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Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Christ11 VS Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Samant10

Jim Jackson: "Hello, Welcome to Chaos Supreme, and tonight we have a special match lined  for the live crowd here in the arena."

Brad Blood: "Lucky for us, this is not televised so I can say what I want. Shit, fuck, boobs, bananarama, margaret thatcher."

Jim Jackson: "Classy as always Brad. Now tell us about this two participants."

Brad Blood: "With pleasure, we have two of the sexiest and most beautiful women in Ring of Chaos stepping toe to toe, to see who is the breast of the breast."

Jim Jackson: "Did you just say..."

Brad Blood: "We have the perky girl next door from Seattle, Christy Chase going up against the fiery redhead from Ireland, making her debut here tonight, Samantha King. God, I hope for a wardrobe malfunction. Even just a little nip will send me home happy"

Jim Jackson: "Both hands on the table Brad. Now we send it over to Alice Aoi for the introductions"

Alice Aoi:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing next, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 150 pounds, hailing from Seattle, Washington…  CHRISTY CHASE!"

"Chasing the Dream" by Alex Kassel starts playing on the speakers as Christy Chase dashes through the curtains waving to the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. With a huge leap she lands on the ring apron and slingshots herself into the ring using the top rope. She lands perfectly, waves one final time to the crowd before heading to her corner.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, her opponent, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 120 pounds, hailing from the Emeral Isle, "THE MORRIGAN" SAMANTHA KING!"

Sirenia's “The Other Side” begins to play as Samantha King walks out onto the entrance to an array or violet and scarlet lights. She is dressed in white and is wearing a black hooded cloak. Samantha continues down to the ring waving to the crowd. You can hear the whistling of the gentlemen in the audience. She enters the ring, removes her cloak and waves to the crowd.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Brad Blood: "And here...we...go!"

Jim Jackson: "Both ladies lock up in the center of the ring, it seems to be a test of strength. And Christy prevails and locks Samantha in a headlock."

Brad Blood: "Oh what I would give to be in that headlock just for one day."

Jim Jackson: "King pushes Chase off and towards the ropes and hits with a devastating spinning kick that connects straight to the jaw.”

Brad Blood: "Not the face!"

Jim Jackson: "She's climbing the ropes with the greatest of ease and flies through the air. driving the point of the elbow right into the chest of Chase"

Brad Blood: "Samantha is on top! Oh yeah!"

Jack B. Quick: One!  Two...

Jim Jackson: "She gets the shoulder up just in time."

Brad Blood: "Good, now wardrobe malfunctions have happened yet. The match can't end yet!"

Jim Jackson: "An Irish whip sends Christy into the corner"

Brad Blood: "Ha! Necessary!"

Jim Jackson: "She's picking up some steam as she sprints towards her and....receives a boot to the face stopping her in her tracks."

Brad Blood: "Why is it always the face? Those beautiful, beautiful faces."

Jim Jackson: "Just call the match brad. Chase is now on the offensive, Spinning back kick, followed by a flying back elbow, Jumps up onto the shoulders of The Morrigan."

Brad Blood: "She has her legs wrapped around King's neck. A lesbian's favorite move. Hurricanrana! The leg is hooked!"

Jack B. Quick:  One!  Two...

Brad Blood: "Kickout! Damn, I was enjoying that sight."

Jim Jackson: "The match continues either way. Christy lifts Samantha up by the hair."

Brad Blood: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

Jim Jackson: "Shut up brad, Woah! A superkick knocks King into a daze, Irish whip followed by the hip toss attempt but it is reversed."

Brad Blood: "A high kick to the back of the head, at least it isn't the face. Samantha take a quick sprint and connects with a missile dropkick to the chest of Chase. Hey Jim, you think those are real?"

Jim Jackson: "She waits for Chase to get to her feet and swings the right hand, It's dodged and is retaliated with a clothesline."

Brad Blood: "Another flying elbow to the chest. How about those? You think her's are real?"

Jim Jackson: "The leg is hooked and the referee is straight down for the count."

Jack B. Quick: “One!  Two...”

Brad Blood: "Kickout! Is that a nipple exposed?"

Jim Jackson: "No Brad, Samantha is picked up of the mat but quickly fights back with a spin kick."

Brad Blood: "These girls just can't leave the face alone can they? Anyway she goes for the pin."

Jack B. Quick: “One!  Two...”

Jim Jackson: "Kicked out! Which is what brad will be if he doesn't stop being a perverted idiot."

Brad Blood: "Testosterone Jim, you should try it sometime."

Jim Jackson: "More kicks by Samantha followed by another pin attempt but it appears she hasn't got the shoulders pinned to the mat."

Brad Blood: "Rookie mistake my friend. She goes for the elbow drop but Chase rolls out of the way at the last second. Christy applies the headlock and runs towards the turnbuckle, and successfully hits the bulldog. There's the pin cover. Boobs on boobs!"

Jack B. Quick: “One!  Two...”

Jim Jackson: "Another close call. You were so close brad, but you just had to mention the breasts didn't you?"

Brad Blood: "Look at them, how can you not? Right hand! King ducks! Clothesline! Dodged again! And down goes Jack."

Jim Jackson: "The ref is down. Kenta style flying knee by the morrigan but the ref is down, no one is there to make the count."

Brad Blood: "I'm on it!"

Jim Jackson: "Sit down brad, you don't have the authority to referee the match."

Brad Blood: "A man can dream can't he?"

Jim Jackson: "Sam is try to walk the referee up but Christy grabs her from behind."

Brad Blood: "Did you say grab her behind?"

Jim Jackson: "No I didn’t, She is spotted and is smacked on the head with a Pele style soccer kick. She goes down and the referee is getting up."

Jack B. Quick: “........One!.......Two...”

Brad Blood: "That was a very slow count. Well done! The match continues!"

Jim Jackson: "Settle down, King has applied a hammerlock on Chase. She continues to apply the pressure but Chase is beginning to fight out of it."

Brad Blood: "She does and hits a wicked chop to the chest. Look at those puppies jiggle."

Jim Jackson: "Another Kick stops the momentum of Christy and she is driven head first into the mat with a vicious DDT. Lift up from the mat and slammed back down with a back suplex. Headlocked in."

Brad Blood: "Not for long, Christy is laying punches into the ribs forces the release and now she runs and springs of the second rope with a double axe handle. Samantha goes down and begin to crawl towards the corner."

Jim Jackson: "Chase is starting to feed off the crowd and runs in and hits the corner dropkick. She pulls king out from the ropes and goes for the pin."

Jack B. Quick: “One!  Two...”

Brad Blood: "She gets the shoulder up. Christy appears to be setting up for something big, could she be thinking off ending this match already? Doesn't matter, Leg sweep sends her down to the mat."

Jim Jackson: "Hurricanrana, revenge for the one earlier in the match perhaps? The ref is in for the count."

Jack B. Quick: “One!  Two...”

Brad Blood: "Phew! Just like the beat, the match goes on. Superkick! The Morrigan didn't even allow Chase a chance to get to her feet."

Jack B. Quick: “One!  Two...”

Jim Jackson:  "Kick out. King picks Chase up and throws her to the rope with the Irish whip, she attempts a back drop but receives a kick in the face for her trouble."

Brad Blood: "Such a pretty face too."

Jim Jackson:  "She stumbles into a dropkick followed by a kip up by Christy. Wild right hand is countered by a springboard back elbow. Both women appear have been winded by that exchange."

Brad Blood: "But Samantha is the one who makes it to her first. Samantha King stands ready as Christy Chase gets to their feet. Samantha swings her leg delivering a swift boot to the groin area. Before Christy can hit the ground, She then locks them in a three quarter face lock and tightens her grip. With a haunting scream, she jumps up into the air and backflips over Christy Chase driving them into the mat with a standing shiranui. BANSHEE'S CRY!!!"

Jack B. Quick: “One!  Two...Three!”


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall... "THE MORRIGAN" SAMANTHA KING!"

Brad Blood: "It's over? But there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. What cruel fate is this?"

Jim Jackson: "Cruel Fate? Just wait until the girls hear about the stuff you have been saying about them."

Brad Blood: "You would sell me out just like that? After all we've been through?"

Jim Jackson: "Now, you forget that there are other people sitting beside you and the fact that all of this is being recorded even if it's not televised."

Brad Blood: "I regret nothing."

Jim Jackson: "Anyway that was a tremendous showing by both of Chase and King. I hope to see them battle once against inside the squared circle"

Brad Blood: "Hopefully in a bra and panties match, am I right? High five!"

Jim Jackson: "I am just going to leave you hanging, just like when they get a hold of you."

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Chaos_11

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "Good evening everyone and welcome to another night of action, excitement and drama as we bring you Chaos Supreme!  Joining me here on the announce table is the ever incorrigible Brad Blood!"

Brad Blood:  "Well tonight we have a great show for everyone, rumors backstage is that Ray Kamaura is on the rampage and he's ready to rip new assholes into Colton and Thaddeus..."

Jim Jackson:  "After what happened two weeks ago, I don't blame him.  But tonight we also have great matches lined up including a four-way elimination match for the number one contender spot for the RoC Lightweight title!"

Brad Blood:  "Just that alone is getting me pumped up!  C'mon, let us get the ball rolling!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Beyond10

The following has been paid for by friends and family of the Northern Kings. Sponsored by Dungeons & Dragons and Bangbros.

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T'was the night before christmas and all through the night, Everyone was drinking but no one would fight

A long came a man, so big and so jolly. It was a fat homeless man, living out of a trolley

Sober and lonely on christmas eve, he stopped in an alley because he needed to pee

When suddenly a dragon, big and so scary, rose from the trash with a man that was real hairy

The homeless man ran as fast as he can, until he crashed into something, it was Allister king man

The man begged and pleaded "oh save me good sir"

But all king did say was "Check out the rack on her"

Yes, she was busty and had a great ass to boot, but the dragon was approaching like zip zap zoop

The homeless man begged "Help me, a dragon!"

To which was replied "Dude, jump in this wagon"

Into the wagon, the homeless man went, as allister king thought "This guy must be bent"

A roar from the heavens, was heard from a far

But all king could see was a classy strip bar

He pondered and looked for what made that strange sound

Until he found a great weapon lying down on the ground

He picked it up and scratched his head

He said "Whoever dropped this is probably dead"

The dragon emerged in a blaze of fire

He thought to himself "Must be an extra for hire"

The hobbit was playing in the cinema near him

But now was not the time to go there with jim

Jim was the homeless man, i should have probably mentioned

He was slightly dyslexic and claimed a great pension

The dragon roared and the skies tore asunder

King just shrugged and thought "Meh, thunder"

The breath of fire came out of its mouth

Allister dodged, the direction? South

He realised "Shit this thing must be real"

Then the dragon slipped on an old banana peel

"Ha, you fell over" As he laughed with glee

The dragon was crying "Stop mocking me"

Allister was smart and crafty to boot

So he decided to go high up on a roof

The dragon was screaming causing it was in pain

Then all of a sudden it started to rain

Rain came down and made everything wet

The dragon said "You can't kill me", Allister replied "Wanna bet?"

He jumped from the roof with no fear in his heart

And pierced the dragon which let out a fart

The weapon lay plunged into the lizard

Then all of a sudden the rain became a blizzard

"What is up with this stupid weather?"

Allister screamed because he forgot his sweater

"Kill me now mortal!" The dragon cried

"Whatever" said King who just stood there and sighed

With the weapon pierced and with great force applied

The dragons heart stopped and then he just died

The homeless man danced for the dragon was slain

All king though was "Man, what a pain!"

The homeless shook with a shiver

As allister cut out the fire dragon's liver

"You saved my life, how can i repay you?"

"Buy me a lap dance, dude what say you?"

"I'm sorry good sir but no money have i"

Allister turned to the camera "Get a load of his guy"

"Do not fear for what i say is true"

"Can't afford a stripper? Man i got you"

Into his pocket, he pulled out his money

"Let's go dude, i know this one named honey"

The strippers rejoiced for the payment was right

But neither of these men would forget this night.


