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Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 The_da10 VS Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Tk_ken12

Jim Jackson: "Well You know what time it is Brad."

Brad Blood: "Oh Yeah! Everybody Dark Match! Dun! Dun Dun Dun Dun!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is scheduled for One Fall! Introducing first, Standing at 5 foot 10 inches tall, Weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from London, Ontario, Canada .... THE DARING ONE!"

"Operate, Annihilate" plays over the P.A as The Daring one comes out a strikes a pose as the music picks up he walks down to the ring and shouts at the fans, he gets on the turnbuckle and flips off the crowd before doing a backflip off and waits in the corner

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, Standing at 5 foot 11 inches tall, Weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from Australia, residing in Japan. .... TK KENTA!"

"Lower the Boom" by Fifth Floor, booms throughout the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet anticipating to see TK Kenta run out onto the stage running into a wall of cheers. TK Kenta walks down the ramp and walks around the ring tagging a couple of the fans hand before jumping up onto the apron. Hoping onto the turnbuckle spitting out some water from his mouth before jumping down to the ring.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "He rang the bell and this one is underway. The Daring One starts of the match with a series of punches to the mid section of Kenta before applying the side headlock. A few kidney punches and TK breaks the hold and sends him into the ropes. Daring ducks the clothesline attempt, Kenta leapfrogs him now before turns right into spinning heel kick."

Brad Blood: "Daring One is picking TK off the mat. Kenta regains composure and hits a standing enzuigiri. That shot wobbles him. He whips him into the turnbuckle and charges in but the ref managed to get sandwiched between them. After his years of experience at this job, you would think he would know to stay out of the way or at least learn to take a hit."

Jim Jackson: "Kenta is checking on the ref but took his eyes off his opponent for too long and takes a picture perfect springboard blockbuster for that mistake. He tries the pin but the referee is out as usual. Daring climbs up top, he leaps but misses the elbow drop at the last possible second."

Brad Blood: "Daring ducks the clothesline but both men collide mid air while going for simultaneous crossbodies. So now 3 men are down and there is only 2 scheduled to fight. Why can't we get robot referees or something. Wait... Both Kenta and Daring are starting to stir."

Jim Jackson: "The Daring One gets to his feet first! He charges at TK Kenta... Kenta barely dodges a clothesline attempt! The Daring One bounces back from the ropes... This time Kenta goes low on his belly... BUT THE DARING ONE STEPS ON HIM! Bad positioning by Kenta there."

Brad Blood: "Kenta staggers to his feet... SUPERKICK! Kenta is down! Daring hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson: "TK Kenta kicks out at two! He tries to get up on his feet but is still wobbly! He falls to his knee... Shining wizard by The Daring One! The Daring One grabs TK Kenta and connects with a backstabber before using his opponent's own arms to choke him out with a Stanglehold Lungblower! TK KENTA IS CAUGHT WITH NOWHERE TO GO! KENTA IS FOAMING AT THE MOUTH! HE'S OUT!!! The referee calls for the bell!"


Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match via submission... THE DARING ONE!"

Jim Jackson: "It may be a dark match but it's a triumphant return for The Daring One!"

Brad Blood: "Well to be fair, he was going against TK Kenta... We all basically predicted how that was going to go from the time the bell rung."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Chaos_11

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Jim Jackson: "Good evening everyone and welcome to another night of great wrestling here in Chaos Supreme! Joining me here in the announce table is the ever incorrigible Brad Blood!"

Brad Blood: "Thanks for the intro Jimbo. And yes, we say it every time but it is true, tonight is a night of great wrestling! The talents we have here in RoC is the best the indie world has to offer."

Jim Jackson: "So let's not keep the viewers waiting Brad, let's show them what the RoC roster can do! IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing on the loud speakers as pyros set off at the top of the entrance ramp. As the the smoke clears, the familiar figure of Lee Morrison, Ring of Chaos' general manager steps out through the smoke and makes his way down to the ring. He grabs a mic and leaps up to the ring apron to the cheers from the crowd. Adjusting his tie, Lee Morrison addresses the crowd.

Lee Morrison: "Good evening all of you and welcome to the first Chaos Supreme for the year of 2016!"

Loud cheers erupt from the crowd.

Lee Morrison: "Now I know I have been scarce for a while but it is all with good reason. You see in two weeks, on January 24, 2016, Ring of Chaos shall be having it's first SPECIAL TITLED ANARCHY!"

The crowd collectively gasps at the announcement.

Lee Morrison: "That is right folks and with a special show comes special matches! With ALL the RoC Titles on the line! Starting off with the winner of tonight's three-way elimination match between Ace Hawkins, Boy Bakla and Lokii Weaver getting a title shot against the RoC Lightweight Champion Andrew Hunter in a ladder match! Then of course we shall have one of the most decorated veterans in the women's division Samantha King finally be given her due as she shall face whoever wins tonight's RoC Women's title match in a falls count anywhere match! We shall also have the winner of tonight's four corners tag team match face Gus & Rafik Arfah aka The Slayers for the RoC Tag Team titles in a tables match! And finally the RoC World title match... Ray Kamaura and Allister King shall be facing each other again for the third time in an ironman match!"

The crowd cheers loudly at the announcement.

Lee Morrison: "But that's not all folks! That's not all! You see as you all know I've granted Mr. Alexander Melchiott and Marcus Troy both vice-general managerial powers to help out here in Ring of Chaos. But it seems that both of them seem to have clashed and it resulted in a rivalry that could potentially tear RoC apart! So to end this rivalry between them, both men shall assemble their own team of 5 wrestlers and their team shall face each other in the upcoming special in a 5 versus 5 survivor elimination match! The man with the winning team shall retain his vice-general manager title while the lose shall be stripped of his power! So prepare your teams Mr. Melchiott, Mr. Troy... And may the best team win."

More excited murmurs spread throughout the arena at the latest announcement.

Lee Morrison: "Of course those are just the highlights of Ultimate Chaos, but we shall still have other matches in store for you all. So mark it in your calendars folks for on January 24, 2016 history shall be made here in RoC! Now that that is settled let's get things I bid you all a good evening and enjoy the show!"

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing on the loud speakers again as Lee Morrison exits the ring and heads to the back.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Backst10

?: "Even legends fall..."

The camera pans quickly stopping at the source of the voice, The Charismatic Crippler Colton Charles Cai Cobb. Barely recognizable, his usually well-kept hair is now a mess, his eyes sunken yet a fire still glows in them.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Yes, and how far I have fallen... Why? Because I forgot one thing... I forgot that in this business the only one you can trust is yourself. Blinded by the gold I forgot that what my true goal was. It was never for money, because I have cash in abundance. It was never for the fans, because I don't need to feel wanted. It was never for fame... Yes never fame... Because it was for... INFAMY! TO BE FEARED... That is what drove me. That is what forces adrenaline to rush through my veins. That is what I have lost sight of and tonight I have found it again, thus it shall be quite unfortunate for you Jack Johnson..."

C4 lunges towards the camera grabbing it with both hands while it focuses on his face.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Tonight, you shall face a renewed C4 Jack! Reborn from the ashes, crueler, meaner and much more vicious... Tonight, you shall be made an example of as I, Colton Charles Cai Cobb shall begin anew on my path... A path that will leave only broken bodies and shattered bones in its wake. A path that will be paved with blood and brutality. A path that shall be remembered not for great matches but for the body count... A body count that will begin with you."

Breaking into a chuckle Colton Charles Cai Cobb releases the camera and walks away as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Backst10

The scene cuts to a room where Jack Johnson is sitting on a chair by himself. He wastes no time in speaking.

Jack Johnson: "Let me make this short and sweet.. Tonight is about a couple of things, one; preparing for the Pay-Per-View. Two, and more importantly, getting past Mr C4 himself, Colton Charles Cai Cobb."

Jack smirks as he C4 is an old foe of his.

Jack Johnson: "It's funny. C4 was probably the last person I faced before I went on a sabbatical. You could even say that C4 himself sent me packing.. Well tonight I'm here to repay the favour. And Thaddeus, I'd think twice about everything you plan to do tonight.. I'm expecting you.. And I'm ready to deal with you once again."

And with that said, Jack Johnson abruptly leaves the scene as it fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Locker10

A fashionable coat with a pink fur lining greets the camera as the scene opens. Panning out, the figure of Alexander Melchiott is revealed standing beside Samuel Hovac, who is sitting in a steel chair staring daggers at the camera. Placing a hand on Hovac's shoulder, Melchiott looks agitated as he addresses the camera.

Alexander Melchiott: "So Andrew Hunter came out of whatever hole he had crawled under to usurp me, ME, as the Lightweight Champion. Ridiculous! He got lucky, a fluke, nothing more! That match should have never happened and I should STILL be the Lightweight Champion! And what's more, that idiot Lee Morrison has booked a new match for a number one contender! Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous!"

Hovac looks unfazed by Melchiott's frenzy of emotion. Taking a deep breathe, Melchiott regains his cool and calculated demeanor.

Alexander Melchiott: "Whatever. The Lightweight Championship had long outlived its usefulness to me. I have bigger goals in mind for this new year. However, we have to start the new year off proper! Lee Morrison has finally given me my opportunity to remove that blight, Marcus Troy. A five-on-five elimination tag team match. Well, I am the most resilient and versatile man on the roster, so this plays right into my hands."

