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Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Mewter10 VS Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Mr_ser10

Jim Jackson: "Well here we are again..."

Brad Blood: "It's always such a pleasure..."

Jim Jackson: "Remember when I tried to kill you twice?"

Brad Blood: "What?"

Jim Jackson: "I said you're incredibly handsome. Anyhow, welcome one and welcome all to the most potentially amazing and spectacular match of the evening!"

Brad Blood: "Hell, we don't entirely know, because we don't even know who's wrestling! But let's find out... Take us away, Alice!"

Alice Aoi: "Introducing first... Weighing in-"

"Mer Hayrenik", the Armenian National Anthem begins playing throughout the arena as a man in a blue singlet and boots, orange pants, and a red mask steps out onto the ramp. The man gives the crowd the Armenian salute before making his way down to the ring. Acquiring a microphone, the man adjusts his singlet before beginning to speak in a cheesy Armenian accent.

Mr. Serzh: "Hello my friends! My name is Mr. Serzh! I came out here to Ring of Chaos to share some of my culture with each and every one of you! You do not know me, but I am from the small, middle eastern country of Armenia! We love wrestling over there, and we know that you love wrestling over here! So I figured, why not come over and enjoy your wrestling while you enjoy mine!"

The crowd, not knowing what to make of Mr. Serzh, gives him a mixed reaction. Some people find him amusing, some find his efforts to unite the world charming, and some just want to boo him for his accent. Unaffected by the crowd, Mr. Serzh strikes a pose.

Mr. Serzh: "So allow me to introduce myself! Standing at 175.3 centimeters and weighing in at 86.2 kilograms. hailing from Yerevan, Armenia... Armenia's sexiest man in 2005; Armenia's sexiest man in 2006; Armenia's sexiest man in 2007; Armenia's sexiest man in 2008 -- no sexiest man contest in 2009 due to the stamp printing strike -- but again in 2010 Armenia's sexiest man, MR. SERZH!"

Mr. Serzh hands the microphone to Alice Aoi as he heads over to a corner where he proceeds to adjust his tights as he waits for his opponent's introduction.

Alice Aoi: "And his opponent, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 209 pounds, hailing from Meowland, Cat #2 Too...  MEWTER!"

Mewter makes his way out onto the entrance ramp. Then, as if something important occurs to him, he runs back out of sight right before "King of Anything" by Sara Bareillies starts playing throughout the arena. Looking slightly flustered as he reappears, Mewter make his way down the ramp, his attitude perking up as he lets any audience member who wishes to stroke his fur as he walks by. Having found a microphone lying around somewhere, upon reaching the ring Mewter slides under the ropes. Raising back to his feet -paws?- he turns his attention back to Mr. Serzh before raising one of his arms in a fashion similar to that of a Nazi salute.

Mewter: "Glory to Arstotzka! I wuv your accent mister Purzh! It reminds me of a game I watched someone pway once!... But it bored me..."

Sidling up uncomfortably close to the self-proclaimed sexiest man in Armenia, Mewter offers his ears for the scritching AND the scratching. After a few seconds and several feet distanced between to odd duo, Mewter's mind shifts from ear scratching to something completely different.

Mewter: "Oh hey, I know what would be pun- I mean fun. I hate puns... We should furry up and have a westling match!"

Dropping the microphone and sitting down with a cute-kitten look on his face, Mewter seems as ready as his mind can possibly allow for the match to begin.

Alice: "... Good enough. The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPRME!"

Jim Jackson: "And this Mr. Serzh fellow starts this match out by adjusting his tights before offering the cat a handshake. The little cat takes the hand offered to him, only for Serzh to pull him close before grabbing at the cat's ear! Mewter yowls in pain as the referee steps in to get Serzh to back off."

Brad Blood: "Serzh looks stunned! He's explaining to the referee that he only wanted to see if the ears were real or not."

Jim Jackson: "A rather poor excuse from the Armenian man. Mewter tries to get some revenge by grabbing at Serzh's ears and digging his claws into them, but his claws don't even rip the mask of Mr. Serzh."

Brad Blood: "As Mewter fanatically attempts to claw off Serzh's ears, Serzh inquires as to why the referee doesn't have a problem with this, and I think he has a good case here."

Jim Jackson: "Mewter finally relents his grip on Serzh's ears, trying to catch his breath. Serzh takes advantage of the tired cat, locking him into a headlock and squeezing down tight."

Brad Blood: "And Serzh stomps on the cat's toes! The cat yowls in pain yet again as Serzh explains to the referee that he was just trying to increase the pressure."

Jim Jackson: "The referee looks unimpressed by Serzh's explanations, so Serzh decides to just punch Mewter on the top of the head, releasing him from the headlock. Mewter stumbles back a step before trying to take a swing at Serzh, but Serzh ducks it before poking Mewter in the eyes. The referee again admonishes Serzh who is quick to offer an explanation."

Brad Blood: "Serzh is saying that an eye poke is how they say "hello" in Armenia! Who knew?"

Jim Jackson: "I don't think that that is true, Brad. And I'm pretty sure that the referee isn't falling for it either. Serzh quick to try to tie up with the cat again. Mewter tries to have a grappling match with Serzh, but the alleged sexiest man of Armenia quickly overpowers the little cat, grinding up against the strange cat man in a manner that seems... perverse."

Brad Blood: "Armenia must have a piss poor selection of men, because I frankly don't see how this guy could possibly be voted most handsome of... anything. Much less a continent!"

Jim Jackson: "I HIGHLY doubt Armenia is a continent... Though you do raise a good point all the same. Mewter tries to push away from Serzh, and Serzh lets him... Only to throw a swift kick right into Mewter's groin! The referee again warning Serzh, telling him that this is his last mulligan."

Brad Blood: "Serzh explains that he honestly believed that Mewter was a girl... Well, I'll give him that one."

Jim Jackson: "Crazily enough, so does Quick. Serzh now has another mulligan! It looks like Serzh wants to take advantage of the incapacitated kitty cat, but loud music blasts over the arena! My word... What is this incredibly addicting music?"

Brad Blood: "WOOO! It's "Cat Groove"! By Prov Cellar or something like that! Jim, these be my JAMS!"

Jim Jackson: "Mewter appears to have perked up just as much as you. He forgets all about the pain in his groin and begins dancing a wild dance with a... Where'd he get that dress cane!?"

Brad Blood: "Wherever it came from, that is EXACTLY how I want to dance to this song!  I'm going up!"

Jim Jackson: "Brad, no. Remember the last times you went up to the ring?"

Brad Blood: "Not clearly... But fine, I'll just dance from here."

And many epic dancing skills were shown that day... Though none from Brad Blood who only managed to flail his limbs randomly.

Jim Jackson: "Serzh, not restricted by the honor of commentators, finds himself giving into the irresistible urge to dance... using the cat's cane! He just swept Mewter's leg and took his cane, beginning to dance... And what a "dance" it is. He's grinding up against it, groin on cane. Brad, your input?"

Jim Jackson: "Right, too busy. The cat seems very much so peeved about the defiling of his dress cane and he tries to grab it back, but the sexy question mark man holds onto it firmly. The two begin to match wills as they begin in intense game of tug-of-war, somehow keeping in tune with the music! Proving once more to be stronger than the cat, Serzh manages to yank the can from Mewter's grip... Only to have it wack him in the head with one hell of a crack! And with that, the music cuts off-"

Brad Blood: "Where'd my music go!? I WANT IT BACK!"

Jim Jackson: "The referee takes a moment, but seems to decide that it was ultimately Serzh's own fault that he got hit in the head, giving Mewter a pass. With Serzh stumbling around the ring, the cat sees his chance and goes for it... Rolling Serzh over with a quick school boy cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two! Three!"

Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match, by pin fall... Cat #2 Too, Mewter!"

Jim Jackson: "Mewter pops up and begins celebrating his victory, hopping into the audience and letting people pet him. Which some actually do. I... Honestly didn't expect to see ANYONE get beaten by one- or two- of those cat men. Ever."

Brad Blood: "I don't ca- Hang on, Cat # 2... Too!? Oh come on... Oh right, ranting. I don't care about that! I mean, right now. Later I'll make fun of it all night long. But I WANT CAT GROOVE! Do you think I have enough time to go DEMAND that they play that perfect melody of funky jazz before the show?"

Jim Jackson: "Absolutely not."


Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Chaos_11

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

An excited buzz fills the air as the crowd eagerly anticipates the action that will be shown to them tonight.  The fastest growing wrestling federation Ring of Chaos and its flagship show Chaos Supreme has been met with positive reactions and criticisms by the wrestling community.  The camera zooms in to the announce table where two familiar faces are seen.

Jim Jackson:  "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages and welcome to what I dare say as the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!  Joining me here in the announce table is my partner Brad Blood."

Brad Blood:  "Thanks for the intro Jimbo and let me correct you, we are not the greatest show on earth...  We are the GREATEST SHOW IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!  And that's all because of my son, the one, the only Xavier Blood!"

Jim Jackson:  "Didn't he lose horribly to Thaddeus..."

Brad Blood:  "DON'T YOU MENTION HIS NAME!  That name is taboo!  TABOO!  Now before you comment on anything else that may put me in a bad mood, we should get the show rolling!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Parkin10

The scene opens up with a silver 2014 Toyota Tundra pulling up in the car park, and stepping out of it happens to be TK Kenta, who doesn't seem to be in his regular wrestling gear. He seems to be wearing a white singlet and some blue jeans, he has black tape wraps all the way up to his knuckles. He clearly looks like he is not ready for a wrestling match, he is ready for a fight. He jumps up onto the back of the truck and pulls out a 5 foot long shovel.

TK Kenta: "BLAS CARSON!!! You think we were done two weeks ago, when I got my revenge in beating you in a dark match? No I wasn't done, I had to do the same party trick you used on me which prevented me from reaching anywhere near the RoC Championship.  An we all saw how also I made sure you didn't get anywhere near it too, so now we are even.

He taps the back of the shovel on the palm of his hand, looking dead set at the camera.

TK Kenta: "We need to settle that, and why not settle everything in a better way with a good ol' street fight! You can even bring in your four armed mindless muscle, junk that follows you around like a bad smell looking like a vegetable. And you may be wondering why I have a shovel in my hand."

TK Kenta: "Did you really think I was just joking about what I said, with what I did with with snakes back at home? I was dead serious. I'm gonna take this shovel and take your head off with it. Why wait for our match later?  Get out here and meet me in the parking lot and let's ourselves have a fight!"

TK Kenta waits eagerly for Blas Carson to come out but it seems that Blas has no intention of answering the challenge.

???: "Oh shit, son!"

The shot pans out and over, revealing another camera crew with the incredibly laddery ladder, Upward-Step Model 52m3, in tow. Through the overall fidgety nature of its hinges, it indicates that it really doesn't want to be here right now.

Cameraman: "I'm with you, man! Let's cheese it!"

And so the camera crew, consisting of the one cameraman, makes a break for it, running like a dimwit, up until he reached a staircase... whereupon he fell down all the stairs... and got hit by a car...

I'm... not sure where Ladder went, but it seems to have disappeared in the time no one was paying attention to it.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Beyond10

Solomon Jake and Mighty Odin making their way to the arena with the rental car that the company have sponsored to them. As they make their way into the arena, they stop by a nearby diner as Jake wanted to get some food before heading into the arena. Once they got into the diner, they find an empty seat and sit down. They got their menu and ordered the food, Jake starts to speak.

Solomon Jake: "Are you prepared for your match tonight?"

Odin nods his head in agreement as their food arrive and they take a bite out of their food.  Solomon Jake continues to speak about his upcoming match.

Solomon Jake:"This is a great opportunity for you to make a statement to Lee Morrison to put you into the title picture.  I have done my best to convince him to make you the number one contender for the RoC belt and Lee Morrison have decided to put you into the 4-way elimination match that involves John E. Hendrix, the person that wanted to challenged you Lokii Weaver with two i's and a woman that goes with the name Na Fook Mi."

He gave a smirk when he said Na Fook Mi name and gave out a small laugh. Jake took another bite of his food while he realizes that Odin didn't touch his food yet.

Solomon Jake: "Why aren’t you eating yet? You don’t have worry about strategy because we could talk about it when we make our way to the arena shortly in the car, but not before picking up some woman alright?  'Cause you know, I need to "loosen up" before a match."

Mighty Odin shrugs his shoulder in agreement as he eats his food while Solomon Jake looks for information on where he could get some girls as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing on the loud speakers and Lee Morrison, dressed in a three piece Calvin Klein suit, steps out from the entrance tunnel.  He takes a deep breath before continuing down the ramp and entering the ring with a big black briefcase.  Inside the ring, a table is set up in the middle, he lays the briefcase down on the table before he raises the microphone to his lips to address the crowd.

Lee Morrison:  "Good evening to everyone here in attendance, are you all excited to be here tonight!"

A crowd erupts in loud cheers.  Lee Morrison raises his arm and the crowd slowly settles back down.

Lee Morrison:  "Now I have something to show you all tonight but before that I would like to say congratulations to our RoC Tag Team Champions Alexander Melchiott and Andrew Hunter...  TEAM SYMPHONY!"

Again the crowd starts cheering and chanting "TEAM SYMPHONY!  TEAM SYMPHONY!  TEAM SYMPHONY!"  Lee Morrison signals again and the crowd settles down again.

