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Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 John_e10 VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Taufik10

Jim Jackson: "2 Weeks ago, John E. Hendrix was the recipient of a 3 on 1 assault by Taufik, Odin and a mysterious hooded figure. This week he looks to get some matter of revenge as he set to battle Odin."

Brad Blood: "But the numbers are against him again and he has to have eyes in the back of his head. There is no telling when that third guy with make an appearance."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing in at 5 feet 8 inches tall, hailing from Los Angeles, California ... JOHN E. HENDRIX!"

Silence. Then slowly a volume of music is being increased as a hippy van entrance the arena and "Truckin" is being played by "Grateful Dead" through the van's speakers....  and van is being parked next to the ring...

Jim Jackson: "Wait a minute! That's Taufik and Odin! Where the hell is Hendrix!?"

Brad Blood: "Look! It's that hooded guy again! Oh God! He's dragging John E. out of the back of the van by his afro. He's already bloodied. They must have attacked him when he was smoking a joint or something."

Jim Jackson: "They toss the bloody body into the center of the ring and simply pose over it. It was a message to the rest of the roster that these men mean business and are a force to be reckoned with."

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Chaos_11

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "Welcome to another night of great wrestling and what a show we have for tonight.  Ever since Alexander Melchiott has taken over match booking, the wrestling world has been abuzz with how Chaos Supreme has become one of the best wresting show on the planet."

Brad Blood:  "That's right Jim, things have been pretty good ever since Alexander took over the reigns but there seems to be tension now as our VGM seems to be taking shots at the man who gave him his job, Lee Morrison...  THE GENERAL MANAGER of RoC!"

Jim Jackson:  "That's true, hopefully the conflict brewing in management doesn't spill to the roster...  Anyway we shouldn't let the fans wait any longer and get on to the show!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

As the show opens, Vice-General Manager Alexander Melchiott can be seen starting off the show yet again.  After waiting in the ring for the show's opening to conclude, Melchiott brings a microphone up to his lips.

Alexander Melchiott: "It would seem that my job can never be easy.  Last week, Johnny Fortune hit Shadow Callahan with the title belt to retain via disqualification.  Truthfully, what he did was brilliant.  However, Shadow Callahan still won the match and defeated the champion... which puts me in an interesting position.  You see, tonight is the night for the battle royale that will determine Fortune's future opponents, but Callahan has a legitimate claim to a rematch..."

Melchiott shakes his head as he ponders the situation.

Alexander Melchiott: "This is not an easy decision, but I think I have to stick to my original plan and, unfortunately, not give Shadow Callahan another shot at the World Champion."

Some boos are heard at this decision from the fans, but Melchiott holds a finger into the air.

Alexander Melchiott: "HOWEVER!  I can and will give Shadow Callahan a chance to earn back the titles he and Allister King never lost!  So if King is capable of competing tonight, then The Northern Kings will meet both Beauty & The Geek and the Full Time Killers for the Tag Team Championships!  If King can't compete, I'll allow Shadow Callahan to pick his partner for the match and we WILL have a triple threat tag team match to determine the NEW RoC Tag Team Champions of the world!"

The fans cheer as Melchiott nods his head to the reaction.

Alexander Melchiott: "That's right, you're in for a hell of match and a hell of a show!  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!"

Alexander smiles at the fans before exiting the ring.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Beyond10

A dark room is shown. Suddenly the room is lighted with a glimmer of light from  light bulb. Now we can see an unknown man sitting handcuffed in a chair. Around the chair, there are trays with a lot of medical tools and other stuff.  He has short dark curly hair and he wears a black t-shirt. He looks at his feet. He slowly raise his head and then he looks straight into the camera. He smirks and then he says with a calm voice:

???: "Are you ready?"

The unknown man does an evil laughter. He stops and then he stares at the camera with his crazy eyes for a couple of seconds.After that he blinks and all of a sudden he starts screaming and he breaks his handcuffs. He stops screaming and he grabs a lighter from a tray. The light shuts off. The flame from the lighter, lights the face of the uknown man and he is staring the flame . The voice of a little girl is heard saying:

Little girl's voice:  "One, Two buckle my shoe, Three, Four, shut the door."

A giggle is heard and at the same time, the flame disappear, making the room completely dark again. The light bulb lightens again the room, and now there is noone at the room. The camera zooms at the wall, where we can see, that is written "Gus was here" with red paint. The camera slowly moves and shows that, next to the previous message, is written "Gus is here". The camera drops on the floor and we can hear a man calling for hep. Camera fades out. Now we see the commentators, who are ringside.

Jim Jackson: "... I guess "Gus" is our new wrestler, who debuts tonight against Felipe Shido. I feel like we saw a horror film. It was pretty chilling."

Brad Blood: "Oh great! Another weirdo, who is probably a nutjob. Great! Like we don't have enough crazy people in this federation."

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Backst10

Standing before the camera is Alexander Melchiott and the young journalist Julia Rodriguez. Rodriguez holds a microphone in her hand as she begins.

Julia Rodriguez: "Ladies and Gentlemen, standing with me now is the Vice-General Manager of Ring of Chaos -- Alexander Melchiott!"

Alexander nods his head in recognition as Julia continues.

Julia Rodriguez: "Mr. Melchiott, your administration has certainly raised a few eyebrows. Your recent conduct has also been catching views as of late. Firstly, I would like to address your recent decisions regarding Thaddeus Rex, The Northern Kings, Lexi Thorne, and Ray Kamaura. Would you please give us some insight on your recent trend of decisions."

With her question posed, Julia holds the microphone out in-front of Melchiott.

Alexander Melchiott: "I get it, I'm unconventional. Let's start with Ray Kamaura for now. Firstly, everyone knows I have a past relationship with him and they know that I have placed him in the battle royale for the chance to face Johnny Fortune DESPITE his recent string of losses. I get it, people are going to say I'm biased and say that I am unfair in my decisions; but let's look at this for a second, shall we? Ray Kamaura is the former champion and has been putting in strong performance after strong performance. He also had the gumption to approach me and ASK for a match to get back into the picture, so I accepted. In doing so, I've given him an opportunity as well as nine other wrestlers. The majority of the wrestlers in that match -- The Oriental Spices, Ace, Dorn, Bakla -- have never had much of an opportunity to get into the World Championship picture. This is a HUGE opportunity for them. People might not like that I pick and choose talent to give opportunities to, but I do what I think is right for the talent based on what they give me."

Julia nods at the response and goes to speak, but Melchiott motions that he's not done.

Alexander Melchiott: "Before you ask a more specific question in regards to my decision-making, let me talk about The Northern Kings very quickly. They never lost the titles and were stripped of them by Lee Morrison. So, I gave Callahan a title match in response to him being screwed out of his title. Rex and King had problems that needed settled, so I left it to them to settle their score. Now that things have progressed in the fashion that they have, I've added The Northern Kings to the title match tonight because they never really lost their championships to begin with, so it would be foolish to keep them out of the match and simply devalue our Tag Team Titles, something Lee Morrison seems to love doing."

Again Julia tries to speak, but Melchiott again motions for her to keep the mic on him.

Alexander Melchiott: "As for Thaddeus Rex... Thaddeus is the uncrowned World Champion of Ring of Chaos. I've said that time and time again, but for him to think that we can simply HAND him back the title after he ran back here foaming at the mouth for Allister King, and not the title, is ridiculous. Fortune and Kamaura both earned the belt during Rex's time out of the picture and had legitimate claim to the title. I was willing to give Rex the instant opportunity at the belt, but Rex wanted King, so that's who he got. Now, I've added Rex to the 10-man battle royale for tonight. Rex, you know I think that you SHOULD STILL BE CHAMPION, but Lee Morrison screwed you and things progressed while you were gone. I've done my best to welcome you back and try to accommodate you, and yet you are miffed by being in this battle royale instead of getting the belt returned to you? Rex, you were screwed, but you really can't ask me to screw over someone else just because you were screwed. So, instead, I've given you everything you've wanted with King and am allowing you right back into the World Championship picture. Take this opportunity to show why it is you were, and maybe still should be, the World Champion."

Finally finished, Melchiott lets Julia speak.

Julia Rodriguez: "Mr. Melchiott, that was enlightening, but you never mentioned Lexi Thorne. Many are wondering why you would hire Lexi after her heinous actions against members of the women's division. Not only has she hurt wrestlers while not under contract, but she's actively ruined matches for the organization and the fans. Why would you hire Lexi, and further, why wouldn't you punish her?"

Holding the microphone back out to Melchiott, Julia waits patiently as he begins speaking.

Alexander Melchiott: "A fair question, Julia. Why would I bring her onto the roster after all the harm she's done? Well, it's simple really; what was done was done. Punishing her or pursuing legal action against her would do nothing to appease our women's division or give the fans back the matches that were taken from them. Instead, I brought Lexi into the company knowing full well that there are a lot of angry people wanting to see her get hurt... and I can make money off of that. Not only is this good for ratings, but I've also removed the threat of further interruptions to our matches, so it's a win-win for me. Besides which, she had the courage to put everything, and I do mean everything, on the line to get this job... and I can respect that."

Bringing the microphone back to her, Julia poses her next question.

Julia Rodriguez: "Finally, I would like to ask you about your feelings towards Mr. Morrison. You've been quick to criticize Mr. Morrison and place him in the firing line for many decisions. Even in this interview, you've thrown him out to the wolves. So what is your relationship with Mr. Morrison and why is it that you are so quick to reprimand the man that is supposed to be your boss and your biggest supporter?"

As Julia finishes, Melchiott cocks an eyebrow at her.

Alexander Melchiott: "Biggest supporter? Lee Morrison gave me this position because he was worried about ratings and about losing this company. I have reinded in the wrestlers, fixed HIS mistakes, and have the company set on course to be what it should be. Let's call a spade a spade here; Lee Morrison sucked at his job. He ruined Main Event after Main Event by STRIPPING his champions of their belts. He devalued the company and the titles with his actions and I was left to pick up the pieces. So my relationship with Lee is strictly professional; I asked for a job because I felt I could succeed at it, and he gave it to me. That's it. I'm not the kind of guy to go around singing his praises when he's still the reason that I have the decisions on my plate that I have had. As for my "feelings" towards Lee? I don't like him, I have never liked him, and I will never like him. But, as a professional courtesy to him, I'm not going to stand here and run him down on his own product any further. Now, is there anything else you'd like to ask?"