Dungeons & Dragons for when porn just isn't enough.

Bangbros. fuck D&D when you got huge tits and beavers.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Locker10

The scene opens with the three new bird residents to Ring of Chaos conversing about their upcoming match. Eagle is sat on a chair in the middle of the room with Kestrel pacing around him. Parrot is leaning up against the wall with his hand over his jawline deep in thought.

Eagle: "I know that we haven't gotten off to the greatest of starts, but tonight you two are involved in this match up and you two alone! Parrot! You must have Kestrel bring out his best! Tag matches is what this stable does best! Unique communication is at our disposal and it must be utilized to it's fullest!"

Parrot puts a hand on the big man's shoulder as a sign that he understands.

Eagle: "Good. Communicate with Kestrel, I know he is agitated but it will only serve as a negative in this match as a whole! Not to mention the breeze he is creating is making me chilly! Let's get him to use that energy in a different way and we should breeze that Irish pairing!"

Eagle smirks and Parrot nods his head with a smile back. He grabs Kestrel and pulls him to the side to begin using sign language to calm the fast paced wrestler.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Locker10

The camera opens up to show the three members of the Northern Kings, Allister, Callahan and Samantha, getting ready for their upcoming tag team match. Callahan is doing push-ups while Allister is sitting on a chair contemplating.

Allister King: "Guys?"

Callahan gets up off the ground and moves towards King. Samantha has her arm away King who appears to be distraught about something

Samantha King: "Yeah, what's the matter love?"

Allister puts his head in his hands and when he raises his head, his eyes are tearing up

Allister King: "I have something I want to say."

Callahan kneels beside King and Samantha leans closer to him. Both seem worried about what he is going to say

Shadow Callahan: "What's wrong dude? You don't seem like yourself."

Allister King: "I just.... I just have something very important to say and I don't know how to put this."

The atmosphere in the room has gone below zero has something really bad is about to happen.

Allister King: "I have been keeping this secret for so long and I just can't do it anymore. It keeps me up at night, leaves me in constant pain and now I think I am ready to let you know my deepest secret."

Samantha King: "Honey what's wrong? You're scaring me! Did you get bad news from the doctor? Just tell us, we're here for you."

Shadow Callahan: "Yeah man, you can tell us anything. That's what friends are for."

Allister bites his lip and looks at both of them before taking a deep breath.

Allister King: "I just don't know how to say this.... It's too hard."

Samantha King: "That's what she said."

Samantha smiles at Allister hoping that the joke would lighten the tension and make it easier for him.

Allister King: "HA! Good one! But seriously this is very very important and not the time for jokes."

A serious Allister brings more worry to the two beside him as it is very unlike him to be serious whatsoever.

Allister King: "You ready for this?"

Shadow Callahan: "Yeah lad, just say it!"

Samantha King: "We want to help so just let it out."

She hugs Allister as tears start to fill her eyes.

Allister King: "OK I'm ready. Guys?"

He looks at both of them and takes another deep breath.

Allister King: "I'M BATMAN!"

Samantha King: "GOD DAMN IT!!"

Shadow Callahan: "SON OF A BITCH!"

Allister laughs as Samantha is slapping him across the head.

Samantha King: "You scared the absolute shit out of me."

Allister King: "Come on! It was a great one.I lowered your guards and BAM! Punchline!"

Shadow Callahan: "I'll give you a punchline ya gobshyte!"

Allister King: "Lighten up it was a joke with perfect execution."

Sam and Shadow look at each other.

Samantha King: "We got to give it to him, it was brilliant."

Shadow Callahan: "Yeah it was."

Samantha King: "But if you put me through that again,I swear on my mother's grave, I will rip your balls off and feed them to a pig!"

Allister King: "Not my family jewels? Ok, Fine, I won't do it again. *mumbles* oh so you think *mumbles*..."

Shadow Callahan: "We heard that! You fail at try to cover up shit fella."

Samantha King: "Now hurry up and get ready, your match is starting soon."

Allister gets up off the chair and walks away grinning like a mad man as Sam and Shadow look at each other and shake their heads.

The camera fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Allist10 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Shadow10


Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Parrot10 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Kestre10

Jim Jackson:  "We kick things off with a tag team match!  The Northern Kings have made such an impact on their debut here in RoC, can they continue their momentum as they face Parrot & Kestrel our wrestlers with disability?"

Brad Blood:  "Dammit!  Why isn't it the blind one?  It would be more hilarious if we see the blind one, Eagle wrestle."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first with a combined weight of 510 pounds, the team of Allister King and Shadow Callahan...  THE NORTHERN KINGS!"

Blue and Red lights shine throughout the arena as Hammerfall's Any Means Necessary begins to play. Allister King and Shadow Callahan, walk out onto the entrance ramp to a thunderous roar of the crowd. They pose on the top of the ramp as white pyrotechnics begin to rain down behind them. They continue to walk down to the ring, smiling to the crowd. Allister high fives a few off the audience members before sliding into the ring. Shadow just casually walk up the steps and into the ring. They poses once more for the crowd before disrobing of all of the excess attire and Shadow places his cane in the corner.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, the team of Parrot & Kestrel...  HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL!"

"No Way but the Hard Way" by Airbourne begins to play and the three men associated with the music appear at the top of the ramp. The crowd cheers as Eagle, Kestrel and Parrot make their way down the ramp together. Kestrel sprints ahead and slides into the ring and jumps to a turnbuckle to showboat. Eagle walks down with Parrot's hand on his shoulder to guide him. Eagle slowly walks up the steel steps with Parrot following behind, Eagle climbs over the top rope and Parrot steps in through the ropes. Parrot then mounts a turnbuckle and poses for the crowd while Eagle raises a large fist into the air.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Allister King shall be starting off for their team tonight and Parrot for their team.   Parrot charges in...  King is going for his Hadoukick signature right off the bat!  Parrot sidesteps and trips King's leg!  The King of Fools falls in a split!  I think he may have gotten a hernia there!  King howls in pain!  Big kick by Parrot and King falls over!  Parrot quickly hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One..."

Brad Blood:  "Still too early for a three count there, Parrot has got to do more damage before he can pin a veteran like Allister."

Jim Jackson:  "Parrot picks Allister King up...  Body slam!  Elbow drop by Parrot right into King's heart!   Parrot is setting King up for a piledriver...  Blocked and countered by King into a back body drop!  Snapmare sends Parrot back to the canvas!  King off the ropes...  Springboard crossbody!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One..."

Brad Blood:  "The King of Fools tags in his partner!  Here comes Shadow!  Parrot tries to go for a tag...  No!  Shadow grabs his leg and pulls him back to the middle of the ring!"

Jim Jackson:  "Shadow Callahan tries to stomp on Parrot, Parrot manages to roll away.  Big clothesline by Callahan...  No!  Dodged by Parrot who counters with a kick...  Wait!  Callahan catches Parrot's leg and spins him around!  He grabs Parrot from behind...  German suplex!  Parrot bounced off the canvas!  Parrot staggers to his feet...  Big boot by The Dullahan and Parrot is sent back to the canvas!  Callahan for the cover..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Parrot hangs on at two, he clearly needs to get the fresh man into the ring but Shadow is doing a good job keeping Parrot away from his partner.  That's what a seasoned tag team can do."

Jim Jackson:  "That's right Brad, The Northern Kings have been a tag team for years now, they know how to play the game.  Big scoop slam on Parrot!  Shadow Callahan drags his opponent to their corner and tags in his partner.  Allister King slingshot elbow drop over the top rope connects on Parrot's chest!  King applies a sleeper hold...  Jawbreaker by Parrot!  Parrot tries to get to their corner...  He's almost there...  Will he get the tag?  NO!  King leaps over Parrot and dropkicks Kestrel off the apron!  King grabs Parrot by the leg and applies an ankle lock!"

Brad Blood:  "Parrot is in trouble!  He screams in pain as Allister cranks that ankle...  Parrot is reaching for the ropes...  Allister applies more pressure...  Will Parrot tap out?  Wait!  Parrot is just a few inches away!  With a final lunge Parrot makes it to the rope!  Allister lets go!"

Jim Jackson:  "Parrot may have gotten a reprieve from the ankle lock but the damage may already have been made.  Allister King hauls Parrot to his feet...  Tiger suplex!  King goes to the ropes...  Springboard moonsault...  HE MISSES!  Parrot rolls out of the way in the last second!  This is Parrot's chance to get a tag!  Kestrel is reaching out from the corner!  Parrot uses his arms to crawl towards his partner...  King tries to stop Parrot...  Parrot lunges...  HE GETS THE TAG!  Kestrel from the top turnbuckle...  Dropkicks sends The King of Fools flying!  Kestrel with an Irish whip...  Somersault dropkick and King is sent to the ropes!  Clothesline by Kestrel...  KING GOES OVER AND LANDS OUTSIDE!  Here comes Kestrel...  SENTON OVER THE TOP ROPE TAKES KING OUT!  THE CROWD IS GOING WILD!"

Brad Blood:  "Allister blew it there, if he didn't give Parrot the chance to tag they could have beaten the birdies by now.  Kestrel being the fresh wrestler is now using his superior speed to get the one up on Allister.  Kestrel throws Allister back into the ring..."

Jim Jackson:  "Kestrel slingshots over the top rope...  Slingshot body splash!  Allister King gets flattened!  Kestrel is on fire!  Standing shooting star press...  KING GETS SQUASHED!  Kestrel hooks the leg!  Is this it?"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Allister kicks out just before a three count!  Kestrel almost had it there!  Shadow breathes a breath of relief from the corner.  Allister badly needs to tag...  He reaches out to his partner...  Kestrel punts Allister on the head and drags him away!  Kestrel with a tag!  Parrot enters the ring!"

Jim Jackson:  "Parrot grabs Allister King from behind...  King hangs on to the top rope and blockes the northern lights suplex attempt!  Big forearm smash by Parrot knocks King senseless!  Powerslam attempt by Parrot...  The King of Fools somehow slips free! Schoolboy by King!  Parrot kicks free but launches King forward...  King gets the tag!  Shadow Callahan charges in and takes Parrot out with a big discus clothesline!"

Brad Blood:  "Oh man, that clothesline turned Parrot inside out!  That power!  Shadow is really a man to be feared in the ring unlike his more comical partner.  Shadow is screaming while shaking the ropes!  Flashes of Ultimate Warrior there!"

Jim Jackson:  "Shadow Callahan waits for Parrot to stagger back to his feet...  Spinebuster!   That shook the ring!  Callahan picks Parrot up on his shoulders...  Powerslam!  Callahan waits for Parrot to climb back up to his feet...  HE HITS HIS SIGNATURE MOVE, HIS NAMESAKE THE DULLAHAN!  Parrot crumples to the floor as the running big boot connects!  Callahan hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Ooh!  So close!  Shadow almost ended the match there and then.  Looks like Shadow is signalling for his finisher Aneuthanasia!  If that hits this match is as good as over!"

Jim Jackson:  "Shadow Callahan kicks Parrot in the gut forcing them to their knees. He grabs Parrot by the head. Shadow places them between his legs before lifting up for a powerbomb....   Parrot regains enough of his bearing to drive hard shots to Callahan's head!  Callahan starts to stagger!  Parrot leaps off he goes for the tag!"

Brad Blood:  "And he gets it!  Kestrel again goes high risk...  Kestrel off the top turnbuckle...  CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE...  WAIT!  SHADOW CATCHES KESTREL!  Uh-oh this won't end well!"

Jim Jackson:  "Tilt- a-whirl backbreaker!  Kestrel is almost broken in half!  Shadow Callahan grabs Kestrel by the head...  Reverse brainbuster!  Kestrel has officially been grounded!  Shadow Callahan drags Kestrel to their corner...  A few stomps from his boot makes sure Kestrel stays in place..."

Brad Blood:  "Shadow tags in Allister!  Shadow should have just finished Kestrel off, he didn't need to tag in Allister who may screw up one way or the other..."

