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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Little12 VS Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Samuel11

Jim Jackson:  "We have an interesting dark match lined up for this weeks show. Little wang, The Kung Fu Midget of ROC takes on The Austrian Assassin, Samuel Hovac. As usual the statistics don't favor wang as his opponent as the height, weight and strength advantage."

Brad Blood:  "You serious? I mean Mini Me from Austin Powers probably has the height and weight advantage as him. Legends say that due to an extremely rare skin condition Wang was exiled from his home village. I think he still holds that grudge against Papa smurf and the other bastards for disowning him for not having blue skin."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 306 pounds, hailing from Graz, Styria, Austria, ... SAMUEL HOVAC!!!"

Samuel Hovac appears at the top of the ramp as Hammerfall's "Last Man Standing" blasts through the arena. He takes a second at the top of the ramp, before taking himself and his overall imposing person down to the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 3 feet 3/4 inches tall and weighing in at 80 pounds, hailing from Fujian Province, China, ... LITTLE WANG!"

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor starts playing on the speakers as flashing multicolored lights starts flashing at the top of the entrance ramp as smoke rises from the floor. A small form suddenly bounces out of the entrance tunnel and through the smoke which is slowly clearing. The crowd looks wide-eyed at the small midget standing on top of the entrance ramp wearing stilts with both arms in the air waving a victory sign with his fingers. The midget runs down the ramp and scampers into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And they are off, both competitors squared up in the center of the ring. Hovac is telling Wang something. He looks down. He fell for the classic "Your boots are untied". Samuel just picks him up like it was nothing and hits the crucifix powerbomb. Show Stopper!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall ... SAMUEL HOVAC!!"

Jim Jackson:  "What a famous tactic Hovac manages to outwit the mighty midget to end this in lightning fast time."

Brad Blood:  "How the hell did he even fall for such a joke as old as laces? I think something screwy is going on here but unfortunately the Scooby gang retired after that incident where they were raped and sodomized in an abandoned Peruvian prison by a gang of furries. What was I saying? I forgot. Anyway, that guy won. The end."

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "Good evening and welcome to another edition of Chaos Supreme, Ring of Chaos' flagship show...  We have a great match for you all tonight, as well as updates on the fallout of what happened two weeks ago in our first iPPV Anarchy.  Joining me tonight here in the announce table is my partner in crime Brad Blood!"

Brad Blood:  "That's right Jimbo, everyone here is probably wondering and waiting for news about what happened to both Allister King and Ray Kamaura...  Heck I want to find out...  So let's not keep everyone waiting, nothing worse that getting interrupted when you are about to orgasm..."

Jim Jackson:  "Such a colorful analogy Brad...  Anyway, let's get things rolling...  Because IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Parkin10

We are now taken to the arena’s parking lot. One can see a good variety of vehicles and motorcycles parked, followed by a little crew of security guards walking around to protect the wrestlers/staff’s property. The camera man walks around to display the finest cars; however, he is interrupted by a loud and rather annoying motorcycle noise.

The man turns to the side of which the deafening sound and once the motorcycle is focused, we can notice that the one riding the bike is someone who we’ve seen before. The bike finally gets in the lot; therefore, one is able to realize that it is a Harley Davidson Forty Eight. The chrome exhaust shines once the man riding that beauty passes below light bulbs.

Finally one can tell who the man is… He is wearing black sunglasses, a leather vest, black cargo pants, black boots and black MMA-style gloves. It is Tyler “AK-14” Norton. The man slowly wanders around to search for a free spot so he can park his bike. Unfortunately, though, the place seems to be packed, even for bikes. A few security members actually attempt to give him directions, but they are all ignored.

After a couple of laps around, the man finally finds a tiny spot which he judges big enough to park his bike. It is an area between a BMW and an Escalade. He struggles to fit the bike there and the camera man focuses when the bike’s left mirror scratches the whole BMW’s side, from the back to the front door. For some odd reason, he lifts one of his boots and hits the car’s mirror, bending it to the opposite side of where it should’ve been.

The camera man quickly moves to focus that part specifically as Tyler slowly gets up and takes off his glasses. As soon as he notices that the camera was actually on him, he turns around and seems to be pointing at the camera man. His eyes seems a little bit enraged; however, not desperate.

Tyler Norton: “Creep motherfucker, you better keep this to yourself. You didn’t witness anything unless you want to see my damn boots so far up your ass that you won’t be able to walk for a week! YOU UNDERSTAND?”

A moment of silence now, Tyler signals with his hands as if he really wants to hear it from the camera guy. The man seems to be hesitating to do so; however, there is no choice.

Camera man: “Dude I’m sorry, but… We are live. Everyone is watching you.”

Tyler looks to one side and another and shakes his head. Next, he looks right into the camera, his eyes are popped as speaks intensely.

Tyler Norton: “Next time you fools better save me a place to park my bike! Who the fuck do you think I am? You are looking at the best goddamn wrestler of this place even before it was actually a place, dammit!

Lets see who is the victim now, shall we? Some fucker is paying for a new paintjob… And a new mirror. Oh and guess what? That fucker ain’t me!”

Tyler lets out a loud sarcastic chuckle as he makes his way to the front of the damaged car. The camera man follows him, but he is quickly shoved away once AK-14 abruptly stops. Tyler seems worried for a couple of seconds. Next, he lets out a laugh and pulls the camera man closer to focus the sign on the wall.

It is written: “General Manager’s Lee Morrison.

Tyler Norton: “Cupcake-eating-homeboy ain’t going to be happy about that. Well, shit happens.”

Tyler shrugs and makes his way to the arena entrance. The camera man follows him as the guy confidently strolls completely ignoring every staff member in his way. He gets to the entrance and smacks the door open. A staff member manages to interrupt his walk.

The interruption is no other than the beautiful interviewer, Julie Rodriguez. Tyler eyes her from the hair to the toes before saying the following.

Tyler Norton: “Whoa-ho-ho. The best one finally gets what he deserves, though I did not bring any protection. Forget that, AK-14 will last as long as possible to make your night the best of your entire life!”

Julie seems annoyed because of that sexist remark; however, she manages to keep it together and actually behaves professionally.

Julie Rodriguez: “Mr. Norton I demand respect. This is not what you think it is. I am Julie Rodriguez, and my job here is to interview people. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions before heading to your locker room.”

Tyler takes a deep breath and shakes his head. The camera man positions himself to catch the best angle. Norton grabs one of Julie’s cheeks and playfully squeezes a little bit before letting out a chuckle.

Tyler Norton: “Sure, baby girl… Whatever you demand, AK-14 is here to provide. Make this quick, though, I’ve got a meeting with the fruitcake.”

Julie Rodriguez: “Pardon me… Fruitcake?”

Tyler Norton: “The boss man, Lee Morrison.”

Julie sighs before proceeding to her first question.

Julie Rodriguez: “First of all, I would like to speak for the staff as a whole and welcome you to Ring of Chaos. The roster is full of talent and…”

Tyler Norton: “Bla bla bla I don’t give a damn. The roster might be full of talent but ain’t none of them got what it takes to be better than me. And hey, if you don’t like my attitude, I say fuck you and do something about it.”

The ‘gentleman’ is met by another despised eye look from the gorgeous interviewer, though, he legit does not seem to be bothered at all.

Julie Rodriguez: “Well, what’s with that attitude then? You’ve made quite a statement last week when you trash talked not only every wrestler, but you also disrespected the one who owns this place, Mr. Morrison. Your whole bravado might cost you even your contract match tonight. Aren’t you aware of that?”

Tyler quickly pulls the microphone next to his mouth and speaks staring & pointing at the camera.

Tyler Norton: “You see, I have been thinking about what I did last week. I’ve spent a loooong time thinking about it, to be fair. It happened when I was laying my body on my bed, I’ve had a couple of beers that night so I was quite dizzy. By couple of beers I mean thirty… Anyway, I was trying to sleep but I couldn’t, so I took some time to think about my actions here last week. It’s from the bottom of my heart when I say this… After thinking deeply about it, I have nothing to say but I fuckin’ meant every single word that I said in that damn ring!”

Tyler takes the microphone to himself and moves a little bit to the side, so the camera man has to focus and have him on sight only.

Tyler Norton: “I keep it real no matter what and you all should be aware of that. To hell what you faggots think about me. This ain’t no gimmick or whatever, I act like this because I’ve got balls to do it. You are too busy trying to look cute to the television or trying to impress the white collar dipshits, in the meanwhile I am getting your money, your girl, your drink and your damn title belt while kicking your ass.”

This time, Julie doesn’t take it and actually takes the microphone back. She gets back in sight and proceeds to ask the next question.

Julie Rodriguez: “But lets be fair, you are still a nobody despite all your ‘no gimmick’ thing as you just mentioned. In fact, you are not even an official member of the roster. I’m sure you remember the challenge that Lee proposed, which you gladly accepted. You are supposed to fight FIVE wrestlers tonight and the only way you can get signed to RoC is by beating each and every single one of them. How do you plan to do that?”

Tyler Norton: “Julie, there is only one thing I have planned… The only thing I am here for. The only thing I like doing besides having sex and drinking beers. I am here to kick some asses. And that is what I’m going to do. The plan is to kick their asses and get my damn contract signed so I can get my money and head straight to the motherfucken’ bar!”

Tyler moves away now; however, Julie persists and follows him, still being professional. They are walking through the corridors’ as the camera man has them in sight.

Julie Rodriguez: “Tyler, as far as we are concerned, Mr. Morrison never told you who you would face… I mean, maybe he can put you against all the Champions of the place to teach you a lesson. Have you thought about that?”

Tyler responds right away, not even looking at the woman trying hard to keep up with his pace.

Tyler Norton: “Yes.”

Julie Rodriguez: “… And?”

Tyler stops now. It seems like he has had enough of that. He closes his eyes and strokes his beard before addressing Julie.

Tyler Norton: “Look… I’ve been thinking about something since I saw you in that hall, Julie. Can I ask you something?”

Julie takes a deep breath, surely expecting the question to be another stupid remark; however, she nods.

Tyler Norton: “The question is… Did I ever tell you… Why they call me AK-14? Did I?”

Tyler displays a smile now. One can notice how sarcastic it is, he is really ready for the upcoming moment.

Julie Rodriguez: “Erm… Not really but that’s a good question. Would you like to tell me?”

Tyler speaks the next sentence quite smoothly.

Tyler Norton: “Oh how unfortunate. Yeah sure! Pass me this microphone, will you? I will tell you and everyone in here.”

Tyler grabs the microphone and closes his eyes as he turns to the camera. He displays a quick smile once he opens his eyes, they are popped out.

Tyler Norton: “They call me AK-14 because when any fool crosses my path… The same fool RECEIVES THE ASS KICKING OF HIS LIFETIME WHEN I STICK MY 14 SIZED BOOTS UP HIS ASS!”

Tyler violently drops the microphone and intensely eyeballs Julie, before making his way away of the scene, as the poor interviewer is still gathering herself after such disrespect. The camera slowly fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major begins playing in the arena as Cecilia Christiansen steps out from the back.  In one hand is a microphone while in the other is her signature parasol.  She twirls her parasol as she saunters down to the ring.  Entering the ring, Cecilia steps to the center before turning to face the backstage.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Now, I'm going to make this quick as my time is precious.  I am out here right now to speak to two individuals; Boy Bakla and Lexi Thorne.  Boy Bakla, I shall make this simple.  You are injured and have an impromptu match against a man who doesn't even work here.  Defeating him will do nothing for your career here, while a loss will make you look like a fool.  You only have something to lose, and nothing to gain."

