AND IS FOR THE ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!  Introducing first, with a combined weight of 387 pounds...  THEY ARE YOUR CURRENT AND REIGNING ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...  The team of ERIKA SONOZAKI AND LEXI THORNE!"

"Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" sung by Eiko Shimamiya begins playing throughout the arena as Erika Sonozaki steps out onto the entrance way flanked by Cecilia Christiansen.  In her hand is a sakazuki containing some liquor, which she casually takes a drink of before handing the sakazuki to Cecilia.  After rubbing the back of her neck with a hand and sighing, Erika walks down to the ring.

The lights go dark as "Shattered" by The Rolling Stones starts playing on the speakers as a mist rises from the top of the dimly lit entrance ramp.  Walking through the mist with a steel pipe in hand, Lexi Thorne walks down the entrance ramp cockily as the crowd boo loudly.  She ignores the loud boos and leaps up the apron and spitting the gum in her mouth towards the crowd before entering the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, the challengers...  With a combined weight of 515 pounds, the team of Johnny Fortune and Ray Kamaura...  THE BLOODBOUND!"

"Bloodbound" by Hammerfell booms over the loudspeakers as flames shoot up into the center of the ramp. Red and blue lights flare as Ray Kamaura and Johnny Fortune step through the flames and bump fists. Camerella waits for the flames to lower, then follows closely behind the men with her camera showing reactions in the crowd as they advance toward the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "It looks like Lexi Thorne and Johnny Fortune will be starting off for their respective teams...  Fortune circles around Lexi...  He shoots for the legs but Lexi is able to sidestep out of the way.  Lariat attempt by Lexi...  The Chaotic God counters it with an arm drag takedown!  Lexi rolls back to her feet...  Fortune grabs her and attempts an Irish whip...  Thorne counters it and it's Fortune who gets sent to the ropes...  Stiff clothesline from Lexi takes Fortune down!"

Brad Blood:  "Fortune rolls away from a knee drop attempt from Lexi...  Lexi lunges for Fortune's leg but only manages to grab one!  Dragon leg screw by Lexi takes Fortune down!  Lexi attempts a Texas cloverleaf but Johnny kicks her off!  Lexi turns around and attacks with a knee strike...  Johnny dodges it and counters with a series of chops sending Lexi to the ropes...  Irish whip sends Lexi to the opposite side...  Shoulder block takes Lexi down!  Lexi gets back to her feet and walks right into a body slam!  Fortune gets a tag..."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura comes in and starts working on Lexi Thorne with a couple of stomps...  Lexi tries to roll away...  Ray grabs her and throws her into the corner!  The difference in size is really daunting...  How can Lexi overcome a giant like Ray Kamaura?  A lariat by Kamaura takes Lexi down!  Lexi struggles to get up...   Ray Kamaura falls back and bounces off the ropes...  No!  Thorne dodges Kamaura's Kablam! dropkick.  Lexi rolls and leaps...  She gets a tag!  Erika Sonozaki comes rushing into the ring!"

Brad Blood:  "Big right hook by Ray misses by a country mile!  Erika starts attacking with stiff elbows to the chin of Ray Kamaura!  Irish whip sends Kamaura to the ropes...  Ray leaps into the ropes instead and comes flying back with a springboard crossbody!  But no one is home!  Erika with a big spinning elbow strike connects sending Ray reeling!  Erika plants Ray into the canvas with a DDT!  Sonozaki hooks the leg."

Jack B. Quick:  "One! Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura kicks out!  Erika Sonozaki mounts on Ray's chest and start throwing hammer fists down unto Ray's head!  Wait!  Kamaura catches Erika's hand and quickly brings her down by flipping her over!  Kamaura locks in a crossface!  Erika is caught in a submission...  No!  Lexi comes in for the save breaking the submission with a stomp!"

Brad Blood:  "Johnny ain't having any of it!  Fortune enters the ring and clubs Lexi from behind with his forearm!  He throws Lexi over the top rope unto the outside before the referee regains control and sends him back out into the corner.  Erika somehow regained the helm as she starts chopping away at Kamaura's chest lighting it up."

Jim Jackson:  "Erika Sonozaki grabs Ray Kamaura from behind...  She's going for a German suplex...  No!  Kamaura stops the attempt, or maybe he stopped it with his weight...  Kamaura throws a back elbow but Sonozaki dodges it!  A double axe handle by Erika to Kamaura's back!  The Demon of Shirakawa grabs Kamaura from behind once again...  GERMAN SUPLEX!  What a show of power by Erika Sonozaki!"


