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Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Boy_ba10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Christ11

Jim Jackson: "Before we begin with the live telecast tonight, we have a surprise for those in attendance tonight. It's a dark match between Boy Bakla and young upstart Christy Chase."

Brad Blood: "So, we aren't being filmed right now? Well in that case lemme just unbutton my pants... There we go."

Jim Jackson: "Brad, don't be so unprofessional. It could get you fire-... I mean, why not just take your pants off? After all, there are NO consequences whatsoever."

Brad Blood: "Hey, good idea. Thanks Jim!"

Alice Aoi: "The following is a dark match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 180 pounds, from Manila, Philippines... BOY BAAAKLAAAA!"

Cher's "Believe" start playing on the loud speakers as PINK lights start to flash above the entrance ramp. A light mist is released from the ground carrying the scent of lavender as the transsexual wrestler Boy Bakla leaps out from the back wearing a pink tank top and pink hot pants. It casually strolls down the entrance ramp blowing kisses to it's fans before it enters the ring with flourish and heads to it's corner waiting for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi: " Introducing it's opponent, standing 5 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 150 pounds, from Seattle, Washington... CHRISTYYY CHAAAASE!"

"Chasing the Dream" by Alex Kassel starts playing on the speakers as Christy Chase dashes through the curtains waving to the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. With a huge leap she lands on the ring apron and slingshots herself into the ring using the top rope. She lands perfectly, waves one final time to the crowd before heading to her corner.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "And there's the bell, Christy Chase charging in immediately... Stopped by Bakla with a forearm. Chase quickly back up to eat some punches from Bakla. Chase to mount some sort of offensive... And Bakla brings her down with a big spinning neckbreaker! Bakla has Chase up and tosses her back with a fallaway slam!

Brad Blood: "Oh man, it is just beating down that delectable piece of eye candy!"

Jim Jackson: "Bakla bring Chase back to her feet... only to eat a big spinning heel kick, out of nowhere! Chase with a double axe handle from the second rope, brings Bakla down once more. Back up into another spinning heel kick! Cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two!"

Brad Blood: "Bakla gets its shoulder up! I guess its just too early to put down that likeable transsexual. Eye candy bounces off the ropes just to miss with her clothesline!"

Jim Jackson: "And Bakla with a clothesline of its own! Nails Chase with a very audible DDT! Looks like it's going for a submission... But Chase twirls out of the hammerlock and kicks Bakla in the gut and follows into a small package!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two!"

Brad Blood: "Kickout at two! Jim, you may not want to look over here. I'm not wearing pants and eye candy made that look dang sexy!"

Jim Jackson: "Duly noted. Chase with a few kicks to Bakla's sides... Tries to follow up with a clothesline but misses! Bakla slides behind her and brigs her up... down with a back drop, well executed. Bakla on top of Chase, punishing her with ground and poun- OH GOD! I GLANCED OVER! For the love of God, Brad, look at Bakla!"

Brad Blood: " EEEEW! Problem solved Jim. Eye candy brought down by another forearm!"

Jim Jackson: "Bakla waiting for Chase to get up... Big dropkick right to her chest! Bakla irish whips Chase into the ropes and catches her on the way back with a spinning neckbreaker! Bakla leading Chase to the corner... It climbs the turnbuckle and walks out onto the ropes, still holding onto Chase's arm and... It's humping the air in an extremely perverse manner! Look at those thrusts Brad!"

Brad Blood: "EEEEEEW! Problem solved again Jim."

Jim Jackson: "You are unbelievable. Bakla jumps... Brings Chase down with a super frankensteiner! Cover!"

Jack B. Quick: " One! Two! Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Eye candy just barely kicks out of that one! Bakla whips eye candy into the corner! She's stumbling back out and Bakla hits a flapjack like its nothing! I think that eye candy might be weightless, Jim!"

Jim Jackson: "Chase pulls a mule kick out of nowhere. Follows up with a high kick, leaving Bakla seeing stars! Bakla trying to regain some momentum by tying Chase up with an arm wringer... But Chase throws an elbow! Multiple elbow combo brings Bakla down! Christy Chase leaps to the second rope and uses it to get get some air time where in she twists her body and hits a spinning side kick on her opponent! She just hit the twister, and now she's going for a cover!"

Jack B. Quick: "One! Two! Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Ooo, that was close Jim! I think eye candy looks a bit surprised... But I KNOW that Bakla looks a bit dazed! Its crawling toward the corner, still seeing little birdies flying around its head!"

Jim Jackson: "Chase moving in... But Boy Bakla reaches down and clamps down on the groin area of its opponent and begins to squeeze tightly executing a Pain or Pleasure out of pure instinct! Umm..."

Brad Blood: "HAHA! She doesn't have balls, you silly tranny! Oh boy, does eye candy look surprised!"

Jim Jackson: "Chase doesn't look like she's liking the sexual harassment that much, Brad... She slaps Bakla right across the face!"

Brad Blood: "Poor eye candy... She REALLY shouldn't slap Queen Bitch. Bakla looks as indignant as a transvestite can look which is to say... Very."

Jim Jackson: "Bakla grabs at Chase's hair and pulls so hard she ends up outside of the ring executing a horrible Bad Hair Day! It follows Christy outside and... Dear God, Brad! It has your pants! BAKLA IS CHOKING CHASE OUT WITH YOUR PANTS, BRAD!"

Brad Blood: "NOOOO! I still need those, give'm back!"


Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match, by disqualification, CHRISTY CHAAASE!!"


Jim Jackson: "Your pants just ripped! I guess Baklas decided that Chase has had enough and starts heading backstage. Looks like its keeping your pants though, Brad."

Brad Blood: "Oh man, the shows about to start! You think I have time to run back and change?"

Jim Jackson: "Absolutely not."


Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Chaos_11

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

The newly opened Ring of Chaos arena is fully-packed tonight as the eager fans await with excitement for the debut of RoC's flagship show Chaos Supreme.  For weeks now the internet has been abuzz with rumors of a new federation, and this very night those rumors have finally become reality.  A new age has dawned to the world of wrestling...  The age of CHAOS!

Jim Jackson:  "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first ever airing of Ring of Chaos' flagship show Chaos Supreme!  That's right tonight is a night of new beginnings as open the prologue to a brand new book, a book called Ring of Chaos!  Joining me tonight here at ringside is my partner in crime Brad Blood."

Brad Blood: "Thanks for the introduction Jim, though the only crime here is that suit you are wearing...  What is that?  Polyester?!  Anyway, as we were saying before I pointed out Jim's horrible choice in wardrobe.  Tonight the whole world shall watch with awe and excitement at the birth of a new legend!  And we are happy to be the ones to bring it to you all!"

Jim Jackson:  "That we are Brad, and for your information, my suit is less tacky than that black trench coat you are wearing.  Now for all those viewing at home, Chaos Supreme is a bi-weekly internet program featuring nothing less than the best talent the world of wrestling has to offer.  Whether they be newbies or veterans, the roster of Ring of Chaos went through a rigorous screening process in order to filter out the real talents."

Brad Blood: "That's right Jim, we need to separate the true wrestlers from the wannabes!  So what else are we waiting for Jim?  I bet you the crowd is as eager as we are to see what is in store for them here in RoC tonight.  So without further ado...  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

The crowd cheers loudly as they wait for the show to begin.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing on the loud speakers as pyros set off at the top of the entrance ramp.  As the the smoke clears, a figure dressed in a three piece Calvin Klein suit steps out from the entrance tunnel.  His infectious grin, gleaming eyes and flowing locks paints a picture of a modelesque figure as he strolls down the ramp and make his way to ring with a mic in hand.  Leaping up the apron, he enters the ring as the curious crowd waits for what he is about to announce.

Lee Morrison: "Ladies and gentlemen good evening and welcome to Ring of Chaos and the premiere of it's flagship show Chaos Supreme!  My name is Lee Morrison and I am the man responsible for this outfit.  For months now, the internet wrestling community has been abuzz with rumors of a new wrestling federation, tonight those rumors have become news!  Yes, tonight Ring of Chaos begins!  This is my contribution to the wrestling world, my brainchild, my offspring if you like, and as any proud parent would wish for it's child, it is for them to succeed, and succeed it shall!"

Lee Morrison pauses to take a small breath as he looks around at the captivated crowd.  A small smile passes through his lips.

Lee Morrison: "Now many of you ask how is this possible?  How can one small fledgling federation make an impact on the wrestling world?  The answer is simple...  TALENTS!  That's right, I have scoured the globe for the best free agents in the world of wrestling.  Now while it's true that getting known wrestlers could have made my life easier, but I have no patience for someone who cannot perform in the ring no matter how famous he or she is in the wrestling world.  I want my roster to be worth every penny you paid to watch them perform live."

The crowd is now abuzz with excitement, eager to hear more from the charismatic general manager of Ring of Chaos.

Lee Morrison: "I have assembled a team of veterans and rookies, all of them ready to titillate and make your brains crave for more.  Now, the first step for any wrestling federation is to crown champions, champions that will represent the best they have to offer and tonight I shall take that very first step by announcing the opening of the the RoC Championship Grand Prix and also the RoC Tag Team Championship Grand Prix!  Eight men shall battle it out in singles competition with the winners advancing to the next round for the prestigious RoC Championship and not to be outdone are the four teams that will be in tag team matches with the winning teams also advancing to the next round for the RoC Tag Team Championship.  Now the Grand Prix matches shall begin on the August 31 show and the participants shall be announced later.but tonight we shall offer you a teaser of the greatness that is to come!  So hold on to your seats my dear audience for tonight you all shall be taken to a ride that you shall remember for the rest of your lives.  For tonight a new legend in the name of Ring of Chaos has spawned and it's wings shall let it fly to heights previously unreachable in the world of wrestling!  LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts to play again as the crowd goes wild and Lee Morrison exits the ring with confidence and pride of the product he shall deliver tonight.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

"Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother starts playing on the loudspeaker, and a picture of a joker surrounded by all suits goes up on the jumbotron. However, it's only after the wrestler in the tattered brown leather jacket, Andrew Hunter, makes his appearance on the ramp that the crowd starts cheering. Taking a second to smile to himself and look around the audience, Andrew starts pumping his arms to go with the crowd. Making his way to the ring, Andrew pauses briefly outside the ring to grab a mic before sliding under the ropes. Sensing that Andrew had something to say, and frankly having just cheered more than enough, the crowd silences. Smiling once more, Andrew raises the mic to his lips.

Andrew Hunter: "Oh, good, you DO remember me!"

The crowd lets out another cheer, this one far more restrained and not nearly as long as when they realized who he was. It was, however, good enough to warrant Andrew letting out a chuckle.

Andrew Hunter: "Fact is, after a wrestler leaves the business for a few years, there's always a chance of them being completely forgotten, you know? Well, I'm sure glad that's not the case here ladies and gents- What is that?"

Andrew cuts off mid sentence and points to a sign in the crowd that says "Poke her, Andrew! Get it? Poke her - poker?"

Andrew Hunter: "Lovely. Well, if you liked watching poker then I imagine that wrestling must knock your socks off, am I right? But that's not what I came out here to talk about. Rather, I'm here to talk about the future. The near future, in fact. You see, the next show is going to feature a roster wide tournament to decide a few champions. And I'm gonna be a part of that."

Pausing once more, though this time due to being interrupted by another cheer from the crowd, Andrew chuckles to himself.

Andrew Hunter: "Mind you, I'm not entering alone. You see, I'm not particularly interested in having my face and name become synonymous with the world championship - yet, anyhow. Next week, I am going to be joined by none other than Alexander Melchiott-"

Apparently finding something else to recognize, the crowd begins cheering once again forcing Andrew to stop momentarily; apparently his time away from the ring also working against his ability to judge the crowd.

Andrew Hunter: "Alexander Melchiott, in order to form Team Symphony! The single most talented wrestler I could ever ask to fight alongside with! And together, we aim to create a symphony of victory, showmanship..."

Andrew pauses once more, though this time to grin instead of being interrupted.

Andrew Hunter: "... And CHAOS!"

The crowd burst into thunderous applause, which seems to reach Andrew who once more pumps his arms with the crowd. Andrew stops after a second and, still wearing a stupid grin on his face, stares up the entrance ramp as though expecting someone.

As if on cue, "U.N. Owen Was Her" by ZUN blasts over the arena as Alexander Melchiott steps out from the back.  The music stops as Melchiott brings a microphone that he carried out from the back up to his lips while walking down to the ring.

Alexander Melchiott: "That's right, Hunter!  Because there is no one else I would rather tag with than my BEST FRIEND!  Team Symphony is going to be in full effect here at Ring of Chaos, and we will be showing everyone that nobody knows chaos better than a gambler and his friend."

Reaching the ring, Melchiott climbs onto the apron before entering the ring and standing beside his partner.

Alexander Melchiott: "Hunter, you and I have had quite the past.  We've been enemies and we've been partners.  But one thing has never changed -- we've always had respect for one another.  The worst enemies create the greatest of friends, and we're the proof of that.  No team in this tournament goes back as far as we do.  No team knows each other as well as us.  And that is our greatest strength.  We know each other inside and out, and we are going to fight as a unit.  We're not a pretty good tag team, we're the best tag team!  We're the best tag team because we act as a single entity inside of this ring."