Cecilia has a short giggle before continuing.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Bakla, you are the new Lightweight Champion... congratulations.  You've finally managed to make something of your career here and win a match.  However, you'll soon discover that it is a difficult thing to remain the champion, especially when you have harbored the disdain of much of the locker room.  Well, I have an offer for you -- an invitation if you will.  You need someone looking after you.  You need someone who actually cares about your injuries.  You need a friend.  I can be that friend."

Cecilia gives a smile as she lets her comments hang for a moment.

Cecilia Christiansen: "You see, Bakla, I don't particularly like you.  I don't particularly like the way you conduct yourself; I find you rather unladylike.  Yet, there is a certain attraction to something so... distinctive.  You've had a rather unspectacular career in both this company and in professional wrestling, but someone as ostracized as you could make a potent ally.  Think about this carefully, Bakla.  I plan on making some big things happen here, and if you're not with, you are most certainly against me.  I request that you make your decision next show."

With that, Cecilia seems to dismiss the conversation.  Scanning the crowd, Cecilia takes note of something out there before returning her gaze to the back.

Cecilia Christiansen: "And that brings me back to you, Lexi.  It would seem that you have lost your championship... how unfortunate.  I gave you the opportunity to have an ally to ensure that this would not happen.  I gave you the opportunity to have someone protect you from your aggressors.  You refused, and now what do you have to show for it?  Lexi, there is a simple solution to this problem -- accept my offer.  Accept my offer and we can secure you your championship.  Accept my offer and I can assure you that nothing like what occurred last show will ever happen again.  Lexi, make the right decision -- don't be foolish."

The lights go dark as "Shattered" by The Rolling Stones starts playing on the speakers as a mist rises from the top of the dimly lit entrance ramp.  Stepping forth from the mist was the former RoC Women Champion Lexi Thorne, on one hand she holds a mic and on the other a steel pipe.  She paces around the top of the ramp while clicking her tongue and swinging the pipe around.  She finally stops and points the pipe towards the ring where Cecilia Christiansen stands.

Lexi Thorne:  "You know, it all becomes clear now...  It was you!  You were the one who orchestrated the attack in my match.  You were the reason I lost my championship title and now you have the gall to ask me to join you?"

Lexi swings the pipe and smashes the rim of the entrance tunnel with a resounding KLANG!

Lexi Thorne:  "ARE YOU RETARDED?!  Rhetorical question, don't answer that...  You are a piece of work Cecilia...  But I have a way simpler solution, and it involves this pipe meeting your face!  In fact, why don't you also call out that dog you sicked on me in my match?  I'll take care of her too, I mean I wouldn't want you to be lonesome when I send you to the hospital...  I do not know what game you are playing here but I'd be stupid to take the hand of the person that already bit me."

Lexi Thorne begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring.

Lexi Thorne:  "You made a grave mistake Cecilia when you decided to dip your hands into my affairs.  In fact, this is the most pissed off I've ever been at someone in my whole life.  Usually I'd advise my enemies to run, but you...  I'd advise you to make sure you have a good mortician, because when I'm done with you and your lackey, you can forget about having an open casket at your wake. "

With a sudden burst of speed, Lexi lunges towards the ring.

Cecilia's face is momentarily startled by the act of aggression from Lexi Thorne. That quickly turns to something akin to terror. As Lexi reaches the ring, Cecilia quickly slides out on the other side. Lexi follows her out, cornering her near the crowd barricade. Looking terrified, Cecilia tries to hide behind her parasol as she backs against the crowd barricade. Showing no pity, Lexi moves forward and swings the pipe full force, but Cecilia ducks down and avoids the impact as the pipe slams against the crowd barricade.

Before Lexi can pull back, a hand grips the other side of the pipe and yanks it towards the crowd barricade. As Lexi is pulled forward, a bottle of liqueur is broken over her head. As Lexi collapses, Cecilia gives a brief grin before realizing she's covered in alcohol. Standing up and looking annoyed, she yells at the person in the crowd. After taking the verbal abuse, the masked woman from last show climbs over the barricade. She reaches down and grabs Lexi, pulling her to her feet before lifting Lexi onto the ring apron. After climbing into the ring, the masked woman grabs Lexi's arms and drags her unconscious body to the center of the ring. Cecilia takes this opportunity to slide into the ring. Sauntering up to her ally and Lexi, Cecilia smiles as she stoops down next to Lexi's head.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Such crass behavior, Lexi. You didn't really anticipate that temerarious assault actually succeeding, did you? Haha, who's the fool now, Lexi? Rhetorical question."

Cecilia gives a cruel smile as she rubs salt into the wounds.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Oh Lexi, you have quite a bit to learn. Yes, it was I who orchestrated the attack on you. The fact that you only realized that now is more than a little disappointing. It is deliciously ironic that you came into this organization by assaulting the women who worked here, and are now suffering that same fate. It's not so pleasant when you are on the other side of the attack, eh?"

The question, of course, would go unanswered by Lexi. Cecilia gives the unconscious woman before her a soft smile.

Cecilia Christiansen: "Lexi, it doesn't please me to do this to you. I wanted us to be friends. I wanted things to work out... but you've forced my hand. I warned you of the consequence of denying my affection, and now you are paying the price. We could be a true force in this organization. I can help you reign in that anger and act in a more prudent fashion. Lexi, I can either assist you in regaining your championship, or I can make sure that you never get close to it again. It is your choice."

Cecilia lightly pats Lexi on the head before standing and motioning for the masked woman. The masked woman holds the ropes open for Cecilia before exiting out after her.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Ak-1410 VS Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 5_rand10

Jim Jackson:  "Welcome to our first match of the evening and what a way to kick off Chaos Supreme than having a gauntlet match, but this isn't just any gauntlet match, what's at stake here is a RoC contract!  Two weeks ago Tyler "AK-14" Norton came out and demanded to be part of Ring of Chaos, our esteemed general manager answered his call and the result is what you all will be bearing witness to tonight.  AK-14 should defeat not one, not two, not three, not four BUT FIVE random opponents in order to secure himself a place in our roster.  Who will these five gatekeepers be?  Well we'll find out soon enough."

Brad Blood:  "Well I know we are all itching to see who Tyler will be facing off against first so kick it away Alice!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a gauntlet match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 237 pounds, hailing from Mississipi, U.S.A., TYLER "AK-14" NORTON!!!"

The Titan tron shows a compilation of Tyler Norton's videos, a bunch of flashes displaying his strongest moves and disrespectful actions in the ring & backstage. The video is concluded by the following "AK-14".

Tyler "AK-14" Norton pops through the curtains aisle once Dope - "Debonaire" hits the arena's speakers. He smacks his chest twice and lifts up both hands displaying the rock sign. Tyler is wearing a leather vest, black cargo pants, black boots and black MMA-style gloves.He makes his way to the ring trash talking a couple of people as he descends the ramp. He even throws the middle fingers once he gets ringside.

Norton climbs up the ring and then the turnbuckle. He grabs his crotch and shows the middle fingers one more time. The man is being showered by boos; however, he doesn't seem to care. Finally, he takes off his vest and stretches his neck and arms preparing for the upcoming match.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, his first opponent, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 205 pounds, hailing from Shitterton, Dorset, England...  DIARRHEA BOY!"

"Shit Towne" by Live starts playing on the loudspeakers as Diarrhea Boy bursts forth from the entrance tunnel. Suddenly his face contorts as a foul smell emanate from his rear, he clutches the middle of his ass with one hand and rushes down the ramp. He slides into the ring and heads to his corner to wait for his opponent.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble...  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Tyler Norton charges in but Diarrhea Boy ducks down under a clothesline attempt.  D-Boy off the ropes...  Norton sidesteps and dodges a springboard back elbow!  Big right by Norton rocks Diarrhea Boy!  D-Boy staggers to the ropes Tyler Norton charges in...  Enzuigiri from out of nowhere sends Norton reeling!  Springboard knee strike by D-Boy...  AK-14 falls to one knee...  D-Boy for the shining wizard..."

Brad Blood:  "Wha?!  Tyler ducks down at the last moment and D-Boy hits nothing but air!  D-Boy gets back to his feet but a huge lariat almost takes his head off!  We can now see how the difference in power can easily turn a match around.  Norton has Diarrhea Boy's back...  This can't be good...  Wait!  D-Boy somehow counters and lands on his feet from the back suplex attempt!  Diarrhea Boy grabs his opponent's head and runs towards the ropes where he uses his momentum to flip over while still holding on to his opponent's head and slamming them face first into the canvas executing a debilitating Shit Happens!  D-Boy for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Tyler Norton gets a shoulder up at two!  Diarrhea Boy leaps to the top turnbuckle and leaps up in the air in a forward twisting motion and flipping backwards...  AND HE LANDS AT THE CANVAS AS NORTON ROLLS AWAY AT THE LAST MOMENT! Shit Meet Fan misses!"

Brad Blood:  "Oh ewww~!  Did he just leave a brown smudge on the canvas where he landed?!  Big kick to the back by AK-14!  He pulls D-Boy up and sends him to the rope with an Irish whip...  D-Boy grabs on to the ropes and stops himself from bouncing back...  Tyler grabs him from behind with a waistlock...  Uh-oh, this won't end well..."

Jim Jackson:  "Diarrhea Boy gets lifted up and driven into the canvas by a brutal German suplex!  Wait!  Tyler Norton still has his arms around D-Boy's waist...  A second German suplex!  And a third!  A fourth!  AND A FIFTH!  A FIVE COMBO ROLLING GERMANS!!!  D-Boy is twitching on the canvas as AK-14 goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "How in the world did he even get a shoulder up?!  Not that it matters, AK-14 has him in his sights...  D-Boy struggles to his feet...  SPEAR!!!  AK-14 just broke D-Boy in half!!!  This has gotta be it!  Tyler hooks the leg..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"

Brad Blood:  "And there you have it!  Tyler gets his first win!"


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, Diarrhea Boy has been eliminated!  Introducing the next opponent, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 200 pounds, hailing from Nowhere, Oklahoma...  JOE JOBBER!"

Beck's "Loser" starts playing on the loud speakers as Joe Jobber leaps forth from the entrance tunnel and runs down the ramp waving towards the fans as they wonder who the hell he is. He excitedly leaps into the ring and heads to his corner waiting for the match to begin.


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Joe Jobber quickly goes in and ducks under Tyler Norton's right hook, he gets Norton's back...  Back elbows from Norton rocks Joe and forces him to release his hold...  Irish whip sends JJ to the ropes...  AK-14 for a back body drop...  Jobber leaps over him and uses the ropes to gain momentum...  Tyler turns around right into a dropkick sending him spiraling to the ropes!  Jobber charges in and leaps unto the ropes...  Springboard bulldog plants Norton to the canvas!  Big knee drop to the spine of Tyler Norton!  Joe Jobber rolls him over for the cover..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Nope!  That's what Tyler said to Joe's pinfall attempt.  Tyler begins to fight his way back to his feet, big blows are sending Joe back...  He has Joe backed up in the corner but he still doesn't stop and continues to pummel Joe with big punches.  Ooh!  Big uppercut stuns Joe Jobber!  He practically just overpowered Joe with big punches and waited for a perfect opening to hit that uppercut!  Joe is slumped on the corner Tyler lifts Joe up and sets him up on top of the turnbuckles...  He leaps up to the top rope and gets a good hold on Joe...  DDT FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE BY AK-14!!!  That shook the ring!  Norton hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "Joe Jobber kicks out!  Tyler Norton pulls him up and sends him to the ropes with an Irish whip, Jobber ducks below a clothesline attempt and bounces back...  Norton for a discus clothesline misses as Jobber once again goes low!  JJ off the ropes sunset flip roll up pin attempt...  Norton kicks out before the ref can go down!  Jobber goes for the leg, dragon leg screw takes Norton down!  He's going for the sharpshooter...  AK-14 kicks him off!  Joe hits the ropes and bounces back... Right into Tyler who hauls him up...  Fallaway slam!  Big elbow drop by Tyler Norton!  He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Joe still manages to get his shoulder up at the last second!  But wait!  AK-14 locks in a crossface!  Submission maneuver locked in!  Jobber tries to reach for the ropes...  He's too far away!  HE TAPS!!!  HE'S TAPPING!!!  Tyler Norton just scored his second win!"