Julia shakes her head "no" at the VGM. Nodding, Melchiott walks off camera as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Felipe10 VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Gus10

Jim Jackson: "Up next, we have the debut of one of ROC's newest wrestlers, Gus, going against one of our longest employed competitor, Felipe Shido."

Brad Blood: "Another weirdo, that's all this place needs. We might as well change our name to Asylum of Chaos with the amount of crackpots running about the place."

Jim Jackson: "We are a well diversified and discriminant organisation who support and employ people from all of walks of life. Be it, mental disability, LGBT, obese, racist, an ex-con, an addict, vertically challenged, etc."

Brad Blood: "That may be right, politically correct and all that other shit but it doesn't exactly make for a safe and stable work environment."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing in at 6 feet tall, weighing in at 200lbs, From pretty far from fucking okay ... FELIPE SHIDO!"

Enormous Penis by Davinci's Notebook plays on the P.A as Felipe Shido walks onto the stage, he stops and starts rubbing down his body sensually and points at various women in the audience. he starts slowly walking towards the ring making gestures with arms until he finally slides into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and shakes his hips before lying down in the corner like a French girl.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 245 pounds, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa ...  "The Psychopath" GUS!"

"Eyeless" by Slipknot begins playing as Gus walks down the entrance ramp, wearing a straitjacket. he is accompanied by a nurse. He screams in rage and then he talks gibberish. Before entering the ring, the nurse removes his straitjacket and then she quickly gets away. Gus screams "Die" at the top of his lungs and then he enters the ring.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble! IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "The two lock horns in the center of the ring. Gus wins the test of strength and locks Felipe in the headlock. Felipe pushes him off and hits a back heel kick. He quickly follows it up and a flying neckbreaker. Shido stalks his opponent and fires off with a superkick square on the chin. He hooks the leg."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two! Thr...!"

Brad Blood:  "Kick out at the last second and Felipe can't believe it. He thought it was over. DDT to Gus as Shido begins to climb to the top. He took to long as Gus gets the knees up on the splash. Gus hits the sitout slam, leg drop and applies the sleeper hold."

Jim Jackson:  "The referee is in position as he maintains the hold. Felipe begins to stir and fights out of it with a jawbreaker. He runs in and connects with the clothesline, and another, irish whip into corner. He misses the corner splash and Gus takes advantage with a pinning powerslam."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two!"

Brad Blood:  "Just the two. Gus goes to pick up Felipe but gets rocked by a dropkick out of nowhere. Running DDT puts Gus in perfect position as Shido runs to the rope and springs off the middle rope with the moonsault."

Jim Jackson:  "He goes for it again but it's dodged at the last moment. Gus manages to fly in and near takes his head off with that shining wizard. He takes time to regain some stamina before applying the side headlock and using the ropes to drive Shido face first with the springboard bulldog."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One! Two! Thre..!"

Brad Blood:  "2.9 on that one. Gus is arguing with the referee as Felipe pulls himself together and launches in with the attack. NO! Gus moves and Jack hits the dirt! Kick to the family jewels! Shido's eyes almost popped from his head."

Jim Jackson:  "He got the brass knucks! Right straight to the temple and Gus disposes of the evident. Felipe is out cold! The ref is beginning to stir."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!.... Two!.... Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall....GUS!!"

Jim Jackson:  "The newcomer manages to pick up the victory with such an unhanded tactics. But none the less, he walks with the W in his debut match."

Brad Blood:  "Winning at all costs, if that's not your plan of action then you don't stand a chance in this dog eat dog world that is ROC.  Wait!  What's Gus doing?  He's biting into Felipe's shoulder!  I knew it!  This guys is a psychopath!  Felipe is screaming!  El Loco rushes into the ring to save his partner as the referee pulls Gus off of Felipe!  Look at that smile on Gus' lips as he wipes the blood off his lips and grins...  I...  I think I like this new guy..."

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

"Two Sides of the Coin" by KISS starts playing on the speakers as Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase burst forth from the back. A flashy light show comes on as both wrestlers hype the fans up from the top of the entrance ramp. Bob Bobbie descends first, soon followed by Christy Chase as both wrestlers enter the ring to the cheers from the fans.

Bob Bobbie:  "Two weeks ago, we were severely underestimated by our opponents Charlotte Sable and Lokii Weaver.  A mistake that cost them very dearly, and in this Age of Opportunity here in RoC, every win matters.   Beauty and the Geek took that opportunity and rode with it and it paid off.  Tonight, we shall be facing two of RoC's top teams in a three-way tag team battle for the RoC Tag Titles."

The fans cheer loudly for the underdog team.

Bob Bobbie:  "Yes, the odds are stacked against us but this is a chance that me and Christy have been waiting for.  As a team and as wrestlers, the road we traveled was one with twists and turns.  It took a while, a looong while but we endured and we reached our destination.  Our battle tonight may be the toughest we've ever faced, will we reach our goal or will we be again be sent on another detour?  Honestly I cannot say but know one thing, both of us will be putting forth our best, if we fail, we fail with our heads held high."

The fans start cheering again as Bob Bobbie hands the mic to his partner.

Christy Chase:  "Bob is right, tonight we fight so that we shall not have any regrets.  Whatever happens, when the night ends, we will not be left wondering what could have been but be sated as we continue forth with our journey.  Whether we emerge as the new RoC Tag Team Champions or not, Beauty and the Geek will be standing tall with you, our fans!"

The crowd once again begin to cheer as Christy Chase raises her partners arm.  "Two Sides of the Coin" by KISS starts playing on the speakers as Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase exit the ring and head to the back as the crowd continue to show their support for the underdog team.

Before Beauty and the Geek can make it up the entrance ramp, a voice is heard.

???: "Woah, woah, woah!  You aren't leaving yet."

To the surprise of Christy Chase and Bob Bobbie, Berry Sawyer steps out of the backstage with a microphone in hand.

Berry Sawyer: "What's all this I'm hearing now?  "Whether you win or lose, you'll have your heads held high"?  At the end of this, you'll be "standing tall"?  What in the hell are you two saying?"

Without letting them retort, Berry steps in front of Bob Bobbie.

Berry Sawyer: "You're not a man, you're a loser and an idiot.  You shouldn't be wrestling here and it's vermin like you that make me sick."

Berry pushes Bobbie back before spitting on the ramp in front of him.

Berry Sawyer: "You two might be "content" with "giving your all", but all I here are two girls who know that they fluked their way into the title picture and are now realizing that they can't hack it; that they never could hack it."

The fans boo Sawyer as he continues.

Berry Sawyer: "You two losers should rename your team to the "Job Squad" because that's about all you are good for."

With that, Sawyer turns his attention to the fans.

Berry Sawyer: "And you people make me sick, too!  There isn't a real man out there!  You cheer for these losers because they embody everything that you are."

The crowd's boos get louder, but Sawyer ignores them.

Berry Sawyer: "Everyone is already acting as though it is a foregone conclusion that Serrano and I will lose tonight.  Well, I'll let in a little secret; we won't lose.  Melchiott and that old fossil aren't men and aren't fit to be in the ring with "Rugged" Berry Sawyer.  They are going to be whipped like the undisciplined children that they act as.  And after beating them, Serrano and I are going to put this whole place on notice as we begin to take over."

Turning his attention back to Beauty and the Geek, Sawyer continues speaking.

Berry Sawyer: "After you two losers are done getting beat tonight, maybe you can get another reality check next show when I take you down to that ring and show you both why neither one of you is fit to lace up a pair of boots."

Sawyer drops the mic and heads to the back as Beauty and the Geek looks on angrily.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Locker10

Standing in his locker room, Melchiott shakes the hand of a young man in-front of him.

Alexander Melchiott: "I'm glad to have you signed.  I've been watching your progress and I must say that I am quite impressed.  If you can continue to grow, you'll be a star in no time here."

The camera gets a better look at the young man who is standing in Melchiott's office.  His eyes are bright with passion as he stares at Melchiott.

Ace Hawkins: "Thank you, Mr. Melchiott!  I won't let you down!  I might be inexperienced, but you've clearly seen something in me and I am not going to let you, or the fans, down!  No matter what the match, I am going to show you and everyone of those people just who Ace Hawkins is!  I'm going to wow the crowd tonight, just you wai-"

Before Hawkins can finish what he's saying, the door opens as Cecilia Christiansen enters the locker room.  She looks disgusted with the appearance of the room, as if worrying that merely being inside the locker room could smudge her white dress.  Melchiott sighs before looking at Ace.

Alexander Melchiott: "I'm sorry, but if you'll excuse me..."

Taking the hint, Ace nods his head before leaving the room.  With him gone, Cecilia walks up to the desk and looks down at Melchiott.

Cecilia Christiansen: "I'm here, so what do you want?  I don't have time to waste, so you had better make this fast.  Sawyer and Serrano will be arriving here any minute and I have to-"

Melchiott growls in irritation as he speaks.

Alexander Melchiott: "ACTUALLY, you do have time to waste listening to YOUR boss.  I'm not interested in your disrespectful conduct, so pip down and shut up."

Cecilia looks shocked at being spoken to in this manner, but nevertheless does as she's told.

Alexander Melchiott: "You don't have to worry about Sawyer or Serrano tonight, nor do you have to worry about your father, nor do you have to worry about being in this building.  As of right now, you are on paid leave until the next show.  Furthermore, you are no longer going to be "training" with Sawyer or Serrano because after I beat them tonight, they will be FIRED.  So, as far as your job status goes, you can either make amends with your father and train where you are supposed to train, or you can join Sawyer and Serrano on the unemployment line.  It's your choice."

After his daughter has left, Lucas steps out from his hiding spot behind the lockers.  He looks towards Melchiott with a sad gaze.

Lucas Christiansen: "You couldn't have put it any other way?"

Seeing Melchiott's cold stare, Lucas takes a deep breathe before approaching his partner for the evening.  He grabs a seat and sits in-front of Melchiott.

Lucas Christiansen: "Look, I care deeply about my daughter, but tonight the best thing I can do for her is get rid of Sawyer and Serrano.  So tonight, in that hardcore match, you can bank on me being there 100% of the way.  However, I couldn't help but notice the other end of that stipulation.  If we lose, I'm fired.  I... don't want to sound like I'm trying to tell you how to do your job, but I really think that Cecilia should be fired."

Obviously struggling with this decision, Lucas continues to explain himself.