Lee Morrison:  "As you all know after tonight, four becomes two!  Ray Kamaura, Shogun, Chiyonosake and Thaddeus Rex...  Only two of them will advance to the final round two weeks from now wherein only one man shall stand the victor...  Wherein one man shall hold the title and be considered the best of the best here in Ring of Chaos.  ONLY ONE MAN SHALL BE WEARING THIS!"

Lee Morrison opens the briefcase and brings out...

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Roccha10

The crowd cheers loudly again as Lee Morrison raises the RoC World Championship belt.  This time the general manager of RoC waits for the crowd to settle down themselves before he continues.

Lee Morrison:  "But, things will not end just like that...  NO!   I have another surprise for all of you.  You see tonight, I shall announce the birth of the lightweight division!  Now many of you all may ask why?  Why introduce a lightweight division?  The answer is simple you see...  Lightweight wrestlers can do something which heavyweights rarely do...  With their agility, they can bring a match to a new level of speed and excitement.  Thus two weeks from now one lightweight wrestler shall be walking away with..."

Lee Morrison reaches into the briefcase and pulls out...

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Roclig10

Lee Morrison:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the RoC Lightweight Championship!"

The crowd erupts in excited murmurs as they look at the second belt in the ring.

Lee Morrison:  "Now all of you must be wondering what I have in store for the lightweights...   Well here is what I have in mind...  The first TEN wrestlers to come up out right here right now shall be part of a 10-man RoC Lightweight Championship Battle Royal!  BUT!  Yes there is a BUT!  But once only two men remain in the ring and all the others are eliminated, the two remaining wrestlers shall battle it out in a falls count anywhere match wherein the winner shall be crowned our new RoC Lightweight Champion!  So to all the lightweights in the locker room, tonight is your chance, I am waiting!"

The crowd waits in anticipation to see which lightweight wrestlers will come out to enter the RoC Lightweight Championship battle royal.

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. It casually strolls down the entrance ramp blowing kisses to it's fans before it enters the ring with flourish and walks up to Lee Morrison.

Boy Bakla:  "Well well well, it seems that I'm the first one...  Throw my name in that battle royal Mr. Morrison."

Bakla traces its fingers on Lee Morrison's chest which he quickly brushes away.  Bakla smiles and winks as the crowd cheer loudly at its entry.  The transsexual wrestler turns around and starts blowing kisses to the crowd, after a while, Bakla stops and points at the newly revealed lightweight belt.

Boy Bakla:  "That fabulous thing belongs only in one place...  Around my fabulous waist!  Don't y'all agree?  I know that me and my little group have encountered setbacks ever since we stepped foot in RoC, but the battle royal would be a perfect chance for me to shine.  It will be the perfect match to put the Sideshow Superstars on the map."

Loud cheers erupt from the LGBT fan section.

The Hero by Ichiro Mizuki starts playing, but strangely, there is no sign of Marl...until the singing starts, which is when he crashes through the back wall of the stage on a red and black Suzuki motorcycle. Riding down the ramp, he jumps off the bike just before hitting the ring, leaving the machine to fall to its side and slide underneath the apron. For a moment, he poses as if he's flying, then tucks into a midair somersault before coming to a three-point landing on the table in the middle of the ring. Still crouched down, eyeing the lightweight championship belt, he quickly snatches the microphone.

Marl Duothimir: "Toss my name into that hat too, Morrison. The more the merrier, as they say, and with so many wrestlers in that ring, I'll be able to rack up a quick KO count. These fans may not remember me, but once I walk away with that belt, the bleeding, broken bodies of the rest of these govnosos behind me, they'll never forget."

A moment passes, and then he stands up, feet squared and finger pointing to the heavens, and at that very moment, explosions erupt from the tops of each corner post, scattering golden glitter that shines brilliantly in the stadium lights as a tri-pointed black crest materializes from the center of his forehead. Idly brushing off his suit, Marl raises the mic to his mouthpiece again.

Marl Duothimir: "Or, you know, maybe I'll just throw the belt in the trash. The hell do I need it for? It's probably made out of tinfoil and markers or something anyway."

This has the predicted result, causing a loud chorus of boos from the crowd as Marl smirks underneath his mask. Then, just to add insult to more insult, he casually tosses the microphone over his shoulder, causing a painful second or two of feedback as it hits the mat. Performing a neat backflip off the table, Marl heads over to a corner of the ring and leans back against the turnbuckle, relaxed and waiting.

The lights in the arena cut out as "Dies Irae" by Epica plays and in a flash of light Johnny Fortune is seen from inside the crowd bandaged, yet still dressed in a Leather Jacket and Denim Shorts. He holds a microphone to his lips and speaks.

Johnny Fortune: "While I may be harmed now, the lightweight division shall be a step to taking my people to the Kingdom of God. The Purveyors of chaos will witness me becoming the Ring of Chaos Lightweight Champion."

Johnny Fortune takes a seat in the crowd with one or two people who seem to actually support him.

Johnny Fortune: "And just try to stop me."

The Fortunate one tosses the mic towards the ring as the audio engineers learn from Marl and cut the microphone before it hits the ground. Fortune then kicks his feet up on the empty seat in front of him.

The jumbotron lights up with a video of stars and space as "Journey of the Sorcerer" by The Eagles begins playing through the arena. An immaculately suited Lokii Weaver walks out from the backstage area onto the top of the entrance ramp. He straightens his tie before raising his mic to his smirking lips.

Lokii Weaver: "Well, this comes as a surprise. But luckily for you lot backstage, I got here early. That means that I just saved you all the agro of jumping arse over tit to determine a champion."

Lokii turns and begins to walk away, though stops as though remember something. Sighing, he turns back around.

Lokii Weaver: "But all the same, as you're all bespoke to do, you bleedin' pillocks are still going to come out and claim that I'm "full of rubbish" and that you lot are the "bee's knees". And I, frankly, enjoy that... so by all means, proceed."

Weaver lowers his mic and makes play of hanging on to it, before tossing it away anyhow just to play hell with the audio engineers.

Enormous Penis by Davinci's Notebook starts playing on the P.A but is suddenly cut when suddenly "Where the Hood At" by DMX starts playing instead as El Loco walks out on to the stage holding a microphone as the Crowd Cheers albeit confused.

El Loco: "You were expecting Felipe but it was I El Loco. I who defeated Felipe in 51 out of 100 games of rock paper scissors for the spot to come out here. So to my essays in the hood,  I'm going to win the light heavyweight title. I'm gonna eat some tortillas and ride the locomotion straight to the top."

El Loco throws some gang signs in the air.

El Loco: "Emocionante!!"

El Loco jumps off of the ramp and onto a group of fans, crowd surfing his way out of the building.

"Bloody Monday" by U2 starts playing on the loudspeakers as Xavier Blood steps out onto the entranceway with a microphone in hand.

Xavier Blood: "While I may have come up short against that deranged felon, Thaddeus Rex, I will not come up short again!  I'm far too good looking to allow another blemish on my wrestling record!  Speaking of good looking, someone with some marketability needs to join this match.  So count me in!  And when I win this title, we'll finally have a champion that you all can admire."

Xavier poses for the crowd as they show their "appreciation" for him.

"King of Anything" by Sara Bareillies begins playing through the arena as Meowlchiott steps out from the back, pushing Xavier Blood out of his way and stealing Blood's microphone.  After chasing Blood off with a hiss, Meowlchiott turns his attention to the ring.

Meowlchiott: "I think this is a purrfect opportunity for me to prove that cats really are just the best!  And who would look more adorapawl than me with that belt?  No one, that's who!  That's why I am going to enter this battle royale and become the first -- and most pawesome -- champion that there ever was or will be here in Ring of Chaos!"

With a grin and a playful shake of his tail, Meowlchiott beckons to the back.

"King of Anything" by Sara Bareillies begins playing again as Xavier Blood runs down the ramp, being followed by a playful Mewter. Blood runs, crying in fear, to his father's arms as Mewter stops the mad pursuit for ear-scratching. He waves to his cat friend, who beckons him into the ring and hands him the microphone.

Mewter: "I like that guy! He looks funny! But anyhow, as my purrtner just finished saying, we weally like shiny things, so we're going to be the best shiny belt holders evpurr!"

With a leap, Mewter jumps into Meowlchiott's arms and begins purring happily.

Lokii Weaver: "... Actually, furball, there's only going to be ONE champion this time."

With a start, Mewter's head and ears shoot up and he stares at Lokii with disbelief... And then he shrugs and goes back to happily nuzzling his cat friend.

"Lower the Boom" by Fifth Floor, booms throughout the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet anticipating to see TK Kenta walks out onto the stage running into a wall of boos and cheers, as Kenta who seems to already have a mic in his hands sits down on the right ledge of the stage. He hoists the mic up to his mouth ready to speak.

TK Kenta: "Now as you've all seen on our last show, I got my long awaited revenge on Blas Carson. Causing him a spot in the Group A finals of the RoC Championship Tournament. I  seem to be booked in a match tonight against him."

Standing back up looking around him, seeing the group of wrestlers who have already submitted their appeal by completing for the RoC Lightweight belt.

TK Kenta: "I will beat him, and when I do. I'm moving onto my prize at the Grand Prix Finals I will throw each and every one of you out of the ring and I will claim my right as the first and ONLY RoC Lightweight Champion."

With a look on his face, making sure to everyone in the arena that he wasn't joking about what he said. Feeling pleased with signing up for the Lightweight battle royal, he walks back into the lockers to prepare of his match against Blas.

The song "Swear it to the Sun" by Voodoo Johnson plays through the arena as Barry Sawyer walks out from the back.  Both the crowd and the superstars give him a quizzical look, as Sawyer is no lightweight by any stretch of the imagination.  Climbing into the ring, Sawyer steps up to the two cats and rips the microphone out of Mewter's paws.

Berry Sawyer: "Sit down Moggie, unless you want to become a Gib.  My business isn't with you."

The cats continue to glare at Sawyer as he turns to face Lee Morrison.

Berry Sawyer: "My business is with you, Morrison.  I'm a real man, and real men don't sit back when they disagree with something; they come out and do something about it.  And that's what I am here to do.  I was counted out of my opportunity at the Ring of Chaos World Championship, but what do I get?  I haven't received any opportunity at another title belt, yet here you are, handing out an opportunity to some little boys.  I recall Boy Bakla over there losing in the first round of the Grand Prix."

After gesturing over to Bakla, Sawyer points out over to Johnny Fortune.

Berry Sawyer: "I also recall that preacher getting beat by Shogun last show.  And yet, here they are, getting an opportunity at another title belt.  But as if it wasn't bad enough that these losers were getting further opportunity, here you are playing it up as some sort of grand event."

Sawyer turns towards the crowd before speaking in a grandiose manner.

Berry Sawyer: "Come watch and see as little men do little men things in the ring!  Throwing themselves off of heights for your amusement because they are too small to do anything worthwhile in-between these ropes!  And don't worry, none of the bigger boys will be allowed to come out and play with them because we wouldn't want them getting hurt!"

With a growl, Sawyer turns back to face Lee Morrison.

Berry Sawyer: "You make me sick.  There is nothing special about this title that you are trying to pass off to the people.  What Morrison?  You didn't make enough money on the Grand Prix so you have to come out and hype up another "special" event?  Or do you just like the idea of having a worthless division of wrestlers group together to make mediocre matches?  I mean, I guess at the very least you can fool these people into thinking these kids can hold a candle to a real man like me when it comes to wrestling, but that's simply an illusion.  An illusion that will be created by you when you shield these boys from us men.  But don't take my advice!  Run your little battle royale and have your little paper champion.  Keep him away from us men though, Morrison; we wouldn't want to break your "champion"."

The crowd starts to boo loudly at the cocky abrasive Berry Sawyer.  Lee Morrison unfazed by Berry's outbursts quickly retorts.

Lee Morrison:  "I sense a lot of bitterness in your words Mr. Sawyer and that bitterness of yours is sorely misguided and misdirected.  Tell you what, how about I book you in a match against the winner of the battle royal.  That's right!  You shall fight the NEW RoC Lightweight Champion.  I'm sure all the wrestlers here would want first dibs at you after your unjust belittlement of them and their skills."

The crowd starts cheering.  Lee Morrison waits for the crowd to settle down before he continues addressing Berry Sawyer.

Lee Morrison:  "Now of course, I am a fair man, so if you manage to win against the RoC Lightweight Champion, I wouldn't mind booking you in a title-shot match against the RoC World Champion.  But if you lose!  Well, let's just say I will have something special in store for the wrestler who lost to a "BOY" as you coined them!"

Lee Morrison and the rest of the lightweight division waits for Berry Sawyer's reply.

"Chasing the Dream" by Alex Kassel starts playing on the speakers as Christy Chase dashes out from the entrance tunnel waving to the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. With a huge leap she lands on the ring apron and slingshots herself into the ring using the top rope. She lands perfectly right in front of Berry Sawyer and faces down the big wrestler.  She raises a mic to her lips and speaks.

Christy Chase:  "You know something, there is one thing worse than losing to a boy, and that's losing to a girl.  Sign me up in the last slot Mr. Morrison, once I win that title, I'm gonna give Berry the spanking his momma never gave him."

