What is Ring of Chaos?

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What is Ring of Chaos? Empty What is Ring of Chaos?

Post by Thaddeus Rex on Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:57 am

1.)  Okay first and foremost what is Ring of Chaos??  

-Ring of Chaos or RoC for short is an e-federation that concentrate mainly on RPing and creating good entertaining storylines.

2.)  Does RoC have shows?

-Currently RoC has a bi-weekly show (one show every two weeks) on Sundays.

3.)  What type of characters and storyline do RoC feature?

-RoC will be diverse, from serious to the outright absurd, any character or storyline is welcome.

4.)  Can I join RoC?

-Yes, anyone and everyone who wants to RP can join RoC.  Just apply to the forums and post in the applications section.

5.)  I am not a good RPer and English is not my first language.

-Worry not, here in RoC I do not discriminate, as long as you want to RP and are willing to learn to do so, I shall gladly accept you into the roster and help you develop your RP skills and your grammar.

6.)  I thought this is a RP based fed?  Where's the RP section?

-The RP section is reserved for members only, guests will not have access to it but they will have access to the shows where all the RPs for the week will also be posted.

7.)  Why did you create RoC?

-I've been e-fedding for a long while now though I did take a long break, I wanted to start over again and hopefully find a fed to park all the characters I've played as. Think of it as a final resting place for all my wrestlers.

8.)  The graphics in the forum sucks.

-Why yes it does, how remarkable.
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