Lucas Christiansen: "She's... not ready to be working in a promotion.  She needs more time to train and prepare.  She needs seasoning.  If you keep her on the roster than the same thing will just keep happening -- she'll lose, and she'll lose bad.  I... don't think I can watch my daughter getting hurt."

Alexander rolls his eyes before speaking.

Alexander Melchiott: "Save it, Christiansen.  I've seen your daughter and I think she's ready to be working in this company.  If you don't want her to be here so badly, you can request a release from your contract after we defeat Sawyer and Serrano.  And trust me when I say this; if you cost us this match I will make you regret it for the rest of your life.  I have more connections than you know, so don't go out there and lose just to be fired to avoid having to see your daughter in Ring of Chaos.  Besides which, you say you care about her?  Then win this match and help guide her career.  Obviously there is some tension between you two, but she's not going to have anyone else to turn to after this week."

Melchiott leans back, his cold gaze still on Christiansen.

Alexander Melchiott: "So think about the situation like this; either you leave your daughter with Sawyer and Serrano, you leave your daughter on her own, or you man up and do the right thing by staying to help her in her career.  It's your choice."

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Parkin10

Stepping out of his blue 1969 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT500, Colton Charles Cai Cobb is ambushed by Julia Rodriguez with an interview.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Mr. Cobb!  I wonder if you can spare a few moments of your time?"

The Charismatic Crippler motions for her an affirmative as he slings his gym bag over his shoulders begins to walk towards the building entrance.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Thank you Mr. Cobb, I would like to ask about your thoughts on your three-way tag team match for the RoC Tag Titles tonight."

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Please Julia, use Colton, we are familiar with each other for a while now, no need for formalities anymore.  As to my thoughts...  What's there to think about?  All I need to do is to go in and win the match.  No need of any other complicated thoughts.   Four weeks ago, Lee Morrison again delayed the inevitable by suspending the match between The Northern Kings and Full-Time Killers, his incompetence is really beyond belief.  But this week...  Well this week, let me say I took some precautions so that this time, when the night is over the RoC tag titles shall be in my hands..."

Sensing the confidence and certainty in C4's voice, Julia Rodriguez follows up with another question.

Julia Rodriguez:  "How can you be so sure?  There are many variables and unpredictability that has been happening here in RoC lately, what makes you confident that things will end up as you planned?"

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Well, I've taken the liberty to make sure that Morrison knows how displeased I am with his decision four weeks ago...  Very displeased!  And we have come to a mutual understanding that will right things for me unless he wants to face my ire.  Yes, I'm very confident that things will end up as I planned.  And those variables and unpredictability you mentioned?  Well, watch carefully at what will happen tonight..."

A grin spreads across the face of Colton Charles Cai Cobb sending shivers down Julia's spine.

Julia Rodriguez:  "What do you mean by that Colton?  Colton?!"

The Charismatic Crippler continues to walk ignoring Julia Rodriguez's last question, he enters the building leaving the young backstage interviewer alone as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Alexan10 & Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Lucas_10


Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Berry_10 & Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Edmund11

Jim Jackson: "Coming up next, our vice-general manager springs into action with newcomer Lucas Christiansen against Berry Sawyer and Edmundo Alejandro Serrano in a hardcore tag team match. But there is a much higher stake in this match tonight."

Brad Blood: "That's right whoever loses LOSES their job! So expect things to heat up very quickly in this match."

Jim Jackson: "I'm talking about Christiansen's daughter Cecilia, Brad."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a hardcore tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first with a combined weight of 458 pounds, the team of Alexander Melchiott and Lucas Christiansen!"

“Ultra Numb” by Blue Stahli blasts over the arena as Alexander Melchiott steps out from the back. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Alexander slides his thumb across his throat before tossing off his vest and walking down to the ring.

"Into the Horizon" by Neverland starts playing on the speakers as Lucas Christiansen steps out from the back wearing a light but elegant robe. Lucas smiles and bows to the fans before walking down to the ring. After climbing up the steps, Lucas wipes his feet on the apron before entering the ring.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 445 pounds, the team of Berry Sawyer and Edmundo Alejandro Serrano!"

The song "Swear it to the Sun" by Voodoo Johnson plays through the arena as Barry Sawyer walks out from the back. Wearing a nasty expression, Sawyer walks down to the ring.

J. S. Bach's "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine" begins playing in the arena as Edmundo Alejandro Serrano steps out from the backstage with the Belizean Flag in his hands. Serrano regally walks down to the ring holding the flag, ignoring the fans as he goes. Upon reaching the ring, Serrano sets the flag in a stand that was prepared for it before taking off his robe and wiping his feet on the ring apron. After climbing into the ring, Serrano adjusts his bowtie as he waits for the match to start.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick! IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "There's the bell! It's Lucas Christiansen and Edmundo Alejandro Serrano starting off for their teams! Serrano quickly goes for a weapon from the get go! He grabs a length of 2" x 4" lumber and lunges at Christiansen! Christiansen barely manages to sidestep a big swing by Serrano! Christiansen grabs a length of chain... He whips it at The Duke... He misses! Serrano clobbers him with the 2" x 4"! Christiansen goes down! Serrano proceeds to smash the 2" x 4" brutally on Christiansen!"


Brad Blood: "Holy crap! Edmundo just broke the 2" x 4" lumber in half on Luke's back! Edmundo for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson: "Lucas Christiansen gets a shoulder up at two! The Duke quickly tags in his partner! Double Irish whip sends Christiansen to the ropes... The Ring General is sent flying with a double back body drop! Berry Sawyer proceeds to hammer down on Christiansen. Sawyer with a body slam! Sawyer grabs the chain that Christiansen held on earlier, he wraps the chain around Christiansen's neck! He's choking Christiansen with the chain!"

Brad Blood: "Looks like this match will be over soon with Luke not even getting a tag! I think Alexander may have erred choosing him as a partner there."

Jim Jackson: "Wait! Lucas Christiansen is fighting back, despite having a chain looped around his neck, he struggles to his feet... Hard elbows to the solar plexus and Berry Sawyer lets go of the chain... Christiansen removes the chain from his neck... Big running forearm takes Sawyer down! Christiansen goes for a tag... Alexander Melchiott from the top turnbuckle leaps... He catches Sawyer's head! Tornado DDT! Melchiott grabs a steel chair and sets it up... He grabs a steel pipe... Melchiott runs... He steps on the chair and launches himself in the air! Berry Sawyer ducks! MELCHIOTT FLIES OVER SAWYER AND SMASHES THE PIPE RIGHT INTO EDMUNDO ALEJADRO SERRANO KNOCKING HIM OFF THE APRON!"


Brad Blood: "Damn! He missed one but got the other! If I'm not mistaken that may have been Alexander's plan all along!"

Jim Jackson: "Berry Sawyer whips Alexander Melchiott around and catches him... Belly to belly slam! Sawyer picks Melchiott up... He powerbombs Melchiott into the canvas! Knee drop by Sawyer! He's not done... Berry Sawyer lifts Alexander Melchiott onto his shoulders before spinning around numerous times before setting Alexander Melchiott back to the mat, letting Alexander Melchiott stumble around in dizziness... Sawyent Green! Big lariat by Sawyer takes Melchiott down! He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Alexander kicks out at two! Sawyer should go for a weapon right now! There are so many weapons in the ring, it would be easy for him to pick one up to use on the vice-general manager."

Jim Jackson: "Irish whip sends Alexander Melchiott to the ropes... Melchiott slips between Berry Sawyer's legs and bounces back... Sawyer goes for a back body drop but Melchiott leaps over him and bounces on the ropes again... Sawyer turns around right into a corkscrew dropkick! Sawyer is sent reeling! Melchiott picks up a STOP sign as he dashes towards Sawyer..."


Brad Blood: "Stop sign connects to Berry's rugged face! Berry goes down! Alexander goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson: "Berry Sawyer kicks out at two! Alexander Melchiott goes for the tag! In comes Lucas Christiansen! Sawyer staggers to his feet but a double axe handle takes him down! Sawyer again tries to get up but Christiansen sends him to the canvas with a snapmare! Sawyer rolls towards the ropes and pulls himself up... Christiansen with a clothesline... BERRY SAWYER GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE AND LANDS OUTSIDE! Christiansen follows!"

Brad Blood: "Luke is not giving Berry anytime to rest as he continues his assault... Wait Edmuno is up! He's sneaking up behind Luke... No! HERE COMES ALEXANDER FROM THE APRON! HE TAKES EDMUNDO OUT!"

Jim Jackson: "Double Irish whip by Alexander Melchiott and Lucas Christiansen sends Berry Sawyer crashing into the steel steps! Edmundo Alejandro Serrano staggers towards Melchiott and Christiansen... Double Irish whip sends Serrano crashing into Sawyer! Christiansen grabs Sawyer and throws him back into the ring! The Ring General enters the ring. Lucas Christiansel lifts Berry Sawyer onto his shoulders into a torture rack before running forward and falling back, slamming Berry Sawyer into the mat... BURNING DROP! Christiansen for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Berry gets a shoulder up at two. Wait here comes Edmundo with a sledgehammer! No! Alexander intercepts him with a superkick! Edmundo is sent flying through the middle rope! Alexander dashes over the top rope... CORKSCREW CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE! THE CROWD GOES WILD!"


Jim Jackson: "Back inside the ring Lucas Christiansen continues pounding away at Berry Sawyer... Wait Sawyer reaches out... He manages to grab hold of a toolbox! He smashes the steel toolbox on the side of Christiansen's head! The tool box flies open with the tools littering everywhere! Sawyer grabs a screwdriver... HE STABS IT INTO THE RING GENERAL'S THIGH! Christiansen screams in pain... Sawyer grabs Christiansen and hits a vertical suplex! Leg drop by Sawyer! Sawyer picks Christiansen up... Sidewalk slam! Christiansen manages to stagger to his feet... Sawyer grabs him... Death valley driver! Christiansen is down! Sawyer isn't finished with him... Berry Sawyer lifts Lucas Christiansen into the air before dropping Lucas Christiansen's back onto his knee. Holding Lucas Christiansen there for a moment, Sawyer sneers at the crowd before smacking Lucas Christiansen with a lariat. Sawbreak connects! Sawyer hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two! Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Luke kicks out but he almost lost the match there! He needs to get a tag! Luke tries to crawl towards Alexander... EDMUNDO SNEAKS UP BEHIND ALEXANDER AND PULLS HIS LEG AND ALEXANDER'S HEAD HIT THE APRON AS HE IS PULLED OFF! Luke is on his own for now!"

