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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:02 am

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Diarrh10 VS Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Haruki10

Jim Jackson: "After the events 2 weeks ago we have to ask, will Haruki even show up?"

Brad Blood: "He better, I have $200 riding on this match."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing at 6 foot tall and weighing in at 230 pounds, hailing from Tokushima, Japan, The Kempo King ... HARUKI INOKI!"

"Shitsuren Mosshu" by Garlic Boys booms throughout the speakers, leading to Haruki Inoki coming out in his black, red striped robe along with is devastating Kendo stick. Haruki Inoki doesn't even take one glance at the fans as he walks his way into the ring where he kneels down to one leg, gesturing one of his fist forward from his body.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, standing at 5 foot 8 inches tall, hailing from Los Angeles, California, ... JOHN E. HENDRIX!"


Jim Jackson: "Wait, we have news on the whereabouts of John E. Hendrix. It appears that he ate a burrito that was so hot that jesus himself could not eat it. He is now suffering the ramifications of his actions as his bowels have kicked into overdrive. Diarrhea has struck him down. What? It seems that we have a camera crew standing by."

The camera opens up outside a bathroom cubicle were Hendrix is currently residing.

[Insert the sound of violent diarrhea]

Brad Blood: "Wait, does this mean what I think I means? Oh Alice baby say it! "

Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match by way of Diarrhea... HARUKI INOKI!"

Jim Jackson: "Why did she have to say it like that? "

Brad Blood: "Well this match was a shit one."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Chaos_11

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Jim Jackson: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to RoC's final show for the year of 2015! Now it may be our last show for the year but what a show tonight will be! We have THREE title matches tonight wherein the RoC Lightweight Title, the RoC Tag Team Titles and the RoC World Title shall all be on the line tonight. Now joining me here at the announce table is my partner in crime Brad Blood... And why are you grinning like a fool Brad?"

Brad Blood: "Oh yes... This grin I'm sporting, well... I just can't help myself, specially since you are now looking at the NEW RoC Marketing Manager! That's right, I Brad Blood shall now be in charge of the whole marketing division here in Ring of Chaos!"

Jim Jackson: "Uh... I would congratulate you but knowing you for being you, I am certain that you'll screw this up... Honestly, I don't know how you got that position but I pray to God that you won't fuck up too badly..."

Brad Blood: "You worry too much Jim, in fact I have already taken steps as the new Marketing Manager here in RoC, I've gotten us sponsors!"

Jim Jackson: "Wow! Well that certainly is impressive Brad, who would have thought... Well I should congratulate you then. So Mr. Marketing Manager, shall you kick off the show?"

Brad Blood: "Why thank you Jim... Now stay tuned folks because IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

"Entrance of the Gladiators" by Julius Fučík starts playing on the loudspeakers as a light show captivates the audience and smoke rises from the ground. Stepping through the smoke is the transsexual superstar Boy Bakla and beside her, the tiny superstar Little Wang. They wave to the crowd who cheer loudly for them as they make their way down the entrance ramp and into the ring.

Boy Bakla: "Thank you for the warm welcome everyone~! Now I would like stand here and exchange pleasantries with you all but I... I mean we have a different intention coming out here tonight..."

Bakla pauses for a while as the crowd notices her anger as she shakes in the ring.

Boy Bakla: "STORM RIDERS! I don't know what we did but your blatant attack and ambush is unacceptable! If you think me and Wang here will take this sitting down, you are sorely mistaken! I do not want to assume anything but your actions certainly point towards one word... BIGOTRY! But know this... All my life me and my partner have faced discrimination, we have faced persecution, we've been bullied and we've be laughed at but WE ARE STILL HERE! We will not go down, we will not lay down and do nothing... WE WILL FIGHT BACK AND WE WILL WIN!"

The crowd begins to cheer for Bakla and Wang.

Boy Bakla: "Tonight, we shall finally get a chance to get our hands on you both inside the ring and you both shall regret the actions you took against us. You provoked the wrong bitch you brujos and we will put you in your place!"

Bakla hands the mic to Litte Wang as the crowd again cheers for them.

Little Wang waits for the crowd to settle down before speaking...

Little Wang: "Muscles is not everything. You both nothing but men who overcompensate with big biceps. In the ring, power can be trumped by speed and technique. You attack us by sneak attack but tonight, there be no sneak attack, it be two on two and we will show you what it like to fight a real tag team. So c'mon TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT Shit Riders, we are ready for whatever you dish out!"

Little Wang drops the mic as "Entrance of the Gladiators" by Julius Fučík starts playing again. Both wrestlers exit the ring and head to the back as the crowd cheers them on.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Locker10

The scene started with Solomon Jake sitting on his chair as he is in the middle of talking to someone on the phone.

Solomon Jake: "No problem sweetheart, I know how much you want that gig and I just need to pull some strings here and there. Don't worry, do your best and if they like you, they will ask for you more and that means more money for us."

Solomon Jake then adjusted a bit before he continued to speak.

Solomon Jake: "Alright, I need to go now. Talk to you later."

He puts down the phone as suddenly he gives out a gasp and felt relieve a second later. A few moments later, a woman got up from the desk wiping her lips in satisfaction.

Lady: "Who was that Jake?"

Solomon Jake: "Oh, just a client of mine but I have to say no wonder your family name is Hoover."

The both of them begin laughing. A knock on the door is heard and Solomon Jake asks the person to come in. A person enters holding what looks to be a contract and hands it to Solomon Jake who grins at what seems to be his new client as the scene slowly fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Boy_ba10 & Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Little12


Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Capt_s10 & Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Vilkas10

Jim Jackson: "This match is sure to be a very heated contest as after weeks of torment, Bakla and Wang finally get their chance of revenge against the Storm Riders."

Brad Blood: "Wolfe probably has something up his sleeve. Pirates are all crafty like that. Now you get to his partner, the viking, a giant barbarian of a man who has probably had shits bigger than Wang."

Jim Jackson: "You can't count out their opponents. With the experience and speed advantage plus the added motive of getting back at the ones who cost them a shot at the tag titles, LBOAB could easily come out of this one standing tall."

Brad Blood: "I doubt they will be standing at all by the end."

Jim Jackson: "...."

Brad Blood: "That's what she said!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, with a combined weight of 260 pounds, the team of Boy Bakla and Little Wang... LITTLE BOY & ONCE A BOY!"

"Entrance of the Gladiators" by Julius Fučík starts playing on the loudspeakers as a light show captivates the audience and smoke rises from the ground. Stepping through the smoke are the transsexual wrestler known as Boy Bakla and the tiny superstar Little Wang. They wave to the crowd as they make their way down the entrance ramp and into the ring.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 513 pounds, the team of Captain Sebastian Wolfe and Vilkas Whitemane ... THE STORM RIDERS!"

"The theme from black sails" by Bear McCreary begins to play as the Pirate and Viking make their way out to the crowd. Sebastian points his pistol at the ring while Vilkas raises his sword to the sky. As they walk down to the ring, Wolfe has a smug grin on his face while Whitemane looks like he's ready to kill. They hand their weapons to the ring assistant and enter the ring. The Captain is giving the orders to the viking at their corner.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick! IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "Looks like Wolfe and Bakla are going to start this one of. Wait ... Wolfe smiles and tags in Whitemane. He steps over the rope with ease but bakla is on the offensive by going after the base of the giant. Kick after kick to the side of the leg, Boy ducks the clothesline and runs in for a crossbody but the viking catches Bakla. Fallaway slam sends him flying back to his corner."

Brad Blood: "The Little man makes the tag and springs off the ropes connecting with a dropkick that Vilkas no sells like Mr. Do Do Do Doooo. Wang gets picked up off the mat with one hand and just launched into the turnbuckle. Whitemane roars as runs into the opposite turnbuckle then towards Wang with tremendous speed."

Jim Jackson: "The size difference works to his advantage as Wang rolls out of the way causing the viking to crash and burn. Runs up the corner, jumps and connects with a picture perfect tornado DDT. Hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick: "One!"

Brad Blood: "Whitemane powers out of it. Wang makes the tag quickly and they hit the double team superkick to the head. Bakla hits the leg drop followed by the elbow drop and goes for the pin but not enough damage was done and is pressed off like it was nothing"

Jim Jackson: "Bakla attempts to go for a suplex but gets lifted up off the ground and slammed face first into the mat. Whitemane grabs Boy and whips him in his team's corner before making the tag to the captain. The viking exits the ring and holds Bakla as Wolfe unloads with the bodyshots. Headbutt followed by a northern lights suplex."

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two!"

Brad Blood: "Capt. goes for a standing moonsault but receives the knees for his troubles. Bakla gets up and waits before unloading the back suplex. Tag to Wang. Double suplex connects. Up to the top turnbuckle ... Woah! Beautiful phoenix splash! He goes for the pin but notices Whitemane entering the ring and knocks him back over the rope with a well placed kick."

Jim Jackson: "Taking advantage of the distraction, Sebastian connects with a knee straight to the bridge of the nose. Uranage slam followed up with a mounted striking offense. The ref manages to drag wolfe of before the disqualification. Wang tries to get up but a shining wizard comes out of nowhere. The pirate goes for the pin but lifts the shoulders up before the count begins."

Brad Blood: "He locks in the sleeper hold while locking eyes with bakla and drags his partner back into the enemy territory. Tag to Whitemane. Wolfe hits an european uppercut to the back of the head followed up by a flapjack from Vilkas. The viking using his size and weight as an advantage by standing on the back of wang. A punt sends the undersized hero flying into Bakla. The ref is counting that as a tag and Bakla rushes the ring."

Jim Jackson: "Running Hurricanrana sends Vilkas throat first into the ropes, Boy dives through the ropes, crushing the windpipe with a stunner type move. Fameasser! OWW! Wolfe flies in out of nowhere and might have just seriously injured the leg of the transgender superstar!"