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Jobber has been eliminated!  Introducing the next opponent, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 220 pounds, hailing from parts unknown...  THE MASKED MORON!"

"I'm with Stupid" by Pet Shop Boys start playing on the loud speakers as The Masked Moron lowers himself from the rafters with a makeshift rope pulley system.  He gets stuck in mid-air and is forced to cut his rope falling flat on his face from 8 feet in the air.  He quickly leaps back up to his feet seemingly undamaged and heads to the wrong corner to wait for his opponent.


Jim Jackson:  "The Masked Moron starts to run...  He runs around Tyler Norton with his arms out front and making whooshing noises!"

Brad Blood:  "I think he's pretending to be flying Jim..."

Jim Jackson:  "It seems like it and Tyler Norton doesn't look amused.  Norton tries to grab hold of The Masked Moron as he whooshed by but Moron is just running too fast for him to grab hold of.  Norton looks annoyed...  The Masked Moron leaps to the ropes... Springboard crossbody flattens Tyler but Moron quickly rolls off and is on the run again!  Tyler Norton gets back to his feet as The Masked Moron once again runs circles around him.  Moron leaps to the ropes once more!  Norton ducks as a springboard dropkick misses but The Masked Moron rolls then leaps and bounces on the ropes once more like a pinball!  Springboard back elbow connects!  Tyler staggers!  The Masked Moron again on the ropes...  Springboard tornado DDT plants AK-14 into the canvas!  The Masked Moron runs around whooping and doing cartwheels!"

Brad Blood:  "Aaaaaand this is why he is called The Masked Moron, instead of going for the pin, he runs around like an idiot.  Tyler shakes off the stars and staggers back to his feet.  Moron is on the move again, this time he runs towards Tyler...  Scissor kick misses as Norton spins out of the way and catches him...  SPINEBUSTER~!!!  Ohh!  Moron just got planted big time!  This is what he gets for being an idiot."

Jim Jackson:  "Tyler Norton quickly mounts The Masked Moron and starts to rain punches down into Moron's head!  Norton gets back up and leans on the ropes to catch his breath.  Moron starts to stir...  Big clothesline takes The Masked Moron down!  He gets back again and once again gets floored by another clothesline.   The Masked Moron rises up once more...  Scoop slam by AK-14 sends him back to the canvas a third time!  AK-14 for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Our resident retarded superhero gets a shoulder up at two.  He may be stupid but he's resilient...   Moron rolls away before Tyler can grab hold of him...  Tyler charges in...  SUPERKICK!  Tyler is down!!!  The Masked Moron leaps to the top of the turnbuckles and poses.  He then sings out.."


Brad Blood:  "He then leaps up in the air and lands on his opponent's knees!  TYLER NORTON GETS HIS KNEES UP AND COUNTERS MORON'S FINISHER!"

Jim Jackson:  "Tyler Norton forces The Masked Moron to sit on the top of the turnbuckle; next, he climbs up to the third rope. Tyler throws a couple of punches in The Masked Moron's face and raises up both hands to display the rock sign. Finally, he performs a headlock to The Masked Moron, drapes one of The Masked Moron's arms behind his neck and lifts up The Masked Moron to slam the one on the ring mat executing a devastating Game Over!  Norton for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"

Brad Blood:  "Norton dispatches of another one!"


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, The Masked Moron has been eliminated!  Introducing the next opponent, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 223 pounds, hailing from Fucking, Austria...  MAXIMUS ORGASMUS!"

"Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye starts playing on the speakers as steam rises from the top of the entrance ramp...  Dancing out seductively, Maximus Orgasmus grinds his way down the entrance ramp and into the ring.


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell and both men charge at each other!  They begin trading punches in the middle of the ring!  This is an all out brawl!   Both men have thrown caution into the wind and are just throwing their fists at each others' head!   Oh!  It looks like Maximus Orgasmus scored a big one as Tyler Norton reels sideways!  Max-O charges in but Norton counters with a big right hook catching him at the side of the head!  AK-14 quickly capitalizes and hits a facebuster!  Leg drop attempt by Tyler but Orgasmus rolls out of the way!  Big boot by Maximus Orgasmus sends AK-14 to the canvas!  He quickly hooks the leg..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Tyler kicks out at two!  We can see that fighting multiple opponents are starting to take a toll on Tyler Norton.  His reactions and movements have certainly begun to dull, he needs to dispatch of Max-O quickly since he still has one more opponent left after this.  Tyler staggers to his feet but Maximus is already waiting!  Maximus Orgasmus stands behind, slightly to one side of and facing his opponent, he then reaches under one of the opponent's arms with their corresponding arm and places the palm of their hand on the back of his opponent's neck, thereby forcing the arm of his opponent up into the air to complete the half nelson. He  then lifts the opponent up, turns, and falls forward, slamming his opponent back-first into the mat executing a One Night Stand!  Max-O for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "Tyler Norton somehow gets a shoulder up at the last moment!  Maximus Orgasmus grabs Norton and pulls him up...  It looks like he's going for a suplex attempt... No!  Tyler blocks it and counters it with a suplex of his own!  Both men are down!  Tyler is clearly hurting, he was not able to capitalize on that counter but still, hitting that suplex gave him some reprieve...  Tyler Norton claws his way to the ropes and uses it to pull himself up...  Maximus Orgasmus has also gotten back to his feet.  He sees Norton on the ropes and charges in...  Right into a double axe handle!"

Brad Blood:  "Ooh!  That probably knocked a few brain cells silly!  Tyler begins to stomp away at Max-O, it ain't pretty but it's effective.  Wait!  Maximus manages to grab hold of Tyler's leg!  He pulls him down and goes for a submission... Ankle lock!  Wait!  Tyler twists around and kicks Maximus off of him!  Maximus bounces off the ropes and falls into Tyler's arms...  Rear-naked choke!!!  What a counter!  But wait!  Maximus Orgasmus manages to get his arms up in time preventing Tyler from locking in the choke hold!  He twists free and both wrestlers roll back to their feet!  The crowd is cheering loudly!"


Jim Jackson:  "Both wrestlers are eyeing each other taking their time...  One false move can mean disaster.  It's Tyler Norton who lunges in first but is taken down by a snapmare!  He rolls back to his feet just as Maximus Orgasmus charges in...  Arm drag by Norton sends Max-O to the canvas!  Orgasmus rolls back to his feet and barely dodges a clothesline attempt!  He has Norton's back...  No!  Tyler spins free and grabs Max-O from behind!  Back elbows by Maximus Orgasmus stuns Tyler Norton, he has Norton in a headlock...  Norton pushes free!  Max-O hits the ropes and bounces back, Norton rolls him up for a schoolboy!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Kick out by Max-O!  He turns around...  Tyler Norton kicks Maximus Orgasmus' gut and applies a front facelock. Next, he drapes Maximus Orgasmus' near arm over his shoulder and lifts up Maximus Orgasmus to an upside-down position. Tyler insanely shouts "I just kicked your ass!!" as he holds Maximus Orgasmus in the peak of the arc for a couple of seconds and then slam Maximus Orgasmus on the mat executing the Reality Check!   Tyler for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Jim Jackson:  "And that's number four for Tyler Norton!"

Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, Maximus Orgasmus has been eliminated!  Introducing the next opponent, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 195 pounds, hailing from Houston, Texas...  Gorgeous...  XAVIER BLOOD!"

"Bloody Monday" by U2 starts playing on the loudspeakers as Xavier Blood leaps out from the entrance tunnel.  Brad Blood cheers wildly for his son as Xavier Blood makes his way to the ring.


Brad Blood:  "Haha!  It's my spawn, my scion, the fruit of my loins!  It's my boy Xavier!  Haha!  Tyler is so screwed now!  My son has been fighting around the world, in Japan, Mexico, Canada, South Africa...  He's been honing his skills Jim, and tonight, it's Tyler's bad luck that he's facing my son, Xavier Blood!  I guess Tyler can kiss that contract goodby..."



Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Three!"

Brad Blood:  "What the?  How the?"


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, Xavier Blood has been eliminated!  The winner of the match and getting a Ring of Chaos contract...  TYLER "AK-14" NORTON!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "And Tyler Norton passes his entrance exam with flying colors!  What a great showing from RoC's newest talent!"


Jim Jackson:  "And as my partner here blabbers on, it looks like our general manager Lee Morrison has come out from the back!  He makes his way to the ring carrying a briefcase!"

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing on the speakers as Lee Morrison heads down the ramp and enters the ring.  He walks up to Tyler Norton and pulls out a pen handing it to the exhausted wrestler, without missing a beat, he opens up the briefcase and shows the crowd the content, a Ring of Chaos contract!  He then faces the open briefcase to Tyler Norton who picks the contract up and scans it.  After a moment Tyler Norton signs the contract and puts it back into the case wherein Lee Morrison shuts the case and puts it down before raising Tyler Norton's arm up in the air.

Lee Morrison:  "Ladies and gentlemen, let us give Mr. Norton here a RoC welcome!"

The crowd cheers loudly for RoC's latest acquisition.  Lee Morrison puts his arms down and shakes his hand.

Lee Morrison:  "Congratulations Mr. Norton and welcome to Ring of Chaos...  An impressive victory indeed.  I will expect to see more from you and your Ass-kicking skills..."

With that Lee Morrison grabs the case and exits the ring as Tyler Norton celebrates his win and his new job here in Ring of Chaos.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 T-rexb10
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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:40 pm

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Backst10

The scene opens backstage, dimly lit but enough to recognize Marcus Troy with his monster Entropy standing behind him.  He casually sucks upon his cigar, savoring the taste before he releases the smoke and begins to address the camera.

Marcus Troy:  "Only a fool would bite the hand that offered him a chance at greatness...  Only a fool would instigate a battle he has no chance of winning...  Only a fool would cross ME!  Alexander Melchiott found that out the hard way, and tonight, Haruki Inoki too shall discover the results of his folly.  When the dust settles tonight, just like history, just like Nagasaki and Hiroshima, there will be nothing left of Haruki Inoki...  Entropy shall consume this poor little fool, he shall fall into the maelstrom of chaos and destruction, never to surface again."

Marcus Troy takes another puff from his cigar before going on.

Marcus Troy:  "Such a shame, such a shame indeed...  You could have had the world Mr. Inoki, you could have become great!  But now, you are nothing but another statistic, another number in the long list of wrestlers that fell to Entropy, to be buried and forgotten.  Tsk tsk tsk...  Instead of leaving a legacy, Mr. Inoki shall leave in a gurney...  Good bye Mr. Inoki, tonight will be the last time I lay my eyes upon you.  Things could have really ended differently but you chose the path of a fool and thus you shall meet a fool's end."

Marcus Troy drops his cigar and extinguishes it with his foot as the scene cuts to black.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Brad Blood:  "Jim!  Why doesn't a chicken wear pants?"

Jim Jackson:  "I'm gonna regret this... Why?"

Brad Blood:  "Because his pecker is on his head!"

Jim Jackson:  "Dammit Brad!  That's not appropriate for television!"

Brad Blood:  "But this is!  Introducing..."

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Cock_s10

Brad Blood:  "Grace Cock Soup!  The best tasting cock you'll ever put in your mouth!"

Jim Jackson:  "... I can't even..."