This elicits a small chuckle from Melchiott.

Alexander Melchiott: "It would appear that Troy's demise has been set in stone. Marcus, you may assemble whomever you wish to make up your team, but it will make little difference; I will be your ruination. Anyone stupid enough to join you will suffer a stinging defeat. Gather your little ragtag band and prepare to be shattered upon the alter. You and your allies shall be a fitting sacrifice for me..."

Giggling, Melchiott walks to the other side of Samuel Hovac, casually placing his hand upon Hovac's other shoulder.

Alexander Melchiott: "And once you are gone, I will begin a new endeavor as I work on rewarding those who stood beside me... and punishing those who opposed me. Perhaps after that is done, I'll return Ring of Chaos to it's Age of Opportunity... or maybe I'll resign from my post and allow Lee Morrison to blunder his way to bankruptcy. Either way, I do intend to have some fun."

With a flourish, Melchiott gestures towards Samuel Hovac."

Alexander Melchiott: "The first two members of my team are already set. Samuel here will be playing the part of the muscle. He will be my enforcer, my rock, and most of all, my Avatar of Destruction. If I so choose, he will single-handedly eviscerate your miserable excuse for a team from this planet!"

Samuel cracks his knuckles in agreement as Melchiott again gives an elaborate flourish as he gestures to himself.

Alexander Melchiott: "And I shall be playing the Prophet of your Demise, the Ring General of the team, and most of all, the charming host of your farewell party. Your defeat is coming, Marcus. I do advise that you make peace with your career in this business, because it will soon be deceased as I read you your Last Rites. And if you foolishly decide to remain here, I will deliver upon you a more... corporal punishment. I'll see you soon, Marcus."

Melchiott waves as the camera slowly fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Colton11  VS Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Jack_j10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next, Colton Charles Cai Cobb shall be taking on Jack Johnson!  These two men have paved a name for themselves in the world of wrestling.  Earlier tonight C4 confidently announced that he shall make Johnson into an example..."

Brad Blood:  "Well Jack ain't no pushover, C4 may be tough but I can tell you now that it won't be that easy, even for this supposedly newly reborn C4."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 235 pounds, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts...  The Charismatic Crippler, C4...  COLTON CHARLES CAI COBB!"

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as smoke starts to rise from the edge of the platform.  A light show flashes as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, Colton Charles Cai Cobb steps through the smoke.  With a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance, he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 270 pounds, hailing from London, England...  JACK JOHNSON!"

"Throne" by Bring Me The Horizon blasts over the arena as the fans react to the entrance theme of Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson enters the stage through a spark shower. He makes his way to the ring.


Brad Blood:  "T-Rex has a beef with Jack that has been simmering for a while now, it looks like it just boiled over!  Both men are brawling, seems like Jack has forgotten his match with C4!  DAAAAAMN!  Both men are going at it like no tomorrow!"

Jim Jackson:  "Both men continue brawling and disappear back into the tunnel!  Colton Charles Cai Cobb has been left alone inside the ring and it looks like he's not happy."

Brad Blood:  "That's understandable Jim, this was supposed to be the reemergence of the redebut of the new C4 but now he gets upstaged by the feud between T-Rex and Jack Johnson."

Jim Jackson:  "Colton Charles Cai Cobb is going wild inside the ring."

"Make Them Suffer" by Cannibal Corpse starts playing on the speakers as Marcus Troy dressed in an Armani suit steps forth from the entrance tunnel.

Marcus Troy:  "Hold it hold it hold it Mr. Cobb...  Now I know that this ain't how you want to make your return to the ring so let me make you an offer."

C4 seem to calm down a bit hearing Troy's proposition.

Marcus Troy:  "As you know, I need to put together a team of 5 wrestlers to battle a team assembled by my rival Mr. Alexander Melchiott.  I want to offer you a spot in my team Mr. Cobb.  What better way to make your return than to fight for me.  I'm sure Mr. Melchiott's team will be composed of top tier talents so you would definitely have your fill of violence.  Work for me Mr. Cobb, be in my team and I'll give you that notoriety you crave for.  I'll give you some time to think about it...  You know where to find me."

Marcus Troy begins to turn around but stops himself and raises the mic back up again to his lips.

Marcus Troy:  "Another thing, since it seems that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Rex can't seem to settle their little squabble, they shall fight each other two weeks from now in RoC Anarchy in a No-Holds Barred match.  What better way to settle a feud that keeps disrupting our regular programming."

With that Marcus Troy ends his announcement and disappears to the back as "Make Them Suffer" by Cannibal Corpse begins to play again.

Jim Jackson:  "Well what a turn of events, it seems that C4 is doing some deep thinking about Marcus Troy's offer."

Brad Blood:  "Well don't forget T-Rex versus Jack Johnson...  That match will probably be bloody brutal too.  I have a feeling that one man may not walk out of that ring by the time their match ends."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Brad Blood:  "Before we go on, a few words from one of our sponsors!

Jim Jackson:  "*GROAN~!*"

Brad Blood:  "Introducing the new energy drink that is deliciously sweet!  Be prepared to be amazed by the refreshing new taste of..."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Pussy10

Brad Blood:  "It's 100% outrageously good!"

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Backst10

Marcus Troy along with Entropy following close behind casually approaches Haruki Inoki backstage.

Marcus Troy:  "Ah!  Mr. Inoki!  Just the man I am looking for."

Troy exclaimed loudly with enthusiasm as he takes the Japanese wrestler's hand.

Marcus Troy:  "As you well know, I need to put up a team of five to take on Alexander Melchiott's team of five and I can confidently say that I would want a man of your talents in my team, THE WINNING TEAM.  Now I can also tell you that being in my team in such a high profile match will put you on the map here in Ring of Chaos so to speak, an opportunity that doesn't come too often.  So what do you say Mr. Inoki?  Are you ready to be the next new breakout star in RoC?"

Marcus Troy grins as he waits for Haruki Inoki's reply.

Haruki Inoki grabs his Kendo Stick to push Troy’s hand away from his own arm. He then rests the kendo stick on his Shoulder to respond to Marcus Troy.

Haruki Inoki: "So I team up with you and we win. What do I get from this? A Title Match? More Money in my bank account? Or is just me, making sure you become owner of RoC? Because the way I see things is, that you’re only looking out for yourself. After you ULOL promotion came crashing down, you just wanted to find another way to become the Kingpin once again and the way I see things neither of the members that choose to side with you will gain anything except for you. So thanks, but no thank you for the invitation. If I make it to the top, I’ll be the reason to get myself up there."

Inoki looks to the side of Marcus Troy, seeing Entropy.

Haruki Inoki: "It must be nice being a lap dog for Marcus Troy, does he make you get the paper and rub his feet too? And what’s your reward? You get your toys?"

Smirking, waiting on the response to see what type of reaction, he got out of the big man.

Entropy starts to move forward but Marcus Troy holds his arm up signalling for the behemoth to stop.  His eyes narrow as he replies back to Inoki's response.

Marcus Troy:  "You are making a huge mistake Mr. Inoki...  A huge mistake...  I offered you my hand and got an insult in return, I do hope that you'll be ready for the consequences.  I do hold grudges Mr. Inoki and right now, next after Alexander Melchiott's name is yours."

With that, Marcus Troy turns around and leaves, Entropy gives Haruki Inoki one last look before following his manger.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Locker10

Boy Bakla slowly enters The Sideshow Superstars locker room, a locker room that once barely fit the three member stable but now seems empty without The Morbidly Obese Man.  She spots Little Wang brooding in the corner and walks up to him.

Boy Bakla:  "Still missing him huh?"

Little Wang looks up and nods.  Bakla sighs and settles down beside her little friend.

Boy Bakla:  "Well then, it'd be best that we dedicate our matches tonight to him then.  That's the best way we can show him how much he meant to us.  I have a three-way to worry about while you have that Inoki guy...  Besides, he wouldn't want us to be sitting here all depressed and all would he?  No!  He would give us a hearty slap on the back and drag us off to join him in his fifth dinner."

Boy Bakla grins as Little Wang starts to force a smile.  Getting back to her feet Bakla offers her hand out.

Boy Bakla:  "C'mon, no more moping.  Tonight we have matches to win and that won't happen if we just sit here curled up.  TMOM would want us to go out there and fight.  He would want us to go out there and show the world that we have what it takes to be in the squared circle.  He would want us to go out there and show the world that even freaks have a place where they belong.  And he would definitely want Fat Jerry's two pound burger with a double serving of chili fries with it."

Little Wang grabs Bakla's hand and pulls himself up.

Little Wang:  "You are right...  We be of no use if we stay moping on ground.  We need to make our fallen brother proud from where he watches in heaven."

Wang tugs on his pigtail and dusts his buttocks.

Little Wang:  "And when we win tonight, we both shall go out and celebrate for the memory of our fallen brother.  Though we no eat giant burger...  Maybe we find nice little Chinese restaurant."

Little Wang grins as Bakla gives him a hug and the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

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Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Backst10

The sound of soft steps can be heard in the hallway before Cecilia Christiansen appears before the camera holding her white parasol.  After flipping back a lock of hair, she greets the camera with a smile.

Cecilia Christiansen: "And so, I won the match!  Really, was there ever really any doubt?  You pit the Queen of RoC against two girls who've done nothing here and you get exactly what you expected; me standing victorious.  But, I need to address something in regards to the ring announcer.  Listen honey, it's THE PRINCESS, not just Princess.  Make sure you remember that."