Brad Blood: "Cobra kai'ed him! Sweep the leg! The ref is going to check on Bakla's condition but Wolfe throws jack out of the ring. That's going to be the disqualification but they don't care. The Storm Riders continue to beat down Boy."


Alice Aoi: "The winners of the match via disqualification ... LITTLE BOY AND ONCE A BOY!"

Jim Jackson: "Vilkas leaves the ring and begins to search under the ring. Wang tries to stop him but gets tossed into the barricade. The crowd is on their feet as the viking slides the table into the ring. It is set up in the center of the ring. Vilkas grabs Bakla by the head and Wolfe backs up. Vilkas lifts Bakla up for a spinebuster and the pirate runs in and sends Bakla crashing through the table with a slingblade."

Brad Blood: "The Riders finally leave the ring as medics are checking on the condition of these two fan favorites. But come on man, did you expect anything else? Their occupations are known for being lawless, pillaging, murderous warriors of the sea. "

Jim Jackson: "But we still haven't found the answer to the more lingering question. Why have they been targetting Boy Bakla and Little Wang."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:16 am

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Brad Blood:  "Are you Chinese, Jewish and thirsty?!"

Jim Jackson:  "What the hell are you talkin..."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 The_je10

Brad Blood:  "Well fret no more!  Introducing THE JEW'S EAR JUICE, the new drink that shall quench your thirst!  Made from quality Jewish ears selected from Changbai Mountains, this new drink shall guarantee to tickle your taste buds as it tackle you thirst problem!  The Jew's Ear Juice, available now in your local groceries!"

Jim Jackson:  "I don't even...  Sigh..."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Oriental music starts playing on the background as smoke covers the mouth of the entrance tunnel. Out leaps Nao Fook Yu, she’s wearing a short cheongsam and quickly makes her way down entrance ramp and enters the ring as the crowd start booing at her.  Ignoring the negative reaction Fook Yu takes up a mic and begins to speak.

Nao Fook Yu:  "This is the reason why I had to separate myself from my sister.  When we were RoC Tag Team champions, we came out to cheers but it is not us you were cheering for, it was HER!  IT WAS ALWAYS HER!  Now that she's gone, I can finally be allowed to show my full potential.  Finally it will be my time to shine here in Ring of Chaos!"

The crowd begins to boo anew but Fook Yu doesn't seem to care.

Nao Fook Yu:  "You all boo me now but need I remind you all that everyone here cheered not only for my sister but for me in our ladder match!  The same ladder match that put me out of commission for a few weeks, you cheered for the performance I showed, for my in-ring ability and TONIGHT!!!  Tonight, you shall cheer for me again as I battle Cecilia Christiansen and Charlotte Sable for the number one contender spot for the RoC Women's Championship!  What a fitting way to welcome my return to the ring don't you think?"

The crowd starts chanting...


Nao Fook Yu:  "It seems that I still have to prove myself to you all...  To remind you all that I am just as good if not better than my twin sister...  And believe me when I say that soon, you all shall be cheering for me, soon the name Nao Fook Mi shall be nothing more but a memory and Nao Fook Yu will be synonymous with the best performer in Ring of Chaos as I carve out a new legacy!"

Fook Mi throws the mic and exits the ring as her music begins to play once more.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Backst10

A parasol twirls in front of the camera before the person holding it turns around.  Brushing aside a lock of hair, Cecilia greets the camera with a smile.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Your Queen is back.  It would seem that I have been granted an opportunity to earn a shot at the Women's Championship.  Really, I should have just been granted the title match, but I digress.  Anyway, I am tasked with sharing the ring with one of those homely Oriental girls.  Wasn't this one fired?  Well, whatever.  What's more interesting is my other opponent..."

Cecilia covers her mouth as she lets out a small laugh.

Cecilia Christiansen: "My apologies, but the prospect of that fired girl being destroyed is really rather amusing.  My other opponent for tonight is the Amazonian Charlotte Sable.  To tell you the truth, she is one of the women on this roster I actually like.  Both Charlotte and the Women's Champion Lexi Thorne are interesting individuals who bring a splash of color to this division."

Suddenly having an idea, Cecilia's eyes brighten.

Cecilia Christiansen: "If Charlotte should win here tonight, it would be the Strongest woman facing the most Desperate woman!  Strength vs. Determination and Grit!  Power vs. Resilience!  It would certainly be quite the show..."

Tapping her chin, Cecilia muses over the idea for a moment.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Perhaps... perhaps I need to take a step back and let these events unfold?  While I might be the uncrowned Queen, I certainly don't need to rush things, besides, I do enjoy a good show.  It looks like I have a decision to make."

Smiling, Cecilia turns away from the camera, twirling her parasol as she walks down the hall.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Celici10 VS Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Charlo10


Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Nao_fo13

Jim Jackson:  "And now on to our second match of the evening, a triple threat that will determine who shall be the number one contender for the RoC Women's Champion."

Brad Blood:  "And since this match will concern who her next opponent is, let us welcome Lexi Thorne to the announce table."

Lexi Thorne:  "Thank you gentlemen."

Jim Jackson:  "So Lexi, what do you think of the women fighting in the ring tonight?"

Lexi Thorne:  "Not much really, in fact I don't think I would waste any neurons on them at all, because at the end of the day, whoever wins will only end up losing to me."

Brad Blood:  "Damn right!  That is why you hold that belt."


Lexi Thorne:  "Touch my title again and I'll make sure you will never ever have any offsprings again."

Brad Blood:  "Gulp!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall and is for the number one contender for the RoC Women's title!  Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing in at 120 pounds, hailing from Mackinac Islands, Michigan...  Princess...  CECILIA CHRISTIANSEN!"

Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major begins playing in the arena as Cecilia steps out from the back with a parasol out. Carrying the parasol, Cecilia leisurely walks down to the ring. Arriving at the ring, Cecilia folds in her parasol and sets it by the steel steps before climbing onto the apron and entering the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from Westboro, Washington...  CHARLOTTE SABLE!"

"Reptilia" by The Strokes blares to life through the arena just before Charlotte Sable steps out from backstage. She wastes little time in walking to the ring before stepping right over the top rope and into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing lastly, standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 130 pounds, hailing from Sichuan, China...  NAO FOOK YU!"

Oriental music starts playing on the background as smoke covers the mouth of the entrance tunnel. Out leaps Nao Fook Yu, she’s wearing a short cheongsam and quickly makes her way down entrance ramp and enters the ring. She bows and gives her respect to the crowd before heading to her corner.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "Right off the bat, both Cecilia Christiansen and Nao Fook Yu go after Charlotte Sable, being the largest of the three women, she is literally the bigger threat.  Both women punch away at Sable...  Sable with a backfist sends Christiansen sprialling and then a headbutt sends Fook Yu reeling!  Cecilia Christiansen staggers back to her feet...  Clothesline from Sable turns her inside out!  Fook Yu off the ropes...  Springboard crossbody...  No!  Sable catches her and hits a backbreaker before lifting her up for a gorilla press slam!"

Brad Blood:  "Charlotte is a monster!  That is probably why Cecilia and Fook Yu has an unspoken alliance to take her down first.  The problem is Charlotte's totally dominating her opponents, she may even give you a run for your title if she wins right Lexi?"

Lexi Thorne:  "The only thing running here is your mouth.  Charlotte has nothing other than her size, and unfortunately for her, I am not intimidated by size, in fact you know how the cliche goes the bigger they are..."

Brad Blood:  "Make sure they are lubed?"

Jim Jackson:  "Body slam on Nao Fook Yu!  Cecilia Christiansen charges forward she goes low but Charlotte Sable intercepts her with a knee to the face!  Christiansen is rocked!  Sable goes in for the kill...  Fireman's carry gutbuster!  Charlotte Sable for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Ooh!  Fook Yu with a double axe handle breaks the three count.  Good news, she can still vie for the title shot, bad news, she is now in Charlotte's crosshair."

Lexi Thorne:  "That's her mistake right there, she stopped attacking after breaking the pin attempt.  If I was her, I would have beat Charlotte until she can't get up then beat her some more.  That's the reason she's not the champ and I am."

Jim Jackson:  "Charlotte Sable chases after Nao Fook Yu who quickly runs away.  Sable lunges...  Fook Yu off the ropes...  Springboard corkscrew kick!  Sable staggers...  Cecilia Christiansen spins before jumping and catching Charlotte Sable on the jaw with a kick!  Luminous Strike from out of nowhere!  Christiansen for the cover!  Fook Yu pulls her off and takes her down with a lariat!  Fook Yu hooks the leg!  This time Christiansen with a stomp breaks the hold!  Fook Yu and Christiansen begin to brawl!"

Brad Blood:  "So much for their alliance."

Lexi Thorne:  "Well if you have to team up with someone to take on another opponent in the first place, then you don't deserve to even be number one contender."

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen and Nao Fook Yu are tranding punches Fook Yu is getting the upper hand and is sending Christiansen back.  Enzuigiri by Christiansen blocked by Fook Yu!  WAIT!  Here comes Sable charging in for a double clothesline...  Chirstiansen and Fook Yu ducks and they both pull the top rope down!  Charlotte Sable goes flying over the top rope!  Nao Fook Yu leaps over the top rope...  Senton takes Sable down!  Here comes Christinsen...  She leaps over the top rope...  Corkscrew crossbody takes Fook Yu out!  The crowd goes wild!"


Brad Blood:  "That was awesome indeed!"

Lexi Thorne:  "No it isn't, that was stupid, Cecilia should have just waited in the ring for Fook Yu to come back in and then blindside her.  Instead she put her body on the line risking injury...  Amateurs."

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen drags Nao Fook Yu back into the ring...  Cecilia Christiansen stands next to her downed opponent.  Jumping a few times to gain momentum, Cecilia tucks and rotates forwards before landing on top of Nao Fook Mi...  UNILATERAL CONTACT!  Christiansen hooks the leg!  Is this it?"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Charlotte grabs Cecilia's leg and pulls out of the ring just before the count of three!  She kicks Cecilia in the gut and lifts her up...  RUNNING POWERBOMB INTO THE STEEL STEPS!  SHE MAY HAVE JUST ENDED CECILIA CHRISTIANSEN'S CAREER WITH THAT!"