Brad Blood:  "Damn, she's really a demon...  I still can't fathom how she was able to lift Ray up!  Sonozaki for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura gets a shoulder up!  He shoves Erika Sonozaki off of him and starts crawling towards Fortune's hand...  No!  Lexi Thorne pulls Fortune off the apron and hits a jumping knee into Fortune!  Irish whip sends The Fortunate One into the steel barricades!  Erika quickly attacks Ray with a series of hard stomps.  Lexi leaps back to their corner and Erika tags her in!"

Brad Blood:  "Lexi Thorne puts her opponent's head between her legs in a figure four and locks her legs around her opponent's neck cutting off her opponent's air supply executing a excruciating Thorne-niquet.  She's cutting off Ray's air supply!  Ray flails around trying to escape the submission...  He manages to get his leg on the bottom rope!  The referee breaks the hold!"

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura staggers to get back up...  Lexi Thorne with an Irish whip...  No!  Reversed by Kamaura!  Wait!  Lexi collides into the referee knocking him out!  Ray Kamaura kicks Lexi Thorne in the gut causing Lexi to double over, Ray bounces off the ropes and runs past Lexi, rebounds off the ropes and jumps, placing his foot on Lexi Thorne's head, forcing it into the mat executing a Better Luck Next Time!  Lexi is down!"

Brad Blood:  "But the referee is out!  Erika enters the ring and attacks Ray Kamaura from behind!  Erika starts throwing stiff elbow into Ray's head...  Wait!  Fortune enters the ring and spears Erika from the side!  Erika staggers to get up, Fortune with a running clothesline takes himself and Erika over the top rope!  Both wrestlers fall outside and starts to trade shots!"

Jim Jackson:  "Wait Lexi Thorne has somewhat recovered...  She starts crawling through the bottom rope to the apron...  Ray Kamaura is not having any of it!  He grabs Lexi's leg and pulls her back in...  Kamaura pulls Lexi back to her feet...  Eye jab by Thorne blinds Ray!  Lexi slips out of the ring and lifts the apron...  She pulls out a steel pipe!"

Brad Blood:  "Oh man...  It's been a while since we've seen Lexi use that steel pipe!  Ray better stop rubbing his eyes and look forward...  Lexi enters the ring and raises the steel pipe..."

Jim Jackson:  "Wait!  Lexi Thorne suddenly throws the steel pipe towards Ray Kamaura who instinctively catches it!  Thorne lays down on the ground groaning in pain just as the referee recovers his bearings...."

Brad Blood:  "Holy shit!  Lexi is pulling an Eddie Guerrero!  The ref sees Ray with the steel pipe and Lexi on the ground clutching her head!  He's...  HE'S CALLING FOR THE BELL!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by disqualification AND STILL YOUR ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...  THE TEAM OF ERIKA SONOZAKI AND JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura can't believe what just happened!  He's trying to argue with the ref but the referee's decision is final!  Johnny Fortune looks livid with rage!"

Brad Blood:  "Lexi hands Erika the other tag belt as both girls go up the ramp grinning.  The crowd start booing at the tag champs but that still won't change the fact that Erika and Lexi retains the RoC Tag Titles."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Gym10

Boulder: "So what exactly is this training you have for me? You know I could be at home right now relaxing. I swear if this is a waste of my time you're going to regret it."

Trainer: "It's not going to be a waste, you have a few days before your match in a few days and you really need to step up your game. You've been here for a while now and you still haven't had a title yet. So I arranged for you to have a match against two upcoming stars from another federation."

Boulder grows interest as his trainer continues to speak.

Trainer: "I'm just trying to help you out the best I can, so it's best for you to get ready, the match will be soon."

Boulder's trainer turns away, opens the door and the two wrestlers make their way through. Boulder carefully examines the two wrestler. One stands at six-foot four inches weighing in at two hundred sixty pounds, with a physically muscular build known as Rick. The other stands a six-foot two inches weighting in at three hundred ten pounds, more of a rounder shape is known as Sam. Boulder looks intimated for a moment.

Trainer: "These two are going to be your opponents today. I've had them sign out some forms so no one will be held liable for any injuries that may occur tonight. It's going to be a handicap match. If they are able to pin you they get four hundred bucks. If they can't all they're going to walk away with is four bucks."

The two wrestlers come forward and stand face to face with Boulder.

Rick: "This shouldn't be too hard. Sure he's bigger than us but we're all around the same height."

Sam: "Besides I've seen this fat-ass in the ring, he shouldn't be a problem. Easiest four hundred bucks we've ever made."

Rick and Sam laugh at their own comments.

Trainer: "Alright now everyone follow me to the ring. Let's get this started."

....Twenty minutes into the match.....

Boulder picks up Rick by his hair and wraps his arms around his throat. Boulder lifts Rick off his feet and slams him onto the mat causing Rick screams in pain.