Jim Jackson: "Berry Sawyer is signalling for his finisher! Berry Sawyer quickly spins BUT LUCAS CHRISTIANSEN SOMEHOW DUCKS BELOW THE LARIAT ATTEMPT! Sawyend misses! Spinning backfist from out of nowhere decks Sawyer! Christiansen limps towards the corner and grabs his robe... He rips a section of it and uses it to tie a makeshift bandage over his leg to slow the bleeding. Sawyer from behind rolls Christiansen up!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two! Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Luke manages to kick out! Berry charges in... Lucas dodges! Berry hits the ringpost shoulders first! Alexander is finally back up the apron... Lucas gets a tag!"

Jim Jackson: "Alexander Melchiott sees the opportunity left to him by his partner! He pulls Berry Sawyer off the corner and quickly locks in a Fujiwara armbar working on the shoulder of Sawyer! Sawyer screams in pain! He's reaching for the ropes... Lucas Christiansen pulls the ropes away! Sawyer may tap... No! The Duke comes in for the save with a double axe handle! Edmundo Alejandro Serrano grabs Alexander Melchiott around the waist before lifting him up and dropping him onto his head with the German suplex! Belize Drop! Melchiott is down and out! Berry Sawyer lifts Alexander Melchiott onto his shoulders before spinning around numerous times before setting Alexander Melchiott back to the mat, letting Alexander Melchiott stumble around in dizziness. Sawyent Green! Melchiott is in trouble! Sawyer is going for his finisher!"

Brad Blood: "Wait! Lucas just tagged Alexander's shoulder! He tagged himself in! The ref sees it but Berry doesn't! He goes on with his finisher!"

Jim Jackson: "Berry Sawyer quickly spins before decking Alexander Melchiott with a ruthless lariat! Sawyend connects, Sawyer for the cover but Melchiott is not the legal man! Lucas Christiansen enters the ring! Edmundo Alejandro Serrano tries to interfere with the timekeeper's bell! Christiansen avoids the bell shot! Lucas Christiansen pulls Edmundo Alejandro Serrano's head under his arm before applying an underhook and lifting him into the air before dropping Edmundo Alejandro Serrano onto their head! Last Rites! Serrano is down!"

Brad Blood: "The ref finally explains to Berry that Alexander is not the legal man! Berry realizes it and goes after Lucas! He spins Lucas around... Lucas ducks below a right hook!"

Jim Jackson: "Headbutt by The Ring General sends Berry Sawyer reeling! Lucas Christiansen lifts Berry Sawyer into a scoop slam before dropping Berry Sawyer down on his head... RIGHT ON THE TIMEKEEPER'S BELL!"



Jack B. Quick: "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match by pinfall... The team of ALEXANDER MELCHIOTT AND LUCAS CHRISTIANSEN!"

Jim Jackson: "It looks like Berry Sawyer and Edmundo Alejandro Serrano are out of Ring of Chaos!"

Brad Blood: "What a turn of events... Who would have thought that Luke is still a force to be reckoned with?"

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 T-rexb10
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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:37 am

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Beyond10

The camera opens up to show the outside of a fancy ass villa. The camera pans over to the mail box to show that the name engraved onto it is King. The screen star swipes in to show the interior. Samantha King and a lawyer are going over the details of a contract.

Samantha King: "So 30% of the profits generated from these revenues will be transferred to this account. 25% of company stock goes to here and special arrangements to allow this recipient of this contract to remain anonymous and exempt from all legal proceedings in the future."

Griffin Left : "Well the contract shouldn't be that hard to draw up, however we will need the signature of the other party to finalise the deal."

Samantha King: "Ok then that's everythi...."

Suddenly out of nowhere, Allister busts through the glass doors leading to the swimming pool while riding a white horse, followed by busty bikini babes, a juggling midget on a unicycle, a male stripper impersonating the pope, a fluffy llama wearing a colorful hat, a DJ on wheels and a clown throwing ice cream at the bikini babes.


Party Time and in comes the dancing bears.

Samantha King: "The hell is going on?"

Allister King: "No more trials, No more need to remain silent in case I screw up and land myself in deeper hot water, no more stupid match stipulations, everything is coming up King!"

The horse defecates on the floor.

Samantha King: "Get everyone and everything out of here! I am not cleaning up that horse's shit!"

Allster King: "Don't worry, I got a guy for that."

Allister whistles then a cardboard box wanders into the room and removes the poop without any noise being made.

Griffin Left: "Get away!"

The llama starts eating what details of the contract where written on paper.

Griffin Left: "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

Allister King: "Dalai! Get moving! That's right! It's a llama called Dalai! Big whoop! Wanna fight about it?"

The llama stops and moves away.

Griffin Left: "You people are insane! I'm leaving!"

The babes walk over and place their arms around Griffin Left, deuce attorney.

Babes: "Awww but we haven't even had any fun yet."

One of the babes nibbles his ear.

Griffin Left: "Well I guess I can stay"


Samantha facepalms as the party is about to get all up in here. Shadow Callahan walks into the room and adjusts his belt after entering from what we can assume from context is the lavatory.

Shadow Callahan: "What did I miss?"

The camera fades out as the cameraman drops and breaks the camera after noticing he has an erection.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Backst10

Standing before the camera backstage is the old legend, Nicolas Dorn.

Nicolas Dorn: "Tonight, I have the opportunity to chase the World Championship, but that's not my focus.  Thaddeus Rex will win that match and recapture his title belt, but I have a different target in mind."

The old man looks deep into the camera before dropping the name.

Nicolas Dorn: "Colton.  I want Colton Charles Cai Cobb."

A sneer comes across the old wrestler's face as he names the man he wants to fight.

Nicolas Dorn: "Colton, you don't even care how many opportunities are passed your way, you only bitch about wanting more and not getting them sooner.  You are a disrespectful punk who thinks he can do whatever he wants.  I haven't forgotten your mocking of the recently departed.  I haven't forgotten ANY of your missteps.  You are nothing more than a bully who's too scared to go to war.  You make excuses when things don't go your way and yet you continue to run your mouth.  Well Colton, what excuse will you have if you lose tonight?  More importantly, what excuse will you have when you lose to me?"

The sneer turns into a smile as the old man continues.

Nicolas Dorn: "Colton, you don't want a war or even a battle; you want to be handed everything.  You are a disrespectful prick who needs to be taught some manners, so I'm going to do what your daddy never could when I whip you all across that arena.  Don't worry Colton... I'll get my hands on you soon enough.  And then, everyone will see that yellow-belly of yours."

Turning away from the camera, the old man hobbles down the hallway as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Locker10

The scene opens up inside of the locker room of The Full Time Killers. Dean Sweenson stands with Crusade while Colton Charles Cai Cobb can be seen warming up win the background. You can feel the intensity dripping off of him. Dean Sweenson's massive smirk could probably be picked up from space along with his totally golden suit.

Dean Sweenson: "You know, normally I'd be talking about the TRAVESTY that always seems to plague my Full Time Killers. I'd tell you all about the bias everyone in management has against us. Tonight, however, all I need talk about is how PATHETIC our opposition truly is tonight.  Beauty and the Geek, really? That never-was Allister King and a similarly nothing partner Shadow Callahan AKA The Northern Kings? Are these teams the best management could come up with? I'm here to tell you all that it's true! Obviously every other team chickened out! These losers are only in this match to leach on the press the FTK will garner after the SAVAGE beating those teams are going to receive tonight!"

Dean Sweenson and Crusade have a hearty laugh together a smirk somehow even more evil looking than Sweenson's can be seen on Crusade's face.

Dean Sweenson: "I would try to bring up some kind of tale of the tape here, but this is obviously a one sided contest! Our opponents don't hold a candle to this unit. They don't have the intensity! They don't have the talent! They don't have a CHANCE!

Crusade: "Beauty and the Geek... The Northern Kings...Worthless. Pathetic! Tonight the words loser will also be a word used to describe all of you when you step into the ring with the most dangerous men on the face of the planet. I don't have to remind you how close we've come in the last few months. All that matters is tonight our journey is only beginning! We're going to take every title we can win in this company and it all starts with the tag team titles!

Crusade: "We won't be stopped by a never-was or a wannabe mans man! We won't lose to a prissy little girl and her useless nerd buddy! Nothing can stop us, we're the best in the world and this is how we will prove it! By DESTROYING our opponents tonight and stepping into the spotlight as the NEW tag team champions of the WORLD! Now get out of our locker room so we can finish our preparations."

With that the duo of Sweenson and Crusade turn their backs on the camera and begin talking strategy with C4.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Allist10 & Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Shadow10


Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Bob_bo11 & Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Christ11


Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Colton11 & Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Crusad10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next is a match for the RoC Tag Team Championships!  Three teams get a shot for the vacant tag team belts...  Beauty and the Geek versus Full-Time Killers versus The Northern Kings!"

Brad Blood:  "How the hell did that jobber team Beauty and the Geek even make it here?!  That has got to be a joke!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a triple threat tag team match scheduled for one fall AND IS FOR THE ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!  Introducing next, with a combined weight of 510 pounds, they are the current and reigning RoC Tag Team Champions, the team of Allister King and Shadow Callahan... THE NORTHERN KINGS!"

Blue and Red lights shine throughout the arena as Hammerfall's "Any Means Necessary" begins to play. Allister King and Shadow Callahan, walk out onto the entrance ramp to a thunderous roar of the crowd. They pose on the top of the ramp as white pyrotechnics begin to rain down behind them. They continue to walk down to the ring, smiling to the crowd. Allister high fives a few off the audience members before sliding into the ring. Shadow just casually walk up the steps and into the ring. They poses once more for the crowd before disrobing of all of the excess attire and Shadow places his cane in the corner.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 310 pounds, Christy Chase and Bob Bobbie ... BEAUTY AND THE GEEK!"

"Two Sides of the Coin" by KISS starts playing on the speakers as Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase burst forth from the back. A flashy light show comes on as both wrestlers hype the fans up from the top of the entrance ramp. Bob Bobbie descends first, soon followed by Christy Chase as both wrestlers enter the ring to the cheers from the fans.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing last, with a combined weight of 450 pounds, accompanied by Dean Sweenson, the team of Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Crusade... FULL-TIME KILLERS!"

"Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden hits the speakers as the lights dim and a spotlight beams down on a man in a suit. His sunglasses flash in the light as he walks down the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face. An earpiece can be seen on his ear and he seems to be talking into a small microphone before he enters the ring where he presses a button to end whatever call he was taking. Once in the center of the ring the man points to the top of the entrance ramp as his clients come out.