Turning towards the crowd, Alexander continues speaking.

Alexander Melchiott: "So folks, this is what's going to happen.  We're going to become your inaugural Tag Team Champions here in Ring of Chaos after we defeat every other team involved in the tournament.  We're going to show you and all the guys in the back what tag team wrestling is all about!  If there's one thing Hunter and I know how to do, it's put on one hell of a show!"

Despite the crowd's cheers, Melchiott holds up a finger and turns back to face his partner.

Alexander Melchiott: "But before that Hunter, we have to focus; we have to focus on tonight.  We have to focus on our matches.  So as much as I would love to stand out here and talk -- and believe me, I can do this all night -- we need to go prepare for our matches."

To interrupt the tag team reunion the voice of Johnny Fortune is heard from the loudspeakers as he sings.

Johnny Fortune: "Oh sinners, let's go down let's go down let's go down, oh sinners let's go down. Down to the valley to pray. Show me the way, good lord show me the way."

Johnny Fortune appears from the audience and hops on the barricade, standing on top of the barricade and begins to speak.

Johnny Fortune: "Hello Mr. Melchiott, and hello to you Mr. Hunter. I've done some homework on the both of you and was wondering, How could two sinners such as yourselves take so much sinful pride in yourselves."

Johnny Fortune hops down off the barricade and rolls into the ring with Andrew Hunter and takes a spot in the corner to speak again.

Johnny Fortune: "Mr. Hunter, to me it seems that a man that suffers from the mortal sin of greed such as yourself, needs to be saved. While the rest of the arena suffers from a want for violence for the sake of violence."

The crowd boos Johnny Fortune as he simply shakes his head.

Johnny Fortune: "Now don't get it wrong, I don't hate you. In fact, I love you. I love you, as I do with the rest of this crowd. I simply want to save all of you from the  sins you have committed, so that you may one day join me in the kingdom of God in heaven."

The crowd boos even louder.

Johnny Fortune: "You people boo me, and that's okay. One day you will realize what I'm doing is for the best. However, let these gentlemen be examples to you. Mr. Hunter, Mr. Melchiott out of my love for you I am offering you an opportunity to be saved. Join The Fortunate One, Johnny Fortune, and  become saved and recognize that the path of God is the true path you need to go down."

Johnny Fortune extends his hand to Andrew Hunter as the crowd is erupting in boos.

Andrew Hunter: "Oh, good, a religious zealot... Not like I still have scars from the last one."

Andrew winces and lightly bats Fortune's hand away, shaking his head all the while.

Andrew Hunter: "Look, it's nothing personal - well, yes, it is. I have nothing against a man who speaks of God. But you... I know your type. You have a habit of taking things too far, for all the wrong reasons. People like that, and me... Well, we don't mix.

Andrew takes his eyes off of Fortune for a moment, instead looking around the crowd. After a second, Andrew cracks a grin.

Andrew Hunter: "So, please, do spare me your talk of sin and greed, for my greed knows its bounds. And my sins? They're a part of me. Just like all of these people's sins are a part of them, and Melchiott's sins are a part of him. AND here's the kicker!"

Andrew leans forward toward Johnny Fortune, making absolute certain to be heard.

Andrew Hunter: "It. Doesn't. Matter."

Andrew smiles as the crowd finally starts to get behind what he's saying, cheering on his words.

Andrew Hunter: "Now that that's out of the way, my friend here is right, we do need to train. Anything else to say, or have you just about covered your bases?"

Andrew lowers his mic, awaiting an answer. A few enthusiastic fans cheer at Andrew's final words.

Johnny Fortune shows a look of disappointment on his face, and makes the sign of the cross, closes his eyes, Bows his head, and begins to pray.

Johnny Fortune: "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen."

Johnny Fortune then looks directly into Andrew Hunter's eyes, and encroaches upon his personal space. Moving til he is about three inches away from making physical contact with Andrew Hunter. He then raises the microphone where it is in between both men.

Johnny Fortune: "Mr. Hunter I'm disappointed, I truly am. As a man of God I never wish to resort to violence, but in certain cases like this one I will have to make an exception."

Johnny Fortune takes a moment, microphone still between the two. As the crowd sits in silence wishing for an all out brawl to commence. After three and a half seconds of waiting Johnny Fortune then backs off, turns away from Andrew Hunter and speaks.

Johnny Fortune: "However, tonight is not the night for you to be saved, where with the help of God I will deliver you from your evil. Believe me, the night will come where you will see the light. Fortunately for them that honor is bestowed upon the three men that I'll be stepping into this very ring with later tonight."

Johnny Fortune starts to walk out of the ring and on the apron makes direct eye contact with Andrew Hunter.

Johnny Fortune: "Until that day comes my friend, I shall pray that God's light is shone upon you and your partner. For the scars you wear, were earned by your sins. And I do not wish to give you anymore."

Johnny Fortune drops the microphone in the ring and hops off the apron. Humming to himself while he exits back through the crowd.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Gym10


The heavy bag swings in the air as each attack from Colton Charles Cai Cobb connects.  His body covered by the scars of his pain and suffering, his eyes hardened with the lessons he learned through the trials and tribulations he faced and his fists, his fists commands nothing but the destruction of whoever stands against him.  Colton Charles Cai Cobb does not need the money, he does not need the fame, all he needs is a new body to break.  With one last swing Colton Charles Cai Cobb rips the heavy bag apart sending sand spilling to the ground.  He turns around and faces the camera.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Alexander Melchiott!  We have fought numerous times in different federations in the past.  We have both honed our skills to a point where we have become adepts at our profession.  Tonight we shall face each other again, but there is a difference, I have gone beyond being just adept, I have already surpassed you!  It is unfortunate that your debut here in Ring of Chaos shall result in defeat, but fear not Alexander, you will not lose to me because you are unskilled or inept...  You will lose to me because I am better!"

Colton Charles Cai Cobb proceeds to hooks up another heavy bag.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "It's ironic that after I have found fame and fortune I discover that they do not sate my soul...  Only the symphony of screams and broken bodies can sate my soul these days...  So Alexander, will you make music for me tonight?"

With a dark grin that send chills down your spine, Colton Charles Cai Cobb resumes his assault on the heavy bag as the screen fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Empty Re: Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014

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Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Alexan10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Colton11

Jim Jackson: "Colton vs. Alexander is a main event match however you look at it!  This is going to be a special treat for us here tonight."

Brad Blood: "And it's only the first of many big matches here in Ring of Chaos!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 235 pounds, hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!"

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb is seen as the curtain rises with his back facing the crowd. He turns around with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing in at 190 pounds, hailing from Monaco, Hotspur Alexander Melchiott!"

"U.N. Owen Was Her" by ZUN blasts over the arena as Alexander Melchiott steps out from the back. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Alexander slides his thumb across his throat before tossing off his vest and walking down to the ring.

Jim Jackson: "I don't know if these two wrestlers have ever faced one another in a match before.  There was a time where these two called one another partner, but that was quite a while ago.  These men boast similar technical prowess, so it'll be interesting to see whether they try to out grapple each other or if one of them tries to go another route.  Alexander is known for being fast on his feet, while the larger Colton is known quite well for his brawling skills."

Brad Blood: "Colton is smart, he knows that he needs to take the advantage early against Alexander and not let up.  So long as he can keep Alexander from building momentum, he should be able to walk out of here with the victory."

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this contest is Jack B. Nimble. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "Alexander Melchiott goes to lock-up with the larger man, but Colton decides to go a different route and clocks Melchiott on the temple with a hard elbow!  Quickly getting into the mount, Colton rains punches down on Melchiott who struggles to defend himself!"

Brad Blood: "It looks Colton has decided to turn this one into a brawl early!"

Jim Jackson: "Thanks for your imput, Brad.  You are really bringing a lot to this commentary team."

Brad Blood: "Don't mention it, Jim!  HEY! WAIT A MIN-"

Jim Jackson: "Colton pulls Melchiott to his feet before slamming his face into the turnbuckle pads.  Colton walks a little away before turning and charging towards Alexander, but he's met with Lou Thesz press!  Melchiott is returning the favor from early as he rains down forearm shots onto Colton!"

Brad Blood: "But Colton quickly rolls Melchiott off of him.  Melchiott looks to continue the attack, but runs right into a big boot to the face!"

Jim Jackson: "Colton quickly grabs the dazed Alexander and pulls him into a short-arm clothesline.  Keeping his grip, Colton pulls Melchiott back up before yanking him into another brutal clothesline!  Colton hooks a leg."

Jack B. Nimble: "One..."

Brad Blood: "Alexander kicks out at one.  Colton doesn't let Alexander get to his feet though, as he quickly locks him into a reverse chinlock."

Jim Jackson: "Melchiott slips out of the hold though and tries to pull one of Colton's arms behind the back for a hammerlock, but Colton uses his free hand to quickly poke Alexander in the eye to stop that from happening.  Alexander takes a swing towards where he thinks Colton is but misses and is caught.  Colton lifts Melchiott into the air and tosses him to the mat with the exploder suplex.  Melchiott groggily gets to his feet, only to be blasted by an elbow from Colton that sends him through the ropes and to the floor."

Brad Blood: "Colton follows Melchiott out.  Grabbing Melchiott, Colton runs him into the barricade before slamming him onto the ring apron with a vicious gutwrench powerbomb!  Colton rolls Melchiott into the ring before sliding in and hooking the leg."

Jack B. Nimble: "One! Two..."

Jim Jackson: "Alexander manages to get the shoulder up after that nasty move on the apron.  Colton shakes his head as if to say that Melchiott should have just ended it right there.  Slowly pulling Melchiott to his feet, Colton postures for a moment before lifting him up for an attempted brainbuster, but Melchiott manages to land behind Colton and run him chest-first into the nearby turnbuckle!  Alexander pulls Colton to the mat and lets the momentum roll Colton to his knees before blasting him with a shining wizard!  Grabbing his dazed opponent, Melchiott throws him into the corner before running in and catching Colton on the side of the jaw with a kick!"

Brad Blood: "Melchiott lifts Colton onto the turnbuckle before climbing up and snapping off a super hurricanrana!  Colton rolls out of the ring to try and catch a breather."

Jim Jackson: "But Melchiott doesn't allow it as he dives through the ropes and into Colton!  Melchiott tries to get Colton back into the ring, but Colton stops him with a knee to the gut.  Colton attempts to whip Melchiott into the steel ring steps, but Melchiott counters and it's Colton who collides with the steel!  Again grabbing Colton, Melchiott tries to bring him to the ring, but Colton lifts Melchiott and slams him onto the barricade with a back suplex!  Colton tosses Melchiott into the ring before climbing onto the ring apron."

Brad Blood: "Melchiott somehow manages to spring to his and catch Colton with a dropkick as he tries to come through the ropes!  With Colton back on the floor, Melchiott runs and leaps over the ropes and levels Colton!"

Jim Jackson: "Melchiott rolls Colton into the ring before climbing onto the ring apron.  Melchiott waits for Colton to get up before springing in, catching Colton, and spiking him head-first into the mat with a vicious DDT!  Alexander lifts Colton onto his shoulders before throwing Colton's legs back and falling, driving Colton’s face into the mat with the Moonlight Drive!  Alexander quickly hooks both legs for the win!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Colton kicks out just before the three!  The crowd can't believe it, and quite frankly, I can't either after that set of big moves!"

Jim Jackson: "Melchiott tries to hook Colton's arms behind his back for the Moonlight Festival, but Colton back body drops Melchiott to save himself.  Colton sends Melchiott into the ropes with a whip, but puts his head down too early!  Melchiott manages to stop and pull C4 to the mat with a tight small package!"

Jack. B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Melchiott almost caught Colton there!  Melchiott attempts to continue the offensive, but Colton nearly takes his head off with a clothesline from out of nowhere!"

Jim Jackson: "Pulling Melchiott to his feet, Colton again tries to send the smaller competitor to the ropes with an irish whip, but Melchiott manages to counter once again!   After twisting Colton's arm, Melchiott slides between Colton's legs.  Pulling both of his legs out from under him, Melchiott sends Colton crashing into the mat before rolling onto Colton's back and applying a boston crab!  Colton's in trouble here, but he refuses to tap out!  Fighting the pain, Colton drags himself to the bottom rope to force the break."

Brad Blood: "This match ahs been back and forth since the start.  These two are proving to be an even match and both men must be wondering how they can keep the advantage!"

Jim Jackson: "Melchiott steps in front of Colton before slapping him across the chest with a hard chop.  But that seemed to only anger C4 as chops tend to do!"

Brad Blood: "That's almost the wrestling equivalent of the middle finger, right Jim."

Jim Jackson: "That's right, Brad!  Colton retaliates with a stiff right hand to the jaw of Melchiott.  After stumbling back a few steps, Melchiott jumps at Colton with a forearm shot to the face, but that didn't seem to have much effect!  Colton again retaliates with another hard punch to Melchiott's jaw.  Melchiott again stumbles back a few steps before jumping at Colton, but this time he catches C4 with a guillotine choke!  He might have Colton in trouble here as the referee asks him if he wants to tap out!"