The crowd laughs loudly, Chase waits for them to settle down before she continues.

Christy Chase:  "Oh, by the way...  Isn't Berry a girl's name?"

With that the crowd erupts in further laughter.

Despite the laughter of the crowd, Berry cracks a smile at Lee Morrison.

Berry Sawyer: "So you want me to end all of your champions before they can even get going?  Gladly.  I'll break your Lightweight Champion before moving on to smash your World Champion and prove that I am the only real man here in Ring of Chaos.  But I got to say Morrison, I'm surprised that you would do something so stupid.  You are making a huge mistake by taking a gamble with one of these children; they aren't going to be able to get the job done.  All that your "champion" will accomplish is proving everything that I say to be true when they lose to me and show how worthless this division will be."

The crowd showers Berry Sawyer in boos as he turns to leave the ring.  Noticing Chase still in the ring, Sawyer turns to address her.

Berry Sawyer: "Aren't you that girl who nearly broke her ankle trying to impress some little parkour group?  And you think that you can "spank me".  Here's some advice kid, this is a man's world.  The ring isn't the place for women, especially fragile little girls like you.  A lot of the wrestlers here would be offended by you trying to make a name off of them, and a threatened dog is a dangerous dog.  Get out of this business before you get hurt."

Dropping his microphone, Sawyer turns away from Christy Chase and exits the ring.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:11 pm

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Parkin10

A cab pulls into the Ring of Chaos parking lot and out steps a female in a windbreaker, her hood drawn up hiding her face.  She opens up her purse and hands a couple of bills to the taxi driver as she slings a big gym bag over her shoulders.

???: "Here, thanks for driving me here and keep the change."

The taxi driver's eyes widen as he sees the amount given to him.

Taxi Driver:  "Whoa!  This is too much!  Are y'sure about this miss?"

The girl nods her head and smiles.

???: "Yes, it's fine mister.  You drove me here safely from the airport and in record time too."

The taxi driver smiles back and replies.

Taxi Driver:  "Well, thanks again miss...  Y'know you look kinda familiar...  Have I seen you before?"

The girls pushes back her hood and reveals herself to the driver.  It takes a few seconds but it finally dawns upon him who she is.

Taxi Driver:  "Hey!  Aren't you that wresslin' chick Nao Fook Mi that was makin' waves two years back?  I thought I heard that at the height of your popularity you decided to go back home to China?"

Nao Fook Mi: "Why yes, I am she and back then I had some family matters that I had to attend to but now I have no more obligations back home so it is time for me to return to the wrestling ring and Ring of Chaos is a perfect place to rekindle my wrestling career."

The driver lets out a long whistle.

Taxi Driver:  "Well then, good luck miss.  And I'll be rootin' fer ya."

The cab driver nods and waves before he drives off.  Nao Fook Mi takes a deep breath and turns around, heading towards the door to her new beginning as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Blas_c10 VS Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Tk_ken12

Jim Jackson: "Welcome to our first match of the evening!  Blas Carson shall be facing TK Kenta! Now Kenta earlier tonight called out to Blas for a street fight in the parking lot and it seems that Blas did not respond."

Brad Blood:  "The Steel City Serpent is too cool to respond to any challenge laid out by *SNORT~!* TK Kenta.  Besides..."

A production crew member rushes to ringside and hands a note to Jim Jackson...  Jim unfolds the note and a look of surprise is seen on his face...

Jim Jackson: "What the...  It looks like the match between Blas Carson and TK Kenta won't go forward as planned...  It seems that Blas is seen unconscious in the shower room, someone attacked him with a shovel, in fact pieces of the shovel which broke into three parts was left at the scene of the crime!  He may have suffered a concussion."

Brad Blood:  "Shovel?!  SHOVEL?!  Wasn't Kenta wielding a shovel earlier?!  IT'S KENTA I TELL YOU!  KENTA DID IT!  HE DEPRIVED US OF A MATCH TONIGHT!  He probably did it because he knew he would lose if he faced Blas in the ring tonight!  That coward!  That bastard!"

Jim Jackson: "Well, there's nothing we can do now, the show must go on..."

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Parkin10

The world is a very different place from what it was a decade ago. But for some people that feeling is never gone. They feel that they are living in an age where Jimi Hendrix or Jerry Garcia were stars of the decade. Or cinemas were headlined by Walter Matthau and every other movie actor or actress of that decade. There are people like John E. Hendrix who is one of THAT kind. They are unique and they don’t have a disorder as other people might think. They just might see you differently and it’s not a bad thing. Some people might take advantage of that, it happened before to John. But now he believes that everything will be better than at the last place he was working at. He really, truly does. He is a kind and honest person. But when he is cornered he can be pretty villainous. But that’s only if you won’t treat John well.

John is in his van listening to “Plastic Fantastic Lover” by “Jefferson Airplane” and thinking that this will be the job that he will love to do for the rest of his life. But at first he needs to talk to the manager. So he leaves the van and goes for the search of Mr. John Morrison.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Oriental music starts playing on the background as smoke covers the mouth of the entrance tunnel. Suddenly out leaps Nao Fook Mi wearing a short cheongsam. She quickly makes her way down entrance ramp and enters the ring. She bows and gives her respect to the crowd before addressing them.

Nao Fook Mi:  "Hello my American friends, many of you may be familiar with me for I have fought in various independent wrestling federations but for those who don't know me, let me introduce myself...  I am Nao Fook Mi from Sichuan, China and tonight I have come to Ring of Chaos!"

A few cheers and wolf whistles are heard.

Nao Fook Mi:  "Now tonight in my debut match, I have been informed that I shall be facing three other wrestlers, John E. Hendrix, Mighty Odin and Lokii Weaver.  Now I do not know who they are and what they can do but know that this is my second coming and I do not intend to waste it.  Now I am not cocky enough to say that I will beat my opponents, but it does not mean I do not have faith in my skills.  Quite the opposite actually, I know that I can beat my opponents just as they can beat me, anything can happen in the wrestling ring, I for one should know that. Tonight I shall prove that I am a wrestler worthy of competing here in Ring of Chaos, that even if I do not get a victory, I shall make my opponents sweat blood and tears for it.  Tonight I shall give you all what you are craving for...  A GOOD WRESTLING MATCH!"

The crowd cheer loudly now, impressed by the words of the young Asian lass standing inside the ring.  Nao Fook Mi waits for the crowd to settle down before leaving her final words.

Nao Fook Mi:  "I have been away for two years but never have I slacked in my training.  I have been away for two years but never have my love for wrestling lessen.  I have been away for two years...   It's time for the wrestling world to see my second coming.  It's time for the wrestling world to remember me.  It's time for the wrestling world...  TO WELCOME BACK NAO FOOK MI!"

Nao Fook Mi raises her arms, her hands balled up in a fist as the crowd chants her name.

As the crowd continues to chant Nao Fook Mi's name, J. S. Bach's "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine" suddenly begins playing in the arena.  The chants stop as the crowd and Nao Fook Mi wonder what is going on.  After a moment, a man wearing a luxurious robe and a... bowtie... comes out from the backstage arena with a microphone and the Belizean flag.  The man slowly makes his way down to the ring as the crowd and Nao Fook Mi are left to wonder what he's doing here.  Finally reaching the ring, the man sets the Belizean flag up in the corner before wiping his feet on the ring apron and climbing into the ring.  Standing in front of Nao Fook Mi, the man stares at her for a few moments before bringing his microphone up to his mouth.

???: "Who are you again?"

The man smiles as he is immediately showered with boos.

???: "You have been gone for two years, you say?  Really, what have you accomplished before your departure?  Why should anyone within the wrestling world welcome you back?  Why should people be excited to see a nobody return to the wrestling world?  No, instead, the wrestling world should be welcoming me to the wrestling world!  A true royal, a diamond among... copper.  A professional wrestler prepared to sell excellence where others, like you, have sold mediocrity."

With the fans booing the man for his comments, he turns to face them rather than Nao Fook Mi.

Edmundo Alejandro Serrano: "My name is Edmundo Alejandro Serrano.  I am known as the Duke of Belmopan, the administrator of greatness, and the future of Belize."

With his introduction complete, Edmundo turns back to face Nao Fook Mi.

Edmundo Alejandro Serrano: "And you, my dear girl, are a poor professional wrestler who has managed to attain minimal success in this industry during her time within it.  And what have you done prior to wrestling?  You were a tourist guide, and you couldn't even manage to preform that job adequately.  But, as a member of the administration in Belize, I know that results are more important than words.  So here is what I propose; you and I have a match.  Now, I am a very important figure in Belize, so scheduling is very important to me.  With that in mind, I propose that you and I have a match on the first Ring of Chaos show in November.  What do you say, my dear?  Are you willing to be the first one to lose to me and continue your floundering in this industry?"

Edmundo smirks at his insulting question as he awaits Nao Fook Mi's reply.

Nao Fook Mi looks the Duke of Belmopan over, clearly unimpressed by the boastful and abrasive wrestler.

Nao Fook Mi:  "I've never turned down a challenge, and I never will.  I accept your challenge Duke Serrano.  But I will warn you now, you may not find me an easy prey as you might think.  I've seen and known people like you, people who run their mouths belittling others because deep inside they are the ones who are little.  You claim that you are a diamond among the copper but who here has heard of Edmundo Alejandro Serrano?  Anyone?"

Fook Mi points the mic towards the crowd waiting for someone to answer.  The crowd murmurs and shrugs as no one seem to have heard of the Duke of Belmopan until...

Random Crowd Person:  "I do!  I've heard of hi...  Oh wait!  My bad!  The guy I know was Edwardo Alejandro Serrano not Edmundo...  He's the pool guy my cousin hires."

A soft chuckling is heard from the crowd.  Nao Fook Mi turns to face Edmundo Alejandro Serrano again.

Nao Fook Mi:  "It seems that someone is more mediocre than I am... At least my name is known by some unlike yours Duke Serrano.  Well no worries, soon the wrestling world shall know your name...  Edmundo Alejandro Serrano, the wrestler who lost to a girl and they will see that the diamond you so claim to be is nothing but a cheap glass imitation."

With that Nao Fook Mi drops the mic and exits the ring as her music starts to play again to the cheers of the crowd.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Backst10

The scene opens on the sultry backstage interviewer, Julia Rodriguez, in the backstage area with a mic raised to her lips. She smiles into the camera and begins speaking.

Julia Rodriguez: "Hello, this is Julia Rodriguez and tonight, I'll be interviewing one of the new signings here at RoC. Introducing Lokii Weaver."

The shot zooms out a bit just as a sharply dressed Lokii Weaver steps into the shot. With a smile, Weaver nods towards Julia.

Julia Rodriguez: "Hello Mr. Weaver. I must say, I'm glad to finally have someone's full permission to an interview BEFORE the interview even starts. It seems like I'm always running after someone before I can get anything done."

Lokii Weaver: "Yes, I actually noticed. It's become a bit au fait, honestly speaking."

Julia's face becomes neutral for a moment, before blushing slightly; the definition of the words being lost on her, though she still catches on to the criticism.

Lokii Weaver: "All due respect, hasn't the interview already started? Aren't you supposed to be bunging questions at me?"

Julia Rodriguez: "Oh, um... Of course. Lokii Weaver, two weeks ago you walked into a contract signing between The Mighty Odin's manager and our GM and interrupted, openly challenging Mighty Odin to a match and received a four way elimination match. That said, many people have asked wh-"

With a shake of his head, Weaver takes Julia's microphone away from her. She stops speaking in shock, looking at Weaver with confusion in her eyes.

Lokii Weaver: "Yeah, no. We've gone on for far too long without any questions. Weren't you supposed to be a professional? See how easy that is?"

Julia Rodriguez: "... I was getting to-"

Lokii Weaver: "I'm sure you were, but as it stands I feel as though I'd do much better with just the cameraman. He does his job without looking gobsmacked every time he makes a blunder. Anywho, goodbye Mrs. Rodriguez. It's been a jolly, truly."

Rodriguez looks as though she wants to speak up, but thinks better of it and exits the shot. With a grin, Weaver turns his attention to the camera.

Lokii Weaver: "It wasn't a jolly. That was sarcasm. She just seemed a bit too slow for my tastes. That said, going off of what she was saying... A fortnight ago, I went ahead and interrupted a contract signing. Some may say that's a bit naff, but I tried to wait my turn. I did. But that Solomon Jake nitwit tried my last nerver and made me seriously brassed off. Cheeky twit blatantly asked for a title opportunity for someone who didn't even have decency to sign his contract in person. You don't get owt for nowt. It's as simple as that. And so I decided to tell him as much... Fairly simple. Now, what took me by surprise was the 4-way."

Weaver lowers the mic, then thinks better of pausing and just dives right into it.

Lokii Weaver: "Now, instead of one blooming idiot, I get two fight one blooming idiot and two people who probably share the same mental deficiency... But making that assumption would be rather uncouth, so I'll wait until after I've made them budge up out of my way. Though, all the same, I do rather admire Mr. Morrison's decision. He managed to not give anyone anything they asked for, and at the exact same time give them something just as good. Sly and sneaky, most people probably missed that he did it... like those street magicians, who make claims of magical ability and yet have nothing. Except that Mr. Morrison doesn't piss me off. Or he hasn't, anyhow."