Lexi Thorne:  "Now that's what I'm talking about, if you want this belt, you need to be ruthless and brutal."

Jim Jackson:  "Charlotte Sable enters the ring and sees Nao Fook Yu still laid out...  With her opponent down, Charlotte Sable begins to climb the turnbuckle and get herself ready. When Nao Fook Yu manages to pull herself back to her feet, she turns around only to find Charlotte Sable slamming full force into them with a spear!  FALSE CUT!  FALSE CUT!  Sable for the cover!  This is definitely it!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Somehow Cecilia is able to recover and slingshots herself over the top rope and breaks the three count with a slingshot elbow drop!  But it seems that the powerbomb to the steel steps did a number on her as she may have further aggravated the injury she got from it."

Lexi Thorne:  "So now you have a hurt Cecilia and a totally unconscious Fook Yu inside the ring with a very pissed Charlotte...  This match is definitely near it's end."

Jim Jackson:  "Charlotte Sable charges towards Cecilia Christiansen...  Christiansen with the last of her strength goes to the ropes...  Springboard hurricanrana!  Cecilia Christiansen catches Sable and just flung her over the top rope and into the steel barricades!  Christiansen quickly rushes over to Nao Fook Yu and hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!"

Brad Blood:  "And it's over!  We have a winner!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall...  Princess...  CECILIA CHRISTIANSEN!"

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen wins the match and gets a shot at the RoC Women's title when we return next year.  Looks like you'll be facing our little princess over there Lexi."

Lexi Thorne:  "Well I hope she's ready to get a beating worse than what she suffered here."

Brad Blood:  "Well Cecilia will at least have enough time to recover for the match next year."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Backst10

Rafik Arfah is seen backstage with Julie Rodriguez standing next to him holding him. It's an interview. Natch.

Julie Rodriguez: "Rafik, first of all, congrats on the big tournament win."

Rafik Arfah: "Well, gracias!"

Julie Rodriguez: "Heh. So tonight is the big night. At last Rafik Arfah gets a title shot. How do you feel?"

Rafik Arfah: "Honestly, it feels fantastic. I have been waiting for the opportunity to make a mark in ROC for a long time and tonight's the night. I feel positive about this."

Julie Rodriguez: "You and Gus started off as rivals, but somehow became tag partners due to management interference, is the bad blood gone?"

Rafik Arfah: "Oh the bad blood is still there. I still hate the bastard for almost biting off an ear of mine. But I had to put that aside because now we share a goal.. that goal is to be champions. And in order to achieve that goal, we both have to work as a cohesive unit whether we like it or not. No barriers. No Iron Cutain. Just working like a great, proper team. Now I know we are not a great team. And not even a proper team. But I believe in faking it until you're making it. And I will do just that."

Julie Rodriguez: "You're facing the Full-Time Killers.. Those two are no slouches. It's a team as legit as they come. How will you two, as a dysfunctional, whacky team, have a chance to beat them?"

Rafik Arfah: "They might be Full-Time Killers, but me and Gus? We're the The Slayers. And you know what The Slayers do? We slay, mama! All day, all night. And tonight's no different. We beat all these tag teams, and we've come too far to lose it all, so we'll do whatever it takes! We'll throw all the rules out of the window! We'll bring the fight straight to them! We will show the fans the greatest tag team smackdown of 2015. And what will happen after we do all that is there will be a voice echoing around the arena.."

Rafik pauses to imagine the voice.


Julie Rodriguez: "Any last words?"

Rafik Arfah: "I feel good. I feel great. And it's time to go to work."

Julie Rodriguez: "Good luck out there."

Rafik Arfah: "Julie, luck is for losers."

Rafik Arfah walks away and the camera cuts out.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:26 am

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Locker10

Alexander Melchiott stands before the camera wearing a fur coat. On his shoulder is the RoC Lightweight Championship.

Alexander Melchiott: "Well, well, well, it would seem that Entropy managed to luck out and escape from Hovac. Good for you. There will be a time and a place here soon for your defeat, don't you worry."

Melchiott chuckles as he flips his hair back.

Alexander Melchiott: "Regardless, I have a match tonight. Not just any match, mind you, but a Hell in a Cell match."

Melchiott shrugs, looking rather nonplussed at the situation.

Alexander Melchiott: "I have competed throughout the world in some of the most violent matches imaginable -- this isn't something that intimidates me. Marcus Troy really should have done his homework if he wanted to rattle me. Well, this is still quite the dangerous match, but fear not my little sparrow, I shall win."

A giggle is quickly covered by Melchiott.

Alexander Melchiott: "Oh Marcus, always the heavy-handed one aren't you? I, like always, will prove that my radiance is true while yours continues to fade. With one victory here tonight, I will show the rest of the roster what a blunder it will be if they choose to follow you. Moreover, I will leave you with only one remaining ally in this world; and we've already seen Hovac deal with him. The person you've selected to be my opponent believes they are walking into a fight, but tonight will be a slaughter. Whatever boorish, brute you've found will flounder against my calculated assault and, ultimately, be dissected and destroyed inside of that cell. Have you forgotten the wars I've already had in this company? The depths I've been willing to travel? Let's face it, Troy; you are handing me a lamb."

Reaching into his coat, Melchiott pulls out a pair of sunglasses. Putting them on, Melchiott smiles at the camera.

Alexander Melchiott: "You've lit the fuse, now it's time for you to lose. This should be fun, Marcus."

With that, Melchiott waves at the camera before walking off. With Melchiott out of the way, the camera can clearly see Samuel Hovac sitting in a chair in the back of the room. The scene slowly fades as Hovac stares daggers into the camera.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Brad Blood: "Before we continue, we would like to thank our sponsors. Introducing the latest in insect repellents..."

Jim Jackson: "Oh no..."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Wackof10

Brad Blood: "WACK OFF! All natural and loaded with proteins and vitamins, Wack Off! is made from real man seed! The supreme cream that keeps the bugs away! So remember the next time the bugs bite, all you need is WACK OFF!"

Jim Jackson: "..."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Roclig10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Alexan10 VS Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 No_pic11

Jim Jackson: "The next match is a match anticipated by many of the fans. Alexander Melchiott shall defend his RoC Lightweight Title in a hell in a cell match against a mystery opponent that shall only be revealed tonight."

Brad Blood: "Well Melchiott is one of the most decorated and skillful wrestlers not only in RoC but in the world. Whoever Troy booked to face Alexander will definitely have a hard time."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a hell in a cell match scheduled for one fall AND is for the ROC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, standing in at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from The Principality of Monaco, he is the current and reigning RoC Lightweight Champion, Hotspur... ALEXANDER MELCHIOTT!"

“Ultra Numb” by Blue Stahli blasts over the arena as Alexander Melchiott steps out from the back. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Alexander slides his thumb across his throat before tossing off his vest and walking down to the ring.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next his mystery opponent, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 209 pounds, hailing from San Antonio, Texas... The Gambler... ANDREW HUNTER!!!"

Brad Blood: "DID SHE SAY ANDREW HUNTER?! I thought he retired from professional wrestling after the injury he took when Alexander Melchiott betrayed him?!"

Jim Jackson: "Looks like Marcus Troy found the perfect opponent for Alexander Melchiott, Andrew Hunter shall be looking to settle the score tonight."

Thunderous applause comes from the crowd as "Gambler" by Madonna blasts throughout the arena. Andrew Hunter makes his way out onto the ramp, and takes a good look around while straitening his elbow pads. He pumps his arms in the air to go with the crowd's cheer, before making his way to the ring.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble! IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Jim Jackson: "The steel cell is slowly being lowered now as both wrestlers wait for the bell to ring..."


Jim Jackson: "And there's the bell! Andrew Hunter rushes in fast, Hotspur tries to stop him with a clothesline but Hunter ducks under it and leaps to the ropes... Springboard clothesline takes Alexander Melchiott down! Melchiott quickly rolls back to his feet but a well-timed dropkick sends him reeling to the ropes. Hunter is not letting up... Superkick! Melchiott tumbles over the top rope and into the outside! Andrew Hunter runs towards the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE!!! He tackled Melchiott into the steel cell wall! The crowd is on their feet!"


Brad Blood: "Melchiott didn't even have any time to take a breath... Andrew Hunter means business tonight, I guess all the pent up rage at Alexander's betrayal has finally been let out! Irish whip by Hunter sends Melchiott slamming into the cell wall! Melchiott is staggering around like a drunk duck... Here comes Hunter..."



Brad Blood: "Alexander grabs Hunter's legs... He catapults Hunter into the steel structure! Hunter staggers backwards back into the waiting arms of Melchiott... Alexander Melchiott traps the arms of Andrew Hunter in front of him before lifting Andrew Hunter and slamming him into the mat with a bridging german suplex! MOONLIGHT DELIGHT! MOONLIGHT DELIGHT! Andrew is not moving at all, all of his initial momentum just went down the crapper! Alxander tosses his former friend and tag partner back into the ring."

Jim Jackson: "Alexander Melchiott goes to the top turnbuckle... He leaps... NO! Andrew Hunter gets his knees up countering the 450 splash! Melchiott's gamble did not pay off against The Gambler! Hunter uses the ropes to pull himself up... Springboard moonsault... No! Melchiott rolls away but Hunter somehow lands on his feet! He quickly transitions into a standing shooting star press... HUNTER FLATTENS MELCHIOTT! He goes for the cover!"


Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Alexander gets a shoulder up! Hunter may have used some big moves but it looks like it also took a toll on his body. Andrew slowly rises to his feet... Melchiott crawls towards the ropes... He uses it to pull himself up... Hunter charges... Alexander pulls the top rope down... Hunter goes over but somehow lands on the apron! Pele kick by Andrew Hunter sends Alexander reeling! Hunter takes some time to compose himself and leaps from the apron... Springboard crossbody..."