Brad Blood:  "WHAT?! They paid for advertising time!"

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Backst10

Sitting on top of a crate is Haruki Inoki, giving his thoughts on tonight's match.

Haruki Inoki: "So you think facing Entropy is gonna scare me? Just because I didn't side with you now I'm a main target apparently, well I'm gonna keep everything short and simple, if you think what I did to the Geeks & Losers at the iPPV was bad, imagine what I'm going to do to you and Entropy. I have a plan up my sleeves and I will take both you Marcus, and Entropy out. Watashi wa kenpō-ō ni itaru made, anata ni 2 yumi o okonaimasu!"

He finishes before jumping off the crate to get ready for his match.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Entrop10 VS Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Haruki10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next, Haruki Inoki will be facing Marcus Troy's monster Entropy!"

Brad Blood:  "Yeah, that's right, Haruki spurned and burned the hand that offered him the chance of a lifetime and the result, that hand turned into a fist and it will pound Haruki into oblivion!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall, introducing first, standing at 7 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 390 pounds, hailing from The Amazon Jungle...  The Embodiment of Chaos... ENTROPY!!!"

The light goes dark as "The Last Steampunk Waltz" by Ghostfire starts to play on the speakers.  A spotlight shines upon the opening of the entrance tunnel as Marcus Troy steps out from the back.  With a grin on his face and a gesture from his hand, steam begins to rise covering the whole area.  Marcus Troy steps forward and suddenly the hulking form of Entropy comes forth rendering gasps from the crowd.  Leading his client down the ramp Marcus Troy smirks in amusement at the crowd's fear of Entropy who hulks into the ring and prepares for his match.

Brad Blood:  "Oh man, just look at that specimen of destruction!  Entropy is gonna rip Haruki apart piece by piece!  This is gonna be good!"

Jim Jackson:  "Well Haruki Inoki certainly will have his hands full tonight, though improbable, Haruki may pull up an upset tonight."

Brad Blood:  "In what reality?!  Haruki is toast!  No, he's burned toast!  He's charcoal!  If he is smart, he would no show!  Run away!  To another state...  No!  Another country!"

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 230 pounds, hailing from Tokushima, Japan...  The Kempo King...  HARUKI INOKI!"

Moments pass and Haruki Inoki doesn't appear...

Jim Jackson:  "Where's Haruki Inoki?"

Brad Blood:  "Whoa!  It seems I am right...  Haruki must have ran away...  He must have..."




Jim Jackson:  "This can't be good for Haruki Inoki...  He's better hope he can escape, I wouldn't want to imagine what Entropy will do to him once he catches up to him..."

Brad Blood:  "I don't think Haruki will be safe anywhere in the world after what he did..."

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Backst10

Leaning against a wall in front of the camera is a familiar man in a black jacket with a pink fur lining along the collar.  Oddly enough, the familiar big man Hovac is nowhere to be seen.  After emitting a sigh, the man looks towards the camera.

Alexander Melchiott: "It seems everybody is requesting the answer to one question; where does Alexander Melchiott go from here?  Will Alexander Melchiott be fired?  Will he quit?  What happens next in this saga?"

After blowing out a breath of air to show his disdain for these questions, Melchiott gives a sharp look to the camera.

Alexander Melchiott: "I think the most important question is why I went after Marcus Troy in the first place.  The answer to this question is simple; revenge.  I sided with Marcus Troy back in the United League of Lunatics.  I supported that egotistical walking, talking, piece of human refuse even after he cheated me out of championships.  And yet, what did I get for supporting him?  Nothing.  I received no titles, no money, and no help.  Troy didn't even acknowledge my assistance.  The only things I received for my trouble was the disdain of the roster and a beating in the parking lot.  That genius Troy only managed to run the company that I helped build straight into the ground."

Melchiott's hand reaches up to the fur lining.  He begins toying with a bit of the fur as a look of pure malice crosses his face.

Alexander Melchiott: "Troy, this is far from over.  You may have won the battle, but the war is mine.  There is always a plan B., C., D., and E. when you deal with Alexander Melchiott."

Melchiott seems to calm down a bit as he begins twiddling a strand of the fur in-between his index and middle finger.

Alexander Melchiott: "Pushing that aside, we have to look towards the future.  Troy will be dealt with soon enough, so where does Alexander Melchiott go from here?  This answer may surprise you, Thaddeus Rex."

Giving a slight grin, Melchiott continues to play with the fur of his coat as he calls out his new target.

Alexander Melchiott: "You seem to be enjoying a streak of success here in Ring of Chaos, Mr. Rex.  How fortunate for you, or rather, how unfortunate for you.  You haven't escaped my gaze, Mr. Rex.  You have defeated Shogun and Jack Johnson, but there is still one Legend of this sport still standing -- me."

Melchiott covers a giggle with his hand as he pushes off of the wall.

Alexander Melchiott: "You delusional old fool!  Did you really believe that you could waltz into the World title picture without defeating me?  Without defeating the Best Wrestler on Planet Earth?  The Reflection of Perfection itself?  Shogun and Jack Johnson are NOTHING compared to me.  So Rex, I have a proposition for both you and Lee Morrison.  I want you, Thaddeus Rex.  I want you in that ring.  If you can defeat me -- which you won't -- then you will have truly earned your World Title shot.  But WHEN I win, I want a World Tag Team Championship opportunity at a time of my choosing.  Rex, it's time for you to be taken down a notch. And Morrison, I'll clean up this little issue for you and put on one hell of a Main Event, so use your authority to make sure Troy can screw this up.  I'll see you soon, Rex."

Melchiott turns away from the camera before beginning to walk down the hall.  After a few steps, Melchiott stops before looking back at the camera.

Alexander Melchiott: "Oh, and you can thank me later, Ray.  Enjoy your success while it lasts."

Giving a final laugh, Melchiott continues down the hall as the scene fades.

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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 T-rexb10
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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:52 pm

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

"Eyeless" by Slipknot begins playing as Gus walks down the entrance ramp, wearing a straitjacket. he is accompanied by a nurse. He screams in rage and then he talks gibberish. Before entering the ring, the nurse removes his straitjacket and then she quickly gets away. Gus screams "Die" at the top of his lungs and then he enters the ring.

Rafik Arfah makes his route to the ring. He thanks Allah for keeping him alive for another week and walks down the ramp. He directs crotch chops at the fans while sticking his tongue out as he enters the ring. Rafik enters the ring and forces the announcer to "Too Sweet" him.

Jim Jackson: "Our tag team champions are here tonight, after a terrific win over The Southern Gents, during our Anarchy iPPV. Rafik Arfha managed to get Issac Cox through the table, so The Slayers would retain their titles, even if they weren't exactly winning during their match."

Gus: "We are still champions and that makes me feel great. I literally dream of being the longest running tag team champion of ROC and I believe so do Rafik. Every day and every single championship match we fight, we get a step closer to making this dream real. And I feel so proud of me, because I have tried really hard even to get this fed's scouters to check on me. It isn't exactly easy to be a professional wrestler, when you are locked up in a mental clinic because people say that you are too "dangerous" and "you might kill people". Can you believe this?"

Brad Blood: Yes we can!

Gus: "Anyway, We're not here to talk about my mental health, we are here to talk about the Southern Gents. Those two posers. I mean come on! Who speaks with this stupid accent. It's ridiculous. But, the problem with them isn't their accent. Their problem is that they are uncapable of holding these belts. The just don't deserve them. I mean you saw clearly that their manager interfered in our match. Solomon Jake, you coward. YOU SPAT MIST ON MY EYES. I could have lost that match. Would you feel proud, if your team won, thanks to your interference. Would you? You are a disgrace to wrestling! I literally want to KILL YOU. But first we have to get out of the way your idiotic "bodyguards"."

Jim Jackson: "Gus seems to be really pissed off with Solomon Jake's actions at Anarchy iPPV."

Brad Blood: "He is right. That low blow could have costed him the belt."

Gus: "Tonight, I face one of those two losers. His name is Mike Hunt. Guess what Mike? Tonight I will DESTROY YOU. I literally want to taste your blood. I want to get on a beast mode and never stop. And you should know, that I usually kill my opponents when I'm on the beast mode. But, you know something, I wish someone stops me right before I give the last hit. So that I can enjoy BEATING YOU TO THE DEATH ONE MORE TIME!"

Gus is furious! he takes a moment to breath and calm down, as Rafik Arfah starts talking.

Rafik Arfah: "Southern Gents, we beat your ass and put one of you through a table, meaning you two lost. Which makes you LOSERS. We don't give title shots to losers.. You had your shot and blew the fuck out of it. It's back to the end of line for you. Attacking us after the loss was a pussy move done by two pussies... You want another match with us? Fine. But don't expect the title to be on the line. In that match we will do what we did last time... Bury you in the dirt and send you back to irrelevancy."

Rafik Arfah calms down Gus and both men head backstage after making their statement.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Locker10

The scene started with Solomon Jake sitting on his chair and is in deep thoughts which gets interrupted when he hears a knock on the door.

Solomon Jake: "Come in."

One of his client Mike Hunt enters the room, Solomon quickly stands up and starts to speak his mind.

Solomon Jake: "You might be wondering why I called you and not your partner here. I'm still angry with him for doing something stupid like doing a splash where he is vulnerable to get countered by a cutter. Of course, I will discuss that another time with him but tonight, you have a match against one-half of the tag champs Gus.  Now this is a test for you because your partner isn't going to be there waiting for you to tag him in, you're on your own there and I want...  NEED you to beat Gus."

He takes a silent pause before he continues to speak.

Solomon Jake: "I want you to make sure that the management has a reason for both you and Isaac to deserve a rematch with them, understand?"

He waits for Mike Hunt to answer.

Mike Hunt nods indicating his comprehension of his manager's message.

Mike Hunt:  "Ah totally understand Mistuh Jake.  Don't worry, Ah won't let you down tonight.  Gus won't be a problem, Ah'm gonna win this match and show you the fruits of mah trainin'.  We will get a title shot again and finally take those tag team titles off of The Slayers."

Hunt says with conviction...

Mike Hunt:  "And if Gus' partner interferes, Ah'll take care of 'im too.  Them dirty Muslims is the reason this great country of ours is goin' down the drain.  We need't show them that this is America and we Americans will not be second best in America!"

Mike Hunt raises his arm and puts it across his chest and begins to sing the national anthem as the screen fades.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Brad Blood:  "Before we go on, let us take a break to hear a few words from our sponsor..."

Jim Jackson:  "Are you sure this is a good idea Brad?"

Brad Blood:  "Of course it is, this IS extra income Jim... So let's put the product on the titan tron."

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Overdr10

Brad Blood:  "Ohhh fuuuuuuuuuuuu.... I'm in so much trouble..."

Jim Jackson:  "Yes you are Brad, yes you are..."

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Gus10 VS Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Mike_h10

Jim Jackson:  "The Slayers defended their RoC tag titles successfully during our first iPPV Anarchy but The Southern Gents had the last laugh when they ambushed and attacked the tag team champs...  Tonight is a chance for redemption as Gus shall be facing Mike Hunt."

Brad Blood:  "Well, The Southern Gents made an enemy of two of the more dangerous individuals here in RoC, Hunt better bring his A game if he wants to survive this night against Gus."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 245 pounds, hailing from Des Moines, Iowa...  The Psychopath...  GUS!"

"Eyeless" by Slipknot begins playing as Gus walks down the entrance ramp, wearing a straitjacket. he is accompanied by a nurse. He screams in rage and then he talks gibberish. Before entering the ring, the nurse removes his straitjacket and then she quickly gets away. Gus screams "Die" at the top of his lungs and then he enters the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 218 pounds, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky...  The Huntsman...  MIKE HUNT!"