Boulder turns his attention to Sam who's now standing on his feet. Boulder lifts Sam up and slams him onto his back. He hovers over Sam’s chest and performs a hip drop. The impact causes Sam to lose his breath. Boulder stands up and begins to drive his foot into Sam’s chest.

Boulder walks over to Rick, grabs him and pulls him up to his feet.

Boulder grabs Rick's head with his massive hands and slams Rick's back against a corner turnbuckle. Boulder releases his grip and repeatedly stomps his foot against Rick's stomach and crotch until they fall into a seated position. Boulder steps closer, pulls his briefs down. Boulder begins to continuously slam his ass against Rick's face. After a few moments Boulder pauses, hover his ass a few inches from Rick's face. Boulder thrusts back once more trapping Rick's face in his massive ass. Boulder begins to grind furiously completely humiliating Rick.

Boulder grabs Rick by the hair and drags him into the center of the ring.

Boulder turns his attention toward Sam. Boulder walks over to Sam and lifts him to his feet.

Boulder grabs Sam's head with his massive hands and slams Sam's back against a corner turnbuckle. Boulder releases his grip and repeatedly stomps his foot against Sam's stomach and crotch until they fall into a seated position. Boulder steps closer, pulls his briefs down. Boulder begins to continuously slam his ass against Sam's face. After a few moments Boulder pauses, hover his ass a few inches from Sam's face. Boulder thrusts back once more trapping Sam's face in his massive ass. Boulder begins to grind furiously completely humiliating Sam.

Boulder drags Sam into the center of the ring beside Rick.

Boulder hovers over the two of them before dropping down directly on them. Dropping his right ass cheek on Rick and his left ass cheek on Sam.

Boulder begins to count out loud.

Boulder:  "1!"

Boulder:  "2!"

Boulder:  "3!"

Boulder looks over at his trainer and smiles.

Trainer: "Alright. You're ready!"

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Beyond10

The scene opens at a dark room. Nothing can be seen and there is complete silence, except from a heavy breathing. Suddenly, a man's voice is heard.

???:  "In the dark only two things exist. Anarchy and Chaos!"

A light comes on and it lights just the face of the man, who is Gus.

Jim Jackson: "Oh, it's our Chaos champion! That's why this scene seemed familiar."

Gus: "These things prevail in the dark over all the other values. And that's why I love dark. It has a messed up kind of beauty, that you cannot feel anywhere else. So, it's unique. Unique and so common in the same time. So fucking beautiful! But, tonight inside the ring there won't be any dark. So let there be light!"

Suddenly the lights turn on. Gus is wearing a straitjacket and he is sitting in a chair in the middle of an empty room.

Brad Blood: "A straitjacket! I can totally understand why that nutjob is wearing a straitjacket. But after tonight, he won't need it, because he won't be able to move at all."

Jim Jackson: "Crazy or not, Gus is the Chaos RoC champion and he has proved it a lot of time here inside the ring."

Gus: "It's a fucking big day today. RoC's biggest event of the year, the Anarchy iPPV and I have to face Boulder for my belt. Is that disgusting dolt ready to step inside the ring with me? Does he have what it takes to claim succesfully the Chaos title? I don't think so! He is a legit loser. To say the truth, I don't even know how he managed to beat Yuki Monotomo."

Brad Blood: "He is degrading Boulder, but we all know that he is wrong."

Jim Jackson:  "No he's not. Come on, even you know that he say the truth."

He pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath. He has an awful grin in his face. His eyes are wide open from excitement.

Gus: "You know, people say that I'm the psycho, but you're worse than me. You are a total pervert, who enjoys shoving his dirty fat ass on other people's faces. It's simply disgusting. You'll be a disgrace to that title, to RoC and its fans. I'm not gonna allow you to win this title and put it to shame. And today is also a big celebration for RoC and its fans. So, I'm just gonna destroy your fat ass, no matter what. I'm gonna get Chaos and Anarchy get out of the dark and come inside the ring. It will be something, that you haven't ever seen. So Boulder, I'll ask you once again. Are you ready? 'Cause things are gonna get crazy. Lights out, motherfuckers!"

Lights turn off and the rooms gets back to completely dark. The scene fades, as a loud laugh is heard.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Chaos_10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Boulde10 VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Gus10

Jim Jackson:  "No rules, no disqualifications...  The RoC Chaos Match...  Tonight two men shall enter the ring and put their bodies on the line as they battle it out for the RoC Chaos Title.  This is our third title match of the evening and tonight, if Boulder or Gus shall walk away with the most dangerous title in Ring of Chaos."