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as smoke starts to rise from the edge of the platform. A light show flashes as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, Colton Charles Cai Cobb steps through the smoke. With a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance, he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

A loud, eerie chanting begins to chime through the arena before "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to play. After a moment Crusade shambles out onto the ring ramp, his hair nearly covering his face as he makes his way to the ring. The zealot is wearing plain blue jean shorts along with wrestling boots, he is bare chested, showing off the tattoo of a cross on his chest. Once near the ring he rolls in, quickly making his way to a corner to await the start of the match.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Being triple threat tag team match only two teams are allowed in the ring at any time during the match and it looks like it will be Allister King and Bob Bobbie starting things off.  The King of Fools charges towards Bobbie, Bobbie intercepts him with a spinning back kick!  B² grabs King's head...  Sliced bread #2!  King sits back up and tries to shake things off...  Bob Bobbie crouches down behind a sitting opponent and places his knee against the opponent's upper back, he then reaches forward and grasp the opponent's chin with both hands applying pressure executing a Code Cracker. "

Brad Blood:  "Holy shit!  Bob is actually giving Allister a hard time!  Then again, with Allister always wasted, even a 10 year-old may give him a hard time...  Allister manages to get to the ropes!  Bob quickly tags in Christy!"

Jim Jackson:  "Christy Chase over the top rope...  Crossbody takes Allister King down!  King pushes Chase off of him and rolls back to his feet.  Christy Chase off the ropes, springboard spinning back elbow!  She misses!  King from behind... Backstabber!  Chase is down!  King hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Christy kicks out at two!  Christy tries to crawl towards Bob...  Allister pulls her back and into TNK's corner!  While holding on to Christy's leg Allister tags in his partner!"

Jim Jackson:  "Shadow Callahan enters the ring and connects with an elbow drop to Christy Chase's spine.  Callahan grabs Chase...  Atomic drop!  He doesn't give her any time to react... Russian legsweep!  Shadow Callahan lifts Christy Chase up on his shoulders and flips her over before slamming her into the canvas!  Cóiste Bodhar!  Chase is not moving!  Callahan for the pin!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Crusade enters the ring and stops the three count!  All you need is one pinfall to any team to win a triple threat tag team match.  Allister enters the ring...  Crusade throws Allister over the top rope!  Bob with a dropkick sends Crusade through the second rope!  Shadow grabs Bobbie and throws him over the top rope!  Bob crashes into both Allister and Crusade!"


Jim Jackson:  "Shadow Callahan returns his attention back to Christy Chase, he lifts Chase up on his shoulders... Chase grabs on to the top rope and slips down before Callahan can slam him!  Chase's legs are still wobbly after Callahan's attack earlier...  But she manages to duck below a lariat attempt!  Chase with no other choice leaps and tags in Colton Charles Cai Cobb!  C4 bursts into the ring and spears Callahan!  Callahan is down!  C4 for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Shadow gets a shoulder up at two!  C4 is relentless as he brutally beats down on Shadow!  Colton wants those tag titles bad!"

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb lies on his opponent's back at a 90° angle, putting all of his weight on the opponent to prevent him from moving.  He then hooks his opponent's arm and pulls it back into his opponent's body executing a Short Fuse.  Shadow Callahan is in trouble!  He's too far from the ropes...  Wait!  Allister King with a double axe handle for the save!  C4 is not happy being interrupted!  He grabs King!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb puts his opponent in a front facelock, he then hooks his tights, and lifts him up vertically.  Colton Charles Cai Cobb then jumps up and falls on to his back so that the opponent lands on his head executing a Detonator.  King is out!  C4 grabs The King of Fools and dumps him over the top rope to the outside!  Callahan from behind rolls C4 up!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "C4 kicks out at two!  Shadow almost got him there and regained those titles that was stripped from TNK!  Shadow tries to follow up his attack but C4 blocks it and tags in Crusade!  Double team on Shadow!"

Jim Jackson:  "Full-Time Killers Irish whips Shadow Callahan towards the ropes...  Double discus clothesline almost takes Callahan's head off!  Crusade goes to work on Callahan!  Crusade hits Shadow Callahan with a low dropkick to the knee! Before Shadow Callahan can get up Crusade steps up onto Shadow Callahan's knee and delivers an axe kick directly to Shadow Callahan's forehead!  Genesis connects!  Crusade for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Shadow gets a shoulder up!  He tries to get to their corner but Allister is laid out after getting dumped outside by C4!   Shadow with no choice turns to Beauty and the Geek's corner!  Crusade tries to stop Shadow but he manages to power through and tags in Bob!"

Jim Jackson:  "Bob Bobbie off the top turnbuckle...  Flying crossbody takes Crusade down!  Crusade pushes Bobbie off him...  B² off the ropes with a springboard side kick...  Crusade blocks it!  Lariat takes Bobbie down!  Crusade lifts his opponent into the air before dropping them down face first in a gordbuster, as he starts to get up, Crusade lunges forward, kneeing Bob Bobbie square in the temple, brutally executing the Damnation.  Crusade hits his finisher!  This could be it!  Crusade hooks the leg for win..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Christy and Shadow both enter the ring for the save!  C4 now enters the ring...  He takes Shadow out!  Crusade just threw Christy over the top rope!  Christy flies and slams into a recovering Allister!  Both Christy and Allister are down!"

Jim Jackson:  "Uh-oh things look bad for Bob Bobbie!  Wait!  Shadow Callahan is fighting back!  He just nailed C4 with his signature running big boot The Dullahan!  The ref stops Callahan from staying further in the ring and doesn't notice Crusade and Bobbie!  Crusade lunges at his opponent, elbowing himto the ground, viciously. Crusade then kicks Bob Bobbie in the head before locking him/her in a double arm bar resembling a grotesque cross, executing the Revelation.  Bobbie is tapping but the ref is still busy sending Callahan back to the corner!  Crusade realizes this and releases his hold to confront the referee!"

Brad Blood:  "Full-Time Killers should have won those tag belts if not for that referee!  Shadow really did a good job keeping the ref's attention away from the action in the ring!  Wait!  Bob sneaks past Crusade while he's busy with the ref...  Crusade notices it too late!  Crusade tries to stop Bob but he tags in Shadow!"

Jim Jackson:  "Shadow Callahan enters the ring!  Clothesline takes Crusade down!  Crusade gets up and gets floored again by another clothesline...  Crusade gets back up...  Irish whip by Callahan sends Crusade to the ropes...  SPINEBUSTER!  Crusade is down!  Callahan is on fire!  Shadow Callahan kicks Crusade in the gut forcing them to their knees. He grabs Crusade by the head. Shadow Callahan places them between his legs before lifting up for a powerbomb. Shadow Callahan lets out a primal scream before viciously throwing Crusade to the mat neck first. He places his foot on their chest for a pin attempt!  Aneuthanasia!  Callahan lands his finisher!"

Brad Blood:  "Before the ref can begin to count C4 attacks Shadow from behind!   He throws Shadow into the turnbuckles shoulder first!  Shadow slams into the corner hard!  C4 pulls his partner to his corner...  He tags himself in!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Charismatic Crippler goes after The Dullahan pulling him from the corner...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb grabs his opponent's waist and hoists his opponent up onto his shoulder in an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack. He then sits down and simultaneously flips the opponent forwards and downwards, slamming his opponent down to the ground face-first to one side executing an explosive Ground Zero!  Shadow Callahan is down!  C4 is going for the cover...  No wait!  Allister King is on the top turnbuckle...  He leaps...  C4 rolls away!  The King of Fools just frogsplashed his own partner!  Wait Christy Chase from another turnbuckle... She leaps...  She catches C4's head with her legs.  Hurricanrana sends C4 to the canvas!  Wait now here comes Crusade!  Superkick sends Chase through the middle rope!"

Brad Blood:  "Don't forget Bob!  Bob flies from the top turnbuckle...  CRUSADE COUNTERS BOB WITH A SUPERKICK TOO!  BOB IS DOWN!  Crusade helps his partner up!  Here comes Allister!  Double dropkick sends both Crusade and C4 through the ropes!  The crowd is on their feet!"


Jim Jackson:  "Wait!  C4 and Shadow Callahan are the legal men!  Allister King quickly exits the ring and throws Colton Charles Cai Cobb back into the ring...   Callahan is regaining his senses...  He tags his partner!  King is now the legal man! They are going for their tag finisher Dethroned!  Allister King kicks Colton Charles Cai Cobb in the gut and Shadow Callahan lifts them up for a back suplex. Allister King runs, jumps and...  CRUSADE INTERCEPTS HIM WITH A DROPKICK!  KING HITS THE CORNER HARD!  Callahan drops C4 and goes after Crusade!  Crusade ducks!  Callahan spins around and Cobb grabs him and sends him to the canvas with a German suplex!  Cobb doesn't let go!  Another German suplex connects...  AND ANOTHER!  C4 just took Callahan out with rolling Germans!"

Brad Blood:  "C4 signals his partner!  He drags Allister to the middle of the ring!"

Jim Jackson:  "Crusade grabs their opponent's legs and catapults him into the air as Colton Charles Cai Cobb catches their opponent's head and drives both knees into their opponent's lungs as they land on the canvas. He then wraps his legs around the opponent's arm and neck in a figure four forcing their opponent to tap executing an excruciating ticking Time Bomb!"



Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by submission, the team of Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Crusade and NEW ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...  FULL-TIME KILLERS!"

Jim Jackson:  "WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPS!  Full-Time Killers defeats Beauty and the Geek and The Northern Kings in a brutal three-way battle!"

Brad Blood:  "Dean Sweenson has entered the ring and is celebrating with his clients!  We may be seeing a new age in the tag division starting tonight."

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Rafik Arfah appears on the entrance ramp. He soaks in this moment. He raises an arm in victory and limps to the ring. He is given a microphone. He enters the ring.

Rafik Arfah: "I did it. I did it. And I got the scars to prove it."

Rafik gets his face close to the camera and shows them the cuts. A big one on his forearm is noticeable.

Rafik Arfah: "I shut Bakla up. Me and him? It's over. No more. He has to respect me now. I left him no choice."  

Rafik pauses.

Rafik Arfah: "But damn it, Bakla.. you son of a bitch..  I respect you now. Because you finally gave it your all and pushed me to the limit. Let's hear it for Bakla."