Brad Blood: "Melchiott tricked Colton with the false brawl before catching him with that submission, but it doesn't look like this is going to do it for him.  Colton powers Melchiott into the corner before throwing him down to the mat."

Jim Jackson: "Colton follows that up with a stiff kick to Melchiott's face.  Colton quickly pulls Melchiott into a front facelock before grabbing Melchiott's tights and lifting him into the air.  Colton holds him there for a second before jumping and spiking Melchiott's head into the mat with the Detonator!  Colton quickly hooks the leg as he yells for the referee!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood: "Melchiott kicks out just before the three!  Colton can't believe it, he thought that that was it and is letting the referee hear about it!"

Jim Jackson: "Melchiott uses the ropes to get to his feet as Colton argues with the referee.  Realizing that he's wasted time, Colton turns to go after Melchiott but eats a superkick!  Melchiott falls on top of Colton!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood: "And now it's Colton's turn to shock Alexander!  Rolling towards the turnbuckle, Melchiott slowly pulls himself up onto the top rope.  Alexander prepares to leap at Colton, but C4 recovers and stops Melchiott with a hard right hand!"

Jim Jackson: "Colton hammers Melchiott with a few more rights before climbing onto the turnbuckle.  Colton lifts Melchiott into the air before jumping off of the turnbuckle and spiking Alexander's head onto the top turnbuckle pad with the brainbuster!  Colton's not done though!  Colton hoists Alexander up onto his shoulder in an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack. He then sits down and simultaneously flips Melchiott forwards and downwards, slamming Melchiott down to the ground face-first with the Ground Zero!  Colton hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match by pinfall...  Colton Charles Cai Cobb!"

Jim Jackson: "What a match!  Both of these men showed why there are among the best wrestlers in the world today!  They left it all out there tonight, folks!"

Brad Blood: "And what a finish!  It took two brainbusters and a Ground Zero to get Colton the win!"

Jim Jackson: "The action in this one was fast and furious from the start.  After a fantastic match, Colton managed to walk out of this one as the winner, but both men have certainly shown us that they deserve to be members of the Ring of Chaos roster!"

Brad Blood: "Indeed they do, Jim!  And that's still just the start of our night!"

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing on the loud speakers as the Titan Tron flickers to life and the image of Lee Morrison, the general manager of Ring of Chaos is seen on the big screen.

Lee Morrison:  "Good evening again dear patrons, I hope you are enjoying the show so far."

The crowd cheers in agreement.

Lee Morrison:  "Well that is good to know.  But before we continue, as promised earlier tonight, I shall now announce the Group A participants of the RoC Championship and RoC Tag Team Championship Grand Prix!"

The screen flickers and changes...

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Grand_10

Murmurs of excitement come from the crowd as they see the names of their favorite wrestlers appear on screen.

Lee Morrison:  "As you all see, this is but only Group A of the Grand Prix.  Next week while this tournament is underway, we shall announce Group B!  And the winners of both groups shall go on and battle for the ROC CHAMPIONSHIP AND ROC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES!"

The crowd cheers loudly again.

Lee Morrison:  "That is right!  I promised to give you all the best wrestling show on earth and I SHALL DELIVER FOR I AM LEE MORRISON!  Good night dear patrons and on with the show!"

"Chaos Reigns" by Trivium starts playing again on the loud speakers and the Titan Tron flickers off as the crowd cheer loudly once more.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Gm_s_o10

The scene opens on the door to the general manager's office, "Lee Morrison" plastered on it. At the sound of paper being turned, the camera turns slightly to side to capture the source of the noise; being Andrew Hunter in his favorite brown leather jacket.

Andrew Hunter: "You know, contract signings have always kinda spooked me."

Andrew leafs through another page of a bundle of papers he's holding, apparently his contract. Pausing on something specific, he begins to chuckle a bit.

Andrew Hunter: "They always make or break your future in a specific federation. And anyone who's been around the block as much as me can tell you that you should never put a contract in front of a possible employer. The saying goes that you may have been able to get more should you ask for too little, and that you could get less if you ask for too much. Never make the first move..."

Andrew closes the bundle of paper, making it look much more presentable; almost like a contract in fact. Tucking it under one arm, he reaches up and knocks on the door.

Andrew Hunter:" ... Or so people say."

Smiling the unmistakable smile of someone who really doesn't care about making a mistake, Andrew waits for a moment. And then another. Smile fading, Andrew knocks once more. Seeing how nobody was in, and apparently not exactly patient after making a spiel in front of the camera, Andrew opens the door and steps inside.

Andrew Hunter: "And no one's home."

Sighing, Andrew glances at a clock on the wall. After a second of debate, he takes his seat in one of the office chairs across the desk from the real big, comfy looking chairs that probably belong to Morrison. Andrew sets his contract on the desk and glances at the camera.

Andrew Hunter: "Sorry guy, no promo today.'

Just then the door swings open and Lee Morrison, general manager of Ring of Chaos walks in.  He stops for a while a bit taken that someone is in his office but quickly regains his composure.

Lee Morrison:  "You know entering an employer's office if no one is around is something that can cost an employee his job."

Lee Morrison walks past Andrew Hunter and the camera man and settles down behind his desk.

Lee Morrison:  "Lucky for you Mr. Hunter I am not like most employers.  Now what can I do for you?"

It was then when Lee Morrison notices the contract on his desk.

Lee Morrison:  "Ah yes, your contract!"

Lee Morrison picks it up and scans the document over.

Lee Morrison:  "It seems that there is something missing here with your contract Mr. Hunter...  In fact it's the most important thing a contract should have, your signature!"

Lee Morrison hands the contract back to Andrew Hunter.

Andrew looks a bit taken aback, then smiles and takes a pen to correct his mistake.

Andrew Hunter: "You know, I get the feeling that you and I are gonna get along juuuuust fine."

Scooping his contract up, Andrew gets up and nods his head toward the general manager. Still with a smile on his face, Andrew begins to walk out of the office.

Lee Morrison shakes his head and looks over the contract again before filing it.  It was then Morrison discovered a peculiar error in the contract...

1: This wrestler shall make 0 dollars for a match in which he is the loser.
2: This wrestler shall make 0 dollars for a match in which he is the victor.
3 :In the event that this wrestler is injured, RoC assumes NO responsibility whatsoever.
4:In the event that this wrestler needs a dental plan,  RoC assumes NO responsibility whatsoever.
5: In the event that this wrestler breaks contract, he assumes full responsibility and RoC owes him 0% of wrestleman's computation.

6(a):In the event that this wrestler wins a singles title, he may pick the new #1 contender once during his current reign, should he so choose.
 6(b): In the event that this wrestler is required to face an opponent for his singles title, he may choose the match type in which he defends.
   6(c): In the event that management is unhappy with these terms, they may acknowledge the fact that this wrestler is WORKING FOR FREE.

Lee Morrison:  "Uh...  Maybe I should call Mr. Hunter back..."

The general manager of RoC looks over the legally binding document again as the scene fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Parkin10

For most who come to a wrestling arena, the parking garage would be nothing more than a passing thought. Something to do before moving on and doing something else; like, say, wrestling or watching people wrestle. But for at least one, it must be something much more. After all, why else would someone just stay completely still in the middle of a garage, lost in thought, watching cars come and go.

The ladder in question of doing much thinking seems to take notice of the camera, as it creaks in recognition. The scrapes and general derelict of its frame implies that it has been in many hard fought and hard won battles. Yes, the ladder seems to want us to know that it is a veteran, defeating many foes and climbing its brethren to the very top. And now, clearly, it is here, in the parking structure of the Ring of Chaos, which implies heavily that its goal is to defeat every opponent in its way in order to become the very best.

The overall stiffness of its frame seems to dictate that it is well ready for anything this place could possibly throw at it-

And then a garbage truck screeches into the shot, running down the ladder. The overall utter destruction of itself entirely seems to imply that it let out a Wilhelm scream upon impact. Something out of the shot, behind the truck clatters to the ground. As the garbage truck drive off, dragging the remains of the once-great late Upward-Step Model 27m2, it shows clearly another ladder lying, collapsed, on the ground, this one with a suitcase marked "52m3".

The overall collapsedness of the ladder shows that it is exhausted, though it's occasional creaking in it's joints dictates a no-die attitude.

Cameraman: "Um... Well, that was... Would you like me to show you to you're room?"

Through its inability to stand up, Upward-Step Model 52m3 seems to imply that yes, it would very much appreciate assistance. A single snake jumps out of the briefcase and begins slithering away. The scene fades while following the snake's path.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Gm_s_o10

A black Clad mystery man walks down the hallway lost looking for this general manager's office so he can sign a contract.

Blas Carson: (talking to himself) "I don't know what they mean by contract signing, I've never had to manually come in and sign one. They have always mailed me my contract and I've always told them weather I like it. What kind of of subpar degenerate fuckfest is this?"

Blas then strolls around a corner and sees a random worker. He then decides to ask them for directions.

Blas Carson:  "Yes excuse me sir. I'm Blas Carson from the Carson Family. I bet you have heard of me."

Random Worker: "Um no sir, I don't believe I have. However do you need something?"

Blas then moves his hand to his face and starts to laugh.

Random Worker: "Uhm sir, what is so funny?"

Blas then breaks out into a hysterical laugh before replying.

Blas Carson: "So you say you've never heard of the Carson Family? What kind of subpar organization is this place?!"

Random Worker: "Do you need something, or can I go back to work."

Blas Carson: "Can you just point me in the direction of the General Manager's Office?"

The worker sighs, then finally gives him the directions to the general manager's office. Blas finally gets back on his way. He finally then reaches a door that says GM office. He then sighs and speaks to himself.

Blas Carson: "Well here we go."

Blas then turns the knob walking into the office like he owns the place.

If Lee Morrison was startled by the sudden entry of Blas Carson, he did not show it.  Instead he merely stops what he was doing and gestures to the wrestler to the empty seat in front of his desk.

Lee Morrison:  "Ah!  Mr. Blas Carson, what can I do for you?  I suspect this is just not another cordial visit?"

Lee Morrison rises up from his desk and heads over to a cabinet.  He opens it and grabs a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, pouring himself one a glass he offers Blas Carson another.

Lee Morrison:  "So...  Shall we get right to the point Mr. Carson?  As you know, I have a show to run and time is money.  You know how hard it is to put together a show as massive as this one."

Blas Carson takes his aviators off then walks up to Lee Morrison's desk and puts his hands down on it.

Blas Carson: "About damn time someone in this company has some respect. Your rude employees here need to learn some when talking to a legend such as myself."

Blas then chuckles to himself. He finally gets to his point.

Blas Carson: "I got your message that I needed to come in to sign some papers or something like that. I thought my agent faxed everything over to you?"

Lee Morrison:  "Ah yes, it's just a simple clause that we want to add to the contract.  Kind of an addendum you see, an option which you may or may not take."

Lee Morrison grabs some papers and lays them unto the table facing Blas Carson.

Lee Morrison:  "Now this part we only offer to those we feel can deliver,  those we know can perform.  Basically it states that if you sign this option, you shall get booked to more riskier matches for a bigger cut of the profits, BUT!  Yes there is a but, any injuries incurred shall not be the responsibility of the company.  You can have your agent look it over if you want, I can send it to him."

Lee Morrison sits back and waits for Blas Carson's reply.

Blas pushes his aviators back onto his face then takes a step and smiles.

Blas Carson: "No need to sir, when it comes to wrestling I know best. If you want someone who can perform look no where else. Because no one can compete in the ring with me. No one can hold up or even keep up."

Blas then smiles and chuckles a bit as he scoops up the papers and begins to look through them.

Blas Carson: "As a matter of a fact, you might as well just hand me the RoC championship right now. Because no one can lay a finger on me let alone step into the ring with someone so prestigious as myself."

Blas signs the papers and slams the final paper on lee's desk. He writes his signature so big it almost fills up the entire page.

Blas Carson: "You might want to get that framed."

A smile spreads across the face of the General Manager of RoC.

Lee Morrison:  "I think this is the beginning of a fruitful business relationship Mr. Carson.  If there is any other thing I can do for you, my door is always open."

A devious smile goes across the face of Blas Carson.

Blas Carson: "Yes I would love to know who my first unfortunate victim is. See you may call them "opponents" but for me they are only victims."

Lee Morrison proceeds to file the newly signed contract, he turns towards Blas Carson and replies.

Lee Morrison:  "Ah yes, tonight you shall be facing Andrew Hunter, he's a veteran of the sport and has toured around the world.  I am sure you will be able to find him a worthy opponent even though it is just a normal singles match.  Two week after though...  Well two weeks after you shall be part of the RoC Championship Grand Prix.  It's an elimination style tournament wherein the winners advance to the next round until there is only one who shall be crowned the FIRST ever RoC Champion."

Lee Morrison leans forward, his eyes still staring at Blas Carson.

Lee Morrison:  "And there Mr. Carson is your shot at winning the title, I'm sure a man of your talents shall be one of the top contenders."

Blas Carson then laughs and removes his glasses once again.

Blas Carson: "I see you have a great eye for talent. However you will see that I'm not one of the top contenders, but the only contender. You will find out that a Carson always has an ace up his sleeve."

Blas grins then moves his aviators into his left hand.