"Highway Song" by Blackfoot starts playing on the speakers as Mike Hunt runs out through the tunnel, following behind him is his manager Solomon Jake.  Without stopping to catch his breath, he dashes right into the ring doing somersaults and cartwheels as his manager finally gets to the ring and beckons him over.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Both wrestlers meet each other in the middle of the ring!  They get into a grappling contest but Gus gets the upperhand and locks Mike Hunt in a headlock!  Hunt shoves Gus off of him and into the ropes!  Gus ducks a clothesline attempt and hits the ropes again..."

Brad Blood:  "Whoa!  Solomon Jake just tripped Gus!  Gus falls on his face and looks pissed!  He reaches over the ropes and grabs a fistful of Solomon's hair pulling him up on the apron!  Mike clubs him from behind and hits a German suplex!  Wait!  Rafik Arfah runs into the ring!  He starts attacking Solomon Jake!  Mike Hunt sees his manager in danger!  He leaps over the rope!  Slingshot senton... HE MISSES BY A COUNTRY MILE!"

Jim Jackson:  "Rafik Arfah starts beating down on Mike Hunt but Isaac Cox comes running out and attacks Arfah from behind!  The referee is calling for the bell!"


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, this contest has been declared a NO CONTEST DUE TO INTERFERENCE!"

Brad Blood:  "Uh-oh, looks like the crowd ain't happy at what just happened...  The Southern Gents with their manager starts beating down on Rafik Arfah...  WAIT!  Gus comes to the rescue of his partner and knocks both Isaac Cox and Mike Hunt down with a double clothesline!  Solomon Jake hightails it!  Gus helps his partner up and now it's an all out brawl between the two teams!"

Jim Jackson:  "Security has come out now to separate the two teams...  Looks like this feud is just heating up...  Expect to see more fireworks between The Slayers and The Southern Gents!"

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Beyond10

The following scene took place last week. The scene ups to show Samantha King and Shadow Callahan in the waiting room of a hospital. Allister was rushed there following the conclusion of the last show where him and Ray both got hit by a van. The doctor emerges from the room and walks towards the two concerned individuals.

Dr. Manchu: "I'm sorry to have to tell you this but.... Allister King is dead. "

Shock and horror fill them, Sammie begins to cry. Shad is frozen still. Neither can believe the news they just heard.

Dr. Manchu: "Dead set on returning to the ring. He's going to make a full recovery."

Sam attempts to beat the living shit out the doctor but Shad is quick to restrain her.


The doctor nervously backs away.

Dr. Manchu: "I'm sorry but it was the patient who asked me to tell you that."

She breaks free and shoves the doctor out of the way as she storms towards the patients room. As she enters, Allister is lying in bed eating the food the nurses brought him. He looks directly into the eye of the beast that is before him.

Allister King: "Jello!"

He raises the jello up and smiles but the smile goes away once he sees that she has picked up a chair and proceeds to throw it at him. He narrowly manages to duck and the chair bounces off the wall.

Allister King: "Da fuck? Can't you see I'm an injured man? What kind of wife are you suppose to be?"

Samantha King: "Wife? I'll be a widow when I get through with you."


Shadow, several nurses and doctors rush into the room to stop the attempted murder.

Samantha King: "We thought you were dead asshole!"

Allister King: "Really? Did you cry? I bet you cried. Empty inside like you couldn't live without me in your life. Hehe."

Everyone stops and stares at him. Seconds later they let her go and she flies towards him and connects with a knee right to the family jewels. His eyes almost pop out of his head like a cartoon from the impact. He coughs up blood.

Dr. Manchu: "Oh my god! This man has just suffered a ruptured testicle! Quickly get him to the operating room quickly! We might still be able to save his ball!"

The camera fades to black as Allister is being seen to by the medical staff.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

A man in a bedazzled, black cape begins walking down the ring.  Written in the bedazzled gems is one word.  México.  He points his face to the light to see his mask in silver.  The man drops the cape and thrusts his hips toward the ring, causing the golden mask covering his crotch to come into full view.  The masked man, now known to be La Máscara Sin Pantalones, campeón humilde y luchador honorable de México, makes the sign for the holy trinity, picks the cross from his chest, and kisses it as "Return of the Tres" by Delinquent Habits plays.  La Máscara Sin Pantalones lets go of the cross and lets it fall to against his chest as he enters the ring.  He grabs a microphone and looks to the confused crowd.

La Máscara Sin Pantalones: "Hola, amigos!  Hello, friends!  I bet you were wondering what I, La Máscara Sin Pantalones, campeón humilde y luchador honorable de México, has been doing for this past year!  You see, nobody told me that this was going to be en inglés and I did not have a very good grasp of the language, you see.  However, a small language barrier can be overcome just like anything else!  With hard work and determination!  I downloaded Rosetta Stone on my phone and now I can speak like the rest of you!  I can show you, my fans, what you mean to me!"

The crowd look around to each other and shrug before cheering.  La Máscara Sin Pantalones lowers his hand to signal the crowd to quiet.  He continues his speech.

La Máscara Sin Pantalones: "Mi amigos! I am proud to say, I am now fluent in your language!  I am ready to come back to bring honor and tradition to the Ring of Chaos!  Know that during every fight, you are all with me!  Know that in every match, you are in my heart!  Know that every time I breathe, you breathe with me!"

He points to his lower mask.

La Máscara Sin Pantalones:  "This is my commitment to you all!  Know that this is not my mask, it is that mask for all of you.  This mask is the pride I have for my fans.  This mask will stay just as mine.  This mask will never be removed!  Viva la México!  Long Live Mexico!  Viva la Ring of Chaos!  Long Live the Ring of Chaos!  VIVA LA VOS!  LONG LIVE MY FANS!"

La Máscara Sin Pantalones drops the microphone to applause and drops to one knee.  He says a small prayer to himself that cannot be heard before kissing his cross again and exiting the ring.

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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Brad Blood:  "Before we go on, we would like to thank our sponsor for tonight...  Introducing the newest energy drink to hit the market!"

Jim Jackson:  "Oh for god's sake..."

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Erektu10

Brad Blood:  "EREKTUS!  Guarana energy!  Guaranteed to keep it up all night and keep you going and going and going and going and going and going.."

Jim Jackson:  "We get the picture Brad, now let's get on with the show!"

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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

"Carnivore" by Starset starts playing on the speakers as Thaddeus Rex comes out from the back.  He ignores the boos from the crowd as he smugly walks down the ramp and into the ring.  Stepping inside, he raises a mic and begins to speak.

Thaddeus Rex:  "As I promised, I delivered!  Two weeks ago in Anarchy, I dispatched of Jack Johnson, I admit it was not as easy as I thought but in the end, I was the better man.  I was the winner and Jack became nothing more than an afterthought, just like Shogun.  Two legends in the wrestling world have now fallen by my hands, two men who once stood at the top of the wrestling world, destroyed by me.  A great achievement if you ask me, how many wrestlers past the age of 60 can brag that they utterly destroyed two men who are half their age?  That's right, only one...  ME!"

The crowd begins to pelt T-Rex with boos anew.

Thaddeus Rex:  "You all should have realized by now that your boos mean nothing to me.  I have paid my dues, I have fought, I have sacrificed and I have bled in this ring and now I shall once again turn my sights on the top prize here in Ring of Chaos...  THE ROC WORLD TITLE!  Now I understand that you are still hurt from your match against Allister King two week ago...  Well tough luck Ray...  That's right, I'm coming for you and that title and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

Thaddeus Rex drops the mic and exits the ring as "Carnivore" by Starset begins to play once more in the loud speakers.

Thaddeus Rex continues to make his exit from the arena. Completely ignorant to the crowds jeers. Just before disappearing from sight T-Rex turns his head and spits on the ground towards the crowd. As he turns back around Ray Kamaura with his torso, arms and thighs bandaged up, cracks him upside the head with the RoC World Championship Belt. T-Rex drops to the cold arena floor. The crowd goes crazy.


The Rayward Son circles his target, The un-moving Thaddeus Rex, before whacking him again with the belt, and again, and again.


All noise in the arena stops as Ray Kamaura takes one final shot with the championship belt. Ray signals for a microphone. The Rayward Son leans down talks into the lifeless face of T-Rex.

Ray Kamaura: "I have earned everything I have! I have earned everything! I'll be damned if some freak is going to take it all from me now! You want to talk about Achievement? I am a Three Time World Heavyweight Champion! Officially Held onto this Title longer than anyone else in this business! Shogun and Jack Johnson are no longer the men to beat...They are not longer at the top of the mountain... I AM! I AM!"

Ray Kamaura again cracks the Championship Belt before placing his foot on Thaddeus Rex's Chest. Raising the Championship Belt above his head glaring into the distance. "Carry on My Wayward Son" By Kansas breaks the silence.

Brad Blood: "What are we seeing here? Ray Kamaura just turned T-Rex into a pile of ground beef!"

Jim Jackson: "He isn't messing around this time. Ray Kamaura means business! Someone needs to get out her and check on T-Rex."

Brad Blood: "Man, he isn't gonna be happy when he wakes up! If he wakes up!"

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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 La_mas10 VS Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 The_da10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next, we have two returning wrestlers, La Máscara Sin Pantalones will be taking on The Daring One.  It's been a while since we've seen these two in the RoC wrestling ring.  Who will come up on top tonight?  Well we're about to find out."

Brad Blood:  "Well both of them have something to prove again now that they're back, in their absence a lot of other wrestlers have stepped up in the roster, a win tonight would be the first step for them to rise to the main event here in Ring of Chaos.  Take it away Alice!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 289 pounds, hailing from Toluca, Mexico... Campeón humilde y luchador honorable de México...  LA MÁSCARA SIN PANTALONES!"

"Return of the Tres" by Delinquent Habits plays over the speakers as La Máscara Sin Pantalones, campeón humilde y luchador honorable de México, walks down the entrance ramp, flexing his muscles and thrusting his lower mask to the audience.  He waves to his fans in the crowd before stepping into the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from London, Ontario, Canada...  THE DARING ONE!"

Operate,Annihilate plays over the P.A as The Daring one comes out a strikes a pose as the music picks up he walks down to the ring and shouts at the fans, he gets on the turnbuckle and flips off the crowd before doing a backflip off and waits in the corner.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  La Máscara Sin Pantalones starts to stalk the smaller wrestler...  The Daring One quickly circles behind La Máscara and connects with a dropkick sending him stumbling forward to the corner.  He starts attacking La Máscara's back with stiff forearm shots.  La Máscara turns around and The Daring One begins attacking with knife-end chops lighting him up!  Irish whip by The Daring One...  La Máscara Sin Pantalones reverses it and it's The Daring One who gets sent to the opposite corner!"

Brad Blood:  "Here comes La Máscara...  He leaps...  Flying knee to the corner!  He grabs The Daring One's head...  Bulldog from the corner!  Many people forget that for a man his size, La Máscara moves really fast, and as a luchador, he wrestles the lucha style...   La Máscara off the ropes...  Springboard corkscrew crossbody!  La Máscara hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One kicks out!  La Máscara Sin Pantalones is on the move once more...  Using the ropes to gain momentum...  The Daring One lies on the ground as La Máscara runs over him....  La Máscara uses the ropes once more...  Springboard flying elbow connects sending The Daring One staggering back."