Brad Blood:  "Gus seems unimpressed with Boulder but Boulder did best a lot of other wrestlers including Yuki Monotomo to get this title shot.  It will be interesting to see who will come out on top tonight.  There are already items which can be used as weapons littered inside and outside the ring...  This match is gonna be epic."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a Chaos Match scheduled for one fall and IS FOR THE ROC CHAOS CHAMPIONSHIP!  Introducing first the challenger, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 485 pounds, hailing from San Antonio, Texas...  BOULDER!"

"I'm too Sexy" by Right Said Fred fills the area as Boulder enters the arena. His attire consists of a pair of tight black wrestling briefs that wrap tightly around his ass showing off his muscular globes & a pair of black boots. Boulder slides into the ring and begins dry humping the air, sending a quick shoutout to the members of the audience. After a few moments he climbs a nearby turnbuckle and flexes his massive arms, showing off to the audience.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 245 pounds, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa... He is YOUR CURRENT AND REIGNING ROC CHAOS CHAMPION...  The Psychopath...  GUS!"

"Eyeless" by Slipknot begins playing as Gus walks down the entrance ramp, wearing a straitjacket. He is accompanied by a nurse. He screams in rage and then he talks gibberish. Before entering the ring, the nurse removes his straitjacket and then she quickly gets away. Gus screams "Die" at the top of his lungs and then he enters the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble.  IT'S TIME TO LET ANARCHY REIGN!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Boulder grabs a two by four piece of lumber while Gus pulls out...  What the?!  Gus just pulled out a scalpel!  That couldn't be legal!"

Brad Blood:  "No rules Jim, any weapon is legal!  I can't believe no one ever thought of using a bladed weapon in a match before today.  Boulder swings the two by four but Gus easily dodges it.  Gus is holding that scalpel ready to strike but with Boulder swinging that piece of lumber, it's hard for him to close the distance...  Gus tries going low, but Boulder smashes the lumber downwards almost hitting Gus!"

Jim Jackson:  "Gus rolls out of the ring and grabs a trashcan lid!  He plans to use it as a shield.  Gus leaps up to the apron once more but Boulder swings his lumber...  Gus tries to deflect it with his makeshift shield but gets knocked back by the impact...  Gus stumbles in the apron into the corner...  Boulder comes charging in with the lumber... Gus ducks low and smashes the trashcan lid into the side of Boulder's head!  Boulder stumbles allowing Gus to enter the ring.  Before Boulder can lift the two by four Gus steps on it ansd smashes the trashcan lid shield once more into Boulder's head!"

Brad Blood:  "Boulder reels from the impact into the corner as he lets go of his lumber...  Gus charges in with the scalpel...  Boulder blocks the scalpel with his forearm getting cut in the process!  Gus tries to stab at Boulder's jugular with the scalpel...  Boulder gets his arm up and the scalpel embeds itself into his forearm!  Boulder rips his forearm away taking the scalpel away with it wrenching it away from Gus' grasp!  Big right hook by Boulder connects sending Gus reeling!  Boulder rips the scalpel from his forearm and throws it outside the ring."


Jim Jackson:  "Bleeding from the arm, Boulder charges towards The Psychopath...  Gus barely dodges out of the way!  Boulder picks up a steel chair and starts swinging it wildly towards Gus...  Gus brings his trashcan lid shield up but Boulder's onslaught continues...  I don't think that trashcan lid is gonna hold, it's already bent out of shape!"

Brad Blood:  "Getting cut up enraged Boulder!  Gus' shield is not going to hold...  Boulder swings the steel chair one more time but the Chaos Champ manages to roll away at the last moment!  Gus exits the ring!  Boulder follows him outside the ring...  Gus rams a shopping cart full of weapons right into Boulder!  Wait!  Boulder caught the shopping cart and tips it over!  Boulder grabs a sledgehammer from the mass of weapons on the floor.  Gus rolls away as Boulder swings grabbing himself a pair of nunchucks!"

Jim Jackson:  "Boulder swings the sledgehammer downwards towards Gus...  Gus blocks it with the nunchucks!  Gus loops the nunchuck chain around the sledgehammer handle and rips it away from Boulder's hands!  Big lariat by Boulder from out of nowhere floors the champ!  Boulder grabs the steel steps....  OHHH!  RIGHT INTO GUS' BACK!"

Brad Blood:  "Gus writhes in pain as Boulder pulls out a table from under the ring apron!  Boulder slowly sets up the table and picks Gus up on his shoulders...  He's going for a powerbomb...  NO!  GUS STARTS FIGHTING BACK!  Gus with elbow shots to Boulder's head!  Gus with a counter, leaping off Boulder's shoulders and hitting a faceplant right into the table breaking it it half!  The crowd goes wild!"


Jim Jackson:  "Gus grabs himself a bullwhip!  He starts cracking the bullwhip menacingly at Boulder..."