Jim Jackson:  "Allister King with his knee on Kestrel's neck in the corner using the ropes to get more leverage!  The ref starts counting..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!  Four..."

Jim Jackson:  "Kestrel clutches his throat while he gasps for air...  Allister King starts showboating!  King grabs Kestrel and drags him to the middle of the ring...  He lifts Kestrel up for a powerbomb...  KESTREL WITH A FRANKENSTEINER SENDS KING INTO THE MIDDLE ROPE!  Kestrel through the middle rope...  Tiger feint kick!  The King of Fools is sent crashing into the middle of the ring!  Kestrel off the top rope...  Springboard  diving splash...  NO!  KING MANAGES TO GET HIS KNEES UP ON THE LAST SECOND!  Kestrel is down!   The referee sees both men down and starts counting!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!  Six!  Seven!  Eight!..."

Brad Blood:  "Kestrel is starting to get up...  So is Allister!  Both men are crawling towards the ropes...  They're stumbling about...  They are using the ropes to climb up...  Both men are leaned on the ropes opposite each other...  Allister and Kestrel charge toward each other!"

Jim Jackson:  "Allister King ducks under a clothesline attempt...  Enzuigiri!  Kestrel is down!  King goes for the tag!  Allister King wraps his arm around the Kestrel's neck and locks in a dragon sleeper. He lifts them up onto Shadow's shoulders. Shadow pushes the Kestrel off his shoulders and Allister drops them head first with an inverted brainbuster!  SCARLET ROSE!  SCARLET ROSE!  Callahan for the cover!  Parrot rushes in...  ALLISTER KING BLASTS HIM WITH THE HADOUKICK!"

Brad Blood:  "Holy crap!  Parrot flew out of the ring!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall, the team of Allister King and Shadow Callahan...  THE NORTHERN KINGS!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Northern Kings take the win tonight after a grueling match against Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil!"

Allister King:  "HAIL TO THE KING BABY!!!"

Brad Blood:  "And it seems that Allister is celebrating inside the ring by lighting up a joint!  Oh wait!  It's Sammie!  Samantha King has entered the ring!  SHE CLOBBERS ALLISTER AND PUTS OUT THE JOINT!  Shadow lifts Allister on his shoulders and hauls him away with Sammie following close behind!  Be right back Jim...  That precious weed can still be saved!"

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Locker10

The scene opens in the locker room area, where an agitated Berry Sawyer is being courted by Edmundo Alejandro Serrano for his team.

Berry Sawyer: "You what?  You want me to help you against some random assortment of guys who don't deserve to be in that ring?  I have no problem beating up two idiots in cat suits, or an overweight moron who needs to lay off the McDonald's, or some midget who thinks that he should be in the same federation as me.  However, I do have a problem teaming up with some haughty prick from a lousy country who's never worked a day in his life.  In case you've forgotten, I'm Berry Sawyer, and I'm a real man.  I've worked my entire life to get to where I am today, and I'll be damned if I play errand boy to someone like you.  Now get the hell out of my locker room before I'm unable to restrain my fist from introducing itself from your face!"

In the face of such rage, the normally haughty Duke loses his regal expression for a moment as a flash of fear comes over him.

Edmundo Alejandro Serrano: "M-Mr. Sawyer, please just think about the opportunity I am affording you!  When was the last time that you were on this wrestling program?  Lee Morrison has obviously overlooked your talents, but I have not!  You are one of the hardest working wrestlers on this roster.  You are a man of strength and skill!  Tonight I am offering you the chance to prove why you are the most overlooked talent in Ring of Chaos.  There are four guys in this match that Lee Morrison has shown a penchant for booking, and if you defeat them, you will show him why he shouldn't be booking them and why he should be booking you."

Not seeing the expression of Berry Sawyer show any signs of changing, the Duke hurriedly continues.

Edmundo Alejandro Serrano: "A-and while you will be teaming with me, Mr. Sawyer, I promise that there is no way that I can hold you back!  It's an elimination match, so even if one of your teammates is beaten, you are still able to show the world just how good you really are!  And while it is true that I am the one who is organizing this team, I am organizing it around you!  When we get out there tonight, I am not going to be the one giving the orders, you are!"

Still seeing no change in Sawyer's mood, Serrano changes tactics.  Turning away from Sawyer and the camera, Serrano grabs a briefcase before pushing it into Sawyer's hands.

Edmundo Alejandro Serrano: "A-And what's more is that you don't even have to wait until after the match for the benefits of working with me!  In this briefcase is a rather large sum of cash, Mr. Sawyer.  It is a payment for you services, and I assure you it is more than Mr. Morrison has ever given you for a match.  All you have to do is work with me for one night and you not only get a large paycheck, but you get the opportunity to prove to the world why you should be the World Champion!"

Seeing the sniveling man in front of him, Berry Sawyer can't contain his emotions.  Growling at Edmundo, Sawyer takes a step and nearly throws a punch at the Duke, but catches himself just before contact.  Thinking better of it, Sawyer instead opens the briefcase to look at its contents before closing it with a click.

Berry Sawyer: "You're lucky I'm in a good mood tonight, Serrano.  You're also lucky that you have deep pockets.  You've got yourself a partner here tonight."

A brief look of excitement crosses the Duke's face before Sawyer continues.

Berry Sawyer: "But let me make something clear to you, boy.  You ever walk into my locker room again and try this crap with me and your head will end up through that wall, you understand?"

Despite himself, the Duke can't prevent himself from nodding at the threatening superstar in front of him.

Berry Sawyer: "Look at you!  You aren't a man!  You stand there practically peeing your pants as you shower me with you smooth words and your money.  You don't deserve to be in the same building, let alone ring, as the real man Berry Sawyer.  Tonight is going to be the only night that you get to follow my lead, so pay attention kid, you might learn something from a real man.  Now get the hell out of my locker room."

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Parkin10

A taxi cab pulls up to the parking area of the RoC compound.  The door swings open and out steps The Morbidly Obese Man. If the taxi cab could sigh a breath of relief it would have as the body of the car clearly bounced up a few inches from the tires.  Little Wang follows out of the cab after paying the cab driver.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Hah!  Made it!  With time to spare!  See?  I told you we'd make it in time for our match."

The big man smugly beamed at his partner who gives him the look.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Oh c'mon, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it...  It was our first win bonus in our paycheck, we needed to live it up!  It's a shame Bakla didn't join us...  Then again Bakla would rather go to a place of chicos and not chicas...  But seriously, we needed that, all the built up stress we had melted away...  And those triple F cups...  Those tits are even bigger than mine!"

A look of bliss washes over TMOM's face as he begins to imagine again the triple Fs that was flashed in his face just moments earlier.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "We need to win again Wang!  We need to return to the Titty Twister!  Damn that place tapped me out...  It may be expensive but it's worth every cent!"

The big man looks at his watch and realizes that their match is almost coming up...

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Holy crap!  C'mon Wang, let's go!  We're gonna be late!"

The big man quickly bounded towards the door leaving his partner behind...

Little Wang opens his wallet and sighs as it seems that nothing is left inside.

Little Wang:  "Sigh...  You use even Little Wang's money and hog all titties...  Little Wang wants smother head in big titties too..."

With a heavy sigh, Little Wang runs after his partner as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Berry_10 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Edmund11


Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Nicola10 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Xavier10


Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Little12 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Meowlc10


Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Mewter10& Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 The_mo12

Jim Jackson: "There was some confusion regarding this next match folks.  It was slated at the last minute to be a three way tag team match, but it seems that Edmundo has managed to find two more tag team partners to make this an 8-man elimination tag team match."

Brad Blood: "Lee Morrison was panicking for nothing!  Who wouldn't want to be Edmundo Alejandro Serrano's partner!?"

Jim Jackson: "I heard that he greased the palms of the men he's got in his camp for this one."

Brad Blood: "I may or may not have evidence of such a transaction leading to my son being on his team..."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is an 8-man taq team elimination match! Introducing first, the team of Mewter, Meowlchiott, The Morbidly Obese Man, and Little Wang!"

"King of Anything" by Sara Bareillies begins playing through the arena as Mewter, Meowlchiott, The Morbidly Obese Man, and Little Wang walk down to the ring.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, their opponents, the team of Edmundo Alejandro Serrano, Berry Sawyer, Nicolas Dorn, and Xavier Blood!"

J. S. Bach's "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine" begins playing in the arena as Edmundo Alejandro Serrano leads Berry Sawyer, Nicolas Dorn, and Xavier Blood down to the ring.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick! IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "It seems that Nicolas Dorn will be starting this match off against The Morbidly Obese Man.  There is some history here as just last show, Nicolas Dorn and Thaddeus Rex wore out The Sideshow Superstars with steel chairs.  And it looks like TMOM hasn't forgotten that!  He just took Nicolas Dorn's head off with a nasty lariat!  As Dorn gets back to his feet, TMOM bounces off of the ropes... shoulder block knocks Dorn off of his feet!  TMOM tries to follow up with an elbow drop, but Dorn moves out of the way."

Brad Blood: "Low dropkick to the knee by Nicolas Dorn is followed up with a dropkick right to the face!  Dorn tags in Xavier Blood who goes to the top!"

Jim Jackson: "Blood tries for a double-axe-handle, but gets caught on the chest by a chop coming down!  That one sounded like a gunshot and you can see the results on Blood's bright red chest!  TMOM grabs Blood by the throat... chokeslam!"

Brad Blood: "What?  But... how?"

Jim Jackson: "TMOM drops down for the cover, but Dorn is in to kick him on the back of the head!  Little Wang comes charging in, but Dorn sidesteps him and tosses him through the ropes before eating a clothesline from TMOM!  Serrano hops onto TMOM's back and applies a sleeper!  Neither Meowlchiott or Mewter enter the ring to help their partner, but TMOM doesn't need it as he tosses Serrano to the mat!  A big boot to the jaw from Sawyer sends TMOM stumbling into the ropes!  TMOM bounces off of them and into a back elbow that takes him down!"

Brad Blood: "Dorn has dragged Xavier back to the friendly corner and has just tagged himself in!  Dorn quickly hops onto TMOM for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One..."

Jim Jackson: "But Dorn only gets a one count as TMOM powers out.  As TMOM gets back to his feet, Dorn gives him a nasty backhand chop to the chest, but TMOM looks unaffected!  Dorn chops him again, but the result is the same!  Before Dorn can try a third time, TMOM grabs the wrestler and knocks him off of his feet with a huge headbutt!  TMOM tags in Meowlchiott.  TMOM hold Dorn up for the double team, but the cat ignores the opportunity and instead goes to mocking the other team.  Dorn stomps down on the toes of the big man before poking him in the eyes and dropkicking him through the ropes.  Hearing the commotion, Meowlchiott turns around and gets chopped across the chest!"

Brad Blood: "And Dorn sees much more success chopping Meowlchiott than he did chopping TMOM.  Meowchiott takes another chop and scrambles towards the corner to try and escape, but Dorn pursues him and gives him a third!  With nowhere to go, Dorn begins lighting up the chest of the cat as the crowd chants "Woo"."

Jim Jackson: "Hearing the chants, Dorn stops his chops and turns to the crowd.  He tells them the chant is "Smooth" not "Woo".  He then gives Meowlchiott another hard chop, but the fans again shout "Woo!"  Turning towards them, Dorn shouts "Smooth", but the fans retort with "Woo".  The two sides continue to chant at one another as Meowlchiott recovers from the chops... and Meowlchiott takes advantage of the situation by rolling Dorn up from behind!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "Dorn pushes Moewlchiott off of him at two before getting to his feet.  Meowlchiott charges in but gets caught and dropped on the knee with the reverse atomic drop!  Dorn follows that up with a hard chop that knocks Meowlchiott off of his feet!"