Cecilia looks a little annoyed as she flicks another lock of hair back.  Regaining her composure, she continues to speak.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Regardless of some silly mistake, I am the Princess of the wrestling world and YOUR Queen of RoC.  I will prove that here tonight when I win the Women's Championship and begin what will become the longest title reign in this company's history!  Truely, it isn't even a fair contest!  I am everything these girls are not -- Talented, Elegant, Intelligent, Rich, Pristine, and... well, Beautiful.  Tonight, there's no way that homely criminal can escape the Judgement of a Royal."

Cecilia covers her mouth with a hand as she lets out a slight laugh.  Once again smiling towards the camera, Cecilia casually twirls her parasol.

Cecilia Christiansen. "Yet, it doesn't have to be this way... Lexi.  I don't necessarily require the title to be the Queen of this organization.  You, however, DO require that title to not only remain relevant and justify your antics, but to keep you fed and off the street.  You are an interesting one, someone I do enjoy watching in the ring, and your... misbehavior... does indeed separate you from the rest of the girls here.  Please, allow me to offer a suggestion; ally with me.  I'm not asking you to do anything as crass as laying down for me; you may keep your championship.  What I want is your cooperation.  I can teach you a few things about being a modest and elegant lady, and in return you may assist me in making this organization just a little more exciting.  Think about it, Lexi.  You can join the winning team -- which I assure you does not consist of just myself -- or you can return to the streets with your head hung in shame after being defeated by someone who you don't believe stands a ghost of a chance against you.  Make your decision carefully, either way, I am preparing to make 2016 be the year of Wrestling's Princess."

With another small laugh, Cecilia waves at the camera before turning and walking down the hall as the scene fades.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Haruki10 VS Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Little12

Jim Jackson:  "And now ladies and gents, Our next contest will be Haruki Inoki going against Little Wang. Two skilled individuals when it comes to the art of fighting."

Brad Blood:  "Kempo versus Midget Fighting. A man of his stature had to learn to fight or else he would get kicked over a field goal. It's like this Jim, ever see the Austin Powers movies? Well Little Wang aren't that much different in the height department and there is this one scene where they fight in a hotel room. That's exactly the kind of punishment i expect to be dished out tonight."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Standing at 6 foot tall, Weighing in at 230 pounds, hailing from Tokushima, Japan ... "The Kempo King" HARUKI INOKI!"

"Shitsuren Mosshu" by Garlic Boys booms throughout the speakers, leading to Haruki Inoki coming out in his black, red striped robe along with is devastating Kendo stick. Haruki Inoki doesn't even take one glance at the fans as he walks his way into the ring where he kneels down to one leg, gesturing one of his fist forward from his body.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, Standing at 3 feet 3/4 inches, Weighing in at 80 pounds, Hailing from Fujian Province, China ... LITTLE WANG!"

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor starts playing on the speakers as flashing multicolored lights starts flashing at the top of the entrance ramp as smoke rises from the floor. A small form suddenly flies out of the entrance tunnel and through the smoke which is slowly clearing. The crowd looks wide-eyed at the small midget who was just tossed out onto the stage.

Jim Jackson: "What the? Oh No!"

"The Last Steampunk Waltz" by Ghostfire starts to play on the speakers as Entropy makes his way out. He kicks the body of Little Wang to the side before turning his attention to the ring. He starts marching down to the ring. As soon as he begins to enter, Haruki quickly escapes through the ropes and straight into the crowd as he makes a clean getaway. Entropy doesn't take his eyes off him as he runs.

Brad Blood: "Looks like Entropy has his sights set on Haruki, Wang was just in the way!  Entropy gives chase!  RUN HARUKI RUN!  This could be because Haruki turned down Troy's offer earlier.  That's what you get for insulting Troy, good thing that Jap has a good pair of legs.  But now that he's in Troy's hit list, he better start watching his back."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Backst10

Ace Hawkins stands in front of the camera in a small hall.  He's dressed to compete and looking to be in high spirits.

Ace Hawkins: "I'm back!  I've been away from Ring of Chaos for quite a while after my... rather disappointing first run here."

Hawkins looks a bit disheartened for a moment before perking back up.

Ace Hawkins: "But I returned to my training school and have spent my time away working hard to improve myself.  Too be honest, I am actually a little surprised that Lee Morrison would re-sign me to the roster and bring me back, but I am determined not to squander my opportunity this time!"

Hawkins punches his hand with a fist.

Ace Hawkins: "I've been booked into a three-way elimination match to determine a new number one contender for the RoC Lightweight Championship!  If I can manage to overcome my opponents, I'll have the opportunity to win the Lightweight Championship in a Ladder match against Andrew Hunter.  This is a huge opportunity, and quite frankly, it's do or die for my Ring of Chaos career.  If I can't manage to make something of this, I may lose my spot here once again.  A loss here will cause my Ring of Chaos career to be dead in the water... I'll have nothing to show and there will be no incentive for Lee Morrison to keep me on the roster.  I've got a tall task ahead of me..."

Wearing a strange mixture of concern and confidence, Ace walks out of the camera's frame.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Brad Blood:  "Does it chafe when you rub it?  Is it a rough patch?  Well worry no more!  Introducing MOIST!"

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Moist10

Brad Blood:  "Prepare to make it silky smooth!"

Jim Jackson:  "Sigh..."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Locker10

The scene opens to Alexander Melchiott standing before an open door.  Standing in the doorway are Lokii Weaver and Charlotte Sable.

Alexander Melchiott: "Lokii, Charlotte, it's time for you two to repay me.  I signed you two to this organization.  I allowed you two to return, so now it is time for you to honor the favor with one of your own.  Lee Morrison has ever so graciously offered me the opportunity to remove Marcus Troy from power; the only catch is that I need a five-person team.  So, I need you two to join me in ousting Marcus Troy.  Will you two repay my favor and step up to join me in this endeavor?"

Melchiott closes the door before the two can answer and the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:29 am

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Ace_ha10 VS Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Boy_ba10


Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Lokii_10

Jim Jackson:  "Welcome to the next match of the evening!  Three wrestlers enter the ring, one will step out as the new RoC Lightweight contender."

Brad Blood:  "That's right, it's Ace Hawkins versus Boy Bakla versus Lokii Weaver!  Honestly looking at the stat sheets, they should just hand this to Weaver.  Ace, though talented hasn't won any matches yet since his debut, Bakla...  We all know how abysmal his win record is...  This match should go to Lokii easily."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds, hailing from St. Francis, Maine...  The Maine Ace...  AIDAN "ACE" HAWKINS!"

"Outrage" by Capital Lights begins playing throughout the arena as Ace Hawkins runs out onto the entrance ramp. Walking to the center of the ramp, he throws a hand into the air as the fans cheer.  Nodding his head and smiling at the reaction, the young man begins walking towards the ring, slapping the hands of any fan who reaches out to him. When he arrives at ringside, he hops onto the ring apron before hopping over the top-rope. He climbs onto a turnbuckle to strike a quick pose for the fans.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds, hailing from Manila, Philippines...  The Transsexual Superstar...  BOY BAKLA!"

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. It casually strolls down the entrance ramp blowing kisses to it's fans before it enters the ring with flourish and heads to it's corner waiting for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing last, standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from Whitchurch, Hampshire, England...  The Magus...  LOKII WEAVER!"

"Journey of the Sorcerer" by The Eagles begins playing throughout the arena, followed by the jumbotron coming to life with a video of space: stars and infinite darkness included. Lokii Weaver appears at the top of the entrance ramp from the backstage, dressed in an impeccably tailored suit. He glances around the arena before setting his sights on the ring and making his way down the ramp. He climbs the metal steps before stepping into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  As you predicted, Lokii Weaver seems to be the bigger threat so Ace Hawkins and Boy Bakla quickly double teams him from the get go.  Weaver gets knocked back to the ropes by a dropkick from The Maine Ace, Bakla follows it up with a clothesline sending him over the rope!  Lokii Weaver somehow lands on the apron but here comes Hawkins charging in...  Bakla ducks and Hawkins flies over the top rope catching The Magus by the neck with his legs!  Frankensteiner to the outside!  Lokii Weaver just got planted on the floor outside!  Hawkins gets up to the cheers from the crowd but here comes Bakla over the top rope!  Senton connects on Weaver as Ace Hawkins manages to roll out of the way!  The crowd goes wild!"


Brad Blood:  "Right of the bat, Ace and Bakla are pulling out all the stops and Lokii ends up receiving the brunt of their attacks.  This unspoken alliance between both Hawkins and Bakla may put Lokii at a bad place...  Until of course someone decides to go for the cover, then things will turn interesting.  Bakla shoves Weaver back into the ring...  Hawkins from the apron..."

Jim Jackson:  "Springboard legdrop right on Lokii Weaver's neck!  Ace Hawkins rolls away and here comes Bakla from the top turnbuckle...  Flying elbow drop!  Right over the heart!  Bakla quickly hooks the leg!  Hawkins pulls The Transsexual Superstar off Weaver!"

Brad Blood:  "Hah!  I knew this was coming!"