Brad Blood:  "The Daring One seems to be having a hard time finding his groove, looks like the time he spent out of the ring made him a bit rusty.  The Daring One shakes off the cobwebs as La Máscara comes charging in.   Standing clothesline by The Daring One misses.  La Máscara off the ropes, springboard dropkick sends The Daring One down!  Standing moonsault by La Máscara!  He goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One gets a shoulder up!  Sleeper hold by La Máscara Sin Pantalones...  The Daring One counters it with a jaw breaker!  As La Máscara staggers back, The Daring One begins with his assault connecting with a series of jabs followed by a big European uppercut!  Big kick to the gut stuns La Máscara...  DDT!  The Daring One finally has the luchador down!  The Daring One hits a big leg drop!  He rolls La Máscara Sin Pantalones over and hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood:  "Nope!  Too soon for a three as La Máscara kicks out!  La Máscara pulls himself back up to his feet, uraken by The Daring One connects!  And he sends La Máscara back to the canvas with an uranage!  The Daring One begins to stomp away at La Máscara brutally...  Big punt to the side of the head!  That could have caused a concussion...  The Daring One for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One tries to go for a submission...  He begins to lock in an Argentine leg lock...  No!  La Máscara Sin Pantalones counters it into a Frankensteiner!  Now La Máscara locks in a triangle hold!  The Daring One is caught but his leg somehow finds the bottom rope and the ref breaks the hold...  La Máscara pulls The Daring One back up to his feet...  Russian legsweep attempt...  No!  The Daring One breaks free and sends La Máscara to the ropes with an Irish whip...  Back body drop sends La Máscara Sin Pantalones flying but he flips and lands on his feet!  SUPERKICK by The Daring One!  La Máscara crumples to the canvas!  Pin fall attempt..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "La Máscara kicks out at two.   He struggles back to his feet...  W-chop by The Daring One sends him to one knee...  SHINING WIZARD!  La Máscara once again kisses the canvas!  Looks like The Daring One has finally shaken off the ring rust.  He goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Jim Jackson:  "La Máscara Sin Pantalones gets a shoulder up just before the count of three!  Close call!  The Daring One pulls La Máscara up...  Side suplex!  La Máscara staggers back to his feet...  Back suplex by The Daring One!  Once more La Máscara rises back up, using the ropes to pull himself up...  The Daring One comes charging in...  La Máscara ducks and throws The Daring One over the top rope!  The Daring One lands on the apron... Enzuigiri by La Máscara sends The Daring One to the ground outside!  La Máscara Sin Pantalones sizes The Daring One...  PLANCHA!  The crowd goes wild!"


Brad Blood:  "Oooh!  La Máscara just flattened The Daring One!  He pulls The Daring One back up to his feet and traps both arms...  TOPE!  The force of that headbutt just made The Daring One see a whole solar system!  La Máscara throws The Daring One back into the ring...  He leaps over the rope...  Slingshot Centón!  La Máscara for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One still hangs in there!  La Máscara Sin Pantalones goes to the top turnbuckle...  He leaps up...  Frogsplash finds nothing but canvas!  The Daring One rolls away at the last moment!  The Daring One pulls himself up...  He waits for La Máscara to get back to his feet...  He leaps and locks in a headscissor and begins to spin La Máscara Sin Pantalones around for two full rotations executing a Weeeeeeeee!  La Máscara is sent crashing into the corner!  The Daring One charges in...  Spear!  He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "La Máscara pulls himself back up to his feet using the ropes...  The Daring One goes in for the kill...  Back body drop sends The Daring One to the outside!  The Daring One hits the ground hard but somehow still manages to pull himself up, though he looks pretty unsteady on his feet.  La Máscara charges and leaps over the top rope... CENTÓN TO THE OUTSIDE!!!  WHAT THE?!  THE DARING ONE SOMEHOW COUNTERS IT CATCHING LA MÁSCARA IN MID-AIR AND HITS A BACKSTABBER!"


Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One rolls La Máscara Sin Pantalones back into the ring!  It looks like that counter hurt the luchador real bad...  The Daring One for the cover...  Is it enough for the three?"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  La Máscara manages to still get his shoulder up!  The Daring One can't believe it!  He thought he had it there.  Fist drop by The Daring One and he once again tries for the three count by hooking the leg..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Jim Jackson:  "La Máscara Sin Pantalones suddenly counters it by rolling The Daring One up!  The Daring One counters it and rolls La Máscara over once more!  La Máscara kicks out and rolls back to his feet...  The Daring One with a lariat attempt...  La Máscara dodges it and connects with a spinning wheel kick!  The Daring One staggers to the ropes...  Neckbreaker attempt by La Máscara but The Daring One shoves him off into the ropes...  La Máscara Sin Pantalones off the ropes connects with a springboard back elbow!"

Brad Blood:  "The Daring One is sent reeling backwards...  Irish whip by La Máscara sends The Daring One crashing to the corner!  La Máscara charges in...  Cannonball connects!  La Máscara from the top rope...  Flying corkscrew legdrop!  He almost took The Daring One's head off with that!  La Máscara hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Jim Jackson:  "The Daring One still manages to kick out!  What heart!  The Daring One hangs in there and shows the fans what he's made of!   La Máscara Sin Pantalones goes for a submission...  Camel clutch locked in!  The Daring One looks like he's in pain!  Will he tap?"

Brad Blood:  "Looks like The Daring One wants to fight back...   He manages to pull one arm free...  But La Máscara Sin Pantalones suddenly transitions it into an armbar!  The Daring One looks like he's about to tap!  Wait!  He reaches for the ropes...  He makes it!  The ref breaks the hold!"

Jim Jackson:  "Close call there for The Daring One...  I thought he was about to tap there...  Wait!  Looks like La Máscara Sin Pantalones is signalling for his finisher!  La Máscara Sin Pantalones delivers an axe kick to The Daring One...  The Daring One somehow rolls sideways and dodges La Máscara's lower mask!"

Brad Blood:  "The Daring One stumbles towards the ropes...  La Máscara charges in!  The Daring One pulls the top rope down and La Máscara goes over it but lands on the apron!  Pele kick from out of nowhere sends The Daring One stumbling!  La Máscara with a springboard double axe handle knocks The Daring One silly!"

Jim Jackson:  "Discus clothesline by La Máscara Sin Pantalones sends The Daring One down!  The Daring One somehow pulls himself up but La Máscara rolls him up in a schoolboy!  Will this be enough?"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  The Daring One kicks free!  We can't see La Máscara's expression behind his mask but I'm sure if we can, it may be an expression of frustration...  He's pulled out all the stops but The Daring One still manages to hang in there."

Jim Jackson:  "Well looks like The Daring One is putting up a last ditch effort as he fights his way back to his feet!  He's throwing big punches but La Máscara Sin Pantalones manages to step out of the way dodging his fists!  La Máscara Sin Pantalones delivers an axe kick to The Daring One and thrusts his lower mask to The Daring One's face, finishing with a DDT to execute Estoy Fuera de Frases en Español!"

Brad Blood:  "That shook the ring and was utterly disgusting by the way!   La Máscara for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall..."

Jim Jackson:  "WAIT!!!  THE BERSERKING ENTROPY JUST ENTERED THE RING!  He knocks La Máscara Sin Pantalones down with a clothesline!  Entropy sets his sights on The Daring One!  Entropy catches his opponent and whirls him before slamming him into the canvas executing a upheaving Maelstrom!   Without Marcus Troy, Entropy is out of control!  Wait!  He's not done with The Daring One!  Entropy lifts his opponent up his shoulders...  He's going for the Chaos Theorem!!!  Someone stop this monster!"

Brad Blood:  "Wait!  La Máscara with a double axe handle to Entropy's back distracts the monster!  He pulls The Daring One off Entropy and quickly rolls out of the ring with the unconscious wrestler!  The ever honorable La Máscara saved his opponent from certain death!  La Máscara with The Daring One over his shoulders make their escape back up the ramp as Entropy roars and quickly gives chase!  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!  God help us if Entropy is loose backstage!  This is your fault Haruki!  You should come out and take responsibility!"

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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Gm_s_o10

With her torso still heavily taped from the match that happened two weeks prior, the very same match wherein she won the RoC Lightweight title, Boy Bakla winces as she turns the knob to general manager's office.  Why was she summoned?  Bakla could only guess, but one thing is for certain, nothing good will come from this meeting.  Still Bakla is now the current and reigning Lightweight champion, the belt draped across her shoulders is proof to that, and with the title comes a responsibility.  She just wished that responsibility would give her some more time to recover.  With a deep sigh Bakla opens the door and enters Lee Morrison's office.

The first thing The Transsexual Superstar notices is the new decor, someone seems to be making money.  Bakla looks over at the desk and sees the general manager motioning for her to come nearer.  She makes her way to the guest seat and slowly settles down, once again wincing as a tinge of pain reverberates from her ribs.

Boy Bakla:  "You rang Lee?  Well I'm here, what can I do you for sugar?"

The RoC Lightweight Champion inquires from her employer.

Lee Morrison smiles and welcomes the new champion.

Lee Morrison:  "Ah yes, Bakla...  Thank you for dropping by.  First of all, congratulations on your win over there.  I know you've been coveting that title for a while now."

Seeing that Bakla seems uninterested with his congratulations, the general manager of RoC moves on to the real reason he summoned the newly crowned RoC Lightweight Champion.

Lee Morrison:  "I'll keep this short Bakla, as not to waste your time...  Tonight, you shall be fighting in the main event!  Now now...  Don't look at me like that.  You see, you shall have the prestigious task of representing Ring of Chaos!  Now what exactly does that mean you ask?  Well to put it simply, a champion for rival promotion called Brutal Force Wrestling has come knocking, and it would be rude of us and shameful if we do not answer."

The look of horror in Boy Bakla's face speak volumes but Morrison ignores it and continues on.

Lee Morrison:  "His name is Vossler and he's the BFW Carnage Champion.  Now I would have asked our RoC World Champion to represent us but as you know, he is still indisposed after the accident two weeks ago.  Without proper medical clearance, he cannot wrestle, so the task for representing our promotion shall fall upon your shoulders.  Now I apologize that I dropped this on you out of the blue but you are the only one who can do this being the only active champ in the building tonight.  Now of course if you do this and win, you shall be rewarded generously."

Lee Morrison smiles as Boy Bakla looks on incredulously in disbelief at what she just heard.

Boy Bakla:  "ARE YOU INSANE?!"

Boy Bakla almost jumped out of her seat as she screamed, wincing as she remembers her still healing ribs.  Her body started shaking at the bomb the general manager just dropped on her, she knew that nothing good would come out of this meeting and she was right.

Boy Bakla:  "Lee, sugar...  C'mon, you see this tape around my ribs?  These are not for mere decoration purposes.  I'm hurt Lee, not in the best condition for fighting this BFW Carny Champ."

Lee Morrison was about to correct her but she doesn't give him the chance to speak.

Boy Bakla:  "Listen, as much as I want to represent Ring of Chaos, this is a BAD idea!  Maybe if I'm given some more time to heal.  In my condition, this Vossler will definitely have an upperhand.  I'll be fighting handicapped!  And what will happen if I lose?  What will happen if this BFW Carny Champion walks out the victor?  I'm sure that I'll take the fall...  Now why don't you postpone this match, just until the next show?  Give me time to recover and heal up Lee, unless you want all your champions ending up on the shelf..."

Bakla settles down a bit and waits for Lee Morrison's response, hoping he'll listen to reason.

Lee Morrison sighs deeply, a feigned look of hurt spreads across his face as he replies...

Lee Morrison:  "I see, it seems maybe you are not the right man...  I mean woman for the job...  The problem is, I've already signed the contract and informed Mr. Vossler, in fact he's already in the building.  This is a one time deal that could have showcased the level of talent and skill we have here in Ring of Chaos, but instead of taking the ball and getting a goal, you decide to drop the ball.  No, you're no true champion...  A true champion would rise to the occasion no matter the circumstances, yet here you are whining about your ribs..."

The general manager sighs deeply as he lights up a cigarette.  He takes a puff and looks up thoughtfully as the smoke escapes through his nostrils...