Weaver glances at the microphone in his hands, then back towards the camera.

Lokii Weaver: "... This thing doesn't even work, does it?"

After a second and what is assumedly an affirmative of some sort from the cameraman, Lokii lets out an exaggerated sigh and drops the mic.

Lokii Weaver: "Right-o. Well, that's all that really seems... relevant presently. Pip pip, camerafellow."

Weaver straightens his tie and then, with a flourish in his step, takes his leave.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:13 pm

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Locker10

The scene starts with Solomon Jake and Mighty Odin as they relax in their locker room.  There are a few girls attending to Jake, Odin just stands on the side, focusing for his match later tonight. A lady walks towards his direction and tries to grab his attention but fails so she heads back to Jake. A few moments later, an interviewer comes into the room and gives out a confused look to what’s going on. She then walks towards to Mighty Odin while getting the attention of Solomon Jake as she gets closer to Odin, Julia Rodriguez conducts the interview.

Julia Rodriguez: "Ladies and Gentleman, with me right now is the new debutant Mighty Odin and his manager Solomon Jake and tonight, I have a question for you Odin.  How are you preparing yourself heading into a match that you have to face not one, but three other opponents at the same time?"

Odin didn’t say a word, Solomon Jake walks closer to Julia and begins to talk.

Solomon Jake: “First thing first toots, you are one fine piece of meat there, but never mind about that because I have other business to take care of and that is to address the opponents on behalf of my client, Mighty Odin. Next time, if you want answers from the big guy, it will come from me get it?”

Solomon Jake adjusted himself before he continued to speak.

Solomon Jake: “The first I want to address is the man that interrupted me during my meeting with Mr. Lee Morrison and that is Lokii Weaver. Listen mister, I don’t care where you came from you stupid Englishman, but you made a bad decision when you decided to challenge my client and even though you didn’t get your wish for a one on one match, you somehow got your wish and get to face with my client and with two more people who got thrown into the mix.  Be careful what you wish for you yellow-mouthed Englishman because at the end of tonight, you’ll regret it.”

He takes a short breather before he continues speaking.

Solomon Jake:  “Next we have a guy that is so delusional that he thought that he is Jimi Hendrix brother, John E. Hendrix. Listen up you hippy bastard, this ain’t the eighties anymore and you’re nothing but a cheap second rated impersonator of the great Jimi Hendrix. I’m sure like you're just impersonating career, your career in wrestling will be nothing but sad song when my client is done with you.”

Solomon Jake then gives out a wink to Julia as Odin remain in the same position as Jake continues to speak.

Solomon Jake: “Last and certainly not least, the only woman in the match and she’s from China and her name is Na Fook Mi.”

Solomon Jake gives out a sleazy face while Julia Rodriguez felt disgusted before he continues to speak.

Solomon Jake: “I love that name because of the “Fook Mi” I’m sure that you haven’t been with a real man in your life because the people in China have “small packages”.  How about later tonight, I show you how big my “package” is once my client deals with you? I’m sure with your disappointing loss, you would need to “relieve” your frustration and I will be there helping you relieve all that tension and “Fook Yu” all night long.”

He gives a nudge at Odin to try to get some reaction from him before he continues to speak.

Solomon Jake: “The three of them stands no chance in ever beating my client because he has his eyes sets on the ultimate prize and the three of you are nothing but pebbles on his path. So I let you guys have a choice, either you give up and walk away now or fight for your lives and lose leaving the arena on the stretcher. It’s up to you guys but either option is okay for my client.”

He adjusted his hat and goes closer to Julia.

Solomon Jake: “So toots, would you like to join us and be satisfied by me or leave without being unsatisfied and wondering how is it feel like to ride on the "Solomon Train"?”

Julia Rodriguez makes her way out from the room as the girls groan in disappointment as they gather close to him and the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Gm_s_o10

All kinds of thoughts are running through the mind of John E. Hendrix. He  always wanted to meet John Morrison. He was a fan of his work.  And any moment from now he will be sitting in a chair in front of John Morrison.

John sees the door opened a little bit and he he peeks inside to check if General Manager is there.

John E. Hendrix: "Hello?"

Lee Morrison looks up from his desk and sees the new hire poking his afro through the door.

Lee Morrison:  "Ah yes, Mr. Hendrix, don't just stand there, come in."

John enters the office of John Morrison and sits down.

John E. Hendrix: "Mr. John Morrison I just wanted to  thank you for hiring me.  I am really excited and grateful for this opportunity. I’ve always wanted to become a professional wrestler. Just like Bruno Sammartino did.  People in this age think that black people have no knowledge about wrestling. But I  will  prove them wrong, I will prove to them that in 1960, black people can be professional athletes. "

Lee Morrison groans inside thinking he just hired another nutcase.

Lee Morrison:  "It's Lee Morrison Mr. Hendrix and it's 2014 not 196...  You know what?  Fuck it.  If you can wrestle in the ring and give me a good match, I don't care what you call me or what year you think it is...  Now is there anything else?"

John E. Hendrix: "No Mr. John Morrison there isn’t anything else. Just introduced myself, that‘s it. Ok I'll be on my way now. I’ll be in my van if anyone will be looking for me."

John E. Hendrix leaves the room and goes back to his van.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 John_e10 VS Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Lokii_10


Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Mighty10 VS Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Nao_fo12

Brad Blood: "Bring back the funk! Bring back the funk! Bring back the funk! Bring back the funk!"

Jim Jackson: "Oh dear God, Brad. We don't carry that stuff over with us into the actual show!"

Brad Blood: "Oh, fine. I will be professional-ish. But only because you can't do anything right without me."

Jim Jackson: "That's not... You know what? I'll take it.

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a 4-way elimination match wherein of the four wrestlers competing three must be eliminated before deciding a victor. Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at an unknown amount, from Los Angeles, California.... John E. Hendrix!"

Silence. Then slowly a volume of music is being increased as a hippy van entrance the arena and "Truckin" is being played by "Grateful Dead" through the van's speakers....  and van is being parked next to the ring...

Brad Blood: Hell yeah! Bring back the funk weird funk dude that I'll probably always make fun of in the future! Hey, aren't they supposed to move the van now or something?"

Alice Aoi: "Introducing his opponent, standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 130 pounds, from the Shichuan Province of China... Nao Fook Mi!"

Oriental music starts playing on the background as smoke covers the mouth of the entrance tunnel. Suddenly out leaps Nao Fook Mi wearing a short cheongsam. She quickly makes her way down entrance ramp and enters the ring. She bows and gives her respect to the crowd before heading to her corner.

Alice Aoi: Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at exactly 220 pounds, from Whitchurch, Hampshire, England... The Magus, Lokii Weaver!"

"Journey of the Sorcerer" by The Eagles begins playing throughout the arena, followed by the jumbo-tron coming to life with a video of space: stars and darkness included. Lokii Weaver appears at the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage, dressed in an impeccably tailored suit. He glances around the arena before setting his sights on the ring and making his way down the ramp. He climbs the metal steps before stepping through the ropes into the ring.

Alice Aoi: "And finally, standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 250 pounds, from Brooklyn, New York... The Mighy One, Mighty Odin!"

Back in Black by ACDC started playing in the background as Mighty Odin makes his way out of the ring as Solomon Jake follows him from behind and telling the fans how good is Odin and how is Mighty Odin is going to decimate his opponent. Once Mighty Odin gets into the ring, he goes to the corner and folded his arms while Solomon Jake gives some final instruction to Odin before the ref rings the bell.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble... IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Jim Jackson: "I must say, I'm looking forward to seeing what this new talent of RoC can do here tonight. We've only been going for about 2 months and already these wrestlers have large expectations to meet."

Brad Blood: "They really don't. We have midgets, ladders, jobbers and morons in cat costumes under our employ after all."


Jim Jackson: "And there's the bell. All four contestants seem wary to start things off, sizing each other up before making any moves. But the calm is quickly broken by Mighty Odin charging straight in towards Lokii Weaver, trying immediately to tackle the lanky Englishman to the ground. Weaver just barely dodges out of his path, only to eat a drop kick from Hendrix. Fook Mi right on Hendrix with kung-fu kick, knocking him to the ground. Odin charges in once more, this time catching Weaver with a Lou Thesz press, pummeling him with a ground and pound!"

Brad Blood: "Serves him right, interrupting Odin's contract signing like he did. I've been following The Mighty One's career for some time and let me tell you, this guy is a BEAST that we WANT on our roster."

Jim Jackson: "Fook Mi with a roundhouse kick right into Odin's head stuns him, long enough for Weaver to shove Odin off of himself. Weaver with an elbow to the big man's skull and a follow up DDT! Weaver stands back to his feet, and almost walks into a kung-fu powered superkick by Fook Mi but catches her leg mid strike. He spins her leg away from him with and spins around to land a leg lariat. Goes to follow up, but gets blindsided by Hendrix with a flying clothesline! Hendrix turns his attention to Odin who's back to his feet and goes for a suplex... Blocked by Odin, and The Mighty One with a snap suplex of his own!"

Brad Blood: "Oh heck yeah! Everyone else is down! Watch the destruction that follows here, Jim.

Jim Jackson: "Solomon Jake yells something to Odin, who seems to be taking his advice and begins working on all three of his downed opponents with stomps, kicks and punches. He still seems like he really wants to rip into Weaver, but as we've seen already focusing on one-

Brad Blood: "Focusing on one guy when there's three wrestlers in the ring can get you blindsided! See, this guy is smart to boot, Jim!"

Jim Jackson: "Weaver back to his feet, taken down with a big boot. Hendrix back up, charges at the big man with a shoulder block attempt that Odin catches. He whips Hendrix into the turnbuckle HARD, with an impact that could be heard from anywhere in the arena. Fook Mi from behind, landing several kicks to one of Odin's leg. She dodges a wild right hand and goes in with a superkick, this one hitting its mark! Odin stumbles back, and Fook Mi charges in with a running cross-body press... Caught in mid air by Odin! The Mighty One takes a running start and uses her as a ramming tool right into Hendrix on the turnbuckle, sending both wrestlers over the ropes and out the ring!"

Brad Blood: "He just used a person as a weapon on another person! Who else does that?

Jim Jackson: "Jura."

Brad Blood: "Point made... All the same, when The Mighty One is on a roll there isn't much you can do to stop it!"

Jim Jackson: "Weaver with a running elbow strike as soon as Odin turns back around. He tries to cinch in a sleeper hold, but Odin powers out and goes for a clothesline... Weaver ducks under it, and throws a mule kick towards the same leg Fook Mi was working on earlier. Not nearly enough to keep the big man away from him... but an eye rake slips by the ref and blinds Odin. Leg sweep takes the big man down to the ground. The Magus with an elbow drop. Knee drop. Leg drop! Cover!

Jack B. Nimble: "One!"

Brad Blood: "Mighty Odin out before so much as a two count. What, does this guy think that he can just do some cheap damage and be through with The Mighty One just like that? Doesn't work that way you suit wearing crumpet eater... Hey, speaking of which, why and how is this guy wrestling in a suit? Wouldn't it, you know... be a bit sweaty?"

Jim Jackson: "I have no idea. It must be very well tailored though, because it hardly seems to be constricting him at all. Wait, Fook Mi and Hendrix both back in the ring... Double clothesline decks Weaver! They pick him back up and land a double suplex! I think the two smaller wrestlers must have come to a truce! Double cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr-"

Brad Blood: "Despite not much damage being done, the weight and leverage of two wrestlers was actually almost enough to put Weaver away. Maybe if he weren't wearing a suit, he might've been able to get out of the way easier!

Jim Jackson: "It looks like Fook Mi and Hendrix have decided to let Lokii off the hook this time as Odin is almost back to his feet, using the ropes for leverage still. Wait... Solomon Jake is shouting warnings! Mighty Odin turns around and charges, fully prepared for the double team... But they both dodge the double clothesline! They bounce back off the ropes and hit Odin with a pair of dropkicks, one high one low on his knee, forcing Odin into a stunned kneeling position. They bounce off the ropes again, this time hitting a double shoulder block, knocking Odin over! Weaver back to his feet, and they charge towards him... But he escapes by sliding out of the ring! The count has begun! Fook Mi and Hendrix decide in favor of dealing with Odin first, apparently."

Brad Blood: "Wait, why's he walking toward us? Hey, you can't sit here!"

Weaver: "Alright mush? No worries gents, I'll just be here for a penny. Just saw no reason to take a beating from those naffers."

Jim Jackson: "Well... Pleasure to have you then. Just be wary of the referee's count."

Weaver: "Oh, I intend to. I'm not pissing around with this match. Looks like the pear shaped temporary team is back on top of Mr. Odin."

Brad Blood: "Who's back to his feet on his own. Even taking a beating from two people at once this guy won't stay down! That's the mark of a great wrestler."

Jim Jackson: "A double dropkick sends Odin into the ropes, which he struggles to hold on to. Hendrix and Fook Mi with a double DDT, drilling Odin! They drag him back into the center of the ring to get him away from the ropes before going for a cover, forcing Nimble to abandon his count. It's at 4, by the way..."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr-"

Brad Blood: "And he kicks them both off, just barely before 3! Despite the close count, the fact remains that he just pushed two people off of him, defying leverage and weight to do it! You can't say that isn't impressive."