Jim Jackson:  "Enzuigiri but Boy Bakla dodges!  An uppercut stuns The Maine Ace.  Irish whip by Bakla sends Ace Hawkins to the ropes, back body drop attempt...  Hawkins leaps and flips over Bakla!  He bounces on the ropes Bakla tries to stop him with a discus clothesline but Hawkins ducks under it!  Hawkins off the ropes...  Springboard corkscrew crossbody!  Both of Bakla's shoulders are down!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "Bakla gets its shoulder up!  But Ace is already on the move.  He hits the ropes and gains momentum...  Baseball slide dropkick right into the side of the tranny's head!  I think that rattled Bakla's brain...  Lokii still seems out of it...  Hawkins goes for the cover on Bakla..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Bakla once again gets a shoulder up, Hawkins switches over to Lokii..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Lokii Weaver kicks out at two!  Boy Bakla staggers to her feet, Ace Hawkins charges in with a clothesline attempt but Bakla counters him with a spinning wheel kick!  Hawkins staggers back, he trips over The Magus who is on all fours...  Bakla launches herself over Weaver's back making him eat canvas!  Double flying knees take Hawkins out!  Weaver pulls himself up but Bakla from behind... Bulldog!  Bakla goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Lokii gets his shoulders up at two!  Ace crawls to the corner and tries to pull himself up...  Bakla picks Weaver up on its shouders...  Running powebomb...  RIGHT INTO ACE HAWKINS!  Daaaaaaamn!  The crowd goes wild!"


Brad Blood:  "In one move the fruitcake may have just taken out both Ace and Lokii!  Bakla drags Lokii to the middle of the ring and hooks the leg."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Magus kicks out just in the nick of time!  Boy Bakla goes for The Maine Ace...  Will she get the three?"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  Hawkins also kicks out at the last moment!  Boy Bakla grabs its opponent's hair and pulls it hard executing a horrible Bad Hair Day!  The ref pulls Bakla off Ace and gives the fairy a warning!"

Jim Jackson:  "That doesn't deter The Transsexual Superstar, she moves on and continues to attack Weaver, stomping away.  Boy Bakla climbs up to the top turnbuckle...  Ace Hawkins from out of nowhere shakes the ropes and Bakla loses balance!  She falls right on her groin!"

Brad Blood:  "Well it's not like it will hurt as much, there's nothing there anymore to fall on.  Ace leaps to the turnbuckles and tries to suplex Bakla from the top...  The tranny blocks the attempt and shoves Ace off!  Wait!  Here comes Lokii!  Big elbow stuns Bakla!  Superplex from the top rope..."

Jim Jackson:  "Aaand Boy Bakla hits the canvas hard!  Ace Hawkins jumps and spins in the air, catching Lokii Weaver right on the jaw with a spinning wheel kick...  Maine Kick connects!  Weaver is sent reeling to the ropes...  Dropkick sends him over the top rope but The Magus somehow lands on his feet outside!  With his opponent outside of the ring, Ace Hawkins jumps onto the apron before jumping onto the top and jumping backwards while rolling forwards and landing on Lokii Weaver!  Maine Rain!  Maine Rain takes Lokii Weaver out!"


Brad Blood:  "Looks like Ace is now in control!  Who would have thought that all his risky maneuvers would pay off?  Ace stands outside the ring showboating as the crowd cheers on.  A very rookie move indeed, he should stop that and just finish off his opponents else he's gonna regret...  IT COMES FLYING THROUGH THE ROPES WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!  Bakla just took out Ace!  See?  That is what Ace's showboating got him...  Speared by a tranny!  Ohhh the irony!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Magus starts to crawl away but Boy Bakla spots him!  She drags Weaver up to his feet.  Irish whip right into the steel steps!  Lokii Weaver looks hurt.  Ace Hawkins starts to stir but Bakla notices him, she charges towards Hawkins...  Hawkins counters with a back body drop sending Bakla flying!  Wait!  Bakla flips in mid-air and lands on her feet!  She turns around...  SUPERKICK BY THE MAINE ACE!  Bakla goes down!"

Brad Blood:  "This is still anyone's game!  That superkick downed that faux-girl but it also seemed to have taken a lot out of Ace stamina-wise.  Lokii is pulling himself up using the steel steps, it seems that he still hasn't been able to find his groove tonight.  Ever since the beginning of the match Lokii hasn't been able to put up any sort of offense.  And it looks like Ace won't give him a chance!"

Jim Jackson:  "Ace Hawkins holds Lokii Weaver in position for a neckbreaker before turning and spinning them, driving Lokii Weaver face-first into the ground!  Maine Smash on the outside!  Weaver is out cold!  Hawkins rolls The Magus back into the ring.  He quickly enters and goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Lokii somehow still manages to get a shoulder up!  The Maine Ace takes a deep breath...  Looks like he's going for his finisher!  Ace Hawkins lifts Lokii Weaver onto his shoulders. He runs towards a turnbuckle before diving foward, crushing Lokii Weaver with a rolling fireman's carry slam. Riding the momentum, Ace Hawkins rolls to his feet and hops onto the turnbuckle. While facing the turnbuckle, Ace Hawkins jumps back and front-flips 450° before crashing down on Lokii Weaver.  THE FLYING ACE!  THIS IS IT!  THIS IS IT!!!  Hawkins may have this one in the bag!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Jim Jackson:  "NOOO!  Boy Bakla pulls the referee out of the ring at the last possible microsecond!  The referee is slammed into the barricades and seems to be knocked out!  Ace Hawkins is not amused as he reaches over the ropes and pulls Bakla up to the apron by the hair!  Bakla grabs Hawkin's head and brings his neck down on the ropes with a jawbreaker!"

Brad Blood:  "Ace staggers around in the ring like a drunk duck before flopping into the canvas!  Bakla enters the ring...  Boy Bakla reaches down and clamps down on the groin area of its opponent and begins to squeeze tightly executing an intense Pain or Pleasure!!!  ACE IS SCREAMING IN PAIN AT BAKLA'S ILLEGAL ATTACK!  OH THE HUMANITY!  Still clamping on to Ace's jewels Bakla drags him along and throws him over the top rope and out of the ring!"

Jim Jackson:  "Ace Hawkins hits the ground outside hard!  Boy Bakla now has Lokii Weaver in her cross-hair. Boy Bakla leaps towards her unsuspecting target locking her limbs around her opponent entangling her opponent in a deadly grasp where she has free reign to do something too horrible for words to describe until her opponent taps out executing a vicious Sexual Harrassment!  Weaver is tapping but the ref is only beginning to stir outside!"

Brad Blood:  "And whose fault was that?"

Jim Jackson:  "The ref finally gets to his feet and he sees The Magus tapping furiously on the mat!"

Brad Blood:  "Bakla's magic fingers has The Magus out magicked!  The ref calls for the bell!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by submission and new number one contender for the RoC Lightweight Championship...  The Transsexual Superstar...  BOY BAKLA!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "And with that Boy Bakla gets a title shot against Andrew Hunter in the RoC special event Anarchy in two weeks!  What a victory for Bakla tonight."

Brad Blood:  "Well looks like fairy magic won over The Magus' magic tonight...  Lokii will probably have nightmares now for years to come..."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Beyond10

The scene started inside a wrestling facility called Solomon Temple House of Wrestling as Solomon Jake stands outside the ring and observed his new signees. When he had seen enough from the two boys, he asked his trainer to stop and he gets inside the ring. He then takes a look at the guys and start speaking.

Solomon Jake: "Let me ask you a question, how do you guys rate yourself?"

He then take awaits for either one of them to reply to him.

The wrestlers stop sparring and Isaac Cox steps forward and leans on the ropes...

Isaac Cox: "Well Mr. Jake, you know me, A'hm ready an' able. Ah've been ready an' able for quite sum' time now. Ah dun' tell you though that this youngin' o'vr here is ripe for the pickin', he may be a lil' rough on the edges but he's ready to do his debut if y'know what Ah mean."

Cox gestures towards the young wrestler in the ring who makes his way over.

Solomon Jake shake his head in disagreement before replying to them.

Solomon Jake: "I ask you a simple question and you gave me an answer that is not related to the question."

He then pace around them before looking at Isaac Cox.

Solomon Jake: "Do you want to know why you didn't get a break in wrestling? Because you didn't listen! Even a simple thing like rate yourself you can't give me an answer and you keep asking why you couldn't get a break in this business? "

He then turn his attention towards Mike Hunt.

Solomon Jake: "And you kid, you're new to this business and it's a smart thing that you paired yourself up with a veteran like him but don't follow his footsteps."

He stops pacing around them look at the both of them.

Solomon Jake: "It was a smart move to sign yourself to me for a mangerial contract because I'm the guy that can make your career a great one."

He take a short breather before continuing to speak.

Solomon Jake: "Listen to what I've got to say understood?"

He awaits for their reply.

Taken aback by Solomon Jake's words Isaac Cox quickly replies.

Isaac Cox: "Whoa there Mr. Jake, no disrespect but Ah did reply prop'ly, y'said t'rate ourselves and Ah did. Ah said Ah'm ready an' able which means that Ah'm ring ready an' ready t'rumble. Now Ah jus' went and added mah two cents on the progress of this youngin'. Now Ah may not have had a break in the biz'niz but Ah assure you that Ah am more than qualified t'wrassle with the top talents in the wrasslin' world. Now Ah do appreciate that y'took us on as your clients and Ah do know that we would benefit from it but respect goes both ways sir and as much as Ah'm grateful for what you've done for us, Ah expect to be treated accordingly or this relationship we have won't be a healthy one, if y'know what Ah mean."