Blas Carson: "As my father always said. "Always expect a Carson to have a royal flush up his sleeve". As for Mr. Hunter..."

Blas crushes his Aviators in his hands.

Blas Carson: "You see that? That's what is going to happen. When I lock in the Bite of the Taipan, not only will he regret stepping in the ring with the great Blas Carson. He will regret his entire wrestling career. Something about that submission not only crushes your body. It also crushes your soul."

Blas throws his aviators into the trash then his phone goes off.

Blas Carson: "Probably my agent. Gotta go, see you later."

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 T-rexb10
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Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Andrew11 VS Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Blas_c10

Jim Jackson:  "Well after a great first match between Alexander Conway and Colton Charles Cai Cobb we now bring you a match between another pair of veterans in the ring.  That's right Andrew Hunter and Blas Carson!  Andrew Hunter has been dubbed The Gambler by the internet fans because of the risks he takes gambling his body with high risk moves to get the win.   Blas Carson on the other han..."

Brad Blood:  "Blas Carson is awesome!  I've followed this guy's career and he is bad-ass incarnate!  Blas is also known as The Steel City Serpent and believe me when I say that his venom is deadly!  Andrew can gamble all he wants tonight but tonight his luck is going to end because Blas doesn't depend on luck, he has the experience and the skill to destroy his opponent!"

Alice Aoi:  "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 209 pounds.  Hailing from parts unkown, also known as The Gambler, ANDREW HUNTER!"

Thunderous applause comes from the crowd as "Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother blasts throughout the arena. Andrew Hunter makes his way out onto the ramp, and takes a good look around while straitening his elbow pads. He pumps his arms in the air to go with the crowd's cheer, before making his way to the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 240 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Steel City Serpent, BLAS CARSON!"

"Porn Star Dancing" by My Darkest Days hits the loud speakers, the announcer announces Blas' bill as Blas rides down to the side of the ring on his Harley. Blas then walks into the ring and poses multiple times.

Brad Blood:  "What an entrance!  See that Harley?  It just reeks of bad-assery Jim!  Andrew's entrance is nothing compared to that...  NOTHING!"

Jim Jackson:  "..."

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Quick!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  Blas Carson charges in blindly...  Andrew Hunter intercepts him!  Dropkick connects, Carson goes down but quickly gets back up...  The Gambler hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw and The Steel City Serpent staggers!   Driven DDT by Andrew Hunter plants Carson to the canvas!  The Gambler uses a basement dropkick to the knee and Carson is forced to his knees!"

Brad Blood:  "Uh...  Blas is just lulling Andrew to a false sense of security!  T-that's right!  Once Andrew thinks he is safe...  BAM!  The Steel City Serpent will strike and his venom shall be the end of The Gambler!  What kind of name is The Gambler anyways?  It's not even in the same league of coolness like The Steel City Serpent!"

Jim Jackson:  "Blas Carson battles his way back up to his feet.  Irish whip by The Steel City Serpent sends Hunter to the ropes.  Andrew Hunter ducks a clothesline attempt and bounces back!  Carson with a back body drop attempt...  The Gambler counters with a knee to the head!  Bulldog by The Gambler takes out The Steel City Serpent!  Second rope splash by The Gambler.  He goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "HAH~!  You think that is enough to take out The Steel City Serpent?!  Andrew Hunter may have the speed advantage but his attacks lack power!  See Blas shrug off the damage?"

Jim Jackson:  "The Gambler face jams Blas Carson.  Carson groggily walks into a face crusher variation.  Hunter throws a side kick...  Carson blocks the kick from Andrew Hunter. He slips behind Hunter...  Blas Carson snap suplexes The Gambler.  Headlock by The Steel City Serpent...  The Gambler pushes out of a Blas Carson hold and counters with a Driven DDT.  Hunter again hooks the leg..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "H-Hah!  Kick out again by Blas!  S-see?  Blas took what Andrew dished out and still kicked out!   Get up Blas!  Get up and kick Andrew's ass!  Blas is just getting warmed up!  H-he still has to get serious and once he goes into serious mode...  Andrew is gonna get decimated!"

Jim Jackson:  "You don't sound too confident there Brad.  The Gambler throws a big uppercut...  The Steel City Serpent slithers behind him and  The Gambler tastes a high angle back suplex.  Hunter staggers up...  Brutal forearm by Carson.  Hunter goes down!   Carson is going for a submission...  It's his signature Mamba Squeeze!  Andrew Hunter is locked in!"

Brad Blood: "See?!  That's what I'm talking about!  Break him Blas!  Break Andrew and show me the money!  SHOW ME THE MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!"

Jim Jackson:  "Show me the money?!  Did you place a wager for Blas Carson in this match?!"

Brad Blood:  "Whu-wha?  What are you talking about?  I didn't place no wage...   NOOOOOOOOOO!  Andrew slips free!  How could you let him out of your grasp?!  You had it in the bag!  IN THE BAG~!"

Jim Jackson:  "Blas Carson grabs Andrew Hunter arm but Hunter elbows Blas Carson in the face to break a hammerlock attempt.  Andrew Hunter strikes Carson with a series of well placed jabs.   Legsweep out of nowhere, Carson goes down!   Hunter climbs to the top turnbuckle...  Diving headbutt from The Gambler and  his gamble pays off!   Hunter hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood:  "WOOHOO!  That was a close call...  Whew...  I thought that I was gonna lose my 10K right...  I mean this is an exciting match ain't it Jim?  It sure got me at the edge of my seat."

Jim Jackson: "Irish whip by Andrew Hunter but Blas Carson ducks a clothesline attempt.  Tiger bomb by Blas Carson!  Hunter hits the canvas har but he quickly recovers...  Short powerbomb by Carson, Hunter barely got up from that one...   Andrew Hunter takes a butterfly suplex from Carson!  Andrew Hunter is down!   The Steel City Serpent goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Dammit!  Why couldn't you just stay down?!  I get it!  Andrew Hunter must be a masochist!  He thrives on pain!  He just wants Blas to torture him!  Well it's his funeral right Jim?"

Jim Jackson:  "Yeaaaaaaaaah right~!  Blas Carson grapples Andrew Hunter but he powers out of a Blas Carson headlock. Irish whip by Hunter sends Carson to the corner.  Spinning bulldog in the corner, Carson is down.   Andrew Hunter lunges his opponent into the ropes. He waits for his running opponent, and ducks a hastily thrown clothesline! He quickly dashes towards the ropes as his opponent bounces back off the opposite side, still charging at, and leaps onto the ropes, propelling himself backwards, spinning 180 degrees connecting to the back of his running adversary's neck with a Springboard Enzuigiri executing a Trump Card!!  Hunter hits his signature move!  He goes for the cover!"


Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "...~OOOOOOOOOH YEAH!  IN YO' FACE ANDREW!  WOO!  Blas gets a shoulder up!  YESSS!"

Jim Jackson:  "Blas Carson snap suplexes The Gambler but he quickly gets up only to be taken down again by a back suplex.  Carson sets Hunter up but he backdrops Blas Carson out of a piledriver attempt.  Andrew Hunter hits a rolling kick on Carson!  Carson is reeling...  The Gambler face jams Blas Carson then follows it up with a flying neckbreaker!   Second rope splash by The Gambler!   He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "HE'S ALIVE~!  Blas is still in the game!  Andrew is pulling out the stops but Blas is still alive and kicking!  It won't be long now...  Watch out Andrew, you are gonna get bitten by The Steel City Serpent and when that happens, you're going down ONE TWO THREE!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "Blas Carson pushes out of a Andrew Hunter hold.  Andrew Hunter kicks his opponent in the gut and tucks his head under his adversary's arm.  He lifts his opponent up and slams him backward with an arch of the neck thus Upping the Ante!!  Again Hunter hits another of his signature moves!  Carson is  so out of it!  Andrew Hunter goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "And he still can't put Blas away!  The Steel City Serpent will not go down but you will Hunter!  Your gambling days are numbered The Gambler and you're going home broke!  BROKE YOU HEAR ME?!  BROKE!"

Jim Jackson:  "Andrew Hunter tries to grab Blas Carson from behind, a stiff back elbow sends Hunter reeling!  Carson drives a forearm into the chest of The Gambler.  Vertical suplex by Blas Carson followed by a short powerbomb!  Hunter gets up and blocks a wild right!  He picks Carson up...   The Steel City Serpent slips out the back of a body slam attempt by Andrew Hunter.   The Gambler takes a high angle back suplex.  He tries to get up...  Carson is waiting!  Gutwrench into a powerbomb, The Gambler hits hard!  Vertical suplex by Blas Carson. Belly to belly off the top rope, The Gambler may be dead!"

Brad Blood:  "May be?  HE'S DEAD JIM!  DEAD!  Look at him!  He's lifeless on the canvas!  Blas is going for the cover!  This is it!  I can taste my profit right now..."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thr..."

Brad Blood:  "Sonnuva...  DAMMIT!  WHY DON'T YOU STAY DOWN?!  JUST STAY DOWN!"

Jim Jackson:  "Irish whip by Blas Carson sends Andrew Hunter to the ropes...  Hunter counters a clothesline attempt with a basement dropkick to the knee.  Andrew Hunter strikes Carson with a big left right combination.   Hunter goes for a grapple but Carson reverses the hammerlock.  Big elbows and Hunter escapes!  Hunter signals for his finisher Final Gambit!  Andrew Hunter leaps over the top rope and lands on the ring apron.  He gets ready as his stunned opponent slowly gets back to his feet.  He gets up, turns around....  And Hunter leaps...  NOOO!!!  Dropkick by Carson intercepts Hunter!"

Brad Blood:  "That's it!  Hahaha!  Andrew's gamble left him with the short end of the stick!  It's Blas' time to take advantage now and take it he will!   Blas is signalling for his own finisher!  Andrew is as good as dead!"

Jim Jackson:  "Blas Carson delivers a liver shot, then a deep kick to the gut. As the opponet bends over, he is lifted in a suplex position, then is dropped into a double knee backbreaker!  It's the Taipan Death Drop!  Blas Carson has hit the Taipan Death Drop!  This may be it!  Blas Carson goes for the cover!"."

Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Thre..."

Brad Blood:  "NOOOOOOOOO!!!  Andrew manages to get his leg on the bottom rope?!  Can you believe this guy's luck?!  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMIT!  Quick Blas, pull him to the center and pin him again!  Get it over with!  FINISH HIM!!!"

Jim Jackson:  "Blas Carson tries and drags Andrew Hunter to the center of the ring...  Hunter somehow manages to get the strength to break free and roll away!   The crowd is cheering for Hunter!  Looks like Hunter is getting a second wind!  He blocks a punch from Carson hits a big kick to the gut!  Another big uppercut from Andrew Hunter!  He slugs The Steel City Serpent, sending him down into the corner.  Andrew Hunter is firing up the crowd! WAIT!  Carson is removing the turnbuckle cover!  Andrew Hunter doesn't notice and comes over...   Carson grabs him by the tights and uses the leverage to slingshot Andrew Hunter face first into the exposed steel turnbuckle!  ANDREW HUNTER IS BUSTED OPEN!  Blas Carson locks his opponent's neck with his legs into a lotus lock, he then bends his opponents left leg under his arm and then pulls the right leg over his shoulder and shifts down towards gravity pulling into a modified Achilles hold, IT'S  BITE OF THE TAIPAN!!!   THE STEEL CITY SERPENT HAS GOT HIS COILS ON The GAMBLER!"


Jim Jackson: "WAIT!  Andrew Hunter is reaching towards the ropes...  He's just a few inches away...  Will he make it?  YES!  HUNTER MAKES IT!  HUNTER MAKES IT!"

Brad Blood: "DAMMIT ANDREW!"


Jack B. Quick:  "One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!"



Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match by disqualification, The Gambler...  ANDREW HUNTER!"

Jim Jackson:  "BLAS CARSON IS STILL NOT LETTING GO!  ANDREW HUNTER IS IN SERIOUS PAIN!  Wait!  Security has come in to separate Andrew Hunter from Blas Carson's grasp!  EMTs have entered to check up on Hunter!  The crowd is booing loudly as Blas Carson gives them the finger and walks off."


Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Locker10

The scene opens up in the locker room originally labelled "Roller Coaster of Love" which has been cross out with pink marker and replaced with "Felipe Shido".

Felipe is shown lying with his head on one girls lap with another one putting grapes in his mouth, a towel wrapped around his waist. Felipe notices the camera getting closer and turns his head.

Felipe Shido:  "Ah hello, I am Felipe Shido but you already knew this. You seem to have walked in on me before during some R&R time so I'll keep this brief."

Looks down to his legs.

Felipe Shido: "Something I'm not wearing at the moment"

Felipe looks back at the camera.

Felipe Shido: "You see this lovely lady right here? She's feeding me grapes. Grapes are purple like the 3 fools I shall be defeating in our match as symbolized by me eating them. If you remove the g from grape well you get what I'm going to Johnny Fortune just so he'll remember the sacrilege against the church."

Felipe proceeds to eat another grape.

Felipe Shido: "TK Kenta seems to of taken a fascination with my ass. Can't say I blame him have you seen my ass? It was forged by The Gods in Vulcan Flames. I'll be sure to show it to him up close and personal before I pin him."

The girls coo as he rubs a hand down his leg.