Jim Jackson: "ALEXANDER MELCHIOTT CATCHES HIM AND COUNTERS THE CROSSBODY INTO A POWERSLAM! Andrew Hunter hits the canvas hard! Hunter staggers to his feet... Alexander Melchiott jumps onto the turnbuckle before springing back, catching Andrew Hunter's head, and driving him face-first into the mat... MOONLIGHT CUTTER! Melchiott hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Brad Blood: "Hunter kicks out at two! Alexander pulls Andrew up to his feet... Alexander Melchott lifts Andrew Hunter onto his shoulders before throwing Andrew Hunter’s legs back and falling to the mat, driving Andrew Hunter’s face into the mat! MOONLIGHT DRIVE! Alexander hooks the leg! No way Hunter is gonna kick out of that!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr..."

Jim Jackson: "But he did! Andrew Hunter still manages to kick out! Hotspur cannot believe it! He drags Hunter into position and climbs up to the top turnbuckle... Putting everything on the line... Alexander Melchiott leaps for a double foot stomp! Hunter rolls out of the way at the last second and slips out of the ring! That buys him a couple of precious seconds as Melchiott rolls back to his feet. Melchiott goes after Hunter in the outside... Andrew Hunter kicks his opponent in the gut and tucks his head under his adversary's arm and lifts his opponent up and slams him backward with an arch of the neck thus Upping the Ante!! Melchiott is down! Hunter staggers away and clings to the cage wall, clearly he's still hurting."

Brad Blood: "Well Melchiott isn't in any good shape either... Both men are giving everything they've got in this match. Andrew grabs Alexander by the hair... He drags Alexander to the steel cage and starts slamming Melchiott's head into the steel structure! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! I think Alexander is busted open!"

Jim Jackson: "He is! Alexander Melchiott has a nasty cut on the top of his head. Irish whip by Andrew Hunter... No! Melchiott somehow reverses it! Hunter is sent crashing into the steel cage! Irish whip again by Melchiott... The Gambler is sent smashing into the apron back first! Another Irish whip by Melchiott and Andrew Hunter once again eats steel as he smashes into the steel cage! Hunter staggers around..."

Brad Blood: "This is match has been going back and forth, back and forth! At this point I still am not sure who's gonna win! Melchiott picks Hunter up on his shoulders... He plans to ram Hunter into the steel cage... No! Andrew slips down behind him and shoves Alexander int the steel cage instead but Alexander stops himself by getting his leg up and kicking the cage wall! He turns around... Enzuigiri by Andrew! Melchiott gets rocked!"

Jim Jackson: "Andrew Hunter grabs Hotspur's head... He runs towards the cage wall... SLICED BREAD #2! Alexander Melchiott just got his face planted on the ground outside! Hunter staggers up to his feet and leaps to the apron... Melchiott clings to the cage wall to pull himself up... Hunter leaps with a flying knee... Hunter misses as Melchiott ducks out of the way but Hunter manages to cling into the cage wall! He leaps towards Melchiott... Hurricanrana! Melchiott is sent flying! The crowd is on their feet!"


Brad Blood: "Seemingly getting powered by the crowd's energy Andrew Hunter charges in, clothesline takes Melchiott down! Alexander staggers back up to his feet... Another clothesline from Hunter! Melchiott pulls himself up a third time... Dropkick by Hunter sends him reeling into the steel steps! Andrew Hunter charges in... Back body drop sends Hunter into the steel steps!"


Jim Jackson: "I can see that both men are definitely hurting right now, the amount of blood Alexander Melchiott has loss may start making him feel light-headed, Andrew Hunter on the other hand has been taking quite a beating too, he may re-injure himself in this match tonight... Melchiott grabs Hunter and throws him back into the ring. He tries to get up the apron but stumbles a bit, a clear indication that he may be feeling the effects of the blood loss. Melchiott finally makes it up the apron but Hunter charges in! Alexander Melchiott sidestep as Hunter charges in and tries to tackle him through the ropes, quickly countering with a kick to the face! Melchiott leaps over the top rope... Sunset flip! He rolls Hunter up for the three..."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr..."

Brad Blood: "No! Andrew still kicks out! Melchiott lifts Hunter up for a body slam but Andrew somehow slips free! Andrew Hunter lunges his opponent into the ropes. He waits for his running opponent, and ducks a hastily thrown clothesline! He quickly dashes towards the ropes as his opponent bounces back off the opposite side, still charging at, and leaps onto the ropes, propelling himself backwards, spinning 180 degrees connecting to the back of his running adversary's neck with a Springboard Enziguri executing a Trump Card!! He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Thr..."

Jim Jackson: "The champ manages to get a shoulder up at the last moment but does he still have enough to carry on with the match? Andrew Hunter himself seems pretty spent, he's lying against the ropes trying to catch his breath. Alexander Melchiott crawls to the opposite side of the ropes and pulls himself up to a seating position. Both men are now staring at each other from opposite sides of the ring. These two men are on their last leg..."

Brad Blood: "They don't look like they can even stand, or if they do manage to stand up, they'll keel over! The crowd is at the edge of their seats, no one can predict how this match will end... Both men are determined to win, both men are determined to put their body on the line... Melchiott for his pride, Hunter for revenge."

Jim Jackson: "Looks like Andrew Hunter is pulling himself up! Triggered by Hunter's movement, Alexander Melchiott follows suit! Both men start staggering towards each other! They meet in the middle of the ring! Hunter throws the first punch! It connects but Melchiott takes it and counters with his own punch! Hunter reels back but stops himself and throws another punch! Melchiott catches it on the jaw making him see stars but he stands his ground and answers back with a punch of his own!"

Brad Blood: "The tenacity of these two men is just astounding, they are about to keel over yet they continue to soak it up and trade punches! This is insane! Wait! Hunter prepares for a big right... ALEXANDER USES THIS OPPORTUNITY TO JAB HIS FINGERS INTO ANDREW'S EYES!"

Jim Jackson: "Spinning wheel kick connects and Andrew Hunter goes down! Looks like the champ is going for the Moonlight Special! Alexander Melchiott moves to the turnbuckle and climbs onto the first rope... WAIT! Hunter leaps up and counters the Moonlight Special with a backstabber!"

Brad Blood: "Where Andrew got the energy to pull that off I don't know, but it came at the most opportune of moments!"

Jim Jackson: "Andrew Hunter leaps over the top rope and lands on the ring apron. He gets ready as his stunned opponent slowly gets back to his feet. He gets up, turns around.... And Andrew Hunter leaps, connecting with a twisting springboard tornado DDT executing an amazing Final Gambit!!"

Brad Blood: "Hunter for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match by pinfall and NEW ROC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION... The Gambler... ANDREW HUNTER!"

Jim Jackson: "What a match! Andrew Hunter pulled one last gamble and it paid off big time! We now have a new RoC Lightweight Champion!"

Brad Blood: "Hey, look on top of the entrance ramp! It's Marcus Troy! And he has a big grin on his face... It seems that he is pleased at Melchiott's humiliation tonight."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Locker10

The scene opens in the locker room of the RoC Tag Team Champions, Full-Time Killers. Colton Charles Cai Cobb stands over his partner Crusade who is seated on a bench.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Well well well, look who decided to show himself? If it isn't my prodigal partner Crusade. Look man, I don't really care about the contract beef you and Dean Sweenson have with management but we were partners first before we signed that sleazy greedy bastard to represent us. His strategy of trying to hold the tag titles hostage is just plain stupid, it would have just gotten the tag titles stripped from us."

C4 seems irked at his partner's indifference.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Listen here Crusade, I had to fuckin' defend our RoC Tag Team titles ALONE the last time. All because of what? Because Dean Sweenson wanted an extra zero in the paycheck? We went through a lot and battled our way to get those title without Sweenson, we had a vision where we stand atop with all the titles not only the tag titles in our hands. How many zeroes do you think will that add to our paycheck huh? Think for a moment will you? Think and be rational... Our chance at greatness is already within our grasp so don't fuck it up for me! For us! You hear me Crusade? You mess this chance up and you will regret it! You and that sleazeball Sweenson."

The Charismatic Crippler turns around and leaves the locker room leaving his partner alone as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Parkin10

It's dark and we can see Gus is in the parking lot. Two trash cans behind Gus are on fire. He holds a microphone.

Gus: "We are so close. That title is almost in our hands. We just have to crush the Full Time Killers tonight. We have to destroy them. As I told you last week I need that title. Even if this means that we have to bust them wide open. i'm willing to do anything. But I don't know... I hope that Rafik doesn't plan doing anything stupid. He is unreliable. I will punish him, if he tries to do anything idiotic."

Jim Jackson: "If Rafik is unreliable, then what are you Gus?"

Brad Blood: "He is a terrorist!"

Gus: "We also need to find a tag team name. If we're going to be champions, we need one. Every tag team, that respects it's self needs one. I have to think one... Bollocks ! I can't find anything. That's really hard. I have to think harder."

Jim Jackson: "Is Gus English?"

Brad Blood: "He was born in Iowa, but who knows?"

Gus starts spinning and running . He also screams "Blood". Finally, he kicks the two burning trash cans and the fire is extinguished. Camera fades out.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 T-rexb10
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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:46 am

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Backst10

Julia Rodriguez nervously squirms as she stands beside Thaddeus Rex, waiting for the interview session to begin.  After receiving a signal that they're now on air, the voluptuous young interviewer quickly proceeds to begin hoping to end the session quickly and be away from the imposing figure standing beside her.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, standing beside me tonight is Thaddeus Rex who has willingly agreed to be asked a couple of questions.  Good evening Mr. Rex, I'm sure that you are aware by now about the reaction of the fans towards your actions two weeks ago in your match against Jack Johnson..."