Cox replies with a hurt tone in his voice.

The rookie quickly chimes in.

Mike Hunt: "Guys guys guys! C'mon Ah dun' think that we should fight amongst ourselves. Ah am indebted to both of you an' honestly, both of you are like mah family now. Ah dun' wanna see both of you fightin' and stuff."

Hunt looks at both men hoping that the situation will diffuse.

Solomon Jake makes some adjustment before he continues to speak.

Solomon Jake: "You know there's a reason why I said the thing that I've said to you guys because you see, I have made some arrangement with the management and got you guys booked into a match. Not just any kind of match, it's a match for the RoC Tag Team Titles."

He could see the change of face in their faces as he continues to speak.

Solomon Jake: You know, it's not easy to get someone a number one contenders match and let alone to those who was never tested in the company to get a chance to become the no. 1 contenders to challenge a championship, but you guys have it and I'm don't just barge in and demand the management to slot you guys in that match for nothing.

He paused for a moment before continues to speak.

Solomon Jake: "I did that because I saw potential in both of you and right now I've given the ball of opportunity to you guys and now it's up to the both of you to make use of that opportunity to make a statement in RoC that you guys are not any pushover. You guys are a force to be reckoned with. Understand?"

He awaits for them to reply.

Isaac Cox's eyes widen as he quickly replies.

Isaac Cox: "Well shut my mouth and call me corn pone... That is one helluva opportunity you got us Mr. Jake. Rest assured, Ah... Ah mean we shan't waste it. C'mon Mike, we have some trainin' t'do if we be winnin' our debut match in RoC."

The veteran drags the young wrestler back into the ring and they begin training anew as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Brad Blood: "Before we continue, we would like to thank our sponsors. Introducing the latest in insect repellents..."

Jim Jackson: "Oh no..."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Wackof10

Brad Blood: "WACK OFF! All natural and loaded with proteins and vitamins, Wack Off! is made from real man seed! The supreme cream that keeps the bugs away! So remember the next time the bugs bite, all you need is WACK OFF!"

Jim Jackson: "..."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Locker10

The scene opens in the Beauty & the Geek locker room where Christy Chase and Bob Bobbie are preparing for their match tonight.

Christy Chase: "Well now, it seems we get another shot to go for the tag titles. This will be a tough battle. We're going against three other teams, The Storm Riders though probably will be our biggest threat tonight. So partner, are you ready to grab us that brass ring? If we manage to get those tag belts, it may give us the leverage we need to get the match against the team we really want to face... Berry Sawyer and Edmundo Alejandro Serrano."

Christy Chase waits for her partner to reply.

Bob Bobbie nods.

Bob Bobbie: "Yeah, Sawyer and Serrano are the itches that we really need to scratch. I cannot just let go what they did to us. So yeah, this is our chance to finally get that match we want to against them..."

Before Bob Bobbie can finish his thought the door swings open and they get an unexpected visitor.

Marcus Troy steps into the room as both wrestlers eye him warily, unsure what the VGM wants with them.

Marcus Troy: "Why the hard looks? I'm here to offer you both a deal that you can't refuse..."

A grin spreads across Troy's face as he walks towards the two wrestlers.

Marcus Troy: "Now Before you say anything... I can't help but overhear your little chitchat and I am here to offer you an alternative... I know you both want to get your hands at Mr. Sawyer and Mr. Serrano and I can actually make it happen. All you need to do is to do one thing... Interested?"

Marcus Troy waits to see the reaction from both wrestlers, it was Bob Bobbie who gives a nod.

Marcus Troy: "Good, As you know, Haruki Inoki not only turned down a generous offer but also insulted me.... What I want is for the both of you to fight Haruki Inoki in RoC Anarchy. Once you defeat him, I'll use my VGM powers to sign Mr. Sawyer and Mr. Serrano to a one night contract to fight you. Now Mr. Inoki made the mistake of turning down my generous offer, I do hope you both won't do the same mistake."

Troy offers his hand out and waits while both Christy Chase and Bob Bobbie look at each other... Both wrestlers then step forward and shakes the VGM's hand. Marcus Troy smiles as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Backst10

It was a few minutes before their scheduled match when we see The Masked Moron pulling on his brief over his costume.

The Masked Moron: "The underwear should always be worn over the pants!"

The Masked Moron proudly announces as his partner Joe Jobber grabs him by the arm...

Joe Jobber: "Ahahaha! Sorry folks, my partner here just got a little confused."

Joe Jobber drags his partner to a dark corner...

Joe Jobber: "Dude! How many times should I tell you that you should only change in the locker room and not backstage! Sheesh... What will I do with you?"

Joe could only shake his head as his partner still seems oblivious to everything.

Joe Jobber: "Anyway, it's almost time for our match, and this is a pretty important one you hear? If we win this one tonight, we get a title shot! So let's go kick some ass."

Joe Jobber grabs The Masked Moron by the hand and leads him towards the entrance tunnel as the scene fades.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 T-rexb10
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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:49 am

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Bob_bo11 & Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Christ11


Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Capt_s10 & Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Vilkas10


Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Isaac_10 & Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Mike_h10


Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Joe_jo10 & Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 The_ma10

Jim Jackson:  "Welcome back folks, coming up next is a four-way tag team match where-in the winner gets a title shot against our tag team champions The Slayers on the RoC Anarchy Special."

Brad Blood:  "We have mainstays Beauty & the Geek, 2Kool4Skool and The Storm Riders, plus a new team The Southern Gents...  Whom I have never heard of until tonight but is being represented by Solomon Jake."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a four-way tag team match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of 420 pounds ... Joe Jobber and The Masked Moron... 2KOOL4SKOOL!""

Fountain of Wayne's "Too Cool For School" starts playing on the speakers as Joe Jobber and The Masked Moron springs forth from the back.  With Joe Jobber leading the way, The Masked Moron follows as both wrestlers enter the ring and waits for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 310 pounds, Bob Bobbie & Christy Chase ... BEAUTY AND THE GEEK!"

"Two Sides of the Coin" by KISS starts playing on the speakers as Bob Bobbie and Christy Chase burst forth from the back. A flashy light show comes on as both wrestlers hype the fans up from the top of the entrance ramp. Bob Bobbie descends first, soon followed by Christy Chase as both wrestlers enter the ring to the cheers from the fans.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, with a combined weight of 450 pounds and accompanied by their manager Solomon Jake, Isaac Cox and Mikie Hunt... THE SOUTHERN GENTS!"

"Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd started playing on the loud speakers as Isaac Cox & Mike Hunt emerge from the entrance tunnel, accompanied by their manager Solomon Jake, the trio make their way to the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing last, with a combined weight of 513 pounds, the team of Captain Sebastian Wolfe and Vilkas Whitemane ... THE STORM RIDERS!"

Nothing happens...

Jim Jackson:  "Where are The Storm Riders?!"

Brad Blood:  "I don't know...  It looks like management is sending people to look for them..."

The big screen comes on and we see Julia Rodriguez in the tron.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Good evening everyone, it seems that The Storm Riders will be unable to compete tonight!"

Jim Jackson:  "Unable?  Why is that Julia?"

The camera pans out revealing the location to be The Storm Riders' locker room and dead drunk on the floor passed out are Capt. Sebastian Wolfe and Vilkas Whitemane.

Jim Jackson:  "Oh..."

Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, the following match has been altered into a triple threat tag team match!  The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick.  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Since The Storm Riders cannot make it, this is now a triple threat tag team match, Bob Bobbie, The Masked Moron and Isaac Cox will be starting off for their respective team.  Bobbie and The Masked Moron charges towards the newcomer Cox...  OOH!  Double clothesline by Isaac Cox turn both Bob Bobbie and The Masked Moron inside out!   Cox picks Bobbie up...  Body slam right on top of Moron!"

Brad Blood:  "Isaac goes to his corner and tags in his partner Mike Hunt.  Mike goes to the ropes..."

Jim Jackson:  "Springboard double back elbow drop!  Both Bob Bobbie and The Masked Moron took it right on the chest!  Mike Hunt pulls B² up to his feet and throws him over the top rope to the outside!"

Brad Blood:  "Smart strategy by the young one, doing that gives him the freedom to work on Moron without fearing getting interrupted."

Jim Jackson:  "Mike Hunt pulls The Masked Moron back up to his feet.  Irish whip sends Moron to the ropes!  Spinning high kick takes Moron down!  Bob Bobbie just climbed back up to the ropes... He leaps over it...  Hunt counters the crossbody attempt with a dropkick!"

Brad Blood:  "Moron has made it to their corner...  He tag Joe!  Joe Jobber is in the house!  Somersault dropkick by Mike sends Jobber through the ropes!  Joe Jobber has left the house!"

Jim Jackson:  "Bob Bobbie manages to recover and clubs Mike Hunt on the back of the neck!  Irish whip by Bobbie sends Hunt to the ropes...  Hunt leaps over B²'s back body drop attempt!   Hunt off the ropes...  Springboard crossbody!  Both of Bobbie's shoulders are down!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Bobbie kicks out!  Mike tries to grab him but he manages to slip free and leaps to their corner, he gets the tag!  Christy leaps to the top turnbuckle..."