Jim Jackson:  "Boulder tries to fight back...  Gus continues to try and cut-off Boulder's air supply...  Boulder backs Gus into the steel barricades!  Gus holds on but Boulder backs into the steel barricades once more!  And once more!  Gus' grip finally loosens!  Boulder rips the whip from around his neck and grabs The Psychopath...  He lifts Gus in front and rams his spine into the ringpost before hitting a power slam into the floor outside!"

Brad Blood:  "Ohhh!  Gus is gonna feel that one in the morning...  Boulder flips the apron and looks under it...  He brings out...  A black bag?  Oh don't tell me it's another bag of tacks...  I mean c'mon tack are boring....  They've been done befo...  OHMYGAWD THOSE ARE NOT TACKS!!!  THOSE ARE CALTROPS!  BOULDER JUST EMPTIED A BAG OF CALTROPS INTO THE GROUND!"

Jim Jackson:  "Oh man, those are some mean looking spikes. Boulder moves towards the Chaos Champion and pulls him up.... Wait Gus shoves Boulder and dropkicks him! Boulder manages to grab on the apron as he falls backwards towards the caltrops stopping himself... No! Gus just leapt up unto the apron... DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON BOULDER'S CHEST!!! BOULDER FALLS BACK FIRST INTO THE CALTROPS!"


Brad Blood:  "Boulder screams in pain as the spikes dig deep into his back! Gus stumbles and picks up... OHLORDALMIGHTY!!! THAT'S A BUCKET OF SALT! GUS JUST POURED THE SALT INTO BOULDER'S OPEN WOUNDS! BOULDER SCREAMS IN AGONY!"


Jim Jackson:  "The Psychopath grabs a length of steel pipe and prepares to strike Boulder... Gus swings the steel pipe... NO! BOULDER CATCHES THE PIPE! Grunting through the pain, Boulder rips the steel pipe away from the champ's hands and stabs the end right into Gus' gut! Gus doubles down into the ground! Boulder smashes the pipe over Gus' skull! Gus goes down on the floor!"

Brad Blood:  "What's Boulder doing? He's pulling another table out from under the ring! Boulder's track record for using stuff from under the ring isn't good in tonight's match... But hey... Maybe third time's the charm! Boulder sets the table up and tosses Gus on top of it... Wait! Boulder is pulling something else from under the ring... It's a length of chain! A really long length of chain!"

Jim Jackson:  "Boulder loops the length of chain around the table over Gus' throat... What the? Boulder pulls out a padlock from his boots! Boulder has planned this! He locks the length of chain locking Gus on the table!"




Brad Blood:  "Holy shit indeed! Boulder hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall... AND NEW ROC CHAOS CHAMPION... BOULDER!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "And there we have it! We have a new RoC Chaos Champion after a brutal brutal match! Emotions are running through Boulder's veins as he raises the RoC Chaos Title over his head!"

Brad Blood:  "What a win! What a finish! I'm speechless!"

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

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Anarchy 01/29/2017 T-rexb10
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Anarchy 01/29/2017 Empty Re: Anarchy 01/29/2017

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:52 am

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Backst10

The camera fades in to see Johnny Fortune walking back and forth, his championship belt fastened around his waist. He takes a swig from a water bottle and pours it on his face to cool himself down. He stops and looks directly into the camera.

Johnny Fortune: "I will not let you get in my way Melchiott, I refuse to allow you to step into that ring tonight and take anything except punishment from me. When my opponent was Po1ski, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would decimate my competition. He's nothing but a B grade challenger to an S rank competitor like me. But you, you're something different. You've actually managed to get a victory over me, multiple in fact. You managed to take my Lightweight championship away from me oh so long ago."

The Chaotic God throws the water bottle away and starts pacing back and forth again.

Johnny Fortune: "But I refuse to allow you to take the Ring of Chaos Championship from me. I refuse to allow you to step into that ring with me tonight and lay claim to what is rightfully mine! This is my championship! This is my belt! This is my ring! This is my company! I run this entire place! When I made my return from injury it was like the Second Coming of Christ himself!"

The Fortunate One stops pacing and steps straight to the camera and puts his face right into it.

Johnny Fortune: "You think you can take those things from me? You can't, you won't, because I will not allow it! This is my will, the will of the Chaotic God, the will of somebody who's had almost everything taken from him and returned to take it back ten fold! Ray Kamaura nearly stole my career from me, and I took his whole stable, and nearly sucked his soul from his body. You're a history maker Melchiott, and that's all well in good. But tonight I make history out of a history maker. You want to try to take this championship from me? I'll take your career. You want to step into that ring with me? I'll make sure you can't even step into the hospital. You want to try and become the face of this company? I'll make sure your face is so god damned disfigured, you wouldn't be able to be the face of a warning to not try this at home! Step up I'll slap you down. Come at me, I'll toss you away. It doesn't even matter that I'm going to have a tag team match beforehand, I'm going to walk in after destroying the champions and still have enough left in the tank to keep what is mine! I'm walking in with two belts, and I'll be walking out with two belts plus the satisfaction of knowing that Alexander Melchiott has been laid out at my feet! Don't get in my way Melchiott, because this is the Fortunate Empire: And I'm Julius Fucking Caesar."