Thaddeus Rex interrupts Julia Rodriguez as he snatches the mic from her hands.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Do you think I give a flying fuck what the fans think?  No I don't...  They are just whiny bitches that are nothing more than mere annoyances.  They do not understand the road I took to get where I am, they only know how to bitch and complain about their privileged lives.  So as far as I am concerned their reactions are as important as the used toilet paper I used to clean my ass when I take a shit.  And just like used toilet paper, they should be aptly flushed down the toilet."

Afraid to take her mic back Julia Rodriguez asks for a new one and continues on with the interview.

Julia Rodriguez:  "But what about your actions against an in-ring official, surely management would have reprimanded you or hand down some sort of punishment..."

Thaddeus Rex:  "They can try Ms. Rodriguez, oh they can try.  But this old dinosaur will not go down that easily, I shall not submit like a trained dog to its owner.  As I can see it, management is too involved in their own power struggle to pay heed to my actions.  And that referee Jack whatshisname interrupted me, if he wanted to disqualify me, then disqualify me but when he pulled that steel chair away from my hands...  Well he became fair game then...  He earned himself some schooling T-Rex style."

Julia Rodriguez swallows hard and proceeds to the next question.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Yet it is part of his job to ensure the safety of both wrestlers in the ring.  The assault on Jack Johnson was totally uncalled for and..."

T-Rex once again cuts Julia off...

Thaddeus Rex:  "Understand this Ms. Rodriguez, any wrestler who steps into the ring with me must be prepared to put his career on the line.  That is what I do so I expect nothing less from my opponents.  Jack Johnson may have had an illustrious wrestling career elsewhere but this is Ring of Chaos, this is my house, if he thinks it will be easy making a name for himself here, he is sorely mistaken...  I am not done with him yet, in fact he better watch his back now because he painted a target on it when he interfered my educating of the referee two weeks ago and..."

Julia Rodriguez eyes suddenly grew wide, not with fear but with relief as she speaks out...

Julia Rodriguez:  "Jack Johnson!  What brings you out here tonight?"

Thaddeus Rex whips around to stare face to face with Jack Johnson standing a few feet away from him.  A snarl escapes his lips...

Thaddeus Rex:  "So now you even have the balls to interrupt MY interview?  Well kid, you seem to really want a beating don'tcha?"

T-Rex drops the mic and beckons for Jack Johnson to step forward.

Jack Johnson: "A beating? Funny.."

Jack Johnson confidently steps into the scene. He has a big smirk on his face.

Jack Johnson: "It's funny that you say that Thaddeus but from what I remember, I had you tapping out like a little bitch to the Chaos Theory and I also seem to remember being the one standing tall in the ring after I knocked your ass onto the floor after you hit me with the steel chair."

Jack Johnson steps closer to Thaddeus, Julia is desperately trying to keep herself and the microphone relevant between these two big behemoths.

Jack Johnson: "I'll admit, you hit me pretty hard with that chair. But all you've done is piss me off Thaddeus, and you can ask anybody here who's been in previous federations with me, if there's one thing you don't do? It's piss off Jack Johnson. A lot of stupid people have tried and a lot of stupid people have either quit wrestling to pursue a career in McDonald's or now work in unknown federations in someone's backyard."

Jack Johnson clenches his fists.

Jack Johnson: "We don't have a match tonight, but that's ok. We don't need a ring. You say I have a huge target on my back? I say I can put down old dinosaurs. But make no mistake, if we go, there will be no concern for the elderly's wellbeing. You tap? I won't let go until I see your face turn blue, I won't stop until people can't recognise you after I re-arrange your face."

Jack Johnson:  "If this is your house, then I'm here to claim it as my own."

Julia Rodriguez could have just stood aside as Thaddeus Rex gave in to his rage and lunges forward but instead, despite her head screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" she stepped in-between the two wrestlers.

Julia Rodriguez:  "HELP!  SOMEBODY HELP!"

It was this timely action by the courageous backstage reporter that prevented a brawl that could have torn the entire backstage area apart.  Her screams caught the attention of security who flocked into the backstage area, quickly and efficiently separating the two men.


T-Rex screamed in frustration as he is being dragged opposite the direction of his new found nemesis Jack Johnson.


Thaddeus Rex screams out as he is finally dragged around the corner and out of sight.  Meanwhile the security holding Jack Johnson back finally relaxed as Julia Rodriguez breathes out a sigh of relief, he legs still shaking from the ordeal.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Roctag10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Colton11 & Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Crusad10


Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Gus10 & Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Rafik_10

Jim Jackson:  "And now on to the next match, this is the second of three title matches tonight!  Full-Time Killers will be defending their RoC Tag Team Championship against the dysfunctional team of Gus & Rafik Arfah.  Though it does seem that Colton Charles Cai Cobb and Crusade may also have some issues to iron out.  Will we have another title change tonight or will Full-Time Killers retain their RoC Tag Team Championships?"

Brad Blood:  "Well it will all boil down to who has better team work.  Honestly despite my hate for that terrorist Rafik Arfah, I have to admit now that his team with Gus does stand a good chance of winning."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and is for the RoC Tag Team Championships!  Introducing first with a combined weight of 450 pounds, they are the current and reigning RoC Tag Team Champions, the team of Colton Charles Cai Cobb & Crusade...  FULL-TIME KILLERS!"

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as smoke starts to rise from the edge of the platform. A light show flashes as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, Colton Charles Cai Cobb steps through the smoke. With a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance, he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

A loud, eerie chanting begins to chime through the arena before "Get Born Again" by Alice in Chains begins to play. After a moment Crusade shambles out onto the ring ramp, his hair nearly covering his face as he makes his way to the ring. The zealot is wearing plain blue jean shorts along with wrestling boots, he is bare chested, showing off the tattoo of a cross on his chest. Once near the ring he rolls in, quickly making his way to a corner to await the start of the match.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next the challengers, with a combined weight of 463 pounds, the team of GUS & RAFIK ARFAH!"

"Eyeless" by Slipknot begins playing as Gus walks down the entrance ramp, wearing a straitjacket. he is accompanied by a nurse. He screams in rage and then he talks gibberish. Before entering the ring, the nurse removes his straitjacket and then she quickly gets away. Gus screams "Die" at the top of his lungs and then he enters the ring.

Rafik Arfah makes his route to the ring. He thanks Allah for keeping him alive for another week and walks down the ramp. He directs crotch chops at the fans while sticking his tongue out as he enters the ring. Rafik enters the ring and forces the announcer
to him.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Crusade and Rafik Arfah will be starting off for their respective teams.  Crusade and Arfah circle each other... They lock arms and it's now a battle to see who is the better grappler!  Crusade suddenly sidesteps and catches Arfah in a headlock!  Wait!  Rafik Arfah slips free and counters with a headlock of his own!  No!  Crusade slips free and gets a hammerlock on Arfah...  Arfah runs towards the ropes and uses it to spring himself over freeing himself and quickly countering with an arm drag taking Crusade down!  Crusade rolls to his feet just as Rafik Arfah comes charging in.  The Supremacist misses a clothesline attempt and Crusade catches him from behind...  Northern lights suplex pin!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One..."

Brad Blood:  "That Muslim terrorist kicks out at one and quickly rolls away before Crusade can get his hands on him.  Looks like Rafik ain't taking any chances.  Crusade cautiously approaches Rafik...  He charges in!  Rafik is already on the move...  Springboard clothesline takes Crusade down!  Rafik leaps to the top turnbuckle...  Diving elbow drop...  Connects!  He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "Crusade gets a shoulder up!  He quickly grabs Rafik Arfah before Arfah can get up and locks in a triangle choke!  Wait Arfah counters it by lifting Crusade up and powerbombing him into the mat!  Crusade loses his grip!  Arfah staggers back into the ropes.  Crusade rolls back up and shakes off the cobwebs, Rafik Arfah with an Irish whip... Reversed by Crusade!  Back body drop sends Arfah flying!  Arfah staggers back up to his feet...  Body slam by Crusade followed by a leg drop!  Crusade stalks Rafik Arfah, waiting for him to get back up...  Crusade hits Rafik Arfah with a low dropkick to the knee! Before Rafik Arfah can get up Crusade steps up onto Rafik Arfah's knee and delivers an axe kick directly to Rafik Arfah's forehead!  The Supremacist goes down as Crusade's signature move   Genesis connects!  Crusade for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Rafik gets a shoulder up!  Crusade drags Rafik to their corner and tags in his partner C4!  Crusade has Rafik up in a full nelson hold...  Here comes C4 with a double axe handle...  RAFIK SOMEHOW SLIPS FREE AND C4 CLOCKS HIS OWN PARTNER!!!  Rafik quickly uses this chance to run towards their corner, he leaps...  And he gets a tag!  Gus enters the ring but gets grounded when Colton connects with a running big boot!"

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb puts his opponent in a front facelock, he then hooks his tights, and lifts him up vertically.  Colton Charles Cai Cobb then jumps up and falls on to his back so that the opponent lands on his head executing a Detonator.  Gus' head just got driven to the canvas!  C4 goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Gus gets a shoulder up at two!  C4 stomps away at Gus.  He picks Gus up and body slams him hard.  Colton tags in his partner Crusade.  Double Irish whip sends Gus to the ropes, Gus bounces back...  Double clothesline attempt by Full-Time Killers...  Gus ducks!  Gus bounces back on the ropes...  Discus clothesline takes Crusade down!  C4 tries to attack but Gus counters a right with a knee to the gut!  He picks C4 up...  Snap suplex sends C4 crashing on top of Crusade!  Gus shoves C4 out of the ring and proceeds to attack Crusade with hard elbow shots to the head.  Gus for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Crusade gets a shoulder up at two.  Irish whip sends Crusade tp the ropes...  Crusade bounces back...  Spinebuster!   Crusade is down on the mat.  Gus is not done, he hauls Crusade up and keeps him up in the air letting all the blood rush into his head...  Delayed vertical suplex!  Gus goes for the cover but Colton Charles Cai Cobb rushes in and kicks him in the head.  Rafik Arfah charges in and takes C4 down with a lariat!  Gus and Arfah Irish whips Crusade and C4 to the opposite corners simultaneously...  Gus run at Crusade, who is upright in the corner, and jumps forward so that he splashes his whole body stomach-first into his opponent, crushing him between his body and the turnbuckle, Anesthesia connects!  Rafik Arfah in the mean time blast Colton Charles Cai Cobb with a high knee followed by a short arm clothesline!"