Jim Jackson:  "Missile dropkick sends Mike Hunt flying!  Christy Chase charges in...  Joe Jobber with a running boot from out of nowhere takes Chase down!  Jobber grabs Chase and lifts him up on his shoulders...  Mike Hunt from behind takes Jobber down along with Chase with a dropkick!"

Brad Blood:  "According to the sheets, this is Mike Hunt's first professional fight!  This explains why he is sticking to the basics.  Hunt tags in his partner!"

Jim Jackson:  "Isaac Cox enters the ring, Joe Jobber slowly rises to his feet...  And he just got speared by a bigger Cox!  Christy Chase staggers to her feet and climbs up to the top turnbuckle...  She leaps...  No!  Cox catches her in mid-air and counters her attack with a backbreaker before lifting her up in his shoulders and hitting a fall-away slam!  Both Beauty & the Geek and 2Kool4Skool are getting decimated by these newcomers."

Brad Blood:  "Well look at the smug look at the face of their manager Solomon Jake.  He looks pretty elated his clients are destroying the competition."

Jim Jackson:  "Isaac Cox focuses his attention on Joe Jobber...   Isaac Cox puts the opponent in a half nelson with one arm and grabs the opponent's neck with the other while locking in a body scissor choking his opponent out executing an asphyxiating Southern Hospitality!  He's choking Jobber out...  I think Joe Jobber is going...  Going...  Gon...  NO!  Christy Chase with stomp breaks the submission attempt!  Cox grabs Chase and lifts her up in the air...  A beautifully executed vertical suplex!  He goes for the cover."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Christy kicks out at two!  Isaac grabs her and lifts her up on his shoulders...  Joe Jobber goes low with a forearm to the back of Cox's knee!  Isaac Cox staggers and Christy is able to escape!  Double dropkick by Christy and Joe sends Isaac down!"

Jim Jackson:  "Joe Jobber leaps up and lands a leg drop on Isaac Cox, he rolls out of the way just as Christy Chase bounces off the ropes...  Springboard moonsault connects!  Chase goes for the cover...  Jobber pulls her away and plants her head on the mat with a DDT!  He turns around...  Mongolian chop by Cox takes him down!  Cox picks Jobber up...  Powerslam!  Christy Chase staggers back up to her feet while Cox is busy with Jobber.  She leaps to her corner... And gets a tag!  Bob Bobbie enters the ring..."

Brad Blood:  "And gets leveled right away with a big discus clothesline!  Isaac grabs Bobbie and hooks the leg...  No!  Joe manages to hit a hammer fist breaking the pinfall attempt.  Though it looks like he only got Isaac miffed."

Jim Jackson:  "Isaac Cox grabs Joe Jobber by the neck...  Chokeslam!  That shook the ring!  Bob Bobbie starts to get up but quickly goes down as a running knee from Cox connects!  Cox grabs B²...  Isaac Cox hooks each of his opponent's legs in one of his arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over him in the process, he then applies pressure to his opponent's back by sitting down executing an excruciating Southern Comfort.  His finisher is locked in!  Bobbie is in trouble!  Will he tap?  He's trying to reach for the ropes but he's too far away!  His partner Christy Chase is leaning in but she can't reach Bobbie for the tag!"

Brad Blood:  "Joe Jobber off the second rope connects with a springboard knee strike!  That rocked Isaac!  Jobber uses the chance to tag in his partner!"

Jim Jackson:  "The Masked Moron charges towards Isaac Cox...  Cox counters with a back body drop sending Moron crashing into Bob Bobbie!  Bobbie gets knocked through the second rope to the outside!  The Masked Moron staggers to his feet, Cox from behind...  German suplex!  Cox tags in his partner!  Mike Hunt enters the ring."

Brad Blood:  "They both signal to each other...  I think we may see something good here..."

Jim Jackson:  "Isaac Cox hoists their opponent up on his shoulders in a sitting position while Mike Hunt leaps to the top turnbuckle before leaping off and taking their opponent down with a flying clothesline executing an incapacitating Confederate Colors.  The Masked Moron is down!"

Brad Blood:  "Mike Hunt hooks the leg!  This could be it!"

Jim Jackson:  "Joe Jobber tries to enter the ring but he gets taken out by Isaac Cox!  Bob Bobbie is on the apron but Cox knocks him off too!"

Brad Blood:  "The ref begins the three count!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall, the team of Isaac Cox and Mike Hunt...  THE SOUTHERN GENTS!"

Jim Jackson:  "And we have new tag contenders!  Isaac Cox and Mike Hunt have arrived to Ring of Chaos, looks like The Slayers may have their hands full with this new team!"

Brad Blood:  "Solomon Jake enters the ring and raises the arms of his clients, looks like his latest acquisitions will take him all the way to the bank."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Rafik Arfah's theme is heard around the arena and the crowd erupts to cheers as the new ROC tag team champion makes his route to the ring. Rafik enters the ring and has a mic.  

Rafik Arfah: "I have something to say..."

Rafik shouts "YES!" repeatedly while raising his arms in the air.

Crowd: "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!"

Rafik Arfah: "I have something else to say."

Rafik Arfah looks around.

Rafik Arfah: "YO PHIL, I DID IT!"

Rafik raises his title high in the air.

Rafik Arfah: "I have waited so long for this moment.. me in this ring.. getting the feel of a title in these hands.."

Rafik soaks in the moment.  

Rafik Arfah: "I'd like to thank the people who jumped on my bandwagon when I became a nicer person. And I'd like to thank Gus. Because if he hadn't bit off.. my ear.."

Rafik Arfah frowns for a moment.

Rafik Arfah: "I would have never gotten this shot. It's funny, how we got here. From two people who wanted to shank each other before the show to a pretty damn good team. We still have differences to work on, but we'll get there."

Rafik grins.

Rafik Arfah: "Now that the drought is over, this is a new time. A new year. And I promise that in 2016, Rafik Arfah will do big things. I believe this might be the best year of my career. And I have another promise, now that I have this title, I am gonna make it my goal to make this title.."

Rafik points at his championship.

Rafik Arfah: "The most prestigious title of this federation. A lot of people talk shit about tag team wrestling and claim it's dead. Well, not anymore. I'm gonna do my best to take this title to height's it's never seen."

Crowd cheers in approval.

Rafik Arfah: "Now with all that said, have a great fucking a new year, fellas."

Rafik slides out of the ring and heads backstage as the camera cuts.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

The lights go dark as "Shattered" by The Rolling Stones starts playing on the speakers as a mist rises from the top of the dimly lit entrance ramp. Walking through the mist with a steel pipe in hand, Lexi Thorne walks down the entrance ramp cockily as the crowd boo loudly. She ignores the loud boos and leaps up the apron, raising the RoC Women's belt over her head. She spits the gum in her mouth towards the crowd before entering the ring. As the crowd boo louder, Lexi merely waves them off as she grabs a mic and walks to the center of the ring.

Lexi Thorne:  "Yeah, yeah, I already know how you all feel about me so why don't we just give it a rest."

The crowd finally settles down and Lexi begins to speak again.

Lexi Thorne:  "Great, now let's get down to business then shall we?  I shall keep this short and simple for the benefit of the less intelligent people watching tonight."

Getting no reaction from the crowd this time, Lexi continues.

Lexi Thorne:  "Tonight, Cecilia Christiansen shall challenge me for MY RoC Women's title.  A title that I intend to continue holding.  Now many of you saw how Cecilia performed against Nao Fook Yu and Charlotte Sable and honestly our little princess here just barely made it, and in an unimpressive manner too to boot.  So my fearless forecast for tonight...  I shall beat little Cecilia and retain my RoC Women's title...  Sigh...  It is saddening that no one in this roster can even come close to defeat me...  Why?  It's because I'm the meanest and baddest bitch in RoC and unlike any of the girls in the roster, I can back my words up with my fists!"

With that, Lexi Thorne throws the mic and exits the ring as "Shattered" by The Rolling Stones begins to play again on the loud speakers.

Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major begins playing in the arena, stopping Lexi Thorne at the base of the ramp.  Cecilia Christiansen steps out from the backstage with a microphone in hand and her parasol resting on her shoulder.  Smiling, she brings the microphone to her lips.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Hold on a moment, Lexi.  Did you not receive news of my offer?  Tsk, tsk, tsk, how negligent.  Lexi, I propose that you ally with me.  You may keep your title and we won't need to compete against one another here tonight.  Ally with me and we can make some real moves in this organization.  We can make this place be exciting..."

Cecilia casually twirls her parasol before continuing.

Cecilia Christiansen: "2016 is going to be MY year.  This WILL be the year of Wrestling's Princess!  You are either with me... or against me.  If you choose to be my enemy, I can assure you that you will not like how tonight ends for you.  Think carefully on this proposal, Lexi.  You are too interesting to waste your talents in a fruitless battle.  You believed Alexander Melchiott was "The winning side", but I can promise you that that view is quite short-sighted.  So, what is your decision?"

Cecilia twirls her parasol as she awaits Lexi's answer.

Unimpressed Lexi Thorne replies.

Lexi Thorne:  "Oh I heard your little offer, I just chose to ignore it.  Why?  It's simple, I do not see anything in it for me.  You of course will get the better end of the deal if I accept, while I'll be getting the short end of the stick.  You want me to be your partner, then prove that you are at least my equal tonight.  What I see is a scared little girl trying to find a way to weasel out of a match, a match that most of the girls in the roster would literally kill for...  So see you in the ring later, unless of course you want to run away pissing yourself."

