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Open The Dragon Gate

Post by Haruki Inoki on Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:39 pm

I consider myself a very big Dragon Gate and at a very short time I have gain a lot of knowledge of the promotion, and I felt I could extend that info and explain Dragon Gate to people. And So everyone and then I'll do a post on here about Dragon Gate and explaining a different stuff about that may be very confusing for anyone here trying to get into the promotion.

Dragon Gate is a promotion that likes to references the past, has more promos and angles than most Japanese promotions, and has a very unique Style and overall "feel" even when compared to more mainstream Japanese promotions like NJPW. A few things should be obvious almost immediately; it is a Lucharesu (Lucha Libre/Puroresu)/Junior Heavyweight based company (excepting of a few guys, almost all will be considered juniors in promotions like New Japan or NOAH, etc.) it has a very loyal and strong fanbase (it's currently the #2 top company in Japan, and has been like that for years now. They are known to sell out their shows in the legendary Korakuen Hall more than any other company in 2015, they even have their own weekly TV Shows and have even broken the 10,000 attendance mark).

Almost all wrestlers on the roster a broken up into Units (also known as Stables or a faction in more westernised companies e.g. WWE, TNA etc.) and features a great mix of seriousness and a incredible amount of comedy and pure randomness (Not more than DDT has but, still a lot more than the norm for Japan.) Dragon Gate can still be daunting promotion for newcomers trying to get into it, and I'll do my best to explain it to people on this board.
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