Bakla chants start. Rafik claps along.

Jim Jackson: "What is this? It seems that Rafik is giving Bakla his well deserved credit. What am I watching?"

Rafik Arfah: "Now that the feud between me and Bakla was settled. What's next for Rafik?"

A "title match" chant starts.

Rafik Arfah: "I don't know, guys. If that's want you want you'll need to e-mail Lee Morrison at"

People write that address down for later.

Rafik Arfah: "But I do have a shot to EARN a title match.. Tonight!"

Cheers are heard for the epic main event.

Rafik Arfah: "I have some tough competition. Rex is there. Kamaura is there. Dude who fined me is gonna be there. And the Asian twins with the innuendo name are there too! Point is everyone who matters is there. Bakla.. you're there too. If you still want to take a shot at me, you're welcome to do it. Just keep in mind I'll hit back. I am in this to win. I have had shot, after shot.. after shot to gain N1C status for various  titles and those big wins always alluded me. But tonight.. I feel changed. I feel like a new man. Old Rafik? He couldn't hack it. He didn't have what it takes. He couldn't grab the brass ring! But tonight, after I eliminate 9 men in the main event, I'll grab that brass ring and take a big shit on it AND GO ON TO WIN THE ROC WORLD TITLE!!!"

Rafik drops the mic and heads backstage.

Jim Jackson: "Quite the speech. He claims to be a changed man. Will that change bring him closer to gold tonight?"

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

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Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Gym10

After crushing defeat Ray Kamaura finds himself again in the Gym. He is clearing using a suplex dummy. Crouching down and wrapping his arm around the dummy and letting out a grunt as he tosses it over his shoulder, landing with a thud.

Ray Kamaura: "Dang, That was sloppy."

The Rayward Son re-positioned the dummy. Crouching down again and grappling the dummy. Thud.  

Ray Kamaura: "Getting better."

For a third time Ray Kamaura grapples the dummy and whips it over his shoulder. A loud Thud. Ray turns around to see that the dummy landed perfectly in line with him. Ray scowls and then rolls into the training ring. he breathes for a few seconds before running at the ropes, at the last moment Ray tries to run up the turnbuckle. Only making it to the first one before he falls to the mat. He shakes it off before standing back up and trying again. Ray runs to the turnbuckle and makes it to the second this time before returning to the mat with a thud.

Ray Kamaura: "Damn it. I need to be more agile. I can do this. I can do this. I did this all the time in Japan. Have I fallen this far? No. I can do this."

Ray Kamaura shakes his hands and jumps, psyching himself up. With a new found energy Ray Kamaura charges the turnbuckle, and runs up the side and upon reaching the last turnbuckle, he flips off backwards and before the result of his training is seen, The screen cuts to black.  

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Backst10

Thaddeus Rex is walking backstage as Julia Rodriguez catches up to him.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Mr. Rex!  Can I have a few moments of your time please?"

T-Rex stops in his tracks and faces the young journalist, he then motions her to ask her question.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Thank you Mr. Rex, I'll try to keep this as short as possible.  We would like to know what happened two weeks ago.  Why did you walk out of a match that you were clearly dominating and winning in?  What did Samantha King say to you to make you stop beating up Allister King even though you've been waiting for a while to get your hands on him?"

Thaddeus Rex:  "Yes, I was dominating and winning the match against that pathetic excuse of a wrestler Allister King, but his wife made me an offer that I couldn't refuse...  An offer that needed Mr. King breathing in order to work, I simply took that offer.  Other than that, I do not need to say anymore nor explain my actions to anyone.  Now is there anything else you need?"

Julia Rodriguez nods and follow-ups her question.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Do you think your actions two weeks ago may get the ire of the management?  Certainly you'll get reprimanded for it."

Thaddeus Rex:  "I've never been in good terms with authority Ms. Rodriguez, they can reprimand me all they want but I don't give a fuck.  Management may hate me but THEY NEED ME!  They need a villain, a scapegoat, a big bad wolf to come and rattle things around."

Julia Rodriguez:  "One last question then Mr. Rex...  You are booked in a 10-man battle royale tonight for a chance at the RoC World Title..."

Thaddeus Rex interrupts Julia Rodriguez...

Thaddeus Rex:  "MY RoC World Title Ms. Rodriguez, a title that should have been returned to me since I never lost it in the first place.  But if this is the way Mr. Melchiott wants to play it...  I'll play by his rules for now and participate in this battle royale...  Either way, the end game is the same, that title will once again be around my waist.  Now if you'll excuse me Ms. Rodriguez, you have taken enough of my time."

Not waiting for a reply Thaddeus Rex walks off leaving Julia Rodriguez behind as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Ace_ha10 VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Boy_ba10


Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Little12 VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Meowlc10


Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Nao_fo12 VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Nao_fo13


Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Nicola10 VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Rafik_10


Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Ray_ka11 VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Thadde14

Jim Jackson: "And now, the battle royale everyone has been waiting for!  10 wrestlers, 2 tickets for the RoC World Title.  Tonight Ace Hawkins, Boy Bakla, Little Wang, Meowlchiott, Nao Fook Mi, Nao Fook Yu, Nicolas Dorn, Rafik Arfah, Ray Kamaura and Thaddeus Rex will battle!  The wrestlers are all making their way to the ring as we speak so we may get things started quickly and..."

A commotion is heard from the back as Nao Fook Yu and Nao Fook Mi come out brawling...

Brad Blood: "CAT FIGHT!  CAT FIGHT~!"

Officials separate both sisters.

Nao Fook Yu:  "C'mon!  You want some of this?  I'll take you on right now!  Who needs the ring?  Who needs this battle royale?  You think you are better than me?  Well you're not!  In fact you are the one holding me down!  You think you did me a favor bringing me into RoC?  Fuck you!  I could have made it here myself!"

Nao Fook Mi:  "Fine, if this is how you want to end our relationship, then so be it.  I tried everything to reconcile but you just spat on my face again and again.  No More!  Tonight I'm not gonna hold back anymore.  I'm sick and tired of your abusive attitude.  So bring it Fook Yu...  But don't run away crying when I eliminate you tonight!"

Officials separate the two as they head into the ring.

Brad Blood: "Looks like both sisters are raring to go!  Now that that's done, let's get to Alice for the introductions."

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a battle royale for the number one contendership for the RoC World Title!  The winner shall receive a title shot in two weeks while the second runner-up shall get a title shot tonight!  Introducing the competitors, Ace Hawkins, Boy Bakla, Little Wang, Meowlchiott, Nao Fook Mi, Nao Fook Yu, Nicolas Dorn, Rafik Arfah, Ray Kamaura and Thaddeus Rex!  The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS..."

Boy Bakla: "Hold it!  Hold it!"

Everyone stares in surprise at Boy Bakla's interruption.

Boy Bakla: "Before I begin, I want to address Rafik Arfah over there...  Now I heard your little speech earlier tonight... You said we brought each other to the limit...  You said that you have found a new respect for me...  Well sugah, I could say the same thing too!  But don't have any illusions that I won't be going after you tonight, I know how big of a threat you are darling and I for sure will try to eliminate the bigger threat first."

Little Wang grabs the mic.

Little Wang:  "What she say! Me still don't like you Rafik, Bakla may have buried hatchet but I still no like you!  Prepare yourself because I will be one to eliminate you!"

Alice grabs the mic away from Little Wang and continues on...

Alice Aoi: "Before I was rudely interrupted, IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "And as soon as the bell ring, Thaddeus Rex powers Meowlchiott over the ropes with a clothesline!  That's an elimination!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Meowlchiott has been eliminated!"

Brad Blood: "Tough break for the stupid cat."

Jim Jackson: "Little Wang comes charging in, but gets caught in the face by a boot from Thaddeus!  Ace follows Wang, only to be knocked to the mat by a vicious right-hand.  The other competitors capitalize on this though!  Swarming Thaddeus, they try to eliminate him from the match!"

Brad Blood: "But Nicolas Dorn isn't going to let that happen!  He rushes to the pile and kicks Ray Kamaura in the ding-ding from behind!"

Jim Jackson: "As Ray goes down, Dorn grabs Rafik from behind, racking his eyes before dropping him with a hard right-hand.  Dorn turns Boy Bakla away from Rex and levels her with a crisp chop to the chest!  Before Dorn can do much more, Ace Hawkins jumps and catches him on the jaw with a hard knee that causes Dorn to fall through the ropes and out of the ring!"

Brad Blood: "He didn't go over the top rope, so he's not eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "Ace turns to help The Oriental Spices, but Thaddeus pushes both of them off of him and to the mat before grabbing Ace and throwing him across the ring.  The Spices get up only to be leveled by a double clothesline!  Rafik and Bakla are exchanging blows in the corner as Rex whips Ace into the ropes.  Rex goes for the clothesline, but Ace jumps and catches the arm before floating over and using the momentum to drive Rex's head into the mat with a wicked DDT!"

Brad Blood: "This kid is quick!  Rex looks completely out of it after that one!"

Jim Jackson: "Ray Kamaura spins Hawkins around before grabbing him by the throat and trying to lift him for the chokeslam, but Hawkins back-flips out of it before jumping and catching Ray on the jaw with a dropkick that sends the big man stumbling to the ropes!  Hawkins rushes Ray for the elimination, but Ray moves away from the ropes for a clothesline that Hawkins ducks.  Hawkins bounces off of the ropes and catches Ray's head before pulling him to the mat with a lightning fast DDT!"

Brad Blood: "No time for Hawkins to try for an elimination!  Nao Fook Mi doubles him over with a kick to the gut before suplexing him onto Nao Fook Yu for a powerbomb, but Hawkins reverses and sends Nao Fook Yu to the mat with a hurricanrana!"

Jim Jackson: "Hawkins takes advantage of Nao Fook Mi's confusion!  Ace Hawkins lifts Fook Mi onto his shoulders. He runs towards a turnbuckle before diving foward, crushing Nao Fook Mi with a rolling fireman's carry slam. Riding the momentum, Hawkins rolls to his feet and hops onto the turnbuckle. but before he can do anything, Rex pushes him from behind and sends him falling to the floor!"

Brad Blood: "There's that inexperience of Hawkins."

