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Post by Aatrox on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:48 pm

Hey guys, here is the rp that I've done in the past.

The scene started with Aatrox making his way into a building heading to his managers office and when he reached the door that indicates "James Chaplin - manager extraordinaire" and knocks on the door and opens the door and James is sitting on his chair with two ladies attending on him as he saw his client enters the room. James then stands up and makes his way to Aatrox direction and starts to speak.

James Chaplin: Aatrox my man. How is my prize monster doing?

Aatrox: I'm here for my share of the money.

James just gives out a smile as he snaps his finger and the woman took out the money from the drawer as she gives it to James as she proceed to kiss his cheek as she heads back to her original place as James passed the money to Aatrox.

James Chaplin: Here you go.

Aatrox check the money and he kept it in his pocket as James continues to speak.

James Chaplin: Well, I have to be honest, when I found you on your first wrestling match, I know that you have potential to be great in this business and even though you have something about Hardcore and those elements, I knew you will be great.

Aatrox: What's your point?

James Chaplin: The point is that you, my friend have land the both of us on the money train where a company wants to signed us up and give us guarantee money man. World Wrestling eXistence took notice upon you and with my managerial mind, we managed to get some decent pay day for ourselves.

He then snaps his finger, the other woman makes takes out the contract and passed it to him as James shows Aatrox to the table as they sit down and read the contract and they signed the contract.

James Chaplin: Now that were working solely under WWX, it's time to get to work my friend and the whole roster should start taking notes with.

The scene fades to black.

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Aatrox Application Empty Re: Aatrox Application

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:34 am

Welcome aboard Aatrox. Smile Don't forget to post your bio in the Current Roster section. Smile

Aatrox Application T-rexb10
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