On-air Staff of RoC

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On-air Staff of RoC

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:53 pm

All the on-air staff of ULOL can be used for RPs except the general manager Lee Morrison which can only be RPed by admin.

General Manager:  Lee Morrison (Tweener) - Sleazy but more or less reasonable as long as you can prove that he can make a profit.

In-Ring Announcer:  Alice Aoi (Face) - She's a pretty and charming Eurasian.

Commentator:  Jim Jackson (Face) - RoC's play-by-play commentator.

Color Commentator:  Brad Blood (Heel)- He's a jackass on the announce table and loves to insult faces.

Backstage Interviewer:  Julie Rodriguez (Face) - Hot Latina backstage interviewer, she doesn't take sides and despite her sexy look, she is quite pure and nice.

Trainer:  Chuck Norris (Face) - Yeah!  Chuck always kicks ass.  Go Walker!

Doctor:  Dr. Billie Holliday (Face) - The miracle doctor of RoC, she will treat anyone and everyone who is injured.

Referee:  Jack B. Nimble (Face) - He's is fast on his feet.

Referee:  Jack B. Quick (Heel) - Counts real fast especially if paid to do so.
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