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Ace Hawkins has been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "Ray Kamaura and Thaddeus Rex start exchanging punches as Rafik dumps Bakla with a bodyslam.  Little Wang looks to return to the fray, but Rafik catches him for a tilt-a-whirl slam!  Rafik pulls Little Wang off of the mat before lifting him up and taunting the small wrestler with a one-handed bodyslam!  Rafik smiles as he pulls Little Wang up, looking for a suplex to the outside, but Bakla jumps on Wang's back and clotheslines Rafik over the top rope!  Bakla holds on to the top rope and lands on the apron but Wang slams into Bakla knocking her off!"

Brad Blood: "Bakla looks at Wang who shrugs saying it was an accident!  Yeah, intentional accident if you ask me!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Rafik Arfah and Boy Bakla have been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "Ray whips Rex into the corner before running in and crushing him against the turnbuckle!  Rex slumps into the turnbuckle, but this just leaves Ray as the biggest man standing!  The Oriental Spices quickly twist Ray's arms before kicking him on the chest over and over and over again!  With Ray hurt, Little Wang races to the ropes and bounces off of them for momentum for a diving headbutt into Ray's gut, knocking him back and against the ropes!  The Oriental Spices jump and deliver a double dropkick that sends Ray over the top rope!"

Brad Blood: "But Ray manages to land on the apron!  As Nao Fook Mi moves to finish the job, Nao Fook Yu grabs her sister from behind and tosses her over the ropes!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Nao Fook Mi has been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "Nao Fook Yu attempts to force Ray off of the apron, but Ray knocks her down with a huge right!  Ray reenters the ring before catching Little Wang by the throat... chokeslam from the big man!  Ray pulls Wang up before tossing him over the ropes!  Ray turns right around and into a huge spear from Thaddeus Rex!"

Brad Blood: "And the carnivore lets out a primal yell!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Little Wang has been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "Rex looks to take advantage of the situation.  He charges towards Nao Fook Yu who is in the corner, but Nao Fook Yu gets a knee up and into the face of the charging T-Rex just in time!  Rex stumbles back... and Nao Fook Yu connects with a missile dropkick that takes Rex off his feet!  Wait a minute!  Someone just slid into the ring!  They've grabbed Nao Fook Yu from behind and thrown her over the ropes!  How is this legal?"

Brad Blood: "Nao Fook Yu hit the floor hard!  Whoever this is, they've just screwed her big time!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Nao Fook Yu has been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "And now the masked person is turning towards the stunned Thaddeus Rex!  They grab him and try and push him over the ropes, but Rex throws the masked person off of him!  Rolling out of the ring, the masked person grabs a chair as Rex continues to get his bearings... and the masked person has just cracked that chair on the back of Rex!"

Brad Blood: "Yeah, but Rex didn't go down!  He turns towards the masked intruder and knocks the chair out of their hands before holding both the opponent's arms under his own and delivering a series of headbutts to his opponent!  Unbridled Ferocity knocks the masked person out of play!"

Jim Jackson: "Keeping on track, Thaddeus notices Kamaura and grabs the steel chair!  He goes to swing the steel at Kamaura, but Ray counters with a big boot that sends the steel smashing into Thaddeus's face!  Thaddeus stumbles after the hit.  Kamaura sees Rex bent over the steel chair and quickly jumps before placing his boot on the back of Rex's head and driving him face-first into the steel chair with the Carry On!"

Brad Blood: "Thaddeus has to be out!  Kamaura just needs to get him over the ropes!"

Jim Jackson: "Wait, Nicolas Dorn!  Nicolas Dorn was never eliminated!  He spins Ray around and delivers a series of chops to the chest, but Kamaura doesn't look impressed!  Ray hits Dorn with a punch, but Dorn comes right back with another chop.  The two exchange a few more blows before Dorn rakes the eyes of Kamaura!  With Kamaura blinded, Dorn doubles Ray over with a kick to the gut before hooking the big man's arms behind his back... but Ray lifts Dorn into the air with an incredible show of strength and dumps Dorn over the ropes!"

Brad Blood: "Bye-bye old man."

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Nicolas Dorn has been eliminated!"

Jim Jackson: "Before Ray can even turn around, Rex hits him with a clothesline that sends Ray over the ropes and to the floor!  Thaddeus Rex has won!  The Carnivore is going to get his shot at the title he never lost!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Ray Kamaura has been eliminated!  The winner of the match, The Carnivore... THADDEUS REX!

Brad Blood: "But who will Rex be facing?  Will it be Fortune or Kamaura?"

Jim Jackson: "We'll have to wait and see in our main event when Ray Kamaura challenges Johnny Fortune for the RoC World Championship!"[/color]

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Locker10

Alexander Melchiott entered his office, so far the show under his supervision has been going well.  He settles down on his seat before he realizes that he is not alone.  Stepping forth from the corner, hidden in the shadows was a hooded female figure with a steel pipe on one hand.  She walks towards Melchiott's table and pulls down her hood before leaning forward to address the vice-general manager.

Lexi Thorne:  "Well ask and you shall receive.   You called me out two weeks ago so here I am Mr. Melchiott.  My name is Lexi...  Lexi Thorne and yes, I am the one who is responsible for all the assaults to the female roster.  Now before you say or do anything, please listen to my reason why."

Lexi Thorne looks at Melchiott who seem unimpressed.

Lexi Thorne:  "The answer is simple really, your women's division sucks, really.  It's a stale division and you know it!  You have a goody two shoes in pigtails, an Irish whore, a tranny, the fuck twins and a slut for a champ...  Losers all of them, though that Charlotte Sable, she seems to have some potential, but I'm getting sidetracked...  Now I've been watching in the sidelines for far too long and I just thought it was about time to shake things up in the women's division."

Looking at Melchiott, Thorne now knows that she has the vgm's attention.

Lexi Thorne:  "Now I know I'm still not signed and that you can take legal action against me for assault and battery, trespassing and other charges, but seriously, it'll just be a waste of money.  I'm not loaded, in fact the only money I have is here in my pockets which right now amounts to..."

Thorne takes out a few crumpled bills and coins.

Lexi Thorne:  "Three dollars and twelve cents.  I'm just not worth the time and effort for you to get a lawyer.  But I know what I am worth to you as a talent, as a wrestler.  You may wonder why I didn't go through the proper channels?  Why I didn't apply and try-out...  The answer is simple really, I didn't want to go through all the red tape, we all know how big a role backstage politics plays in getting signed to a federation as big as Ring of Chaos, so I decided to take a shortcut.  I needed to get your attention, and I did...   So Mr. Melchiott...  Can we talk business?"

Lexi Thorne settles down and waits for the vice-general manager of RoC to reply.

Alexander Melchiott: "You want to talk business after the actions you've taken?  I appreciate that kind of boldness.  It wasn't that long ago that I was forcing my way back into this company through... unorthodox methods."

Melchiott looks at Thorne's pipe before looking back up at Thorne.

Alexander Melchiott: "Unorthodox methods, to say the least.  Thorne, in any other place in the world, you would be in jail... right now.  But lucky for you, this is Ring of Chaos.  This is the land of opportunity and while you didn't take the right route to get my attention, you DID get my attention.  That's what I want from my talent."

Melchiott's gaze again settles on the pipe that was used to interrupt his matches.

Alexander Melchiott: "What you did was hardly acceptable, but I would be a hypocrite if I scolded you for what you've done.  However, I'd also be a hypocrite for allowing you to get away with disrupting MY show.  So Lexi Thorne... can you wrestle?"

Melchiott locks eyes with the woman in front of him as he waits for an answer.

Alexander Melchiott: "I'm glad to hear it.  You've stepped on a lot of toes on your way here and I think some people are going to have a bone to pick with you.  Of course, if you defeat them, then you just validate everything you've said here tonight.  I'm not going to punish you, but I'm not going to refuse any wrestler who wants to try and exert some form of payback against you."

With that said, Melchiott opens a drawer in his desk and searches through a few pages before pulling one out.  It's clear that it is some form of generic contract, but the amounts Lexi Thorne would be paid aren't visible to the camera.  Melchiott pushes the contract towards Thorne and sets a pen down beside it.

Alexander Melchiott: "If that doesn't work for you, I am flexible enough to tweak it in some fashions.  After all, I'm not the only one who wants you on this roster.  The ratings for your revenge matches should be... well, decent to say the least.  You have caused our female division to become stagnant with your attacks, so I'm sure the Ladies in the back and the fans are chomping at the bit to see you in that ring.  And if you truly think the division isn't up to snuff, you might just be able to elevate it even further for me."

Alexander Melchiott: "I'm glad to hear it.  You've stepped on a lot of toes on your way here and I think some people are going to have a bone to pick with you.  Of course, if you defeat them, then you just validate everything you've said here tonight.  I'm not going to punish you, but I'm not going to refuse any wrestler who wants to try and exert some form of payback against you."

With that said, Melchiott opens a drawer in his desk and searches through a few pages before pulling one out.  It's clear that it is some form of generic contract, but the amounts Lexi Thorne would be paid aren't visible to the camera.  Melchiott pushes the contract towards Thorne and sets a pen down beside it.

Alexander Melchiott: "If that doesn't work for you, I am flexible enough to tweak it in some fashions.  After all, I'm not the only one who wants you on this roster.  The ratings for your revenge matches should be... well, decent to say the least.  You have caused our female division to become stagnant with your attacks, so I'm sure the Ladies in the back and the fans are chomping at the bit to see you in that ring.  And if you truly think the division isn't up to snuff, you might just be able to elevate it even further for me."

Lexi Thorne:  "Payback?"

Lexi Thorne throws her head back and laughs out loud.

Lexi Thorne:  "Oh they can try...  And I welcome it even, it'll be the perfect opportunity for me to put them in their place."

Lexi takes the contract and reads it, her eyes widen a bit as a smile creeps up her lips.  Taking a pen she signs her name on the dotted line.

Lexi Thorne:  "Very generous Mr. Melchiott, it seems that you and I will get along just fine...  You want ratings?  I'll give you ratings.  Time to show those ladies what REAL wrestling is about.  Again I thank you for this opportunity..."

With that, Lexi Thorne hands the signed contract back and exits the room as the scene fades.

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Roccha10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Johnny10  VS Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Ray_ka11

Jim Jackson:  "And now on to our main event, Ray Kamaura who came in second in tonight's battle royale shall be facing Johnny Fortune for the RoC World Title.  Does he still have the energy to pull off a victory tonight?"