Lee Morrison:  "I seriously thought that you'd be the right person for this, not only will you represent Ring of Chaos, but also represent the LGBT community.  This is...  Was your chance to make them proud, to show them that you are as worthy of that title as any other champion former and current...  I guess I was wrong..."

Morrison takes another deep sigh and sneaks a peek to see Bakla's reaction.

Boy Bakla: "Oh don't you dare use the guilt card on me Lee!  That's not going to..."

Bakla's voice trails off as she looks at the general manager...

Boy Bakla: "Fuck!  Fuck fuck shit shit fuck!  Fuck it!  I'll do it Lee!  Damn you Lee!"

Bakla curses at herself for being such a patsy, all the while she doesn't notice the smile on Lee Morrison's lips.

Boy Bakla: "I'll fight this Vossler tonight Lee, but you better make sure I'll be damned compensated for this...  I can't believe you did this to me!  Now I won't guarantee a win, specially in my condition and all but god damn it, I'll give Vossler the fight of his life.  Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to prepare for this impromptu match you threw on my lap.  You owe me for this Lee, and I'm gonna collect..."

Bakla rises from her seat and heads towards the door, she stops right before she exits and turns her head a bit...

Boy Bakla: "And when I do, you better be ready to pay..."

With that Bakla shuts the door as the scene fades.

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Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

A drum loops plays over the audio system. Some vocal samples enter, as it slowly builds. As it drops into a rapping and Drum 'n Bass combo, Vossler comes out with his usual pitch black attire.

He marches down to the ring as he bobs his head to the beat of his theme, focused and not disturbed by the mixed reactions from the audience. The Vulture by Pendulum blares loudly to accompany him.

Vossler climbs into the ring as he proudly shows off his Carnage title that he won on Brutal Force Wrestling. He asks for a microphone as his music quiets down. He looks neutral to the crowd situation here, but clearly comfortable with being in the spotlight.

He scans the audience. A few smarks like him, but the majority dislike him. The Carnage Champion decides to address it.

Vossler: "Y'know, it bothers me oh-so little what you people think of me. This title already signifies I'm superior to all of you anyway. Your opinion is marked invalid when it comes to your impression of me as a person, wrestler or personality. So stuff it where the sun doesn't shine."

The crowd responds negatively, as expected.

Vossler: "You didn't expect me to come out and play the saint, did you? Nelson Mandela once said the following; 'I am not a Saint, unless you think of me as a Sinner who keeps on trying'. If my sin is to come out here and piss you people off every time I show up... then I'll definitely keep on trying. It creates a buzz, and that buzz forms itself into attention. Media attention, personal attention... people want to see me. People want to talk to me. People want me to show up on their programmes and they want me to give them my opinion on an irrelevant topic to myself. I don't care about soccer, baseball or some cooking show bullshit. None of it leads back to me, and I gain nothing from it. My opinion on any of these subjects won't influence the topic at hand. But they want my opinion! My say and word is worth something to them, even if I know nothing about it! That's what attention does... that's what buzz does. It creates power, yeah?"

The crowd has quieted down. He does have a point.

Vossler: "And how does one quickly get attention? Let's look at this from a psychological perspective, shall we? What news travels quicker; The good or the bad? If you don't know the answer to that question, let's keep it simple. When you watch the news. Do you see more good or bad news? That's right. All your hate just makes me more popular. And all that hate has gotten to on your show without a hassle."

He shrugs.

Vossler: "Granted, I could've gotten better but hey. I'll take it."

Vossler: "Now, I was informed on very short notice that tonight, Mr. Lee Morrison has used my one-match-contract here to face... uh... some... thing called Boy Bakla. Supposedly the Lightweight champion. My question is, why am I scheduled against someone who's titled the 'Lightweight' champion? Lee, I know you're in the back listening to this so this is directed at you. I thought I asked for the very best this rat-hole had to offer! And you give me some ring-rat lightweight champion? What's that title even mean? 3 beers and they're out? 2 punches and they're gone? The name of the title alone can have me assume that this match is going to be very, very short!"

The outsider raises his own title belt up.

Vossler: "Now this! This is a fucking title, Bakla! This is the Carnage championship! I don't need to explain to you what Carnage means, right?"

The Carnage Champion kisses his belt and swings it back over his shoulder. Within an instant, his demeanour changes. Vossler appears more aggressive both in his expression and speech.

Vossler: "Lee Morrison! Hear me now! You've chosen some weak-ass champion to represent your show tonight! And that was your first mistake! Your second was not booking me against your world champion! You've chosen the 2nd best to face the best Brutal Force Wrestling has to offer! I will run rampant over your puny little Boy Bakla representative. And hell, I might just take his title with me."

And with that Vossler drops the mic and walks to the back, leaving the audience and ring behind him.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Boy_ba10 VS Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Vossle10

Jim Jackson:  "Coming up next, our main event of the evening!  A champion versus champion match...  But this ain't just any champion versus champion match, that's right our very own RoC Lightweight Champion Boy Bakla shall be fighting against a champion from another wrestling promotion...  Tonight, she'll be going against Vossler, the Brutal Force Wrestlting Carnage Champion!"

Brad Blood:  "This is a disaster Jim!  Bakla isn't even at 100 percent!  That tranny's transmission is blown!  Lee Morrison certainly fucked up big time letting that fruitcake represent us...  He should have played it smart Jim and have that Vossler fella fight Marcus Troy's monster Entropy!"

Jim Jackson:  "Your homophobic rant has got to stop Brad, in fact you should show your support for Bakla, she stepped up despite her injuries and agreed to this match when she could have refused.  You've been biased against Bakla from the beginning and it just got worse ever since that Christmas party incident when the both of you were caught inside the supplies closet with your pants dow..."

Brad Blood:  "I WAS DRUGGED!!!  MY MIND WAS HAZY~!!!"

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a champion versus champion match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds, hailing from Manila, Philippines...  Representing Ring of Chaos, The Transsexual Superstar and your current and reigning RoC Lightweight Champion...  BOY BAKLA!"

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. She casually strolls down the entrance ramp blowing kisses to her fans before it enters the ring with flourishes.  She borrows a mic from Alice Aoi and begins to address the fans before the introductions continue.

Boy Bakla:  "This is a such corundum I am facing...  Part of me wants to walk out and take some time to heal up but the other part...  Well the other part of me is a prideful bitch who won't back down from a challenge, specially if that challenge is someone who disrespects RoC!"

The crowd starts cheering loudly.

Crowd:  "ROC!  ROC!  ROC!!!"

Boy Bakla:  "And luckily despite the objection of my bruised ribs, my pride as the RoC Lightweight Champion prevailed.  No way hell will I let a little punk-ass goth wannabe emo French trash named Vossler talk smack about me or Ring of Chaos.  He thinks that I'm a second rate champ?  Well it's time to show him that ALL the champions here in RoC are first rate champions, that holding this title means that we can hold our own against anyone!  Tonight, I'm gonna send Vossler packing back to Brutal Force Wrestling with his tail between his legs licking his own wounds and show him that this bitch right here ain't no pushover.  You underestimate me Vossler and that shall be your undoing.  Now I won't quote anyone fancy, not Nelson Mandela, not Mother Teresa or even Buddha...  I don't need to quote anyone to make my point other than myself..."

Boy Bakla smiles as she slowly moves the mic closer to her lips...

Boy Bakla:  "So let this sink in Mr. BFW Carnage Champion...  I may have had my cojones and my el pene surgically removed but I'll be the one doing the screwing when the night ends Vossler!  And guess what...  I also play rough!  You want to wage war on Ring of Chaos?  Well the French never won any wars, and that ain't gonna change now sugah!"

The crowd whoops loudly and begin to chant their support for the RoC Lightweight champion.


The Transsexual Superstar hands the mic back to Alice and makes her way to her corner.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 217 pounds, hailing from London, England, he is the current and reigning BFW Carnage Champion...  VOSSLER!"

A drum loops plays over the audio system. Some vocal samples enter, as it slowly builds. As it drops into a rapping and Drum 'n Bass combo, Vossler comes out with his usual pitch black attire. He marches down to the ring as he bobs his head to the beat of his theme, focused and not disturbed by the mixed reactions from the audience. In the ring, he takes off his jacket and runs the ring before the match starts.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "There's the bell!  Vossler charges in first but Boy Bakla manages to prance out of the way.  Vossler again charges towards Bakla, but The Transsexual Superstar once again dances away.  Vossler charges in a third time but once again Bakla manages to escape.  Vossler doesn't look amused at Bakla's strategy."

Brad Blood:  "What strategy?  After that speech before the match began, that tranny is just running away!  That thing is a disgrace to RoC and the RoC Lightweight title!  I sure hope Vossler gives that fruitcake the beating of a lifetime."

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler approaches Boy Bakla slowly, this time Bakla slips through the ropes and exits the ring.  Vossler gives chase and rolls out the ring after Bakla...  Bakla runs around the ring before leaping back unto the apron and once again entering the ring.  Vossler leaps to the apron...  Oh~!  Big kick by The Transsexual Superstar connects!  Vossler played right into Bakla's plan...  It's one of the oldest trick in the book but it is still effective!  Bakla reaches over the ropes and pulls Vossler up by the hair...  Jawbreaker by Vossler sends Bakla's throat bouncing on the top rope!  Vossler enters the ring and proceeds to throw European uppercuts sending Boy Bakla back with each blow.  Irish whip by Vossler sends Bakla to the ropes...   Clothesline takes Bakla down!"

Brad Blood:  "Hah!  Looks like Bakla's plan didn't work...  Half-a-man, half-a-plan!  Vossler proceeds to with a series of knee stomps at Bakla's injured ribs.  Listen to the fairy scream in pain with each stomp...  Bakla tries to crawl away but Vossler grabs it by the leg and pulls Bakla back!  Bakla twists around and throws an upward kick towards Vossler's chin.  Vossler is forced to disengage allowing the tranny to get back up to its feet.  Vossler charges in... Dammit!  Right into an elbow strike!"

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler reels back as Boy Bakla slumps to the ropes favoring her ribs.  Vossler quickly recovers and charges in...  Bakla ducks and pulls the top rope down, the BFW Carnage Champ goes over and lands on the outside!  Bakla uses the chance to get some momentum...  She leaps over the top rope...  Flying senton takes Vossler down!  Though that may not have been the most prudent of moves to make."


Jim Jackson:  "The Transsexual Superstar sacrifices her own body to take down the BFW Carnage Champion.  Bakla struggles to her feet clinging on to the steel barricades.  The ref motions for Bakla to bring the action back into the ring else he will start the ten count."

Brad Blood:  "Bakla pulls Vossler up and rolls him back into the ring...  It leaps unto the apron...  Springboard legdrop by Bakla...  No!  Vossler manages to roll away at the last second!  Vossler staggers to his feet...  Big kick to the side of Bakla's head takes the queer queen down!  Bakla rolls back to its feet...  Lou Thesz Press by Vossler takes Bakla down!  Vossler starts to rain punches down unto Bakla...  Bakla has its arms up in a tight defense...  No!  Vossler grabs Bakla's arm and transitions into an armbar attempt!  TSK!  Bakla manages to get a foot to the ropes!"

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler with a couple of hard elbow strikes keeps Boy Bakla from attacking...  Big European uppercut stuns Bakla!  Vossler uses this chance to haul Bakla up for a powerbomb...  No!  Bakla desperately rains some strikes down on Vossler's head!  As Vossler staggers Bakla leaps off him and hits the ropes...  Bakla bounces back...  LUNGBLOWER FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!  Vossler just took Bakla down!  He scampers for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Dang!  Bakla gets a shoulder up at two!  Vossler proceeds to work on Bakla's back and sets the pansy up for an abdominal stretch...  Smart move by the BFW Carnage Champ working the injured section of Bakla's body more.  Ignoring the pain, Bakla tries to fight out of the submission hold...  Before Bakla can break free Vossler lets go and takes Bakla down with a stiff lariat!  Vossler begins to go for a surfboard...  Dang!  Bakla manages to scamper to the ropes!  Still, it does seem that Vossler's isolation of Bakla's midsection has paid off as the tranny struggles to get back up to its feet."