Weaver: "Hey, I did that as well."

Brad Blood: "And I admit... You're growing on me."

Jim Jackson: "Hendrix looks like he has a plan, and signals Fook Mi to the turnbuckle. Nao climbs up and awaits further instruction, only for John Hendrix to begin singing... What is that?"

Weaver: "That would be the chorus to "Have You Ever Been Disappointed" by Jimi Hendrix. Isn't that the bloke this guy thinks he is?"

Brad Blood: "Hey, yeah it is! What is up with that anyway? Did he get hit in the head one too many times as a baby or something?"

Jim Jackson: "Hendrix finishes the chorus with a HUGE right handed sucker punch that leaves Nao dazed! Hendrix climbs the turnbuckle himself... but Fook Mi regains her bearings and haults Hendrix, throwing several punches of her own. Now these two are exchanging blows like crazy on top of the turnbuckle!"

Brad Blood: "Hang on, the referee is distracted by... Well, your count Weaver- it's at 7 by the way- and he doesn't see Solomon Jake enter the ring and begin rousing Odin! He points The Mighty One towards the two wrestlers on the turnbuckle and exits the ring, before the referee could even turn around!"

Weaver: "The counts at 8, but I kinda want to see how this whole "aggro-in-paradise" thing resolves before heading back in."

Jim Jackson: "Odin interrupts the confrontation with a charging forearm to Hendrix's back, pushing him forward and Fook Mi off the turnbuckle! She just fell straight onto Hendrix's van! ... Wow, they really should have moved that thing by now."

Weaver: "Thus resetting the count! What blinding good luck."

Jim Jackson: "How strangely convenient... it's like the universe is aligning for there to be two competent commentators this match."

Brad Blood: "HEY! Not frickin' called for!"

Jim Jackson: "The Mighty Odin climbs the turnbuckle behind Hendrix and grasps him tightly... Before lifting him and falling backwards with a super backdrop! That may have done more damage to Mighty Odin, being the heavier man... All the same, The Mighty One is the first back to his feet. Odin lifts Hendrix up before grasping Hendrix's throat and picking him up... And slamming him down with his modified chokeslam! Cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr-"

Brad Blood: "Hendrix gets his shoulder up before three! I could've sworn that Odin was about to take away the funk that time."

Weaver: "This Hendrix fellow may have botched his chance at eliminating Mr. Odin. This 'Mighty One' apparently has lots of steam left in his engine, and bugger all if he can't use it to hurt people."

Jim Jackson: "The Mighty One picks Hendrix back up and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Hendrix grabs on to Odin's arms to cease movement! Hendrix slides through Odin's legs to avoid any more offense, and hits the back of Odin's leg with a mule kick. He follows up with a reverse DDT! Hendrix whips Odin into the corner and follows it up with a running knee to the face... and a bull dog for good measure! I believe that was the first part of his finisher, the "White Rabbit"."

Weaver: "Oh, take a gander at what I see! What an opportunity for chaos. Pip pip, gents."

Brad Blood: "... Yeah, I like him. Weaver jumps up on the ropes and begins distracting the referee, asking him for the specifics on the out-of-ring time limit. What good did that do?"

Jim Jackson: "It allowed Solomon Jake an opportunity! He clutches on to Hendrix as he tries to bounce off the ropes for the punt, the final part of the White Rabbit, stopping him dead in his tracks! Solomon eventually lets go, lest the referee see him. Hendrix resumes his run, and goes for the punt... But The Mighty One was ready for him with a back body drop, sending Hendrix flying right on top of his van!"

Brad Blood: " I think he's dead, Jim! Oh hey, that reset the count too."

Jim Jackson: "Lokii Weaver finally back into the ring and charges at the considerably more worn out Mighty Odin. Odin tries to take him down with a shoulder block, but Weaver knocks him back with a flying elbow strike! Irish whip into the ropes, and Weaver stops all of Odin's momentum with a well placed kick to the gut. He then takes advantage of his opponent's bent over position to place a knee against the base of his opponent's neck. Then he drops, forcing his opponent's head down to the mat, while landing on the opponent's upper body, and driving his knee into Mighty Odin's neck executing a Busking! Cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thre-"

Brad Blood: "Odin just barely gets the shoulder up! All the wear and tear from earlier on in the match may not seem to take effect when Odin has the momentum, but he's got to be hurting by now. He's taken punishment from all sides, and now most everything he does is considerably slower... even kicking out of a pin attempt."

Jim Jackson: "That's true Brad. Unlike the other wrestlers who have all, at some point, found a chance to rest, Odin has been taking hits for practically the entire match. The Magus rolls Odin over on to his stomach and steps over his back, then crosses his opponent's arms around his throat and squeezes with a modified straight jacket, a submission he calls the Profonde!"

Brad Blood: "Odin attempts to power out of it, but Weaver has leverage... And he's spent a majority of the match sitting down. Odin just can't seem to escape!"

Jim Jackson: "Odin looks like he's in real trouble... Nimble checks to see if he wants to submit, and he may have to. But wait! Fook Mi slides back into the ring and charges right at Weaver!"

Brad Blood: "She might should have waited a while longer, but what the hell... I mean, why NOT save one of your opponents, right?"

Jim Jackson: "Fook Mi interrupts the submission with an enziguri! Weaver stumbles, but recovers quickly and goes to face Nao... He charges in with a spear, but Fook Mi side steps. Nao with a spinning heel kick, knocks Weaver into the corner. She follows up quickly with a monkey flip, sending him back into the center of the ring. Weaver looks disoriented, but he still manages to make in back into his feet. Fook Mi leaps into the ropes and bounces back with a springboard dropkick! Weaver much slower back to his feet this time... Nao Fook Mi grabs her opponent's head and puts him on a facelock, she then runs on the ropes flipping over slamming her opponent's back unto the mat executing a spine-tingling Special Delivery! Weaver, possibly through instinct alone, manages to roll out of the ring..."

Brad Blood: "Once again stopping the count, just in time to save Hendrix! Am I the only one noticing a theme here?"

Jim Jackson: "It doesn't look like she cares too much, Brad. She looks ready to finish Odin..."

J. S. Bach's "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine" begins playing in the arena as Edmundo Alejandro Serrano steps out from the backstage and stands at the top of the entrance ramp.

Brad Blood: "Hey, isn't that that prince from India that Fook Mi totally dissed earlier?"

Jim Jackson: "Duke, Brad. A duke from Belize, to be exact. His entrance has stopped Fook Mi cold in her tracks. She doesn't know what to make of Edmuno's sudden appearance, but she seems to be preparing for anything."

Brad Blood: "Except... Nothing happens. I think that he's satisfied just to watch... He is royalty, after all."

Jim Jackson: "I think Nao has inferred the same thing, Brad. She turns her attention back to Odin... Who brings her down with a massive big boot to the face! Odin lifts Nao up onto his shoulders before tossing her upwards, turning her body and his own in such a way that Fook Mi lands head first into the mat!"

Brad Blood: "There it is! The Odin Slam! There's the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Three!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies an gentlemen, Nao Fook Mi has been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "Fook Mi has just been eliminated! Edmundo looks very happy with this, as well."

Brad Blood: "He should be happy about it! She insulted and disrespected him AND his position as governer of Armenia! Very impressive."

Jack B. Nimble: "Wrong continent... And he's a duke! Edmundo, apparently satisfied, takes his leave. Back in the ring, Weaver rolls back in the ring just in time to coincide with Odin rising back to his feet. Weaver flashes Odin a smug smile and straightens his tie, to which The Mighty One responds to with a flash of rage. He charges in and Weaver goes to dodge out of the way... But it was a feint! Weaver walks straight into a clothesline!"

Brad Blood: "Ha-HA! The quick dodge won't work anymore! He's learning on the quick!"

Jim Jackson: "And it only took- what?- five times for him NOT to run into a trap. Weaver tries to rise to his feet, but only makes it to his knees before Odin puts Lokii's head between his legs, and lifts him into a powerbomb position... Weaver quickly catches on to what's happening and begins pounding Odin's head with his fists and elbows. Odin, stunned, begins to try to land the powerbomb... But Weaver reverses it with a hurricanrana, sending Odin into the ropes... Where he's forced to lean on them for support. Weaver goes to capitalize and grabs Odin by his hair..."

Brad Blood: "Woah! A purple cloud of dust flies into both of their eyes! Where'd that...? It's Hendrix! He just landed the Purple Haze! I forgot about him... With how long the referee's count has been going for, I kinda just got used to it..."

Jim Jackson: "Wait, what's he holding... Is that a guitar? Hendrix uses the ropes to spring straight into the ring, landing a flying knee thrust right into Weaver's head! Hendrix wields his guitar... and smashes it over Odin's head with his illegal finisher, the Stairway to Heaven!"

Brad Blood: "WHAT!? And right in front of the referee! What the hell, numbnuts?"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, John E. Hendrix has been eliminated through disqualification!"

Jim Jackson: "He looks... Honestly shocked. He's explaining the referee that he thought the match was a no disqualification match because of the unnaturally long time everyone's been outside of the ring."

Brad Blood: "That's actually a very good point... All the same, the referee tells Hendrix that he has to go."

Jim Jackson: "But he never gets the chance! Lokii Weaver reaches around his opponent's body and lifts them up, spinning the opponent in front of his body. As Weaver brings the opponent back down to the mat the he kneels, slamming his opponent's back across his extended knee executing an Acetabularii! I guess he must be mad about all the purple dust on his suit... Weaver glances towards Odin before dropping down for a cover."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match... Lokii Weaver!"

Brad Blood: "ARGH! Frickin' insane WANNABE 80'S MUSIC ARTIST! Odin wasn't supposed to lose! Weaver wasn't supposed to win! He didn't even compete for half the match... Which, actually... That's very... Scratch that, Weaver winning is impressive, not a travesty."

Jim Jackson: "All the same, I did NOT see that guitar shot coming. At all... I would have been interested in seeing how the match would have ended without it."

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Locker10

The scene opens in the locker room of the Sideshow Superstars where we see Little Wang and The Morbidly Obese Man deep in conversation.  A worried look is seen etched on the forehead of Little Wang as he addresses his tag team partner.

Little Wang:  "I'm just not sule that I am best paltner fol you.  Maybe you better off with another paltner.  Maybe you get win with another paltner."

The Morbidly Obese Man tries to interrupt but Little Wang doesn't let him.

Little Wang:  "You and Bakra vely good fliends.  I don't rike to see my good fliends roose anymole speciarry if I the leason of roosing.  Maybe it's fol the best that this is oul rast match as tag team.  Maybe we shourd end paltnership before oul fliendship ends..."

Little Wang's voice trails off as he tries to hold back the emotion inside him.

The Morbidly Obese Man walks over and places a hand on Little Wang's shoulder...  He suddenly shakes the little wrestler real hard.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Snap out of it you idiot!  I've been listening to you spout nonsense for half an hour now...  Seriously man get a grip.  So what if we lose?  We just need to regroup and forge on!  We will get that win we deserve."

The Morbidly Obese Man kneels down until his eye level matches Little Wang's.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "As you said, we're friends, you think I'll just abandon a friend just to get a win?  You're dead wrong little guy.  Listen here, I don't plan change partners or even to look for another partner.  You're my only tag team partner buddy, like it or not, you're stuck with me."

A grin appears on the big wrestler's lips.

The Morbidly Obese Man kneels down until his eye level matches Little Wang's.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Now stop moping and get your ass up, we'll be facing The Church soon and I'll need you at 100% physically and mentally you hear?  No more of that self-pity shit."

Little Wang could only nod in reply.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "C'mon, I need to do some final preparations before our match partner."

The big man opens the door and Little Wang hops down his seat and heads for the door as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Locker10

The scene opens with the image of Crusade and the Daring one sitting in their dim locker room having what seems to be a very serious conversation, both of the demented men are dressed in their wrestling attire, apparently ready for their match. The Cameraman seemed to have interrupted Crusade mid sentence by his entrance, drawing a look that would kill if they could.

Crusade: "As I was saying before this buffoon made his way in, we cannot lose again my friend. I know that our loss to Team Symphony amounted to the greatest fluke in the history of tag team wrestling, but it cost us dearly. Now we must crush those pathetic carnie wannabes before we can even think about having a shot at the belts we rightfully deserve!"

Crusade slams his fist into a locker in the room, his mood apparent.

Crusade: "This should not even be a challenge, The Morbidly Obese Man has not won a single match in his tenure in this federation, he is obviously a wash up never has been trying to leach some money out of a thriving company before he crawls back under the boulder he came from. Little Wang is much the same, however, instead of at least being a physical threat, he's just tiny mascot for a one man, utterly pathetic tandem."

Crusade turns to the camera during his diatribe, balling his hand into a fist in front of him.

Crusade: "Tonight the Church will show the world just how dangerous a team we truly are when we crush those idiots in the middles of the ring for everyone to see! And if that thing Boy Bakla decides to show it's face? We'll just make sure it never shows itself on television ever again as well. The Daring One and I have done nothing but brood and plan since our defeat at the hands of the fluke champions team Symphony, and while their fall from the ladder of success did not happen two weeks ago, it will come just as I have foretold. In fact, their demise will come about very soon, when the sideshow idiots are crushed tonight, we will prove ourselves as a team worthy of a title shot, and when we do team Symphony will fall, and when they do we shall make sure they never get up ever again!"