Brad Blood:  "Hah!  Serves him right if he loses, specially with all that bullshit he spewed about retiring then coming back.  It'll be a treat to see Ray Kamaura lose twice tonight."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing in at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from The Tenderloin District, San Francisco, California...  He is your current and reigning RoC World Champion, The Fortunate One, The Chaotic God...  JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

The lights in the building go dark and after a few seconds "Chaos Theory" By ShockOne begins to play and strobe lights begin to flash in the arena as a figure dressed in a leather jacket spray painted in orange and green glow in the dark spray paint and jean shorts and pink hair is seen among the crowd. He walks among the arena slapping random fans in the back of the head and laughing all the way until he reaches the barricade in which he jumps on top as the strobe lights cut as soon as the lines "Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Chaos theory" Are played over the sound system. Johnny Fortune hops from the barricade and into the ring shaking ropes and twitching his head looking back and forth waiting for something to happen. He rips off his jacket and throws it in the face of Alice Aoi. Laughing all the way as he sits atop one of the turnbuckles.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next the challenger, standing at 7 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 300 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Rayward Son...  RAY KAMAURA!"

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas plays as Ray Kamaura walks slowly out onto the stage, fireworks blast out behind him. The Rayward down the ramp, extending his hand for fans to high five. He lumbers up the stairs and takes a position in the middle of the ring, Raising hands over head.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Ray Kamaura wastes no time and lunges after Johnny Fortune!  Fortune barely spins out of the way and retaliates with a low kick.  Dropkick by Kamaura sends The Fortunate One reeling to the ropes...  Fortune bounces back towards Kamaura...  Fortune dodges the clothesline attempt and bounces on the ropes...  Running double knees!  Kamaura is sent reeling...  Ray Kamaura falls back and bounces off the ropes before drop kicking Johnny Fortune!  His signature KABLAM! connects!  Kamaura hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "Johnny kicks out and quickly rolls away!  Smart move by the champ, he needs to distance himself and not allow Ray to continue the offensive.  Ray is already tired here so all he needs is to wait him out, let Ray exhaust himself then go in for the easy win."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura probably knows that THAT will be the champ's strategy that's why he's pulling off all the stops this early, he wants to finish this quickly!  Johnny Fortune continues to dance away as Kamaura tries to get his hands on him.  The crowd is getting restless, they want a match not Fortune skirting away."

Brad Blood:  "Well Johnny is doing what he needs to hold on to that title.  If it involves running away most of the match to do it, then so be it!  The crowd can boo all they want but what Johnny is doing is not illegal."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura lunges for the champ but Johnny Fortune leaps out of the way and he rolls under the ropes and exits the ring!  The crowd is booing loudly!  Fortune walks cockily outside mocking Kamaura and the crowd.  WAIT!  HERE COMES RAY HE LEAPS TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!  SENTON SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE TAKES FORTUNE OUT!  THE CROWD GOES WILD!"


Brad Blood:  "Dang, I have to admit, that made me jump out of my seat.  I forgot how Ray is one of the few big men in the business who can fly...  Apparently so did Johnny!  Ray throws Johnny back into the ring and enters."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura grabs Johnny Fortune by the forearm, twisting them around, after three twists delivers and jumping spin kick to Johnny Fortune's mid section.  Kamaura lands another of his signature moves Better Luck Next Time!  He goes for the cover!  Is it enough?"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Johnny gets a shoulder up in the nick of time!  Damn, I hate to say this but the champ is in a bit of trouble here, his strategy of running away seems to have backfired on him.  He needs to switch gears soon if he wants to retain that title."

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura lifts the champ up his shoulders, he's going for a body slam...  No!  The Fortunate One somehow wriggles free!  Kamaura turns around...  Eye poke by Johnny Fortune!  The ref gives a warning!  Kamaura clutches his eyes as Fortune finally gets some time to recover.  Fortune goes in with a series of low kicks.  Irish whip by Fortune sends Kamaura to the corner back first...  The Chaotic God charges in...  Knee right into the face!  Kamaura slumps down leaning on the ropes... Ray Kamaura is sitting in the corner, head resting on the second turnbuckle. Johnny Fortune gets a wild look in his eyes, licks his lips. Johnny Fortune is running straight for Ray Kamaura.  Johnny Fortune jumps up and kicks Ray Kamaura straight in the head. My Lord that's Chaos Theory!  Fortune goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Ray gets a shoulder up at two!  Johnny needs to do more damage if he wants to get that three count and retain that title.  Oh this is rare, Johnny climbs up to the top turnbuckle!"

Jim Jackson:  "Wait Ray Kamaura regains his senses and climbs up after the champ!  A couple of European uppercuts by Kamaura stuns Johnny Fortune!  Kamaura going for superplex...  No!  Fortune's legs are firmly locked on the ropes blocking the attempt!  Fortune counters with some big elbows!  Kamaura lands on the canvas!  The Fortunate One gets back up on his feet on the top turnbuckle...  Kamaura shakes the ropes and Fortune falls on his groin!   That is gonna hurt!  Kamaura with an enzuigiri connects with Fortune who is seated on the top turnbuckle!  FORTUNE FALLS OFF AND HITS THE STEEL STEPS BEFORE CRASHING OUTSIDE!  THE CROWD GOES WILD!"


Jack B. Nimble:  "One!"

Brad Blood:  "The ref begins to count, Ray can't win the title via count out and he knows that so he quickly exits the ring to go after Johnny.  The champ seems like he may have gotten a concussion hitting the steel steps!  Ray approaches the champ who is still laying outside not moving...  Oh wait!  Johnny is starting to stir..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "Two!"

Jim Jackson:  "Irish whip by the challengers sends Johnny Fortune crashing into the barricade!  Ray Kamaura charges in and hits a dropkick sending Fortune back into the barricade!  Body slam by Kamaura!  Fortune is not moving at all!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "Three!"

Brad Blood:  "Ray lifts the champ up on his shoulders and hauls him unto the apron!  He pushes Johnny back into the ring and also enters the ring.  Looks like Ray's breathing is getting a bit ragged, fatigue from fighting in the battle royale earlier may be setting in.  This may be Ray's chance to get that title, he quickly goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune still manages to hang on in there!  Ray Kamaura thought he had it there, you can see that Kamaura already wants this to end!  Fortune may still have a slim chance to hold on to that title of his.  Kamaura sluggishly gets back to his feet.  He pulls up the champ...  Irish whip to the corner!  Kamaura charges in with a running big boot...  The Fortunate One dodges at the last second!  Kamaura misses and his leg gets caught in the turnbuckles.  A sloppy springboard elbow by Fortune connects!  Kamaura falls on his back, his leg still caught on the turnbuckles...  Fortune leaps up...  DOUBLE FOOT STOMP UNTO KAMAURA'S LEG!  Kamaura screams in pain!  Fortune hangs on to the top rope, clearly he's still hurting from earlier but it seems that he may have gotten his second wind just in the perfect time!"

Brad Blood:  "Holy crap!  The champ not only bought himself some time to recover but may have just turned things around!  I understand that Johnny is already beat-up and all but he should not let this opportunity pass!  He should go for Ray's jugular while the big man is still down."

Jim Jackson:  "Looks like he heard you Brad, Johnny Fortune with vicious stomps to Ray Kamaura!  Leg drop by the champ right on Kamaura's neck!  Elbow drop this time right on Kamaura's chest!  Fortune licks his lips...  HE JUST PUNTED KAMAURA'S HEAD!  Fortune goes for the cover!  Is this enough?"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  Ray manages to get his shoulders up!  I hate to say it but Ray is certainly putting up a good fight here tonight.  He's showing us why he was a former RoC World Champion.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still rooting for Johnny to retain the title here.  Looks like Johnny is signalling for his finisher, Unfortunate End!"

Jim Jackson:  "If that connects, Johnny Fortune will walk out with the victory and the title here tonight!  The Chaotic God pulls Ray Kamaura up to his feet.  Johnny Fortune wraps his hands around the back of Ray Kamaura's head and swiftly drives his knee into the head of Ray Kamaura! He might just have incapacitated Ray Kamaura with that move!  What an Unfortunate End!  This is it!  This is it!  Fortune for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Holy lucky sonnuvabitch!  Ray manages to get his foot up on the bottom rope!  He couldn't get his shoulders up but he still managed to sense he was near the ropes and saved himself!  Johnny ain't pleased as he pulls Ray to the middle of the ring and once again goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Jim Jackson:  "No!  Ray Kamaura manages to get his shoulders up this time!  Johnny Fortune pounds his fists on the canvas.  He stands up and starts arguing with the ref!  He's insisting that' it's a full three count but the ref is standing his ground."

Brad Blood:  "Well I think the ref counted a tad bit slow there Jim!  Johnny has a case!  The match should have ended already with Johnny retaining that title!"

Jim Jackson:  "Wait!  Ray Kamaura is getting back up!  The champ is still arguing with the ref!  He doesn't notice Kamaura!  Kamaura staggers a bit but is on his feet...  He staggers towards The Chaotic God and spins him around...  Ray Kamaura kicks Johnny Fortune in the gut causing Johnny Fortune to double over, Ray Kamaura bounces off the ropes and runs past Johnny Fortune, rebounds off the ropes and jumps, placing his foot on Johnny Fortune'S head, forcing it into the mat.  CARRY ON! CONNECTS!  RAY KAMAURA JUST HIT HIS FINISHER ON FORTUNE!  KAMAURA HOOKS THE LEG!"


Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall AND NEW ROC WORLD CHAMPION...  THE RAYWARD SON!  RAY KAMAURA!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "The crowd erupts in cheers!  Ray Kamaura has done it!  With the odds stacked against him, he managed to eke out a win and take back the RoC World Title!   Johnny Fortune got too cocky and that cost him."

Brad Blood:  "Well Ray may have won tonight but what will happen in two weeks when he faces the RIGHTFUL champ T-Rex?  Remember Ray never beat T-Rex for the title, T-Rex was unjustly stripped off it!"

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:17 am

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 In-rin10

Jim Jackson: "What a night, what a turn of events, tonight we not only crowned new RoC Tag Team Champions but also a new RoC World Champion! Who would have thought the evening would end up like this?"

Brad Blood: "Dammit Ray was just lucky! Let's see if his luck will hold up once he defends that title against Thaddeus Rex!"

Jim Jackson: "You are just bitter because you probably lost another bet!"

Brad Blood: "IT WAS TEN GRAND!!!"

Jim Jackson: "Anyway, ignore my idiot partner, until next show! Good fight and good night!"

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 T-rexb10
Thaddeus Rex
Thaddeus Rex

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Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 09/20/2015

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