With that Lexi brushes past Cecilia Christiansen leaving the other girl angry and insulted.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Locker10

Walking down the hallway, Alexander Melchiott is followed by the camera to a familiar door.  The name on the nameplate reads "Nao Fook Yu".  After giving a sigh, Alexander knocks on the door.

Nao Fook Yu:  "Come in it's open!"

The door opens and Fook Yu sees Alexander Melchiott come in.

Nao Fook Yu:  "Oh, it's you!  I expected you to drop by...  And I think I know what you will be asking of me.  I heard about Morrison's announcement earlier and I figured I'd be someone you'd approach...  Given that I have no love for Troy, you can surmise what I am gonna reply to your question."

Fook Yu continues to change into her gear indifferent to Melchiott's presence.

Nao Fook Yu:  "Now we may have had our differences in the past but I do like the way you ran things here in RoC.  Compared to Troy, I am picking the lesser evil so to speak."

Fook Yu grins as she steps forward extending her hand.

Nao Fook Yu:  "So Alexander, unless I am mistaken...  I'll be glad to be in the better team."

Alexander looks perplexed for a moment before quickly regaining face and ruffling his coat's pink fur lining.

Alexander Melchiott: "Based on our past history, I thought I would have to do just a little bit of convincing to get you on my side.  I had braced myself for distrust and anger, but it looks like that won't be the case."

Alexander clasps Nao Fook Yu's hand with his.

Alexander Melchiott: "You won't regret siding with me."

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Beyond10

The room is dark -- very dark. The camera takes a moment to adjust to the darkness. Little grains of dust can be seen drifting through the air. A soft, distant sound, is just barely audible.

Like a moth to light, the camera begins to move toward the sound. Dim lights greet the camera as it moves deeper through what appears to be some sort of wine cellar. The sound, (perhaps a child's humming?), continues to get louder the further in the camera goes.

As the camera reaches a wooden door, the lights suddenly go out. The child's humming stops as a giggle is elicited from the unseen source. Old hinges whine and old wood creaks as something opens in the darkness. Soft footsteps move away from the camera as the humming begins once again.

A small source of light, perhaps a candle, can be seen offering hope in the face of this dark veil. As the camera moves towards it, shadows seem to dance around the edges of the screen.

Reaching the light -- a small candle on a box -- the camera reveals something unusual. What looks to be a tongue sits in what could very well be a mixture of blood and wax. Before we can get a good look at this peculiar sight, the humming stops once again; and a soft blowing sound is heard as the flame of the candle flickers and dies. No light, no movement, nothing. All that remains is the sound of the child's humming. Unmoving, the camera remains isolated in the unwelcoming darkness. The air moves softly in these halls, making them seem cold and barren -- the child's humming provides the only sign of life.

The dim lights from before suddenly reignite, illuminating the bloody face of a pig hanging in front of the camera. The camera moves what seems to be a step back as distant laughter joins the child's humming. It is then that the camera reveals pig after pig after pig; all hanging from the ceiling.

The figures are grotesque. Each pig seems to have been mutilated in a different way; one appeared to be missing an eye while another a leg. Yet another's stomach was sliced open, some of its intestines still hanging from the carcass. Buckets of blood were, quite literally, dripping onto the floor.

It was then that a set of candles alighted at the end of the room, illuminating a small child. Her head was down, watching her hands manipulate the small cat she held. Slowly, she lifted her head to look at the camera, and it was only now that the beaked doctor's mask she wore could be seen. With the humming and laughter still echoing in the distance, one word could be heard.

???: "Soon."

And with that, the camera's picture suddenly cuts out.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:00 am

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Rocwom10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Celici10  VS Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Lexi_t10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next, the match everyone is waiting for, the main event of the evening, Lexi Thorne shall defend her RoC Women's Championship against Cecilia Christiansen."

Brad Blood:  "I hate to say it but Lexi may murder the delicate and beautiful Princess of RoC if she gets her hands on her!  Cecilia may have some moves in her but she has never faced anyone with the intensity and brutality that Lexi has, she has to do everything in her power to avoid Lexi's clutches."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall AND is for the ROC WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP!  Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 9 inch tall and weighing in at 120 pounds, hailing from Mackinac Islands, Michigan, the challenger!  Princess...  CECILIA CHRISTIANSEN!"

Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major begins playing in the arena as Cecilia steps out from the back with a parasol out. Carrying the parasol, Cecilia leisurely walks down to the ring. Arriving at the ring, Cecilia folds in her parasol and sets it by the steel steps before climbing onto the apron and entering the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 185 pounds, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, she is the current and reigning RoC Women's Champion...  LEXI THORNE!"

The lights go dark as "Shattered" by The Rolling Stones starts playing on the speakers as a mist rises from the top of the dimly lit entrance ramp.  Walking through the mist with a steel pipe in hand, Lexi Thorne walks down the entrance ramp cockily as the crowd boo loudly.  She ignores the loud boos and leaps up the apron and spitting the gum in her mouth towards the crowd before entering the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell and the champ charges in with an elbow, Cecilia Christiansen rolls under it and quickly counterattacks with an enzuigiri!  Lexi Thorne is knocked to the ropes, Christiansen with a drop kick...  Thorne gets her arms up and blocks it!  Princess with a spinning side kick, again blocked by Thorne, but it's really a feint, Christiansen off the ropes...  Springboard hurricanrana sends the champ flying!"

Brad Blood:  "Good going for Cecilia, she is using her greatest asset, her superior speed.  Lexi Thorne quickly rolls out of the ring to catch her breath.  A good strategy usually but against a high flyer like our Princess over there...  AND THERE SHE GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE!  CORKSCREW SENTON!"


Jim Jackson:  "The crowd goes wild!  The referee tells the challenger to bring the action back into the ring and Cecilia Christiansen heeds his command.  Lexi Thorne is back thrown into the ring.  Christiansen leaps to the ropes... Springboard elbow drop...  NO!  Thorne rolls away at the last second!  She rolls towards the ropes and pulls herself up...  Christiansen charges in...  Lexi Thorne dodges a clothesline attempt...  Stiff lariat takes the challenger down!  Cecilia Christiansen staggers back up to her feet...  Lexi Thorne slips behind her opponent then locks her arms around her opponent's neck and then brings her opponent down to the canvas before locking both legs in a body scissor from behind and tightening her arms cutting off her opponent's air supply executing an excruciating Be-thorned!"

Brad Blood:  "The submission is locked in!  Cecilia is in trouble!  This is the exact situation she had to avoid!  This could be curtains for our Princess!  Wait she's trying for the ropes...  Will she make it?  Cecilia struggles as Lexi tries to choke the life out of her..."


Jim Jackson:  "The crowd is showing their support for the challenger and it seems to drive her to go for a final lunge for the ropes!  AND SHE MAKES IT!  Lexi Thorne releases her hold but stomps on Princess to keep her down.  Thorne begins to slap Cecilia Christiansen's face, taunting her as the crowd boo loudly at her actions."

Brad Blood:  "She wants to humiliate her Jim.  Lexi is now stepping on her face and hair...  Clearly the champ thinks so little of her.  Lexi now walks on her chest and starts to grind her boot on it!  I can't watch this travesty!  Violating those wonderful wonderful pair of perfectly shaped...  Wait!  Cecilia grabs Lexi's leg!  She trips the champ!"

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen creates a triangle with her opponents legs before stepping into it and arching back to grab Lexi Thorne by the head...  SILVER DRAGON!  Christiansen is trying to make the champ tap!  NO!  Thorne somehow slips her head free!  The champ counters the submission with a submission of her own!  Texas cloverleaf is locked in!  Christiansen goes for the ropes... She makes it!  Lexi Thorne doesn't let go!  The ref begins to count."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!  Four..."

Brad Blood:  "Lexi lets go short of being disqualified, though she would have retained even if she got DQed.  Lexi bends down to pick Cecilia up...  She has Cecilia up on her shoulders in a fireman carry...  Wait!  Cecilia grabs on to the top rope!   Desperate elbows by Cecilia loosens the champ's grip on her!  She slips down!"

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen stands behind Lexi Thorne and crosses their arms across Lexi Thorne's neck before suddenly spinning and dragging Lexi Thorne to the mat!  DEAD BUTTERFLY CONNECTS!  This could be it!  Christiansen for the cover!  Will we have a new champ?"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Lexi gets her shoulder up at two!  Cecilia bends down to pick her up...  Lexi grabs her and rolls her up!  Cecilia's shoulders are down!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Cecilia Christiansen kicks out at two!  She staggers back to her feet, spinning high kick by Lexi Thorne...  Christainsen bends over backwards and dodges it before bending back upright...  Cecilia Christiansen spins before jumping and catching Lexi Thorne on the jaw with a kick!  Luminous Strike connects!  Thorne is flung backwards into the corner!  This is Princess' chance!  She charges and hits a clothesline to the corner before grabbing the champ's head and planting it to the mat with a running bulldog!  Cecilia Christiansen stands next to her downed opponent.  Jumping a few times to gain momentum, Cecilia Christiansen tucks and rotates forward...  NO!  Lexi Thorne gets both knees up countering Christiansen's Unilateral Contract!"