Brad Blood:  "Whoa!  It's like both Gus and Rafik are in sync!  They both hit their signature moves at the same time.  Gus goes to work on Crusade, putting his foot down on Crusade's throat choking him in the corner.  The ref gives Gus a warning and begins to count..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!"

Jack B. Quick:  "Two!"

Jack B. Quick:  "Three!"

Jack B. Quick:  "Four!"

Brad Blood:  "Gus releases Crusade and picks him up setting him on the top turnbuckle...  Gus climbs up...  He's going for a superplex...  Wait!  Crusade is fighting back!  A big uppercut by Crusade connects sending Gus back down from the turnbuckles.  Crusade sets himself up on top, he leaps for a hurricanrana...  NO!  GUS COUNTERS THE HURRICANRANA INTO A POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!"


Jim Jackson:  "He may just have broken Crusade in half!  Gus goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!"

Jim Jackson:  "Once again Colton Charles Cai Cobb enters the ring and interrupts the pinfall attempt!  Rafik Arfah charges into the ring but this time C4 is ready for him!  A discus clothesline takes Arfah down!  Gus whips C4 around but Cobb connects with a backfist rocking The Psychopath!  Arfah gets up...  Neckbreaker by C4 takes Arfah out!  Gus staggers towards C4...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb grabs his opponent's waist and hoists his opponent up onto his shoulder in an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack. He then sits down and simultaneously flips the opponent forwards and downwards, slamming his opponent down to the ground face-first to one side executing an explosive Ground Zero!  Gus is down but Crusade is also down!  C4 is not the legal man and the referee sends him back to the corner.  Crusade begins to stir...  He sees Gus down an out...  He slowly crawls towards Gus...  He manages to drape his arm across Gus' chest!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Brad Blood:  "Rafik somehow slides into the ring and saves his partner! C4 once again enters the ring and charges towards Rafik...   Rafik ducks down pulling the top rope with him and C4 goes over the top rope crashing to the outside!  Rafik from the ring apron...  Flying double axe handle!  HE MISSED!  Colton somehow sidesteps at the last second!  Discus clothesline by C4 almost takes Arfah's head off!  Gus slips out of the ring..."

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb turns around...  Gus grabs him and sends him to the ground with a snap suplex!  Wait!  Here comes Crusade from through the ropes...  Suicide dive!  He crashes into Gus!  The crowd is on their feet!"


Jim Jackson:  "Crusade pulls Gus up and rolls him up the apron.  He pushes Gus back into the ring.  Crusade from the apron... Slingshot legdrop connects!  Crusade for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Gus gets a shoulder up!  Crusade goes for a submission attempt and locks in a crossface!  Gus tries to reach for the ropes...  He's too far away...  Wait!  It's Rafik from the outside!  He's pushing the bottom rope in so that Gus can reach it!  Uh-oh!  He doesn't see C4 charging towards him...  SPEAR!!!  C4 JUST SPEARED RAFIK FROM THE SIDE!"

Jim Jackson:  "But Rafik Arfah's efforts paid off!  Gus was able to grab hold of the bottom rope!  Both Gus and Arfah are now working as a cohesive team, with this much at stake, both men realize they must work together to fight a team the caliber of Full-Time Killers.  Colton Charles Cai Cobb makes it back to their corner just as Crusade goes for a tag.  Crusade has Gus bent over in a headlock!  C4 comes charging in with a big kick towards Gus' guts...  NO!  Gus somehow slips free and shoves Crusade in C4's path!  Crusade eats a boot to the face!  Big clothesline by Gus takes Cobb down!  Cobb gets up but Gus hauls him up in a fireman's carry...  Fall away slam!  C4 is down!  Gus hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "C4 kicks out at two!  Gus proceeds to work on him raining down hammer fists into his head.  Gus is on fire!  It's like he's charging up with each fist that falls into C4's skull!  Crusade tries to enter the ring but this time the referee stops him!  Gus continues to throw punches down at C4...  Wait!  C4 catches his wrist!  In an instant C4 has turned things around and locks in an armbar!"

Jim Jackson:  "Gus reaches for the ropes and gets it!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb releases his hold and quickly stomps down Gus' spine!  He drags Gus to the middle of the ring...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb lies on his opponent's back at a 90° angle, putting all of his weight on the opponent to prevent him from moving.  He then hooks his opponent's arm and pulls it back into his opponent's body executing a Short Fuse.   He has Gus locked in a submission!  Gus tries to reach for the ring!  Rafik Arfah makes some noise getting the referee's attention as he tries to enter the ring!  The ref goes to stop Arfah...  WAIT!  GUS IS TAPPING!  GUS IS TAPPING!"

Brad Blood:  "But Rafik still has the referee's attention!  Brilliant move by that filthy Muslim!  I may hate his guts but his timing there was impeccable!  C4 releases the hold and goes over, he pulls the ref away and smashes his forearm into Rafik's face knocking him off the apron!  Ooh!  That has got to loosen a tooth or two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb turns around right into a running big boot!  C4 is staggers into the corner!  Gus begins throwing chops at C4's chest...  C4 manages to block a chop and quickly reverses the positions!  This time it's C4's turn to throw chops into Gus.  Gus suddenly lunges forwards with a headbutt taking Cobb unaware!  Cobb staggers back...  Gus grabs him...  Belly to back suplex into the corner!  C4 looks hurt!"

Brad Blood:  "You may be right Jim I think C4 landed awkwardly over there.  Gus grabs C4 and hits a German suplex!  C4 is breathing heavily, looks like he may have hurt his back over there.  C4 tries to crawl towards their corner...  Crusade has his arms stretched out...  Gus quickly grabs Colton's leg to pull him back to the middle of the ring...  Wait!  C4 turns around and kicks himself free! Colton leaps towards Crusade's hand..."

Jim Jackson:  "WAIT!  IT'S DEAN SWEENSON!  Dean Sweenson who once represented Full-Time Killers just leapt up the apron and pulled Crusade's arm away!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb has a look of shock in his face!  Sweenson whispers something to Crusade...  C4 lunges towards Sweenson!  CRUSADE KNOCKS C4 WITH AN ELBOW!  C4 staggers backwards right into Gus' arms!  Full nelson suplex!  C4 is down!"

Brad Blood:  "Looks like Crusade and Dean came to some sort of agreement!  Crusade leaps off the apron and both men are leaving C4 high and dry!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "Gus goes for the cover!  This could be it!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb was just betrayed by his own partner and went along with their former manager!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "C4 kicks out!  He tries to get back to his feet but Gus clubs him from behind!  Gus first lifts Colton Charles Cai Cobb up over his head with arms fully extended, before lowering the arm under the head of the opponent so that the opponent falls to that side, while flipping over and landing on his back!  Out of Control!  Gus hits his finisher...  Wait!  Gus tags in his partner Rafik!"

Jim Jackson:  "Rafik Arfah lifts his opponent on his shoulders and slams him face first into his knee!  Arfah also connects with his finisher Kenta Used It First!   C4 is out cold!  Arfah for the cover!"

Brad Blood:  "No way!  We're gonna have new champs!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thee!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall and NEW ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...  The team of GUS & RAFIK ARFAH!"

Jim Jackson:  "NEW CHAMPS!  NEW CHAMPS!  GUS AND RAFIK ARFAH DID THE UNTHINKABLE AND WON THE ROC TAG TEAM TITLES FROM FULL-TIME KILLERS!  After being screwed by his own partner, Colton Charles Cai Cobb has now lost the RoC Tag Team Titles!  Both Gus and Arfah are celebrating inside the ring!"

Brad Blood:  "Man, I never thought that C4 would get screwed like that...  Props to Crusade and Dean, I never saw it coming...  Without a partner C4 can't cash in his rematch clause...  Now that's what you call a double whammy."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Blue and Red lights shine throughout the arena as Hammerfall's Any Means Necessary begins to play. The new ROC champ, Allister King, walks out onto the entrance ramp to a thunderous roar of the crowd. He poses on the top of the ramp with the title as white pyrotechnics begin to rain down behind him. He continues to walk down to the ring, smiling to the crowd. He high fives a few off the audience members before sliding into the ring. He grabs a microphone and looks around him.

Allister King: "...Crap! Forgot the other two. Sammie, Shad, hurry up and get those fine asses down here."

They make their way down to the ring.

Allister King: "That's better."

He checks out both of their asses because no one knows why.

Allister King: "Sorry bud but Sammie well has the sweeter derriere. But that's not why I called you down here. Well besides the fact that I always have you guys with me. I just have something really important to say."

He adjusts the title on his shoulder.

Allister King: "I've paid my dues time after time. I've served my sentence but committed no crime. And bad mistakes, I've made a few. I've had my share of sand kicked in my face but I've come through. And I just go on and on and on and ooooooooon! SING IT!!"

Crowd: "We are the champions my friends!"

Allister King: "And we'll keep on fighting till the end."

Crowd: "We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for losers! Cause we are the champions of the world!"

Allister King: "I have taken my bows and my curtain calls. You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. I thank you all. But it's been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise. I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain't gonna lose."

Allister gets ready to sing the chorus but stops.

Allister King: "You know what? We have heard that song way too many times. It's still a classic but you know, it's still overplayed. God! Queen is still such an epic band. Fuck the justin bieber! Jabroni Dick! Break his back! Make him humble!"

He lowers the mic and laughs.

Allister King: "Now Ray, no hard feelings mon amie. It was a well fought match but why did you choose Texas bullrope? It's such a stupid match. Maybe if you had picked something else, this title would still be around your waist. BUT THE CHAMP! IS!................Why did I even attempt that?"