Felipe Shido: "Thaddeus Rex might be the biggest threat in this match. Well besides yours truly. I figure I'll have to inflict some damage on him until I finally thrust through him. a battle between monsters a Thaddeus Rex versus a Sexual Tyrannosaurus always bet on the power of love."

Just then the towel wrapped around Felipe's waist falls to the ground creating a piercing light from his exposed crotch that engulfs the camera and the scene comes to an end.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

The lights in the building go dark and after a few seconds "Dies Irae" by Epica plays with a light shining on a part of the crowd where the leather jacket and denim shorts clad, Johnny Fortune stands there with his arms stretched out and head slumped over. The lights start to return to normal as he begins to walk down to the ring. He takes a moment to stand on the barrier and looks around the arena before hopping off, grabbing a microphone, and rolling into the ring. He takes in the crowds confused murmurs for a moment and begins to speak.

Johnny Fortune: "I hear all of you, I heard you all on the way down to this ring. The man over there-"

Johnny Fortune Points in the area where the light first shined upon him.

Johnny Fortune: "You asked who the joker sitting behind us was, then you and your friend laughed about me because of the color of my hair and the fact that I wear a crucifix."

Johnny Fortune takes a quick pause to see if the crowds murmurs had died down at all. The sounds of the confused crowd still echoed throughout the arena. He immediately then points to the people who were seated in the same area as the barrier he stood on.

Johnny Fortune: "Your group over here decided to, without hesitation I might add, relentlessly attack the idea of anyone even being a religious man in the year Two-Thousand Fourteen."

Johnny Fortune makes a swift motion to the commentators table.

Johnny Fortune: "Hell if it wasn't for the music and lighting, I bet our friends over on commentary were wondering exactly who in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ was being allowed to hop the barrier."

Johnny Fortune makes his way back to the center of the ring.

Johnny Fortune: "So, for you obviously confused masses allow me to shed some light onto the situation."

Johnny Fortune takes a quick pause before speaking again.

Johnny Fortune: "I am the Savior of the Sinners, the light of God in human form, God's Order in this Ring of Chaos, The Saint of San Francisco, The Fortunate One himself, Johnny Fortune!"

The crowd, still confused, is mixed with minor reactions.

Johnny Fortune: "You people, really are hard to please aren't you? Well I guess I'm going to have to impress you with-"

Johnny Fortune takes a minor pause to build tension.

Johnny Fortune: "Sex!"

The crowd begins to cheer.

Johnny Fortune: "Drugs!"

The crowd cheers louder and are beginning to applaud Johnny Fortune's statements.

Johnny Fortune: "Violence!"

The crowd has no erupted into full on applause and cheers, and even start The chant "Sex, Drugs, Violence!" *Clap clap clap clap clap*. Johnny Fortune then lowers his head and shakes it in disapproval. Keeping it down as if he was ashamed to be in that ring he begins to speak again.

Johnny Fortune: "Just what I thought, you people need to be saved. Just like everybody in the back, and just like TK Kenta, Felipe Shido, and Thaddeus Rex will hopefully be tonight."

Johnny Fortune makes the sign of the cross and makes a silent prayer before letting his hands drop to his sides drops the mic and starts heading towards the barrier to leave through the confused crowd.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Backst10

Julia Rodriguez:  "Mr. Rex!  Mr. Rex!  I wonder if I can have a moment of your time?"

The young Latina backstage interviewer of RoC shouts out hoping to score an interview with the infamous wrestler.  Thaddeus Rex stops in his tracks and turns around, at 6 foot 4 inches tall the man nicknamed T-Rex is still an imposing figure even at the age of 60.   He waits for Julia Rodriguez to approach along with her assigned cameraman.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Now what is this all about Miss..."

Thaddeus Rex makes an off-hand gesture towards the young lady.

Julia Rodriguez:  "Julia Mr. Rex, Julia Rodriguez, I'm RoC's official interviewer.  I wonder if I can ask you some questions, for the fans."

A somewhat bemused expression appears on the face of T-Rex as he replies.

Thaddeus Rex:  "If you've done your homework Ms. Rodriguez, I'm sure you'd find out that I do not have any fans.  I haven't had any fans for a long time and nor do I need any to feel any whatsoever sense of accomplishment."

The tone of T-Rex's voice has quickly gone cold and his eyes flickered with intimidation.

Julia Rodriguez:  "N-no sir, I d-didn't mean to imply...  I mean..."

The young interviewer stammers as she tries to regain her composure.  Thaddeus Rex suddenly grabs the microphone from her.

Thaddeus Rex:  "Let me make things a little easier for you Ms. Rodriguez.  I know what you want to ask, just like a nosy neighbor you and your viewers want to know more about me, not because you are my fans, no~!  It's because they want something to gossip over, I know that I am somewhat a personality here in RoC, my notoriety is something that follows me wherever I go.  I have no illusion to seek acceptance, I am here for a simply for a paycheck and to win the RoC Championship belt.  The world is only interested in my story because I am the killer wrestler who got away with manslaughter and not murder, they have branded me a murderer and even now I see those outside the stadium picketing against my return to the ring.  Well tonight marks the return of Thaddeus Rex to the world of wrestling and until I win that title, I am here to stay.  Tonight, I am booked in a four corners match against three other wrestlers, three wrestlers who probably are probably oozing with confidence right now since they'll be facing a 60 year-old man.  Well when they step into the ring and the bell rings later on tonight, they will realize that this 60 year-old man still has his claws and this 60 year-old man shall make them shit their diapers so hard they'll probably cry for their mothers.  So to the world and the viewers out there who are wishing for my ill fortune tonight, FUCK YOU ALL and good night!"

Thaddeus Rex shoves the microphone back into Julia Rodriguez's hands and walks away as the young interviewer quickly recovers to end the segment.

Julia Rodriguez:  "You saw and heard it here first folks, the man known as T-Rex is back in the world of wrestling and he doesn't care what the world thinks.  Will he succeed in his quest for the title or will his words be like his heart, empty!  Stay tuned in to find out."

The segment ends and the screen fades to black.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Parkin10

The scene opens up in the parking lot of RoC, a black Great Wall SUV stops at a spot. The engine stops and a door swings open, out exits a man wearing a black and white bandana covering most of his forehead and black hair.  On him was a black $500 Jacket with a White HW Logo, representing the Japanese Promotion he was in while touring Japan for a year and a half, a pair blue jeans and black boots completes his look. The man looks around the parking lot and spots the entrance to the backstage though he doesn't seem to be in a rush to walk over there.  Instead, he hops onto the hood of his car and sits there.

???: "So this is the place called Ring of Chaos?"

He says before hopping off the hood and getting his luggage out of the vehicle, his luggage has a name tag on it, the name “TK Kenta”.

TK Kenta:  "Seems like an interesting place so far with this dump of a parking lot. But that doesn't seem too troublesome."

Getting out a piece of paper.

TK Kenta: "So it says, here about my first two shows here. They have a RoC Championship Grand Prix on the second show where I’m facing a dude called Blas Carson, who I've never heard of in my life. So it seems like at this point, I’ll beat him without a problem. But with tonight I have a four corners match. Thaddeus Rex, Felipe Shiddo and Johnny Fortune…. Hmmm.. I've heard a bit about Thaddeus.."

TK Kenta: "Wasn't he that ex-convict that I’ve heard on the news that has been released from prison recently and started wrestling for a local wrestling show… "

Kenta thinks for a moment, to try and remember.

TK Kenta: "Oh yea for manslaughter, but isn't he 60 years old?  So I’m fighting a grandpa here.  I was always told to treat my elders with respect…  And I think at one point in my life when I was little I was told if I were to punch an elder they would turn to dust so….."

TK Kenta: "Yea, poor old man. He must be so confused. Meanwhile I have Felipe Shiddo; a masked narcissist that seems to like fighting with his ass, I’m gonna make sure I kick it so hard that it breaks and he’s never gonna be able to sit on it again."

TK Kenta: "Lastly, we have some religious weirdo named Johnny Fortune how fortunate can you be when you become a mindless puppet for religion? I’m still trying to figure that out myself."

Kenta scrunches up his paper and throws it away to local recycle bin. He begins his walk to the backstage until he notices the camera following him. He pays his attention to it.

TK Kenta: "Well I guess this means I get a free pass for a win which will help me with getting momentum to win this 4-way and I will use that momentum to win my first round match against that dude Blas Carwhatshisname…  Anyways, I will win the first round then, I’ll go to the rest of the tournament beat everyone up and I will become a World Champion again. See you guys later in the ring."

The camera loses focus on Kenta as he continues to carry his luggage and enters the backstage area and the camera fades away.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 T-rexb10
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Post by Thaddeus Rex on Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:52 pm

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Felipe10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Johnny10


Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Thadde14 VS Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Tk_ken12

Jim Jackson:  "Our following match is gonna be spectacular, four wrestlers one ring.  That's right folks it's a four corners match and competing in the ring for this match are four world-class wrestlers."

Brad Blood:  "Well three world-class wrestlers and one world-class senior citizen Jim.  Thaddeus Rex may have been one helluva bad-ass during his youth but at 60?  The other three wrestlers will run circles around him.  Don't get me wrong I do like the guy but seriously, in this match, he may be outclassed, outmaneuvered and outgunned."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a Four Corners Match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pound, hailing from The Tenderloin District of San Francisco, California...  The Fortunate One, JOHNNY FORTUNE!"

The lights in the building go dark and after a few seconds "Dies Irae" by Epica plays with a light shining on a part of the crowd where the leather jacket and denim shorts clad, Johnny Fortune stands there with his arms stretched out and head slumped over. The lights start to return to normal as he begins to walk down to the ring. He takes a moment to stand on the barrier and will stare at his opponent if they arrive before him. He makes his way into the ring removing his leather jacket on the outside. He immediately makes his way to his corner and removes his crucifix and places it gently around the ring post. He then begins praying in the corner until the match is begun.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 200 pounds, hailing from pretty far...  The Sexiest Masked Man Alive, FELIPE SHIDO!"

"Just Freakin" by Freakadelika plays on the P.A as Felipe Shido walks onto the stage, he stops and starts rubbing down his body sensually and points at various women in the audience.  He starts slowly walking towards the ring making gestures with arms until he finally slides into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and shakes his hips before lying down in the corner like a French girl.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing next, standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds, hailing form Harlem, New York...  T-Rex, THADDEUS REX!"

"Carnivore" by Starset starts playing on the speakers as Thaddeus Rex wearing a hooded robe steps through the smoke and stops at the top of the entrance ramp.  He shrugs off his hood as the crowd starts to pelt him with loud boos, proof of the legacy and notoriety that he has amassed through the years.  Ignoring the negative reaction from the crowd, he makes his way to the ring and leaps to the apron.  He lets out a loud roar which silences his detractors before he enters the ring and heads to his corner to wait for the match to begin.

Alice Aoi:  "Introducing last, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 215 pounds, hailing from New South Wales, Australia...  TK KENTA!"

"Lower the Boom" by Fifth Floor, booms throughout the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet anticipating to see TK Kenta run out onto the stage running into a wall of cheers. TK Kenta walks down the ramp and walks around the ring tagging a couple of the fans hand before jumping up onto the apron. Hoping onto the turnbuckle spitting out some water from his mouth before jumping down to the ring.

Alice Aoi:  "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble!  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson:  "And there's the bell!  TK Kenta and Felipe Shido are randomly chosen to kick things off in the ring while Johnny Fortune and Thaddeus Rex waits on their respective corners.  Kenta throws a punch...  Blocked by Shido!  Felipe Shido connects with a kick to the guy.  Kenta takes a flying neckbreaker from Felipe Shido. Kenta tries to get up but Felipe Shido scores with a back heel kick on Kenta."

Brad Blood:  "Felipe and Kenta are both fast wrestlers but Felipe has more technique giving him the edge to counter Kenta's moves.  See?  Kenta tries to swing at Felipe but he gets caught and countered every time.  Kenta needs to change his game plan."

Jim Jackson:  "Irish whip sends TK Kenta to the corner...  Felipe Shido continues his offense.  Spinning bulldog in the corner, Kenta is down.  Shido goes to the ropes...  Springboard moonsault attempt...  Kenta rolls away but Shido lands on his feet!  Shido walks into a trip.  Flying elbow from TK Kenta...  IT CONNECTS!  Shido tries to get back to his feet..  Kenta hits a high kick on Felipe Shido. Cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Still too early in the game!  Felipe is still quite limber, it would take more than that to pin him.  Besides, we haven't seen the other two wrestlers in action yet.  Is it me or is Felipe actually emanating a sexy aura?"

Jim Jackson:  "Well he is dubbed The Sexiest Masked Man Alive...  TK Kenta hits a barrage of kicks sending Felipe Shido back...  Irish whip sends Shido to the ropes...  Dropkick connects!  Shido gets up...  Kenta takes him down with a springboard clothesline!  TK Kenta goes in for the kill but he gets taken down out of nowhere.  Spinning back kick from Felipe Shido.  Shido leaps to the nearest hand...  Tag to Thaddeus Rex!"