Brad Blood:  "Ooh!  Bad break for Cecilia...  If she had hit her finisher, we may have seen an upset here tonight!  Lexi pulls herself up and she doesn't look happy...  She picks Cecilia up on her back in a crucifix...  I don't like where this is going...  RUNNING BORDER TOSS INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!!"


Jim Jackson:  "I think she just broke Cecilia Christiansen in half!  Lexi Thorne for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Cecilia somehow gets a shoulder up!  Lexi is livid with rage!  She pounds Cecilia's head into the canvas!  One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!  Six!  Seven!  Eight!  Nine!  Ten!  Ten times!  Our Princess must be seeing whole solar systems with that."

Jim Jackson:  "Lexi Thorne pulls Princess up to her feet and sends her crashing into the corner with an Irish whip!  Lexi Thorne sees her opponent laying in the corner, she charges in and leaps up in the air before landing and stomping away on her opponent's chest multiple times while clinging on to the top rope executing a rib-cracking Rain of Thornes!  Thorne hooks the legs!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Brad Blood:  "Amazing tenacity by Cecilia as she kicks out a microsecond before three!  The crowd begins cheering for her again!"


Jim Jackson:  "Lexi Thorne gives the crowd the finger and hits a fist drop on Cecilia Christiansen's forehead!  She begins to brutally drive elbows down into Christiansen's head!  This is just unnecessary roughness!  Christiansen isn't even moving at this point!"

Brad Blood:  "Uh-oh...  Lexi has that look in her eyes!  I think she plans to end it now!"

Jim Jackson:  "That she is!  Lexi Thorne puts her opponent's head between her legs in a figure four and locks her legs around her opponent's neck cutting off her opponent's air supply executing a excruciating Thorne-niquet.  Thorne has her finisher locked in!  Cecilia Christainsen isn't even putting up a fight!  This could be it!"

Brad Blood:  "Cecilia is out I think!  She's been out since those vicious elbows!  The ref should go in and stop the fight now before more damage is done to our Princess over there!"

Jim Jackson:  "The ref takes a look and finally calls for the bell!  The match is over!"


Brad Blood:  "WAIT!  LEXI IS NOT LETTING GO!  SHE STILL HAS HER LEG AROUND CECILIA'S NECK!  They are ringing the bell again!"


Jim Jackson:  "Oh c'mon!  Lexi Thorne has already won!  What she's doing is totally uncalled for!"

Brad Blood:  "The ref finally pries Lexi's leg off of Cecilia!  EMTs rush to the scene to check on Princess!"

Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by submission and STILL ROC WOMEN'S CHAMPION...  LEXI THORNE!"


Jim Jackson:  "The crowd is showing their displeasure but Lexi Thorne ignores them and grabs a mic."



Lexi Thorne is about to drop the mic when she stops herself and begins to talk again.

Lexi Thorne:  "Listen you bitches, stop whining and do something if you hate this title on me!  In fact let me make this easy, to every female losers in the locker room, you want this belt?  Well I'll give you all the chance of a lifetime!  Come out right now and I'll take you on in the RoC Anarchy Special!  That's right I'm giving you bitches a chance to lose to me in RoC's first special event!  So any takers?"

Blue and Red lights shine throughout the arena as Hammerfall's "Any Means Necessary" begins to play. Allister King, dressed in drag walks out onto the entrance ramp to a thunderous roar of the crowd.

Lexi Thorne:  "What the...?"

Before Allister could speak, Samantha King comes out and kicks him back into the tunnel.

Samantha King:  "I'll take you on lass!  In fact, we can make this interesting, let's make it a locker room lockdown!"

Lexi Thorne:  "You're on!"

The crowd cheers loudly at the outcome of the challenge.


Brad Blood:  "Uoooh!  Challenge accepted!  Challenge accepted!  This is gonna be one helluva fight!"

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Gm_s_o10

Pleased with how things are finally going, Lee Morrison rifles through some paperwork needed to finalize the upcoming Anarchy pay-per-view.  Hopefully the first in many, it was then he hears his office door open.  Looking up he sees a face he didn't expect to see in the halls of Ring of Chaos.

Lee Morrison:  "Well well well..."

Morrison sets the papers aside and sits back, and gestures to the empty seat in front of him.

Lee Morrison:  "Good evening Mr. Vossler...  Now to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?  Don't tell me this is just an ordinary social call."

An unfamiliar voice to many members of the Ring of Chaos audience is heard as a man wearing a pitch black outfit, black hair and goatee walks in. Over his shoulder, the Brutal Force Wrestling Carnage Championship.

Vossler: "Little birdie told me that Brutal Force had some... 'friendly competition'. It's not often I see Zacharias giving the weaker, smaller federations a chance to be affiliated with us."

Vossler sits down in the chair that Lee Morrison gestured to. Voss lifts his feet up and rests them on Morrison's desk, knocking over a stack of papers.

Vossler: "How come that people consider you competition, but I've never heard of this little rat hole before?"

Not amused by Vossler's blatant disrespect, Lee Morrison maintains his calm.

Lee Morrison:  "It's not my fault that news of the hottest independent wrestling federation doesn't reach the ears of the ignorant Mr. Vossler.  Is that it?  Is this why you visited?  To try to stir some feathers here in RoC because there is no one who will pay you heed down in Brutal Force Wrestling?  Is it because you want to show off that shiny trinket you have hanging on your shoulders?"

Morrison leans back on his seat...

Lee Morrison:  "Now unlike you, Mr. Zacharias Adler had the vision to see the benefits of affiliating with us.  Now, is there anything else I can help you with or are you done wasting my time Mr. Vossler?"

The general manager of RoC stares intently back into Vossler's eyes unintimidated and unimpressed.

As he proudly taps on his 'shiny trinket', Vossler laughs

Vossler: "You have a lot of assumptions, Lee. While I am proud of my... 'trinket', I don't care if none of your Ring of Chaos fellers show up in BFW. I don't care if I ruffle some feathers over here. I have a proposition for you. That is why I came down here. Now unlike my boss, I didn't come down here because I see benefits from whatever I could possibly do here. I mean, I make more in BFW as is."

He keeps an arrogant smirk on his face.

Vossler: "I want to test some of your talent here... the best you've got to offer."

Vossler pulls a folded piece of paper from his pocket and holds it up for display

Vossler: "This is a one-match clause. You are allowed to use me for a single, one on one match. That is, if you get past your arrogance and let me show RoC how we roll in Brutal Force Wrestling."

He hold the paper out for Lee Morrison to grab, should Lee accept.

As he proudly taps on his 'shiny trinket', Vossler laughs

Vossler: "You have a lot of assumptions, Lee. While I am proud of my... 'trinket', I don't care if none of your Ring of Chaos fellers show up in BFW. I don't care if I ruffle some feathers over here. I have a proposition for you. That is why I came down here. Now unlike my boss, I didn't come down here because I see benefits from whatever I could possibly do here. I mean, I make more in BFW as is."

He keeps an arrogant smirk on his face.

Vossler: "I want to test some of your talent here... the best you've got to offer."

Vossler pulls a folded piece of paper from his pocket and holds it up for display

Vossler: "This is a one-match clause. You are allowed to use me for a single, one on one match. That is, if you get past your arrogance and let me show RoC how we roll in Brutal Force Wrestling."

He hold the paper out for Lee Morrison to grab, should Lee accept.

Vossler piqued Lee Morrison's interest as the general manager takes the paper and reads it over.

Lee Morrison: "Well now... I do apologize for saying that you are wasting my time. Of course I'll accept your proposition, and I'll make sure that you'll be properly compensated for your appearance. I will have legal look at this. One thing though, you do understand that we won't be held accountable for whatever happens to you inside the RoC ring, that you were the one who stepped into it with your own free will."

Morrison offers his hand out to Vossler.

Vossler laughs as he stands up. He looks at his title and then at Lee Morrison's hand.

Vossler: "I'm not the one you should be worried about. This title's called the Carnage Championship. I don't need to explain what Carnage means... do I? My one condition I've already stated. Should you be interested in using me, I expect the best that Ring of Chaos has to offer. A champion of your own... perhaps."

He shakes the now billboard-like hand of Morrison with a smirk.

Vossler: "Call my manager when you've got something for me. You know Jolon, right? 'course you do. Why wouldn't you. Sorry my little visit can't last much longer. Y'know. Places to go..."

Vossler turns to move out of the office, but before stepping out he looks over his shoulder.

Vossler: "Me to see."

And with that, Vossler leaves.

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 In-rin10

Jim Jackson: "What an evening, as promised, Ring of Chaos delivered a night of great wrestling!"

Brad Blood: "And in two weeks, we shall offer them a greater night of wrestling when Ring of Chaos presents... ANARCHY!"

Jim Jackson: "That we will Brad! With Team Troy versus Team Melchiott and all the RoC Titles on the line... Well I'm sure our fans shall experience one of the most unforgettable moments in the world of wrestling!"

Brad Blood: "Don't forget Haruki Inoki versus Beauty & the Geek plus Jack Johnson versus Thaddeus Rex!"

Jim Jackson: "Of course! I am sure that everyone in the wrestling world will be abuzz with excitement so see you all in two weeks as RoC Presents ANARCHY! Until then... Good fight and good night!"

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 01/10/2016 T-rexb10
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