Johnny Fortune grabs his steel chair and leaves the frame as the camera fades to black.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Backst10

Backstage, Melchiott can be seen holding Julie Rodriguez’s microphone.  She looks a bit miffed as Melchiott points out of frame, but she realizes that she’s not going to get this interview and walks off.  Turning to face the camera, Melchiott gives a glare as he begins to speak.

Alexander Melchiott: “The last event that Ring of Chaos promoted was absolute GARBAGE!  Was there even one good match on that card?  No, there wasn’t.  It was a boring affair all the way through.  Why?  Because my match got scrapped when some idiot failed to show up.  So now I’m your new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship...”

Melchiott shakes his head and holds a finger up.

Alexander Melchiott: “But before we get to that, I’d first like to compliment Lee Morrison on his fantastic decision regarding Po1ski!  Po1ski is being “punished” with guaranteed wins against C4.  I’m curious, when was the last time that C4 ever did anything?  The last time I checked, he was a chronic loser.  Put Colton up against anyone who is even semi-competent in that ring and, surprise!  Colton loses!  So Bravo Lee, really great punishment there.  Everyone knows being taken out of the Championship picture when you know you’re going to lose is a real bummer!  Po1ski is going to have such a depressing time sitting on the sidelines watching as Fortune and I do battle.  And then, when one of us is gone, Po1ski will get the idea that maybe he’ll actually be able to win the belt, only to then lose to me.  ...Actually, this seems like a really good punishment.  I was being sarcastic before, but getting his hopes up just to crush them is such a delicious idea.  Too bad you didn’t think of that, Lee.”

After giving a chuckle, Melchiott drops the fun and games and glares at the camera.

Alexander Melchiott: “And then there’s “Julius Fucking Caesar”.  I didn’t want this fight, Fortune.  You already have a match for tonight so I was going to be generous and let you keep your belt, but then you had to go and open up your big mouth.  Do you really think it’ll be that easy?  Do you really think that you can beat me?  You couldn’t beat me on your best day, let alone after you’ve already wrestled a match!  Tonight, I’m going to win.  I’m going to end your little “Empire” before it can even really get started.  You’ll make history out of me?  Ha!  The only history you’ll be making is being on the list of former champions… again!  Tonight I’m going to take your title and leave you crying foul.  Then I’m going to beat you again, only you won’t have the excuse of having had a match beforehand.  And maybe after that you will finally realize that you are NEVER going to be able to beat me.  I’ll see you soon, Fortune.”

Melchiott gives the camera a final smirk as the scene fades.

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Roccha10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Alexan10 VS Anarchy 01/29/2017 Johnny10

Jim Jackson:  "And here we are with our main event of the evening!  Johnny Fortune shall be defending his RoC World Title against Alexander Melchiott."

Brad Blood:  "Well Fortune loss his tag title match earlier, so he will do anything to win this match!  I mean how would he look to The Bloodbound if he lost the RoC World Title?"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, the challenger, standing in at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from The Principality of Monaco...  Hotspur...  ALEXANDER MELCHIOTT!"

“Ultra Numb” by Blue Stahli blasts over the arena as Alexander Melchiott steps out from the back. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Alexander slides a finger horizontally across the metal before tossing off his vest and walking down to the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from The Tenderloin District of San Francisco, California...  He is the CURRENT AND REIGNING ROC WORLD CHAMPION...  The Fortunate One, The Chaotic God...  JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

The lights go black as the beginnings of Stone Temple Pilots' "Dead and Bloated" is played over the speakers. 17 seconds into the song the lights return to reveal Johnny Fortune dressed in his leather jacket and hoodie with the hulled pulled up at the top of entrance ramp. He sits on a steel chair for a few seconds, before slowly pulling down the hood and standing from his seat. He brings the steel chair with him on his way down the ramp, ignoring any jeering from the patrons in the seats as he tosses the chair into the ring. He picks up the steel chair and places it up in the center of the ring facing the entrance ramp, he tosses his jacket at Alice Aoi and tells her to "Keep it warm." and sits himself in the chair awaiting his opponent.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "Both wrestler circle around each other, each one clearly knows how dangerous the other one is...  Alexander Melchiott has been waiting to get his chance to win back the RoC World Title...  Will tonight be his night?  The Fortunate One shoots...  Melchiott sprawls and catches Johnny Fortune!  Both men slowly gets back up to their feet...  Melchiott with a spinning back kick...  Blocked by Fortune!  Fortune charges in and knocks Alexander down with a shoulder block!  Melchiott bounces back to his feet...  Lariat from Fortune...  No!  Melchiott dodges it!  Melchiott with a Russian leg sweep!  Melchiott off the ropes...  Springboard moonsault connects!  He hooks the leg..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One..."