Brad Blood:  "And here comes the big man!  Daaamn!  T-Rex charges in and Kenta quickly scampers away!  He's pretty fast for his age!  I do hope he doesn't get a stroke in the middle of the fight...  Kenta composes himself and gets ready to attack."

Jim Jackson:  "TK Kenta with a springboard spinning back kick attempt...  Thaddeus Rex intercepts him in mid-air with a shoulder block!  Thaddeus Rex with a spinning neckbreaker on Kenta.  Irish whip sends Kenta to the ropes...   Spinebuster by Thaddeus Rex.  Kenta tries to get up but is once again sent to the ropes by T-Rex!  Big backdrop on Kenta, executed well. Kenta gets back up but is looking at the wrong direction...  Thaddeus Rex turns Kenta inside-out with a clothesline from behind!"

Brad Blood:  "Oh this is not ending well at all for Kenta.  Seriously I never thought Thaddeus would possess that much raw power.  Heck!  He could give Shogun a run for his money!   Uh-oh, looks like he's gonna lock in a submission..."

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex approaches his opponent who is lying facing down. He grabs his opponent's arms, and pulls it to his opponent's back. Thaddeus Rex then rolls or flips forward into a bridge, applying pressure on the wrist and elbow executing a Grounding the Prey.  It's his signature submission hold!  TK Kenta is screaming in pain...  He tries to reach out...  HE GETS A TAG!  Johnny Fortune is in but T-Rex doesn't realize it!"

Brad Blood:  "Johnny just sneaked behind T-Rex...  Wait is he praying?  HE IS!  Johnny Fortune is muttering a prayer behind Thaddeus Rex!  The referee is telling T-Rex that Kenta has already tagged-out!  T-Rex finally realizes it...  He turns around..."

Jim Jackson:  "Dropkick by Johnny Fortune sends Thaddeus Rex reeling.  Using the ropes for leverage The Fortunate One hits a springboard clothesline!  Again Fortune goes to the ropes...  WHOA!  Thaddeus Rex catches Fortune in mid-air and hits a powerbomb!   Fortune is down!  He goes for the cover..."

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Oh!  Johnny manages to get a shoulder up!  I thought he was done for...   He certainly is pretty fortunate.  That powerbomb seriously shook the ring, even now Johnny is still dazed and cannot get back up to his feet."

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex picks Johnny Fortune up on his shoulders...  Fortune hits a couple of elbows and slips behind Thaddeus Rex!  Johnny Fortune wraps his arms around Thaddeus Rex in a rear-waist lock and delivers four German suplexes without breaking the rear-waist lock and keeps rolling through until the four suplexes are completed...  He just delivered his signature move The Gospels to T-Rex!  Thaddeus Rex crouches down and pretends to be hurt, his back facing against the referee.  He carefully slips a pair of brass knuckles from his boots and waits for his opponent to move in for an attack.  When his opponent comes within range he suddenly attacks with an uppercut, bringing the brass knuckles up to his opponent's chin instantly knocking him out.  WAIT!  THE REFEREE  THE BRASS KNUCKLE!"

Brad Blood:  "Uh-oh, looks like the ref is having a few words with Thaddeus here...  Thaddeus is not happy and seems to be arguing with the ref...  YIKES!  T-REX LOST HIS TEMPER AND JUST SHOVED THE REFEREE!  WAIT!  THE REFEREE IS DISQUALIFYING T-REX!  HE'S THROWING T-REX OUT!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, Thaddeus Rex has been disqualified!  The match shall continue as a Triangle Match!"

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex is out of the match and he's not happy!  He exits the ring and makes his way backstage to a plethora of BOOs from the crowd."

Brad Blood:  "Hahaha!  I'm really like T-Rex, I mean he got caught with those brass knuckles but man!  He sure can bring some excitement to a match."

Jim Jackson:  "The match continues!  TK Kenta returns to the ring being the last man to tag out earlier.  Johnny Fortune has partially recovered from the powerbomb...  He struggles to his feet.   Kenta grabs him from behind but Fortune slips out and counters...  TK Kenta takes a butterfly suplex from Fortune.  Short powerbomb by Fortune.  Fortune for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "Kenta manages to get a shoulder up!  Looks like Johnny still needs to work on him more before he can get the win.  Wait...  Is Felipe mooning Johnny from the corner?!   HE IS!  Felipe has pulled down his pants and is shaking his booty at Johnny from the top turnbuckle!  And such a sexy booty it is!  The Fortunate One is surely fortunate to see a butt as sexy as that."

Jim Jackson:  "Uh-oh, Johnny Fortune heads over to Felipe Shido...  HE PULLS SHIDO'S PANTS!  Felipe Shido is trying to hold on to his pants while remaining balanced on the top turnbuckle!"

Brad Blood:  "Uh-oh!  I don't think Felipe's tights will..."


Jim Jackson:  "JOHNNY FORTUNE JUST RIPPED FELIPE SHIDO'S TIGHTS!  The women here are going wild!"


Jim Jackson:  "Felipe Shido tries to cover up but since he can't do anything else...  He just let it all go instead and the women are starting to faint from all the blood rushing to their head!"

Brad Blood:  "Well look at the blood rushing into Felipe's thing!  HOLY CRAP IT JUST GREW A COUPLE MORE INCHES!  I NEVER KNEW IT CAN REACH THAT SIZE!  If Boy Bakla was here tonight..."

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune resumes his attack on TK Kenta while Felipe Shido is now posing for the ladies.  Irish whip sends TK Kenta to the ropes...  Kenta ducks under a clothesline attempt and bounces back...  The Fortunate One ducks down for a back body drop but  Kenta leaps over him and again bounces on the ropes.  Fortune turns around...  Kenta with a three-point stance takes him down!  Body slam by Kenta!   Fortune gets back up...  Kenta hits a bulldog and goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble: "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood:  "The Fortunate One stays fortunate as he kicks out of that pinfall attempt!  TK Kenta goes for a submission...  He's trying to go for Johnny's arm...  With he get it?  NOOO!"

Jim Jackson:  "Johnny Fortune battles out of a possible hammerlock!   TK Kenta throws a punch...  Fortune manages to block it!  Kick to the gut stuns Kenta!  Johnny Fortune scores with a face jam.  Kenta clutches his face in pain...  Kenta tastes a high angle back suplex.  Fortune is signalling for his finisher...  Will Kenta face an Unfortunate End?"

Brad Blood:  "No!  Kenta manages to scamper away and he goes for a tag!  HE TAGS FELIPE'S THINGEE!  NAKED FELIPE LEAPS INTO ACTION!  Looks like Johnny Fortune is berating Felipe for his lewdness!  Johnny goes for an Irish whip...  FELIPE REVERSES IT AND JOHNNY CRASHES INTO THE REFEREE!  The referee is out!"

Jim Jackson:  "WAIT!  IT'S THADDEUS REX!  T-REX HAS RETURNED TO THE RING TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE REF BEING UNCONSCIOUS!  He goes for Shido...  Thaddeus Rex holds both the opponent's arms under his own, and delivers a series of headbutts to his opponent, who is unable to counter executing an Unbridled Ferocity.  Shido is down!  
TK Kenta leaps to the top turnbuckle..."

Brad Blood:  "T-REX SHOVES HIM OFF AND HE LANDS ON THE STEEL BARRICADES!  KENTA IS KNOCKED OUT!  Uh-oh...  Only Johnny is left standing but I think T-Rex is gonna remedy that!"

Jim Jackson:  "Thaddeus Rex has Johnny Fortune in his sights...  Thaddeus Rex charges towards his opponent and spears him/her to the ground.  He then mounts his opponent and proceeds to hammer down with both fists until his opponent is beaten to unconsciousness executing an extremely violent Rampage.  OH!  Fortune is knocked out!  Felipe Shido is slowly getting up...  CLOTHESLINE BY T-REX FLIPS SHIDO OVER AND HE LANDS NEXT TO FORTUNE!"

Brad Blood:  "T-Rex exits the ring as the referee begins to regain consciousness...  The crowd is in shock at T-Rex's assault...    Wait!  The referee notices Felipe's thing is actually across on Johnny's body!"

Referee Name:  "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi:  "The winner of this match by pinfall...  The Sexiest Masked Man Alive, FELIPE SHIDO!"

Jim Jackson:  "That match was...  I'm just speechless!"

Brad Blood:  "Wow, what a way to win...  Seriously I never thought I would see someone pinned like that...  Felipe Shido just realized he won...  He is celebrating..."

Jim Jackson:  "Fortune regains consciousness and realizes he lost!  He clubs Shido from behind!  Johnny Fortune brings his hands around the back of Felipe Shido's head and swiftly drives his knee into the head of Felipe Shido in an attempt to render Felipe Shido incapacitated!  HE HITS HIS FINISHER UNFORTUNATE END ON SHIDO!  Shido is laid out in the middle of the ring!"

Brad Blood:  "With his thing standing high and mighty!"

Jim Jackson:  "Well one thing is for sure, Felipe Shido may have won this match but the one who made the most impact was Thaddeus Rex."

Brad Blood:  "Impact, maybe...  But what stole the show is that thing standing high and proud which is attached to Felipe..."

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Parkin10

The thundering roar of the audience can be heard. The camera is focused on a limo, the licence plate can be seen, "Ray." The door opens and out steps a figure much shorter than everyone is expecting. The camera stays focused on his feet the entire time he moves.  

???: "Dang I almost missed the first day."

The man walked over to the security guard standing in front of the superstar entrance.

Guard: "Name Sir?"

The camera pans up showing a completely unknown superstar. Who takes off his sunglasses and says...

???: "The names Ray, Ray Kamaura."

The screen fades while Ray's laughing can be heard.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Backst10

???: "Technicat issues! Pawlease hold on a mewment!"

Various metal clanks and tool noises are heard in the background. After a few moments the picture appears, revealing the two cats, Mewter and Meowlchiott.

Meowlchiott: "Mroow! I told mew that I could fix it! Mew should be more carefurl next time!"

Meowlchiott pats his friend on the head before looking into the camera.

Meowlchiott: "All mright! It's time to show mew all what real cattitude looks like! Mew can't claim to have the best wrestling federation without true animals on the roster! This furocious duo is here to climb the meowntain to greatness! And our first step on that path is none ofurr than Ray Kamaura! Ray, mew might be big, but mew aren't calwver! Tonight, we're going to outthink and outpace mew on our path to victory!"

Apparently noting something of interest on his friend's head, Mewter begins pawing Meolchiott and purring happily. However, he seems to lose interest and turns back to the camera.

Mewter: "That's mright! Togcather, my cat friend and I are a furocious catpetitors and..."

Mewter trails off and begins looking above his head, quite possibly captivated with the lights. Meowlchiott, realizing that his friend was losing his train of thought, began scritching Mewter's ears, which incite a mewling giggle type thing.

Mewter: "Oooh... Furocious catpetitors who never tail to put on a show! If mew count us out early, then we'll give mew paws and scratch your face off! Well... Actually, we'll do that either way!"

Giggling once more, Mewter begins to hug his cat friend quite clingily, tail swishing back and forth happily.

While at another time, Meowlchiott might reciprocate the hug, tonight he is mostly business...or just being capricious. With his partner clinging to him, Meowlchiott looks annoyed as he tries to finish what he started.

Meowlchiott: "Tonight Kamaura, mew are biting off more than mew can chew. One cat is more than enough to cause mew or anyone else a serious purroblem! Prepurr for a pawsitively purropurr beating from two purretty kitties! I purromise mew that this is going to be furry amewsing for anybody that isn't mew. See you in the ring, Mr. Mouse. It's time for the cats to play."

With a cheeky grin, Meowlchiott attempts to reach up to turn off the camera, but finds himself unable to do so with Mewter clinging to him tightly. His grin replaced with a frown, Meowlchiott slowly shuffles out of the picture, dragging his happy friend out of the picture with him.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Gm_s_o10

The scene opens up with the GM Office door swinging open without even a knock, a man comes in with supporting jet black short spiky hair and a nice black suit that looks like it would cost over a thousand dollars.  The man comes in and sees the GM of RoC, Lee Morrison sitting behind the desk. The man smirks as he approaches him, with what it looks to be a contract in his hand, placing it on Morrison's desk before sitting down on a chair opposite to Morrison.

???:  "Hey there, name's TJ Austin."

He said repositioning himself in the chair.

TJ Austin:  "Here's the contract you sent me, all signed. Looks like a fair deal to me. It'd be an honour to work with you."

Austin waits for the boss to make a response.

Lee Morrison looks on unimpressed by the etiquette shown by TJ Austin.  It was the second time today that people have barged in without even knocking and Lee Morrison's patience is wearing thin.

Lee Morrison:  "Seriously people should learn how to knock..."

The General Manager of RoC leans over and takes the contract from the smug wrestler.

Lee Morrison:  "Mr. Austin, while I am impressed by your in-ring ability, your social etiquette needs work.  I am a very easy guy to get along with, in fact I make it clear to every talent here that I am ON THEIR SIDE.  Unless they piss me off, am I understood Mr. Austin?"

Not waiting for a reply from TJ Austin, Lee Morrison then looks over the contract.

Lee Morrison:  "Well everything seems to be in order here Mr. Austin.  Other than your rude entry to my office, I would wish you well in your stay here in RoC.  I'm sure that we shall not have any more bumps in the future.  Do I make myself clear?"