Jim Jackson: "The fans can't help but appreciate that chop as Meowlchiott rolls around yowling in pain!  Nicolas Dorn pulls the cat up by the ears before doubling him over with a kick to the gut.  Dorn hooks the arms behind the back, but before he get hit the big DDT, Meowlchiott manages to spin free!  Meowlchiott lifts Dorn onto his shoulders before throwing Dorn’s legs back and falling to the mat, driving Dorn’s face into the mat with the TKO!  Meowlchiott quickly hops on top of Dorn for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Nicolas Dorn has been eliminated!"

Brad Blood: "And Dorn is quickly eliminated from this match, but my son is the ring looking to even it up!"

Jim Jackson: "Xavier Blood tries to roll Meowlchiott up from behind, but Meowlchiott kicks out before the count of one.  Blood ducks a swipe from the cat before lifting him onto his shoulders, but Meowlchiott squirms free... blind tag from Mewter!  Meowlchiott ducks a clothesline from Blood before bouncing off of the ropes and taking him down with a crossbody.  Feeling elated from his recent success in this match, Meowlchiott can't help but do a little dance. Seeing his partner shaking his rump and having fun, Mewter can't help but sneak up behind him and lift his hapless friend up into an electric chair position. As Meowlchiott panics and yells to be put down, Mewter walks over to a turnbuckle. Carefully climbing up it, Mewter stands on the top rope before throwing Meowlchiott forward and down onto Xavier Blood!  The Cataclysm!  Meowlchiott rolls out of the ring as Mewter leaps onto Blood with a Mewnip!  He's staying on top for the cover!"

Brad Blood: "No!  Get in there Serrano!  Save my son!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Xavier Blood has been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "And Xavier Blood is out of this match, much to Brad's dismay!  Berry Sawyer is shaking his head and looking absolutely disgusted with his team's performance in this match as Serrano barks at him to get into the ring!  Looking exceptionally pissed off, Sawyer enters the ring and declares himself the legal man for his team!  Mewter charges at Sawyer but eats a right hand that knocks him to the mat!  Meowlchiott, seeing his partner in danger, slides into the ring and rushes Sawyer, but Sawyer catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!  Holding Meowlchiott onto his knee, Sawyer cracks him across the throat with a lariat!  The Sawbreak!  But the distraction has allowed Mewter to recover and tag in The Morbidly Obese Man!"

Brad Blood: "Business is about to pick up!"

Jim Jackson: "Sawyer goes to work on TMOM, striking him with punches and kicks, trying to stun the big man.  Despite some initial success, Sawyer gets dropped by a big headbutt!  Sawyer pulls himself up in the corner.  TMOM comes charging in, but Sawyer gets the boot up!  Sawyer charges out of the corner and tries to take TMOM down with a clothesline, but the big man doesn't budge!  Sawyer backs up to the ropes before coming in for a second clothesline, but TMOM only stumbles a step back this time.  Sawyer runs to the ropes for a third clothesline, but TMOM throws his entire mass at Sawyer, nearly crushing him as he comes in!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "Serrano breathes a sigh of relief as Sawyer manages to get out at two.  TMOM tosses Sawyer into the corner before charging in and crushing Sawyer with the avalanche!  Sawyer stumbles out and into a clothesline that knocks him to the mat."

Jim Jackson: "With Sawyer down, TMOM runs to the ropes before coming back and jumping onto Sawyer with the big splash!  This could be it!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Sawyer again kicks out before the three!  TMOM looks to his corner before going to tag in Little Wang, but Meowlchiott reaches over and makes the tag instead!  TMOM and Meowlchiott get into a little argument that allows Sawyer to recover and make the tag to Serrano."

Jim Jackson: "Pushing past TMOM, Meowlchiott and Serrano begin exchanging punches!  Meowlchiott soon manages to get the better of the exchange, forcing Serrano back into the corner.  The referee soon gets in-between the two superstars, forcing Meowlchiott back... but Serrano takes this opportunity to poke Meowlchiott in the eye!  Serrano quickly goes on the attack, grabbing the blinded cat and hitting him on the back of the head with the point of the elbow before pulling him to the mat with a neckbreaker."

Brad Blood: "Serrano smells blood in the water!  He pulls Meowlchiott in for the Belize Bomb, but Meowlchiott manages to reverse with a back body drop!"

Jim Jackson: "Dropkick from Meowlchiott sends Serrano to the mat.  Serrano gets to his feet only to be knocked down by a second dropkick.  Meowlchiott is feeling it here!  He runs to the ropes, but gets clubbed on the back of the head by Sawyer!  Meowlchiott stumbles into the arms of Serrano.  Serrano grabs Meowlchiott around the waist before lifting him up and dropping him onto the mat with a bridging german suplex known as the Belize Drop!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Meowlchiott has been eliminated!"

Brad Blood: "And Meowlchiott is out!  Some quick teamwork from Sawyer and Serrano has lead to the elimination!"

Jim Jackson: "Mewter flies off of the top turnbuckle and lands on Serrano with the crossbody!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "But Serrano keeps himself alive in this one by kicking out at two.  "Catgroove" by Parov Stellar starts playing throughout the arena. Perking up to his jams, Mewter begins dancing along to the music with a dress cane that he managed to conceal in his tail.  AH YEAH!  FUNKY TOWN TIME, BABY!"

Jim Jackson: "Unlike my broadcast partner, Serrano is far less impressed by this music.  In a fit of rage he tries to rip the cane from Mewter's paws, but only succeeds in bonking himself on the head with it!  Looking disgusted, Sawyer enters the ring.  Before Mewter can react, Sawyer quickly spins before decking him with a ruthless lariat.  The Sawyend!  Sawyer exits the ring as the music stops."

Brad Blood: "Awwwww!"

Jim Jackson: "Recovering from caning himself, Serrano sees that Mewter is laid out.  Grinning widely, the Belizean Duke grabs Mewter and lifts him into the air before slamming him to the mat with the Belize Bomb!  Serrano holds Mewter down for the pin!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mewter has been eliminated!"

Brad Blood: "And there goes the other cat!  Sawyer and Serrano have been on a roll with some strange chemistry here!"

Jim Jackson: "They do make quite the odd team.  Little Wang is now in the ring.  Little Wang charges towards Serrano before diving head-first into his gut, knocking Serrano back and into his corner allowing Berry Sawyer to tag himself in!"

Brad Blood: "I don't think that that was what Little Wang meant to do!"

Jim Jackson: "Sawyer charges towards Little Wang and goes for a big boot, but Little Wang manages to duck underneath before pulling Sawyer to the mat!  He's got him stacked up!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Berry Sawyer has been eliminated!"

Brad Blood: "What?  HOW!?"

Jim Jackson: "Serrano looks stunned as well!  Little Wang celebrates his victory, but Sawyer cuts it short with a nasty Sawyend!  He just decked Little Wang!  As the referee gets Sawyer out of the ring, Serrano quickly hops in.  Serrano grabs Little Wang's lega and puts the shin behind the knee before clasping his hands, lifting the legs up, and pushing forwards to place pressure on the legs, spine, and abdomen with the Belize Breaker!  Little Wang has no choice but to tap out!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Little Wang has been eliminated!"

Brad Blood: "Serrano may have managed to eliminate Little Wang, but now he's got to find a way to deal with The Morbidly Obese Man!"

Jim Jackson: "Serrano takes a few shots at TMOM, but they have no effect!  Realizing that he might be in over his head here, Serrano turns and tries to bail out of the ring, but TMOM grabs him by the hair!  TMOM spins Serrano around before grabbing him by the throat, lifting him into the air, and slamming him to the mat with a chokeslam!  With his opponent down, The Morbidly Obese Man leaps up into the air and sits down on him with such force crushing him to the canvas and pinning him to the mat executing a morbidly horrifying Massive Sit Down!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Edmundo Alejandro Serrano has been eliminated!  The winners of the match by complete team elimination are The Morbidly Obese Man, Little Wang, Meowlchiott, and Mewter!"

Jim Jackson: "And that's it!  The Morbidly Obese Man manages to come out of this match as the sole survivor to win it for his team!  While special consideration has to be given to The Morbidly Obese Man, we can't forget the impressive performances of some of the other competitors in this match."

Brad Blood: "That's right, Jim!  Serrano and Sawyer were down two to four and managed to work together as a team to eliminate three of their opponents!"

Jim Jackson: "And let's forget that Meowlchiott eliminated Nicolas Dorn with a TKO before setting up Xavier Blood for elimination from a Mewnip from Mewter."

Brad Blood: "Personally, I think we should forget about that last part..."

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. It casually strolls down the entrance ramp blowing kisses to it's fans before it enters the ring.  With pursed lips and a mic in hand Boy Bakla addresses the crowd.

Boy Bakla:  "Hello everyone!  It seems that tonight, fate has again presents me with an opportunity to climb up the ranks of the wrestling world.  Now I know my performance of late isn't anywhere close as it was on my heyday, in fact I've been reading tweets like "Time to retire your transmission you tranny!  Your crankshaft ain't cranking no more!"  But things may be turning around.  In fact didn't me and my partners get our first win here in RoC just two weeks ago?  Granted it's not the way I wanted to get a victory but a win is a win.  I mean if you've been experiencing a drought, you shouldn't complain about the size if you're getting it for free right?"

The crowd chuckles at Bakla's joke.

Boy Bakla:  "Yes, things have been less than favorable for me ever since I've stepped back into the ring, but tonight Lee Morrison has put me in a match where I can become the number one contender for the RoC Lightweight Championship and I'll be damned if I let this chance slip by.  Johnny Fortune, Lokii Weaver, TK Kenta...  Tonight you shall see a different Boy Bakla! One by one, I'll eliminate you all and I shall be coming for that title El Loco!  Tonight I shall stop being drab and return to being fab.  Boy Bakla is back bitches and this time it'll be me that will be doing the spanking!  ~MWAH!"

The transsexual superstar blows a kiss and winks at the crowd before dropping the mic and exiting the ring.  Cher's "Believe" begins to play again on the loud speakers as Boy Bakla makes its way up the ramp amidst the cheering of the crowd.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

The lights in the building go dark and after a few seconds "Chaos Theory" By ShockOne begins to play and strobe lights begin to flash in the arena as a figure dressed in a leather jacket spray painted in orange and green glow in the dark spray paint and jean shorts and pink hair is seen among the crowd. The man known as Johnny Fortune walks among the crowd and looks somewhat dejected and doesn't even go through his normal routine of slapping random fans and standing on top of the ring barricade. He simply asks for a mic and slides into the ring, pacing back and forth constantly stopping like he's about to say something but can't think of the words. Until he finally stops in the middle of the ring and begins to speak.

Johnny Fortune: "You know... I had plans for this. I had a plan to bring out a wheel, we were going to give Lee Morrison a chance to win a new car. Only to reveal it was a cardboard cutout, it was going to be a grand ol' time... but you know Lee, you threw a monkey wrench into my plan a little bit. I mean, honestly your lack of logic is what astounds me the most. Think about it with a bit of logic for a second will you? I've tried to burn down your office and I destroyed your car. You think the best way to take care of me would be to put me in a ring with the best in the company to have him destroy me right?"

The Fortunate One shrugs and continues to speak.

Johnny Fortune: "But what you've given me, what you've given me is a way for me to cause you misery for an even longer amount of time. You decided to put me in a four way for a shot at the title on the next show. Lee you've given me lemons and now it's time to make some lemonade. Because Lee, here's what's going to happen. I'm going to win tonight. Boy Bakla, Lokii Weaver, and TK Kenta, I'm going to decimate them. They are going to come out of this match a tenth of the person they used to be. Then once I win this match I'm going to defeat El Loco and hold the belt high above my head. Then the light heavyweight belt you created Lee? It's going to be mine, and I'm going to defend it, and defend it, and defend it! Then guess what happens?! Then I take your precious RoC World Title! And as all of your employees fall at my feet and I raise that title above my head night after night I will still find time and energy to make your life a living Hell all the way there! And there won't be a damn thing you can do to stop me!"