Crusade steps back to give The Daring One a chance to speak for himself.

The Daring One takes the hint from crusade stepping forward.

The Daring One: "Losing and not competing for several weeks gives you time to think. Thinking about the loss, about who you fought and watching as others move on past you. And now that we get a match again not only is it not a rematch, We're fighting the Morbidly Obese Man and Little Wang. Really?"

The Daring One facepalms has he says that last part clearly showing signs of discontent.

The Daring One: "It's cool. we've got this. We'll butcher them cause it's obviously what Lee Morrison wants or he wouldn't of put us against them. then we'll take out team symphony.  We really should be the champions already but ya know shit happens. Could say Crusade and I are a little pissed off so I guess The Morbidly obese fat man's fat rolls are gonna get some use as a punching bag and we get a free game of dwarf tossing as well so that should help us remove some stress. So I think I've said enough."

The Daring one turns his back to the camera man and looks toward Crusade. Nodding and he goes to one of the benches to focus on his ring gear as the scene fades to black

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Crusad10 & Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 The_da10


Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Little12 & Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 The_mo12

Jim Jackson:  "Our next match is a tag team match featuring the teams that lucked out on the RoC Tag Team Championship Grand Prix, The Church shall be taking on Little Boy & Fat Man and the winner will get  another chance at the tag titles for they shall be facing Team Symphony in the next Chaos Supreme."

Brad Blood:  "ERMAHGERD!  Why is that midget and that mound of fat encased flesh still even competing?  They suck as a tag team.  TMOM is better off going solo."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, with a combined weight of 430 pounds, the team of Crusade and The Daring One... THE CHURCH!"

A loud, eerie chanting begins to chime through the arena before "The Beast" (Evangelion 2.0 soundtrack) begins to play. After a moment Crusade shambles out onto the ring ramp, his hair nearly covering his face as he makes his way to the ring. The zealot is wearing plain blue jean shorts along with wrestling boots, he is bare chested, showing off the tattoo of a cross on his chest. Once near the ring he rolls in, quickly making his way to a corner to await the start of the match.

Operate, Annihilate plays over the P.A as The Daring On comes out a strikes a pose as the music picks up he walks down to the ring and shouts at the fans, he gets on the turnbuckle and flips off the crowd before doing a backflip off and waits in the corner.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, with a combined weight of over 600 pounds give or take, the team of Little Wang and The Morbidly Obese Man...  LITTLE BOY & FAT MAN!"

"Entrance of the Gladiators" by Julius Fučík starts playing on the loudspeakers as a light show captivates the audience and smoke rises from the ground. Stepping through the smoke is the massive wrestler known as The Morbidly Obese Man and sitting on this shoulders, the tiny superstar Little Wang. They wave to the crowd as they make their way down the entrance ramp and into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Jim Jackson:  "Good lord!  What in heaven's..."

Brad Blood:  "IT'S JURA!  JURA JUST RUSHED OUT AND IS GOING AFTER LITTLE WANG!  HE WANTS TO GET HIS HANDS AROUND LITTLE WANG AND BEAT HIM UNTIL HE POPS!   And I don't blame him, let's watch a little flashback of what happened in the dark match on the last show.  Roll the clip."

The giant screen turns on and the viewers see the events that unfolded two weeks ago.

Jim Jackson: "Jura tries to catch Wang again, but Little Wang  ducks underneath Jura's arms and lands a basement dropkick, which... didn't do much damage to Jura other than forcing him to kneel, and leaves Wang lying on his back. Wang kips back up... Right into Jura's groin!"

Brad Blood: "This guy just HEADBUTT an 8 foot tall monster that dang well may as well be the HULK... in the NUTS! This guy isn't indestructible, he's steel! Or at the very least, his balls are!"

Jim Jackson: "With this being the second time that Wang hit him in the crotch, Jura is straight up livid. He grabs Wang by the throat with all for arms and lifts him up... And catapults him right into the ropes! And... The ropes aren't giving! They keep on stretching... And now the turnbuckles are starting to bed too! The ring is in serious danger of snapping! ... Wait, they've stopped. Everything seems to be still, with Little Wang staring in horror at Jura, while being suspended above the crowd..."

Brad Blood: "Jura... just threw Wang so hard that he initiated cartoon physics, Jim. This is Amazing! I've always wanted to see-"


Every male within 269 miles wince, feeling a sudden onset of pity, pain and immasculinity. Including Bakla.

Brad Blood: "HOLYSHITBALLS, BATMAN! WANG JUST SNAPPED BACK AT JURA GOING AT MACH SPEEDS... RIGHT INTO JURA'S BALLS! He just wrung Jura's bells at the highest of high velocity!"

Jim Jackson: "Wang looks completely out of it and Jura... I think... he's crying Brad."

Brad Blood: "With good reason, Jim... In fact *sniff* I'm a little teary eyed, too..."

Jim Jackson: "Jura crumples down to the matt in utter agony... I, I can't do this. I... I need a minute here."

Brad Blood: "M-me too... *sniff* There's no shame i-in it... E-even the r-ref is doing it...""

Jim Jackson: "..."

Brad Blood: "*sniff"

Jim Jackson: "..."

Brad Blood: "WAAAH! WAAAH!"

Alice Aoi: "I don't get it. What's the big deal?"

Jim Jackson: "..."

Brad Blood: "*sniff*"

The clip ends and we see all of the men in the crowd cringe in their seats.

Jim Jackson:  "Well there goes Little Wang leaving his partner alone to face The Church.  This has now become a handicap match."

Brad Blood:  "Handicap my foot, TMOM is a tag team just by himself."


Jim Jackson:  "There's the match and it'll be The Daring One starting off for their team.  The Daring One charges in...  The Morbidly Obese Man swings, The Daring One ducks he bounces off the ropes...  TMOM swats him to the canvas!  Ohhh!  That has got to hurt."

Brad Blood:  "Here comes TMOM, oh man...  Look at his titties jiggle and bounce as he runs...  It's soo horrible but I can't look away!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man leaps...  The Daring One rolls away!  TMOM hits nothing but canvas!  A spinning kick connects to the side of TMOM's head...  That rocked the big man.  TMOM is still seated on the mat...  Dropkick to TMOM's head!  The big man is down!  The Daring One tags in his partner!"

Brad Blood:  "Crusade is in the house!  Crusade slingshots over the top rope...   He's going for a flying elbow...  HOLY SONNUVA IMPOTENT GOAT!  Crusade just bounced off of TMOM!  It's like he hit a big block of jello!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man slowly rises to his feet...  Crusade goes low!  Dropkick to the knee and TMOM drops to one knee.  Crusade goes for the shining wizard...  TMOM BLOCKS IT!  The Morbidly Obese Man gets an arm up in time and blocks the leg of Crusade.  Crusade charges in...  Right into TMOM's hand!  TMOM has Crusade by the throat...  CHOKESLAM!"

Brad Blood:  "Whoa!  I felt the impact of that one!  Is Crusade even alive?  TMOM goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One slips in and punts The Morbidly Obese Man on the head for the save!  This is where the disadvantage of fighting alone start to show.  TMOM tries and shake the cobwebs off.  Crusade reaches out and tries to get a tag.  TMOM drags Crusade away and picks him up...  Sidewalk slam!"

Brad Blood:  "Ouch!  Crusade is getting man-handled by a mountain of man meat.  That doesn't look pretty.  Uh-oh...  TMOM has Crusade on his shoulders...  Wait!  The Daring One moved from the apron and reaches in pulling Crusade down!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man turns around...  Enzuigiri by Crusade connects!  Crusade goes for the tag...  He gets it!  The Daring One jumps in!  Low kicks by The Daring One keeps the big man at bay...  The Morbidly Obese Man reaches in...  The Daring One slips behind him and leaps unto TMOM's back!  He locks in a sleeper hold!   NO!  TMOM backs The Daring One into the turnbuckles!"

Brad Blood:  "That is just nasty!  Squished by a layer of lard!  Can The Daring One even breathe?  His face is squashed into the folds of TMOM's fat!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man moves from the corner and The Daring One slumps on the corner!  TMOM with an open palm..."

Brad Blood:  "Ay caramba!  This won't end well..."


Jim Jackson:  "A resounding slap echoed throughout the arena as The Morbidly Obese Man lights up The Daring One's chest which his open palm!  The Morbidly Obese Man picks The Daring One up....  Sit-down piledriver!  He just drilled The Daring One's head to the canvas!  TMOM for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Good save by Crusade!  Crusade with an elbow drop disrupts the three count!  The ref sends Crusade back to their corner...  LOOK OUT!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man not pleased by the interruption sends Crusade flying from the ring apron!  The Morbidly Obese Man turns around...  The Daring One with a superkick!  RIGHT ON TMOM'S CHIN!  The big man goes down!"



Brad Blood:  "The Morbdily Obese Man is down!  The Daring One goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbdily Obese Man throws The Daring One off of him at the count of two!  The Daring One with a tag...  Double Irish whip by The Church sends TMOM to the ropes...  Double dropkick to the knee!  The big man goes down!  Crusade leaps unto the ropes...  Springboard moonsault connects!   Crusade for the cover..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  " Oh man, Crusade doesn't put TMOM away!  TMOM is soaking all the damage that could normally put any other wrestler down..."

Jim Jackson:  "Crusade hits The Morbidly Obese Man with a low dropkick to the knee! Before The Morbidly Obese Man can get up Crusade steps up onto The Morbidly Obese Man's knee and delivers an axe kick directly to The Morbidly Obese Man's forehead!  Crusade hits his signature Genesis maneuver!  But wait!  TMOM is still kneeling on one knee!  He's just rocking back and forth...  Crusade off the ropes...  TMOM swings wide blindly...  IT CONNECTS!"


Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man staggers to his feet...  He's taking time to collect his bearings...  Crusade starts to stir...  The Daring One is shouting for a tag...  TMOM charges towards the corner!  The Daring One leaps out of the way just in the nick of time! "

Brad Blood:  "Good thing The Daring One anticipated that, if he gets taken out now, Crusade will be in mucho trouble."

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man spots Crusade slowly rising to his feet...   Crusade using the ropes to steady himself...  TMOM charges in... Crusade pulls the top rope down...  TMOM GOES OVER AND CRASHES OUTSIDE!  Crusade for the tag!  The Church goes outside as the referee begins the ten count!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!"

Brad Blood:  "Uh-oh looks like The Church is signalling for their finisher..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Morbidly Obese Man is knocked onto his knees by The Daring One while Crusade runs from the steel barricade."

Jack B. Quick:  "Four!  Five!  Six!"

Jim Jackson:  "When he makes it to The Morbidly Obese Man he knees The Morbidly Obese Man in the temple while The Daring One super kicks The Morbidly Obese Man in the back of the head at the same time, executing the Innovative Tag Team Maneuver.  The Church hit their finisher on TMOM!"  

Jack B. Quick:  "Seven!  Eight!  Nine!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One slides back into the ring!  TMOM goes down and he's not getting up!"

Jack B. Quick:  "Ten!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by count out, the team of Crusade and The Daring One...  THE CHURCH!"

Jim Jackson:  "And there you have it, after being abandoned by his partner, The Morbidly Obese Man put up a valiant fight but in the end The Church wins the match and with it a shot at the RoC Tag Team titles!"

Brad Blood:  "With this that beached whale over there should ditch his midget partner..."

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Backst10

The scene opens up with a lone camera man wandering through the backstage area until Shogun can be seen stepping into the frame, clad in warm up attire with a smile on his face.

Shogun: "You made it! I was starting to lose hope in you kid, next time maybe make it a little snappier for me alright?"

Shogun chuckles and pats the cameraman on the shoulder before the expression on his face shifts to something more serious.

Shogun: "I'm sure you know why this rogue camera is facing me, I have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. I'm not going to come out to the ring and tell you people something you've already heard from me a hundred times. As everyone knows by now I defeated Johnny Fortune at the last show as I promised I would. He may show a fake face and tell you all how great he is from now on, but I'm pretty sure we all know the guy was humbled in the ring like I said he would be. He stepped up into the big leagues and wrestled a fine match, but when the chips were down and the lights at their brightest...he just couldn't get the job done against the best in the world. "

Shogun shakes his head and places his hands in the pockets of his training pants before smiling once again.

Shogun: "It kinda reminds me of another guy I remember from a long time ago. It was the United League of Lunatic's first ever pay per view event, I was the champion defending my belt against this massive guy name Ray Kamaura! Sound familiar? Back then you were a lot like Johnny Fortune Ray. While I may have been the slightly deluded one at the time, you were still the young up and comer trying to make your name by defeating the dominant veteran champion in me. Just like Johnny Fortune you choked when you nearly had that Iron Man match won Ray. I know you may have grown a lot as a wrestler since that match, you're a star now shining bright in every place you find yourself in!"

Shogun pauses for a moment, pointing at the camera with a fierce expression on his face.