Lee Morrison offers a hand to TJ Austin.

TJ Austin: "Very clear."

Getting up from his seat still with a smug look on his face, Austin proposes a new deal to Lee Morrison.

TJ Austin:  "I've noticed you have a RoC Championship Grand Prix, and the winner gets the title...  I'm quite interested in it, not the grand prix mind you but the title. You see I am interested in becoming World Champion here in this company, as it brings in a ton of money and I for one love money. But I'm not interested in going through all of those worthless, second rate wrestlers, how's about we make a deal? That title gonna cost over 5,000 dollars right, so how's about I give you double the money...  Let's say 10,000 dollars, and I'll personally write and hand you the check right now, and you need is just hand over the title right now."

Taking out his check book, TJ Austin is about to write up 10,000 dollars as he waits for Morrsion's response.

Lee Morrison thinks he may have misjudged the wrestler standing before him.  He never thought he would hire someone who has the intelligence of a lemming, but the contract has been signed and now he is stuck with a talent that seems to be more trouble than he is worth.

Lee Morrison:  "Mr. Austin, I guess I did not get through to you the first time.  Bribing me for the title is not what I'd say avoiding the bumps I mentioned earlier.  You want the title?  You have to fight for the title.  Putting the title on you will just cost me money in the long term Mr. Austin, people don't want to pay to see a hack holding the belt.  No~!  They want to see a REAL champion.  And as far as I am concerned, you still have to prove your worth here in RoC."

Lee Morrison settles back into his chair...

Lee Morrison:  "Now Mr. Austin, since it is clear that you have definitely rubbed me wrong, I shall enter you in the Grand Prix, you shall be in the Group B bracket which will be held on September 14.  You shall be facing none other than The Charismatic Crippler, Colton Charles Cai Cobb so I wish you good luck!  Well not really, I actually wish that Mr. Cobb whip your ass so bad that you won't be able to sit down until the year ends.  Now if you would see yourself out of my office..."

The general manager gestures to the door.

TJ Austin: "We'll see about that, the next time you'll be seeing me in your office is as the RoC World Champion, I guess the 10,000 dollars stays with me."

Closing his check book he leaves the office as the scene fades away.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Meowlc10 &  Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Mewter10


Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Ray_ka11

Jim Jackson: "So it looks like we'll be having a handicap match as a part of our talent showcase here tonight.  The...Fantasticat Duo look to start their careers here in Ring of Chaos off with a win over Ray Kamaura."

Brad Blood: "They are right, this is a handicap match.  Those idiots in cat outfits need more people if they expect to win here tonight."

Jim Jackson: "You may actually be right for once, Brad.  We've seen Ray Kamaura hold various titles in the wrestling world and beat some of the best there is in this industry.  The smaller cats are going to have a tough task here tonight."

Brad Blood: "But not as tough a task as the crowd have staying in their seats with my gorgeous face being so close to them!"

Alice Aoi: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a two on one handicap match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, with the combined weight of 399 pounds, the team of Mewter and Meowlchiott, the Fantasticat Duo!"

The song "King of Anything" by Sara Bareillies begins playing through the arena. After a brief moment, Meowlchiott steps out from the back wearing a cat tail, furry pants, a furry vest, and a cat mask. Meowlchiott holds out a hand towards the back as Mewter appears. Metwer grabs the extended hand and spins into Meowlchiott's arms. Meowlchiott smiles at Mewter before pushing him away towards the ring. The two saunter down together, occasionally stopping to paw at or shake a tail towards a fan.

Reaching the ring, the two cats hop onto the ring apron. One of the cats licks a paw while the other stretches. Looking back at one another, the two suddenly turn and pounce onto separate turnbuckles. Meowlchiott slowly picks his way across the ring rope, carefully balancing on all fours as he approaches his companion. As he reaches Mewter's side, Meowlchiott lies down on the rope, keeping his balance as his partner lightly pats his head.

Alice Aoi: "And now, introducing their opponent for the evening, standing at  7 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 300 pounds, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...  Ray Kamaura!"

"Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas plays as Ray Kamaura runs out onto the stage. He banters with the fans for a few seconds before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Fireworks shoot out of the ramp when he jumps up and takes a position on the turnbuckle.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this contest is Jack B. Quick. IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "The two cats start this match off with a double dropkick that takes Kamaura down!  As Kamaura gets to his feet, the cats grab his arms and whip him into the ropes before jumping and knocking him down with a double butt bump!"

Brad Blood: "Kamaura got tail for once in his life and he doesn't know how to feel about it!"

Jim Jackson: "That's certainly not the kind of tail he was expecting to get here tonight.   The cats kick Kamaura in the gut before taking him over with a double suplex!  Mewter runs at Meowlchiott who filps him over with an assisted moonsault, but Kamaura gets a boot and into the jaw of Mewter!  Meowlchiott checks on his partner before turning right into a nasty lariat from Kamaura!"

Brad Blood: "That one nearly knocked the stupid ears right off of Meowlchiott's head!  Focusing his attention on Mewter, Kamaura sends him into the corner with an irish whip.  Following Mewter in, Kamaura squishes Mewter into the corner with a clothesline!  Running across the ring, Kamaura comes back with a second clothesline."

Jim Jackson: "Mewter stumbles out of the corner and into a back suplex from Kamaura.  Kamaura pulls the cat to his feet before whipping him into the ropes.  Bouncing off the ropes himself, Kamaura meets Mewter with a dropkick that sends Mewter completely out of the ring!"

Brad Blood: "He calls that the Kablam!  As stupid of a name as that is, it certainly conveys the impact that the move brings to the ring."

Jim Jackson: "Before Kamaura can press his advantage, he's tackled by a livid Meowlchiott!  Looking to get revenge for his fallen friend, Meowlchiott lashes at Kamaura's face with his claws!"

Brad Blood: "He's going to take Kamaura's face clean off at this rate!  Aren't claws technically a foreign weapon, Jim?"

Jim Jackson: "I guess the referee thinks these are actual cats.  Kamaura finally manages to push an irate Meowlchiott off of him, but as he gets to his feet, Mewter springs off of the ropes and takes him right back down with a crossbody!"

Brad Blood: "Ray Kamaura might actually lose to two guys in cat costumes!"

Jim Jackson: "With Kamaura down, Meowlchiott exits to the ring apron.  He hypes the fans up before slingshotting into the ring and landing beside Kamaura's head.  Meowlchiott puts his boot onto Kamuaura's face before giving him a face wash!  Meowlchiott gives a bow to the crowd as Mewter applauds him for the move."

Brad Blood: "And who wouldn't?  Meowlchiott just put his body on the line to deliver one of the most high-risk moves I've ever seen in a wrestling ring!"

Jim Jackson: "Not to be outdone, Mewter heads out to the ring apron.  Grabbing the ring rope, Mewter feigns a slingshot before reaching over the ropes and putting his heads onto the mat.  Going into a handstand, Mewter continues forward before lightly coming down across Kamaura's chest!  Meowlchiott looks blown away by the move as Mewter showboats to the crowd."

Brad Blood: "Who wouldn't be blown away after that combination of daredevil offense? I'm nearly speechless!"

Jim Jackson: "Kamaura sits up behind the cats looking confused by the offense he just took.  Realizing that he's just been made a full of, Kamaura stands up behind the two cats with a dark expression on his face.  It looks like playtime is over!  As the cats turn around, Kamaura grabs them by the throat before lifting both into the air and slamming them to the mat with chokeslams!  Kamaura hooks Meowlchiott's leg for the cover."

Jack B. Quick: "One!  Two!  Three!"


Alice Aoi: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match by pinfall...  RAY KAMAURA!"

Jim Jackson: "And just like that it's all over!  Kamaura walks out of here tonight with his first win here in Ring of Chaos."

Brad Blood: "He may have won, but let's be real, it was against two idiots in cat outfits...I don't know how impressive that can be."

Jim Jackson: "It's way better than losing to two guys wearing cat outfits."

Brad Blood: "True that."

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

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Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

"The Uninvited" by Alter Bridge hits the speakers suddenly as the lights in the arena begin flashing on and off. As soon as the first lyric is sung  Shogun bursts out from behind the curtain to a roar of cheers from the crowd, honoring the vet. He is wearing his long trench coat and sunglasses to top off his wrestling gear. When he makes it down the ramp Shogun quickly rolls into the ring and takes a small bow of respect to the crowd before taking a microphone to speak.

Shogun: "Good evening, it's good to know the wrestling community remembers me! As most of you may know by now, I have officially returned to in ring action in the United States. I spent quite a bit of time in Japan rediscovering myself and repenting for my past sins, I earned a new name for myself there. I also learned a few new tricks and received more than my fair share of new scars. Just like everywhere else in the world however, there were still "good guys" and "bad guys". Everyone still wanted to win the belt in whatever company I visited, and what do you know I won a lot of matches against people who said they would end my career."

Shogun smirked, taking a quick breath as the crowd cheered.

Shogun: "It's the same thing in every company all over the world! Young upstarts and old veterans trying to make a name for themselves by defeating me, finishing me for good. It will never happen, ever! I will retire when I damn well feel like retiring, and that will not happen until I stand at the top of one more company as the champion of the world."

Shogun:  "This is going to be that place, whenever I get the chance to I am going to stand at the top of this company, like I have everywhere else I have decided to go to, not because I want to destroy it, but because I want to make it the best place for any young man or woman in the world to go if they want to wrestle. I want to be able to go out with my head held high, knowing that there is not a man or woman on this Earth who can stop me from completing my goals. So if any of you "bad guys" try to screw with things in this place while I'm here, you can just consider yourselves crippled before you even come near me."

Shogun:  "Tonight another old vet will try to stop me. The Morbidly Obese man and I have had many battles in the past with mixed results, however the last encounter I recall ended with me pinning you in the middle of the ring TMOM. And just like last time, tonight it will happen again, no matter how much extra girth you add on to your body, you will never be able to stop me from taking the wrestling world by storm once again!"

With that Shogun exited the ring to the cheers and chanting of the now pumped up crowd.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10


"Weird Al" Yankovic's "Eat It" starts blasting from from the speakers as the earth reverberated and shook as the monstrosity known as The Morbidly Obese Man emerges from the entrance tunnel and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.  The monstrous sight of the wrestler made the audience cringe as each flab of fat jiggled and flapped with each step he took.  He enters the ring with surprising agility for a man his size, picks up a mic and speaks.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "HELLLLLLLO Ring of Chaos!  That's right, it's me!  The Morbidly Obese Man is the house!"

The audience looks on unsure of what they should do.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Well that was embarrassing...  I would have thought that I would at least have gotten one applause, I mean I have wrestled all over the world for crying out loud!  Seriously, nothing?  Nada?"

A single unsure "YAY?!" was heard coming from the crowd.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Wow...  That was...  Anti-climactic...  Gee!  Thanks for killing the mood you hobos."

The crowd begins to boo loudly clearly unhappy being called hobos.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Whoa whoa whoa!  Now you guys are booing me?  Seriously folks first no one here seems to have heard of me and my accomplishments, and now you all have the gall to boo me for calling you hobos?  Besides, I used hobo as an endearing term and not one of insult.  C'mon a little appreciation here, I mean I'll be fighting tonight for your entertainment, yeah?"

This time there are a few claps heard coming from the crowd.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "That's better...  Now on to business!  Tonight I shall be facing Shogun!"

The crowd whoops and cheers loudly at the mention of the name.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "Hold it!  Hold it!  Why does he get a reaction when I get tumbleweeds?!  Seriously?!  This is screwed up!  I am a big name like Shogun, in fact we've had many epic battles against each other.  How can you guys not remember The Morbidly Obese Man?! Have none of you taken a look at me?  Who can forget these after seeing them?!"

The Morbidly Obese Man manhandles his man-boobs which gets a resounding "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!" from the crowd.

The Morbidly Obese Man:  "You know what?  Forget this!  I'll just have to beat Shogun tonight and all of you shall remember my name, The Morbidly Obese Man."

With that, the big man shoves the mic in-between his fat folds getting a moderate "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!" again from the crowd and exits the ring as his music begins to play again.

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Shogun10 VS Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 The_mo12

Jim Jackson: "And welcome to our final match of the evening, I would usually say this is the main event but so far, the matches tonight are all main event quality.  To end things off tonight, we have Shogun who returns to the ring after disappearing for a while and now he uses the monicker The Reaper!  And facing him tonight, we have one of the most unforgetable character in the wrestling world, The Morbidly Obese Man or TMOM for short."

Brad Blood: "Well I'm not liking this new Shogun Jim, he's not the same ruthless bastard we've learned to love.  I've actually heard a lot of rumors about this new Shogun, and honestly I do not like what I'm hearing.  In fact for this match, I'll be rooting for TMOM Jim."

Jim Jackson: "You know we're supposed to be neutral here on the announce table right Brad?  We're not supposed to take sides."

Alice Aoi: "The following match is a singles match scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 265 pounds, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, The Reaper...  SHOGUN!"