Brad Blood:  "Johnny kicks out easily...  Alexander pulls him up and sends him to the ropes with an Irish whip...  No!  Johnny reverses!  Melchiott comes bouncing back...  Right into a spinebuster!  Fist drop by Fortune!  Johnny hooks the leg..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One..."

Jim Jackson:  "Alexander Melchiott kicks out at one.  Johnny Fortune grabs him from behind...  Alexander Melchiott slips free and reverses the waist lock easily shoving Fortune to the ropes.  Fortune grabs on to the top rope and breaks free from Melchiott's grasp as he tried to pull him back...  The champ moves towards the challenger...  Alexander jumps onto the turnbuckle before springing back, catching Johnny's head, and driving him face-first into the mat executing a Moonlight Cutter!  Melchiott for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  T..."

Brad Blood:  "Fortune gets his shoulder up!  Irish whip sends Johnny to the ropes...  Fortune ducks under a clothesline from Melchiott, Fortune's got a hold of Melchiott from the back and lifts them up for a German suplex. Wait, he's not done, he brings up his arms and has put Alexander in a full nelson. Dragon suplex! He still isn't finished! Fortune has brought Melchiott's arms behind their back. Tiger Suplex! Finally Fortune lets go! That's one deadly Deutsh Drache und Tiger!  Fortune hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "Alexander Melchiott kicks out!  He slowly pulls himself up on the ropes...  The Chaotic God comes charging in...  Melchiott pulls the top rope down and Johnny Fortune flies over it!  Wait!  Fortune lands on the apron...  Enzuigiri by Melchiott connects and Fortune falls to the outside!  Fortune shakes his head trying to clear the cobwebs...  MELCHIOTT THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPES WITH A SUICIDE DIVE TAKES THE CHAMP OUT!"


Brad Blood:  "Melchiott grabs the champ and throws him back into the ring...  He leaps into the ropes from the apron...  Springboard corkscrew legdrop right into Fortune's neck!  Alexander Melchiott for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "Still not enough to put Johnny Fortune away.  Alexander Melchiott lifts The Fortunate One onto his shoulders before throwing Fortune’s legs back and falling to the mat, driving Fortune’s face into the mat executing a Moonlight Drive!  Wait Melchiott is not done!  Alexander traps the arms of Johnny Fortune in front of him before lifting Fortune and slamming him into the mat with a bridging german suplex...  Moonlight Delight!  Melchiott is not pulling any punches tonight!  Alexander for the cover..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Johnny gets his shoulders up!  Melchiott cannot believe it!  Alexander climbs up to the top turnbuckle...  He's gonna fly...  Alexander with a shooting star press...  NO!  FORTUNE GETS HIS KNEES UP AT THE LAST SECOND!    Melchiott clutches his gut in pain...  Fortune starts attacking Melchiott with stiff right punches...  Big elbow shot followed by an uppercut by Fortune!  Melchiott seems rocked...  A big knee to the chin sends Melchiott to the ropes!   Melchiott bounces back into Johnny's arms...  Right into a power slam!  Melchiott is lying on the ground facing the floor Fortune ties the legs of Melchiott around his left leg and reels their arms back with his boot on the back of Melchiott's head and  brutally forces the head of Melchiott to the ground with his foot. Alexander Melchiott just experienced the Concussive Communion!  Fortune for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Alexander Melchiott gets a shoulder up!  Johnny Fortune thought he had it there and starts arguing with the ref telling him to count faster... Melchiott from behind rolls Fortune up! Both shoulders are down... No! Fortune reverses and now it's Melchiott's shoulders on the ground... The ref proceeds to count but Melchiott reverses the roll-up pin again! Fortune kicks out and both men roll back to their feet! Fortune attacks first with a big right! He catches Melchiott and hits a vertical suplex! Melchiott is down, Fortune hooks the legs... Wait! He's using the bottom rope as leverage!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "The ref spots Fortune's legs on the bottom rope and stops the count! Fortune stomps on Melchiott before picking him up for a body slam... Wait! Melchiott grabs on to the top rope and pulls himself free landing behind Fortune! Irish whip by Melchiott... No! Johnny reverses it and Melchiott gets sent to the ropes instead! Melchiott comes running back... Fortune tries to hit a spinebuster but Melchiott counters it into a sunset flip! Both of Johnny's shoulders are down!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Fortunate One kicks out at two! Alexander Melchiott charges toward Johnny Fortune and drives a shoulder into Fortune's midsection executing a Moonlight Slice! Johnny is down! Melchiott goes to the top turnbuckle... He leaps... 450 splash! Melchiott hooks the leg! Is this enough?"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two! Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Johnny still manages to kick out! Alexander cannot believe it! Melchiott gets back up to his feet and pulls Johnny up... Oh! Fortune with an uppercut from out of nowhere stuns Melchiott! He kicks Melchiott in the gut... Stun gun by Fortune! Alexander staggers back into the ropes and bounces... Right back into Johnny's grasp! DDT plants Melchiott to the ground! Fortune is not done! He lifts Alexander up... Piledriver! Fortune hooks the leg after that brutal combination!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two! Th..."