He turns to his buddies to answer but they just shrug

Allister King: "You get your rematch but like everything that happens in this company and nearly every other company, one of those shithead authority figures will dander out. Say something like "Can i have your attention?" then go off on a load of bull shit about how they have power yada yada yada, so I'm making this match blah blah blah, the board of directors farts taste like ice cream yum yum yum. Hey! You have the right to do that but just keep all your weird kinky fart fetishes to yourself. Ha! Fartus Troy!"

The crowd laughs at the direct jab to Troy.

Allister King: "I'm just kidding *cough* Not really *cough*. Oh sorry, had something stuck in my throat. OK I think I have spent enough time out here and you guys don't want to hear talking but want to see action! So i will end this promo with one simple line."

He gets in position.

Allister King: "Hail to the king!"

Allister drops the microphone and The Northern Kings begin to leave the ring.

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas plays as the crowd begins screaming. A Few seconds pass by before The Rayward Son steps out onto the stage, holding a microphone. He rallies the crowd behind him with some yelling of his own.

Ray Kamaura: "Always a pleasure."

The crowd begins to simmer down and their fallen hero begins addressing The King of Fools.

Ray Kamaura: "Hail to the King, Hail to the New Ring of Chaos World Heavyweight Champion! But don't start celebrating so soon. You could very well be handing that title back to me by the end of the night. Alas, A Congratulations are in order, you bested me. But some would say that was a fluke, some would say that you got lucky. On the Flip side of that coin.. Some say I choked, some say I deserved to lose."

The Rayward Son looked around at all the people in the arena. Half of them chanting "Carry On!" Half singing "We are the Champions."

Ray Kamaura: "I'm going to keep this brief, so you can enjoy yourself. But tonight you are going to need to prove something to yourself, The Fans around the world, and to me. You need to set out to prove that it wasn't just luck that earned you that Belt. Tonight we are going to do two things, We are going to see just what you are made of, and more importantly... What I am! Carry on, Champ. Carry On."

Ray Kamaura raised his arm as the crowd exploded once again. He walked out of the arena.

Before Ray Kamaura can walk out, the titantron comes to life as the image of Marcus Troy is seen on the big screen.  He casually takes a puff from his cigar before addressing both wrestlers.

Marcus Troy:  "Can I have your attention please!  It seems that our new champ has quite a mouth on him and he predicted that a shithead authority figure shall dander out so here I am!  I wouldn't really want to disappoint you Mr. King."

A grin spreads across Marcus Troy's face.

Marcus Troy:  "Now as you also predicted, I will say something about having the power to add a little something to make tonight's title defense match more interesting.  You see Mr. King, it may sometimes be wise to know when to keep your mouth shut, specially when talking about a person with the authority to...  Let's say...  Add a stipulation that in the title defense match tonight, RAY KAMAURA CANNOT BE DISQUALIFIED!"

A collective gasp is heard from the crowd as Allister King seems to pale a bit after realizing what just happened.

Marcus Troy:  "Now I know everyone here may think it unfair but what happens if let's say an employee insults a boss?  The employee gets reprimanded!  The employee gets punished!  So you really have no one else to blame for this but yourself Mr. King.  And if by chance you get yourself disqualified, counted out or win by anything other than a pinfall or submission, Mr. Kamaura shall STILL have a guarantee title shot!  So Mr. King, let's see you hold on to that title if you can..."

Marcus Troy takes a long puff from his cigar.

Marcus Troy:  "And let this be a lesson to everyone else...  IT NEVER PAYS TO PISS OFF THE BOSS!"

The big screen blinks out as Allister King is left speechless inside the ring.

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Brad Blood:  "Before we continue, let us first hear a few words from our sponsors."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Bfw10

Brad Blood:  "Brutal Force Wrestling presents BRUTALITY!"

Jim Jackson:  "BRAD STOP!!!

Brad Blood:  "Airing every Saturday evenings on..."


Brad Blood:  "HEEEEEEEEY!!!  What did you do that for?!"


Brad Blood:  "No I'm not...  OHMYGAWD!!!  HOLY CRAP!  WHATDIDIJUSTDO?!!!"

The titan tron comes to life, visibly and clearly irked, the general manager of Ring of Chaos Lee Morrison is seen on the big screen.

Lee Morrison:  "MR. BLOOD!  MY OFFICE!  NOW!!!"

The titan tron blinks off as an eerie silence washes over the crowd and all gazes shift towards the announce table, specifically on Brad Blood.

Brad Blood:  "I'm sooo screwed~!"

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Roccha10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Allist10 VS Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Ray_ka11

Jim Jackson:  "And here it is, the main event of the evening!  Two weeks ago, Ray Kamaura lost the RoC World Title in a Texas Bull Rope match against Allister King, tonight he plans to take that title back!"

Brad Blood:  "Well luckily for Ray, Allister pissed off the boss...  Er...  Vice-boss so Ray gets an advantage where-in he cannot be disqualified plus if Allister doesn't win cleanly, Ray automatically gets another title shot!"

Jim Jackson:  "This may serve as a caution to the rest of the roster, be careful of what you say, it may come back and bite you where the sun don't shine."

Brad Blood:  "The armpits?"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall and is for the ROC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!  In this match, the challenger CANNOT be disqualified and if the champ doesn't win cleanly, the challenger shall get another title shot!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 235 pounds, hailing from The Emerald Isle, he is your current and reigning RoC World Champion...  The King of Fools, The Jester of the Ring...  ALLISTER KING!"

Blue and Red lights shine throughout the arena as Hammerfall's "Any Means Necessary" begins to play. Allister King,  walks out onto the entrance ramp to a thunderous roar of the crowd. He poses on the top of the ramp as white pyrotechnics begin to rain down behind him. He continues to walk down to the ring, smiling to the crowd. He high fives a few off the audience members before sliding into the ring. He poses once more for the crowd, hands Samantha his sunglasses and jacket before heading to his corner.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next the challenger, standing at 7 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 350 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Rayward Son...  RAY KAMAURA!"

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas plays as Ray Kamaura walks slowly out onto the stage, fireworks blast out behind him. The Rayward down the ramp, extending his hand for fans to high five. He lumbers up the stairs and takes a position in the middle of the ring, raising hands over head.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble.  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Ray Kamaura grins as he swings the steel chair he brought into the ring trying to intimidate the champion.  Allister King cautiously keeps his distance but knows he must engage Kamaura...  Ray Kamaura charges in King leaps to the ropes and springboards over Kamaura who misses with the chair shot!  King leaps up and grabs Kamaura's back and brings it down unto his knees hitting his signature move "It's Dangerous to go Alone! Take This!"  He quickly hooks the leg but Ray Kamaura kicks out even before the ref can begin counting.  Kamaura tries to get up to his feet but The King of Fools is already on the offensive throwing stiff kicks into the challenger's ribs!  Kamaura catches King's leg!  He holds on to it as he gets back up to his feet...  Dragon legscrew!  King is down!  Ray Kamaura from the second rope...  Springboard body splash!  He just flattened the champ!  He goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "Allister gets a shoulder up!  Ray picks up the chair and waits for the champ to face him...  HE SWINGS!!!"


Brad Blood:  "And it's a home run!  Allister crumples to the canvas like a lifeless ragdoll!  Ray gives the steel chair a kiss before going for the cover!  Is this it?"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "No!  Allister King manages to get a shoulder up!  Ray Kamaura quickly gets up and sets up the chair...  He picks up the champ and plans to slam King unto the steel chair...  Wait!  The champ manages to leap off Kamaura's shoulders and land behind him!  Kamaura turns around...  He eats boot as Allister King blasts him right on the chin with his signature Hadoukick!  KAMAURA FALL AND HITS HIS HEAD UNTO THE SEAT OF THE STEEL CHAIR BEFORE HITTING THE CANVAS!  The Jester of the Ring quickly scrambles for the cover as the crowd begin chanting!"


Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Ray gets his shoulder up at two!  Allister quickly disposes of the chair, good thinking, if Ray gets his hands on it again, it will spell trouble for him.  Kamaura staggers to his feet but Allister charges in with a clothesline!  Ray gets knocked back but is still on his feet.  This is where his bigger size come into play.  It won't be that easy to bring him down.  The champ continues to attack not giving Ray any breathing room.  At this point Allister knows he cannot lose any momentum because if Ray gets a second wind, he may lose that title."

Jim Jackson:  "You hit the nail right on the head Brad and the champ.  Allister King continues his attack with a series of kicks!  Ray Kamaura throws a big right but King ducks and counters with an enzugiri!  Kamaura lands on one knee...  Shining wizard by the champ, Kamaura is rocked but is still upright on his knee!  King slips behind Kamaura and locks in a dragon sleeper!  He's trying to put Kamaura to sleep!  Ray Kamaura kicks wildly trying to get to the ropes...  His foot finally touches the bottom rope!  The ref breaks the hold.  Kamaura tries to shake off the cobwebs but The Jester of the Ring sends him to the ropes with an Irish whip!  Kamaura bounces back and charges in head first!  King leaps over the challenger who bounces back on the opposite ropes.  This time King lies down flat on his belly as Ray Kamaura goes over him at full speed.  Allister King leaps up to his feet and goes for a dropkick just as Kamaura bounces back...  WAIT!  Ray Kamaura hangs on to the ropes and stops himself, King misses by a country mile and lands on his side!  Kamaura with a springboard moonsault...  HE FLATTENS THE CHAMP!  Kamaura hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Allister kicks out at two!  Looks like it'll take more than that to get the three count.  Ray hauls Allister up... Suplex!  Allister somehow still gets back to his feet...  Ray Kamaura falls back and bounces off the ropes before drop kicking Allister King...  Ray hits his signature move Kablam!  Allister just got turned inside out!  Kamaura hoping to reclaim the title goes for the cover! "

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Jim Jackson:  "Allister King manages to get his shoulders up a fraction of a second before three!  Seriously a close call for the champ there.  Ray Kamaura slides out of the ring and looks under the ring apron...  He pulls out a table!  Kamaura slides the table in the ring and stomps on the champ a few times to make sure he stays down.  He sets the table up and drags The King of Fools towards the table laying him on top of it...  Kamaura goes to the top turnbuckle...  He leaps...  ALLISTER KING ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND!  KAMAURA JUST MOONSAULTED HIMSELF THROUGH THE TABLE!"