"The Uninvited" by Alter Bridge hits the speakers suddenly as the lights in the arena begin flashing on and off. As soon as the first lyric is sung  Shogun bursts out from "The Uninvited" by Alter Bridge hits the speakers suddenly as the lights in the arena begin flashing on and off. As soon as the first lyric is sung  Shogun bursts out from behind the curtain to a roar of cheers from the crowd, honoring the vet. He is wearing his long trench coat and sunglasses to top off his wrestling gear. When he makes it down the ramp Shogun quickly rolls into the ring and takes a small bow of respect to the crowd.

Alice Aoi: "Introducing next, standing at 8 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at over 500 pounds until the scale broke, hailing from parts unknown...  THE MORBIDLY OBESE MAN!"


"Weird Al" Yankovic's "Eat It" starts blasting from from the speakers as the earth reverberated and shook as the monstrosity known as The Morbidly Obese Man emerges from the entrance tunnel and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The monstrous sight of the wrestler made the audience cringe as each flab of fat jiggled and flapped with each step he took. He enters the ring with surprising agility for a man his size and waits for his opponent.

Alice Aoi: "The referee for this match is Jack B. Nimble.  IT'S TIME TO LET CHAOS REIGN SUPREME!"


Jim Jackson: "And there's the bell, both wrestlers quickly lunge at each other...  The Morbidly Obese Man hits a big clothesline on The Reaper.  He picks Shogun up...  Hard slam by TMOM.  The Morbidly Obese Man is surprisingly agile for a man his size, combined with his strength, he is a serious threat in the ring.  The Reaper staggers back up, TMOM throws a right but Shogun blocks it.  A big kick to the gut by Shogun stops TMOM in his tracks. Stun Gun from Shogun!   TMOM gets back up to his feet shaking off the effects of that attack...  The Reaper hits a swinging DDT on The Morbidly Obese Man!  He goes for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Tw..."

Brad Blood: "Whoa!  Did you see that?  TMOM just threw Shogun off of him like he was weightless!  You're telling me that Shogun can compete with that strength?  TMOM is gonna murder Shogun here no questions asked."

Jim Jackson: "Shogun quickly recovers as TMOM rises back to his feet.  They lock hands and seem to be engaging in a test of strength...  Shogun with a big knee quickly locks TMOM's arms in a hammerlock.  The Morbidly Obese Man tries to elbow free but Shogun easily evades it.  Irish whip by Shogun sends TMOM to the ropes.  Shogun uses the opposite ropes to get some momentum...  Big shoulder block makes TMOM stagger!  Shogun again bounces off the ropes...  Another shoulder block and TMOM is tipping!  Third try by Shogun...  SHOULDER BLOCK TAKES TMOM DOWN!"

Brad Blood: "Holy crap!  Did you feel that?!  I think TMOM falling to the mat actually registed on the Richter scale!  I can still feel the after shock Jim!"

Jim Jackson: "The Morbidly Obese Man struggles to his feet...  Vertical suplex attempt by Shogun...  TMOM is too heavy!  The Morbidly Obese Man fights out Shogun's grasp. The Morbidly Obese Man hits a bulldog off the ropes.  Shogun looks fazed.  Side suplex from TMOM!  Shogun is down but he is not out!  Shogun rolls away just as TMOM goes for a leg drop!   Shogun kicks The Morbidly Obese Man in the temple!  The Reaper goes for a sleeper hold!  HE LOCKS IT IN!"


Jim Jackson: "He's fading Brad...  Fading fast!  The ref is lifting TMOM's arm...  It goes down!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!"

Jim Jackson: "Second attempt by the referee!  The arm is still limp!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "Two!"

Jim Jackson: "Third attempt...  This could be it!"

Brad Blood: "HELL YEAH!  TMOM'S ARM STAYS AFLOAT!  TMOM is still conscious and it looks like he's fighting his way back up!  The Reaper is not reaping any souls anytime soon!"

Jim Jackson: "The Morbidly Obese Man shoves Shogun to the ropes!  The Reaper bounces back...  Running knee lift from The Morbidly Obese Man connects!  TMOM hits a right hand stunning Shogun!  Irish whip sends Shogun to the corner...  Looks like TMOM is going for his signature Here Comes the Pain...  The Morbidly Obese Man charges into an opponent in the corner of the ring, Shogun avoids it!   The Morbidly Obese Man hits the turnbuckles hard.  Shogun starts slamming TMOM's head into the turnbuckles!  One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!  TMOM is seeing stars!  Shogun goes up to the top turnbuckle...  Burning hammer drop from Shogun.  TMOM falls to his knees!   Shogun with a back suplex attempt...  NO!!!  He still cannot carry TMOM up!  Shogun quickly uses a Russian legsweep instead!"

Brad Blood: "Hah!  Shogun should just stop embarrassing himself.  There is no way...  NO WAY he can ever lift TMOM up in the air...  That also renders his Old Faithful and Second Stage Turbine Blade finishers useless!  If he was smarter he would have used submissions instead..."

Jim Jackson: "Like what he's doing now?"

Brad Blood: "He~ DOH!"

Jim Jackson: "Shogun stands over The Morbidly Obese Man who is lying on the mat face up and grasps his leg, Shogun then does a spinning toe hold and grasps the other leg, crossing them into a four locking in the One way trip to Arthritis!   TMOM is screaming in pain!  Looks like The Reaper is gonna get his victory tonight...  Unless...  TMOM manages to reach the bottom rope!  Shogun is forced to release his hold.  The Reaper drives a thrust kick into the chest of TMOM. A somewhat Gutbuster by Shogun, TMOM hits hard!  The Morbidly Obese Man elbows Shogun in the face to break a hammerlock.  Irish whip by TMOM sends Shogun to the ropes...  Shogun bounces back...  Right into TMOM's arms!  The Morbidly Obese Man locks his hands around his opponent, squeezing him. He then shakes his opponent around like a rag doll executing a Big Love."

Brad Blood: "TMOM'S SIGNATURE SUBMISSION MANEUVER!  Look!  He's shaking Shogun like a rag doll!  Look at TMOM shake Shogun and...  And...  Look at his man-boobs jiggle, it burns the eyes but it's hypnotic!  I can't look away!  I CAN'T LOOK AWAY!!!"

Jim Jackson: "Oh!  Double ear clap by Shogun!  And another one!  And another!  TMOM's grip loosens!  Shogun breaks free!  You were saying Brad?"

Brad Blood:  "Dammit!"

Jim Jackson: "Irish whip by Shogun sends The Morbdily Obese Man to the ropes...  TMOM ducks under a clothesline attempt!  Running knee lift from The Morbidly Obese Man as he bounces back...  It connects!  Spinebuster by The Morbidly Obese Man! Cover!  Shogun is planted to the mat!  TMOM hooks the leg...  1....2...kick out. "

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "Damn!  Shogun has always been a tough one but TMOM can do it!  It's only a matter of time Jim.  TMOM will wear Shogun down and The Reaper will be the one who gets reaped.  I'll wager my new Rolex watch on that!"

Jim Jackson: "Big punch by The Morbidly Obese Man sends Shogun reeling...  Shogun staggers back after being hit with a strike instead of falling down he braces himself with the middle rope and leans back almost out of the ring before springing himself back into the ring where he swings his arm out lariat style, hitting The Morbidly Obese Man in the throat.  Shogun just hit his signature Decapitation Nation!  TMOM is clutching his throat in pain...  DDT by The Reaper and TMOM gets planted to the ground!  Shogun goes for a Boston crab...  HE LOCKS IT IN!"

Brad Blood: "Crap!  TMOM is a foot away from the ropes!  Inch you way to the ropes TMOM!  GO GO GO!  It can't end like this!  I have my Rolex on the line here!  Move you big fat mound of man-meat!  There you go!  TMOM is inching forward!  Hah!  Look at Shogun try to pull TMOM back with little success!  TMOM reaches out...  YES!!!"

Jim Jackson: "Rope break!  The Morbidly Obese Man reached the ropes but the damage to his legs may have already been made.  The Reaper blocks a punch.  Brutal forearm by The Reaper sends TMOM reeling. STO by Shogun sends TMOM to the canvas!   Fist drop by Shogun connects!   Shogun again goes for TMOM's legs!  He goes for an Anaconda Vise!  "

Brad Blood: "HA!  TMOM is fighting back!  TMOM won't let Shogun lock that submission in!  Look at TMOM's power!  Shogun can't even compare to that!  Hah!  TMOM is now up on his feet!  WHOA!  HE THROWS SHOGUN TO THE CORNER!  What a display of raw unbridled strength!"

Jim Jackson: "TMOM lights Shogun up with a series of loud chops as the crowd chants "WOOOOO~!"  Shogun blocks another chop attempt!  European uppercut by Shogun connects!  The Reaper goes for a running bulldog...  TMOM gets planted!  Knee drop by Shogun connects!  He hooks the leg!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two..."

Brad Blood: "Hah!  And Shogun still fails to put TMOM away.  Without his slams and suplexes, Shogun cannot mount an effective offense against TMOM.  He is a lame duck in the ring right now!  Even with his submissions it'll be difficult to put any sort of hold on a man TMOM's size."

Jim Jackson: "I hate to admit it but you may have a point there Brad...   Damn!  You actually made sense there...  Is apocalypse upon us?   The Reaper from the top turnbuckle...   TMOM gets his knees up!   Looks like that move didn't pan out for Shogun.  TMOM bodyslams Shogun.  Bodyslam by TMOM.  Shogun tries to get up but TMOM sets him up...  Big piledriver on The Reaper!   TMOM for the cover!"

Jack B. Nimble:  "One!  Two!  Th..."

Brad Blood: "Ooh!  Shogun almost didn't make it that time.  If this keeps up, TMOM will just keep chipping away at Shogun until there's nothing left.  Shogun needs to pull something out of his bag of magic tricks or as I said earlier TMOM's gonna win this."

Jim Jackson: "The Reaper slips out the back of The Morbidly Obese Man's body slam.  A big forearm to the back of TMOM's head stuns the big man.  The Reaper hits a swinging DDT on The Morbidly Obese Man.  TMOM staggers up to his feet.  Hard impact russian legsweep by The Reaper.  TMOM is back on the ground!  TMOM again rises to his feet...  Irish whip by Shogun sends him to the corner!  Big dropkick by Shogun, who got good elevation keeps The Morbidly Obese Man on the corner.  TMOM counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face."

Brad Blood: "Ooh!  I think that loosened a few of Shogun's teeth...  But damn!  I think TMOM is getting winded already.  I can't blame him carrying all that weight around...  Still right now between the two, it's Shogun who has taken more damage."

Jim Jackson: "Big punches by The Morbidly Obese Man sends Shogun reeling!  The Reaper walks into a spike slam!  TMOM bounds away and catches his breath...  He waits for Shogun to stagger back up...  Spear!  The Reaper is down and hurt.  The Morbidly Obese Man shoves his opponent down unto the mat, he leaps up into the air...  THE MASSIVE SIT DOWN MISSES!  TMOM MISSES HIS FINISHER!  Shogun rolls away in the last second!"

Brad Blood: "DAMMIT!  I really thought TMOM had it there!  It was so close!"

Jim Jackson: "The Morbidly Obese Man grabs Shogun from behind...  Shogun pulls a mule kick out of nowhere.  Stun Gun from Shogun!  TMOM is reeling!  Irish whip by Shogun sends TMOM to the ropes...  TMOM bounces back...  SHOGUN USES THE MORBIDLY OBESE MAN'S MOMENTUM AGAINST HIM!  Shogun starts to lift The Morbidly Obese Man up into a suplex position, but changes it at the last minute, dropping The Morbidly Obese Man down on his head and neck executing the Second Stage Turbine Blade!  SHOGUN HITS HIS FINISHER!  HE GOES FOR THE COVER!"


Referee Name: "One! Two! Three!"


Alice Aoi: "The winner of this match by pinfall, The Reaper...  SHOGUN!"

Jim Jackson: "What a match!  What a match!  Shogun actually pulled it off!  He actually lifted The Morbidly Obese Man off the ground using the momentum from the Irish whip and...  Uh-oh!  I think Shogun may have pulled something...  He's having a little difficulty standing right up!  Shogun manages to get up but it is clear that something may have happened.  Will he be in ring shape for his grand prix match 2 weeks later?  Shogun may have eked the victory tonight but at what cost?  Oh...  Thank you for the new Rolex Brad."

Brad Blood: "Sob~!"

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 In-rin10

Jim Jackson:  "What a night!  What a night!  What a way to kick-off Ring of Chaos' first show Chaos Supreme!  We had action, drama, comedy!  All we were missing is a tinge of romance and we would have the complete package!  Don't you agree Bra...  Oh fer Chrissakes ...  Are you still cryin' Brad?!"

Brad Blood:  "B-but my ten g-grand and R-rolex!  SOB~!"

Jim Jackson:  "You reap what you sow Brad, you reap what you sow...  Well as I was saying, tonight was a fantastic start for Ring of Chaos but in two weeks, fantastic shall become EPIC with the RoC Grand Prix Tournament which will bring us one step closer to crowning our new RoC Champion and RoC Tag Team Champions!  Since my partner here is a sobbing mess, I guess I should say goodbye for both of us before Brad shames himself even more.  So until next time...  Good night and good fight!"

Brad Blood:  "SOB~!"

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 Segmen10

Chaos Supreme 08/17/2014 T-rexb10
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