Johnny Fortune thrusts the microphone to the ground as "Chaos Theory" by ShockOne begins playing. Fortune stands in the ring for a minute boasting and posing on the turnbuckle before finally exiting the ring hopping on the barricade raising his hand in the air before exiting into the crowd.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Boy_ba10 VS Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Johnny10


Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Lokii_10 VS Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Tk_ken12

Jim Jackson:  "Welcome back folks, coming up next we have a four-way elimination match that shall decide the number one contender of the RoC Lightweight Championship!"

Brad Blood:  "That's right and joining us here at the announce table tonight is none other than the RoC Lightweight Champion himself...  El Loco!"

El Loco:  "Hola EveryJuan."

Jim Jackson:  "So what do you think about the four wrestlers competing tonight?  Who do you think will you be facing once the evening ends El Loco?"

El Loco:  "I think they’re all decent competitors but they’re crazy if they think they can take the title from me."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a four corners elimination match and the winner shall be the number one contender for the RoC Lightweight Championship!  Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds, hailing from Manila, Philippines...  BOY BAKLA!"

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. It casually strolls down the entrance ramp blowing kisses to it's fans before it enters the ring with flourish and heads to it's corner waiting for the match to begin.

Jim Jackson:  "Boy Bakla a ring veteran with championships in various different federations yet she couldn't seem to find a foothold here in RoC.  Will tonight be the night things change for her?"

Brad Blood:  "Her?  The proper pronoun for that thing is IT Jim...  IT!

El Loco:” I think it winked at me”

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from The Tenderloin District of San Francisco, California, The Fortunate One...  JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

The lights in the building go dark and after a few seconds "Chaos Theory" By ShockOne begins to play and strobe lights begin to flash in the arena as a figure dressed in a leather jacket spray painted in orange and green glow in the dark spray paint and jean shorts and pink hair is seen among the crowd. He walks among the arena slapping random fans in the back of the head and laughing all the way until he reaches the barricade in which he jumps on top as the strobe lights cut as soon as the lines "Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Chaos theory" Are played over the sound system. Johnny Fortune hops from the barricade and into the ring shaking ropes and twitching his head looking back and forth waiting for something to happen. He rips off his jacket and throws it in the face of Alice Aoi. Laughing all the way as he sits atop one of the turnbuckles.

Jim Jackson:  "This new Johnny Fortune we've been seeing and his affinity for fire is now more brutal and more dangerous compared to when he was just another religious fanatic.  He actually has a pretty good shot to be your opponent tonight El Loco."

El Loco:  "oh man I can still smell Felipe’s cock musk on him. Just a scent you never really get rid of."

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from Whitchurch, Hampshire, England, The Magus...  LOKII WEAVER!"

"Journey of the Sorcerer" by The Eagles begins playing throughout the arena, followed by the jumbotron coming to life with a video of space: stars and infinite darkness included. Lokii Weaver appears at the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage, dressed in an impeccably tailored suit. He glances around the arena before setting his sights on the ring and making his way down the ramp. He climbs the metal steps before stepping into the ring.

Jim Jackson:  "The mysterious Lokii Weaver...  We know so little about him but his in-ring ability is undeniable!"

Brad Blood:  "The reason he's mysterious is because he uses magic Jim and we know that a magician never tells his secret!"

El Loco “ he was in the end of the battle royale with me wouldn’t mind fighting him one on one sometime”

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing last, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from New South Wales, Australia...  TK KENTA!"

"Lower the Boom" by Fifth Floor, booms throughout the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet anticipating to see TK Kenta run out onto the stage running into a wall of cheers. TK Kenta walks down the ramp and walks around the ring tagging a couple of the fans hand before jumping up onto the apron. He hops onto the turnbuckle spitting out some water from his mouth before jumping down to the ring.

Jim Jackson:  "Young and talented, TK Kenta has still to find his groove hre in RoC!  In a way he's like Bakla...  A great athlete and performer but just can't seem to get lucky."

Brad Blood:  "It's simple Jim, he's unlucky because HE SUCKS!"

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Starting off in this four-way elimination match is Boy Bakla and TK Kenta!  Kenta charges in first, right into a spinning heel kick by Bakla!  Kenta gets up...  Arm drag takes him down!  Kenta again rolls to his feet...  Bakla with a single leg takedown!  Bakla with a standing moonsault..."

Brad Blood:  "Kenta rolls away at the last second!  Bakla hits nothing!  The fruitcake's fake boobies hit the canvas hard!"

El Loco:  "absolutely disgusting, that looked like one of Felipe’s “homemade burritos” yuck"

Jim Jackson:  "TK Kenta mounting and offense with a series of stomps and ends it with a springboard leg drop!  Kenta picks Boy Bakla up...  Body slam!   Kenta tries to hook the leg but Bakla kicks out before the count of one!  Irish whip by Kenta...  Bakla reverses!  Kenta bounces off the ropes...  Flapjack by Bakla, Kenta hits the canvas hard!  Bakla goes for a submission!  Koji clutch locked in!  Kenta is in trouble!"

Brad Blood:  "Kenta tries to reach for the ropes with his leg!  He's a few inches short!  Bakla applies more pressure!  Will Kenta tap?  NO!  Kenta's leg manages to find the bottom rope!  Lucky schmuck!"

El Loco:  "Imagine the humiliation if he had tapped right there."

Jim Jackson:  "Boy Bakla picks TK Kenta up and has him on a headlock...  Kenta shoves Bakla to the ropes Bakla bounces back...  Corkscrew dropkick by Kenta!  Kenta uses this chance to get a tag...  He gets it!  Lokii Weaver gets tagged in!  Weaver quickly proceeds to attack Bakla with brutal shots to the head!  German suplex by Weaver plants Bakla to the canvas!  Bakla tries to get up...  Weaver lifts her up and hits a backbreaker!  Weaver for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Bakla gets a shoulder up at two.  The fruitcake still hangs on for now but for how long?  Weaver continues his assault on the tranny!"

El Loco:  "It’s like a dogfight and just as ugly."

Jim Jackson:  "Irish whip sends Boy Bakla back first into the corner...  Lokii Weaver dashes and drives a big knee to Bakla!  Bulldog from the corner...  Bakla eats canvas!  Weaver grabs Bakla by the hair and starts to pound away on Bakla's head!  Weaver showboats as the crowd boo loudly!  The Magus drags Bakla up to her feet.  He has Bakla on a fireman's carry!  Bakla with elbow shots rocks Weaver!  Bakla slips free!  He leaps to the corner to get a tag on Johnny Fortune!  FORTUNE LEAPS OFF THE APRON!  FORTUNE DID NOT TAG!  Bakla looks shocked!"

El Loco:  "ah man what a little puta, too scared to fight."

Brad Blood:  "Lokii uses the chance to  roll Bakla up in a small package!  Is this our first elimination for the evening?!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Tsk!  The tranny kicks out just short of three!"

Jim Jackson:  "Lokii Weaver with a scoop slam on Boy Bakla!  Lokii Weaver reaches around his opponent's body and lifts them up, spinning the opponent in front of hiss body. As Weaver brings the opponent back down to the mat the he kneels, slamming his opponent's back across his extended knee executing an Acetabularii!   Oh this could be it for Bakla! "

Brad Blood:  "WAIT!  KENTA TAGS HIMSELF IN!  LOKII WAS TOO CLOSE TO THE CORNER AND HE TAGGED HIMSELF IN!   Lokii did the heavy lifting and Kenta just want to take credit for it!"

El Loco:  "I don’t think that was the smartest of ideas. Meh I’m sure he’ll be fine."

Jim Jackson:  "TK Kenta leaps into the ring as the referee forcibly makes an unhappy Lokii Weaver go out to the ring apron.   Kenta body slams Boy Bakla and climbs to the top turnbuckle, he jumps up high in the air then comes crashing down with both of his feet...  BAKLA ROLLS AWAY AT THE LAST SECOND!  Kenta turns around...  Lariat by Bakla takes him down!   Boy Bakla mounts on top of it's opponent and starts slapping away hard with a series of slaps until it's opponent is gets knocked out from the force of the slaps executing a devastating Makeover!  Bakla for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"

El Loco: “Or not.”


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, TK Kenta has been eliminated!"

Brad Blood:  "AHAHAHAHA!  Serves Kenta right!  He tried to steal Lokii's spotlight and ended up getting himself eliminated instead!   Take the walk of shame Kenta!"

TK Kenta proceeds to go up the ramp, the lights of the whole arena goes out. The crowd turn from excitement into silence.  The tron turns on to a static picture with static sound enveloping the whole arena.

The lights turn back on and on top of the entrance ramp is a crate three feet wide and 7 feet tall is seen on top with the initial DS carved on it.  TK Kenta approaches it slowly…  The crate suddenly opens and a hand grabs Kenta by the throat and drags him in.  A few seconds tick by then the crate opens again and out falls Kenta unconscious.  “Real Rock N Rolla (WK 8 Version)” plays throughout the speakers as a man then steps out in a straitjacket and muzzle like the one used on Hannibal Lecter, hair unkempt and a nasty odor permeating from him.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Demoni10

Demonic Stinker has arrived to RoC and his first victim is his old friend TK Kenta…

The man in the mystery videos has been revealed.   The lights go out again and when they turn back on he is gone leaving Kenta still lying there not moving.

Brad Blood:  “What the fuck was tha…  Oh wait!  Lokii takes advantage of the distraction and jumps in at once.  He kicks the fairy on the ribs and proceeds to lay on the smackdown!"

El Loco:  "Not wasting anytime jumping back on the he’s pissed to boot....pun totally intended."

Jim Jackson:  "The Magus is showing his superior strength as he picks Boy Bakla up and holds her up for some time before slamming her to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex!  Weaver kicks his opponent in the gut then takes advantage of his opponent's bent over position to place a knee against the base of his opponent's neck. Then he drops, forcing his opponent's head down to the mat, while landing on the opponent's upper body, and driving his knee into Bakla's neck executing a Busking!  This could be it!  Weaver hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "How in the world did Bakla kick out of that one?!  Well it doesn't matter...  That tranny is only delaying the inevitable...  Lokii picks Bakla up on his shoulders...  Wait!  The fruitcake slips free and leaps to the corner to get a tag...  HAHAHA!  Johnny again avoids Bakla's hand!  He's a genius!  Avoiding the tag like that, he can just wait for everyone else to eliminate each other then pick off the remaining wrestler!"

El Loco:  "a genius but a coward just not really something you’d expect by someone who likes to start fires."

Jim Jackson:  "The Magus with an Irish whip…  Reversed by Boy Bakla!  Lokii Weaver hits the ropes and bounces back…  Bakla goes to her belly as Weaver passes over her.  Weaver bounces back again, Bakla leaps over Weaver this time!  Weaver hits the ropes again and bounces back…  Bakla with a somersault dropkick!  Weaver is down!  Bakla goes to get a tag…  No wait!  Bakla doesn’t tag but drives an elbow instead onto Johnny Fortune’s head sending him off the apron!"

El Loco:  "HUEHUEHUEHUE  Puta’s and futa’s ."

Brad Blood:  "That’s a foul in my book!  That tranny is just jealous it didn’t think of that brilliant strategy Johnny is employing."

Jim Jackson:  "Boy Bakla with a side kick sends The Magus staggering…   Bakla with a DDT plants Lokii Weaver to the canvas!  Bakla goes high risk…  She’s going for a frogsplash…  WEAVER GETS HIS KNEES UP ON THE LAST SECOND!  Bakla is hurt!  Weaver quickly hooks the leg!  This could be it!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Dammit!  That tranny has more lives than a cat!  C’mon put him out of his misery already Lokii!"

Jim Jackson:  "Stunner by Lokii Weaver sends Boy Bakla staggering to the ropes…  Johnny Fortune with a head kick to Bakla!  Bakla staggers back into Weaver’s arms!  Full nelson slam!  Bakla is barely even alive!  Lokii Weaver crosses one of the opponent’s legs over the other in a figure four shape, locks the over leg behind their near knee before placing the straight leg under their armpit and turning over. The wrestler proceeds to lean back pulling on the leg under the armpit, applying massive pressure with a Gypsy Thread!"