Shogun: "The only problem here is, I've grown a lot as well. I never stopped learning even when I won that title Ray, now we're both after a new belt and I'm hungrier for it than I have been for anything else in my entire career. How hungry are you Ray? Are you willing to wrestle injured like I have? Are you willing to risk your life for that belt? Sure, you're a big guy, but I wrestle big guys all the time. Oh, I'm beat up, but that hasn't stopped me before and it won't stop me now! I haven't seen that hunger in your matches Ray! When you come out and talk you make everything into a little joke like you're still hanging out with your DWMA buddies back in the bush league, I'm not someone you want to take lightly Ray! When you step into the ring with me tonight you will have to wrestle like it's the last match of your career! This time it's not Blas Carson you're dealing with, it's the most dangerous man to ever step into the ring and believe you me Ray, if you take me lightly you are going to regret it for the rest of your career. Good luck, and lets hope for your sake you've woken up."

With that Shogun walks around the cameraman without another word as the screen fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Locker10

The scene opens with a camera moving towards a door, the sound of humming can be faintly heard on the other side. The door opens and inside we see Ray Kamaura sitting on a bench lacing up his boots. He looked up and acted surprised.

Ray Kamaura: "Oh hi there, I'm Ray Kamaura, The Rayward son."

Ray glanced to the camera and winked.

Ray Kamaura: "Thanks Alice. Anyway I find myself in a familiar position, a situation if you will, that I have never come out on top. I have never beaten The Demonic Shogun."

Ray solemnly stared at the ground, like a small boy looking at a dropped ice cream cone.

Ray Kamaura: "The thing is... I don't know if I can win tonight. Luck can only carry me so far."

Ray rushed the camera away. He stood in the doorway until he noticed the time.

Ray Kamaura: "Game time. Here we go..."

Ray closed the door and headed towards the ring. Walking past a table Ray noticed something shiny just sitting there. Ray stopped and picked it up, it was a set of brass knuckles.

Ray Kamaura: "I guess I'll have to make my own luck tonight."

Ray laughed as he slipped the brass knuckles into his boot before he entered the Gorilla Position.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Ray_ka11 VS Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Shogun10

Jim Jackson: "Here we are, at the finals for Group A in the RoC Championship Grand Prix!  Both of these athletes have earned their place in this match and are raring to go!  In one corner we have the legendary Shogun, a man who has held more titles than you can count.  In the other corner we have Ray Kamaura, who at 24 years old is still a young gun, but he's won his fair share of titles in his career as well!  Both of these men know what it means to be the champion and both are eager to become champion once again."

Brad Blood: "Yes, but to do that they first need to win here tonight.  Ray Kamaura is arguably the fresher man here as he had an easy match against Bob Bobbie before facing Blas Carson, whereas Shogun has had tough matches against Boy Bakla and Johnny Fortune as well as a very tough debut match against The Morbidly Obese Man.  Shogun has been eking out wins thus far in his Ring of Chaos career, but that old man's luck is coming to an end!  I can feel it!"

Jim Jackson: "You do realize that Shogun is only 29 years old, right?  He's really not that old of a man."

Brad Blood: "Uh-Look Jim, Alice is about to do the introductions!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall and it is the finals of Group A in the RoC Championship Grand Prix! Introducing first, standing at 7 feet 1 inches tall and weighing in at 300 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... RAY KAMAURA!"

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas plays as Ray Kamaura runs out onto the stage. He banters with the fans for a few seconds before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Fireworks shoot out of the ramp when he jumps up and takes a position on the turnbuckle.

Alice Aoi: "And his opponent for tonight, standing in at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 265 pounds, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas... The Reaper, SHOGUN!"

"The Uninvited" by Alter Bridge hits the speakers suddenly as the lights in the arena begin flashing on and off. As soon as the first lyric is sung  Shogun bursts out from behind the curtain to a roar of cheers from the crowd, honoring the vet. He is wearing his long trench coat and sunglasses to top off his wrestling gear. When he makes it down the ramp Shogun quickly rolls into the ring and takes a small bow of respect to the crowd.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura and Shogun lock up, but Kamaura quickly uses his size to throw Shogun back and to the mat.  Shogun looks a little annoyed as Kamaura pokes fun at him.  The two men again lock up, but this time Shogun is quick to twist Kamaura's arm behind his back and into the hammerlock.  Kamaura pulls Shogun to the ropes, forcing the break."

Brad Blood: "Kamaura shakes out his arm before again locking up with Shogun, and this time, Kamaura takes control with a headlock!"

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura uses his size to apply some extra pressure, but Shogun is quick to fight out with punches to the gut of the big man.  Shogun forces Kamaura back to the ropes before trying to whip him across the ring, but Kamaura counters and sends Shogun into the ropes before sending him high into the air with the back body drop!"

Brad Blood: "There we go!  Kamaura is taking advantage of the old man!  I can feel it, Shogun is going to lose tonight!"

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura runs through Shogun with a brutal clothesline.  As Shogun stumbles back to his feet, Kamaura whips him into the corner before following up with an avalanche!  Shogun stumbles into the sidewalk slam.  Kamaura hooks the leg for the cover, but Shogun kicks out before the one count."

Brad Blood: "Shogun is putting on a strong face, but he's surely feeling the pain of those moves!  Keep pressing him, Kamaura... I can't believe I'm actually rooting for a guy who almost lost to two idiots in cat suits on his debut."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura slams Shogun's face into the turnbuckle pad before trying to force him onto the top turnbuckle.  Shogun fights Kamaura off with a few hard shots, but Kamaura comes charging right back and into a drop toe-hold."

Brad Blood: "Kamaura's face bounced off of those turnbuckle pads... this could be bad for him!  This is the opening that Shogun needs!"

Jim Jackson: "And Shogun is going to take advantage of it!  He quickly grabs Kamaura from behind before lifting him up and slamming him to the mat with the back suplex.  Kamaura looks stunned after that one!  He gets up on wobbly legs as Shogun hits the ropes... running bulldog!"

Brad Blood: "Get yourself together, Kamaura!  This is for the spot in the finals!"

Jim Jackson: "Still a bit dazed, Kamaura shoves Shogun back before trying to follow up with a clothesline, but Shogun ducks underneath before lifting Kamaura up and slamming him with a huge spinebuster!  Shogun quickly hooks the legs for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "Yes!  Kamaura isn't done yet as he powers out at two!  Shogun is working extra hard just to lift Kamaura, he can't keep this up for long!"

Jim Jackson: "Shogun is looking to end this match here with Kamaura down!  Shogun quickly grabs Kamaura's leg and tries to lock in the figure four, but Kamaura is able to react and use his free leg to push Shogun away.  Kamaura gets back to his feet and takes a swing at Shogun, but Shogun dodges it and pulls Kamaura to the mat with the russian legsweep.  Shogun quickly heads to the ropes, but he's followed by Kamaura who catches him with a brutal clothesline as he turns around, sending over the ropes and onto the floor!"

Brad Blood: "That was a nasty clothesline that completely blindsided the old timer!  And what a horrible landing on the outside for Shogun!  His back hit the floor HARD, and I think Kamaura is aware of that!"

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura rolls out of the ring and grabs Shogun before running him back-first into the crowd barricade!  Before Shogun can even catch a moment, Kamaura grabs him and hurls him into the steel steps!  Shogun's back must be killing him!  Kamaura rolls Shogun into the ring before going for the cover."

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "Shogun refuses to do what's best for his body and stay down!  The old man is going to fight himself into a cripple."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura looks just as annoyed as you are, Brad.  He lifts Shogun onto his shoulders, but Shogun fights out of it with a few hard elbows to the face and lands behind Kamaura.  Grabbing Kamaura by the waist, Shogun tries to lift the big man up, but his back just isn't able to do it!  Before Shogun can change his attack, Kamaura catches him on the side of the head with a big elbow.  Shogun staggers back to the ropes after being hit, but instead of falling down he braces himself with the middle rope and leans back almost out of the ring before springing himself back into the ring where he swings his arm out lariat style and eats a big boot from Kamaura!  Shogun was going for the Decapitation Nation, but Kamaura saw it coming!"

Brad Blood: "Kamaura tells Shogun "not today" before pulling him up by his hair.  Kamaura grabs Shogun by the throat before lifting him into the air and hurling him to the mat with a chokeslam!  This is it!  Kamaura goes for the pin and the win!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson: "Shogun manages to get the shoulder up just before the count of three!  Kamaura looks furious.  He pulls Shogun to his feet before driving him into the corner.  Kamaura lifts Shogun onto the turnbuckle before climbing up and trying to hook him up for the superplex.  Shogun tries to fight out of it, and the two begin exchanging some heavy shots before Shogun manages to knock Kamaura off of the turnbuckle with a headbutt."

Brad Blood: "Before Shogun can follow up though, Kamaura is back to his feet and catches him with a hard right hand.  Kamaura is back on the turnbuckle and the two are going at it once again."

Jim Jackson: "Shogun again manages to get the advantage in this battle before grabbing Kamaura.  What has he got in mind here?  Despite the pain in his back, Shogun manages to lift Kamaura into the air before stepping off of the turnbuckle and dropping Kamaura down to the mat on his head and neck!  SUPER SECOND STAGE TURBINE BLADE!"

Brad Blood: "NO!  Shogun can't luck out another win!  This can't be happening again!"

Jim Jackson: "That move took a lot out of Shogun.  He slowly crawls over to Ray Kamaura before finally managing to drape an arm across the shoulders."

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood: "KAMAURA KICKS OUT!  KAMAURA KICKS OUT!  YES!  This new, boring Shogun might be beaten yet!"

Jim Jackson: "The fans can't believe it, Shogun can't believe it, even I can't believe it!  That move could have killed Kamaura, and yet he managed to kick out and stay in this match.  If that doesn't tell you how important this opportunity is to these men than I don't know what will."

Brad Blood: "I hate to agree with you Jim, but I have to agree with you.  Kamaura is showing some amazing heart in there while Shogun is being as boring and stubborn as ever!"

Jim Jackson: "That's not what I said, Brad.  Regardless, Kamaura is pulling himself to his feet in the corner.  Shogun charges in and runs straight into a big boot!  Kamaura explodes out of the corner with a huge clothesline, nearly taking Shogun's head off!  Kamaura pulls Shogun to his feet before whipping him into the ropes... another sidewalk slam from Kamaura."

Brad Blood: "Kamaura doesn't go for the cover here and instead signals that this is going to be it."

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura pulls Shogun back to his feet before kicking him in the gut to double him over.  Ray bounces off the ropes and runs past Shogun before rebounding off of the ropes and jumping, trying to place his foot the back of Shogun's head, but Shogun manages to avoid it at the last moment!  Kamaura turns into a kick to the gut before Shogun lifts him into a suplex position, but he changes it at the last minute, dropping Kamaura down on his head and neck executing another Second Stage Turbine Blade!  Shogun rolls onto Kamaura for the cover."

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match by pinfall and advancing to the finals of the RoC Championship Grand Prix... The Reaper, SHOGUN!"

Jim Jackson: "And this time he gets it!  Shogun has managed to defeat Ray Kamaura here tonight and advances into the finals of the Ring of Chaos Championship Grand Prix after a hard fought battle!  Shogun will now go on to face the winner of the Group B finals.  Despite nearly managing a victory, Kamaura is unfortunately going to have to head back down to the bottom of the contenders list."

Brad Blood: "And that's where he should be, Jim!  Kamaura is a loser!  He almost lost to two idiots in cat suits in his debut and now he's failed to beat a has been!"

Jim Jackson: "You'll have to excuse my broadcast partner, fans.  One of his least favorite wrestlers has just managed to get into the finals of the Grand Prix and he's worried that this man will become your first Ring of Chaos World Champion.  Now, for all of us, that would be great.  For Brad, however, that would mean calling more of his matches."

Brad Blood: "You're damn right, and Shogun doesn't deserve me calling his matches!  The old Shogun would have, but not this new, boring version.  I hope he gets beaten and embarassed in the finals, that would show him!  That would show him that this new Shogun is a joke!"

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Gm_s_o10

The scene opens with yet again, which seems to become an normal thing for the door to swing open without knocking for allowing TJ Austin to come in with his usual suit. But this time he seems to be carrying a brown briefcase with him, he looks at Lee Morrison with a smile as he puts the briefcase on Morrison's desk.

TJ Austin:" Hey it's my favourite guy to talk to, I'm sure I am your's two. I have this briefcase, which has something really interesting."

TJ Austin waits for a response.

Lee Morrison is beginning to get irked at the antics of TJ Austin...  He stands up, grabs the briefcase and walks over to a garbage can.  He casually drops the briefcase in the trash can and then beckons security to haul TJ Austin out of his office.

Before security drags Austin out of the door Lee Morrison addresses the young cocky wrestler.

Lee Morrison:  "Mr. Austin, I really hope this is the final time you do this.  I have no time for your antics.  If you want to be in good terms with me, then just prove that you can do a good match in the ring.  In fact I'll book you in a match next week.  See to it that you don't disappoint me."

With that Lee Morrison signals security to drag TJ Austin out of his office.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 T-rexb10
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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:15 pm

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Backst10

The scene opens backstage where Julia Rodriguez is seen standing beside Thaddeus Rex.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Good evening everyone, Julia Rodriguez here and standing beside me is none other than Thaddeus Rex who tonight shall be facing off against Chiyonosake where the winner will be advancing to the finals of the RoC World Championship Grand Prix.  What are your thoughts about tonight's match Mr. Rex?"