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler goes in for the kill but the RoC Lightweight Champ with a leg trip takes him down!  Boy Bakla tries to apply a STF...  Vossler powers out of the move and rolls away!  Bakla gets back up to her feet and connects with a chop into Vossler's chest!  Vossler retaliates with a chop of his own...  Bakla reels back and answers back with her own chop as the crowd shouts out WOOO~!  Vossler feints a chop and hits a knee to Bakla's midsection instead!  Vossler loads the opponent on his shoulders in a Electric Chair position. He bends backwards slightly causing the opponent to extend over his back, as he whips forward causing the opponent to be thrown face first into the mat...  Kaleidoscope!  Bakla is down!  Vossler for the cover!  Is it enough to put Bakla away?"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "No!  Bakla somehow hangs on!  Vossler with some vicious kicks to Bakla's torso...  The tranny seems really hurt now...  Vossler again goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "Bakla again manages to get its shoulders up.  Vossler looks to finish this match....  He signals for his finisher...  Vossler stalks his opponent as they try to get to their feet. Vossler seizes the opportunity and with a running start he jumps into the air...  No!  Bakla rolls out of the way dodging certain doom as Vossler's Orbital Exenteration misses!  Vossler turns around...  PELE KICK FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!  Vossler topples to the canvas!  Bakla hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler kicks out at two!  Boy Bakla leaps towards the ropes... Springboard moonsault...  NO!  Vossler rolls out of the way but Bakla manages to land on her feet!  Vossler with a lariat attempt but Bakla ducks under it and leaps towards the ropes once more...  Springboard hurricanrana!  Vossler is sent flying to the other side of the ring!  Bakla holds on to her ribs as she gets back up to her feet.  Looks like that also took a lot out of the RoC Lightweight Champion.  Bakla staggers towards her opponent and pulls Vossler up, she sends him to the ropes via an Irish whip...  Vossler bounces off the ropes and jumps into the air with his leg extended as he hits the opponent with his boot dropping them connecting with a Kraken Call!  Bakla is down!  Vossler for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Bakla still manages to get a shoulder up a fraction of a second from three!  The tranny rolls away before the BFW Carnage Champ could grab hold of it.  Vossler makes his way to Bakla and grabs it from behind...  German suplex attempt... No!  Bakla twists free!  Boy Bakla grabs its opponent's hair and pulls it hard executing a horrible Bad Hair Day!  The ref gives Bakla a warning.  Bakla begins to climb up to the top turnbuckle...  Bakla flies...  Flying elbow drop!  Right into Vossler's heart!  Bakla for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler gets a shoulder up!  We can see how much in pain Boy Bakla is in, that flying elbow drop took a lot out of her.  Vossler slowly pulls himself back up to his feet, he spots Bakla slumped on the ropes...  Vossler approaches cautiously, Bakla throws a punch but Vossler blocks it and counters with an European uppercut.  Bakla is stunned.  Vossler grabs her from behind...  Bakla clings on to the ropes but it's no good!  German suplex by Vossler!  Bakla gets folded in half!  Vossler looks like he's not done with Bakla and hoists Bakla up on his shoulders...  POWERBOMB!  That shook the ring!  This could be it!  Vossler for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Brad Blood:  "Bakla somehow manages to stay alive!  That tranny is probably just running on sheer willpower at this point!  Once again Vossler picks Bakla up on his shoulders...  Looks like he's going for another powerbomb...  Wait!  Bakla starts to rain elbows down unto Vossler's head!  As Vossler starts to stagger, Bakla counters the powerbomb attempt into a Frankensteiner!   The crowd is going wild!"


Jim Jackson:  "But Boy Bakla isn't able to capitalize, she is still on her back!  I don't think she has anything left in her tank!  Bakla slowly forces herself to crawl to the corner, she leans unto the turnbuckles trying to recover.  Vossler begins to stir...  Bakla tries to pull herself up as Vossler tries to shake off the cobwebs...  Bakla stumbles a bit as she hangs unto the ropes for support.  Vossler manages to get back to his feet.  He charges towards Boy Bakla...  But she slips out of the ropes and outside the ring!  Vossler manages to stop himself before hitting the corner!"

Brad Blood:  "The tranny is running away again!  Vossler beckons for Bakla to come back into the ring but Bakla clings on to the steel railings ignoring the BFW Carnage Champ.  Vossler curses under his breath and exits the ring to go after the tranny.  Bakla hightails it just as Vossler tries to grab hold to it!  Stay and fight you stupid pansy!"

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler manages to catch up to The Transsexual Superstar!  He grabs Bakla from behind...  Bakla counters with a mule kick!  The ref shouts for both wrestler to return to the ring, Bakla ignores the ref and grabs Vossler's head...  DDT into the ground!  She just planted Vossler's head unto the ground!  The ref has no choice but to begin counting!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!"

Brad Blood:  "Bakla pulls Vossler up, she is going for an Irish whip...  NO!  Vossler somehow reverses and Bakla is sent crashing into the steel steps!  Before Bakla can recover Vossler charges in with running knee!  It connects right into the side of Bakla's head!  Vossler proceeds to smash Bakla's face into the steel steps!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "Two!"

Jim Jackson:  "It looks like Boy Bakla have been busted open!  Vossler is grinning widely at Bakla's predicament!  Vossler drags Bakla towards the apron and tries to push her back into the ring...  Bakla with a series of back elbows stuns Vossler!  Eye rake by Bakla and the ref gives out a warning!  Bakla connects with an atomic drop sending Vossler howling in pain as he clutches his butt!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "Three!"

Brad Blood:  "Vossler recovers and comes running towards Bakla...  Bakla ducks down...  BACK BODY DROP OVER THE STEEL RAILINGS!!!  VOSSLER GETS TOSSED INTO THE CHAIRS AS CROWD MANAGES TO PART AWAY!  THIS IS INSANE!"


Jack B. Nimble:  "Four!"

Jim Jackson:  "Holy shit indeed!  Vossler looks hurt!  But Boy Bakla isn't faring any better either.  Both wrestlers are really pushing themselves, their bodies to the extreme,  Bakla looks like she's about to collapse any moment, Vossler is staring blankly up into the ceiling...  Looks like he didn't know what hit him!  Bakla tries to climb back up to the apron...  She can't even get a leg up the apron at this point!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "Five!"

Brad Blood:  "Vossler pulls himself up and staggers towards the steel railings, he pushes himself over it!  Double axe handle right into Bakla's back!  He grabs the RoC Lightweight Champ...  Northern lights suplex!!!  Bakla hits the ground outside but you can't get a pinfall outside!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "Six!"

Jim Jackson:  "Both wrestlers are now lying atop each other, both of them spent, this is really down to a battle of will, who would have thought that Bakla with her injury would last this long, much less put up a fight against Vossler?  Vossler pulls on the apron covering to drag himself back up to his feet.  Bakla is still down...  Vossler starts stomping away on Bakla..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "Seven!"

Brad Blood:  "Bakla is a bloody mess!  Vossler is just brutally stomping away on Bakla right now, technique is out the window.  The crowd starts booing loudly...  Vossler turns to the crowd and spits on the ground as if disgusted by them.  He continues to kick Bakla on the ribs!  Bakla is barely moving at all!  Looks like Vossler has this one in the bag, all he needs to do is to leap back into the ring and wait for the ref to count Bakla out."

Jack B. Nimble:  "Eight!"

Jim Jackson:  "Wait!  Vossler is not satisfied with the punishment he did to Boy Bakla!  He pulls Boy Bakla up and drags her towards the steel steps...  OH MY GOD!!!  GUTWRENCH SUPLEX INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!  He may have broke Bakla permanently with that!  The crowd's mouths are agape with disbelief!"


Jack B. Nimble:  "Nine!"

Brad Blood:  "Vossler is smiling as he staggers to climb back into the ring...  WAIT!!!  BAKLA'S HAND SOMEHOW GRABS ON TO VOSSLER'S ANKLE!!!  Vossler is trying to shake Bakla off to try to get himself back into the ring before the count of ten...  He shakes Bakla loose!  He makes a last ditch leap towards the apron..."

Jack B. Nimble:  "Ten!"


Alice Aoi:  "Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been declared a draw due to a double count out!"

Jim Jackson:  "Vossler looks pissed!  Boy Bakla didn't manage to win but she did prevent Vossler from walking out with a win too!  What a match!  What a match!  EMTs have rushed into ringside to check up on Bakla...  Vossler looks livid!  He shoves the EMTs away and starts beating down on the RoC Lightweight Champion!  The crowd is booing loudly!  Security is pouring in and they pull Vossler away from Bakla!  This is..."

At that time the titan tron comes to life and the general manager of Ring of Chaos Lee Morrison is seen on the big screen.

Lee Morrison:  "Now that is what I call a great fight!  I would like to thank the BFW Carnage Champion Vossler for giving our fans a great main event tonight, despite his actions after the match, his performance was more than exemplary.  I do admit that I was disappointed that our champion wasn't able to beat you but I can say that I am also proud of her performance here tonight, her never say die attitude carried her to the extreme showcasing her extraordinary will."

The crowd begins cheering for Boy Bakla despite the fact that she is lying unconscious on a gurney.

Lee Morrison:  "Now Mr. Vossler, I do hope this match will have sated your craving for carnage, but if by any chance you feel that you would want to take on RoC again, well, I have a special contract waiting for you again.  As per our agreement, your fee shall be sent to your manager Mr. Jolon Stevenson.  I hope we can do business again in the future...  Now let's all give Mr. Vossler a show of our appreciation for his efforts tonight."

Despite encouragement from the general manager, the crowd continues to boo at the BFW Carnage Champion.

Brad Blood:  "Well if the crowd won't give Vossler the congratulations he deserves, I will!  Bakla only got the draw by luck tonight, as far as I'm concerned the real winner is the one who walks out of the ring and not the one carried out."

Brad Blood begins to clap loudly at Vossler's general direction inciting the crowd to begin pelting him with anything they get their hands on.

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "What a night!  What a night, tonight we had a great debut and great addition to the roster in the name of Tyler "AK-14" Norton.  Then we have what seems to be the heating up of the feud between The Slayers and The Southern Gents, something tells me that things will only get hotter from now on... Of course, we had Marcus Troy who seems to be in a coma after a brutal bokken strike from Haruki Inoki..."

Brad Blood:  "Which sent Entropy over the edge!  He's still creating havoc backstage as we speak Jim!  Security got massacred back there before they managed to lock him in the broiler room!  Haruki must be held responsible for this. Entropy is too dangerous to be loose without a leash...  The Daring One is lucky La Máscara saved his hide from Entropy."

Jim Jackson:  "I may have to agree with you there Brad... But what still has people talking tonight is the main event where Boy Bakla managed to eke out a draw against Vossler, the BFW Carnage Champion... We are proud of you Bakla! You are truly a worthy RoC Lightweight Champion!"

Brad Blood:  "Are you kidding me? That manlady just got itself beaten to a pulp and got a draw by sheer luck! Someone should take that belt off of it!"

Jim Jackson:  "Let us agree to disagree Brad... Boy Bakla did us proud and I'm sure everyone here tonight other than you agrees with me... I would like to argue with you more but we're out of time so until next time... Good fight and good night!"

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 02/07/2016 T-rexb10
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