El Loco:  "That’s not a hold you want to be in. Though can’t say I know of a hold you want to be in."

Brad Blood:  "Haha!  Tap tranny tap!  Tap tranny tap!  Tap tranny tap!  Bakla is fading!  It won’t be long now!  Either it taps or it passes out from the pain…  Lokii has this one in the bag!"

Jim Jackson:  "Things do not look good for Boy Bakla…  The referee is checking to see if Bakla can still continue…  WAIT!  BAKLA IS FIGHTING THE SUBMISSION HOLD!  LOKII WEAVER CAN’T BELIEVE IT!  BAKLA WITH THE LAST OF HER STRENGTH REACHES OUT!  SHE GRABS THE ROPES!  The referee forces The Magus to release his hold!"

El Loco:  "Bakla has no quit. I can respect that. Bakla’s just loco about this title shot and she’ll need that attitude."

Brad Blood:  "Seriously, why is Bakla even trying so hard?  We all know what the outcome will be…  Bakla will LOSE!  Bakla always loses!  That’s its M.O.!"

Jim Jackson:  "Boy Bakla uses the ropes to prop herself up…  Wait Johnny Fortune is on the ring apron again…  He throws a punch at Bakla!  Bakla blocks it!  Lokii Weaver comes charging in…  Bakla ducks down!  WEAVER SMASHES INTO FORTUNE SENDING HIM TO THE STEEL BARRICADES!  Weaver looks dazed!  Boy Bakla leaps towards it's unsuspecting target locking it's limbs around it's opponent entangling it's opponent in a deadly grasp where it has free reign to do something too horrible for words to describe until it's opponent taps out executing a vicious Sexual Harrassment!"


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, Lokii Weaver has been eliminated!"

El Loco:  "Ay Dios mios ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Brad Blood:  "Oh the horror!  My virgin eyes!  Seriously who wouldn’t tap to that?!  That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!"

Jim Jackson:  "With Lokii Weaver eliminated only Johnny Fortune is left!  Boy Bakla goes outside, Johnny Fortune is still laid out after hitting the barricades…  Bakla grabs The Fortunate One …  FORTUNE WAS PLAYING POSSUM!  HE SLAMS BAKLA’S HEAD INTO THE STEEL BARRICADES!  Fortune throws Bakla back into the ring!  Crossface!  Fortune locks in a crossface!  Bakla screams in pain!"

Brad Blood:  "Bakla screams like a girl!"

El Loco:  "No come on Bakla you’ve fought you’ve earned this. "

Jim Jackson:  "Does Boy Bakla have anything left?  She has been in this match without any relief from the beginning while Johnny Fortune has more or less been rested the whole time!  Bakla tries to reach for the rope….  She makes it!  Fortune releases the hold but not before cranking it one last time!"

El Loco:  "Can’t make Bakla tap can’t start fires. What’s this guy even here good for?"

Brad Blood:  "C’mon Johnny finish it!  Finish off that abomination!"

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune is taking his time taunting the transsexual superstar.  Fortune with an Irish whip sends Bakla to the ropes…  Bakla somehow ducks below a clothesline!  Bakla bounces off the ropes, Fortune turns around…  SPEAR!  BAKLA JUSET SPEARED THE FORTUNATE ONE!  Both men are down!  The crowd on their feet cheering for Bakla!  Bakla seems to be feeding from it!  Bakla grabs on to the ropes and tenaciously pulls herself up!  Bakla is up on her feet…  She waits for Fortune to get up…  SUPERKICK…  NO!  IT MISSES!  Fortune with a neckbreaker!  Bakla is down!  Fortune hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "WHYYYYYYYY?!  Why won’t you just stay down you eunuch?!"

El Loco:  "Heart of a warrior. "

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune with an STO takes Boy Bakla down!  Boy Bakla is lying on the ground facing the floor Fortune ties the legs of Bakla around his left leg and reels their arms back with his boot on the back of Bakla's head and brutally forces the head of Bakla to the ground with his foot.  Bakla Just experienced the Chaotic Communion!  This could be it!"

Brad Blood:  "Could be?!  That’s definitely it!  I think Johnny killed IT!  Bakla is not moving at all, is it even breathing?  Johnny goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "Boy Bakla’s leg is on the bottom rope!  Bakla is still in the match!  The Fortunate One pounds his hands into the mat in frustration!  Johnny Fortune locks in a sleeper hold on Bakla…  BAKLA WITH A JAWBREAKER FROM NOWHERE!  Fortune staggers around…  Sunset flip by Bakla!  Bakla hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Johnny kicks out at two!  Dammit!  The crowd is chanting for Bakla!  SHUT UP!  SHUT UP!"

Jim Jackson:  "Boy Bakla with and Irish whip…  Reversed by Johnny Fortune!  Bakla smashes into the ref!  The referee goes down!  Bakla turns around…"


El Loco:  "HOLY SHIT HE ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO USE FIRE. Dirty move but I feel I should be proud of him."

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune wraps his hands around the back of Boy Bakla's head and swiftly drives his knee into the head of Bakla! He might just have incapacitated Bakla with that move! What an Unfortunate End!  Fortune hooks the leg just as the ref is coming to…"

Brad Blood:  "This is it!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall, The Fortunate One…  JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune played dirty the whole match and gets a victory tonight much to the crowd’s displeasure.  I guess we now know who you’ll be fighting El Loco, you think you can handle Fortune’s tactics?"

El Loco:  "Of course I can. This guy is fake crazy and there ain’t nothing he can do against my calculated loco. ¡adios muchachos. "

Brad Blood:  "You guys keep forgetting, it ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught."

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Gm_s_o10

The scene opens with the door opening and Nao Fook Mi stepping into the office of Lee Morrison, general manager of Ring of Chaos.  Following close behind is another girl in a windbreaker, her hood is up shadowing her face.  Fook Mi heads towards the desk of the general manager and the girl follows behind.

Nao Fook Mi:  "Thank you for seeing us in such short notice.  I just thought I should introduce her to you since you booked us in a title match this very evening even though you have not seen us in action together yet."

Fook Mi turns to the girl and speaks.

Nao Fook Mi:  "姐, 这是我们的经理 Lee Morrison 先生."

The girl behind the hood nods and steps forward.

The girl steps forward pushing down her hood as she extends her hand.  The camera angle coming from behind only shows the back of the girl, her face still hidden from the viewers.  An audible gasp is heard from Lee Morrison's lips as he reaches out and accepts the hand of the young lady standing in front of him.

?:  "真好认识你 Morrison 先生.  我叫垴福优, 垴福米的姐姐."

Nao Fook Mi steps forward to translate.

Nao Fook Mi:  "This is my sister Nao Fook Yu, she said she's honored to meet you.  I apologize in advance but my sister does not speak much English yet.  Thank you again Mr. Morrison for giving us this opportunity.  We will not waste it sir."

Fook Mi shakes the hand of the general manager in gratitude.

The general manager of RoC seems pleased at his latest acquisition as he settles back down to his chair.

Lee Morrison:  "No apology necessary Ms. Nao.  It is refreshing to see talents who are actually respectful and grateful for the opportunities given to them.  You can't believe how many ungrateful workers are out there making trouble just because they blew the opportunity handed to them."

Morrison prepares a cigarette and lights it, taking a puff before continuing.

Lee Morrison:  "If the roster is full of people like you, my job here would be more pleasant.  In fact...  Just because both of you aren't self-absorbed egotistical troublemakers, I would like to forget our deal previously give you both a bonus, consider it a welcome gift for your sister's debut in the ring tonight.  Now what will your tag team be called again?"

Nao Fook Mi bows her head in thanks.

Nao Fook Mi:  "We are called The Oriental Spices sir and thank you very much Mr. Morrison.  We will certainly not forget this good gesture from you."

Fook Mi proceeds to translate what is said to her sister as the scene slowly fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Locker10

Andrew Hunter can be seen sitting in the locker room of Team Symphony getting his gear together as the scene opens.  After a moment, the door of the locker room opens as Alexander Melchiott walks in.  Tossing his bag to the floor, Melchiott sits on a nearby chair.

Alexander Melchiott: "You know what's great, Andrew?  I came in here today and am stopped at the door by an employee.  Once again, I find myself being told at the last minute who our opponents are for a show.  Now you know me, I'll fight anyone at anytime, but this worker tells me that we're going to be facing the Oriental Spices.  Apparently Nao Fook Mi has a twin sister named Nao Fook Yu who has just recently arrived here from China and Lee Morrison has decided to give them a trial by fire by putting them in a match against us.  That would be okay, but it seems that Nao Fook Mi has made a deal with the devil in order to make this match be for our RoC World Tag Team Championships.  Isn't that great?  Lee Morrison has handed out yet another opportunity at our belts to a team that hasn't earned it.  It's wonderful really."

After rolling his eyes, Alexander continues.

Alexander Melchiott: "But hey, we didn't become the RoC World Tag Team Champions by ducking competition.  We've earned these belts and defended them every step of the way, and tonight is just another chance for us to show how good Team Symphony really is!  So let's show Lee Morrison that regardless of who he puts in front us, we're going to prevail and look damn good doing it!  Let's show him and the world that our belts are just that -- ours.  They've seemed to have found a rather... permanent home with Team Symphony, and I don't think that that fact will changing anytime soon."

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Roctag10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Alexan10 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Andrew11


Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Nao_fo12 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Nao_fo13

Jim Jackson:  "Tonight we will get to see the debut of Nao Fook Mi's twin sister Nao Fook Yu!  Even more appealing is the fact that this is going to be a RoC Tag Team Championship match!"

Brad Blood:  "While normally I'd complain about Nao Fook Yu not doing anything to earn a title match, I will instead wipe this drool off of my lip and just say that she looks every bit as talented as her sister."

Jim Jackson:  "The Oriental Spices made a deal with Lee Morrison to book this bout, sacrificing their pay here tonight and offering to sacrifice three months worth of pay if they should be defeated in this match."

Brad Blood:  "Oh man, I hate to say it, but the Oriental Spices are going to be living on the side of the street here soon!  Team Symphony has been on a tear here in Ring of Chaos and I don't see that streak coming to  close here tonight."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and it is for the RoC Tag Team Championships!  Introducing first with a combined weight of 260 pounds, the team of Nao Fook Mi and Nao Fook Yu...  THE ORIENTAL SPICES!"

Oriental music starts playing on the background as smoke covers the mouth of the entrance tunnel. Out leaps Nao Fook Mi and Nao Fook Yu, both are wearing a short cheongsam and quickly makes their way down entrance ramp and enters the ring. They both bow and give respect to the crowd before heading to their corner.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, the RoC Tag Team Champions, with a combined weight of 399 pounds, the team of Alexander Melchiott and Andrew Hunter...  TEAM SYMPHONY!"

"Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother blasts throughout the arena as Andrew Hunter and Alexander Melchiott step out onto the ramp.  The two men exchange a nod before heading down to the ring.  Hunter pumps his arm to the beat of the song to get the crowd into the mood as Alexander enters the ring.  After tossing off his vest, Alexander turns and grabs the rope before slingshotting his partner into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick,  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "After a brief discussion between the teams, it seems that Alexander Melchiott and Nao Fook Yu will be starting out in this match.  As they approach one another, Nao Fook Yu bows to Melchiott before offering to lock up..."


Brad Blood: "Melchiott just slapped Nao Fook Yu!  I knew it, Jim!  Melchiott is not happy that Nao Fook Yu is getting this opportunity here tonight and he's not having any of her bullshit!"

Jim Jackson: "While Melchiott is rarely happy with his opponents in that ring, this is completely unexpected!  Nao Fook Mi and Andrew Hunter are both stunned by his actions!  And Fook Yu has just tackled Melchiott!  She's laying in some hard shots after being disrespected by the champion!  Melchiott manages to slip underneath the bottom rope.  He's calling for a time out, but a sliding kick from Fook Yu sends Melchiott hard into the crowd barricade!  Fook Yu rolls Melchiott back into the ring before hopping onto the apron.  She goes for a slingshot, but Melchiott manages to dodge out of the way and make the tag to Hunter."