Thaddeus Rex:  "Thoughts?  There are not thoughts Julia, I shall simply walk in and destroy Chiyonosake.  He is nothing but a drunken fool that is overrated and overpaid.  I have fought long and hard for this chance and I'll be damned if I let this inebriated fool get the better of me, so tonight, I shall do what I do best inside the ring...  Dominate, defeat and DESTROY!"

Julia Rodriguez nods as she continues on with her questions.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Well many people are saying that Chiyonosake is a dark horse in this grand prix.  Some even say that his fluke wins are actually all calculated strategies..."

Thaddeus Rex doesn't even let Julia Rodriguez finish the question.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Dark horse?  He's as pasty as any white boy I've seen.  He's no dark horse, in fact he's the horse that has a limp leg and has to be put down if anything.  Now those who think that his wins are actually calculated strategies, they ain't right in the head.  We all saw that all his wins are attributed to just plain old luck but tonight his luck ends.  Tonight I shall get the one, two, three and advance to the finals and win the RoC World Championship belt."

Julia Rodriguez:  "If you do win tonight, you'll still have a tough battle ahead two weeks from now.  Do you have any strategy or special training in store?"

Thaddeus Rex:  "First of all, let me correct you Julia, I WILL WIN tonight, there's no doubt about that.  And secondly, what makes you think I'll talk about my training and my strategies on the air?  I'm no fool.  I'm not giving my opponents any insight on my plans.  Now if you'll excuse me, I think I've wasted enough time entertaining your foolish questions."

With that Thaddeus Rex departs leaving Julia Rodriguez alone.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Well, you heard it folks, Thaddeus Rex predicts his victory tonight against his opponent Chiyonosake.  Will his predictions come true or shall it fall into the cracks of lost promises and failed dreams?  Stay tuned to find out."

Julia Rodriguez's interview ends and the scene slowly fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Gm_s_o10

A figure scribbles down a name onto the contract in front of him before looking up at Lee Morrison.

???: "Thanks for giving me this opportunity, Mr. Morrison.  This is a mightily fine contract you have offered me here.  I'm looking forward to my first match here."

After shaking Morrison's hand, the man turns around and reveals himself to be the legendary Nicolas Dorn, known as Smooth Dorn the Destroyer in his prime.  A man who has won countless titles during his prime, competed around the world against nearly every big name of his time, and a man who has been involved in every match that has ever be had.  What could have brought Nicolas Dorn out of retirement?  What is Dorn looking to accomplish here in Ring of Chaos?  And will the legend from the past still be able to go?  We'll have to wait to find out... mainly because Nicolas Dorn has walked past the camera and is already gone.

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Chiyon10 VS Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Thadde14

Jim Jackson:  "And now we have reached the final match of the evening, a semi-finals match in the ROC World Championship Grand Prix.  Whoever wins this one gets to face Shogun in the finals two weeks from now."

Brad Blood:  "Well I'm gonna root for Chiyonosake in this one, T-Rex can go burn in hell!  Besides Chiyonosake looks like he's sober tonight, we'll finally see the man dubbed as The Human Wrecking Ball in action."

Jim Jackson:  "You are letting your feelings get in the way of your announcing again.  He beat your son fair and square."

Brad Blood:  "Shaddup!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall and it is a RoC Championship Grand Prix elimination match! Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 320 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... The Drunken Wolf, The Human Wrecking ball...  CHIYONOSAKE!"

Downfall of us all by A day to remember hits the loud speakers, He runs out with a bottle of sake in one hand and lets out a bunch of drunken roars, flexes and punches the air as the fans cheer for him, he then runs down to the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds, hailing from Harlem, New York... T-Rex, THADDEUS REX!"

"Carnivore" by Starset starts playing on the speakers as Thaddeus Rex wearing a hooded robe steps through the smoke and stops at the top of the entrance ramp.  He shrugs off his hood as the crowd starts to pelt him with loud boos, proof of the legacy and notoriety that he has amassed through the years.  Ignoring the negative reaction from the crowd, he makes his way to the ring and leaps to the apron.  He lets out a loud roar which silences his detractors before he enters the ring and heads to his corner to wait for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Right of the bat Thaddeus Rex knocks Chiyonosake down with a hard clothesline.  Chiyonosake gets back up...  Another clothesline knocks him back on his back.  Chiyonosake gets back up...  Right into a spinebuster by T-Rex!  T-Rex goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Only a two count there.  T-Rex has to do more than that to keep down Chiyonosake.  Going for a pinfall this early...  I'd say that T-Rex is trying to end this match early, probably because his stamina won't last if the match drags on...  One of the perils of aging...  WHY DON'T YOU JUST RETIRE YOU OLD FOOL!"

Jim Jackson:  "Chiyonosake blocks a right hook from Thaddeus Rex and counters with a forearm to the face.  Chiyo goes for a hammerlock but T-Rex elbows his way out of it.  T-Rex is laying it on Chiyonosake with hard lefts and rights...  He lifts Chiyonosake up...  Body slam!   T-Rex with an elbow drop...  He misses!"

Brad Blood:  "Hah!  See?  He can't even hit Chiyonosake with that elbow drop!  MAYBE YOU NEED TO GET YOUR EYES CHECKED GRAMPS!"

Jim Jackson:  "Irish whip by Chiyonosake sends Thaddeus Rex to the ropes...  Big clothesline by Chiyonosake!  Chiyonosake pulls T-Rex up to his feet, he's going for a suplex...  Blocked by T-Rex!  T-Rex counters with a suplex of his own!  Thaddeus Rex approaches his opponent who is lying facing down. He grabs his opponent's arms, and pulls it to his opponent's back. Thaddeus Rex then rolls or flips forward into a bridge, applying pressure on the wrist and elbow executing a Grounding the Prey."

Brad Blood:  "NOOO!  Dammit Chiyo is like a few inches away from the ropes...  REACH!  REACH!  REEEEEEEEEEACH!  And he makes it!  Look at that cheat!  T-Rex is still holding on to his submission hold!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!  Four..."

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex finally releases Chiyonosake just before he gets disqualified."

Brad Blood:  "That cheat!  That dirty dirty cheat!"

Jim Jackson:  "You do realize that any other time, you'd cheer if someone did what T-Rex did, even calling it a brilliant strategy...  Thaddeus Rex resumes his onslaught on Chiyonosake!  Chiyo tries to put up a fight but the barrage of punches from T-Rex is just overwhelming The Human Wrecking Ball.  Irish whip sends Chiyo crashing to the corner.  T-Rex charges in...  Ooh!  A big elbow from Chiyonosake stuns T-Rex!"

Brad Blood:  "Haha!  That's it!  Now things will start to turn around!  Go Chiyo go!  Time to put that old bastard in an old folks home!"

Jim Jackson:  "Big uppercuts by Chiyonosake...  Side suplex by Chiyo sends Thaddeus Rex to the canvas.  Chiyonosake lifts T-Rex up...  Oh!  Backbreaker connects!   Chiyonosake goes up to the top turnbuckle...  T-Rex shakes the ropes and Chiyo loses his balance!  HE FALLS RIGHT ON HIS FAMILY JEWELS!  That has got to hurt.  T-Rex takes advantage of the situation...  SUPERPLEX BY T-REX!!!   He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Haha!  Now we see how tough Chiyo is!  He ate that superplex but still managed to kick out!  Things are not over yet...  Chiyo still has some fight left in him..."

Jim Jackson:  "You know you are in denial aren't you?  Thaddeus Rex has been dominating this whole match!"

Brad Blood:  "Hah!  So did Colton and so did Berry and what happened?  THEY BOTH LOST!  Chiyo will pull up a win."

Jim Jackson:  "Fine...  Whatever!  Thaddeus Rex sets Chiyonosake up for a powerbomb...  Chiyo counters it with a back body drop!   Chiyo with a leg drop...  Right on the back of T-Rex's neck!  Fist drop by Chiyonosake connects!  Chiyo lifts T-Rex up... Powerslam!  That shook the ring!  Chiyonosake for the cover! "

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Tsk!  C'mon punish him more Chiyonosake!  Punish him more!"

Jim Jackson:  "Chiyonosake with an Irish whip sends Thaddeus Rex to the ropes...  Chiyo is going for a back body drop but T-Rex counters it with a knee to the face!  Chiyo throws a wild punch...  Arm drag sends Chiyonosake down!  Chiyonosake gets up and again gets sent to the canvas by another arm drag.  Chiyonosake gets up a third time...  He eats leather as his face meets the sole of T-Rex's boot!  T-Rex pulls Chiyonosake up...  Chiyo reverses an Irish whip!  Shoulder block by Chiyonosake sends T-Rex down!  And...  Are you texting while calling the match?"

Brad Blood:  "What?  No!  I was just putting my phone on silent!  Look!  Chiyo is finally stomping away at T-Rex!  Things are turning around."

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex trips Chiyonosake while his foot was raised!  T-Rex gets back to his feet...  Thaddeus Rex holds both the opponent's arms under his own, and delivers a series of headbutts to his opponent, who is unable to counter executing an Unbridled Ferocity.  It's his signature maneuver!  Chiyonosake is seeing stars.  Thaddeus Rex throws a big right...  It somehow misses Chiyonosake and hits the referee!   The referee is down!   And..  IS THAT XAVIER BLOOD?!  Xavier Blood has entered the ring with a steel chair and he just clocked Thaddeus Rex over the head, not once!  Not twice!  BUT THRICE!  Xavier Blood drags Chiyonosake over T-Rex!"

Brad Blood:  "Oooooh yeah!  That's right!  The beautiful offspring of my loins has come out to take revenge for his daddy!  T-Rex is going down!"

Jim Jackson:  "So that's why you were texting earlier!  You were texting your sleazeball of a son to come out to interfere!"

Brad Blood:   "What?!  No!  I wasn't...  You can't prove anything!  And look!  The ref is coming to!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "AND THADDEUS REX SOMEHOW MANAGES TO KICK OUT!  Xavier Blood is in shock!  My partner Brad is in shock!  Chiyo still doesn't know what's going on!  Chiyonosake shakes off the cobwebs and notices T-Rex on the canvas...  He pulls T-Rex up and plants him with a DDT!   Chiyonosake climbs up to the top turnbuckle...  He jumps...  T-REX ROLLS AWAY ON THE LAST SECOND!  Chiyo lands on his butt!  That has got to hurt.  T-Rex gets back up to his feet... Chiyonosake also gets back to his feet...  Both men charge at each other...  T-Rex ducks below a clothesline attempt...  T-Rex bounces on the ropes...  XAVIER BLOOD TRIPS HIM AND THE REF DIDN'T SEE IT!"

Brad Blood:  "HAHAHA!  That's the way to do it son!  Did you see that Jim?  Executed so perfectly...  Just like my son PERFECT!"

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex is distracted throwing curses at Xavier Blood, Chiyonosake with a big forearm to T-Rex's back...  Full Nelson slam by Chiyonosake on T-Rex!  Chiyonosake with a series of stomps keeps T-Rex down as Xavier Blood dances with glee while making his way back up the ramp...  XAVIER BLOOD TRIPS ON HIS OWN LEG AND FALLS OFF THE RAMP!  THE CROWD CHEERS LOUDLY!"

Brad Blood:  "SON!  XAVIER!  ARE YOU OKAY?!  This is all T-Rex's fault!"

Jim Jackson:  "Now how can that be Thaddeus Rex's fault?  You're being an idiot more than usual now Brad.  Chiyonosake lifts Thaddeus Rex up with a gorilla press then drops him into a kick to the jaw!  It's the bottom of the bottle!  Chiyo hits his signature move!  Chiyonosake for the cover!"

Brad Blood:  "C'mon end that old fogey!  Show that has been that he's washed up!  TAKE REVENGE FOR ME AND MY SON!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "No!  Thaddeus Rex still somehow gets a shoulder up!  Chiyonosake can't believe it!  Chiyonosake signals for the Super Sake Bomb...  He tries to lift T-Rex up on his shoulders...  Thaddeus Rex somehow blocks the attempt!  Irish whip by Thaddeus Rex!  Thaddeus Rex charges towards his opponent and spears him to the ground.  He then mounts his opponent and proceeds to hammer down with both fists until his opponent is beaten to unconsciousness executing an extremely violent Rampage!  Chiyonosake is not moving!  T-Rex hooks the leg!"


Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall and advancing to the final round of the RoC World Championship Grand Prix, T-Rex...  THADDEUS REX!"

Jim Jackson:  "And with that Thaddeus Rex wins despite the interference from Xavier Blood...  Uh...  Brad I think he's heading towards Xavier!"

Brad Blood:  "Aw crap...  Gotta go!"

Jim Jackson:  "Brad just picked up his son and runs away with Thaddeus Rex chasing close behind!"

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "What a show, what a show, tonight we saw a surprise announcement from the boss introducing a lightweight division, next we also saw two men advance to the RoC World Championship Grand Prix Finals...  Congratulations to Shogun and Thaddeus Rex for their wins!  I'm sure the fans are as eager as I am to find out who will take home the new title belts.  But as of now it is time to bid adieu.  Unfortunately my idiot partner and his idiot son is still being chased by Thaddeus Rex so I have to close the show by my lonesome tonight.  So until next time, good fight and good night!"

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 10/12/2014 T-rexb10
Thaddeus Rex
Thaddeus Rex

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