Jim Jackson:  "No! Alexander Melchiott manages to kick out! Johnny Fortune cannot believe it! He slams his fists into the mat in frustration... Fortune takes the head Melchiott under his left arm with Melchiott looking at the ceiling. Fortune just laughing all the way as he drives Melchiott into the mat with a reverse DDT. Fortune wraps his legs around the torso of Melchiott, he just started cranking the neck of Melchiott back in a dragon sleeper! Fortune may just be trying to break the spirit of Alexander Melchiott! Melchiott could pass out or tap at any moment! This is one case of Ill Fortune for Melchiott!"

Brad Blood:  "Alexander is trapped in the submission... Will he tap?! We see Melchiott's hand raised up in the air... NO! HIS HAND LUNGES OUT AND GRABS ON TO THE BOTTOM ROPE! Johnny is not releasing his hold! The referee gives a warning which Fortune ignores! The ref begins counting."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two! Three! Four! Fi..."

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune releases the hold short of being disqualified but the damage has already been done! Fortune starts kicking Alexander Melchiott while he is still down. Fortune lifts Melchiott up... Gut-wrench suplex! Big knee drop into Melchiott's chest! Fortune goes for the cover...."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two! Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "No! Alexander still manages to get a shoulder up! We can see the frustration mounting on Fortune's face... Fortune with an Irish whip sends Melchiott crashing into the corner... Fortune comes running in with a running big boot... No! Melchiott slips away at the last moment and Fortune's leg smashes into the ring post! Melchiott with a dropkick sends Fortune with his leg still suspended on the top turnbuckle crashing into the corner! Melchiott pulls Fortune and spins him around... Alexander doubles Johnny over with a kick to the gut before hooking both of his arms behind his back... Johnny counters the Moonlight Festival with a back body drop!"

Jim Jackson:  "Wait! Alexander Melchiott lands on his feet! Johnny Fortune turns around... And eats a superkick from out of nowhere! Fortune stumbles back into the corner... Melchiott smashes his head into the top turnbuckle and Fortune falls to the canvas! Melchiott climbs up to the top turnbuckle... He leaps for a moonsault... No! Fortune rolls away at the last moment but Melchiott anticipated it and lands on his feet! Big lariat from out of nowhere takes Melchiott down!"

Brad Blood:  "Fortune wraps his hands around the back of Melchiott's head... No! Melchiott pulls free from the Ill Fortune attempt! Pele kick from out of nowhere but Fortune somehow ducks in the nick of time! Alexander gets back up to his feet and gets stunned by leaping knee strike!"

Jim Jackson:  "Alexander Melchiott staggers back into the ropes and bounces back... Right into a lungblower by The Chaotic God! Fortune for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two! Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "No! Melchiott gets a shoulder up! Fortune wraps his hands around the back of Melchiott's head and swiftly drives his knee into the head of Melchiott! He might just have incapacitated Alexander Melchiott with that move! What an Unfortunate End! Fortune for the cover"

Jack B. Quick:  "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall AND STILL YOUR ROC WORLD CHAMPION... The Fortunate One, The Chaotic God... JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

Jim Jackson:  "And Johnny Fortune retains his title after a grueling contest against one of RoC's finest... Honestly this match could have gone either way... Luck was on Fortune's side tonight though..."

Brad Blood:  "Seems like it... At least Fortune still salvaged tonight after his loss earlier in the tag team match."

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "What a night and what a great iPPV... Tonight in Anarchy titles changed hands and Champions retained... It How will tonight's event affect the future of RoC? Well you'll all find out soon..."

Brad Blood:  "That's right, check out Chaos Supreme in two weeks to find out the fallout of tonight's match! Unfortunately we are out of time."

Jim Jackson:  "So until next time... Good fight and good night!"

Anarchy 01/29/2017 Segmen10

Anarchy 01/29/2017 T-rexb10
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