Brad Blood: "Melchiott's right arm looks to be injured.  He's dropped down from the apron and is consulting the ring-side doctor."

Jim Jackson: "Hunter and Nao Fook Yu lock up with Hunter managing to use his experience to take the side headlock.  Fook Yu backs him up to the ropes before sending him across the ring.  Fook Yu goes for the shoulder block, but she gets knocked down by the larger athlete!"

Brad Blood: "A bit of a rookie mistake from Nao Fook Yu."

Jim Jackson: "Nao Fook Yu rolls over to her corner and gets some advice from her sister before again locking up with Hunter... and Hunter again takes the side headlock!  Fook Yu sends him to the ropes... and this time manages to send Hunter face-first into the mat with the drop toe-hold!  Fook Yu rolls over and takes a headlock of her own on the fallen Hunter."

Brad Blood: "A quick turnaround for the inexperienced Oriental Spice!  If she keeps listening to her sister, they could make a pretty good team."

Jim Jackson: "Hunter works his way to his feet before lifting the smaller athlete into the air and slamming her to the mat with a back suplex.  Hunter tries to follow that up with a standing moonsault, but Nao Fook Yu gets the knees up before rolling him into a small package!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "Hunter manages to get out at two.  As Hunter gets to his feet he eats a brutal roundhouse kick from Fook Yu!  Hunter stumbles into the ropes before stumbling into a second roundhouse that takes him off of his feet!"

Jim Jackson: "Fook Yu is feeling it here!  With Hunter right where she wants him,  Nao Fook Yu climbs onto the turnbuckle.  Still seeing stars, Hunter struggles to get to his feet before being nearly ripped in half by a devastating spear from Nao Fook Yu!  The Express Delivery!  Nao Fook Yu hooks a leg for the pin and the win here!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood: "But Hunter gets the shoulder up just before the count of three!  Fook Yu could almost taste the Tag Team titles there!"

Jim Jackson: "I hate to say this, but it looks like Melchiott's arm might be seriously injured.  The ring-side doctor is calling for more help from the back."

Brad Blood: "That isn't good for Team Symphony!  Hunter isn't in an advantageous position here and now he might have to go two-on-one!"

Jim Jackson: "Nao Fook Mi drops down from the apron to see if there's anything she can do while the match progresses.  Nao Fook Yu grabs Hunter and tries to drive a knee into his face, but Hunter catches it!  Hunter lifts Fook Yu onto his shoulders, but the Oriental Spice manages to slip free before running Hunter into the ropes and rolling him to the mat for another cover!"

Brad Blood: "Alexander Melchiott just threw the ring-side doctor into Nao Fook Mi!  He's looking underneath the ring!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson: "Hunter pushes Nao Fook Yu off of him and into the ropes... MELCHIOTT JUST HIT NAO FOOK YU ACROSS THE JAW WITH A WRENCH!  Nao Fook Yu stumbles back and into a roll-up from Andrew Hunter!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall and STILL the RoC Tag Team Champions, the team of Andrew Hunter and Alexander Melchiott... TEAM SYMPHONY!"

Jim Jackson: "Melchiott bails to the back as the referee holds Hunter's arm in the air!  Neither the referee or Andrew Hunter saw it, but Melchiott clocked Nao Fook Yu with a wrench to give his team the win!"

Brad  Blood: "Brilliant!  Melchiott feigned an injury and outsmarted his opponents to keep the titles!"

Jim Jackson: "I wouldn't call cheating "brilliant", Brad."

Brad Blood: "It isn't cheating if you don't get caught!  Regardless, The Oriental Spices LOST!  They aren't going to be paid for the next three months, HAHAHAHA!"

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:54 am

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Backst10

*To be inserted after Team Symphony vs. The ortiental Spices*

The camera follows Ring of Chaos's interviewer Julia Rodriguez as she walks through the backstage halls.  Seeing Alexander Melchiott exiting the building, Julia begins to run after him.

Julia Rodriguez: "Alexander Melchiott!  Please wait!"

Hearing his name called, Melchiott stops and turns.  Seeing Julia and the cameraman, Melchiott removes his sunglasses as they catch up to him.

Julia Rodriguez: "Mr. Melchiott, we just saw you hit Nao Fook Yu with a wrench to keep your Tag Team titles, but may I ask why?"

After hearing Julia's question, Melchiott gives the young interviewer a sneer.

Alexander Melchiott: "Why?  Why?  Because I can, that's why!  Because some idiot in a suit decided to hand out another tag team opportunity to someone who doesn't deserve it, that's why!  Because I'm the best damn professional wrestler in this federation and yet a little girl who can't even speak English thinks that she should be in the ring with me, that's why!  I have earned my place in this company, so why should I have to defend my title against some noodle shop worker from China?  You don't just walk into my house and expect to take my belt, that isn't happening.  That girl didn't deserve the opportunity that she was given, so I took that opportunity away from her."

Taking a breath, Melchiott calms down before continuing.

Alexander Melchiott: "I have had to earn my place in this company and in this industry.  I am not going to stand by while some girl who has never wrestled a day in her life gets brought over from China and handed a chance to win the tag team titles.  Lee Morrison keeps handing people opportunities at the title that I earned, and I'm not going to just stand by and let him do so any longer.  That's what tonight was.  It was a message to Lee Morrison and to everyone else: you have to earn your place in this industry.  I was never given anything by Lee Morrison, not even the chance to win the World Championship, so you be damn sure that I'm not going to play by his rules."

Putting back on his sunglasses, Melchiott turns away from the camera and begins walking to his car.

Alexander Melchiott: "You can either earn your place or be put in your place.  It's your choice."

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Gm_s_o10

The air is heavy inside the office of Lee Morrison, the general manager of Ring of Chaos.  In his hand, is his cellphone, his finger hovers on the send button.  With worry and uncertainty is clearly etched on his face, Lee Morrison grabs a half-filled glass of scotch from his table and wolfs it down in one gulp.  He closes his eyes and lets out a deep breath before pressing the send button...

A few seconds tick by and the familiar alert tone reverberates from his cellphone...  He takes a look at the reply and types in a reply of his own.  With his hand clenched tightly against his phone he presses the send button again.

Lee Morrison places the phone on his desk and closes his eyes as he leans back on his seat.  He mutters softly under his breath...

Lee Morrison:  "Fuck...  God save us all..."

The camera zooms towards his table focusing on the screen of his cellphone...

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Mt10

The camera then pans away as the screen fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas plays as Ray Kamaura walks angrily out onto stage. Visibly mad about the events that transpired two weeks ago. Ray stomped his way into the ring and screams for his music to be cut.


Ray Kamaura paced around the ring staring at the ramp entrance. A few seconds pass as Ray continues to pace, no sign of either men.

Ray Kamaura: "I SAID GET OUT HERE!|

Impatience crosses Ray's face as he begins to turn red with rage.


Ray's frustration boils over as he begins to kick the bottom rope. A few moments of this passes before The enraged giant seems to take a breath.

Ray Kamaura: "You two cost me everything... I had Shogun by the short and curlies, I had the championship, but could you two ass clowns stay away for 15 minutes? No! I swear to god you bastard better find the balls to come out to this ring."

Ray Kamaura again began pacing around, gaze locked on the entrance.

Ray Kamaura: "Get out here so I can shove your heads up each others asses!"

Ray Kamaura paced faster, kicking the ropes when he felt the need. He waited for a reply.

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as smoke rises from the ground and a light show flashes.  The silhouette of the penultimate wrestler is seen through the fog which slowly clears revealing Colton Charles Cai Cobb with his back facing the crowd. He turns around with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he brings a mic up to his lips to address the fuming wrestler inside the ring.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Why Ray, of course this is a game.  It's a game you started when you interfered with my private discussion with Lee Morrison.  Now if you aren't man enough to play it then you shouldn't have joined.  Now you know how it feels like to get interrupted just when you were about to get something.  Now you know how it feels to have something wrenched from your grasp just when you are about to grab hold of it.  What comes around goes around Ray."

C4 chuckles as he paces on top of the entrance ramp.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Now the game has just begun Ray.  In fact it haven't even reached its climax yet.  Your suffering still has a long road to travel Ray.  And I will be waiting at the end of that road to put you out of your misery."

Colton Charles Cai Cobb walks down the ramp and stops just outside the ring.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "You want a piece of me Ray?  Well here I am Ray.  HERE I AM!"

The Charismatic Crippler extends his arms out taunting the big wrestler inside the ring.

?:  "Well let's not start this party yet!"

The crowd's attention suddenly turned to where the voice came from.  Thaddeus Rex suddenly stands from his seat in the middle of the audience.  The reaction from the crowd is instant as the parted away in fear opening a way for Thaddeus Rex to walk down to ringside.

Thaddeus Rex:  "You did call me out Ray and I am one brotha' who never turns down a challenge."

The man who sports the moniker T-Rex menacingly walks towards the ring now flanking Ray Kamaura from the other side.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Well here I am Ray.  Now let's see if you can make good your threat....  What is it?  To shove our heads up each others' asses?  You see Ray, I'm one nigga' who don't like being threatened, in fact everyone who had been dumb enough to threaten me have all ended up being carted out in a gurney...  But I guess intelligence isn't your strong suit is it Ray?  From where I am standing Ray, the one who's gonna get objects shoved up his ass is you."

Thaddeus Rex grabs a chair and slams it on the apron taunting Ray.

?: "I wouldn't be so sure of yourself there Rex..."

While Thaddeus is taunting Ray a loud out burst sounds out through the crowd, before any of the wrestlers in the ring area can even react, Shogun hops over the barricade and smashes Thaddeus rex in the back of the neck with a lariat sending him into the ring apron where Shogun begins hammering him with clubbing blows to the back of the head, initiating the fight and evening the odds before it even started!

Ray Kamaura whipped to engage Colton Charles Cai Cobb, sliding under the bottom rope only to be greeting with a flurry of punches from The Charismatic Crippler. The blows continued until Ray dropped down to one knee. C4 took a step back and reached out for Ray Kamaura's neck. The Rayward Son delivered an earth shattering uppercut to Cobb. Causing him to stumble backwards. Ray followed up with a running boot, knocking C4 to the ground. Ray turned around and started towards Shogun and Rex, surveying the scene.  

Thaddeus Rex cautiously circles around knowing that once Shogun and Ray Kamaura combined forces, things will get ugly.  Still the man known as T-Rex has never backed down from anyone or anything despite whatever odds was stacked against him.  Reaching down his boots, he pulls up a pair of brass knuckles arming himself.

Thaddeus Rex:  "C'mon then, let's do this."

The brass knuckles gleams at it reflects the light.  Thaddeus Rex licks his lips, this is what he lives for...

Shaking off the cobwebs Colton Charles Cai Cobb's eyes focuses on the man who just booted him on the face. He gets back to his feet and leaps unto the steel steps using it to get more leverage as he drove an elbow into Ray Kamaura's back sending the big man staggering.  Before he could follow-up his attack, Kamaura swings a backfist barely missing C4's head.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb rolls away as Ray Kamaura composes himself.  He looks at Thaddeus Rex then at Shogun before settling his eyes back on his nemesis Ray Kamaura.  A four-way stand-off...

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Hmph.  It looks like people here just can't help sticking their noses in where it don't belong...  This is your last chance to walk away Shogun.  You don't need to get yourself involved in this...  This is just between me and Ray.  In fact, you should be elated that you still have that title around your waist, so walk away now or you may end up having that belt shoved up where the sun don't shine."

The Charismatic Crippler sneered as he delivered his message to the RoC World Champion while his eyes still focused on Ray Kamaura.

The RoC would champion stands his ground next to Ray Kamaura, simply motioning for the two to come at them with his hands.