Brad Blood:  "Ray took a risk and it bit him in the ass taking a huge chunk off!  This is Allister's turn to shift the match back to his momentum.  He quickly drags Kamaura to the center of the ring and hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Ray kicks out!  So close!  Allister goes for another pin attempt again!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Ray just won't stay down!  Allister signals for his finisher, he pulls Kamaura up to his feet...  Allister King kicks Ray Kamaura in the gut and pulls him in and locks in a headlock. He shouts ''Hail to the King'' before lifting Ray Kamaura into a suplex. Allister King spins around a few times before breaking his opponent with a brainbuster. Allister King refuses to let go and wraps his legs around Ray Kamaura and tightens the grip he has on their head with a guillotine choke...  HE HAS LOCKED RAY IN HIS SUBMISSION FINISHER HAIL TO THE KING!  RAY IS IN TROUBLE!  Kamaura desperately tries to reach for the ropes as Allister squeezes harder!"

Jim Jackson:  "Wait!  Ray Kamaura is somehow getting up to his feet!  The champ still has his head in a guillotine choke and his legs wrapped around Kamaura's body...  Kamaura charges towards the corner...  He slams King into the turnbuckles!  King still holds on...  Kamaura again smashes the champ back first into the corner!  King's grip loosens!  Kamaura slips free and as he stumbles to the ground suddenly springs up and connects with a Pele kick from out of nowhere!  Allister King crumples to the canvas as Kamaura staggers towards the ropes and gasps for much needed air."


Brad Blood:  "Allister is slowly getting up to his feet!  Ray comes charging in with a clothesline...  Kamaura misses as King slips through the ropes.  Ray reaches over to grab him...  The champ counters with a jawbreaker on the top rope!  Kamaura's neck just got driven into the top rope!  King leaps to the apron...  Springboard clothesline...  HE TAKES KAMAURA DOWN!  Allister scrambles for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "No!  Ray Kamaura still manages to get his shoulders up at the last microsecond!  Frustration is starting to show on the champ's face.  Kamaura starts to stir as Allister King climbs to the top turnbuckle...  Kamaura slowly rises to his feet, King leaps...  Flying double knee right into Kamaura's chest!  Ray Kamaura staggers and falls backwards!  King looks like he's on fire, running double axe handle takes the challenger down!  Kamaura tries to rise again...  King from behind...  Running bulldog plants Kamaura's face into the canvas!  Kamaura somehow still manages to get up...  King grabs his head...  DDT!  He drives Ray Kamaura's head into the canvas!  Is this enough?  The King of Fools for the win..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "And Ray still somehow gets a shoulder up!  Allister is pulling out all the stops but Ray still somehow holds on!  Allister grabs Ray and sets him up for his finisher Kingdom Come...  Allister King grabs Ray Kamaura by the head and places him between his legs, readying for a powerbomb...  KAMAURA COUNTERS IT WITH A BACK BODY DROP!  King is sent flying and hits the canvas hard!  Kamaura slips out the ring again...  This time he grabs the timekeeper's bell and slides back into the ring...  Allister turns around..."


Jim Jackson:  "And down goes the champ!  Ray Kamaura goes down on his knees and raises the bell up..."


Jim Jackson:  "He smashes the bell three more times into the champ's head for good measure!  Allister King is busted wide open!  Kamaura goes for the cover!  This could be it!  New champion at..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Brad Blood:  "WAIT!  ALLISTER'S FOOT IS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!  ALLISTER'S FOOT IS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!  Looks like Lady Luck still smiles on Allister.  Allister tries to crawl away from Kamaura but Ray quickly catches his leg!  Kamaura goes for a Sharpshooter...  Allister gets to the rope before the move can be locked in!  Wait!  Ray still goes for the submission!  He knows that he can't be disqualified!"

Jim Jackson:  "Allister King screams as Ray Kamaura locks in the sharpshooter!  King is still holding onto the ropes but it doesn't matter since Ray Kamaura is taking advantage of the stipulation that he can't be disqualified.  The Jester of the Ring needs to think fast and act fast else he may have no other choice but to tap.  Allister King starts to pull on the ropes and somehow drags himself unto the apron pulling Kamaura along with him!  Ray Kamaura keeps the hold on as King pulls himself past the apron and forces Kamaura's back into the ropes!  With the help of gravity and the ropes Allister King manages to pull his leg free from Kamaura as he falls to the outside!"

Brad Blood:  "Who would have thought that Allister had that much willpower?  Ray slips out of the ring and goes after Allister.  Allister tries to limp away but was easily caught by Ray...  Irish whip by Ray...  NO!  Allister reverses it and sends Kamaura crashing into the steel steps instead!  King holds on to the ring apron for support as blood flows down on his face."

Jim Jackson:  "Allister King pulls himself up into the apron and once again enters the ring.  As this match drags on, his chances of winning becomes slimmer and slimmer.  Ray Kamaura slowly gets up outside and climbs to the apron...  King suddenly charges in and hits a dropkick!  Kamaura goes flying from the apron and hits the steel barricades outside!  Allister King clutches his leg in pain.  Kamaura staggers back to his feet but here comes the champion...  He slinghshots himself over the top rope...  Flying crossbody!  Right on target!  Kamaura is down!"


Brad Blood:  "Putting his body on the line Allister is fighting with everything he's got to retain that title!  He may be in pain, he may be hurting but Allister is showing us why he became RoC World Champion and honestly I'm impressed.  Allister King climbs back up into the apron.  He sees Kamaura stirring...  He leaps into the ropes...  Springboard moonsault to the outside...  NO!!!  RAY KAMAURA SOMEHOW CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR AND COUNTERS IT INTO A PILEDRIVER!  ALLISTER KING JUST GOT HIS HEAD DRIVEN INTO THE FLOOR OUTSIDE THE RING!"


Jim Jackson:  "Things do not look good for the champ as Ray Kamaura throws him back into the ring.  Allister King is now a bloody mess as he tries to pull himself up back to his feet.  Kamaura approaches the champ like a shark smelling blood in the water...  Ray Kamaura grabs Allister King by the forearm, twisting it around, after three twists delivers and jumping spin kick to Allister King's midsection...  Kamaura just delivered his signature move Better Luck Next Time!  He goes for the cover!  This could be it!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Brad Blood:  "How was Allister able to kick out of that?!  After getting his head driven into the floor outside, Kamaura connects with his signature move, yet somehow Allister is still able to kick out!  Ray is sitting on the canvas in disbelief!  The crowd begins to cheer..."


Jim Jackson:  "It seems that both wrestlers have the arena split!  Half of them are cheering for the champion while the other half is cheering for the challenger!  Ray Kamaura gets up to his feet, Allister King is also somehow pulling himself up using the ropes...  Both men are fueled by the fans' energy and support, that's the only thing keeping them going at this point.  Kamaura charges in...  King ducks below a clothesline.  Allister King leaps to the ropes... Springboard spinning side kick connects sending Kamaura reeling!  Here comes the champ staggering towards Ray Kamaura..."

Brad Blood:  "Allister can't even walk straight at this point!  Ray throws a big right but somehow Allister manages to dodge the blow!  Allister answers with an uppercut of his own!  It connects but Allister staggers and almost falls.  It is clear that the champ is really really running on fumes...  In fact at this point he's running on the fumes' fumes!"

Jim Jackson:  "Ray Kamaura reels into the corner, Allister King charges in with a running big boot...  No!  Kamaura catches his leg and throws the champ away from him!  WAIT!  KING FLIPS IN THE AIR AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!  Here it comes...  Allister King's signature move... Hadoukick...  NO!  LOW BLOW!  LOW BLOW!!!  Kamaura dodges the Hadoukick and hits the champion right on the family jewels!  King crumples to the canvas!  Ray Kamaura moves in for the kill...  HE STARTS STOMPING AWAY ON ALLISTER KING'S GROIN!"

Brad Blood:  "ALLISTER IS FOAMING IN THE MOUTH!  Kamaura hooks the leg!  There's just no way Allister is kicking out of that!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall and NEW ROC WORLD CHAMPION, THE RAYWARD SON...  RAY KAMAURA!"

Jim Jackson:  "And Ray Kamaura wins back the RoC World Title!  Still it will make you wonder if this match didn't have the stipulations that Marcus Troy handed down earlier, would we be looking at a different outcome?"

Brad Blood:  "You have a point there Jim, Allister's performance tonight could have actually help him retain the title if not for the no DQ for Ray stipulation.  But, don't forget, Allister King still has a rematch clause so he can still go for that title again, and hopefully, this time he doesn't piss off management..."

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "What a night!  What a night!  Not one, not two but ALL THREE titles changed hands tonight.  First, we have the returning Andrew Hunter defeating Alexander Melchiott for the RoC Lightweight title, then in a surprise betrayal, Crusade practically abandons his partner and the tag titles allowing Gus & Rafik Arfah to become the new RoC Tag Team Champions!  And to end the night...  Ray Kamaura reclaims the RoC World title that he lost two weeks ago!  What do you think Brad?  Brad?"

Brad Blood:  "Dammitdammitdammit!  Stupid ads...  Someone should have screened them before they went on-air!  Now I have to answer for them...  Good bye Marketing Manager position..."

Jim Jackson:  "But wasn't that supposed to be your job Brad?  Well I did predict that making you Marketing Manager will end up as a train wreck...  Anyway, while my partner mopes over there, I guess I should bid farewell!  So until next year!  Good fight and good night!  Happy holidays!"

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 12/13/2015 T-rexb10
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