Shogun: "I didn't become the champion by being a coward like the two of you, i became the champion by being better, by being the best! If anyone in this little standoff needs to rethink their tactics it's going to be the two of you, neither of you have a chance in hell in a fight that doesn't start after someone's already had a match, anyway."

Shogun and Ray stood firm in the faces of their adversaries, the intensity radiating off the four slowly coming to a boil...

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing on the loud speakers and Lee Morrison appears on the big screen towering over everyone in the arena stopping the four wrestlers in their tracks just as things are about to get out of hand.

Lee Morrison:  "It seems that things are starting to get heated up tonight...  I know that I cannot prevent things from boiling over so why don't we make this all legal!  Coming up next...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb & Thaddeus Rex versus Ray Kamaura in a tag match!"

The crowd cheers loudly at the announcement.

Lee Morrison:  "Now that's that is settled, I believe you gentlemen should prepare for your match."

The screen shuts off leaving the four men at ringside as the crowd continues to cheer.

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Colton11 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Thadde14


Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Ray_ka11 & Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Shogun10

Jim Jackson:  "What a doozy, with four men at ringside about to go all out on each other Lee Morrison booked them in a tag match!"

Brad Blood:  "That’s right, we’ve been seeing things simmering between Shogun and Thaddeus AND Colton and Ray.  Tonight these four men are gonna clash and it ain’t gonna be pretty."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first with a combined weight of 465 pounds, the team of COLTON CHARLES CAI COBB AND THADDEUS REX!"

Jim Jackson:  "It looks like both Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Thaddeus Rex are ready to go. Their adrenaline is still pumping after the altercations just moments ago."

Brad Blood:  "These two guys are out for blood."

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 565 pounds the team of RAY KAMAURA AND SHOGUN!"

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura and Shogun also look like they want to finish off their opponents tonight.  In fact they want to permanently get rid of these thorns on their backside."

Brad Blood:  "Ray is foaming in the mouth it seems."

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there’s the bell!  It’ll be Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Ray Kamaura starting off for their respective teams and Kamaura charges in and takes C4 down with a spear right on the get go!  He almost breaks C4 in half!  Kamaura throwing big punches downwards on Cobb’s head!  The Charismatic Crippler is covering up waiting for Kamaura to show any signs of slowing down."

Brad Blood:  "Only he’s not slowing down!  Ray is gonna beat the hell out of Colton, he’s not looking for a wrestling match, he wants a pure uncontrolled, unrefined brawl!  Thaddeus just snuck in and kneed Ray in the side of the head!  Now Shogun is in and takes T-Rex down with a lariat!  The ref finally sends both T-Rex and Shogun back to their respective corners."

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb is able to use the opening his partner gave him to get a single leg Boston crab hold on Ray Kamaura!  Cobb applies more pressure as Kamaura tries to reach for the ropes…  He makes it!  C4 stomps at Kamaura’s back before pulling him back to the middle of the ring.  C4 with a side headlock on Kamaura…  The big man slowly rises up…  He lifts C4…  And counters with a side suplex!  That almost broke Cobb in half!"

Brad Blood:  "Half?!  That almost broke Colton into little pieces and all the king’s men and all the king’s horses won’t be able to put Colton back together again!  Ray hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two…"

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb kicks out at two!  Ray Kamaura picks C4 up and slams him into the turnbuckles…  Big chop by Kamaura almost cleaves C4 in two!  Kamaura preps for another chop…  Eye rake by Cobb!  The referee gives a warning to C4…  Armbreaker by C4 followed by an ippon seoi nage sends the big man to the mat!  Cobb goes for a Fujiwara armbar!"

Brad Blood:  "Colton is applying more pressure as Ray goes tries again to go for the ropes…  Will he make it?  Yes he does!  Colton picks Ray up and drags him to their corner…  TAG!"

Jim Jackson:  "In comes Thaddeus Rex…  Double team attack…  Double vertical suplex sends Ray Kamaura into the canvas!  Thaddeus Rex approaches his opponent who is lying facing down. He grabs his opponent's arms, and pulls it to his opponent's back. Thaddeus Rex then rolls or flips forward into a bridge, applying pressure on the wrist and elbow executing a Grounding the Prey. Kamaura is clearly in a lot of pain.  T-Rex playing it smart working on the same arm C4 worked on earlier.  Kamaura manages to make it to the ropes!  Thaddeus Rex holds both the opponent's arms under his own, and delivers a series of headbutts to his opponent, who is unable to counter executing an Unbridled Ferocity."

Brad Blood:  "Oh man T-Rex is pulling out all the stops!  Ray is totally out of it as he crumples to the mat!  T-Rex for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two…"

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura hangs in there but he really needs to get a tag to Shogun.  Thaddeus Rex sneaks an elbow and hits Shogun in the corner.  Shogun tries to enter the ring but the ref stops him.  Colton Charles Cai Cobb uses the chance to choke Ray Kamaura!  Shogun sees it and tries to save his partner but the ref is having none of it and is making Shogun return outside!  The longer Shogun tries to insist the bigger damage C4 will do to Ray!"

Brad Blood:  "Shogun finally calms down but Colton already finished his assault on Ray.  T-Rex baiting him like that was genius!  T-Rex for the cover…"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th…"

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura gets a shoulder up!  Shogun is getting the crowd pumped up to get behind his partner.  Irish whip by Thaddeus Rex sends Kamaura to the corner!  T-Rex charges in…  KAMAURA SOMEHOW DODGES AT THE LAST SECOND AND T-REX HITS THE RING POST SHOULDER FIRST!  Kamaura tries to crawl to Shogun to get the tag he desperately needs…  Kamaura is almost there…  Rex grabs his leg and pulls…  NO!  KAMAURA MANAGES TO KICK FREE!  HE LEAPS!  HE GETS THE TAG!"

Brad Blood:  "Holy shit listen to the crowd explode!  It’s like they all orgasmed at the same time!  SHOGUN CHARGES INTO THE RING AND NOW IT’S AN ALL OUT BRAWL!  Both men are throwing punches with such reckless abandon!"

Jim Jackson:  "Shogun hits a big uppercut sending Thaddeus Rex staggering back!  Belly to back suplex and T-Rex bounces off the canvas!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb rushes in…  Dropkick by Shogun sends him into the ropes!  HERE COMES RAY KAMAURA!  CLOTHESLINE AND BOTH MEN FALL OVER THE ROPE AND INTO THE OUTSIDE!  T-Rex from behind…  Double knee backbreaker on Shogun!  T-Rex uses the opening provided by C4 to take back the helm!"

Brad Blood:  "Colton and Ray are still brawling outside!  Irish whip by Colton…  RAY REVERSES IT AND COLTON SMASHES INTO THE STEEL STEPS!  Here comes the Ray train…  COLTON SOMEHOW LEAPS OUT OF THE WAY!  RAY SMASHES INTO THE STEEL STEPS TOO!"

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex just sent Shogun to the canvas with a powerslam!  Fist drop by T-Rex followed by STF!  Shogun escapes it!  He has T-Rex by the back…  German suplex!  Wait he’s not letting go!  Another German connects!  Here comes a third…   T-REX IS FOLDED IN HALF!  Shogun stands over Thaddeus Rex who is lying on the mat face up and grasps his leg, Shogun then does a spinning toe hold and grasps the other leg, crossing them into a four locking in the One way trip to Arthritis!  Could this be it?!"

Brad Blood:  "Who cares about that!  Colton and Ray are tearing it out outside of the ring!  It’s a slugfest!  C4 sneaks in two consecutive European uppercuts!  He charges towards Ray… He meets Ray’s boot face first!  Here comes Ray…  C4 ducks below a clothesline and leaps behind Ray!  He has a rear-naked choke locked in!  The big man is staggering…  BOTH MEN GO OVER THE STEEL RAILINGS AND INTO THE CROWD!"

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex manages to get to the ropes!  Shogun releases his signature submission hold!  Shogun picks Rex up…  He’s going for a suplex…  Blocked and countered with a DDT!  T-Rex lifts Shogun up his shoulders…  Fallaway slam!  T-Rex with an Irish whip sends Shogun to the ropes…  Shogun counters a back body drop attempt with a knee to the face!  T-Rex staggers around…  Spinebuster by Shogun!  Shogun for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two…"

Brad Blood:  "T-Rex gets a shoulder up at two!  Shogun gets an arm wringer on…  Meanwhile outside the ring C4 and Ray started duking it out again…  They are going deeper into the crowd!  Big flying knee by Colton stuns Ray!  Colton charges in…  RAY WITH A BACK BODY DROP SENDS COLTON FLYING~!  THE CROWD CLEARS OUT AND COLTON SMASHES INTO THE SEATS!"

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex twists free of the arm wringer!  He lands a couple of good punches sending Shogun’s head reeling.  A big knee to the gut bends Shogun over…  T-Rex sets Shogun up for a powerbomb…  Shogun blocks the attempt and spins out!  He gets T-Rex over his shoulders…  Samoan drop!  Shogun with a legdrop from the second rope…  Right into Rex’s chest!  Shogun for submission!  Argentine leglock has been locked in!"


Jim Jackson:  "Looks like both Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Ray Kamaura are out!  EMTs are already rushing in to see to both men.  That only leaves Shogun and Thaddeus Rex and right now the champ has T-Rex in a submission hold.  T-Rex reaches out for the ropes…  He makes it again!  T-Rex uses the ropes to pull himself up…  Shogun grabs him from behind!  T-Rex elbows himself free!  Big clothesline from T-Rex sends Shogun down!  Shogun gets back up…  T-Rex connects with a   big haymaker!  Shogun staggers back after being hit with a strike instead of falling down he braces himself with the middle rope and leans back almost out of the ring before springing himself back into the ring where he swings his arm out lariat style, hitting Thaddeus Rex in the throat!  DECAPITATION NATION!  T-Rex is down!"

Brad Blood:  "Shogun is signaling for his finisher…  This could be it! "

Jim Jackson:  "Shogun lifts Thaddeus Rex up into into the air in a half Nelson…  T-Rex slips free!  T-Rex throws another big punch!  Shogun sidesteps!  T-Rex staggers…  T-REX FALLS TO THE CANVAS!  I think he just twisted his ankle!  The referee is checking up on T-Rex!  Shogun suspects it’s a ruse!  Shogun ignores the ref and goes in for the kill, the referee stumbles on himself and falls.  Thaddeus Rex crouches down and pretends to be hurt, his back facing against the referee.  He carefully slips a pair of brass knuckles from his boots and waits for his opponent to move in for an attack.  When his opponent comes within range he suddenly attacks with an uppercut, bringing the brass knuckles up to his opponent's chin instantly knocking him out.  He then quickly disposes the brass knuckles executing a devastating Ambush.  Shogun is down!  T-Rex hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"



Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall, the team of COLTON CHARLES CAI COBB AND THADDEUS REX!"

Jim Jackson:  "Shogun knew T-Rex was faking it but T-Rex still crafty as ever still manages to use dirty tactics to pull off a victory."

Brad Blood:  "Yeah, the question is how will Shogun respond in the next show and what is the status of Colton and Ray?"

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "What a night!  Not only did we get a new number one contender for the RoC Lightweight title, we also saw a new side of Alexander Melchiott!  But to cap things off, Lee Morrison booked an impromptu main event match between the feuding Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Ray Kamaura AND Shogun and Thaddeus Rex!  And what a main event it was!"

Brad Blood:  "I like this new side of Alexander, it gives one half of our tag team champions more character!  And Johnny Fortune...  Well brilliant strategy staying out of the four-way until the last possible moment.  On Colton, Ray, Thaddeus and Shogun...  I doubt that the match tonight settled anything...  Things are about to get much more hotter here in RoC, I see a lot of broken bodies in it's wake..."

Jim Jackson:  "I agree with you there Brad...  Unfortunately we are out of time, so until the next show...  Good fight and good night and HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOLKS!"

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/21/2014 T-rexb10
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